Thursday Giveaway: pediped shoes – 3 Winners!

pedipeds thursday Thursday Giveaway: pediped shoes – 3 Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to our three winners of the pediped shoes:

Kellie K.

Rachel C.

Ashley K.

Hey!  It’s time for another Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway!!!  If you were visiting us on Tuesday, you would know that we are very excited about the new Spring/Summer Collection of pediped shoes.

Pediped has added the most adorable little sandals and tennis shoes for our little one’s feet.  The Spring/Summer 2011 collection is bursting with color and style with colorful sandals, to adorable pink tennies. There are almost too many great choices to choose from.

To see the entire new line of the pediped Spring/Summer Collection, visit their website at

Plus, you can get up-to-date information on the pediped facebook page here.

To celebrate the launch of the new collection, we are doing a GIVEAWAY with pediped shoes and choosing 3 winners!  Each winner will receive a fabulous pair of pediped shoes for their child!

Howtoenter Thursday Giveaway: pediped shoes – 3 Winners!

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get two entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us why you should win a pair of pediped shoes!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  And for a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page!

Three winners will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a ONE DAY giveaway so you have until  tonight (Thursday, January 27, 2011) at 11:59pm CST to enter.

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!


  1. susanlanai says

    Pedipeds are the only shoes my little one wants to wear so we’d this would help his shoe addiction!

  2. says

    I should win a pair of shoes because my daughter needs a size 6 and has grown out of her size 5’s, and we love Pediped!

    Heather K.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  3. Anika says

    I have a busy-body 15 month old who is always on the RUN. I would love for him to have a pair of cute shoes that are actually known for being good for his feet.

  4. Colleen B says

    I should win a pair of these cute shoes because my 6 month old son is outgrowing my favorite pair of fleece booties.

  5. Violet says

    I’m a new mom and don’t know much about baby shoes yet, but I’ve heard great things about Pedipeds! Baby and I would love to try a pair! :)

  6. Jen Evely says

    My baby girl is ready to walk (she thinks so) and I would love some cute flex shoes for her.

  7. Ashley Daniel says

    I would LOVE to get these for my 10-month old cousin! She is just starting to walk, and she is soooooo cute!

  8. Jennifer Chilek says

    I love Pediped shoes! They are so cute and look great with any outfit! I think I deserve to win because I have three kids and buying shoes for all three is pricey! Getting a free pair would be such a blessing! So excited! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Lisa C says

    Pedipeds are hip and stylish! Who wouldn’t want to put their sons or daughters in an excellent high quality shoe?! My kids outgrow everything way too fast.

  10. Christyn says

    We are looking for my sons first pair of “real” shoes and these would be perfect!! Love the new spring line!!!

  11. Kelly says

    I have a 22mth old and an 8mth old, both boys…and its So hard to find cute, affordable boy shoes that are also comfortable! Would love to give pediped’s a try!!!

  12. CHARLENE says

    my pocketbook can t give my baby girl a pair of good shoes was hopeing maybe you guys could :)

  13. Ashley says

    I would love to win these for my neice. She is currently growing out of everything:) ( little turkey needs to stop growing she is to precious!) her mother is a single mother that works hard and gets by with the help of family:) which we love to do! I new pair of shoes is in need and would love to be able to get her one of the best pairs out there! Thank you for what you do!

  14. Emily says

    I could use a pair of Pedipeds becuase I have twins and keeping them in shoes gets very expensive.

  15. Jessica Peters says

    My little man is just starting to walk and would love for him to sport some shoes from their new line!!!

  16. Cassandra says

    I really could use a new pair of shoes for my newly walking 13 month old and my 3 year old daughter, whose feet keep growing too quickly!

  17. Lena says

    I should win a pair of Pediped shoes because they are very well made shoes for little feet and my child deserves to walk in the best shoes!

  18. nikki says

    My 2year old just had to get custom orthodics made and needs a new pair of shoes to put em in:)

  19. Erin says

    Would love to win a pair for my little girl she is standing now and I’m sure will be walking soon!!

  20. says

    I should win because I have 8 feet to put shoes on and that is not counting my husban and I. One pair of shoes
    Helps out a lot!!! Especially with the fast growing feet my boys have.

  21. Farrah says

    We would love to win. Toddler and twins, I can never have enough shoes!
    farrah dot ritter at gmail dot com

  22. Sarah S. says

    I would love to win a pair because my daughter does not have near enough shoes! lol Actually she only has uncomfortable ones that she doesn’t like wearing and I know these are comfy shoes.

  23. Kellie K says

    I would love a pair because I have 3 kids and my baby girl needs new shoes! pedipeds are great first shoes!

  24. Jennifer H says

    I love Pediped! They were the first shoes I ever put on my daughter and we are still buying them today!!

  25. Laura says

    I’d like some more pedipeds. My little one has fat feet and they are one of only two brands he can comfortably wear!

  26. Megan says

    I had several pairs of Pediped shoes for my first baby girl, but due to her crawling and learning to walk and dragging them all over the place, none survived to pass onto my second baby girl:( Would LOVE to have her be as stylish as her big sis was and have adorable learning to walk feet as well! Pedipeds are the best show out there!

  27. Angie says

    My little monster should win a pair of pediped shoes because his 1st birthday is this week! What could be a better birthday gift for a boy who is constantly moving than a great pair of walking shoes?

  28. Allison M says

    very cute shoes… I have three girls so shoes are a hot commodity… my little one needs a few pairs of her own!

  29. Karin says

    Shoes are so fun, add cute and different to the description and boy do I want them even more! Love the pedipeds! :) Hope to recieve them as a great gift!

  30. tona says

    My son is just learning how to walk. cant quite walk just
    yet. My husband is deployed and will be coming home really soon. I
    want my husband to see his first child walk for the first time in
    some stylish shoes at the welcome home ceremony!

  31. Leeanna says

    We love Pedipeds! They are so cute, and good for little feet. Pedipeds are our favorite and it would be so great to get another pair for my little guy!

  32. Amanda says

    My little chunky monkey should win a pair of Pedipeds
    because his sister wore the originals until she was almost three
    years old and he needs to be just as cool. Plus, his fat little
    feet won’t fit anything but Pedipeds!

  33. Allison says

    It’s time for me little one to get her first pair of shoes and I’ve always wanted to try pedipeds

  34. Abby Schumacher says

    I would love a pair of Pedipeds. My daughter currently has a pair of tennis shoes that drive me insane because the velcro doesn’t stick – she could really use a good quality pair!

  35. Heather C says

    We have two little ones under 2.5yrs and would love
    Pedipeds to keep them crawling, running, jumping in confort!

  36. Kristi says

    I would be thrilled to win a pair of shoes for my little
    girl!! She is obsessed with shoes!!!

  37. Angie A says

    My baby girl could use some Pedipeds so her little feet can be super stylish! And I love the way they look!

  38. Felicity says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pediped shoes. They fit so well and STAY ON my little girl’s feet. Plus, they are stylish and perfect for her learning to walk. My 7.5 month old is bursting out of her size 2s and we need a pair of size 3s now.

  39. Kirsten says

    My ten month old Lars is not walking yet…. what a great way to start off his first steps with a new pair of shoes!

  40. Lien says

    I should win a pair so my 2nd daughter won’t have to wear hand me down shoes from her big sister. Plus I love Pediped.

  41. Autumn B. says

    My daughter needs some supportive shoes to aid in correcting her flat feet. It would be so awesome to win some stylish shoes :)

  42. Courtney says

    We love Pedipeds! We’d love to win a pair for our baby
    sister who is getting to be very mobile and needs a new

  43. Susie says

    We love Pedipeds! I actually only have one pair but I don’t know how I lived so long without them! Would love to have another pair for my almost walking one year old!

  44. Tzivia says

    I love pedipeds, I’ve been with pedipeds since they came
    ‘out’, I say you can never have enough shoes, even for you

  45. Vie says

    We love pedipeds! They are the only shoes that my little
    guy doesn’t mind having on and doesn’t kick off!

  46. Audrey Kim says

    There is so much to worry about with a baby-their diet,
    their health, if they’re passing developmental milestones on time,
    if they’re getting enough social interaction, etc. One of the many
    things I don’t want to worry about is their comfort. To me, Pediped
    IS comfort for their growing little feet. Me and my kids love

  47. jenna says

    my boys are 4 years apart, baby would like something new to
    wear when he starts walking! Pick me!

  48. amorette says

    my little man has big feet for his age, and they will only get bigger! thanks for the chance!

  49. Stephanie says

    My little girl looks so cute in Pedipeds…she’ll need the
    next size up soon so it would be great to win a pair.

  50. Jen says

    My youngest is begining to learn how to walk. She will be one in a couple months and this would be a great gift for her!!! We can’t afford the nice things we bought for our oldest and need all the help we can get. Pick us PLEASE!!!

  51. Brianna B from AZ says

    I love Pedipeds! So cute and comfy! I need to win so one of my kids can have Another cute pair!

  52. Sarah H says

    My daughter is just getting ready to walk and my dog decided her pair of pedipeds were meant for him to eat instead of wear. I would LOVE to replace them with a cute pair from the new line! So Cute!!

  53. Anita K says

    OOoh I would love to win, I have some Pediped shoes that my
    3 and 2 year old have worn many, many, many times!!

  54. says


  55. Teri says

    Oh my gosh, this would be great for my son! He is about to outgrow his current size and I have been searching for a good deal on cute shoes!

  56. Stephanie says

    I love pedipeds! They are so cute and great for growing feet. My kids have both worn them since they were infants. Little ones feet grow so quickly that they can always use a new pair from season to season!!

  57. Tomi says

    Love Pedipeds. Their styles are absolutely adorable and they are so well made. Perfect for little feet.

  58. Alexis says

    love their shoes and my daughter is getting ready to move up a size… this would be a huge help!

  59. Cynthia says

    Would love to have a pair for my second one so that he doesn’t always wear the fairly new ‘hand me downs’! :)

  60. clarissa says

    i should win because I have 5, soon to be 6, little feet to keep in shoes….winning really would help out!

  61. Ashley Capps says

    I have two kiddos who seem to be growing faster than I can keep up!

    ashleycapps87 at gmail dot com

  62. Leslie says

    I’d love to win a pair of Pedipeds for my baby boy. His big sisters both had a few pairs and now it’s his turn! =)

  63. Lauren says

    My daughter wore out all her shoes and the new little one on the way is going to need some new ones!

  64. Lildove90 says

    My son is just starting to walk on his own and I hear these are the best shoes for new walkers. Would love to have a pair for him to try (can’t afford to buy them)

  65. Stephanie V. says

    Heard they are the BEST shoes and my little boy deserves some comfort while his mommy is fighting cancer
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  66. Maryann says

    Love our Pedipeds and have been drooling over the new spring/summer line, but with another baby on the way, not too sure we can afford it!

  67. Kerri says

    Pedipeds are at the top of my list for the twins when they start walking. I search ebay all the time for good ones but none yet! Hope I win.

  68. Jennifer Watts says

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Pedipeds. I would love to try them for my 9 month old.. she’s just starting to walk!

  69. Stacey says

    I would love to win a pair for my almost-2 year old! I got a pair with a Black Friday deal that I love…now we need some spring shoes! That would help get my mind off the thigh-high snow we have outside!!

  70. says

    My 7 month old is growing quickly and would love to have her first pair of pedipeds…. orrrrr my 5 year old needs some shoes and we would love to try some new flex pedipeds!!

  71. kalen says

    I would love some NEW shoes for my LO – some that aren’t a hand me down from her big sister! We love pedipeds!

  72. Lydia F. says

    I know my two little boys are going to go through shoes quickly, and my 19 month old loves to walk and walk and walk! I’d love to win a pair of Pedipeds so that I can keep him in shoes that will take care of his sweet little feet!

  73. Kelly Johnston says

    My son needs a pair of Pedipeds because he has sensory
    processing disorder and Pedipeds are the only shoes he will wear!
    We are a one income family and we just dont have the money to keep
    up with demand! THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

  74. Cara says

    Would love to win for my daughter who just turned 2! She is
    constantly on the go and I know her feet would be so much more
    comfortable in some pedipeds!

  75. Liz P. says

    My Little Kenzie is trying to walk on her own and these
    would be perfect when she finally lets go of my finger :)

  76. Angela says

    Love Pedipeds!! Need to start shopping for new spring shoes for my daughter..this would be perfect!

  77. Katie B. says

    My little boy is growing so fast and these shoes would be
    perfect for that next step. Maybe it will even make him want to
    walk more. :)

  78. Sarah says

    Just had my first girl TODAY!!! Already have 2 boys, so I will need some cute girly pedipeds for her this summer!

  79. Jessica B. says

    My 1 year old twins have the Target knock-off pedipeds. My
    one son has been cruising a lot the last few weeks so I bought them
    these thinking they would be a good way to keep them from slipping
    on the hard wood floors. Well… my little cruiser wore a hole
    right through one of his shoes already!!! Should have splurged for
    the real ones i guess! :0) Anyways, we would love to have the real

  80. Chantelle says

    They are super cute, and look really comfy! I am sure my
    daughter would love them!! Thanks for the Giveaway!! :)

  81. Christine Roeske says

    Would love to win a pair of Pedipeds for my youngest boy – he doesn’t get too much that’s not hand-me-downs from big brother!

  82. Kelly Kennedy says

    I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, and finding shoes that she will wear. So far the only shoes she will keep on her feet are soft soled shoes, and I have a hard time finding them to fit her fat little feet.

  83. Stacy Vidrine says

    My little guy has a high instep so he is not easy to fit.
    He also cries when we put shoes on, the only pair he will wear is
    his pedipeds! He will outgrow them soon so we need to replace

  84. Amy J. says

    My daughter only wears pediped shoes– they are the best! I
    know she would love to open up a new purple and white box with new
    shoes inside!

  85. Kathryn Parsons says

    I would love to win a pair of Pedipeds because they are the most adorable, functional footwear out there for little ones!

  86. Alisha says

    My son would love to win a pair of Pedipeds because he just
    started walking TODAY!! I think that deserves a new pair of shoes!!
    Thanks so much!!

  87. Tonya Sweatman says

    My birthday girl REALLY needs a new pair of shoes for the Spring…she’s a growing toddler :)

  88. sara savings says

    these are great and i think my son will love i will upload
    a ton of pictures awww thanks iam happy to have a chance and
    grateful for people like u

  89. Ashley Kyser says

    oh! my baby girl due in June needs some shoes since she
    only has brothers! plus, a girl can never have too many shoes

  90. Jesica R says

    My girlie will be walking before I know it, and she needs a
    pair of awesome shoes to help her out!

  91. Cindy Ellington says

    Not the Mom, but the Nana and with 9 grandchildren (the
    youngest born Tuesday!!), I would love to help keep those precious
    feet comfortable.

  92. priscilla h. says

    Wooohoooo would love to win a pair for our daughter! Single income military family trying to buy a house and can’t spend any money right now on good shoes!

  93. Rebecca says

    My 16-month old will soon outgrow his only pair of shoes, and the pedipeds are adorable. Pick us please!

  94. Amber Johnson says

    My daughter has just outgrown her current shoes and really needs cute sandals for spring. Plus she is a new walker so soft sole pedishoes are great!

  95. Bekki says

    I have twin boys that are two, they are growing like weeds and the cost of everything times two adds up. Our family would be grateful! Thanks Rated by Mom and Baby Gizmo for this opportunity!

  96. Ashley Drouillard says

    Got a son on the way, N I am trying to get prepared for him to be here n for when he grows up. Money is really tight n it would be great to win.

  97. Suzi says

    I would love to win a pair of Pedipeds. My daughter looses her shoes all the time. They don’t stay on her feet.


  98. stacy hancock says

    i should win a pair so i can give them to my brother and sister in law that are expecting their first!

  99. diane fond says


  100. Melanie Gaylord says

    I would LOVE to win this prize! We have never experienced the Pediped shoes and would love for this to be our first chance! Three kids, three pairs of shoes = PERFECT!

  101. jessica says

    Would love these shoes for my daughter for the spring. Absolutly love their new spring line.

  102. Michelle says

    My 13 month old has never liked wearing shoes and always pulls them off every chance he gets. Maybe Pedipeds are the way to go.

  103. Kelly Sherman says

    I NEED these shoes because one of my 2 year old twins is getting leg braces and needs a new pair of shoes to fit over her braces and I’ve heard wonderful things about them

  104. says

    My 2 year old already adores getting new shoes! I think she’d go crazy over a pair of these cute sandals for spring and summer.

  105. Laura F. says

    my little one is almost grown out of the size 4 he wears now…gettign ready to start looking at new shoes this weekend – would LOVE to win a free pair :)

  106. Marie Coalwell says

    My little guy will be 3 in less than two weeks. He REALLY needs these shoes! His Dad just started a new job but, after almost a year without work, money is still tight and I would love for him to still have stylish, comfortable shoes. Thisa would make a great birthday present for him!

  107. Christie W says

    I’d love to win a pair since I have twins and shoes aren’t cheap ;) Thanks for the opportunity.

  108. Shannon D M says

    I would love to win a pair so that I can try them out! Before you know it my baby girl will be on her feet so it would be great to have these shoes that I hear such great things about!

  109. diana C says

    My son has HUGE feet and they are growing faster than we can buy shoes. He will be two years old next month and is already pushing through his size 9 shoes!!!

  110. Amy Szeto says

    My son is going to be moving up in classes soon and will need shoes. These would be great to use!

  111. Sterling says

    I would love to win a pair of these for my 8month old… I have tried many different shoes and none of them seem to fit him properly.. he has wide feet (thanks to his dad, poor boy)lOl

  112. Samantha W says

    Our son is due Monday- he is the first boy in either side of our families in 20 years! With no hand-me-downs, it’s hard to buy enough of everything we need and our friends were so generous to our daughter, we hate to ask for more. I’d love some cute little boy shoes and I think yours are adorable!!!

  113. Anita says

    My son needs pedipeds (he’s starting to walk)! My daughter had them when she was learning to walk & they’re the best!

  114. Gail says

    I lOOOVE Pedipeds! they have great stuff for my two year old, and I’m looking forward to getting something for my almost walker 1 year old!

  115. Mindy norman says

    I need to win the shoes so my adorable little 4 mon.old daughter will look even more adorable!! :)

  116. Aviva R says

    I should win because my daughter is 11 months and will be walking any day – and she’s going to need a proper pair of shoes!

  117. April says

    We need to win… Well we just LOVE pediped!! And my daughter needs an adorable new pair to go with her adorable smocked dress that she’ll be welcoming her Daddy home from Afghanistan in! :)

  118. christina neuman says

    Because I have supported your company generously and it would be nice to see that loyal customers get rewarded :)

  119. Serena Adkins says

    I love these shoes and my son is need of shoes. His feet are growing like every 3 months. Lots of money spent.

  120. Misty Brammer says

    I would love a cute pair of these adorable shoes! My little
    one will be walking soon and she needs a good pair of pedipeds to
    get her started off right!

  121. Claire S says

    Pedipeds are awesome..would love to win a pair for my lil falla..thanks for a chance on a great giveaway!

  122. Erin says

    My baby boy just starting cruising furniture yesterday. Wont be much longer and he’ll be walking! He needs some pedipeds!

  123. shawna lowrance says

    We should win because I have four children and none of them
    have ever had a pair of Pediped shoes before!

  124. Tracy says

    I would love to win these because they make it easier for
    my son to perfect his walking/running. I just discovered them last
    month and love them so far.

  125. Pearl says

    I have heard and read a lot of wonderful things about these
    shoes but have never felt I could spend the money on them. Our 5th
    child is just taking his first steps and we haven’t found any good
    shoes for him yet, it would be awesome if he could try a pair of
    these! Thank you for giving us a chance to win!

  126. Paula D says

    my little twinkle toes LOVES Pediped shoes and would LOVE a pair from the summer collection!

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