Baby Gizmo Adds Mountain Buggy Stroller Choice to Facebook Giveaway

WE DID IT!!  We finally hit 20,000 Facebook Friends! Yahoooo!  Thanks to everyone who helped us get there by sharing and telling their friends! We love every single one of ya! Yep, all 20,000!

Even though we love you all – there can only be one winner! (That is until March 5 but you’ll have to come back on that date to see what’s going on!)

Congratulations to entry #684 –

Sarah Clawson Barnard

(We think she’s from Michigan but we aren’t sure yet!)

They want more, more, more!  More Facebook Friends that is!  Baby Gizmo just loves their Facebook friends so much that they want MORE! They want to be the cool kid on FB with the most friends!  They want to be the Ashton Kutcher of Facebook!  You know – the page that has ALL THE FRIENDS!  Who doesn’t, right? They think with a little help from their friends they can bring even more friends into the Baby Gizmo family.

They have added another fabulous prize for the ”Like” Us on Facebook Giveaway Contest!!! When Baby Gizmo hits 20,000 fans, one lucky friend (chosen with who posts a comment AND “likes” this post announcing the giveaway will get their choice of one fabulous Mountain Buggy Stroller AND a Mountain Buggy Freerider! (retails for up to $779.99)  Winner will get to choose from the Swift, Urban Jungle, Terrain or the Duo!  That’s right – winner gets to choose which stroller will suit their family the best!  Plus, we are throwing in a freerider to complete the package!

MB FB Giveaway Baby Gizmo Adds Mountain Buggy Stroller Choice to Facebook Giveaway


A Mountain Buggy Freerider

freerider pic Baby Gizmo Adds Mountain Buggy Stroller Choice to Facebook Giveaway

Just in case you win – you might want to check out the strollers so that you know which one you would choose!  Here are our reviews:

Mountain Buggy Duo

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Mountain Buggy Swift

Mountain Buggy Freerider

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (coming soon!)

I know, I know – 20,000 fans is a big goal!  For a prize as fabulous as this – I think we can do it though.  If we all get one friend to join the Baby Gizmo Facebook Family – we could blow by 20,000 in no time!  Plus, Baby Gizmo is switching it up again for this Facebook Giveaway!  They want to reward our friends with a voice!

What do you have to do to enter?

1)  You have to LIKE  Baby Gizmo on Facebook!

2)  Leave a comment on this post! (Include your Facebook name) *Only one comment per person counts.

3)  “Like” this post.  (It’s the LIKE button at the top)  You HAVE to do this!

We will choose a random winner from everyone who “likes” this post AND leaves a comment.  You have to do both!  Oh yeah, tell ALL your friends to “like” us too so that we can get to 20,000 fans that much faster!!!


Facebook new Baby Gizmo Adds Mountain Buggy Stroller Choice to Facebook Giveaway

 Prize by:

MB logo Baby Gizmo Adds Mountain Buggy Stroller Choice to Facebook Giveaway


  1. Sonya Morris says

    This is so awesome!! I’m super excited about this stroller! Like, LIKE post, LOVE Baby Gizmo!
    Sonya Morris

  2. Stacy says

    Oooh! We would love a double all terrain stroller! My facebook name is justin stacy fowler!! Thanks so much!! – stacy

  3. Kristen Seguin says

    I’d like to win! I liked this post at the top and, of course, I like Baby Gizmo on FB! :)

  4. Kelley Fitzpatrick Simkiss says

    awesome!!! That’s my name above… Why do I suddenly want to break into song? Say my name, say my name… Destiny’s Child, lol

  5. alexis enerson says

    A Duo would be soooo great. I’ve got 3 kids 5 and under with another due in 4 weeks; feels like I can *always* ‘use an extra hand’ (or in this case, and extra spot for a kid to ride!) This giveaway is your best yet!
    alexis.enerson on FB

  6. Michelle Morgucz Swindle says

    I really want to win one of these for my guy! Thanks for the great giveaway, BG!

  7. Sara Carr says

    I would love to win the Mountain Buggy Duo. Would be perfect since I am expecting baby number 2.

  8. Christina Shultz says

    Holy cow! Mountain Buggy is my dream stroller!! We walk everywhere we go, so actually being able to do so smoothly and comfortably would be an answered prayer! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!! :)

  9. Keri Johnson says

    Love Baby Gizmo!! Thanks for a great giveaway. You are my go-to when picking a new baby gear item.

  10. Caitlin B says

    Awesome giveaway, I’m in need of a good stroller for the zoo!
    Katie Callahan Brennan

  11. Autumn B Radshaw says

    Awesome! This would be the perfect birthday present for my big sister and her three children.

  12. Jenn Wolfe says

    Oh my goodness!!! This would be so great for my boys and stylish for mommy too! Love love love Babygizmo. Jennifer Kelton Wolfe

  13. Jodi Weaver says

    I could really use these strollers on our trail in our neighborhood this fall! Great Giveaway!!

    FBook name: Jodi Weaver

  14. says

    Mountain Buggy rocks!!!!! And I must add I don’t know how you guys don’t have 20,000 fans already with all your great tips and advice and amazing giveaways! Good luck reaching 20,000 likes you deserve it!!! Xoxoxoxo
    Brooke Upchurch

  15. Bonnie says

    This would be awesome! I’m expecting twins and the Mountain Buggy Duo would be perfect! My fb name is Bonnie Lehman Gergely

  16. Catherine H. says

    * sorry. I am about to start the process of setting up my new phone b/c my current one is defective! Anyway… As for he rest of my comment…My Facebook name is “Catherine Shafran Hall”.

  17. Stephanie says

    Wow! How exciting! I’ve been wantig a new jogger and the terrain looks perfect!
    Stephanie Phillips (FB)

  18. Bisma Parvez-Ansari says

    This is the BEST giveaway and I LOVE Baby Gizmo! Hope I win
    Facebook Name: Bisma Ansari

  19. says

    This is an awesome giveaway!! I hope I win of course, but hope the friends fly in by the 100’s definitely a neccesity for anyone with kiddos. Off I go to recruit!! Fb name: amanda spellman

  20. Kristyne K says

    This giveaway is so awesome. I love the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. Lets get to 20,000 fans! (Kristyne Kaahea on FB)

  21. Tiffany Nielson says

    Oh how awesome. Sharing so 20,000 is reached soon!!! I would LOVE to win! That Duo would be perfect in December:) YAY for Baby Gizmo!!!

  22. Jessi Levy says

    OH OH OH!!!!! Hands down, BEST giveway YET! I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if I won, but I’m sure I could figure something out :)

  23. Karen de la Vara says

    Baby Gizmo is the best source for all of your baby gear! Thanks for taking the time to research and review all of the great baby items!! I so want and need this very stroller so I can get back on the trail and get back in shape!!

  24. Elizabeth says

    I did all the above and would LOVE to win this!! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Facebook name is Elizabeth Navarro

  25. Becky T says

    Would love the stroller for my growing family! Facebook Name – Becky Kronewitter Thomas

  26. mandy devoe benton says

    My, oh my…how I would LOVE a Mountain Buggy!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!!

  27. Nina says

    I want! I want! I want! Baby #2 due soon so the Duo would be amazing!!!!

    FB name – Nina Callas Salcedo

  28. Teal West-Craig says

    Just had baby #3 and would love a new mountain stroller instead of my 2 y/o one. Teal West-Craig

  29. Jenni Jones says

    I would LOVE to win any of these!! What an amazing givaway!! The Urban Jungle would be great, since it’s so versitile! The freerider would be amazing and so helpful for our growing family!!

  30. Sara Harrison says

    Going to look them all up now so I’m ready when I win ;) Great giveaway!
    Sara Harrison

  31. Deanna Camacho says

    LOVE Baby Gizmo and all the amazing prizes! Hope baby and I win!
    Fb-Deanna camacho

  32. Megan says

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOO want a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle or Swift and FreeRider Board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been researching them for weeks!
    FB Name: Megan Clary Arce

  33. Miranda Welle says

    Holy Smokes Batman! This would be GREAT for my family! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! Baby Gizmo is the B*E*S*T!

  34. sarah peters says

    Wow, what a great give away! Any of these would be awesome! I love Baby Gizmo’s video reviews too! Always send my friends to your site. FB Sarah Peters

  35. Nicole says

    This would be amazing to win! The timing would be perfect. Will soon have two that will need a stroller.

    fb name- Nicole Purcell Walton

  36. says


  37. Lynn says

    I have been looking at one of these strollers for awhile. It would be so cool to win one. ( FB name Lynn Peer Sebring)

  38. Dalia Abdelwahab says

    this is great i am due 10/18/2011 and need a double stroller
    going to be great to win!!!!
    fb name Dalia Abdelwahab

  39. Amanda says

    I love The Baby Gizmo Company! Your reviews and information make my life easier. Your giveaways…ROCK!!!

  40. Lynn Serjak Owens says

    I have never won anything but it sure would be great to win this one. With six children (4 under 5 and no twins) my youngest is 4 months and I am due in April. I will have two less than a year apart! Not to mention they are all C-sections! Sure would be nice to have an easy stroller to push after so many back to backs!

  41. Danae Turner says

    LOVE Baby Gizmo! And with a new baby new any day I would love a MB Dou!!! Danae Turner

  42. shandel strasberg says

    I would really love to win a double jogger… got a new one on the way :) -shandel strasberg (fb)

  43. Darcy P. says

    Darcy Wilson Piteg

    Those strollers look amazing! I’m always on the hunt for a good stroller!

  44. Marlo says

    These look amazing! Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway!
    FB name: Marlo Taylor Nall

  45. Stacie Carter says

    Baby Gizmo is always a go-to around here. Thank you for all your hard work! Stacie Carter

  46. says

    Wow what an incredible giveaway! I would LOVE to be the proud owner of a mountain buggy…I’ll be telling all my mama friends to like tour page :) good luck with your big 20K quest!!!

  47. estefania salmon says

    all the strollers look amazing ! The swift looks really nice or maybe the new urban jungle

  48. Susan. Hubley says

    I love mountain buggy and the baby gizmo site. I have a cocker spaniel named Gizmo, he has one eye.

  49. Amy Andrews says

    I ‘love’ Baby Gizmo and ‘love’ this post! The Duo is my dream stroller!!!

    Amy Andrews

  50. Mandy davenport sayama says

    Wow. This would be a great addition to our stroller family. Great for baby #2

  51. Vanessia Shuckhart says

    Would love to win! Good luck to everyone! my Facebook name is my name lol Vanessia Shuckhart.

  52. Tracy D. says

    Wow, what a generous prize!
    FB name: Tracy Donnelly
    And I “liked” the post.

  53. Jess markus says

    Would love to win one of these awesome strollers! Thanks for the chance! Jessica Levy Markus

  54. Jennifer K says

    Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler
    Mountain Buggy and a giveaway– two great things in one!

  55. Mary Withrow says

    Fantastic! Picking One would be really hard! I think the Terrain would suit our family best, but I might be needing the Duo! Lol

  56. Leslie says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity…keeping my fingers crossed.
    FB: Leslie Lim Ayson

  57. Laura L. says

    FB name – Laura Love
    I LIKE Baby Gizmo on Facebook (Laura Love)
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! I really hope I win!

  58. Christyn I. says

    I would love to win this great give away because of the great buckle and the smooth ride!

  59. Michael Welle says

    This giveaway will be an amazing blessing to one family! Great job Baby Gizmo!

    Michael Welle

  60. Candi Harmon Kruse says

    This would be an awesome present for the wonderful moms & little ones in my life :)

  61. Lindsey says

    Lindsey Komaromy (FB name), I am so in love with the the Mountain Buggy Duo! It is my dream stroller!

  62. Sari P. says

    Wow – this is amazing! Let’s hope I win and have to make the difficult decision of which amazing stroller to pick :)

    facebook name: Sari Bekerman Palmeri

    Thanks so much!

  63. Alli says

    Would love to win such an incredible prize! Would put it to great use with our 2 little munchkins.

  64. Kristin M says

    Amazing giveaway! Need a stroller bad – the wheels fall of mine but I just keep using it! Kristin Deppe Meldrim

  65. Kyla says

    I like baby gizmo on facebook!! I’d LOOOVE to win a duo for our 19 month old and our little bean who’s going to make his/her appearance within the next 9 weeks!!!!
    facebook name Kyla Jaspers
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win great products!!!!

  66. Shannon says

    Gimme!!!!!! nobody needs this more than this Chicagoan transplant! We are still riding around on Florida wheels, the horror!

    Shannon Brown

  67. Shannon says

    Gimme!!!!!! nobody needs this more than this Chicagoan transplant! We are still riding around on Florida wheels, the horror!

    Shannon Barger Brown

  68. Suzanne Tyner says

    I love Baby Gizmo. I hope I win!!! My second little bundle of joy us coming in November :-)

  69. Suzanne Tyner says

    I love Baby Gizmo!!! I really want to win!!! :-)

    Facebook Name: Suzanne Tyner (Suzanne Runner)

  70. Johanna says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I’d be thrilled beyond belief to win one of these strollers!!! FB name is Johanna Bell Richards

  71. Melissa Scott says

    Loving that Mountain Buggy Duo. Expecting baby #3 in December and would love to try it out with the freerider!

  72. Melissa Scott says

    Loving that Mountain Buggy Duo. Expecting baby #3 in December and would love to try it out with the freerider!

    (Forgot to include my Facebook name: Melissa Scott)

  73. Jackie Bryant says

    Babygizmo you are the best website by far for baby product reviews!! I check this website and my facebook pages frequently as I get ready for baby boy #3!

    Facebook name: Jackie Lewandowski Bryant

  74. Kristin says

    This is the most amazing giveaway yet! I’ve been coveting a MB for my little ones. FB name: Kristin Burr

  75. Colleen Burns says

    I LOVE Baby Gizmo – happy to recommend to ALL my friends… I also LOVE Mountain Buggy Strollers. OH, with number 2 on the way – this would be PERFECT!! *fingers and toes crossed*

  76. amy pugmire says

    oh I would love to win this amazing stroller. I like u this post and a fb fan. amy bolda pugmire

  77. Paulina says

    I’d love to win this cool stroller!!! FB name is pau reyes-kaltenbach… crossing my fingers!

  78. Sara says

    I would LOVE to win a Mountain Buggy. Its the only way my husband would agree to having one ;). Facebook name: Sara Rostolder Mandell

  79. Alina Abbott Niska says

    I walk at least 4 miles a day with my kiddos. A stroller from you would make it oh so much better!

  80. Nancy Rutherford says

    Facebook name: Nancy Suzanne Grimes Rutherford
    I would love to win a Mountain buggy. I need one for new baby arriving in Dec.

  81. Leah Simonson says

    Would love to win a new stroller!!! Love all the giveaways and advise that you give out! FB name is Leah Jeremy Simonson

  82. Bayla Lax-Blumstein says

    I have three kids under age three and I would love love love to win the duo!

  83. Rebecca Ross Emerson says

    We love mountain buggy! Hollie’s video reviews are what helped us pick out ours, but we would love another plus the ride on!

  84. Alison says

    There is no possible way I can have too many strollers, right?!?!
    fb name is Alison Sutliff Mendez- love you guys!

  85. Liz Kalich Henderson says

    Liz Kalich Henderson needs to win this since I have a 1 1/2 year old and one due Sept. 15th!

  86. Aura says

    Can’t wait to see your review of the urban jungle but for now I would love the duo, especially with the freerider -Aura haft

  87. ally soros says

    A Mountain Buggy stroller would be awesome here in Colorado! I need something tough that will hold up on our rocky terrain. FB-Ally Soros

  88. lah says

    I am just about to get back into marathon training (took a break while I had our 4 kids (all 4 and under)! For sure need this for my 2 little guys!
    fb name: Laura Riley Hudgens

  89. Ashley says

    Absolutely love the duo! ! Would be perfect with second baby on the way! FB name Ashley Wikman Ylitalo

  90. Briana says

    Would love a new stroller
    FB: Briana Walker
    **sorry, didnt post the FB acct info previously**

  91. Autumn says

    FB:Autumn Sierra

    Love this giveaway. And the duel function of the Freerider is brilliant.

  92. Jill Bernacki says

    I would love, love, love a very stylish Mountain Buggy to explore the world with my very first and very special angel. Pleas spoil our little family….

  93. Ashlee Jarrold says

    What an awesome giveaway! I have a 19 month old and want to have more babies. I might even choose the double

  94. says

    Great giveaway! FB: Rachel Lansang-Hidalgo

    I have 2 y.o. twin boys but enough side by side double strollers! I think I’d go with the Urban Jungle.

  95. Heather says

    i’d LOVE the Mountain Buggy Swift and freerider! love love love!
    FB Name: Heather ‘Hendrickson’ Dooley

  96. Menucha says

    Would love to win this giveaway! Mountain Buggy is awesome and so are you ;D

    (FB name: Menucha Lederman-Slater)

  97. Racheli Abayev says

    would you be offering the duet? if so , would love that one… I absolutely LOVEEEE your giveaways! your amazing!

  98. Jeannette says

    FB Name: Jeannette Bryant Borman
    I would LOVE to win this stroller. My current stroller is just too short for a tall girl like me and is making me crazy!

  99. Karoliina Vella says

    I have the Duet, but would love to win the MB Single stroller as a giveaway with the Freerider as well :) Facebook link shared and liked :)

  100. BethAnne Roberts Shurtz says

    I have a second baby coming in October and a MB Duo would be welcome. Also, I love the reviews I have been reading on Baby Gizmo to narrow down my choices on strollers. Thanks for the info!

  101. Charity B. says

    FB: Charity Butterfield
    The Mountain Buggy Duo would be perfect for my two little ones! Thanks for putting out such an awesome giveaway!

  102. Amy Szeto says

    I have been BEGGING my husband for a duo with a freerider. I would just love to get everyone out of the house and head to the park! It would be amazing!

    FB: Amy Drozd Szeto

  103. ilana says

    Just had my second and have a 4 y.o old would love the duo and the freerider since my daughter keeps asking for one!!
    Ilana Straus Mazurek

  104. Mary Scoggin says

    Would love to win this!!! Thanks for such a great giveaway! Love your video reviews

    Facebook name- Beth Scoggin

  105. dasha says

    I would love to win the duo since I’m pregnant with number 2 and maybe it would motivate me to get in shape! :)

  106. Mary says

    Facebook name Mary Tice

    Love the giveaway. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews. I rely on them so much. I can’t see many of these stroller in person so it is great to have such wonderful reviews of them.

  107. Rebecca Cox says

    What a fabulous giveaway! This mom could so use some good news by winning this :)
    Fb name Rebecca Jarrett Cox

  108. Chana Shore says

    Facebook name: Chani Shore

    WOW! Amazing giveaway! I’d love to win a Mountain Buggy stroller!!!! My 1 year old birthday boy is over the weight limit for his infant seat that we’ve been using with a snap n’ go so we’re in desperate need for a “real” stroller and I’ve heard great things about Mountain Buggy :)

  109. Aviva R says

    I’m Aviva Klein Rosenberg. I admit, I’d kinda rather have a duet than the available choices though :)

  110. Elisabeth says

    I’m writing from Australia and just want to say, you rock. So honest and oh so useful. Love your reviews and mum tips. Keep it up!

  111. Tricia Karina says

    Love that it has a free rider for my older toddler! would love to win this most awesome giveaway!

  112. Christine S. says

    What a coincidence!!! Just yesterday I posted on the Baby Gizmo FB page that I was looking for a jogging stroller as I am about to finally work on getting my baby weight off and train for a half marathon that is taking place here in Chicago in March 2012. How wonderful it would be to be able to win this. Mountain Buggy is my jogging stroller of choice however given I am currently unemployed, after losing my job 2 months after finding out I was pregnant, I am unable to afford one. What a blessing it would be to win!!!

    My FB name is Christine Simons

  113. jamesie says

    Jamesie Cui Morningstar

    what an amazing giveaway AND how great would it be to have 20,000 friends!

  114. Becky Christiansen says

    I like you on Facebook. I hope I win I hope I win. I need to get this baby weight off and what a perfect reason to do it while pushing a mountain buggy!!!! Awesome giveaway, once again.

  115. Jenny says

    Love to win this since the Nanny (I have to go back to work) also has a child. This would be great.
    FB name: YT Matheson

  116. Alex Wilcoxson says

    Just “liked” this page!! Would love to win this! My husband & I were just talking about what stroller to get for the baby we’re expecting AND about the Mountain Buggy Freerider for our oldest so this would be totally awesome!!!
    FB name- Alex Wilcoxson

  117. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    We’re having a third and really need a new stroller! Any one of these would be awesome!
    FB name – Michelle VanOrden Wiszowaty

  118. Carrie Bolt Stallings says

    What a great giveaway! I was just admiring the mountain buggies for our second.

  119. R Weber says

    Roxanne Bostick Weber
    Would love to have a new stroller for my little man due in 4weeks and toddler.

  120. Katherine Magnaye says

    Was looking at reviews online for strollers I came across babygizmo .. from there I saw this great giveaway! would be awesome to win this stroller!

  121. Karen Thompson says

    Karen Cikra Thompson

    Love the Baby Gizmo reviews so much helpful information!! thanks!

  122. Sara says

    i already like baby gizmo! and i like you too! lol_ good luck to me for this giveaway! thank you >> My FB name is Sara Robles

  123. Erica says

    FB Name: Erica Wallace Zimmerman

    You guys are the most informative useful mommy site ever.
    Plus, you always have the BEST giveaways!!
    Winning combination!

  124. says

    My FB name is Carlota Bindner
    I love this giveaway, I finally need a stroller that I can actually jog/run with as I am training for a 15K that is in December and my current stroller is unwieldy!

  125. says

    We’re expecting our second in March (have 18-month old) and will soooo need a rugged double stroller! I love everything that Baby Gizmo brings to my attention and I only wish I could TRY everything! :)
    Hope to win!!!!!!

  126. teresa says

    love baby gizmo reviews! you help moms make informed decisions on their baby gear. I would love to win a mb stroller!

  127. Ashley says

    Oh dear, I can’t remember if I entered this or not.. :-( Lol. Well here it is again and if I entered twice I am so sorry. My FB name is Ashley Stephenson.

  128. Robin Rich says

    What a wonderful giveaway! The duo would be awesome to have for my two little boys – a 2 year old and 2 month old!

    Facebook name – Robin Rich

  129. Katie Smith says

    FB: Katie Smith

    Perfect timing. I have a toddler and one on the way and in the market for a double stroller! :)

  130. Angela says

    Great giveaway!! Would love the duo for my 2 year old and baby girl due Jan 1st!!! It would be perfect!!!!!

  131. Kristen M. says

    Liked the post here & on facebook. Still looking for a long-term stroller for my 6mo old. Would love to win!

  132. Kimberley says

    Kimberley Bannerman Larsen — love Mountain Buggy! I’d be lucky to win any of them! Can’t wait to see the new Duet! Can we get one of those??

  133. Melissa Marowelli says

    Baby Gizmo is one of the few baby gear businesses I have remaining in my Facebook newsfeed…that should say alot!
    Thanks for this contest!

    Facebook Name: Melissa Marowelli

  134. Kristen M. says

    Oops, wish I could edit my above comment. (I realize, only one comment for contest entry…) My facebook name is Kristen Tucker McLane.

  135. Cathy Gross Hetrick says

    My facebook name is Cathy Gross Hetrick. I posted above, but I’ll repost now:

    We’re expecting our second in March (have 18-month old) and will soooo need a rugged double stroller! I love everything that Baby Gizmo brings to my attention and I only wish I could TRY everything!
    Hope to win!!!!!!

  136. Alicia says

    FB: Alicia JusNatural MamaSnukkums Jones.

    ABsolutely love the strollers, i’m sure person’s seeing it would also jump to get their own. I know so many new mothers and those expecting

  137. Jessica Martin says

    FB name: Jessica Clubb Martin

    We would LOVE any one of these strollers! Mountain Buggy is a favorite brand of mine.

  138. lori barros says

    We would love a new stroller to enjoy the outdoors of our new home. And my son would love the scooter.

  139. Jen M. says

    This is the set I have been dreaming about! The duo + freerider for my twins+1 FB name is Jennifer Mangelos

  140. Cindy says

    hope I didn’t comment twice, hard to tell when I receive newsletters telling me to enter

  141. Christine says

    Just what we need for easy travels from here to there and everywhere!

    Mark-Tin Arevalo on FB

  142. wendy martinez says

    Can’t wait to win the duet for a good friend. I read great things about this stroller.

  143. Deborah Swanick says

    I would love to win a duo…. need a double stroller since our 2nd is due in the spring. Facebook name is: Deborah Swanick

  144. Dannielle Brenner says

    I would live to win the duo, have a one year old & would love to put baby #2 next to her instead of under!
    Facebook name: Dannielle Jackson Brenner

  145. Katie says

    You guys rock! My cousin could totally use a duo and freerider! 3, 6m and one on the way!!:)

  146. Kirsten Kerr says

    This is a great site that I’ve used to make a lot of my baby stuff purchases. I’d love to win this contest. A new stroller would be great! My Facebook name is Kirsten Kerr.

  147. Linda McCarthy Tussing says

    What a great contest. It would be hard to choose if I won. Love Baby Gizmo! FB Name is Linda McCarthy Tussing

  148. Stephanie Arnold says

    Need a new single jogger for an option when #3 arrives at the end of September! – my FB id is stephanie Decembrino Arnold.

  149. Ashley says

    I love the duo! Would be perfect for second baby on the way! FB name- Ashley Wikman Ylitalo

  150. Jennifer Lynch Postma says

    Jenn X Lynch Postma here! I’d love to win one of theses fabulous strollers. Thanks for all the reviews Baby Gizmo!

  151. Jennifer Barr says

    LIKE Baby Gizmo on Facebook!

    & liked this post

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

    jennifer b.

  152. Angela Kerr says

    Wow… Could really use a single stroller and this one is like the cadillac :). I like baby gizmo on FB as Angela Kerr !!! Good luck everytone there’s going to be one happy MaMa and one (or 2) comfy baby !!

  153. Angelynn Singley says

    The stroller reviews really help when choosing a stroller ! (FB: Angelynn Dorotheo Singley)

  154. says

    FB Name: Kate McDermott Mattiace

    We have a 3 year old boy, a 6 month old boy, and a newborn coming at the beginning of March. Winning a Mountain Buggy Duo with the Freerider would seriously be a dream come true!

  155. Sarah Southerling says

    FB Name Sarah Southerling-Hostetler.

    Would be perfect for the baby of our family of 6 <3

  156. Julia Braga says

    FB name: Julia Braga

    I would love to win one of these strollers considering I have a 3rd babe along the way and have heard only amazing things about this co. :)

  157. Veronica Dembowski says

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