2011’s Most Popular Birthday Parties

Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up? Take a peek at some of some of the coolest party trends and themes for kids! Get some inspiration from these themes and create your own ideas…



little girls gardening birthday party treats e1307069478701 300x199 2011s Most Popular Birthday Parties

photo credit: Tailored Sweets

Popular GIRL Parties

1. Ballerina

2. Lollipop

3. Garden Party

4. Alice Tea Party

5. Dorothy


heroes and villians birthday party 3 e1306106547432 300x200 2011s Most Popular Birthday Parties

photo credit: Pink Peppermint Paper

Popular BOY Parties

1. Hero VS Villain

2. Cowboy (or Cowgirl)

3. Pirate

4. Little Man

5. Soccer



Macks 2 e1307369661788 300x214 2011s Most Popular Birthday Parties

photo credit: RubyJu

Popular Parties for a BOY or a GIRL

1. Circus/Carnival

2. Beach Baby

3. Farm Yard

4. Nautical

5. Retro Bowling


What theme will you be doing for your little one’s party this year?


  1. Sarah says

    A faux-sleepover!

    I just did one for my 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Everyone came in their PJ’s with a favorite stuffed animal. We decorated plain pillowcases with fabric markers and sparkle puffy paint. We made English muffin pizzas and had a dance party. Had cake and bedded down for a movie about 45 minutes before the parents came to pick everyone up at 8pm. It was great!

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