Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 17 – Britax Baby Carrier

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Congratulations to our Day 17 winner –

Entry #50 – Kris K.

It’s Day 17!  Wooohooo!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous! To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product! We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 306 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

youtube day17 Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 17   Britax Baby CarrierSo that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 17

Today we are celebrating babywearing – specifically the Britax Baby Carrier. Hands free is key when you have a new baby especially if you have other children to tend to!  Keep your little one close (is there any closer than wearing your child on your chest!) while remaining hands-free to do other things.  We are multi-taskers after all!

The Britax Baby Carrier features a Carrylong System with padded waist belt and shoulder straps that distributes weight across shoulders, back and hips for maximum extended wear comfort. It offers multiple carrying positions offer parent versatility to face baby inward or outward.

To find out more about the Britax Baby Carrier, watch our video sneak peek review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Britax Baby Carrier.

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  1. Jessica H. says

    I like how the baby can face forward or backward, I especially like the padded belt for even weight distribution.

  2. Peter R says

    That Britax Baby Carrier looks terrific. I like the lap belt which my aging Baby Bjorn lacks, resulting in sore shoulders and upper back where all the weight is. I bet my 7 months old would love to ride in that fancy, new Britax carrier – and it would keep daddy smiling.

  3. Tia Roth says

    This Britax baby carrier looks great w/the padded belt! I could seriously use a comfortable one, as my current hand me down Baby Bjorn has no support.

  4. Shelly A. says

    I love the idea of having my baby close, but my hands free…and I can’t wait to see my hubby toting around our little peanut in a carrier as well. :)

  5. Stefanie Broughton says

    I like wearing my 6 week old because I have to chase around my 20 month old all day long! This way I can spend quality time with both of them!!

  6. Kayli D says

    My baby loves to be close to me and I love to be hands free! Also walks being able to hold my husbands hand!

  7. Kristyne Kaahea says

    Love that it gits us bigger women and even our men

    YouTube HawaiianStyleSinVity

    Pinterest; hawaiianstyle03

  8. Kristyne Kaahea says

    Wearing my baby is comfortable and a great bonding experience for us eat time we do it.

  9. Jewell says

    I love that there is back support and fits larger people. We have been on a hunt for a baby carrier to fit both my husband and I. We love having our baby close and still be able to chase after our toddler. Follow you on pinterest and youtube as tejewellmixon

  10. Kristin Fain says

    I want to carry to enjoy a hands free closeness with my baby. I like that the Britax carrier is machine washable.

  11. Heather Bowler says

    I love this carrier! I love to have my baby close in such a comfortable design. It is the perfect everyday carrier!

  12. Abbie M. Rotello says

    I like babywearing because I can be close to my little one and go anywhere without a stroller. She even napped in her Ergo at Disney at 19 months old. What a blessing.

  13. Melissa V says

    I like baby wearing so I can still have use of my hands. This one is great because thebaby can face forward or backward.

  14. Yitzy Feiglin says

    Best place for wearing baby is in an airport….gives you 2 hands free, or you can throw al your carry on luggage into the stroller!

  15. Cam says

    I like to carry my babies…so then I still have two hands to push the stroller holding my other child :)

  16. Carmell says

    Ooh that looks fab! I love the different positions and extra padding everywhere. Britax is becoming my favorite brand!

  17. Tracy D. says

    I like carriers because I can keep baby close to me when running errands, or even at home. I like the adjustable waist band on this one, too.

  18. Miranda Welle says

    I like and want to wear our babies because I love having them close to me! Especially newborns. They grow so fast that it’s nice to be able to snuggle with them and STILL be able to get stuff done!

  19. Colleen Maurina says

    I like to babywear because it gives newborns a sense of closeness and security. You can keep them close and still be hands free. When they’re older, it’s nice to babywear when you don’t want to use a stroller.

  20. Darlene Orol says

    Nice that it can hold up to 32lbs, live that it ca be used both rear and forward facing.
    The padded straps are a bonus, thanks for the sneak peak.

    Pinterest: JBJLover
    YouTube: Darlene Orol

  21. Michelle says

    I like babywearing because I can cuddle my little one and don’t have to hassle with a stroller everywhere we go.

    pinterest: happymamachi

  22. Aliza says

    My infant never lets me put him down and hates his stroller. This might make things easier for me!

  23. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love baby wearing, even though I am a stroller addict, as my family grows I try to find ways to lessen the amount of stuff I have to take with me, and leaving a stroller at home for short trips helps, plus it allows me to get stuff done at home!

  24. Adrienne says

    I like the padded support system so the weight is evenly distributed. I could definitely see using this with my first soon to be baby, especially when we are traveling on airplanes. Or my husband could use this to bond with our son more since I spent 10 months carrying him!!

  25. Tfennemore says

    Love having my baby close, but having both hands free! Essential for a busy mom with active kiddos

  26. lesley c. says

    i’d like to babywear because I could do small errands or do short walks without lugging around a stroller. I also love that it keeps baby happy!

  27. says

    I liked wearing my first daughter for the closeness and it was convenient but with number 2 it will be all about keeping up with the big sis!

  28. Michelle E. says

    I have a toddler who doesn’t like to be carried so hopefully this will help. Plus when I have a #2 I can have my hands free for #1.

  29. Mfmcw says

    I love the idea of carrying because it’s less to fuss with than a stroller and it’s easier to move around.

  30. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    Oh, this is definitely the one I want to win! My 3 month old was very colicky, and still has reflux, and the only way we can get him to sleep during the day is in the carrier, so I use my carrier constantly, and the one I have really hurts my back!

  31. Emily m says

    With baby no 2 on the way this would be perfect. Especially love the waist band and that baby can face in or out.

  32. catherine P Cua says

    I live in the country side and most of the time a stroller is just not cutting it! I have been babywearing my daughter since birth but have yet to find the ultimate babycarier. I love britax product and would love to try their carrier.

  33. Rachelle says

    I love to wear the baby because it is so quick and easy in the city. I just strap the baby on and run to the store.

  34. Holley says

    I have 4 girls, the youngest being a young toddler. I don’t baby wear at home unless the youngest is sick, but when we’re all out together (especially if it’s just me), #4 goes in the carrier and #3 goes in the stroller so I know where they are at all times! It’s just easier that way. The Britax looks nice and easy to use… how would the it fit into a diaper bag?

    youtube: adam.leckie@gmail

  35. KJeffery says

    I am looking forward to baby wearing because I will be working from home and it will be essential to have my hands free, but I can still keep the little one close.

  36. Sherry Wakelin says

    I love baby wearing! We have 3 children with another one on the way. It lets me be hands free to keep up with the older children while always knowing what the youngest is up to.

  37. Karen says

    I like being able to soothe baby by having her with me when fussy and still have my hands free to do stuff. The Britax carrier looks easy to put on and use.

  38. Taryn Handlon says

    Hands free is key…especially when there are other little ones around the house!
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  39. Angie A. says

    I am expecting my first baby in June and I really like the idea of being able to have the baby with me while I get things done around the house.

  40. Debra Getsinger says

    Oh, this would be fantastic to carry my granddaughter around.
    Fingers are definitely crossed.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Sara Wilson says

    I love that the belt is padded so it distributes the weight evenly. Pinterest name Sara Wilson.

  42. Megan C says

    I loved carrying my son (he’s now 29 months, and not so apt to be carried) because of the hands free for me, and still being close to him– he enjoyed being held! With baby number two due in May, this would be an amazing addition to my “stash”! :)

  43. Krista Deitsch says

    Baby wearing is so much more versatile than a stroller, plus I get to snuggle with my baby. What’s better than that??

  44. emily thigpen says

    i love this hands free device, and finally a baby carrier that wont hurt your back…love that extra strap.

  45. amy pugmire says

    so i can comfort my baby and be close to him. love that he can be towards me or facing outward.

  46. Gloria H says

    it seems so easy to put on compared to some other carriers and i like the padded belt.

  47. Iris Bentley says

    Machine washable, hands-free carrying of my baby, awesome! Be great for our trip to Disney in May!
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  48. Karis Burgess says

    Love britax products. Just bought the carrier and b-agile stroller and I love it.

  49. msilba says

    I love baby wearing because you always have your little one within reach. Plus it’s so much easier to get around the city with baby in a carrier rather then trying to maneuver the stroller around people, cracks in the sidewalks, and tight squeezes in store isles!

  50. Tabitha Brown says

    seems like it has good support and won’t hurt my back like others. love that i can just put it in the wash!


    pinterest:tabmommy (Tabitha Brown)

  51. shani s says

    i dont know why these things hold babies up to 30 lbs!!! who is going to lug a two year old on their chest????? i think these work for newborns only!

  52. Lena Naef says

    I love baby wearing because I can keep my little one close to me and still have my hands free!

  53. Heather K says

    We are an active family so being able to just “wear” around my baby when we are out and about is so convenient!..and great for bonding! =)

  54. Cheri S. says

    I love my Britax products and would love this carrier! Sometimes baby wearing is a must when baby just wants to be held and mama needs to get things done!

  55. Justyna says

    I love Brtitax! Their top of the line child safety definitely puts me at ease. What new mom and dad wouldn’t love to carry their budle of joy around using this carrier.
    A MUST HAVE for all parents! especially when you have other children around you! Best part? I don’t have to break my back doing it! – I would definitely put to good use everyday if I got lucky to win it!!!

  56. Laura J says

    I want to baby wear because I’ll be a part time single mommy (husband’s in the military, so it is what it is). Otherwise I’ll have to learn to do everything with one/no hands

  57. Kimberlie T says

    I like baby wearing because with 3 boys and one on the way, I need some hands free time while keeping baby close and safe. Wearing baby #3 was the only way I could vacuum until he was 18 months old!

  58. Stefanie R. says

    I am pregnant with my 3rd and would love to keep the little one close to me as I chase the older two. :)

  59. Keri R says

    I like to baby wear while grocery shopping. Who wants to put their kid in the gross cart.

  60. Celeste Parks says

    I would like to wear my baby so that I can keep the household running smoothly. It will also keep the baby safe from other “helpers”.

  61. Addison Kat says

    I like to baby wear because it keeps my hands free while chasing my other kids!!

  62. Karen Rennirt says

    I love the way it has really good support and that it distributes the weight so that its not just all on your shoulders.

  63. heather says

    i like to baby wear because i can be holding the baby but still get so much done. in the house and out on a quick errand. i also love how easy it is to put on

  64. Susie H says

    always loved having 2 free hands while getting “stuff” done around the house. Also handy for family hikes.

  65. sara says

    I like babywearing because I can get things done and hold the baby at the same time. My username for youtube is jan0285.

  66. Megan S says

    I love how supportive it is for the baby. I had one with my son that I felt like i had to hold him because it didn’t support him enough.

  67. Kristin says

    I’m expecting my first, and love that this baby carrier would let me keep my hands free to do other things, while still bonding with the baby. I also love that it’s machine washable!

  68. Tessa Warnke says

    I’d like to baby wear because it would keep my hands free and allow me to get around easier than a stroller would allow.

  69. Rachel DeHart says

    I want to win this for my new baby so i can carrier him/her while my other son can ride in the shopping cart

  70. says

    I love to baby wear! I love holding the baby so close and getting that bonding time while still being able to get things done that need to be. Although finding the right carrier is definitely key to baby wearing! I would love to try this one!

  71. Kim PL says

    I love that it is machine washable, hands-free carrying of my baby! Perfect for our trips!

  72. Heather P says

    My 3rd baby was born last fall. I would have been lost without baby wearing. She cried for the first 6 weeks if she was put down at all. With 2 older ones, I still needed to get things done. Also grocery shopping etc, I wear her instead of the carseat taking up cart room. It keeps her happy being close to me, and me happy because I still have my hands free.

  73. Diane Schoenhofen says

    I love this front carrier! It’s so nice to wear babies on walks or hikes. I’d love to win this!

  74. John Yu says

    Love this, because it does not spread out the baby’s feet like Ergo Baby Carrier does.

  75. Christina H says

    I love that baby can be close but still get things done two-handed!
    Pinterest: christi82

  76. Carly says

    I love that I would be able to carry baby in front of me and still have the use of my hands. And so great that it is machine washable!

  77. Hanan A. says

    I am due early June and I would love to have a baby carrier like this one. I have a 14 month toddler and with a baby on the way this would be very convenient for me, especially when I go grocery shopping. Also taking care of two babies is going to be hard so this would make it a little easier for me.

  78. Alicia Willoughby says

    I would love this! I have a clingy baby who likes to be with me at all times. It would be lovely to upgrade my homemade sling to a fabulous carrier like this. Walks would be great with this too and as the weather’s getting so nice, I hope to be out and about more. My little guy already loves to be outside exploring!

  79. Kristin M says

    Would love to have this for going on walks with my baby due in June!

    pinterest – kmcc412

  80. Lynn Yin says

    Love baby wearing! So much easier to move about in the house or in the city with a carrier rather than a stroller!
    youtube: toromiso
    pinerest: misoowdy

  81. Karen McAdams says

    Love baby wearing…lets me make supper and keep baby happy, and makes grocery shopping so much easier.

  82. Marie N says

    I would love to use this for those quick errands where it’s too much of a hassle to bust out the stroller. :)

  83. Tina says

    Love that I can front carry, and that I can take this anywhere as apposed to a big stroller.

    youtube: questrok

    pin: questrok

  84. Brooke Beck says

    Baby wearing is a great option when your baby wants to be held but you still need your hands Free!

  85. cash pond-hunt says

    baby wearing would be more convenient for me this time around because I plan to do lots more subway riding that driving and lots more walking. With two boys already I think it would just be easier to baby wear and not have to worry about a big bulky stroller. We’ll see how it goes.

  86. Miriam Carballo says

    I love that baby can face you or out at the world. Baby wearing means hands free which I love. YouTube miriamcarballo

  87. Ashley F. says

    Close for comfort for mommy and baby! Baby wearing/comfort pack/baby carriers allow for parents to multitask! I like that it is machine washable and easy to use.

  88. Mercedes says

    I’m expecting my first and I live in the city. I think it’d be so much easier to baby wear than to have to deal with a stroller all the time!

  89. Chelsea says

    I love the ease of baby wearing. I like having my daughter close to me. It was great to do when she was an infant and we had to grocery shop, but she couldn’t sit in the cart yet!

  90. Alexandra says

    my newborn loves to be held so I know this will come in handy and I will be hands free to do stuff around the house that what’s I love about babywearing I can still be close with my son and do stuff

  91. Kendra says

    Love how this adjusts at the shoulders! Looks like it would be very handy for getting out for walks and baby would be snuggled right up:)

  92. Alexis W. says

    Because I have a 4 month old and a 3 year old. Baby wearing helps me get things done.

  93. Senta says

    This would be great for at the park, or wherever so I can have a free hand for the older kids.

  94. Amanda says

    Now I am chasing my 18 month old, going out anywhere is a task! With a little one on the way I am dreading going to the store! But I feel baby wearing I feel more free. Not that my hands are just free but I know if one runs off, I am not leaving baby in a stroller or car seat. He will be right on me chasing big sister!

  95. Jennifer L. says

    I am going to have to wear my baby so I have my hands free to keep up with my 20 month old!
    you tube superindecisivegirl
    pinterest indecisivegirl

  96. Danielle says

    This looks awesome! I’ve been looking for a baby carrier with a higher weight limit and easier on the back. My son was born at 10.5 pounds and is months now at over 20 pounds so all of the carriers I’ve seen won’t get us till a year old! Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of the days reviews!!

  97. Becky says

    I want to be able to have my baby with me and carry her around while still getting stuff done, whether it is around the house, or out and about. I think it would be convenient for carrying her around when we go out, rather than lugging an infant car seat or dealing with a stroller.

  98. says

    I would LOVE a Britax baby carrier because I’m going to be a single mom and I can use as many “hands” to help as possible! Having the capability of putting baby forward facing or facing me is also really great as he will grow and be curious what else is around him!

  99. Melissa R. says

    I like to baby wear because it allows me to have baby close to me while still having my hands free.

  100. Christina parkee says

    I would like a britax carrier so I can get things done around the house and still spend time with my baby.

  101. Nicole says

    It would be so much more convenient while shopping to have baby in the carrier rather than dealing with a stroller!!

    pinterest: knicoleallen

  102. Serena Stone says

    I want to wear my baby because I’ve developed tendonitis in my wrists from holding her all the time!

  103. Laurel says

    I registered for this item but didn’t receive it….boo! I want to baby wear so I can feel close to my baby and take him easily to ball games to watch his big brother!

  104. Amber Reddell says

    I think it helps bond with baby and sometimes it is easier than breaking out the stroller when you have other kids. Follow on pinterest Amber Reddell

  105. Maureen Modic says

    **I would love to use it for my soon to be newborn baby! :) Looks pretty user friendly!

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  106. Alycia M says

    Right now, my baby won’t nap unless I’m wearing/holding him! This would be wonderful to have!

    Youtube: 48n9cartwrig
    Pinterest: alyciacmorell

  107. Aileen E. says

    The carrier we have now sucks! I would love to have this! Hands free with a baby on you. Who wouldn’t want this?!

  108. Laura G. says

    I can wear the new baby while teaching my 4-year-old how to ride her bike!

    Pinterest: littleabbycakes

  109. Shalon Camello says

    I would love to babywear for several reasons! First, it keeps baby close to you… what is better then having your little one right near your heart. Also, strollers can be too large to take everywhere, and babywearing allows you to bring baby to places and events where strollers are not allowed. I also think babywearing is a great bonding experience, I think Dad would enjoy it too! =)

  110. Shalon Camello says

    …. also handsfree is super convenient!

    youtube: SuperShabooka
    pinterest: bandshalon

  111. Sung won park says

    I love that it’s so easy to use. And you can use with small baby. My other carrier I use with receiving blanket with new born.

  112. Sungwon says

    I love that it’s so easy to use. And you can use with small baby. I used other carrier with receiving blanket with my new born.

  113. Anne N. says

    I love wearing my baby because I have her close to me and not have to worry about dealing with a stroller.

  114. chris calderon says

    These are great to use while shopping so you don’t have to get out the stroller and you are still able to shop hands free.

  115. Stephanie A says

    I love the idea of babywearing and think this would be a great tool to make that easy!

  116. Jeanine says

    This is fantastic – my husband has been asking me for one for quite some time about one. He really wants one that’s large enough to accommodate his football-player physique and keep our little girl (coming this July) comfy and safe!

  117. Charlene K. says

    Love the bib and that it goes up to 32 lbs!
    Pinterest: Charlene Kegg
    YouTube: charlenekegg

  118. Heidi M says

    I like that the baby can face either direction. And I really like that there is a waist belt as well to distribute the weight. This looks like it would be very comfortable to wear the baby.

    PInterest: heiders78
    YouTube: hmicolucci
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  119. Heidi M says

    And I love to baby wear because it allows my son and I to be close together while still having my hands free to tend to my older son. :)

  120. Tonya King says

    like that the Britax Baby Carrier distributes weight between back, hips, and shoulders

  121. Jayne says

    I like that it fits over your head and has a waist strap. This is a good combo of features compared to other carriers I’ve used that either don’t have good support or are complicated to put on.

  122. Jess says

    I would love to win this carrier because I think babywearing is a great way to be able to stay connected with your child while getting things done around the house! Not to mention chase after a toddler! Pinterest: Jessica Levy Markus

  123. Ernest King says

    like that the child can face in toward person holding them or out to see what’s happening

  124. says

    I want to wear my baby because I like to have my hands free and that way if she is wanting to be held I can hold her without losing the use of my arms!
    taznjade at gmail dot com
    youtube and pinterest id is taznjade

  125. Maria Dumas says

    I want to wear my baby so I can multitask around the house and so that I can spend a lot of time playing with my four year old too. It’s nice to have one for shopping in case my older one gets tired, he can use the stroller while my 2 month old is worn.

  126. Darcy says

    I love babywearing because my baby had colic and it is the only way to calm her. Also, you are hands free and it is way easier to get through stores without a big stroller!

    Pinterest= darcpihl or darcy pihlblad

    youtube= darcycreehan3

  127. Ashlie Fuller says

    I love baby-wearing for several reasons…hands free, snuggles, baby falls asleep, baby can look around, I am too short to see around the car seat in a shopping basket so it lets me shop anytime. I would love to try the Britex carrier!

  128. Kim P. says

    I would like to try a baby carrier with my first baby. It will help me keep her close while still being able to do things around the house.
    Following you on Pinterest, name Kimbobolini.
    Following you on YouTube, name MsKimbobolini.

  129. says

    I always loved wearing my babies close to me. It freed up my hands so I could do things. I would love to win this for my niece who is pregnant with twins. She will need an extra set of hands and this would be so nice for her.

  130. Kirsten T says

    I love babywearing because my daughter is happy to be close to me and I can still have my hands and arms free.

  131. Erin Flynn says

    I know that I will need to wear baby #2 to keep up with my energetic toddler!

    Pinterest: erinliane01

  132. Chani says

    Never get anything done with two kids under two . Perhaps this will help me get out and do more..

  133. Erika M says

    this would be great for my hubby! he likes buckle caries and not my “crazy wraps”

    pintrest: eekie83

  134. karina says

    I like the infant insert so I can carry my daughter easily. Also, I like the fact that the padded straps distribute weigh nicely to different parts of my body.

  135. Kristin Davey says

    I like to baby wear because it allows me to be mobile and productive while staying close to my baby.

  136. Shannon V says

    What better than to have hands free with 3 other little ones romming arounds and have baby so close, all is well!

  137. Stephanie Jarrett says

    I would love to wear my second doll so that it’s easier to chase my first! Also, I love babywearing because it keeps baby close to your heart :)
    pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  138. Stephanie says

    I love using a carrier on the airplane and while doing some work in the kitchen. The padding and the bib would be a nice touch.

  139. Gabriella Carballo says

    I love baby wearing i can because i know my baby’s close! Youtube: gcar2568 Pinterest: gcc1987

  140. Todd J says

    As a dad who works long hours, baby wearing allows me to be close to my baby with the limited time we have together, even if I need to get other things done at the same time.

  141. Nicky K-B says

    I love baby wearing because it makes baby happy and secure as well as frees up both of my hands!

  142. Marci says

    Love the bib to catch the baby’s drool. I follow you on YouTube: Marci Charm and Pinterest: Marci Charm

  143. Leslie B says

    I would love this because I have a three year old and one on the way so it will help me keep my hands free while I snuggle my little one!

  144. Vanessa says

    I need one of these for my upcoming trip! It looks very comfy especially with the support on the waist.

    youtube: Vanessa Miranda

  145. Leslie B says

    I follow you on pintrist Diva Baby Designs, I like you on facebook, I left a comment here on why I would like it and I also liked your post on facebook! Thanks!

  146. Jessica Leung says

    Carrier is such a great way to bond with your babies and very similar to kangaroo care!

  147. Cristina M. says

    I love being able to be close to my baby and carry her while my hands are free to help out my other son when he needs me. Looks very comfortable and supportive.

  148. says

    I love the Britax carrier, carriers are the only way I get anything done when my assistant leaves me every night because she thinks she deserves to go home at some point lol.

  149. Nicole Siljander Jacobson says

    I love “wearing” a baby, because they stay close, feel secure, and it frees up my hands! :-)

  150. says

    I love Britax carrier because it is a hand free carrier, no need to use hand while using this.This also provides face to face interaction with baby which helps parents to understand their signals quickly.Thanks a lot!

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