At Home with Baby Gizmo Episode Four - The Kitchen

*Don’t forget to read all the way through the article to the bottom because we have a special GIVEAWAY to celebrate Episode Four! Welcome to the heart of the home - the kitchen! It's time for ...

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Review of a Humble Hilo Bag

Humble Hilo bags are just gorgeous. "Humble Hilo incorporates intricate and culturally rich Guatemalan textiles into our products, while also creating job opportunities for impoverished Maya families." So, if you like bright colors and shopping for ...

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10 Ways a Toddler says I love you

I love my boys so much! My little man is developing SUCH a personality in his "toddler years." Here are some ways that I think toddlers are trying to tell us they love us.   1) Throwing ...

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Tips For Safe Halloween Trick or Treating

It's Halloween week and that means it's time to make a plan for Friday night! Here in the Northwest, the first thing we'll be doing is checking the weather :) After that, it's laying out the ...

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