Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5 – Britax Car Seat

homead504 Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5   Britax Car Seat

Congratulations to our Day 5 winner -

Entry #1272 – Katie Jacobs

Baby Gizmo hit 5 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating with YOU!  Woot! Woot! We are giving away a fabulous prize every day (Monday-Friday) for six weeks to one lucky winner!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous!  To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product!  We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 302 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 5

Day5 youtube Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5   Britax Car SeatHave we gone insane?  Winner’s choice of ANY Britax convertible?  Answer: Yes.  Whichever Britax convertible car seat strikes the winner’s fancy is what they will get (granted it is in stock, of course!)!

We are big fans of Britax! They are all about safety. WE are all about safety. It’s like a match made in heaven!  With a car seat range that covers the entire car seat age gamut, Britax is definitely a go-to car seat company! Today we are celebrating our “What’s New for Britax in 2012″ video by choosing one lucky person to win their choice of Britax Convertible Car Seat. Go ahead and watch the video segment which highlights all the new fashions that Britax is bringing out this year.

(NOTE:  Companies even withhold information from Baby Gizmo. You will notice that I said there were no changes on the B-Ready in this video highlight from last Sept. Come to find out later, this was not entirely true. They came clean with me a couple months later. I’ll let you in on that secret next week!)

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  1. Heidi M says

    Woo Hoo for being the first post!

    My favorite Carseat is the cow print one. Love me some cows! LOL And I really like the B-Ready. It looks like a great all around stroller for 2 children and a bit more affordable than the City Select.

  2. Valarie says

    all time favorite = old style Roundabout. Of the new style, Boulevard 70 (not CS). love that Kiwi b-agile.

  3. says

    Britax is becoming one of my favourite companies on the market! Great quality products for baby that feel safe and reliable.

  4. Brooke Upchurch says

    I love the marathon 70!!! And the b-agile in kiwi is to die for!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  5. Beth Scoggin says

    My favorite is their Marathon!!! You also talked about the awesome new prints, love the zebra. And another product you talked about was the B-agile and it’s new colors

  6. Erin Strunk says

    My favorite Britax car seat is the Boulevard, and I would love to see the Zebra pattern in person!!

  7. says

    I love the serene ?? Is that a good color for a baby boy ? Britax baby carrier’s are also reallllly nice. I am having so much fun reviewing all these products !! New Baby boy around April 14th !! I know as a mother of 4 you are Moms best friend. but I think you should add Grandmas best friend …………………..

  8. Jessica P. says

    I have always loved Britax! Really excited for the new fabrics, kinda coveting the kiwi stroller!!

  9. Laura Godi says

    We love our britax convertible for our toddler and would love to win one for my baby she will be ready to move out of her bucket seat in a few months!!!

  10. Alejandra S. says

    I love the b-safe, which I already own. And will probably get the Marathon once my baby outgrows the bsafe.
    One thing you mentioned in the video is the new b-agile colors! I love them and hate them at the same time!! We just got a red b-agile. I love b-agile!! BUt would have to to have it in kiwi!!

  11. Jessica P. says

    Pinterest follower: DJWK. Forgot to mention I owned two Boulevard with my Irish twins, now looking forward to purchasing the boulevard 70 in the new patterns for #3.

  12. Christi Mallonee says

    We have 3 Britax cars eats already and LOVE them! We love them so much I GAVE our gently used Chaprone to my sister in law who just announced she is expecting! Hopefully I can win this so she can have just as awesome a convertible as we have!!

  13. Cassie says

    I love Britax carseats! My toddler has a Britax Marathon, my school age child has a Britax Frontier, but my baby is still in an infant seat and will need to go to a convertible soon. Would love to win a new Britax carseat for her!

  14. arianna says

    Planning on getting a Britax Boulevard and the travel cart for when I take my son on vacation to Michigan & Toronto! :)

  15. Nedaa Almier says

    My favorite Britax Convertible car seat is the Azalia (not sure about the spelling). Another Britax product that was mentioned is the B-ready stroller.

  16. Abbie M. Rotello says

    We love our Britax Boulevard. The new zebra print in the video is pretty awesome! I also like the travel cart for the car seat mentioned in the video.

  17. Tonya King says

    I think the silver lake is a beautiful more neutral color for a car seat and the Izalia (sp?) for a girlie color. They seem like very plush car seats and that they would be very comfy.

  18. Iris Bentley says

    You featured the Britax B-Ready in the video. I liked “Serene” the best.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  19. Melissa Easton says

    My fav is the Advocate 70 in Cowmooflage. You also mentioned the B-Agile stroller.

  20. Sungwon says

    My favorite car seat is boulevard 65 I love the color zebra on the video
    And b-agile was on the video

  21. Mchelle Stevens says

    We LOVE our Britax Marathon. Used it for our daughter and now our son is in it.

    In the video you mention the new Britax stroller.

  22. Kirsten T says

    I like the Advocate 65 CS (love the Anna print!) and you also mentioned a B-Agile stroller (in pretty new colours!).

  23. Michelle O. says

    I love Britax! I actually bought their B-ready based on Holly’s video review and I love it!

  24. Nicole Webb says

    My favorite Britax seat is the Advocate 70 in Cowmooflage. You also mentioned the B-Agile stroller.

  25. margo B. says

    I really like the britax zebra seat- cool and gender neutral, for a baby girl the gum drop model caught my eye ;) also love the new Britax B-agile, sleek and functional

  26. Stacie C says

    I like the opus grey car seat. The B Ready stroller is my favorite 2012 featured item.

  27. Amber says

    my fav is definitely the Zebra print conv car seat! and you also mentioned the carseat carrier for airports! awesome idea!

  28. Cindy B says

    Favorite is the Advocate 70CS and you mentioned the Be Ready stroller along with several items that you didn’t show but just that Britax came out with… hope you reach your youtube goal and thanks for another great giveaway ~ our lil one will look great riding in his or her carseat when he or she arrives this summer. ;)

  29. Michelle O. says

    OOOOO! I would love to have the Britax Boulevard in Serene too! Even if it doesn’t match my Red B-ready!

  30. Alicia G. says

    Love the Azalia color! The Advocate 70CS is what impressed me most. I’d also love to get my hands on one of those b-agiles!
    Pinterest name: agrenham

  31. Nancy Finder says

    I love the new fabrics, especially the gumdrop and pink ones! I also like the new grey color of the B-Agile stroller.

  32. Liz K. says

    I love Britax and have bought only their Car Seats. My Daughter will love “Sofia” or “gumdrop”. The Car seat travel cart is the perfect compliment while traveling!

  33. Juliea Choi-Jue says

    I love the Britax Boulevard 70 car seat in the new zebra fabric. Now that we are thinking about having a 2nd child, the B-ready stroller looks fabulous.

  34. Karen T says

    too hard to pick a favorite have owned a few over the years. love the marathon and boulevard love the zebra cover! I adore the kiwi b-agile shown in video

  35. Erin Hursh Benton says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ll go ahead and tell you I want the grey dot fabric. :)

  36. Erin Hursh Benton says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ll go ahead and tell you I want the grey dot fabric.
    The kiwi B agile is so nice too!

  37. Karen H. says

    I’m not certain which model is my favorite yet, but the opus grey looked sharp. The b-agile was mentioned in the video.

  38. Nicky K-B says

    I like the advocate in opus grey. You featured the b-ready, b-agile, carseats & carseat carrier for the airlines.

  39. Tina says

    I like the new Aztec design. I was distracted by seeing the B-Ready, though. We have one and Hollie is right…”If it’s not broke…”. It is the perfect stroller! I’m going to have to look into the car seat carrier…

  40. Rachael M. says

    i am not sure which convertible carseat model is my favorite but in color I love the gumdrop! I like the carseat travel cart too, it seems as though it would be very handy.

  41. ElleB says

    I like this “silver birch” pattern on the carseats and the kiwi stroller (the b-agile)

  42. p wang says

    Boulevard with Zebra cover. Another product that is useful is the baby car seat travel cart.

  43. Tiffany H. says

    My ABSOLUTE favorite Britax carseat is the Advocate 70 CS in Zebra!!!! In the video, they talked about the B-Agile Stroller.

  44. moni says

    awesome company, great carseats……torn between the boulevard and advocate. b agile

  45. DIANE PALUMBO says

    I just bought our 7-mo old the Britax Advocate 70 CS after researching SO many brands & seats. I’d love to get another of the same for our second car. I liked the new colors of the B-Agile, especially Sand.

  46. Stacy Vidrine says

    I love the advocate, really like the opus grey print. You mentioned the b-agile in the clip.

  47. Kerry says

    Like the marathon best of the convertible seats. Another product mentioned was the B-Agile Stroller.

  48. Stacy Vidrine says

    could not get pin to work at top of post but repinned at pintrest. Stacy Vidrine

  49. Miranda Welle says

    I really like the Advocate 70CS! You featured lots! But my favorite is the B-Ready! I really like that you say, if it’s not broke then why fix it!!!!

  50. Carolyn Addison says

    I like the silver lake and the b-ready and carseat travel thing was also mentioned.

  51. Allison says

    I like the Marathon the best, but they are all amazing. The B-agile is another thing you mentioned and I LOVE the kiwi color, super fun!

  52. LaTasha Gardner says

    I like the Boulevard 70 CS. Another item featured in the video is the B-Agile stroller in the 2 new colors.

  53. Annie says

    LOVE our Marathon 70 and so does our little girl! It’s really allowed us to keep her rear facing longer and I know that’s the safest position for her!

  54. Myong says

    Favorite Britax Convertible: Advocate
    Other featured Britax product: B-Ready Stroller
    Youtube Name: boozetan
    Pinterest Name: boozetan

  55. Rebecca Russell Spear says

    Love all the carseats from Britax, but I would go witht he Boulevard 70CS (not sure what color yet..prob Riviera). Was just about to buy another Britax Convertible anyway! Also love the Britax B-Ready Stoller !

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Spear

    Thanks for giving away such great products!

  56. Jessica cowles says

    I love the boulevard and would recommend it to everyone. Also, I would die for a b-ready, although my husband would not approve of another stroller for sure! Hmmmmm… Which one could I get rid of to make room???

  57. Robin Griffeath says

    I absolutely love this car seat! I would be most interested in the Silver Birch. I can’t wait!!!

  58. Sara Carr says

    My favorite convertible seat is the boulevard. I also love the bready stroller.

  59. Janet W. says

    My favorite is the Boulevard carseat. They also mentioned the B Ready Stroller.

  60. Jen B says

    Perfect timing! Our little one is almost out of his infant seat but nowhere near ready to forward face! Love britax too!

  61. Erin F says

    We have two Britax Roundabouts – they are great seats! Love the new carseat prints, especially the azalea!

    YouTube subscriber and Pinterest follower: erinliane01

  62. Carolyn Addison says

    I like the silver lake and the b-ready and carseat travel thing was also mentioned. I like the silver lake and the b-ready and carseat travel thing was also mentioned.

  63. Keith says

    Would love to win this. One of the last things I need to buy, sooner now than later.

  64. Jessica Barnhart says

    I like the boulevard 70cs, the other items featured were the b-ready and b-agile

  65. Cristina says

    I like the B-ready it is a grat product. And the new car seat carrier that you can use in the airport, what a grat idea

  66. Logan Carl-Snyder says

    I love our marathon 70… And would love the new zebra design.. So cute!

  67. Erika says

    I love the Britax Marathon 70… Would get it in Crimson I think! You also mentioned the B-Ready which is n awesome stroller. YouTube and pinterest are erikahormel.

  68. Julie Swanson says

    I have a roundabout but would like to get a marathon 70 for our new one due in May. I really like the new Silverlake color on the seats. Thanks!

  69. Angela says

    My daughter loves her roundabout and I would love another for baby girl #2! B-agile mentioned

  70. Natalie Spiking says

    I really love any of Britax’s convertibles, they are super easy to install. But you know I love the B-ready too.

  71. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    Britax convertibles are so safe, and I love how easy they are to install!

    Youtube: lelisabeth24 Pinterest: lvansteenvoort

    Pinned this!

  72. Amanda Miller says

    My favorite carseat is the Boulevard. A Britax product mentioned in the video is the B-Agile.

  73. says

    I love my Britax carseats. Best part about them? How easily they snap in and can be removed from the latches! Just had to do it quickly yesterday in the rain.

  74. says

    Sorry, just getting used to the Rafflecopter thing! I like the Roundabouts for smaller cars. The B-Agile is mentioned and the B-Ready.

  75. Kate says

    Pinterest Kate Rooney Martin. Love how easy it is to install and changing both directions.

  76. Denise Beady says

    Love everything Britax from the safety, to the awesome patterns, to their fantastic customer service.

  77. Leslie Ayson says

    Love the zebra pattern. As for other product, love the car seat carrier. A great alternative to the gogo kidz.

  78. Alison Kolazas says

    My favorite is the Britax Marathon and I love the all new colors for this year. I just bought a B-Agile and I would recommend it hands down!

  79. Maayan Kaplan says

    My oldest uses the marathon 70 and we love it! I’m sure my youngest would love this one.

  80. Jodi says

    I like the Opus Grey. I also love the kiwi in the-BAgile. We just bought a BAgile in Black, now I wish we had waited!

  81. Lyndsay L says

    I like the Boulevard 70 CS in Sophia! The travel rolling cart would be way convenient, too.

  82. Sari P says

    We went yesterday to buy extra car seats. We haven’t even opened one yet so maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow, just in case :)
    Car seat travel cart

  83. Tera K. says

    My favorite carseat would be the Boulevard 70CS!!! I need one so bad! My little man just hit the hieght limit for his infant seat. The B-Agile Stroller is awesome! Thanks Hollie!

  84. Goldie Sabel says

    love/want the bagile stroller! also love how the carseats last longer then a graco or most others. they expire later.c

  85. Suzanne Lafreniere says

    My carseat is the Boulevard. A Britax product mentioned in the video is the B-Agile.

  86. bonnye sensenig says

    I like the Marathon carseat, and I have the Be Agile Stroller on my “I want for next baby” list! I love Britax products.

  87. Lena Naef says

    I love the Britax Boulevard 70 car seat in the new zebra fabric. The B-Agile was also mentioned in the video.

  88. Sarah grogan says

    You mentioned the b ready and I love all britax car seats! They are fabulous to install!

  89. Lydia says

    B ready car seatsare great in zebra and i love the car seat travel cart, cause those things can be so inconvenient to carry around!

  90. Sam Nijenhuis says

    I am looking for a convertible carseat for my 9 month old to transition into. Britax seems like a great brand!

  91. Catherine says

    We could really use another Boulevard for our new baby coming this summer!!! Love the new colors of the B Agile shown in the video!

  92. Kim P. says

    I love the car seat in the Silver Birch Pattern. I also adore the new color B-Agile in Kiwi!

  93. Sarah says

    I love Britax! We have the frontier for our oldest and I think they are the greatest car seat products! :D

  94. Eileen McLeod says

    Hi there. I like the Britax Boulevard 70 in the zebra print, how fun. I am also excited to hear your news about what might be new with the B-Ready, I love that stroller too.


    youtube eileenmcleod

    Facebook Eileen Wittman McLeod

  95. Sarah L says

    I like the Advocate 70 CS. It has a lot of protection but still looks comfy too! THe carseat travel cart looks easy to use and compact.

  96. Teri says

    I need a carseat! Britax is my favorite brand? I love the marathon we used in the past.
    Like the new colors of the b agile in the video too!

  97. catherine P Cua says

    I just bought a Marathon 65 because I liked it so much for my daughter ;-) In the video, the B-agile is mentioned.

  98. Monika Russo says

    I love the Britax Roundabout, and great seat and an affordable price.

    You also showed the B-Ready.

  99. Conor says

    britax continually has the best safety reasons, which is why its the carseat leader.

  100. tanya v. says

    I am a Britax girl. My toddlers are in the Frontiers so I would totally love a marathon or boulevard in the new cute azalea for our new little one we are expecting in June.

  101. Abby Schumacher says

    Love the Marathon! Mentioned the b-agile and b-ready but I really liked the car seat cart for airports!

  102. Kortnie says

    I saw a b-agile in the video and I want one! My favorite carseat is the ADVOCATE 70 CS Zebra

  103. Crystal says

    I love the Britax Boulevard 70 in the zebra print. I also enjoyed the colors of the B-Agile as well. :)

  104. jamie fox says

    These are the EASIEST carseats to install, in my opinion! And we LOVE our b-ready!

  105. says

    I love the carseat travel cart! That would come in handy for our next vacation!

    My carseat choice would be the advocate 70 in Opus Gray!

    Facebook : becki malandrino
    youtube: beckimallo
    pinterest: beckimallo

  106. Mandy S says

    I love our Britax boulevard. I feel that my baby is so safe in it! As for the video, I really like the new sand stone color for the b-agile!

  107. Mandy says

    LOVE the Britax Advocate, it’s the seat we currently have for our 2&1/2 yr old and I love the Britax car seat travel cart-so convenient!!

  108. Stephanie says

    I love the Britax Boulevard 70! The B Agile and B Ready were also mentioned.

    Youtube: stephanie.d.hunt

  109. Elizabeth D. says

    i like the new colors, especially silverlake. also mentioned the carseat travel cart in the video.

  110. Rosemary says

    My sister has a Britax and I am insanely jealous! It’s awesome.
    Pinterest user name is : Romy Polizotto

  111. rachel byman says

    I subscribed to you on youtube! youtube name is 111PEBBLES111.. I love how this carseat has such cute colors and patterns and how plush it looks!

  112. rachel byman says

    i like the colors for the britax b agile, and you also mentioned no changes for the b ready..

  113. Rochelle Luaders says

    I like the Boulevard 70 in blueprint, and I also like the new kiwi B-agile from the video.

  114. Nicole L says

    I love the Marathon and the Boulevard :) If I had to pick one…. I’d had to say Marathon! You also featured the B-Ready.

  115. Carmell says

    I love the convertible car seats. Especially the Boulevard 70. It would come in super handy for baby #1 coming in June!!! And I can’t believe new colors for the b-agile. I am registered for the black one but am loving the sandstone color!

  116. Lindsay says

    We are a britax family, and love it! Now that my infant is a toddler, looking to upgrade to a Marathon. I also like the Boulevard but I prefer the Marathon. :)

  117. Sarah Stedman says

    I love the Britax Marathon. Also the car seat cart for airport travel seems very handy. :)

  118. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I like the boulevard in gumdrop.
    you mentioned the britax travel car seat cart in the video.

  119. Jenni Jones says

    I guess I can’t choose a Multi Tech?!? I love the Advocate 70 CS.
    They featured the B-Ready and B-Agile in the video.

  120. mindy says

    I like all the britax car seats because of their high safety ratings! i especially like the marathon and boulevard….you mentioned the B-agile

  121. Amanda Piper says

    I like the Opus Gray…you talked about the B Ready stroller among other things.

  122. Heidi says

    Already have a Britax care seat and absolutely love it. Would love to win a second for baby #2.

  123. says

    I love the Marathon and the Boulevard. With a 25lb 8 month old I guess I’m going to be needing a convertible! You also featured the B-Ready which I love.
    Pinterest: Plumble
    Youtube: plumswith

  124. Brandy Rhoden says

    I love the marathon, but will be needing a frontier for my son! I don’t travel a lot by plane, but I love the folding cart for the seats!

  125. Lindsey DeVylder says

    Getting ready to move baby #2 to a convertible, would love to get a cute girly one for her!

  126. Lacey McBride says

    I really want a Britax Advocate! Love it in Zebra! I love them all though! The video also mentions the B-Agile!

  127. Claribel Michel says

    Love the Boulevard 70 CS, the Car seat travel cart was featured in the video. YouTube: Clary0423

  128. Robyn W says

    Glad to see they came out with some different color options on their B-agiles!!! Love that zebra print on the carseat!!! So cute!

  129. Lauren Marie says

    ADVOCATE 70 CS Serene- Love this one!
    & you mentioned the travel car seat folding cart.

  130. JessicaG says

    I like the britax boulevard 70 cs ( I don’t think the advocate would allow enough room for passengers riding next to my toddler). The b agile you featured in the video is a great fresh color!

  131. Chelsea says

    I like the Britax Boulevard in terms of best value. The B Agile is what you featured in the video!

  132. Chrissy M says

    My favorite Britax convertible is the Marathon 70!! I also really like the new B-Agile colors.

  133. Michelle says

    I like the Britax Boulevard the best and love the B-Ready Stroller that was in the video.

  134. Amy C says

    I love the gumdrop seat! Also the travel cart.
    youtube: loganmom4211

    pinerest aclendenin07

  135. Laura Everett says

    My favorite seat is the BOULEVARD 70!
    You also featured the CAR SEAT TRAVEL CART :)

  136. Julie U says

    love the marathon! And I love that cart! It looks much better than one I used for travelling.

  137. Megan Dittemore says

    I love the new fashions for the car seats – especially the Zebra print!!!!

  138. Dasha says

    my favorite convertible is the advocate! you also mentioned the b-ready stroller with no changes for 2012 :)

  139. Monica P says

    My favorite is the Chaperone, and something I liked that was featured in the video was the Car Seat Travel Cart!

  140. Kristina says

    I would choose a frontier for my oldest sons next seat. You featured a carseat cart.

  141. Sara Wilson says

    My favorite Britax car seat is the zebra! One other Britax product mentioned is the Britax B-Agile in Kiwi!!

  142. Jesse Reid says

    We are actually shopping for this Britax right now. Winning it would make our lives so much easier. My son will be 1 this Sunday and he has already out grown his Chicco Keyfit 30! We need this ASAP and really bad. Thank you baby gizmo for offering opportunities like this!

  143. Jen K says

    I love the marathon car seat… the video also showed the new color for the b-agile.

  144. Sara Wilson says

    My favorite Britax carseat is the Zebra! Another product mentioned is the Britax B-Agile in Kiwi!!

  145. Isabelle N says

    Nice new fabric color for 2012!!! I loved the Boulevard 70 CS … but I only own a Roundabout.
    Other Britax product showed in the video: the B-agile stroller… I love the new kiwi color :)

  146. Mandy says

    I LOVE the Advocate 70 CS in Onyx!!! We have the B-Agile stroller from the video and love it for our 2 1/2 year old daughter. The one-handed fold is awesome. We recently bought the B-Safe infant seat which hooks into it for our new addition due in May! I would love to try the B-Ready, but for the price, I am not sure if the toddler would appreciate riding on the floor, LOL!

  147. Melissa V says

    My little man is outgrowing is infant seat so crossing my fingers that I win! This is the brand hubby and I have decided on for his next seat so this would save us some $$$ :-)

  148. Julie B says

    I love the marathon and the boulevard. The Britax has much better head support than the Graco we have. I also love the new colors in the B Agile, as well as the travel cart for the airport. Now if only we could go on more vacations!

  149. Clarissa says

    I forgot to mention I like the boulevard 70 convertible! I have the b agile and absolutely love it! I’m so excited for the organizer britax released!

  150. Stephanie says

    We love Britax!!! Would love to win a carseat for the new little one that’s due in May! Would like an Advocate 70 CS

  151. Margaret says

    OMG! I love Britax seats and I need another one! YIPPEE! They are the safest out there! You Tube: perfect09072003

  152. Megan Rock says

    My favorite Britax conv car seat is the Boulevard 70 in Sterling. I love the new B-Agile sandstone color!!

  153. Dina H says

    pinterest: dhartstuff

    Video: Love the new fabrics. Still love Cowmooflage though…

  154. Margaret says

    Oh I forgot to say: But I love my Marathon and Marathon 70! They are the ones we currently own, but I am so excited for the new colors available on the 2012’s and the the car seat travel cart!!

  155. Dasi says

    Would love to win a new carseat my littlest one is going to be out of his graco car seat soon.

  156. Katie says

    The britax, and the the new colors especially on the b-agile :)

    follow on FB, blog,PIn, Youtube

    youtube jacobsks1
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    pinned it

  157. Alicia says

    I love the Britax Marathon convertible seat- always have. It’s served us well for the past 2 kids, but it’s expiring soon so baby #3 won’t be able to use it. :( I was also interested in the B Agile mentioned since we will need a new single stroller, too.

  158. Sabrina Radke says

    My favorite convertible car seat is the Britax Advocate 70 CS in Riviera! You also featured the B-Ready and B-Agile (2 new colors!)!

  159. Kate says

    All in one place!

    youtube- kathenna26
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