Mother’s Day Crafts

Here are some great ways to get your kids involved (dads, we’re talking to you). They even make great gifts for the Grandmas!

IMG 0885 300x294 Mothers Day CraftsHand Print T-Shirt

IMG 0870 150x150 Mothers Day CraftsWhat you need:

♥  Light colored cotton shirt, pre-washed. Make sure it’s not ribbed  cotton, you want it smooth to the touch. You can purchase plain T’s at a craft store or you could also snag one from mom’s pajama drawer (which is what we did)

♥ Fabric Markers

♥ Paper bag or flat cardboard

What you do:

IMG 0884 150x150 Mothers Day Crafts

  1. Place a paper bag or a piece of flat cardboard inside the shirt
  2. Have your child(ren) place their hands on the shirt and draw around their hands with a fabric marker.
  3. Go over it again to make it appear darker on the shirt
  4. Let dry

Tip: For younger children, trace their hands on paper (with a ball point pen or sharp pencil), cut it out then draw about the cut-out hand (on the shirt) with the fabric marker. My 3-year-old barely sat still long enough to trace his hand so I knew my 1-year-old would want nothing to with with it. Doing it this way is also leaving less of a chance that you will mess up the shirt.

Heart Book

IMG 0869 150x150 Mothers Day CraftsWhat you need:

♥ 3-5 pieces of construction paper

♥ Circle hole punch

♥ Yarn

♥ Crayons

♥ Scissors

What you do:

IMG 0877 300x249 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0878 300x139 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0890 300x200 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0891 300x200 Mothers Day Crafts

  1. Lay the construction paper in a pile and fold down the middle
  2. Draw half of a heart on one of the folded sides
  3. Carefully cut around the marking with the paper still folded
  4. Give the hearts to your child(ren) so that they can color and write on each one
  5. Once they are done coloring, place the hearts in the order you want them and fold them again
  6. Take the hole punch and punch three half circles along the crease and open back up to the heart shape
  7. String yarn through the holes and tie it in a bow to secure

Tip: have your older child write a poem or a love note. Adding pictures, of your child(ren), to the pages also make a great finishing touch.

IMG 0887 295x300 Mothers Day Crafts

Paper Flowers in a Vase

IMG 0866 300x200 Mothers Day Crafts What you need:

♥ Empty toilet paper roll

♥ Flat cardboard

♥ Crayons

♥ Tissue paper

♥ Pipecleaners

♥ Scissors

♥ Tape

What you do:

IMG 0879 300x181 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0880 300x123 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0882 300x250 Mothers Day CraftsIMG 0886 300x202 Mothers Day Crafts

  1. Fold the tissue paper accordion-style (approx. 1″ folds) length wise (do this with two full pieces of tissue paper per flower)
  2. Once folded, cut each one in half
  3. Lay folded pieces on top of one another
  4. Twist a pipecleaner around the center
  5. Carefully pull the tissue up and spread the pieces apart to form the flower

To make the vase:

IMG 0874 200x300 Mothers Day Crafts

IMG 0876 300x200 Mothers Day Crafts

IMG 0888 238x300 Mothers Day Crafts

  1. Trace around the toilet paper roll
  2. Leaving at least a half and inch room (beyond the traced marking) cut out a circle
  3. Have your child(ren) decorate and color the toilet paper roll
  4. Tape the toilet paper roll to the cardboard circle


IMG 0889 200x300 Mothers Day Crafts

Gift Bags

What you need:

IMG 0873 300x200 Mothers Day Crafts

♥ White paper lunch bags

♥ Crayons

♥ Tissue paper

What you do:

IMG 0875 300x200 Mothers Day Crafts

  1. Have your child(ren) decorate and color the bag
  2. Place your handmade gift in the bag, stuff it with tissue paper
  3. Give it to MOM!

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