Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5

homead453 Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5

Congratulations to our Day 5 winners –

Chrissy Manuele. – Britax B-Agile

Sarah Grogan – Britax Baby Carrier

Abigail Benemerito – Britax Car Seat of Choice

Teri – Britax Frontier 85 SICT

Connie Hart – Britax Car Seat Travel Cart

On the 5th day of Christmas Baby Gizmo gave to me (and four others!)…

Seriously fabulous Britax products! 

We are going above and beyond for you today and having FIVE winners on our “We Love Britax Day!”  Five great products for five wonderful winners! (1 prize per winner!) Here is what is up for grabs:

BRITAX B-Agile Stroller w/ Black Foot Muff – Winner’s choice of a red or black B-Agile – one of the best lightweight, quick-folding stroller  around! If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that will have you folding it like a ninja with a huge canopy, a very large seat for your bigger kids, extra stride clearance for tall parents and the easy travel system capability, the Britax B-Agile is the stroller for you!! Check our our full review (with video!) of the B-Agile HERE.  You know there will be a quiz!!

BRITAX Convertible Car Seat of winner’s choice – Have we gone insane?  Winner’s choice of any Britax convertible?  Answer: Yes.  Whichever Britax convertible car seat strikes the winner’s fancy is what they will get.

BRITAX Baby Carrier w/ seat extender and 2-pack of Bibs - Hands free is key when you have a new baby especially if you have other children to tend to!  Keep your little one close (is there any closer than wearing your child on your chest!) while remaining hands-free to do other things.  We are multi-taskers after all!

BRITAX Travel Cart – If you ever plan on traveling with your child and their car seat, you will appreciate this prize!  The Britax Travel Cart turns your convertible car seat into a rolling seat for your child.  Rolls them through the airport like luggage!

Frontier 85 SICT  – 85 lb 5-point harness capacity!!!  Enough said. Okay, maybe that’s not enough.  This front-facing car seat can be used from 2 years old (25 lbs) to 85 lbs with the 5 point harness and 120 lbs in booster style with the car seat belt!  This seat is equipped with Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) for advanced side impact protection, and an Easy-Remove Cover that can be removed for cleaning without disassembling the harness or uninstalling the seat from your vehicle. Woot! Woot!

2011 day5 prize Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5

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Britax Facebook Page

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howtoenter Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5

Yep, we are using Rafflecopter for the 12 Days of Christmas! It’s just too easy not to! A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. You will notice that some of the entry methods are worth more than others. For example, “Post on a Message Board” has a “(+5)” next to it. That means it is worth FIVE entries for just doing that! But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE! Please do not cheat and enter more than that! We will know and we will catch you! We are always watching. (“Winners never cheat and cheaters never win”, you know!) Giveaway STARTS at 12:01am EST on December 5 and ends 24 hours later at 12:01am EST December 6, 2011. (Sorry, US residents only on this day, folks!)


  1. kathleen porche says

    I love the way the B Agile has an easy adjustable harness and the extra zipper storage pocket next to the handle! This stroller will do great for kids of all ages!

  2. Esther Levitansky says

    Wow another gr8 thing to Win and that’s x5 wow!! thanks Holly and the whole babygizmo area!

  3. @lovinmomma88 says

    OMG..not one fav many. Love everything about it, the weight, the one hand it all :)

    ~thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. Carrie says

    55 lb weight limit! That’s awesome since my kids like to ride straight through kindergarten, apparently…

  5. Stephanie Sharp says

    I love the quick fold!!! That would be a brezze while your holding your little one and have your hands full!

  6. Christy Long says

    The one hand fold is what sold me, but also love that it’s a lightweight with a lot of the features of a full size stroller!

  7. Lynn Haiar says

    So many features to pick from! One hand fold, safety, look, weight limit……..

    Great products! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  8. Autumn says

    I do like when products are made simple. Can’t get much easier than having one-handed folding capabilities, right? :)

  9. Megan Borkowski says

    I love the weight limit and the one hand fold!! That def. comes in handy with 2 other kiddos running around!!

  10. KarenT says

    I can’t decide the fold or the canopy hmmm…but really any convertible??? been stalling that purchase would be so awesome to win :)!

  11. Kristy says

    I really like the travel cart as I will now have 2 children to push through an airport and one needs a convertible carseat. Which convertible carseat brand? Britax of course! Will probably go for a Marathon since it is not too big and bulky but still has a good weight capacity.

  12. Myong says

    The one hand quick fold looks awesome. I also like that it can become a travel system as well. Very versatile! Hope I win.

  13. Lovidy G. says

    My favorite feature is the one hand fold… A quick, easy fold is a must when you have a toddler just waiting to run away as soon as you put him down.

  14. Kristi P. says

    Left a generic comment a moment ago since the instructions weren’t clear to my tired mommy brain that the blog comment needed to be about the B-Agile. But! I love the nice tall canopy. The canopy on our silvercross is just far too short to get us past 2 years of age so it’s always pulled back and that’s not so great in “typical” Washington weather.

  15. Abbie M. Rotello says

    I love lots about the B-Agile, but my favorite is that it’s lightweight while still offering some great features, such as the huge canopy, unlike other lightweight strollers that come with nothing extra.

  16. Megan Bass says

    I’d have to say the fact that it is SO lightweight and the one hand folding! Thanks for all the awesome giveaways!!!

  17. says

    I think it’s great that the seat will fit my baby for a long time (a 25-in height from seat bottom to canopy). Also love that it’s lightweight.

  18. Jennifer C. says

    I love how easy this stroller is to fold. That is usually the feature I always have a problem with! I would love to be able to quick fold with one hand!!

  19. Chana Shore says

    I love how the b-agile is a lightweight stroller but it is amazing quality! It has the easy quick fold method and a huge protective canopy. It’s supposed to be an all-around great stroller!

  20. Aliza says

    I love Britax! safety features are unquestionable and they are so easy to use. my friend has a britax carseat and it’s all i want now.

  21. Vanessa says

    We love our Britax B-Ready and Chaperone car seat and would be stoked to have a Britax convertible seat to grow into!

  22. Jessica UmmRiyam Leuty says

    My favorite feature of the b-agile is the way it folds. I love all the Britax products!

  23. Elle B says

    The snap-in with the infant carseat, we loved that feature with my little guy, but would love it even more with a britax for the next!

  24. Rachele W. says

    1 hand fold! Brilliant. I dont think any of our strollers can be folded with one hand, so this simple feature is kind of a luxury!

  25. Kristyne Kaahea says

    I love that it’s lightweight and easy to fold. Comes in handy when joggling a newborn and a toddler.

  26. Jessica Barnhart says

    How can you choose 1 favorite feature? I love the huge canopy, great support seat and seat back, easy fold, no rethread harness, and larger seat for my little girl who is in the 97%. I have dreams about this stroller, lol!

  27. Molly Bussler says

    Love the fact that you can use only one hand to fold it and the larger seat is nice too!

  28. sterling elizabeth says

    myjaw literally dropped when i saw theprizes! i love the huge canopy and the roomy-ness!

  29. Jill Lewis says

    Ive been wanting a frontier for my 4 1/2 year old daughter! That way we can put her boulevards in the grandparents car :)

  30. Jess markus says

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! It really is everything I need for my son! Thanks do much!

  31. Maria says

    I love Britax! My favorite feature of the b-agile is the big canopy and how easy and compact it folds.

  32. Carrie Jost says

    I used Britax carseats with my older children and loved them. I would love the baby carrier or convertible car seat for our newest addition!

  33. Laurie says

    My favorite feature of the B Agole is the large seat so my tall 18month old won’t be squished, which is more than I can say for my current stroller!!

  34. Lauren T says

    I love that it’s lightweight, easy to fold, and the curved frame in the back prevents my tall husband from kicking the back of the stroller. I love the car seats too!

  35. Svetlana Feist says

    I really need a Frontier 85 SICT for my son. His sister is slowly getting too big for her infant car seat and we want to give her his Britax convertible. Love and trust Britax for their safety.

  36. Tiffany SChleicher says

    the QUICK FOLD… I’ve become a parnoid mommy since it takes SOOO long to load kids, bags, and strollers back into the car after a shopping trip. I keep hearing horror stories about robbery, and worse!

  37. Jenilee Acevedo says


  38. Sari Palmeri says

    I’m not exactly sure how this one works. Are we posting for which one we would want to win? If so, I would love the stroller (so lightweight and amazing fold) or the car seats (either would work for both of my kids since my almost 5 year old isn’t even 40 pounds yet and my almost 3 year old could also use either one). My kids are too old for a carrier (although you’d never know it by how often they ask to be picked up – ugh) and we take our stroller with us in the airports.

    Sorry I’m babbling, I’m just a little confused, which could partly be from my lack of sleep :)

  39. Jessica Wiese says

    I love that it is so lightweight. That is extremely important when you have so much stuff to lug around already.

  40. sarah heath says

    I love how this stroller is so versatile!!! I would be able to fit my toddler and new one in this stroller!

  41. Kendra says

    My favorite feature is the one hand fold! Perfect for me because I always seem to need three hands when out with the kiddos!

  42. Amanda says

    Love how the harness adjusts on the B-agile! No more fumbling for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get it to fit better!

  43. Monika Russo says

    Britax makes great car seats and strollers. What an awesome give-away! Would love to win.

  44. Jacqui Odell says

    I love that it’s light weight and the harness adjusts on the b agile harness…hope i win this…really really need a stroller, but can’t buy one now.

  45. jessica l says

    with another baby on the way we could use another britax carseat, they are the best our there!

  46. Gina Asavalertpanich says

    All of these are very wonderful products but most importantly they are very safe products and that is why I buy them. Only the best for our babies right

  47. Mistie says

    As a mom of an autistic 6 year old who sometimes needs to get away from it when we are out and about, I love the adjustable harness to quickly and easily make it acceptable for both my baby and for him!

  48. Monica Tutko says

    We LOVE Britax! We have their products for our little guy & my sister is expecting in March, would make a great gift!

  49. Nicole L says

    Love the head to canopy clearance! Anything to make my kiddo stay in there longer is fantastic!!

  50. Victoria Radake says

    I would LOVE to win the converable carseat! Biatrix is a great brand & I have a lot of family & friends who use them & rave about them, but I unfortunately cannot afford their products. My son is ready to move up from his infant carrier soon & this would be a great seat to have for him! :o)

  51. Sarah Stedman says

    I love the huge canopy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one! We could really use the car seats.

  52. Andrea Tamburro says

    I love the large canopy!!! My husband will love the light weight frame. I also like the weight limit for larger children.

  53. Julie G says

    I like the No re-thread, adjustable, five-point harness… it is such a pain to have to re-thread every time you want to adjust your straps!

  54. Beth Cooper says

    I love the B Agile stroller! I test drove one once and it was so easy to steer and so lightweight!

  55. Betsy Zimmerman says

    Would love to the Frontier for my large 3 year old. No other seat on the market will keep him harnessed long enough.

  56. Corry says

    My 14 month old is teething, horribly. She has turned into a different child at night, AKA Demon Child. She cried, I’m sorry SCREAMED, for 2 hours straight the other night and then an hour straight the next night. You would think she was getting her molars- instead, she only has 4 teeth and is getting her 2nd set on top. If teething was a person they would be a real jerk.

  57. says

    I love the fact that you can easily adjust the harness straps with sliding it up or down from the back. Adjusting the straps for a growing child is not always fun.

  58. alexis says

    Love this giveaway! The B-Agile looks great with it’s wide seat and taller seatback, but with 4 kids 5 and other, we can always use carseats! (Love the Frontier!)

  59. Brittney Reader says

    I love how small the B-Agile folds up!!! You can fit more than just a stroller in the back or trunk!

  60. Katey Burris says

    I love the functionality of the B-Agile, but we could really use another convertible carseat for my daughter! Britax is such a stellar brand!

  61. Roxanne says

    LOVE how small this stroller is when it is closed :) This looks like a great stroller!!

    email was wrong on my last one.

  62. Sarah Hamilton says

    What a GREAT giveaway … i would love ANY of these!! #2 is on the way, and DD is getting ready to move FF in a few months!

  63. Monica says

    I love the B-agile! It’s sleek and sporty, and seems perfect for light morning jogs! The harness system and large canopy are such a plus!

  64. Paula D says

    Oh how I Love Britax! They make the safest carseats and the best light weight strollers. The travel wheels looks neat too. Fantastic company!

  65. Crystal W says

    I’ve never seen this before and wow! It does look super easy! Deff going on my registry if I don’t win! Love you can do it one handed.

  66. Ellen Moore says

    My favorite feature is probably how lightweight it is or the ease of maneuverability. I’m a big fan of strollers that only require one hand to steer, and also strollers that are not heavy and bulky. I’d love to win any of these prizes, and it’s actually time for my daughter to move to a convertible carseat, so that would be awesome! Great contest!

  67. Celeste Martinez says

    I love britax the b agile stroller has a huge canopy. And tons of room for a growing child!

  68. Lindsey DeVylder says

    I love the one hand fold! Makes such a difference when trying to get going quickly!

  69. Angela A. says

    We are a Britax family and have been for 5 years.. love their products! We are currently using the advocate, and I love how cushioned and protected my little one is

  70. April C. says

    I LOVE Britax! We are big fans! I would love to have a new carseat for one of the babies. The single stroller would also be great! Maybe Christmas will come early…

  71. Lauren says

    Have one car seat and need another – we have twins on the way! Love the safety features of Britax!

  72. Esther Jacob says

    This is a great prize pack!! We are soon going to be in need of a convertible car seat for our 1 year old

  73. Abbe Howard says

    My husband and I LOVE Britax, but we cant afford much from them. I do love this B-Agile both because the tall handle (for 6’3″ hubby) and the tall seat (for 38″ 2 year old) We would love to win this for walks, we go walking almost every day and we dont have a stroller right now. So we end up taking turns carrying our daughter. And if she falls asleep it makes things a little difficult. We also love the Frontier 85, because my daughter is so big, were worried about having to put her in a plain booster before she should really be in one =[ It would be amazing to have a carseat she can be in a 5 point harness for a long time!

  74. Claire A says

    I like that it comes with attachments that hold infant seats so you don’t have to have a different stroller when the baby is still little.

  75. Teri says

    I would love to win the carseat, that would be so helpful! The stroller looks great, light and easy to use.

  76. mary thomas says

    Wow!!what an awesome giveaway!! Keep up the good work baby gizmo!! I love britax brand…who wouldn’t rt?we own their infant car seat. Would love to win the convertible seat or the frontier…keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

  77. connie hart says

    kewl kewl kewl!!!! woohoo! u keep blowing us away with all these AMAZING stuff!!! (keep em coming) hope iwin!

  78. AprilK says

    Britax is a great brand. Read reviews on them about car accidents and not a scratch was on the baby/child.

  79. says

    I love that it is easy to fold! With baby due in 2 1/2 months, a 2 year old, and 4 year old this giveaway would be great!

  80. Megan says

    No other blog referred me, I found out about the giveaway through the Baby Gizmo FB page announcement in my newsfeed.

  81. Kelly J says

    I love how the B agile has the one hand quick fold! I think this is its best feature for parents on the go and parents with limited storage space.

  82. Lara S. says

    I like the one hand recline & the fact that there’s a mesh spot there for safety/visibility!

  83. lauren marcial says

    No one told me about this blog. I found it on my own. It has been very helpful to me though and I refer it to everyone.

  84. Christina says

    My fav feature of the B-Agile is the harness closure. DD is a magician and can get most open, so hopefully this one will keep her in.

  85. Amy Martin says

    I love that the b-agile can accommodate bigger kids with that 55lbs weight limit and larger seat. GREAT giveaway! I wonder if we get to pick what we win or what?

  86. Pearl says

    I like the oversize canopy and also the difficult-for-child to open harness! Definitely a bonus feature!

  87. KT says

    Having tried the B-Agile out in stores, I love how intuitive everything is – fold, recline, all of it!

  88. Miranda Welle says

    Favorite feature~?!?! There are SO many with this one! Large canopy. Easy fold! Automatic lock.

  89. Leah R says

    Easy fold, light weight, lots of add ons, great color scheme, and looks like it will fit bigger toddlers too! What an awesome stroller! Hope I win it!

  90. Bonnie Schwartz says

    I love the one handed fold and automatic lock feature so it wil stay folded. I also love the big canopy!

  91. Amy says

    LOOOOOVVVVEEE Britax! I would love to win the B-Agile or the convertible car seat. That would be a Merry Christmas, indeed!

  92. Kristin O. says

    The additional stride clearance to help keep me from kicking the frame would be most welcome.

  93. Elizabeth D. says

    I love the Britax products. The B-agile is so light weight and it looks really easy to handle and fold.

  94. Sarah Clawson Barnard says

    I love the adjustable harness. My son is really tall and this is a great feature for him

  95. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stroller and the fabric design on the car seat. With another baby on the way, I could use anyone of the five prizes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. Megan says

    I love that it is light weight, but also has a great basket under it. I have always noticed that it is great to use those for storage.

  97. Sarah L. says

    A couple of months after buying my City Mini (which is great) I saw the video about the B-agile and regretted that I hadn’t waited for it. It’s basically everything great about the City Mini, and then some!

  98. Kallee says

    Britax has the best car seats around. They are safe, function well and last. I would love to win one for our second car.

  99. says

    Even though we have a Britax Chaperone, we made the mistake of getting a different stroller that the car seat cannot fit into. That huge stroller gets a little difficult to set up and get out of the trunk with a squirmy infant in the arms of a tiny lady like me. This B-agile looks perfect!

  100. Lien says

    I saw your review of the B-agile and bought one already. After owning it for a couple of months, my favorite feature is definitely the huge canopy. Second would be the easy braking. Would love to win one for a friend.

  101. Mandy Benton says

    I don’t own a single Britax product and would LOVE to win this!! Plus we have another baby on the way!

  102. Shelly Cameron says

    I love a lot of things about this product, folding and ease of cleaning would both be at the top of the list though

  103. Kathleen B. says

    Love how the B-agile is lightweight, easy to fold, a has good-sized canopy! Great for travel!

  104. says

    I love that there is extra room for a tall person to push the b-agile. my husband and I always find there’s not enough room for our feet behind the stroller we use.

  105. Danielle says

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I like that it’s lightweight (we really could use a lightweight stroller) and that it is so easy to adjust the harness height and the seat.

  106. Stacia says

    Britax has the safest carseats out there! All of my friends have them and we are registered for two (one for each car!) for our baby who is arriving soon!

  107. Stefanie R. says

    I love everything that Britax makes! I have always felt that my kids are safe when I put them in the car. I would love any one of these amazing prizes!! Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  108. Carmelita says

    I love love love this prize set, but my favorite is the travel cart, My sister always had so much trouble with the stroller when traveling. So this would help me learn by example ;)

  109. Heather Goodson says

    So thankful to have found this site. Would be amazing and so helpful if I actually won something!

  110. Darcy Piteg says

    Can I say I love the 5 point harness that can be raised up and down so easily? We have an old jeep stroller that my aunt gave us and we have to pull the back off and re-thread the whole thing! Plus the hidden zipper pocket in the back to hold stuff, I’m wild about! Also I love how easy it is to recline and upright the seat. Again with the jeep, it’s such a hassle. I would love to win the Britax B-Agile!

  111. Danae says

    I love the one hand fold on the B Agile plus it looks great and I would love to see if it handles as well as it looks :)

  112. Melissa ZS says

    I love the B-Agile’s light weight and the fact that the infant car seat can snap right in!!

  113. Glynis says

    Awesome giveaway! Our youngest is almost ready to go into a convertible, so this would be very timely! Love the B-Agile design, too.

  114. Steph A says

    One of my favorite features is that it is so lightweight at only 16.5 pounds, I also love the huge canopy!

  115. Melissa says

    I love that the Britax B-Agile has such an easy fold, but also has a safety button to prevent the stroller from accidentally folding.

  116. tiana dahan says

    I love britax , we have a Advocate carseat for my little one and I love it !!! I would love to win anything from britax cause I know all their products are fabulous :)

  117. Ann Davis says

    I love everything about Britax. We have their infant car seat and would love a stroller from them. I love how compact the agile is and i love love their canopy.

  118. Hannalore Kirkaldy says

    Love love that this site does so many giveaways and also has some helpful advice!

  119. Jesse Reid says

    This would be perfect! We just about to have to buy a new car seat, so winning one would be a Christmas dream come true! We LOVE Britax!

  120. Hannah Rose says

    I LOVE the NO re-thread harness system! How cool is that?! I’ve never seen any other products with the convenient no re-thread system. I’m constantly having to rethread my stroller for whichever of my two babies (2 months and 13 months) I have out shopping with me on any given day. Such a pain! This would be the solution to my problem, This stroller is going on my Christmas list!

  121. michelle virgilio says

    Britax makes the best products for kids! I love their strollers and carseats and own several.

  122. Adrienne says

    While there are several features that I like with the B-Agile stroller (like the 55 pound weight limit, easy fold and great canopy), the real winner for me is the 20 inch seat back and the 25″ measurement from seat to canopy. I have extremely tall kids with another one on the way, so I’d appreciate a stroller that my son won’t grow out of before the age of 2 (I’m looking at you, Bumbleride strollers).

  123. Paula Weber says

    I like the wide seat – my boy is chunky and I like the look of small and lightweight strollers, but my umbrella is already creeking under him… need to upgrade to a sturdier one!

  124. Kimberly says

    I like that the B Agile is compatible with the Britax infant car seats. It’s nice that it can be a whole travel system.

  125. Nechama says

    I love how the harness can be raised or lowered. My city mini always seems to high for my baby even on the lowest!

  126. Molly says

    I love the simplistic fold and that you don’t need any extra attachments for the infant car seat to attach!

  127. Lorilin says

    I like that the B Agile stroller is made by a company whose products I trust. I have two Britax car seats and a stroller, and love them all!

  128. rachel basile says

    I love how they have taken a lot of the best features of the City Mini and improved them. My favorite two features are the locking fold and the toddler-proof seat belt!

  129. Ashlie Fuller says

    I love the easy fold and the fact that it comes with the click and go infant car seat receivers to make it into a travel system. Would love to win!

  130. bill says

    I love how compactly this folds up so it isn’t a nightmare to bring the stroller plus all the other luggage we need on a trip…

  131. caree says

    The buckle is a big seller for me since I have a toddler I need to be able to keep in the stroller.

    No blog…I receive your emails!

  132. Violet says

    I like the big canopy and the recline feature. Also a plus is the mesh window and the ease of foling the stroller.

  133. Lyra says

    Babygizmo is the best! I love britax products especially their carseats, we’re expecting our 2nd bundle of joy and we’ll need another carseat. Pleeease bring me some luck!!

  134. Alissa says

    I love how it adjusts, especially compared to the city mini! So much easier! And the headrest, another bonus compared to the city mini.

  135. Jenn Hillman says

    Love the lightweight quality! I need something light when trying to wrangle 2 toddlers and soon to be newborn!

  136. Katherine S. says

    I adore Britax’s always modern design, and the large canopy is perfect for residing in Hawaii +the easy fold up! Great review!

  137. Rebecca M. says

    I love that it is made for taller parents and you won’t kick the back of the stroller as you walk, I have this problem with our current stroller.

  138. Mal says

    I like the large canopy and mesh “breathing” windows. I also love the small size it folds to.

  139. Megan Arce says

    The quick EASY fold has got to be this strollers absolute best feature- hands down!!!! And only 17lbs??? How awesome is THAT???

  140. Christiano says

    I love the huge canopy with the peekaboo window and also the SUPER QUICK folding! I want one!!

  141. Traci C says

    I love that the stroller is lightweight and that it works for taller parents. I have had a hard time finding a stroller with a high enough handle bar and one that I wouldn’t kick.

  142. Jennifer Palmer says

    The video reviews are so helpful! We just had our second son and the video reviews really help us in selecting items for him. With our daughter we were shooting blind and weren’t happy with some major purchases. Thanks baby gizmo LOVE the B-Agile Britax stroller!!

  143. Andrea Smith says

    My favorite feature is the hard to undo buckle which will come in handy with my little escape artist of a son!

  144. caydee says

    Being a nanny, I have used all kinds of stroller with a wide range of ages of children. But I have never seen a stroller with such an easy way to adjust the 5point harness system! No weaving straps in and out, tangling them up…with a toddler running around :-) love this new britax b agile!!

  145. says

    I love the safety features on the Britax carseats! Nothing like having the peace of mind that your baby is about as safe as can be.

  146. Nathalie M. says

    I keep hearing about Britax, would love to try them! Especially fond of the design and easy to fold aspect!

  147. Gabrielle says

    We’re expecting our first on May 1, 2012 and are really intrigued with Britax seats/strollers. Thank you Baby Gizmo for all the reviews!

  148. Maria Rodriguez says

    I’d been eyeing the Frontier 85 SICT. Would love to win it to give it as a gift for my nephew!

  149. Karen DLV says

    I love the higher weight limit and height and width. It’s nice to be able to put an older sibling in if they aren’t feeling well or need a rest!

  150. Corinne says

    Love that it’s lightweight…for someone with back issues, it’s nice not to have to strain myself with the stroller.

  151. Kelly Grell says

    I love the easy fold aspect of the B-Agile–extremely important with little ones running around.

  152. Angela says

    Britax is quality made. Have their car seats, which are top notch and would love one for my daughter once she’s done with her infant carrier!

  153. Erika says

    Just love the lightweight maneuverability of the B-agile. I really love the whole Britax philosophy of safety, peace of mind and good design!

  154. Misty Headrick says

    I LOVE that the B Agile is tall parent friendly!! My husband and I are 6′ tall and I also have a long stride. I also love the quick one hand fold, which would make it so much easier when taking the bus!!

  155. serena adkins says

    It’s too hard for me to pick out only one great feature because I love everything about it. but if i had to pick one out I would have to say the big canopy for the sun.

  156. Christine Leavitt says

    Britax has amazing products. The best part of the their products is their safety ratings. In regards to the video the agile is so compact it can fit in the car and easy to travel with.

  157. Alissa says

    Oh my gosh! I cannot believe this giveaway. Love Britax, and have been planning to buy the Frontier 85 for my son sometime soon. I really like the large canopy on the B-Agile

  158. Megan Dittemore says

    I just love how versitile the B Agile is and how it can grow with your child! And it is nice that you can just snap in the Britax seats (which are definitely the best!).

  159. Dana Remaley says

    I don’t know much about the Agile, but I really want a new car seat!!! The Frontier is what I’ve been looking at too!!

  160. Jodi J says

    I love how easy the B-Agile is to fold up. There aren’t many strollers that can be easily folded one-handed!

  161. April G says

    My favorite feature is the easy fold, which is important since I have three kids and always have my hands full and need to move fast!

  162. Amy D. says

    I love Britax products! We already have two of their car seats, but are expecting baby #3 in the Spring and could desperately use another one…or a stroller! I love how comfy they are for the kids and how easy they are to install!

  163. Elizabeth says

    The travel cart would be awesome! I’m traveling on my own with my 18-month-old daughter this holiday, and we’re using her Marathon on the plane. It would be a huge help!

  164. Malea W. says

    I love the giant canopy, how easy it is to fold, and how easy it is to adjust the harness. I talked my friend, who is expecting her first baby in a couple of weeks, into buying this one. I’d love to have it, too!

  165. Jenny v says

    I love how light it is for such a feature packed stroller. This would be great for my 6’3″ hubby, most strollers are too short for him.

  166. Misti C. says

    I luv that the BRITAX Frontier 85 SICT Car Seat will work for my little guy for so many years!

  167. Tamara B says

    I love the 5 point harness, lightweight, and can accommodate up to a higher weight!!! I love Britax products!!!

  168. Johanna De La Cruz says

    I love Britax and love the fact that this stroller is so light weight and compact. It’s also great that the harness can be adjusted so easily!!

  169. Lindsay Jones says

    I love the easy fold of the Agile. Seems like you could hold baby in one hand while folding and throwing in the trunk…gently. :-)

  170. Margaret Schmidt says

    Woops…. should read the instructions first! So yes i do love Britax but my favorite feature of the agile is the awesome canopy and taller seat back than the city mini! It’s like my baby jogger micro married a mini and had an agile! ;)

  171. Rachel Tenison says

    I like that the B-Agile can be used as a travel system with the Chaperone infant seat.

  172. Tonia Williams says

    I LOVE Britax!!!! Have used the Marathon for my sin since I was able to get one at one of their warehouse sales! DO THEM AGAIN!!! PLEASE!!!

  173. Colleen Maurina says

    My favorite feature is the wide range of adjustment the harness has and that is can be done so easily!

  174. Goldie says

    i love that its so lightweight. Would be perfect for me when lugging around the twins + the baby :)

  175. kate says

    i love everything britax (mainly the safety features… but, i do love the styles!) and we are coming up on our carseat graduation. would love a new one as a prize!

  176. says

    I like that it’s lightweight, easy to fold and it’s maneuverability.

    Thank you for the contest. If I win I am giving it to my niece who is pregnant with TWINS!

  177. chris calderon says

    I love that you can adjust the harness EASILY so that a younger child and an older child can use it.

  178. Stacy Vidrine says

    easy to fold and light weight! I would love a stroller that I don’t have to wrestle into the back of my car.

  179. Kira says

    I love how lightweight and easy to use it looks. I am a smaller stature mom so things that are light weight are a huge plus for me. I also LOVE how long it can be used. Great money saver !

  180. Kristen says

    I love that it is easy to fold! Normally my husband has to help with everything BUT I could do this on my own! :-) 13 weeks preggo…first baby! So excited!

  181. Marina P says

    I think Britax B-Agile is an excellent stroller. My favorite aspects are that it’s lightweight and can take a car seat! No need to buy additional strollers since it can works for a newborn as well as a toddler.

  182. Cyndi Hunt says

    I’d love to win one of these! Especially the convertible car seat since we need to move our 6 month old out of his carrier :)

  183. Amanda Carlisle Omar says

    We are tall parents and we have tall babies. I love that it works for those of us with a higher stance!!!

  184. Julie says

    WOW! This package would be a dream come true! I love how lightweight the stroller is and also the fact that the seat is larger, being able to carry bigger toddlers. We desperately need a stroller, this would be wonderful!

  185. Stephanie says

    Wow! How could I pick! I would love the B-agile, the travel cart (upcoming trip), and/or the Frontier seat! Such convenient products!

  186. lynne finelli says

    where to start?? i just love britax and love their products. tell everyone to register for a carseat, stroller, and carrier. if i only owned them all myself:) roomy seats, light weight and carseats the meet saftey to the max and even can keep my little ones safe to 85 lbs.. what a day to win!

  187. Caitlin B says

    Britax car seats are hands down the easiest to install. My daughter is so close to growing out of her current Britax car seat and I love the 85 pound harness capability of the Frontier.

  188. Michelle Deller says

    I LOVE the one-hand quick fold. I love my current stroller (Mia Moda Atmosferra) but I HATE how difficult it is to fold close and unfold to open. My husband can’t do it!

  189. Kelly Neal says

    I love that it has a long back, enabling you to use it until your child is 4 years old. :) The one-hand collapse feature is pretty amazing, too.

  190. Cathy Buchanan says

    Really want to upgrade my children’s carseats to Britax!! What an awesome giveaway!

  191. Pamela Dunn says

    So excited to get the Frontier! I know my children will be as safe as possible in the car & with it’s easily detachable cover I’ll know it’ll be the cleanest seat in the car!
    Right now my 4 year doesn’t fit into the other 5 point harness seats out there for older kids, but the Frontier is highly adjustable!

  192. says

    My husband and I LOVE baby Gizmo and all of the amazing reviews you give to help ensure our child’s safety, and that our money is well invested in great products! Thank you so much!!!

  193. Theresa C. says

    The stroller is amazing,looks easy to fold, sturdy and comfy.I have a little guy on the way and would love to win this!!Thanks for the giveaway :)

  194. shabnum says