Ten Fashion Essentials for Busy Moms

“Motherhood massacred my fashion sense.” Or at least that’s what I would tell myself, in my first year of motherhood, whenever I saw my reflection in any mirrors or storefront windows. As a new mom, I wore unflattering “mom” jeans, ugly sneakers, yoga pants (even though I didn’t do yoga), and boring tops because that’s what seemed easiest, most comfortable (I know. I said the “c” word), most “mom-like.”

Being a busy mom was my excuse for looking like crap, my reason for “letting myself go.”

But, now, now with another year under my motherhood belt, I can say that my fashion sense is slowly coming back. Now I know how to balance the demands of motherhood with my fashion. I now know that fashion doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming or uncomfortable or unrealistic for my new life. Really. To stay fashionable, I stick to, what I call, the “motherhood fashion essentials.” These essential and why they work for busy moms are included below:

1. Tunics.

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Rather than always throwing on sweatshirts or t-shirts, try adding tunics to your wardrobe. Not only are they flattering to most body types, but they also can easily be dressed up or down with minimal effort. And remember, minimal effort = good for busy moms.

2. Shirt dresses.

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Paired with a belt or ribbon around the waist and some ballet flats, shirt dresses are a great and very easy way for moms to look classy and sexy (yes, you can still be sexy as a mom) and put together, again, with no effort.

3. Scarves.

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Bold, animal print or colored scarves are a fabulous way to add visual interest to a simple outfit like jeans and a tank top. Scarves can be a bit pricey when “in season” (i.e., the Fall months), so you’ll want to buy them in the Summer or Spring months.

4. Belts.

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No, not the kinds of belt that your mom made you wear for class pictures in the third grade. I’m talking about the kinds of belts that are worn on your waist. I generally prefer white or neutral colored skinny belts, but thick leather belts are also great. The goal with a belt is to accentuate your waistline and to draw attention to your (ahem) best assets.

5. Skinny jeans.

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Dark navy, red, or even white. Skinny jeans are “in” this season and for good reason. They look great on most body types and when paired with a classic shoe, they make you feel like a million bucks, instantly.

6. Jackets/Blazers.

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Cropped and long jackets/blazer and tanks are like the fashion equivalent to peanut butter and jelly. They fit together perfectly. I think it’s great to own standard black and white jackets/blazers along with some bold colored ones to keep things interesting.

7. Jewelry.

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With small kids, I can no longer get away with the chunky hoops and drop necklaces that I wore pre-motherhood, but I still wear jewelry, usually, larger studs and bracelets and choker necklaces.

8. Cardigans.

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Throw a cardigan over top a tank top, and you can easily create a soft and feminine look.

9. Practical, yet, sexy shoes.

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Source: lulus.com via Jessica on Pinterest


If you remember nothing else from this list, remember that shoes matter…a lot! Sandals, wedges, or boots are all great options for busy moms. When choosing your shoe, think about what’s practical for your lifestyle, but also think about what will do the most to add to your style.

10. Long tees and tanks.

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Source: sundaycrossbow.blogspot.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Layered long tees and tanks are a fashion must for busy moms. I typically go for white or bold colored tees or tanks and put a belt on top to stay “fresh.” Along with looking great, I like that if my baby decides to spit up on me while out and about in public, I can easily just remove one tank or tee and still look presentable.

What are your fashion essentials as a busy mom?


  1. Ladan says

    Thanks Jessica! I really did stop taking care of myself after I gave birth, and now my daughter is 16 months, and I’m pregnant with number 2 that I’m too tires to do anything! But I can definitely have some fun with some of these. Time to start making an effort!

  2. Tanya says

    I really miss the days when Baby Gizmo was just Baby Gizmo. These new fashion and beauty posts are such a bore.

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