iCandy Luxury Strollers to US in 2009

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New luxury stroller alert!!  iCandy is a luxury stroller company that is bringing their gorgeous strollers across the pond to the US in 2009.  iCandy is a British company that was started in the early 1930s with the goal of making products that was specifically designed for the parent who needs something special, something different, something that catches the eye. 

With a fun line of three unique strollers systems that are all named after fruit (Cherry, Apple & Pear), the iCandy strollers are sure to turn some heads here in the states when they arrive next year. 

A brief rundown of the iCandy stroller line:

iCandy Cherryicandycherry iCandy Luxury Strollers to US in 2009

A complete lightweight system that includes an aluminum chassis, a carrycot suitable from birth and a reversible toddler seat.  Sporting an adjustable handle, large shopping basket, car seat adapters (for the Maxi Cosi), and a one handed fold that stands alone when folded, the iCandy Cherry is sure to be a hit with moms.

iCandy Apple

The iCandy Apple is a multi-mode system that is available as a 4 wheel stroller or an all-terrain 3 wheel jogger.  With the additional option of the carrycot or use with a Maxi Cosi infant car seat, the Apple can be used from birth.  The iCandy Apple has a reversible seat with 3 recline positions, large air-filled rear tires, all around suspension, an adjustable handle with 7 positions, a large shopping basket and Maxi Cosi adapters to make it a travel system.   And yes, also has a standing fold.  Also a great feature of the Apple is that as your family grows, it can be upgraded to the iCandy Pear multi-mode system for two children with the upgrade pack.  The upgrade pack includes:  large front wheel kit, Pop converter frame, 2 additional seat units, pair of lower Maxi-Cosi Cabrio infant carrier adapters and 2 raincovers.

icandyapples iCandy Luxury Strollers to US in 2009

iCandy Pear

We are very excited about the iCandy Pear!  The Pear is a luxury tandem stroller system that offers over twenty combinations for either twins or a newborn and older child (up to 3 years old).  This system is suitable from birth in the carrycot mode or with the Maxi Cosi car seat adapters.  The Pear has fully independently reclining seats in forward or rear facing modes.  It also has a large basket, large rear air-filled tires, all-around suspension and an adjustable handlebar with 7 positions.  We also love that you aren’t confined to a double stroller with the Pear because it can be used as a single stroller at any time.   That is a great option for when our older toddlers get too big for the stroller but our younger one still needs a ride.  The iCandy Pear frame can even accept two Maxi-Cosi infant car seats at the same time to make it a double travel system. (Extra set of upper car seat adatpers required and are sold separately) 

icandypear iCandy Luxury Strollers to US in 2009

There are a handful of great iCandy accessories such as a sun parasol, diaper bag, seat snuggle and a superfleece luxury footmuff. 

Excited about the iCandy?  So are we!  But we’ll all be waiting until at least the middle of 2009 for these to become available in the US.  We will keep you updated when they are available and when when can get our hands on these babies to do our video reviews to show you all the features in action!


  1. Amy says

    Hi, I was just wondering if you can tell me the prices for the different types of strollers and when can we start ordering them. Thanks

  2. says

    The strollers won’t be available in the US until probably the summer of ’09. Here are approximate prices from a 2008 price list: Cherry Stroller – $460, Peach Stroller – $689, Peach Combo – $889

  3. Denise Woods says

    Hello I am excited about this stroller I’m expecting twins in march and would love to know more about the icandy pear do you know the weight of the stroller? Please e-mail me when it comes available. Thank you

  4. Melanie says

    I purchased an iCandy Pear from UK about a year ago and I love it. It has worked well with my 2 kids (now, almost 3 and 1.5) but we have a third due in March, and I think we’ll be getting a triple. I wanted to put it out there that I will sell my icandy pear if someone is interested. Chicago location, but I supposed I can look into shipping if someone really wants it.

  5. says

    Hi there could you tell me if you sell the apron (the part covering the feet of baby) for the carrycot. I have the footmuff for the stroller just missing the carrycot one. If so could you tell me a price. Im in UK. Many thanks in advance Sarah.

  6. debra simons says

    hi i would like to know when the icandy apple will be available in the u.s, what the price is and where it will be sold?

  7. Lisa says

    COuld you please keep me posted about the icandy pear. I am expecting my second baby for agust 2 and my first baby will be a year and a half for then. I would like to see if I can get this stroller.


  8. says

    Hi Hollie!
    Wow, what a great idea the double option is! I was wondering when someone would come out with this idea! (Well, Mutsy already has in Europe, but apparently it isn’t very roomy, and is better for two small babies…) Wish they had these out sooner! Maybe for the next batch of kids… :) Right now I’m pretty excited about Bumbleride’s new Indie Twin model! I just wish they had added a lock clip for when it’s folded…oh well…maybe I should invent one for it? :)

  9. Charmaine says

    Hiya I am interested in purchasing the peach in July. I am just wondering if the Icandy Cherry stroller piece can fit to the Icandy peach Combo? Also how much will the retail be in the U.K?


  10. says

    The iCandy is not available in the US (where we are located). Your best bet to to contact an iCandy retailer in the UK.

  11. Brittany says

    Do you have the UK web address? I would love to see who is going to be retailing these strollers. I am in love!

  12. sara says

    Melanie, from Jan 7,
    I would be interested in purchasing your stroller… Can you post some contact info. thanks

  13. caren says


    Did you sell your stroller? I love this stroller and my twins are needing a new ride. The snap and go is not cutting it!

    Please let me know if you still have it.

    Thanks so much,


  14. Rachelle says

    I am having twins in Dec 2009 – please tell me the Icandy Pear will be sold in the USA ASAP

  15. Caroline says

    Have you heard any more news about the launch date for Icandy in the US. Are they still planning to launch this year?

  16. says

    Last we heard from iCandy is that they are still planning on being available in the US in Fall 2009. Hopefully, that schedule is still on because we are all very excited about the US launch.

  17. shavy says

    I bought the Icandy Pear in U.K. last year, brought it to the U.S. and I’m in love w it. I need it repaired though (the handlebar doesn’t click into all positions on one side and the bigger seat falls back when baby leans on it) can you please let me know how I can have it repaired. Thank you

  18. Jenna says

    I would like to purchase an icandy pear do you have them available yet? Please advise

  19. Connie says


    I would like to purchase the icandy pear twin stroller- any info as to when it will be available- where- and who do I contact?



  20. sara says

    i know that some icandy strollers are being sold in juvenille planet in lakewood nj, phone is 732-364-6200 and i’m sure they ship… (it takes a while till they pick up)…i hope this helps

  21. Angela says

    Any word on safety ratings and reviews in the US? Just checked out the cherry and liked it a lot! THanks!

  22. Susan says

    Sandy, is your icandy pear stroller still for sale?
    I tried the shutterfly link but couldn’t get it to pull up.
    Please send details.


  23. Sarah says

    I’m pretty sure this stroller in the double with all the accessories retails for over $2000 in the US.

  24. Gail says

    Hello i have an icandy apple for sale. Its in excellent condition and its a fabulous stroller I remember using it only three times but my dughter is not ready to give up her pink hello kitty stroller. If you have any questions please email me im willing to ship. I can email pictures too.


  25. kelly says

    Hi Gail, do you still have the apple for sail? I don’t see your email address on here…

  26. Virve says

    I know a place in NYC that sells the iCandy strollers. They have at least the pear and apple at the store if you want to see them in person but I’m sure they take orders as well. The place is called Albee’s and they are located on 94th and Columbus Avenue. That’s where I’m getting mine! They can also order any accessories you want.

  27. diane says

    Hi Gail, is your stroller still for sale? please let me I’d be interested. thanks!!

  28. Amie says

    I’ve spoken with an iCandy representative and have confirmed that you can turn the upper/larger seat facing out, not just facing the mom, as Hollie has mentioned in this review. It took me less than a minute to convert; you just need to switch the two blue color componets with a philips screwdriver. Just contact the company and they’ll explain it with details. And, once the seat faces forward, you can fold the chasis w/ the seat on, facing forward, no need to buy the Apple so save $$$!

    I love the iCandy Pear; I’m having a 2nd child on the way so the larger/smaller seat combo will accomodate what I need perfectly.

    BTW, you may not want both child facing eachother if one is older than the other; the older will tend to kick the younger one w/ his/her feet just to tease the younger one, said one of my mommy friend who has a City Select.

  29. Jodi says

    Or anyone else that might be selling the icandy tandem stroller. I am also from the Chicago area! Thank you

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