BabyHome Debuts in the US for 2012

Founded in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain, BabyHome is new to the US!  Debuting their new stylish and high-quality baby products at the ABC Kids Expo 2011, BabyHome is ready to take the US by storm. With a wide variety of juvenile offerings, BabyHome offers parents a range of products that are great for home and on-the-go. Here are the eight BabyHome products that are all offered in a lots of fun and vibrant colors:

  • Emotion (stroller)                                   
  • Dream (little cot)                                          
  • SweetKit (highchair and bouncer)             
  • Eat (high chair)                                          
  • Onfour (bouncer)                                        
  • Inside (footmuff)                                          
  •  Inbag (changer bag)                                                
  • Side (bed barrier)    


BabyHome Dream

BabyHome OnFour

BabyHome SweetKit

BabyHome Emotion

BabyHome Accessories – Side, Inside & InBag


BabyHome products will be available in the US in January 2012. For more information on BabyHome visit their website HERE.




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