Baby Gizmo Two-Day pediped Boot Giveaway!

While we aren’t sure where you live, we know it’s starting to get cold in Chicago!  Old Man Winter is right around the corner which means we have already started digging out the boots.  It never fails, those fabulous boots you bought the kids last year, don’t fit this year!  Why do kid’s feet have to grow so fast?!?! 

We thought we would help two lucky parents out and do a giveaway for two pairs of adorable pediped boots!  We are giving away a great pair of pediped Elizabeth boots for girls and a pair of pediped Nate boots for boys. That’s right – TWO winners!!

pediped has an entire Fall/Winter line with shoes that are just too cute not to take a peek at!  You might as well stock up before winter gets here, right?  Check out the full pediped line at

Rafflecopter has been working great for us the last couple giveaways, so we are sticking with it for now!

Yep, we are using the super easy Rafflecopter for entering this giveaway again! First, we are sorry to say that this giveaway is open to United States residents only. Second, if you weren’t with us for the last few giveaways, a blog comment is the only mandatory entry but there are additional (optional) entries you can get (new ones this week have been added!). You will notice that some of the entry methods are worth more than others. For example, “Post on your favorite message board” has a “(+3)” next to it.  That means it is worth THREE entries for just doing that!

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter and Message Board post options which is once per day!).  Please do not cheat and enter more than that!  We will know and we will catch you!  We are always watching. :) Giveaway STARTS on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 12:01am EST and ends at 12:01 am EST on Thursday, October 27, 2011. (You basically can enter on Tuesday and Wednesday!)




  1. Kristyne K says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth for my little girl because it looks stylish and comfortable for this winter. :p

  2. Lacey says

    i would love the Nate boots for my baby boy! Super cute for winter and he is super stylish just doesn’t have these cuties!

  3. stacy h says

    i would choose elizabeth for my daughter! she needs a good pair of shoes, not the junky ones certain family keeps getting her ;0)

  4. pamela h says

    I’d love the Nate boots for my son whose name is Nathan! These would look so cute with jeans or dressed up for church!

  5. Melanie L says

    my daughter could use the elizabeth. She just skipped two sizes in clothes and a size in shoes!

  6. Katie M says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boots for my daughter- she is a girly girl and LOVEs her shoes and really needs new boots for winter!

  7. susanlanai says

    I’d love the Nate because we’ll be traveling this holiday season and these would keep our little one’s feet nice and warm!

  8. Amy N. says

    My son would look great in the Nate boots, but my daughter would look like a princess in the

  9. says

    Torn between the two as I have one of each, but I think it’d be nice for my son to have a cute pair. Being the second kid he often gets less new things than his sister did! (It took me forever to find this step of the giveaway! I’m an idiot)

  10. Jenni says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boot, it would look so cute on my daughter during this cold Cleveland winter.

  11. Kathryn S says

    Would love to win these boots for my girl because she needs some cute boots for the long winter :)

  12. Karen W says

    I would like the Nate boots for one of my two boys! I also have two girls so the elizabeth would be fun too!

  13. Laura E says

    I would love the Nate boots for my son since he needs some shoes for the winter. But my daughter would absolutely love the Elizabeth boots :)

  14. Kara P says

    Would love the Elizabeth boots for my daughter- she just started walking and she needs some boots for winter!

  15. Susie H says

    Either pair would work here! My boy could use them but my girl would love to have them. She is such a girl!

  16. Denise B says

    Would love to win the Elizabeth boots for my niece. She is in bad need of shoes and my sister doesn’t have much money to buy good shoes.

  17. Jaclyn says

    Would love the Nate style for my son. We recently just bought our first pair of Pedipeds and love them.

  18. Jennifer Lynch Postma says

    I’d love to win the Nathan boots for my son Oliver. We’re traveling back east for Christmas and his LA Wardrobe of flip flops, sandals, and canvas sneakers won’t cut it.

  19. Nicole Walton says

    I’d love to win the Elizabeth boots for my little girl. They are just her style and would be perfect for this winter.

  20. Kait P. says

    I would love to win the Nate boots for my son because he started at daycare and is in need of some cute footwear!

  21. Cherokee Beaver Sprague says

    I shop a great deal for consignment items for my 3 that are 3 and under but I always buy their footwear “new” and when I can I buy Pediped!!!

  22. Gloria H says

    The Elizabeth boot is adorable! Exactly what I have been looking for – a cute black boot for my daughter for the winter!!

  23. Maryann says

    I would love to win either pair! I have a 2 year year old daughter who would totally rock those Elizabeth boots and a 2 month old son who would be in the Nate’s soon enough!! :)

  24. Rachel L. says

    I’d love to win the Nate boots for one of my boys – they don’t have any winter shoes for this season(I may have to buy the other a pair because they’re really cute!)

  25. Katie S. says

    We would LOVE a pair of the Elizabeth boots for our daughter! She will definitely get lots of use out of them!

  26. Peggy says

    My 18 month old son Corbin is in need of some nice warm boots to brave the first Wisconsin winter he’ll be able to play outside in! The Nate boots would be perfect for every day wear and tear!

  27. Gondica N says

    I would love the Nate boot for my son who is having the hardest time finding shoes that fit his feet. He loves shoes and I think he would love to try some shoes that look like his daddy’s shoes

  28. Sara R says

    I would love a pair of the Nate boot. They are super cute and would look great on my little guy.

  29. Liz Robinson says

    I like the Elizabeth because winter is coming around and they look warmer and they look like they will keep your feet from getting wet in the snow and slushiness of winter.

  30. Abbie M. Rotello says

    I have been looking at PediPed boots for my daughter this last month as I, too, know it’s cold in Chicago. How cute are these? love that they are good for tiny feet development, too.

  31. Stephanie says

    Love the Elizabeth boots! I was going ot buy them last year but couldn’t justify the $$ for my 21mo old daughter when I knew they wouldn’t fit this year! Love, love, love Pediped!!

  32. Kimberly says

    I would pick the Elizabeth boots for my little girl. There are no little boys in my family!

  33. jasmine says

    I love pedipeds because they’re awesome for my little boy’s feet! I really hope we win this one!!

  34. Sarah S. says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth because I don’t have any little boys. Just little girls. :)

  35. Jackie B says

    I would love both! Ha ha. . .The Nate boots I could use this year for one of our three boys. . .. So I guess sensibly, those are the ones I would go with. . .however our first little girl is Due this December!

  36. Stefanie says

    I love both pairs!! I think my daughter would appreciate the Elizabeth boots more than my one year old son. :)

  37. Stephanie P says

    The Elizabeth boots are oh so cute ~ and my daughter is needing a new pair of boots for the winter…

  38. says

    I love the ‘Nate!’

    and i clicked before I could put my name in the ‘extra info’ for the you tube subscribe name: it’s farrahritter

  39. Mary Wehner says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boot because my 1.5 year old little girl is between sizes and Pedipeds are the only shoes that fit her nice :) We love Pedipeds!!

  40. Tiina says

    I would LOVE to win the Elizabeth boots for my toddler girl. They are so cute and trendy at the same time! My baby has NO WINTER BOOTS, and it’s going to get cold here in the South sooner or later!

  41. AJosefy says

    These boots are so cute and I’ve been thinking about buying them for my little girl… But winning them would be better! :-)

  42. Malea W says

    I would like the Nate because I would love them for the little guy I watch. His shoes aren’t the greatest for the cold weather.

  43. Heather says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boots so that I can give them as a surprise gift to my new little niece!

  44. Sarah says

    The Nate boot.. they’re SO cute! My son has recently started his toddler shoe fetish.. might as well take this time to teach him good style.

  45. Quynh Phan says

    I would love the Nate boots for my little fella. He’ll definitely be styling for the winter! ;)

  46. says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boots for my daughter. Her foot has been growing so fast and she does not have any winter boots yet, as the ones I purchased a few months ago do not fit, and we love Pediped!

  47. Colleen B says

    I would love to win the Nate boots in a size 6 for my son. They are really cute and not sold in any stores by me.

  48. Bridget Hagspihl says

    Our Sweet Baby D turns 1 today! He’s already walking, but needs some Nate boots for the winter(even though it’s a challenge to keep anything on his feet).

  49. Inna says

    REALLY would love to win the Elizabeth boot for our cold Boston winter. My 16 month old daughter is always getting into puddles and these would be perfect to keep her toes warm and dry!

  50. Rachelle says

    I’d love the Elizabeth boots for my little girl. She just started walking & loves to walk around Central Park.

  51. Sara says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boot for my little girl for this winter. The truth is im not working and id like to give my little girl a present for christmas : ) thank you for the opportunity .

  52. Charissa says

    I would love the NATE for my little boy. It looks like it would be easy to get his chubby foot into it!

  53. Nicky K-B says

    I would love to win the Nate boots for my little man. His pediped shoes are the most comfortable and most natural fitting.

  54. Michael Welle says

    The Nate for my little boy. But depending on how big the Elizabeth goes, my daughter would love those!

  55. Jackie N says

    Would love to win the Nate boot for my son. It’s getting cold and he doesn’t have any winter boots.

  56. Dannielle Brenner says

    Our daughter is 13 months and on the move! These boots would be perfect for her in the PA winter.

  57. says

    Elizabeth, to replace my 4 year old’s current cowboy boots (these are pretty and she will like them just the same) that she has outgrown

  58. Cassie says

    I would like to win the Elizabeth boot because my three girls are very fashion aware and would LOVE to win a pair!

  59. Janine says

    Nate boots, please so that they can be my *almost walking* one year old son’s first pair of shoes! :-)

  60. Jen M. says

    Hard choice since I have boy girl twins I would love both or either :). If I had to choose one, the Nate boot.

  61. Misty Headrick says

    I’d love to win the Elizabeth boots! I have three girls to shoe and would love for the younger ones to have at least one pair that isn’t hand-me-down! ;)

  62. cecilia nez says

    I’d like to win the nate boot for my 2 year old son. He needs boots for this coming holiday season :)

  63. whitney says

    I would love to win the girl boots because my little fashion diva would look so stylish in them.

  64. Beth says

    I would love a pair of Nate boots for my youngest son. With 2 older brothers he wears hand-me-downs so 1 nice pair of new boots just for him would be awsome!

  65. Sarah says

    I would love to win the Elizabeth boots for my little girl! We were just discussing buying her first pair of boots.

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