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Congratulations to our Day 7 Winner –

Entry #3014 – Chelsey V.

You’d be in heaven if you won Day 7!!

Baby Gizmo hit 5 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating with YOU! Woot! Woot! We are giving away a fabulous prize every day (Monday-Friday) for six weeks to one lucky winner!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous! To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product! We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 302 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 7

Day7 youtube Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 7   Bumbleride FlyerIt’s Day 7 and we are celebrating the fabulous Bumbleride Flyer and we are even letting our Canadian friends in on the action today!! If you’re in the market for a durable, infant-to-toddler, everyday stroller, want something more stylish and unique than the run-of-the-mill stroller offerings, yet don’t want to pay designer prices, the Bumbleride just might be the answer to your prayers. The Flyer is a lighter-weight stroller (in the world of full-featured strollers!) with a reversible, height-adjustable handle, removable, washable fabric and large, roomy seat.

To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. It’s another oldie but goodie (it’s from 2012) but Bumbleride hasn’t changed much on the Flyer since then. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

NOTE: I’m very sorry for the speed talking in the Flyer video! I didn’t realize I was talking that fast but I think we were tackling the wind and anxious kids that day! Or maybe I overdid it on the coffee that morning! icon smile Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 7   Bumbleride Flyer



To keep up-to-date on the new things at Bumbleride, why not check out their social media pages:

Bumbleride Facebook Page

Bumbleride Twitter Page

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  1. Christina f says

    I absolutely love this stroller! My favorite feature is the reversible handle.. And I love the accessory of the car seat attachment that allows it to be a travel system. I really hope I win this!! Pinterest name armywife6110

  2. LauraC says

    My fav feature is the seat positioning (flat to pretty upright!). Our current stroller only has 3 positions and my son struggles wanting to sit more straight and to see everything.

    You featured the carry cot – love it!

  3. Amy C says

    I love the reversible handle, so much easier than changing the seat while shopping! The snack pack would be a great extra for the cup and snacks or toys!

    youtube loganmom4211
    pinterest aclendenin07

  4. Rivka P says

    Hey, I didn’t know that the handle bar reversed on the flyer! That is very cool. I love the colors of bumbleride strollers. :-)
    youtube username is rivpom.

  5. Brittany says

    awesome stroller! love the canopy, and the snack pack accessory. this looks great for my kids! i love that it would fit both! or be able to fit from birth to 5!!

  6. Halley Parker says

    I love that the seat sits up really straight, and that it has the ability for the change in handle position. I am in love with the fact that the handle changes and your child can face you, this is so important to me especially for infants. The added snack pack is amazing for children, and love the idea of the carry cot for future children.

  7. Christine Cohen says

    I love how ridiculously long that canopy is! Talk about full coverage! I appreciate the snack pack accessory. :)

  8. Deanna Campbell says

    I love how easy it is to swing the handle around so that I can face my daughter or son towards me. I also love the fact that I have all the accessories for it, including the snack pack, since we decided to go with the indie twin when my daughter was born!

  9. Michelle says

    I’m a big fan of the reversible handle and the canopy. The snack pack accessory would come in handy too. :)

  10. Susan Hubley says

    I love the bumble ride’s wide seat and that it can be used from newborn to toddler and it’s washable.

  11. Iris Bentley says

    I love the canopy with the storage pocket and the uv mesh! I also really like the snack pack accessory.
    Youtube: Reflectionsinmyiris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  12. Rica says

    Love the handle bar that flips to the other side so that your baby can face you, plus the snack pack accessory is awesome.

  13. Shelly A. says

    I love the reversible handlebar. Accessory was the Carry Cot to turn it into a pram…fabulous!!!

  14. Myong says

    I love the large versatile canopy. Accessory: Snack Pack. And I love that too!

    youtube name: boozetan
    pinterest name: boozetan

  15. Gladys Z. says

    My favorite feature of the stroller is the reversible handlebar!! Also, one of the featured accessories was the snack pack.

  16. Robin Griffeath says

    I think the way the stroller reverses is completely fantastic! I also love the handlebar as I am tall. Love this stroller!!!

  17. Bayla Lax-Blumstein says

    My favorite feature is the reversable handlebar. You featured the snack pack that zips closed what a great idea!

  18. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love the reversible handlebar, and that it reclines totally flat to make almost like a bassinet, I love this stroller. one accessory mentioned is the snack pack

  19. Taryn Handlon says

    My favorite feature is the reversible handlebar. I would definitely use that snack pack!
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  20. catherine P Cua says

    The seat is 26 inches high and one of the accessory is the snack pack which is sold seperatly.

  21. Miranda Welle says

    I like that the canopy folds all the way to the bumper bar if I want! Plus I love that it’s a lightweight stroller at only 19 pounds.

    Car Seat Adapter.

  22. Christina Binau says

    I have the Indie Twin and love it, would love to have the Flyer as a single when I don’t have both my boys with me.

  23. Jessica says

    Love the reversible handle and snack pack! YouTube :
    pinterest : Jessica levy markus

  24. Christina Binau says

    I follow you on Pinterest and I have reposted to Pinterest with username Mrsteenbean

  25. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    Love the reversible handle, and that it reclines all the way so you can use it for an infant on up.
    Accessory: snack pack.
    Youtube: lelisabeth24
    Pinterest: lvansteenvoort
    Pinned this!

  26. Cortney says

    I love how easily this reclines and that it would potentially take us to 5 years old. We tend to have to continuously trade ours in due to weight or size.

  27. margo B. says

    love the reversible handle bar and the fact that you don’t have to re-position the seat to do it, very smart.
    Featured accessory was the snak pack.
    you tube name: underthestarrysky05

  28. Stephanie says

    The reversible handlebar is great! The snack pack accessory was featured in the video.

    Youtube name: stephanie.d.hunt

  29. tom sides says

    love the ergonomically correct handlebar and that its reversible. accessory snack pack

  30. Heather D says

    I love how versatile it is, changing up the seat and the handle! Pianca77 on youtube, Heather Clinton Duncan on FB and Pianca on Pinterest.

  31. Meagen says

    Love the canopy features and the fact the handle can switch directions!

    Accessory: Car seat adaptor!

  32. Chelsea L says

    love the reversible handle bar…forgot to name the accessory in my last post! accessory – snack pack!

  33. Estee Aronow says

    I love the reversible handle bar, and that u can get new fabrics! the accessory is the snack pack which is great!

    youtube: esteeac

    pinterest: Estee Aronow

  34. Celeste Parks says

    youtube: ericcelesteparks

    follow you on pinterest: celeste p

    Pinned it! Celeste P

  35. Jen West says

    The reversible handle is awesome! My son would love to ride in this when we go on our walks to the park!

  36. Jen West says

    The adjustable foot rest is great! It will be helpful with a growing child!
    Followed on Pinterest: Jen West
    Pinned the stroller giveaway picture on pinterest

  37. Shanna Stoll says

    I love this Stroller. All the adjustable options and that it actually lays flat! The large Canopy is also a plus.
    I also Pinned this!

  38. Megan says

    The adjustable food rest is great for changing it to any child. The snack pack is a great accessory option.

  39. Elizabeth P. says

    I love the reversible handle bar, and that its also adjustable. My favorite accessory is the snack pack.

    Pinterest: ejsp522
    YouTube: babydoll912522

  40. Kristen R. says

    oops forgot to mention my favorite accessory. I love the reversible handlebar and my favorite accessory is the snack pack.

  41. Lauren Wexler says

    i love the adjustable and reversible handle bar! Snack pack was featured.

    youtube = lscheiring
    pinterest user name = lwexler (lauren wexler)

  42. Meghan says

    I kind of love the rain shield. Been in the rain more than once in our current stroller and it really would have been nice to have one!
    Pinterest: awes2themax

  43. Marci L. says

    The snack pack was featured and the reversible handlebar brings me back to the strollers I used to push my lil bro and sis around in!

  44. Esther Jacob says

    Love the reversible handlebar and the snack-pack that was featured. Youtube name: multiaj2000

  45. Heather Parker says

    Love the reversible handle and the snack pack.

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  46. Catherine says

    I have always been a fan of bumbleride but not been able to afford one. Being such a wellmade quality stroller, i know it would be great for my kiddos and even to pass on to family members for new arrivals!

  47. Nicole L says

    Love the reversible handle! Great feature for a “regular” stroller! Also, how far the canopy comes down is great.

    The snack pack was featured.

  48. Kristin Fain says

    I love the way u can easily change the handle over to make the Flyer face either direction. I also like the snack pack you can buy separately.

  49. Amy says

    I love that a 5 year old can fit in – what a great stroller to grow with the kids! I also love the full recline – perfect for nap time! The carrycot was also featured.

  50. Stephanie Gerardot says

    I like that the bar recline with 5 different positions. My favorite accessory is the snack pack!

  51. Yehudis Davidson says

    I love all bumblerides but I really like the bassinet option on such a great in-and-out of the car type stroller!

  52. Rachel says

    My favorite feature is the reversible handle, and I also liked the snack pack that was featured.

  53. Christina Parker says

    One accessory that was featured on the video was the snack pack which is great! There’s a lot to love about this stroller but my absolute favorite was the reversable/ adjustible handle bar and I also love how easy it is to maneuver. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  54. PaulaR says

    Your videos are great, seeing toddlers or babies always gives me a more realistic view of the strollers, and a Mom’s perspective makes it even better. I really like the reversible handle strollers are great for newborns because if you are alone with your baby, you can’t just put them down to switch the seat around . Bumbleride came out great new colors as well.

  55. Heather Bowler says

    I love the look of this stroller and that the handlebar is reversable. I also love that it has an option of the snack pack. That is such a great accessory. I would love to win this stroller for our upcoming arrival.

  56. Ashlie Fuller says

    I love the fact that is lightweight 19lbs and still has a lot of features. You mentioned the snack pack as a great additional accessory. Scooter2698 is my youtube name.

  57. Chrystal A. says

    I love so much about this stroller, the reversible handle, the UV protected peekaboo window, that it automatically locks when folded, yeah, basically everything. I would have to have the carry cot, and the snack-pack. I love the carry cot for the simple fact that if baby is sleeping I can simply take the carry cot inside and let him finish napping after a walk. mrsaxelsson on youtube is subscribed and hopes to win a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being my #1 go to video review. I’ve made some wonderful purchases after viewing your reviews!!

  58. says

    I pinned the image from the giveaway, am following all your boards on Pinterest and am a Facebook fan – all as Jessica Phelan.

  59. Erica S says

    I love that you can reverse the handlebar, to face your baby! My favorite accessory is the carrycot!

  60. Nicole Goff says

    I ADORE the reversible handle bar!!!! My favorite attachement is the snack pack for toys!!! ;D

  61. Nicole says

    LOVE that’s it’s height adjustable! My husband is 6’6 and I’m 5’2 so that’s a definite plus!!

  62. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love love love that you can flip the handle bar so that your baby faces you! You also mention the snack pack and the carrycot! Great accessories!

  63. connie hart says

    nice stroller.. (never knew about this one!) love that its so lite-weight, yet sooo full featured!!!

  64. Laura C. says

    I love the seat recline! The snack pack feature that you showed is awesome!
    Pinterest name: Lauracimbolic

  65. Jessi says

    Another GREAT stroller babygizmo! Thanks again for the wonderful giveaways :)
    Jessi Levy on Pinterest and sphardilevi82 on youtube!

  66. Alejandra S. says

    I love that even a 5 year old can fit!! That stroller can go a long way!
    And the accessory I like is the snack pack.

  67. Rachel m says

    How I love you bumble ride! I need you in my life!!
    I love how the handlebar adjusts AND can face backwards or forwards. I love that the wheels lock and you have better maneuverability! Such a plus!!
    My favorite accessory is the snack pack! So cool for a toddler,Iike mine!
    YouTube: gbidrugchemist

  68. Robyn W says

    I LOVE that the stroller is reversible and the colors! I also LOVE the carrycot (basinet).
    Following and pinning on pintrest: Robyn Winner

  69. Pamela h says

    I love that the handle bar moves so the baby faces you!!
    Pinterest- Pamela Schut horton

  70. Sachi Webb says

    I totally need a stroller that is adjustable like this! My husband doesn’t like any of the strollers we have because he said they are too short. I am only 5’3” and he is 6’1” so there is quite a height difference. :)

  71. Benjamin Spaulding says

    My wife loves the fun feel of the Bumbleride. Let us win – following on Youtube – 22benjamin22

  72. Michelle says

    I love how you can have the baby face you or the world. I love the snack pack accessory.

  73. Clare says

    I like that this has features that will make it useful for a newborn and also love the large canopy! My first child should be here in about 5 weeks and I still need a stroller, so this would be fabulous to win!

  74. Rebecca K says

    LOVE the reversible handle, way easier then flipping a seat around. Also love the snack pack! my 9 month old would love this!

    Youtube name: BeckK87
    Pintrest: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath.
    I pinned it!

  75. says

    Love that the fabric is removable, that it’s lightweight and comes with a bumper bar, as my little one loves holding onto one during our walks. :)

  76. Diane says

    I really love the reversible handlebars and how easy it was to change directions. One available option presented was the snack tray that is used where the normal bumper guard is. Very handy option.

  77. Elizabeth Pyo says

    love the reversibility and you feature the awesome snack pack!

    youtube – elizabethpyo

  78. Brittney Reader says

    I love how easily it turns!!! Its absolutely amazing! I also love the carry cot! Would be great for a newborn!

  79. says

    I absolutely love the reversible handlebar… it is so convenient and easy (its a hassle to have to move the entire seat for baby to face you)! I also love the new snack pack accessory… love how it zips closed and open for toys or snacks!

  80. Nadine Nagy says

    I love Bumbleride and would love to add this stroller to my collection. The snack pack is fabulous.

    Pinterest: Nadine Nagy

  81. Stefanie Mayer says

    I love that this stroller can so comfortably accommodate an older child. I also love the bar recline feature. The snack pack is definitely my favorite accessory. A cupholder is a must with a toddler!

  82. Alene Conner says

    Love the height adjustment- so many great features on this stroller. You mentioned the snack tray as one of the features, and it’s positioned where the normal bumper guard is- great design!

  83. Rachel says

    I love that the handle is reservable and the easy recline, and i love the snack pack as an accessory =)

  84. Eryn M. says

    I failed to finish my earlier comment!

    I love that it fits larger children and I love the snack pack (and that you can fold it while the snack pack is attached!) I also love that its only 19 lbs.

  85. JessicaG says

    I like the reversible handlebar featured on the stroller. The snack pack accessory looks very useful!

  86. Eryn M. says

    Pinterest username is corvusfatae. Followed hollieshcultz on Pinterest and repinned giveaway photo.

  87. Christy Emanuel says

    I loVe the reversible handle! Snack tray is an accessory!m. Footmuff, I want one!

  88. Marie says

    Reversible Handle soo cool. Carry cot, SNack Pak accessories are super cool and definitely needable accessories for some

  89. Karen M says

    I like the reversible handle so the stroller can change depending on the child and age. And the easy recline…our stroller right now is a bit of a hassle (clips and zippers…etc)

  90. Ryan says

    I like the easy fold and that it’s lightweight. You also talked about the snack pack accessory!

  91. Maureen Modic says

    **I love how the stroller is reversible and how easy it is to do it!

    ** Love the snack pack!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…
    UserID: gRFYso6a33kRkQV05EKCcw

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

    **I pinned the contest….Floydmoe

  92. Sara Wilson says

    I love that the Flyer is reversible so you can stroll with your child facing towards you or away! My favorite accessory is the snack pack! Pinterest name Sara Wilson…I pinned the video! :)

  93. Tiara Adams says

    I’ve looked at this stroller before and LOVE the reversible handlebar and that it’s height-adjustable for my husband and I to both use it comfortably. I also love that they’ve changed the baby bassinet to face you when using the stroller!!

  94. bonnye sensenig says

    the zipper canopy and the reversible handle make this really unique! love the stroller! And I think the carrycot accessory is very cool!
    I subscribe via youtube bonnyesensenig
    I follow you on pinterest bonnye sensenig
    and here is the link to my pin.

  95. Becca says

    I love that the handlebar moves to be in the front of the stroller and the carrycot would be so useful!

  96. Jeannie Swanson says

    I love the reversible handle!! You showed the snack pack and carry cot in the video

  97. Tiara Adams says

    We have looked at this stroller before and LOVE the reversible handlebar and that it’s height-adjustable for my husband and I to both use it comfortably. I also love that they’ve changed the baby bassinet to face you when using the stroller!!

  98. Nicole C. says

    I love that it’s so light and that it is reversible! I can’t believe that it comes with so many features like the head hugger accessory and the rain guard! Plus, it comes with the car seat adapter. With most strollers, you get nothing! I think the snack pack accessory is the best accessory that you mentioned! My son LOVES his snacks!

  99. Ashley F. says

    I love the reversible handlebar and the snack tray! I love Bumbleride! I have the Indie 2010 and LOVE it!!

  100. Kala says

    Love that the handle flips, so much easier than picking up the seat and moving it around.

  101. Michelle Charles says

    I LOVE how you can switch the handle bar around so that you can see baby instead of baby just being faced forward!

  102. Jessica Wilton says

    I have been contemplating buying this stroller because of the reversible handle! I would love to win this!!!!!!!!

  103. Lisa Bolduc says

    i like the carry cot you showed….. i also love everything about this stroller mostly the colour!!!!

  104. Irene says

    Love the canopy that folds to the bar. Would be good to keep a napping child out the sun and loud noise.

  105. Jill says

    I would love to win a Flyer! I have an Indie, but have ways loved the idea of the reversible handle, especially since my little monster doesn’t ride in her car seat anymore. I can’t see her cute little face. We’re also excited to check out the snack pack; just ordered one for our Indie.

  106. says

    I love the carry cot and the snack packs! I have a double stroller and am now looking to downsize to a single. Love this one! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  107. Vanessa says

    I love that the handle flips and that’s it’s pretty light for a multipurpose stroller!

  108. Gino says

    I like how versatile the flyer is with it either being a travel system or a regular stroller. I really like the Carry cot accessory make the stroller a rolling bed or even a place to sleep if you were traveling.

  109. Valerie Nordin says

    Love the reversible handle and the snack pack! Toddlers gotta have the snacks!

  110. Sherri says

    I like the reversible bar. You mentioned the new carrycot and how it faces inward on the stroller.

  111. says

    I love so many of the features: the adjustable handlebar, the snack pack, and the way you can easily switch between front and rear facing!

  112. Diana says

    Love the reversible handle—I think this might be the only stroller out there with this feature these days!

  113. says

    I like the way the seat back can be adjusted with a bar. I also like that there is a snack pack that can be attached.

  114. Stephanie Jacobson says

    love the change to UV mesh for the peek a boo window, the Bar Design for the recline of the seat and the option to flip the handle bar to allow baby to face you! Fav accessory is the included car seat adapter.

  115. TawndaM says

    I love that the handle is height adjustable & you can swap it to have the lil one facing you or the world… & the car seat adapter seems very handy!

  116. Kelly Walro Petz says

    I love the reversible handlebar….and the fact that it’s not very heavy!

  117. Abby Schumacher says

    I like that the handle switches position so your child can be facing you or out. The snack pack looks like a great little accessory too!

  118. Addison Kat says

    I like the UV Mesh peek-a-boo window and you showed the car seat adapter & snack pack

  119. wendy martinez says

    love the reversible handle bar! and that it is a lighter stroller with great features.

  120. Susan says

    Love bumbleride strollers. I have the Indie stroller and would love to own the flyer as well! Pick me, please!

  121. Magdalena says

    I love reversible handlebar and snack pack is a great accessory! You tube mkartvelis

  122. Kelly L says

    I like the reversable option. I also like the accessory of being able to have attach a baby carrier/car seat

  123. Maria R says

    I love the carry cot and the snack pack accessory! I more in-love with the reclining bar feature and the reversible handlebar.

  124. Corey Simpson says

    I love the fact that the seat can face out or face you and the adjustable handle bar!! Awesome stroller!

  125. Lara S. says

    I like that the footrest is adjustable – I’ve never seen one that moved like that & think it’s a great feature. In the video I liked the car seat adapter – something I didn’t have for my first that I think would be wonderful for baby.

  126. Carolyn Addison says

    I love that the handle flips over so I can choose the best way for my baby to stroll. I also love how the handle adjusts. You mentioned the snack tray in the video.

  127. Ashley McConnaughey says

    I am such a fan of the bumbleride flyer. I love that the canopy go completly cover the seat. Living in Oreg0on means unpredictable rain. Yay bumbleride!

  128. Cindy B says

    I love that the canopy folds so far forward in case it’s needed and that you can recline it easily flat to accommodate a newborn.

  129. Jordan M says

    I love how all different sizes of kids can fit in it! It is hard to find a stroller that a five year old is comfortable in too!!!

  130. Summer Broome says

    I like the new location of the adjuster buttons for the footrest! Also the 13″ seat and huge canopy! In the video it mentioned that it is a one hand stroller, how wonderful!

  131. Amy Josefy says

    Sorry, I forgot to do both parts! The car seat adapter is also a great accessory, so that I could use my current infant seat with it!

  132. Sandra says

    I love the reversible handle and the carry cot is a great accessory! Also the aqua color is to die for :)

  133. Amie says

    I love the one handed bar recline…it looks so much easier than the other strollers I have tried. I also love the carrycot accessory!

  134. Jill Dowling says

    Not entirely sure my previous comments for additional entries went through…
    But I’ve liked Baby Gizmo and this blog post on Facebook (Jill Dowling), followed and repinned on pinterest (jilld2012), and subscribed to your YouTube channel (jilldowling)!

  135. Ashley says

    (correction!) i thought my pinterest name was my whole name…turns out it wasnt lol!
    so for the following you on Pinterest, “ashknepp”…sorry about that :)

  136. Michelle says

    This stroller is amazing. I already have the double, but I am looking to downsize to the single. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that the canopy unzips to let the air flow through on hot summer days. The coolest accessory is by far the snack pack. A must have for all little ones!

  137. Claribel Michel says

    Love the canopy and reversible handle bar plus love that it’s a lightweight stroller, I definitely need one! The snack pack was featured in the video.
    YouTube: clary0423

  138. Eric says

    Youtube: trixdesigns

    Love the Bumbleride Flyer’s ability to turn into a travel system and the snack pack accessory!

  139. Yvone Scott Partin says

    I Love the reerible hand bar I like this idea for when you want to shield the un and the umbrella just is not enough!

  140. debnmike moretti says

    my fave feature is the reversible handle bar
    i like the snack pack accesory

    you tube name is boyzruleinmyhouse

  141. Kortnie says

    I love how easy it is to recline the seat! One accessory shown in the video was the snack pack

  142. valériec says

    My favorite feature of the bumbleride flyer is the large canopy. One of the accessory is a snack pack.

  143. Jessie says

    I love how roomy the seat is, how FLAT it gets for newborns & the zipper on the canopy!.

  144. Lesily Davis says

    I really like the way the handle moves from front to back to change direction. I also love that the infant seat adapter is universal and comes with it!

  145. Amber Abbas says

    I love the adjustable footrest and zipper pocket on the canopy.

    Snack pack is my favorite accessory

  146. Lesily Davis says

    My pinterest name is Lesily Pusztai Davis (and I pinned this) and I subscribe to your YouTube channel under JasonAndLesily.

  147. Jane McCarthy says

    Love the reversible handle. The accessory I would most use would be the carrycot for an infant!

  148. Jessie says

    I follow on pinterest- Jessie Rodwell

    and on Facebook- jessie detterline rodwell (not sure if you need that too :))

  149. Jodi says

    I love the reversible handle and full recline. You featured the snack pack and the new location for the adjustable handle.

  150. Krizia Thomas says

    I just cant get over the 42 inch handle bar! My husband is 6’5 and never wants to push our daughters stroller because it hurts his back. The footmuff is a great accessory for Seattle to keep her dry and warm during the 300 days of rainy weather!

  151. Yana says

    I love the adjustable handlebar that can be switched from one direction to another and love the snack tray accessory and the zip that can open the canopy for more air. I hope I win it:)

  152. kate says

    i love that the handle is super high and it has an adjustable foot rest. the snack pack accessory is nest.

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