Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 27 – Valco Baby TriMode

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Congratulations to our Day 27 winner -

Entry #2225 – Jennifer L-B.

It’s another sporty day as we are finishing up the last few days of our Baby Gizmo 30-Day Giveaway! If you are looking for a sporty stroller that does it all from everyday to sport use, you will want to enter today!

youtube day27 Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 27   Valco Baby TriModeI’m sure you’ve been with us all 27 days so far but just in case – same deal today! So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 27

We are celebrating a serious triple-threat in the baby stroller world!  The Valco Baby Tri Mode is sporty, fabulous and functional all at the same time!  This all-terrain stroller can be your everyday stroller, your pram (with the optional bassinette), jogger and double stroller (with the optional toddler seat) all rolled into one.  So, basically you are getting four strollers for the price of one.  You can’t beat that! Plus, it has a roomy seat, travel system capability, smooth ride, amazing maneuverability and easy fold. We told you that today was good!!

To find out more about the  Valco Baby Tri Mode, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

*This is another classic Baby Gizmo video! This one dates back to 2007 when my daughter was at the adorable age of 2 1/2 (she is now 7!). We were still working out the music at that time so we apologize in advance for the music volume.

One lucky winner will win a Valco Baby Tri Mode EX!
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  1. Hilary Carl says

    I love that this stroller can become a double and also be used as your everyday stroller or a jogger! Great stroller.

  2. Baby Fussle says

    I love that it’s 4 stroller’s in one with the option to become a double stroller! What a fantastic stroller with great options!

  3. Jessica Rice says

    This stroller really does it all. The option for a double stroller, bassinet, jogger. My favorite feature though is how easy it folds up and the capacity for great trips on anything with great storage.

  4. Melissa R. says

    I like that it’s an everyday stroller, a jogging stroller, and a double stroller all in one!

  5. Signe Newman says

    I like the adjustable handle, hard to find on a jogger. Following on pinterest as midwest marvel.

  6. Karen Andersen says

    I love that it is a jogger and an every day AND I can get a toddler seat! Perfect for my two guys who are 18mo apart.

    Pinterest-Karen Andersen

  7. Tina says

    I love how light this stroller is and that it can function in so many different ways. Awesome as a light jogging stroller, everyday stroller, double stroller just wow! And that it fold up so compactly, which is great for people with smaller vehicles.

  8. Diana says

    I love the amazing storage on this stroller—seems most of the all-terrains forget that aspect!

  9. Jessica H. says

    My favorite feature is the zip off storage compartment – it is great that it reveals a mesh area for airflow.

    I also follow on pinterest – jadedainjel

  10. Corey Simpson says

    I love the amount of options that come with this stroller, I also like the different wheel positions that are available for the front wheel.

  11. Amy Clendenin says

    Like that it is pretty light for a bigger stroller, that the recline is easy, and the front wheel has 3 modes!

  12. Juliea Choi-Jue says

    I like the zipper-on bag and the large mesh window that remains when you take it off.

  13. Heidi says

    I love everything about this stroller! I have been coveting it for months! Unfortunately, the husband will not let me buy another stroller. :( I love the three modes of the wheel. I love the accessories to make it functional for more than one child. And a really compact fold for a jogger. This would solve all of my stroller problems that I have.

  14. Simon Lee says

    I like how the front wheel of Valco Baby Tri Mode EX can be locked in three position.

  15. Jill H says

    Great storage space! What’s not to love about 4 types of strollers consolidated into 1?!

  16. Bethany says

    Like you on facebook, follow you on pinterest = 1supermomma

    My fav part is the adjustable handle!

  17. kristin says

    I’m in desperate need of a good jogging stroller as I have just started a fitness class for stroller moms! Love how versatile this valco is w its wheels, light, and storage savy! Please let me win!

  18. Amy Dillard says

    I like all the different options it has! And the removable zippered bag!

    pinterest Amy Dillard

  19. Ryan M says

    My favorite feature is the front wheel. The fact that it locks in different settings is a big deal. Thanks for the video and the giveaway.

  20. Cindy B says

    The versatility of it being able to go to a double or a pram is great. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  21. Heather P says

    I like all the different options for this stroller without having to buy multiple strollers.

  22. ElleB says

    I like being able to turn it into a double, but LOVE the mesh window. It is already getting hot where we live.

  23. Janet W. says

    My favorite is the big mesh window in the back. That really helps with circulating the air!

  24. Carolyn addison says

    I like that it is a stroller that you can jog with and go to the mall with. My fav. Feature is the zipper to reach the diaper bag when your baby is asleep.


  25. Larissa Morgan says

    The easy compact fold and the optional toddler seat
    Pinterest- llmorgan2
    YouTube- laldridge1

  26. Erika says

    Love how it is a jogger, everyday, and can be a double. Amazing! Erikahormel is pintetest and YouTube

  27. Susan Oyler says

    I love how versatile this stroller is! And I love the convenience features, like the storage bag that can zip off!

  28. Lindsay I. says

    You would never guess just by looking at it that it is four strollers in one. I have to admit one feature I love is the zip on/off bag – so easy to use! (Pinterest name: lindsayryan1)

  29. Danielle b says

    Love that the stroller can be a single or a double! Also love love love the detachable storage bag!

  30. alycia m says

    Like the mesh window in back for ventilation. I really wish my current stroller had that!

    Pinterest: alyciacmorell

  31. Laura Miller says

    I LOVE all the storage options on this stroller!!! I think I’m a little obsessed with it! :)

  32. Natalie Spiking says

    Love the quality of Valco, work horse strollers, tackle anything you throw at them. But specifically for the Tri Mode, I love that it can do the job of so many different strollers, single or double, jogger.

  33. Brianna McMenemy says

    There are so many great features on this stroller! I love the brake, and the zipper to access storage when the seat is reclined.

  34. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    Wow, I love that it’s an all in one stroller! The jogging stroller is a huge plus, and I love the wheels!

  35. Erika says

    Love the versatility… Single to jogger to bassinet to double!! Erikahormel for Pinterest and youtube

  36. Caitlin A. says

    I love the three wheels for traveling off road and for the optional second seat because all parents with more than one child need a stroller that can accommodate at least two children

  37. Kimberly Terrio says

    The zip off storage back is so cool, great for days when you don’t need a huge bag!

  38. Adrienne G. says

    I like that the stroller can be a jogger, and also that you can add the toddler seat to it.

  39. Heather Parker says

    I love the versatility to use in different modes. I really need an all terrain!

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  40. Veronica R. says

    I love the versatility including optional toddler seat! The storage bag and mesh back are great features.

  41. Tiffany says

    I LOVE that is can become a double stroller! My husband and I are looking into a new stroller, but want to make it worth the investment so we are looking into a stroller that can become a double. This is perfect!

  42. Melody Phillips says

    I’m a first time mom, so I’m really looking for something my baby can grow into. This stroller is great for that, and is multifunctional (which is my favorite part). I’m planning on having another child in a few years and this stroller would prevent me from having to buy a secondary stroller. I love it’s function and sporty look!

  43. Shannon Nelson says

    I love the optional toddler seat. Also there is a rider board that I think would be great for our family

  44. sterling elizabeth says

    I love that you can attatch an infant seat! I also love the style of the three wheels vs four wheels.& the nice big tires! Thanks again, Hollie and the other at BabyGizmo

  45. Sachi Webb says

    Love the second seat option and the versatility of the stroller! I definitely need a jogging stroller so it would be great to have one that can do quad duty! :)

  46. debby weiss says

    love Valco!! i love their option to add a seat for a toddler and the zip off storage pack is great!!

  47. says

    Love the stroller!

    Follow on Pinterest: My Lovely Nest
    Like Blog Post: Jamie Condurelis Burton
    Like on Facebook: Jamie Condurelis Burton

  48. Lauren Wexler says

    love how 1 stroller can be so multifunctional! the ability to turn into a double with the toddler seat is a plus for me having 2 under 2 and love that the stroller is still great for everyday but can be taken for a jog when wanted.

  49. Ashley says

    Love that you can use it for a single stroller if you just have one kid with, and change it to a double for two kids! Would be so nice to have all the strollers you need, in one!

  50. Cortney says

    I love that this stroller grows with your family from infant to the possibility of another child. I also love all of the other options of this stroller and the easy fold. That’s important when you’re in a rush:) Would looooove to have this!

  51. Brian says

    This looks like a great stoller to bring to compact Europe! Compact easy fold up and not ultra bulky!

  52. Arden Walston says

    It is so versatile. My garage would be a lot less crowded with a stroller like that, haha!

  53. Shandelle W. says

    It’s a multi-taskter! Ability to turn to a double, the tires rock and it reclines! Fantastic!

  54. karina says

    I like how sleek it looks. I like that i can jog with the stroller. It like the zip on pocket in the back. I like that it can be converted to a double stroller so I don’t have to buy double strollers when we have another baby.

  55. Amanda Piper says

    Love all the storage!! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, and I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  56. Brittney D says

    I love that the wheel can be a full swivel! and how easy it looks to adjust the seat to recline!

  57. Terry says

    I love that the seat will lay almost flat for a young baby and that a seat can attach to make it a double.

  58. Kimberlie T says

    Love the easy fold, that you can add a toddler seat to make it a double, and that the wheels come off for smaller storage in my trunk.

  59. Heidi says

    Love the mesh window and the fact that you can add a second seat!

    Pinterest name: heidijsaffert

  60. bracha k says

    I like how it has three wheels and the front wheel can be adjusted (locked, swivel) according to your walking needs!

  61. Tzippy Rapp says

    Love that it is so versatile, good basket/storage. and on the lighter end of strollers

  62. Tian H. says

    My favorite feature is great zip on storage bag, it’s unique and cannot be found in another stroller!!
    Pinterest username: tiankinasih

  63. Cathy P says

    The multiple options that this stroller can be used is crazy! I think that’s the best part!

  64. Elizabeth P. says

    I like that the wheels can lock into different positions depending on what you are doing. Also love the big mesh window great for summer time when we are outside a lot.

    Pinterest: ejsp522

  65. Sarah says

    I like all that awesome storage. The toddler seat is a great option.


  66. Rebecca Herrington says

    I like the zip off storage pack. Great for amusment parks when you need to grab your stuff when waiting in lines.

  67. Kelly L says

    I like the zipper in the basket to remove items when seat is laying down. Also like how it can turn into a double stroller

  68. Marci says

    I like the air filled tires and the fact that you can change the front wheel to either straight or swivel.

  69. Christina Parker says

    I love that’s it’s like having 4 strollers in one by buying a few additional options. I also like how it can be a dbl stroller.

  70. Amber Ferguson says

    I love how easy it turns and color is perfect you will never lose the stroller in a crowd.
    pinterest: amber1187

  71. Melissa Easton says

    I love the ability for it to be 4 strollers in one! I also love the zippered pouch that comes off and reveals a little mesh window :)

  72. Anna says

    The versatility to turn it into a double is one of the best features in my mind. Saves so much money!

  73. Cam S says

    I love the zipper that lets you access the basket while the baby is reclined! and the foot break is flip flop friendly!

  74. Mike Parker says

    I like how the stroller can become a double stroller for a toddler and I like the mesh window

  75. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    I have wanted this stroller so bad since I had my second child! I love everything about it. The storage basket is awesome, the seat is padded and roomy, it can turn into a double, the bassinett is wonderful…I could go on and on :)

  76. barbara says

    what’s not to love?? Single to double, easy fold? Huge canopy? Diaper Bag? Suspension? ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

  77. Katie says

    I like how it can become a double

    Follow fb, blog, youtube, pinterest.

    tube jacobsks1
    pin jacobsks77

  78. Heather Bowler says

    Wow! Such an amazing stroller! My favorite feature is the large mesh window that allows for good air circulation. I’d love to win this!

  79. Diane Schoenhofen says

    I love this stroller! I love that it can be used for jogging. My favortie feature is the large mesh window in the back to allow for air. Great stroller!

  80. Erin T. says

    This is by far one of our favorite strollers on the market!!! LOVE the new HUGE canopy on the 2012 model. Easy fold, durable design. Great for all ages…what’s not to love?!

  81. Stephanie A says

    I love the adjustable front wheel for whether or not you need it to be more maneuverable or steer straighter. I also love all the storage and that it is travel system compatible with so many different car seats!

  82. Mushka G says

    Love the huge mesh window in the back and that really cute removeable bag!
    and so versatile – bassinet, toddler, jogger – definitely a great all-in-one!

  83. Kristin Fain says

    I like the zip off pouch that reveals a mesh window. It’s also nice that it’s only 23 lbs & all terrain.

  84. Kaycie B says

    I love the overall versatility of this stoller – it really is a little bit of everything.

  85. Hannalore Kirkaldy says

    I love that it can essentially turn into 4 different strollers and has 3 different front wheel lock positions

  86. Ashley F. says

    I like the versatility of the stroller. Plus you can add a toddler seat to turn into a double stroller.

  87. Laya Elder says

    I love the double stroller feature, I’ve been searching for a double stroller recently. I hope this will be the one!!!

  88. Iris Bentley says

    I love how this stroller is a four in one. How it can be a travel system, a double stroller, a jogger, a pram, and an all purpose stroller.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  89. Kristen G says

    I like that you can add a seat – our son is only three weeks old, but we’re planning on having another when he’s a toddler and this would be great!

    Following on Youtube and Pinterest as krischan325. Liked the FB page for the post as well as the website.

  90. jean browne says

    I LOVE the vented window in the back. Living in Florida my kids always get so hot in the strollers.
    youtube jeansteel2662
    pinterest payton1212

  91. Crystal R says

    I like the zip-away pouch in the back, convenient for a quick diaper change, and a great way to give air flow :-)

  92. Jodi J says

    I really liked that the front wheel can be put into 3 different modes depending on your needs.

  93. Rebecca Russell Spear says

    Thanks for all the great giveaways!! Would love to win this as we live in Maine and could use the all terrain tires, and we just had our second, so love the option of the second seat.

    Pintrest name- Rebecca Spear

  94. Leslie B says

    I love the fact that you can add another seat & that you can use it so many ways with the 4 in 1! Plus I love the vented window so she won’t get too hot!
    facebook: Leslie Rohner Bauman
    Pinterest DivaBabyDesigns
    youtube: DIva Baby Designs

  95. Danielle Machado says

    I love how it can turn to a double stroller so when my daughter is not at school she can hop in for a ride.

  96. brandi irwin says

    i love the versatility with the additional accessoreies as well as the great storage- basket- zip pouch- removable bag.

  97. Kristina Alacon says

    Multipurpose strollers are the best! Esp. with the fact that another seat can be added :)

  98. Michelle O. says

    the zip off stroller bag and the other storage make this a great stroller for shopping!

  99. Sonya Morris says

    I love that it can be a double stroller as well!
    Pinterest Sonya Morris
    Youtube sonyamorris5

  100. Sari P says

    I love my Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin EX stroller (which you helped me in making my decision), but I don’t always need the double. There’s nothing I don’t love about it, but from what you pointed out in the video I love the storage on the back that zips off (I have 2 of them on the twin). I’ve put so much stuff in there and then can easily bring it with me or hang it from the bar so that air can get through when it’s hot.

  101. Stephanie Jarrett says

    Love the zip-on, zip-off stroller bag! Brilliant! :)
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  102. Chani says

    great to have around for all the grandkids.. works for all ages and stages.. even two!

  103. Melinda M. says

    Having the option to make this stroller a double is a must for my growing family!

  104. hallie says

    I love the zipper on the basket, it would be so easy to get things out while baby is reclined and sleeping!

  105. Nicole L says

    LOVE the versatility! The easy wheel switch is great! The extra flap on the sunshade is also up there!

  106. Addison Kat says

    Love the versatility of the stroller, especially the addition of the 2nd seat to make it a double!

  107. says

    I love that you can turn it into a double. Also love the 1 step brake and also the canopy is high to allow for a taller child. Love it all!

  108. alexis e says

    My sister had one of these…I borrowed it once because I didn’t believe it was ‘all that’. Lo and behold, it was! Awesome storage, niiiiiiiice roll, great option for a second seat! I did give hers back, albeit grudgingly… ;)

  109. lea says

    love the valco and the fact you can add on a seat. Thanks for the tip on locking it with that strap – used to have one and never knew that was how to lock it lol! Unfortunately, mine was stolen and would love to win this one!

  110. Kira M. says

    I love that this stroller can be used in multiple ways due to the different locking positions of the front wheel!

  111. Stephanie S. says

    Wow, I really love the versatility of this stroller…a pram to jogger and back again?! That’s great!

  112. Crystal Robinson says

    i like that you can add a toddler seat to this great stroller. pinterest crystalrose10

  113. Katrina Shaw says

    My favorite feature is the quick release air filled tires. If I were able to choose a second favorite it would have to be the storage options and their easy to go.

    I have a double stroller that was purchased over a few years ago, and it not only has lasted me a long time, but it still has a lot of life left in it. Ever since I purchased my first Valco stroller I will never purchase any other brand.

  114. Chad Eade says

    I have always loved Valco strollers. My favorite feature how easy it is to fold and the overall travel versatility. My second feature I liked the most is the air pumped tires. I have always disliked the plastic tires, with air pump there is a lot more places you can go and with ease.

  115. Krista says

    I love that this stroller can function as a jogger! It’s also pretty compact. The air-filled tires are nice too. LOVE the zip-off storage bag!

    YT name: Redumbrellamama
    FB & Pinterest name: Tiger Sue

  116. Sam Omar says

    Sweet ride. And great features to boot. I’ve been meaning to get into shape and this is the incentive I need!! Now me and my baby girl can experience the beautiful spring weather together.

  117. Julia M. says

    I love the 3 position wheel lock and that it can become a double!
    Pinterest name is Julia Morris

  118. kate says

    love the wheel locks and that it’s a jogger, while not being a jogger.

    youtube: leilafancypants

    Pinterest: kate_odonnell

  119. says

    i love that it can be a jogger plus a regular stroller….that is soooo conventient in one…I would love this stroller

    pinterest….makami, mary k miller

  120. Maureen Modic says

    **I like the accessory bag! Unique that it comes off!
    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09
    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  121. Clara says

    I like the 3 positioning locking front wheel and the airs ability to move around whil you can hang the bag on the stroller!

  122. Kim P. says

    My favorite feature is the zipper storage pouch in the back that you can remove.

    youtube name: MsKimbobolini
    Pinterest name: Kimbobolini

  123. Celeste Parks says

    I like that it can be turned into a double if needed, and the large mesh window on the back when the bag is removed.

  124. kailee cherry says

    I love the compact fold and the fact that you can jog with it.

    I am also follow on pinterest.

  125. Christina Taylor says

    I love the easy fold and the locking system. I like how lightweight it looks and I can purchase another seat to make it a double, love that feature.

  126. Tabitha Brown says

    I love the easy fold and the locking system, that I can jog with it and I can purchase another seat to make it a double.

    pinterest: tabmommy

    youtube: supermommy0609

  127. Kara P. says

    Love the easy fold and the ability to become a double!
    Pinterest username- pixiegoose

  128. dahlia topolosky says

    love that you can add second seat! perfect for my two youngest children (1 and 3)

  129. Danielle Ring says

    I LOVE the removable bag and mesh window!! And the extra little side pockets are great too!

  130. Nicole L. says

    Love that it has the ability to become a double. I have a toddler who doesn’t always want to sit in the stroller and a new baby on the way. Is a great option rather than a full size double.

  131. Debra Edwards says

    I love everything about the Valco, the look, the color, all of the options you have with this stroller. I have 2 amazing little girls that would love to stroll in this!!, 2nd seat wins this stroller over for this mama!!

  132. Aviva R says

    I love the little pouches on either side of the basket, which add some convenient storage space.

  133. Ellen Moore says

    My favorite feature is that it can be turned into a double stroller with ease, plus I love that it’s decent to jog with and not horribly bulky. Looks like an all option stroller that’s perfect for me!
    Youtube: cajundiver1

  134. Jeanine says

    I love how this stroller is a 4in1 – jogger, single, double, pram! So cool! And the air-filled tires make it a more comfy ride – yay!

  135. Jennifer Williams says

    I like that it holds up to 45 lbs! It’s the only stroller you’ll ever need! The second is a great plus.

  136. steph says

    I love all the options – sounds like it would last us for as long as we needed any type of stroller

  137. Chelsey says

    My favorite feature is the multiple position swivel wheel. It’s great to have the option to change it.

  138. Marissa M says

    omg I love that zip on storage bag! How awesome is that?! you can take it off and have the mesh window for air which is always great for the child. My son would love it!

  139. Nicole Siljander Jacobson says

    I love all of the options, but my favorite is that the seat can lay almost flat and my next favorite is that it has a removable on-the-go bag! How fun would this stroller be!!?

  140. Alene says

    Love that it can become a double. I also love that it folds so compactly, looks like a great stroller!

  141. Jessica says

    Love the options for the handle, I have a toddler who always wants to push my son around. She is to short to reach the handle, but would be able to with this stroller. i also like the vent window that appears when you remove the b

  142. Vanessa Coker says

    I’m vnsscarv on YouTube
    (sorry, I don’t think it went right on the actual rafflecopter entry, I pressed enter too soon)

  143. Ashley S says

    I love that it goes from single to double in not time and I also love having all terrain tires. :-)

  144. Katie B says

    I like the options for locking with front wheel, we go many places where a full swivel wheel doesn’t work and a fully locked wheel is tough to maneuver.

    Katie Callahan Brennan on facebook
    thecaitbrennan on youtube on pinterest

  145. says

    We have a 2 month old and a three year old so my favorite part of this stroller is the option for the joey seat! We need a stroller that can be a double and a single!

  146. Lydia says

    I love that the Valco Baby Tri-Mode stroller has a large locking/ unlocking front swivel wheel, and the option of adding a removable toddler seat if needed. We all know our toddlers sometimes can and want to walk, and other times need to ride. Boy, many double strollers are usually very big and bulky!

  147. Sarah Richardson says

    Love that joey seat! And the weight really is nice considering it is pretty much all-terain.

  148. Jenny V says

    I like the fact that I can add another seat for a new child and not have to buy a new stroller.

    pinterest: nijntje
    youtube: msgreenie

  149. DeAnna C. says

    I love all of the storage and I love the versatility. Looks like a great stroller!

  150. Cassandra Eastman says

    I like the easy lock wheel, and that you can put a toddler seat in the front!
    Pinterest Name: Cassandra Eastman

  151. Kristin says

    All of the storage options are very handy—I especially like the side pockets on the basket.

  152. arlene e says

    i love the bag that can be zipped onto the stroller canopy or attached to the stroller handle bar. The basket is roomy too, which is another great feature.

    pinterest ame8

  153. Angie M says

    I like that it’s very versatile with the accessories and also the zipper bag and mesh window.

  154. Jennifer Kreisler says

    My fav thing about this stroller is the optional toddler seat that makes it a double. It is a FUN looking double, I think.

  155. Myong says

    Love the versatility of this stroller, mainly that it is an everyday or jogging stroller.

    Youtube and Pinterest: boozetan

  156. Halley Parker says

    I love that it can do so many things in once. I love the option of buying one thing and having it work through your child’s life.

  157. Karla says

    Love that it can be a double because i have twins so that is perfect..
    youtube karjac3
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  158. Nicole Koenig says

    My favorite feature of this stroller is the option to use it four ways. This gives it so much versatility! You can use it from birth all the way up to baby #2!

  159. Christina says

    Best feature is the single/double ability. I have twins, and sometimes I just run to the store with one. Much easier to have a versatile stroller, instead of having to worry about switching strollers around.

  160. Ashley Knepp says

    I’m loving that it can turn into a double!!

    YouTube: AshVic39
    Pinterest: ashknepp (Ashley Knepp)

  161. Mindy Klugmann says

    I love the four in one feature, it makes everything much easier and convenient! I also love the vented window in the back.

    youtube: Mindyklugmann

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