Have a Potty Training Princess?

Do you have a potty training princess that needs a throne to pee pee in? This My Carry Potty w/ 3000 Swarovski crystals might just do the trick! It just screams Suri Cruise, doesn’t it?!?

muycarrypotty Have a Potty Training Princess?

Oh, a $2,000+ potty is a bit pricey for a #1 and #2 catching device? Not to worry, you can purchase a regular, no-Swarovski crystals My Carry Potty for much cheaper. This is a no-leak potty to take on-the-go!

For more information on the My Carry Potty, visit their website HERE.

SHOP My Carry Potty HERE (the regular kind – not the crystal potty!)

Mycarrypotty2 Have a Potty Training Princess?


  1. Jennifer Leroux says

    I saw this at Magic Beans in Wellesley, MA I thought “omg I have to have it.” The suction is really great, I dont think it would leak. Only problem I found was that I really had to struggle to get it open. And what would happen if I did finally get it open? # 1 and #2 would go flying everywhere. I never did get it opened and so I put it back on the shelf.:-D

  2. says

    Jennifer, this can happen if on air flights the lid has been closed all the way. Due to the air pressure,and the effective suction/seal is, lid should not be locked down all the way. The open/close function is good and safe, can you ask the store to demonstrate? It’s best down on a surface and to make sure to push the open button all the way down, is not a problem in daily potty training life, but a great help.

  3. Cassandra says

    I wouldn’t want to carry this around with #1 or #2 inside. I have potty trained my two daughters, and finding a rest room hasn’t been that hard while we are out in public. What are you supposed to do–Stop on the side of the road with this thing? Only time I think it could be useful is camping.

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