Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 29 – 4Moms Origami

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Congratulations to our Day 29 winner –

Entry #3723 – Beth C.

Seriously, we are out-doing ourselves every day of this giveaway!  Day 29 is so big that we are giving away one of the fantastic, fabulous, luxury 4Moms Origami strollers that no one else gets to giveaway!  Think about it. Have you seen anyone else (besides 4Moms!) giving away an Origami?!? That’s what I thought! Booyah!  That’s how cool Baby Gizmo is and how awesome it is that we blew over 5 MILLION YouTube views. By the way, we are almost to 6 million!youtube day29 Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 29   4Moms Origami

We are all on board with how these giveaways works, right?! Oh, maybe you are new because you heard we are giving away one of the hottest new strollers around?!  Okay, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 29

We are celebrating technology today. We are celebrating celebrity-style today. We are celebrating the new 4Moms Origami. You know, the stroller that truly folds and unfolds itself, charges your iPhone, and keeps track of how far you strolled. Yep, THAT Origami!

If you always have to have the latest gadget, love technology and thrive  on head-turning gizmos, you are going to love the new stroller from  4Moms. You will not find an easier stroller to open and close!  If you can move your thumb and forefinger, you can fold the Origami.

The Origami is the first power folding stroller!  With the slight turn  of a knob and push of a button (on the handlebar display), the Origami  stroller goes from full sized when open to super compact when closed ALL  BY ITSELF.  Yes, it folds and opens itself. The stroller relies on  motors and not your muscles or back or trick thumb and slight kick to  the frame to do the work.

We aren’t going to tell you everything about the 4Moms Origami because we want you to watch our video review! It will show you everything you need to know.

To find out more about the  4Moms Origami, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

One lucky winner will win a 4Moms Origami (winner’s color of choice!)!

To keep up-to-date on the new things at 4Moms, why not check out their social media pages?

(After all they have provided this super awesome prize – and we are the first to give one away – so it’s the right thing to do, right?!?)

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  1. Moni says

    beyond extravagant, what’s not to love, folds itself, charges a phone ….I’d be over the moon to be cruising around with this badboy!!!

  2. Michele says

    This stroller is amazing. I don’t even know where to begin. Just the fact that there is a motor assisted in opening and closing it cannot be topped.

  3. Arden Walston says

    My favorite feature is EVERYTHING!! This stroller is incredible. The fold, the digital stuff, AH! Amazing.

  4. Deborah Beauchamp says

    Well, this may seem obvious, but for me it’s the fold and wheel-along features that I love!

  5. Jolene Johnson says

    The power fold is just amazing! I have disabling back pain so that would be so wonderful!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  6. Jacinta says

    Self-folding AND charges my cell phone? Are you kidding me? This stroller is crazy awesome!

  7. Beth says

    For me, it’s the folding. I struggle with my strollers so much that this would be a dream!

  8. Megan M says

    Fav feature is the power fold of course! Now it just needs to power itself into my trunk. ;)

  9. SA Olson says

    Love, love, love! All the options are amazing: the fold, the charger, and what a cool design. Pick me!

  10. Halley Parker says

    Love that it is totally for a techno geek (like myself), I also appreciate that it is eco friendly and that it charges itself while walking. This really helps with motivation to keep walking with your child on days you dont want to exercise.

  11. Jade Crowe says

    I love the look of this stroller, it looks so comfortable for the babies and is so stylish for me!

  12. says

    I love how it charges your phone and keeps track of how far you walked! And who doesn’t love the power-folding action?!

  13. Amber C. says

    I love that it is self folding and I really love the extra large canopy! The LED screen is really awesome too!! This is amazing! I would love to win this!!

  14. Marianne says

    I love the fact that it has a usb spot for cell phone charger. i am always having a dead battery. And who doesn’t like the self folding system.

  15. Corey Simpson says

    Can you say SELF FOLD!! That is incredible!! I have the baby jogger city mini and that is pretty dang easy to fold, but this is awesome!! Plus I love the headlights on the front, not a necessity but pretty neat!

  16. Erica says

    The LCD screen would be awesome for tracking my walks but that automated fold/unfold is out of control!!

  17. Melanie t says

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! Oh my goodness I can’t believe the origami made it on the giveaway! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight!!! I am absolutely crazy for this stroller!! Automatic fold, cool colors, charges my phone, tells me the weather and how far I’ve gone, can it get ANY cooler than that?? I highly doubt it. Oh please please let me win! I don’t think I’d fold another stroller for the rest of my life after testing out this baby!!

  18. Serena Stone says

    I love the automatic fold because I have tendonitis in both wrists from carrying my baby!

  19. Kimberly Heim Long says

    Wow, power folding is awesome especially when holding the baby and everything else! Love that it can charge the phone too.

  20. Christie Lasch says

    I love the auto fold, the distance tracker, the iPod capabilities. I love the whole thing!

  21. Jessica m says

    OMG,, Everything about this stroller is my favorite feature! I mean, hello, it folds itself! It charges your phone, recharges ITSELF! Welcome to the future, my friends. I expect next year’s model to also drive itself. ;)

  22. Meg A. says

    I like the automatic headlights! No need to worry as much about getting home before sunset.

  23. Anna says

    Love those headlights on the front wheels, what a slick looking stroller!! and of course, the auto folding, talk about saving my back

  24. caitlyn says

    I love the fact that it has a usb spot for cell phone charger,automatic headlights and power fold! very cool

  25. Stacey says

    Can anyone really say that the automatic fold is NOT cool? Hello! That’s genius. I love that. But my favorite is the power generated by walking. GENIUS! Love that I can charge my cell phone too.

    Pinterest: sjmetts

    YouTube: Stacey Metts

  26. Allison says

    I love the lights! We camp a lot and are always walking back to our site in the dark!

    Pinterest PreciousKittenn
    YouTube PreciousKittenn

  27. Jessica H. says

    It charges the cell phone! That is just AWESOME and my favorite feature. I also follow on pinterest – jadedainjel

  28. Myong says

    I LOVE the technology altogether. It’s incredible! Temperature gauge, self folding, generator to charge, lock on self-folding. But if I had to pick one, I’d say the temp gauge. My husband and I always argue about how hot it actually is, so I’d love that feature.

    Youtube name: boozetan
    Pinterest name: boozetan

  29. Cindy B says

    The fact that it can recharge/charge you cell is my favorite feature. My only concern would be the length of warranty since gizmos have a tendency to go wacky faster than manual items. Still think it is a TOTALLY COOL stroller. Thanks for a great review and giveaway.

  30. Jennifer Kreisler says

    Okay it charges your cell phone! How cool is that?!!!! Yes– Headlights are cool too, and surely the self folding….. but the little details like the cell phone charge can really come in handy!!!! Just neat!

  31. Kendra says

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it! I think I was most impressed with the way it generates power as you walk:)

  32. Liseth Armstrong says

    The technology on this baby! Are you kidding me! Love the power folding, it’s seriously the coolest stroller! The fact that it knows when the baby is on board and the LED screen! Amazing! Sooooooooo want this stroller! I’ve entered a lot of baby gizmo giveaways but this one takes the cake! Love it!!

  33. Jami Mitchell Albright says

    The fold. OMG, the fold. This stroller is truly amazing. What a head turner!

  34. Masooma says

    Wow love everything about this stroller but the best thing aside from its self folding ability is that it will charge my phone!! How awesome is that!

  35. Marsha says

    I saw a mom at the airport with this stroller and I had already seen a news story on it. I had to hold myself back from wanting to go over there and fold it up so I could see for myself!

    Obviously, I love the self fold, but also love the headlights and cell phone charger!

  36. Melissa R. says

    Love love love that it folds and unfolds all by itself! It makes life that much more easier! ;)

  37. Megan P says

    Absolutely love everything about this!!! The fold/unfold features, phone charger, bottle
    holders and headlights are my favorites!!!! Wow!!
    I would love to win this!!!!

  38. Ashley M. says

    I absolutely love this stroller! Love the one step brake! Love the sun roof! Love the LCD screen! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the fold!

  39. Brooke Scott says

    Ok, where do I begin? I thought I was going to list the headlights/strip lights as my favorite thing about his stroller (so space-shippy), then came the bottle holders inside the seat –way cool… Then… The tripometer and sunroof, awesome!!! But wait for it. . . The power fold! Totally out of this world. ‘Nuf said. I love this stroller. Please universe, let me win!

  40. Carrie says

    To be boring I really love that color blue! I love that the pedometer and charging the cellphone though, super cool. The bottle holders also look really nice. OH and I love that walking powers the generator. Great idea. Heck I wish I could add that to my regular stroller to power my phone! Finally, though, I was really disappointed that the stroller didn’t turn into a transformer when it opened back up!

  41. Alicia Willoughby says

    I love the automatic fold! I worry that the mechanism would wear out, but it’s still cool anyway!

  42. Patricia O says

    Amazing stroller! love it. Auto fold, cell phone charger, 4 cup holders?! awesome!!

  43. Tracy Donnelly says

    DROOLLLLL…I love that it’s self-folding, and I like the sleekness of the whole thing. This is really every parent’s dream stroller, for sure.

  44. ElleB says

    In addition to the fold (of course, the fold), I love the cell charger….because my cell is always dead and my spouse hates it when we (baby and I) are out for a walk and unreachable!

  45. elena thomas says

    i love this stroller, its SO AWESOME!! i love all the technology that comes with it my favorite part. the AUTO FOLD.

  46. Molly imming-Balangero says

    All the power features. I might even be able to get my
    Husband excited about this one.

  47. Tonya King says

    really like that the 4Moms Origami Stroller can charge my phn, which I use WAY too much. lol Preparing for 1st baby and would LOVE to have this stroller. Love all the technology.

  48. Cara overcash says

    Love the origami! Auto fold, iPhone charger & the fact it keeps up with how far you’ve strolled = amazing.

  49. CiCi Ruoff says

    This has to be one of the best stroller innovations ever – anything that makes life easier for Mom and baby! Amazing!

  50. CiCi Ruoff says

    I left a previous message but I don’t think I was specific enough about the feature I like best about the Origami stroller – probably because the whole stroller itself is amazing! The automated open/close feature is the best, to me – it makes it so easy for a Mom who has her hands/arms full and also makes it safer for baby!

  51. Kate says

    Wow! Love this stroller! Obviously, the fact that it folds itself is among my favorite features. Also, the headlights are such a wonderful idea! I live in a resort town & summers get very crowded. We often end up walking instead of taking the car (to avoid parking issues), but the walk home at night can be tricky. Having the sidewalk lit up in front of me would be such a safety bonus! Also, any stroller that allows you to charge your phone gets kudos from me:)

  52. Kathryne bishop says

    I love how “green” it is, that it charges as you walk! That is really cool!

  53. Ryan M says

    My favorite feature is that the screen shows a picture of a baby when your child is in the seat.

  54. Crystal says

    I love this! It folds and unfolds on its own? Amazing! And I can charge my phone? Wow! I love that its so universal too. Up to 40 lbs means my 3 year old could ride, or I could add the bassinet for our new addition coming in July! Oh, how I would love to win! Here’s hoping and wishing and praying! AND, now I’m off to submit the other entries for more luck!

  55. Maria Schoolcraft says

    I narrowed it down to two favorite features — the automatic folding feature, and the wheel-mounted dynamos that generate power when the wheels turn. I mean, how cool is that?

  56. Brian S says

    Thanks so much for this review. I’ve never heard of 4moms before. That is one bad stroller! Automatic folding is THE solution for a toddler who won’t stay still while you’re holding a baby, trying to shake a stroller open and closed!

  57. Kimberly Terrio says

    I love the auto fold – AND the wheels that help roll the folded stroller! How cool!

  58. Elizabeth H says

    OMG!! This is the one I’ve been waiting for. This stroller is how I was introduced to baby gizmo. Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed.

  59. Jennifer L. says

    The screen that tells you the temperature is pretty neat. But overall the coolest thing is definitly the fold!

  60. Kathryn H says

    It is so different with the automatic folding feature. I had never seen that before.

  61. Jennifer Woosley says

    automatic fold is my favorite..can’t tell you how many times I struggle closing my current stroller!

  62. Deb D. says

    Of course, I love the auto fold but I really like the sunroof and the LCD screen as well.

  63. Heather H. says

    I love that the stroller keeps track of how far you walked, and that it can charge a cell phone as you walk!

  64. Maria says

    USB charger for your phone AND it generates power as you walk! I love it all! Oh and of course the automatic fold…!

  65. Rebecca S says

    Love the automatic folding feature and the pram option. Headlights & speedometer are cool too!!!!

    Pinterest: Rebecca Sheehan

  66. Jen B. says

    What don’t I love!?? Mostly, I think the power fold is amazing, but a close second is the LCD & all that it does!

  67. Brittney Reader says

    I really love the LCD Screen!!! Love that it has a thermometer in it! AMAZING!

  68. Brooke Berger says

    I love everything about this stroller/ I love the headlights, I love the brake, the fold, the fact that you can change the color!

  69. Sari P says

    Of course my favorite feature has to be the power fold, but I also love the onboard computer and that it can charge my cell phone.

  70. Rachel P. says

    I love the fold! I also love that I can buy an adapter and charge my phone! How cool!

  71. Kortnie says

    I love the one step brake on this stroller! Some strollers are annoying to break and this seems so easy!!!

  72. Margaret Christensen says

    This might just be the coolest thing ever! My husband would go crazy for the auto fold. Love that you can charge a phone, too. The auto lights are pretty neat, too.

  73. Sarah Clawson Barnard says

    Seriously, what isn’t there to love? Power fold, charging phone……. what more could you want from a stroller =)

  74. Heidi M says

    I love the power fold/unfold, the baby sensor and of course, being able to charge my iPhone while walking! So cool!

    Pinterest: Heiders78
    YouTube: hmicolucci
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  75. Laura B says

    holy smokes! did you just see that thing fold all by itself? that is TOO cool! I love the little digital screen too!

  76. Sonya Morris says

    The power fold and it will charge my cell phone!
    Sonya Morris Pinterest
    sonyamorris5 Youtube

  77. Larisa Smyrnow says

    My baby boy is coming in less then a month, and I still need a stroller. A free one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  78. Cortney P says

    Oh my goodness!! What’s not to love?? Personally, I like the “sunroof,” the amazing fold, and the tripometer. I have to have this!

  79. Denise M says

    definitely the power folding, my stroller now you have to twist the handle and then release a button which is a total pain

  80. Jessica Schultz says

    THIS STROLLER IS AWESOME! We do a ton of night walking (when I come home from work it is generally dark) so the lights are a great safety feature. The auto fold and charging features are pretty cool too!

  81. Alicia G. says

    Holy Smokes! What a cool stroller!!!! I love that it charges itself and that you can use it to charge your phone. I also love the feature that allows you to keep track of how long and for how much distance you’ve been walking!!!
    Pinterest: agrenham
    Youtube: alicimez

  82. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I love everything about this stroller!!! I love the lights on the front of the stroller. I love the pedometer which is great because we workout a lot. I love that it fold on its own! Everything is amazing!

  83. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    I love the automatic fold (that’s just too fun to watch!), and that it charges your ipod AND that it keeps track of how far you’ve gone!

  84. Kara P. says

    Love the fold (for some reason, my mom can never manage to fold my Mac down- she always ends up throwing it in the back of her Jeep still up!) and all the “ometers” on the screen!

    Follow on pinterest- pixiegoose

  85. Mushka G says

    Awesome new gadget :)
    cant get over the ‘lazy’ fold but its really cool..
    and the sun roof is amazing!

  86. Caitlin A says

    I love how it keeps track of how far you’ve walked! Great for working out with my baby!

  87. margo B. says

    ah…Love the automatic fold! and the overall look of this stroller is very style concious;)

  88. Laura says

    The fold of course- but I also love that you could charge a cell phone while you walk.

  89. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    Ok, this thing is cool! I’d never spend the money for it but love the LCD screen, love the lights and LOVE the power fold!

    Pinterest Marci Lundberg-Asmus

  90. Karen M says

    definitely the fold…who wouldn’t love the fold? I’d feel like I was from the future :)

  91. Sarah Richardson says

    Love the self fold. Especially since I’m 31 weeks pregnant and bending over to get DD out of the stroller and then picking up and folding our current one is becoming harder and harder.

  92. says

    I love the automatic fold. Can’t beat that feature, especially when your tying to put a child in the car while balancing a stroller. Totally worth the value!!!!

  93. Debra says

    So much to love about this stroller, but the phone charger and the folding feature are DEFINITELY on top of my list!

  94. Becca says

    Love that it opens up by itself! Amazing. Even my husband could figure out how to open!

  95. Jennifer Abramshe says

    There are so many features that I love about this stroller. Of course the power fold and unfold is amazing. I also love the lcd screen showing distance and speed, the ease of pushing, the abundance of cup holders, the ability to charge phones, the addition of the basinet. This stroller is amazing!

  96. Tonya vince says

    I love how high tech it is! The cup holders, auto fold, vented sun canopy, you name it… I love it!

  97. Kellie O says

    I absolutely love love love love love love love love love love love love love love the power fold with a push of a button!!! It is so hard to fold a stroller when trying to hold the baby and get everything in the car. This would be perfect. Especially when trying to keep up with a toddler at the same time!

  98. jamie fox says

    The FOLD! its just soo cool I would be making the kids get out just so I could fold it!
    pookieduex on pinterest

  99. Lindsay I. says

    The fact it folds down on its own is amazing. I also love how sleek this design is. I’d love one!

  100. Jenna D says

    I love the auto fold and unfold and that it charges as you walk, but my favorite is the usb port for charging my phone!

  101. Baby Fussle says

    The bottle holders are such a great idea and the storage pouch is always a plus! The running lights are such a great idea! I love that the Origami has a sunroof, but still protects the child from the sun. What a great stroller!

  102. margo B. says

    Im not sure if I should be leaving my usernames in those little boxes or in the comment box- did both;)
    You tube name: underthestarrysky05
    pinterest: starrysky05
    Love your website and all the reviews
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. Maria says

    My favorite feature of the 4Moms Origami has to be the one button magic fold! I want it!

  104. kelly miller says

    wow! folding its’ self is cool ut i love that it charges as you walk and the simple things like a good sunshade and built in cup snack holders, plus the lights are extra fun!

  105. Betty Baez says

    i love the power fold of course and the reflective lights on the bottom

    pinterest angelgenius27

  106. Jessica says

    I would love to be able to log mileage and see how far I walk every week, since I use the stroller more than my car!

  107. Barbara W says

    Wow! what a high tech stroller this is! I love the power fold and the hidden wheels to pull it along once it is folded!! Thanks, Baby Gizmo, for giving me a chance to win this amazing stroller! <3

  108. Rachel S says

    I love technology and strollers so this is a perfect combination! My favorite features are the phone charger and LCD screen!

  109. Carolyn Romvári says

    Well sice I’m a total techno geek, I love that it charges my iPhone while I stroll and the headlights! I’m convinced I’ll walk more one the baby is out if I have this great piece of baby tech gear!

  110. Rachel Marzocchi Rudolph says

    That is the coolest stroller I have ever seen! I love the lights, the sunroof, the way it closes, the extra wheels, the screen! Just awesome!

  111. Nicole Jacobson says

    I LOVE the power fold option, and that this stroller can also take a car seat with an adapter – bonus!!

  112. LedysCarol says

    this is the coolest stroller ever! love the fold.

    youtube: mizzdevilicious
    pinterest, twitter& facebook: ledys carol

  113. Elizabeth P. says

    Just to start (on the long list of things that are AWESOME about this stroller) I love the big seat and the 40lb weight limit. The large canopy, or sun-roof, is a big plus as well. And of course lets not forget the automatic fold and unfold! I like that it could also charge your cell phone, or e-reader or whatever with the usb! Oh I’d LOVE to win this, crossing my fingers :)

    Pinterest: ejsp522

  114. Leah says

    I never remember to charge my phone, so definitely the USB port for your cell phone is my favorite feature!!!

  115. Brittney D says

    This has got to be the most amazing stroller ever! I LOVE that it folds and unfolds by itself, and has wheels to pull it on. Plus, headlights? Really? So safe for walking at night!

    Facebook/Pinterest- Brittney Demeter
    Twitter- BrittneyDemeter
    Youtube- lovemytwopeas

  116. Jossie Garcia says

    OMGee!! What a FABULOUS giveaway!! Many Thanks for providing me (and all the other moms) with the opportunity to win the Origami stroller!! Crossing my fingers and honing in my positive enegrty for the WIN!! :)

  117. Mandy says

    I love the way it folds!!!! That is by far the most awesome feature in a stroller I have ever seen.

  118. Ashley says

    I absolutely love that it folds on its own! No struggles in the parking lot:) Love the big seat & big sun shade also.

  119. Andrea says

    I like that it’s more upright. In my current stroller my daughter is more reclined if she leans back and she can’t see out as well. And of course the technology. :)

  120. Tiffany H. says

    I LOVE that it’s the first power folding stroller— that has to be the BEST part ever!!!! And, I also love that it charges on its own as you’re walking and the cell phone charger!!! AWESOME stroller!!!!!

  121. Adrienne G. says

    The phone charging feature of this stroller would be my favorite feature. My husband would love to have this!

  122. Jossie Garcia says

    Forgot to mention the features I most LOVE most!! Of course, the power fold. Followed closely by the 40 lbs capacity, the color personalization, the sunroof with visor shade, & the charging station. :D

  123. Theresa C. says

    I sooooo want to win this stroller!I’ve been wanting this stroller so badly for my little guy due in August.It is so cool,awesome reviews!!!Please pick me :)

  124. Jessica Rice says

    I love this stroller. Its automated but still can be override just incase. It charges your phone and is powered by just walking, how awesome is that!!! It may weigh a bit more than some strollers but it does hold up to 40lbs!!!

  125. KJeffery says

    The fold is amazing- shoulder surgery is in my future, so it would be so nice to not struggle with the stroller while using one hand! I’m also terrible at remembering to charge my cell phone, so the charging station is a great feature, too.

  126. Tessa Warnke says

    I love the headlights, and the phone charging option, too neat.


  127. Shelly Jones says

    I love the power that allows it to fold on its own and charge your cell phone all while recharging itself during your walk! Really cool!

  128. Samantha Willey says

    I adore Baby Gizmo- you have helped me to make many informed decision on baby loot I’ve purchased. 4Moms is also an AMAZING company. I am a 4Moms “insider”, I’ve owned a mamaroo, and tested their bathtub thermometer before it was on the market :) I can’t afford an origami before my kids outgrow it (even when #3 isn’t born yet, haha!!), so this would be amazing to win one!! I need to walk for my health and an umbrella stroller is so hard to lean over to push :( thanks for the opportunity!!!

  129. Theresa C. says

    My favorite feature is how the Origami folds in three dimensions making it more easy to store in your trunk with limited space and my trunk of course, has limited space.I’m in love !!

  130. Rishi says

    My favorite feature is it’s ability to fold alone. Excellent for when hands are full…

  131. Jodi Brown says

    I love that it folds on its own and you don’t have to fool with it. With a little one, your hands are full enough!

  132. ashley respicio says

    I love the hidden wheels and all the great technology that comes with the stroller :)

  133. Leslie B says

    I love the look of it first of all! It looks modern & cool! The fact you can charge your cell phone rocks and that is folds itself is amazing! I have to get this stroller! I love it!
    Pinterest: divababydesigns
    facebook Leslie Rohner Bauman
    you tube diva baby designs

  134. Michelle O. says

    I love the charge while you walk feature of the generator. The fact that you can charge your cell phone with it is super cool.

  135. Christina Parker says

    Of course I love the power folding and unfolding it’s awesome! I also really like the sun roof.

  136. Jen Pecoraro says

    I LOVE this stroller- my dream item for my new baby (arriving in July.) My husband is a complete techno geek and this is right up his alley! When we walked into our local baby boutique I knew there would be no other choice for us!

    My favorite feature is the auto running lights- now there is NO excuse to get back in shape after this baby arrives… I can push it anywhere and at ANY time! Besides that… who doesn’t just love the push button close & open- FINALLY someone thought about making things a little easier for us moms.

    Hope to win!

    Pinterest Name: Jenby18
    Youtube Name: JenPec18


  137. Laura J says

    I really like that it has headlights! That seems more practical than the automatic fold & it’s a great safety feature as well

  138. Heather P says

    This is just the coolest stroller I have ever seen! I guess the auto fold is my favorite feature.

  139. Kristina Smith-Payne says

    This is such a cool tech-y stroller! I love the look, auto-fold, running lights and cup holders on the sides of the seat (instead of a tray).

  140. Katy Hawalka says

    the fold is amazing. my husband is yet to figure out any stroller fold without complaining! haha!
    pinterest: katy hawalka

  141. Haley E says

    What is NOT to love about this stroller? I absolutely love all the technology that wentthe into the stroller. Folding itself is pure genius

  142. jamie says

    I love the one button fold of the oragami. So often with my son I am left struggling folding the stroller up while holding on to him (or trying to) To be, this is the best feature!!

  143. Maria Amaral says

    This stroller is beyond AMAZING! I just love everything about the stroller from the ease of closing it to the extra power to charge my iPhone. There is not a feature on the origami I do not LOVE! My son would look great rolling around in style.

  144. Hannalore Kirkaldy says

    Inlove that it folds by itself with a wheel on the bottom to help! The safety features as well as being able to charge your cell phone is amazing!

  145. Ayalen A says

    I love its technology! It really brings a stroller ride to a whole new dimension, i mean LCD display! power folding!!! and phone charger?!!!! I’ve never seeing something like that!!! It really looks like a thingamastroller from those wonderful solutions Thing 1 and Thing 2 always bring to the Cat in the Hat where you just push a red button and all your needs are met!!! I just Love it for my baby girl! And what I love the most is that my Geek Hubby will enjoy even more the daily stroller ride time LOL!!!

  146. Brandi Vargas says

    Seriously? LOVE IT! Folding on it’s own is amazing… that’s the thing I fight most with my stroller! I would totally get the iPhone charger adapter thingy too. Nice! :)

  147. Grace Godinez says

    My favorite thing about the Origami is the no hands fold I mean come on, fantastic!

  148. Shaunte Oakley says

    I would love to have this we are heading on another vacation & cruise soon and this would be a great thing to have. It folds so much smaller then the stroller I own. I love how the sun roof covers so much more of your baby then the other strollers do and it also allows me to see my baby at the same time.

  149. Amanda Ryan says

    I love this stroller. the LCD screen is amazing and the fold is crazy and perfect for a new mom lugging around a ton of gear.

  150. Tanique Haley says

    I love the one touch button that unfolds the stroller! Also the iPod charger is a decimate WOW factor!

  151. Ashley F. says

    WOW – This looks like the TOP OF THE LINE stroller of the future…but yet it’s here for today’s usage!! I love the headlights; what a great safety feature!

  152. Jessie S says

    I really like that it is charged by pushing momentum and the way it opens and closes with a simple push of a button

  153. Margaret says

    Oh My! The power fold and power open. The head lights. I love it! Great for our techi family!

  154. Leslie Guenther says

    With two toddlers and a newborn the push button open and close would be wonderful.

  155. Mike says

    My favorite feature is the 4 wheel suspension. I tested this stroller out in a local store and loved how it felt and “strolled.” Also, I really like the fact that it will charge my cell phone :-)

    Youtube- Unknown099

    Sorry I don’t have pinterest :-(

  156. Maria Amaral says

    This stroller is beyond AMAZING! There is not a feature that I do not LOVE on the origami. I love how easy it closes itself and the extra power to charge your iPhone as I always seem to run out of battery. My son would look great rolling along in the origami.

  157. Laura Miller says

    I LOVE it!!! My favorite feature of course is the fold!!! I could actually do it with my baby on my hip AND holding my toddler’s hand!

  158. Karoliina says

    nice automatic self fold, sun roof and head lights are very nice, my favorite features

  159. Gretchen in HB says

    Headlights, come on now, who can argue with that?!?! Coolest thing ever! Beats taping two flash lights to the front of your stroller. :-P

  160. Paul Mc says

    love that it folds itself, and all the tech aspects of it….but favorite feature is the device charger! freaking awesome!

  161. says

    I love the modern look of the Oragami. I think the headlights are awesome! It gets dark early in Oregon for half the year. I also like the more upright position. My daughter likes to sit up and not lay back.

  162. Stephanie Jarrett says

    Love the big canopy and pop out sun visor! Also, the handle is very stinkin’ cool! :)
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  163. Tina says

    The power fold is very cool. I also like how wide the seat is and the head lights are a nice touch. Oh! And i also like the trip counter so if you like to keep track of how much you’ve walked that day, it’ll give you that information without having to keep a separate device.

  164. Danielle b says

    Love the automatic electric fold!! Soo cool! And i love that theres a way to charge ur cell phOne on the stroller!! Even cOoler!!

  165. Ada says

    I low that it folds with just one touch. That will really help me out as I have been struggling with the one I have.

  166. Ashley H says

    The self open and close are the most obvious cool features, but I also think the hidden wheels so you don’t have to carry the stroller are great!

  167. Diana Akana says

    You can’t get any better with the Origami Stroller! It surpasses any mom’s or dad’s expectations in a stroller! My favorite feature that I simply like is the LCD screen that allows you to monitor your baby without the effort of peeking in front of canopy! Another one I like is the folding mechanism. I know when I get a new stroller, I always have to teach my husband how to fold it. Not with this one, all you do is push a button-Genius!!! Very modern and stylish! I wouldn’t mind trotting down the sidewalk with this baby!

  168. Valerie says

    The power fold is just awesome, but I love the funky look of this stroller :)
    pinterst: curlyq753
    youtube: valeriesrhodes

  169. Kimberly says

    I love that this stroller is made by the makers of the MamaRoo, aka my second set of hands. Its neat that this is power folding and can even charge my phone. It’s just a really cool stroller. :)

  170. abril says

    This stroller looks just like the one that i need, because i have and old elbow surgery and folding or unfolding other strollers is sooooo painful!!!!!

  171. Amal B. says

    I love this stroller. I love the power fold, and the headlights. How futuristic of them to put headlights on a stroller!!

  172. Lisa Lessig says

    I love the 4moms origami stroller. I think it’s so innovative that you can charge your cell phone on the stroller. I know that is perfect for me since my phone always seems to be losing charge and my cell phone is necessary in an emergency–and for pictures! Most of all, I love the power fold. How perfect for moms on the go!

  173. Hanan A. says

    I would love love love to win this stroller. I love the overall look of it. Awesome stroller. I love how easily it folds. Perfect!

  174. Erica says

    Pinterest: Erica Solomon. I like that it can charge your phone. Not loving the recline or storage, but its still cool to have.

  175. edna M says

    I love the automatic fold , since I am always so busy trying to get the baby on the carseat, folding my stroller and putting away all the baby stuff I carry , that automatic folding is great!!!

  176. Rebecca K says

    um… DUH! I LOVE the power fold! who wouldn’t?

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath

  177. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    You can charge your phone!?! WIth all the new battery sucking smart phones it’s perfect! I love the power fold too.

  178. Pamela H says

    Of course I love the fold! But I do like that You can get Carseat adapters for it oh and it can charge your cell phone!!
    Pinterest pamela Schut Horton

  179. Marie N says

    Wow! Between the auto-fold, the headlights, the LCD, & the ability to charge your cell (!!!), I can’t pick just one favorite feature!

  180. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love the battery that charges itself as you walk, and charges your cell phone, i need that, lol

  181. Brittany Heald says

    The motor powered fold and cell phone charger are ingenious! I hate fighting to fold and open a stroller!! Pinterest name- Healdx4

  182. Aleka Mayr says

    I love that the generator uses the energy from strolling for powers makes exercise through walks very cools

  183. Rebecca Herrington says

    WOW! what a stroller. I love the power fold and unfold.
    pintrest name rebecca chad

  184. Maria Dumas says

    Omg!!! Amazing!! Obviously the greatest feature is that automatic fold and open!!!!! Amazing!

  185. Karla says

    Love the automatic open and fold and the lights and generator.. so cool
    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  186. Janet says

    Omg this is the most amazing stroller ever. The fact that it can fold and unfold itself is fantastic and it has the little wheels to pull it around. Man they really thought of everything on this stroller. The LCD screen is also really cool and I love the fact that you can buy a cord and charge your cell phone at the same time. This is such a neat stroller :)

  187. Kira M. says

    This stroller is awesome! There are so many things I like, that it is hard to pick a favorite. I love that this stroller will charge my cell phone. The battery on my phone dies so quickly! The speedometer and pedometer are also two features I really like!

  188. Kyle Prior says

    I LOVE that the Origami folds and unfolds itself (because Mom’s are always on the go with a TON to take with them in there arms, so what could be better…) and also that the Origami charges itself while you walk…this is also perfect for the new age Mother who is on the go….its ready for the next use before you even are without having to wake up in the middle of the night and think…..did i charge it? PERFECT PRODUCT!!

  189. Michelle says

    The power fold/unfold is amazing! Also love that it can charge a phone.

    on pinterest:happymamachi

  190. marisol hernandez says

    such a great stroller! visually appealing but so many great features! i love how you can charge your cell phone and it has a generator, the lights for when you need to walk youre dog at night, and the lcd screen with the thermoteter and speedometer!! omg! this is top notch state of the art thechonology! best part is the automatic power fold, wow! im impressed

  191. Amy says

    I love how easy it seems to open and close! And the color makes it stand out that much more!

  192. Kyle Prior says

    A FANTASTIC review…you really went into EVERY detail (such as how to adjust the seat to sit back or up right…) I love this stroller (I have wanted one since I found out I was pregnant…but can’t afford one…I’m due April 23rd 2012) so I have seen a lot of reviews and this is by far the best and most in depth review that is out there….I thought I knew everything about the Origami and you taught me new things….so THANK YOU…and thanks for giving me a chance to win something this amazing that my small town with one stop light in Ohio has NEVER seen before!!

  193. Roxanne C says

    I love all the high tech features but at the same time it has all the practical functions as well like holds baby carseat.

  194. Dana says

    I love all the features, color and most of all headlights! We do a lot of night-time walking and this would be a perfect asset to our long walks! SAFETY is soooo important!

  195. Stephanie says

    Love the fold and how the cell phone can be charged while pushing the stroller. pinterest is stephx0x0x and youtube is stephx0x0x

  196. Heather Bowler says

    I love this stroller! My favorite feature of course is the automatic fold. I love the display screen too and that you can lock it so that kids can’t mess with it. I’d love to win this!

  197. Diane Schoenhofen says

    This stroller is awesome! I love all the technology! The headlights are my favorite feature as well as the canopy. The open mesh area on the canopy is great for air circulation.

  198. Terrin Garis says

    Love the fact that it folds and unfolds by itself! Makes me giggle just watching the review!

  199. Stephanie A says

    I love the power folding and also the headlights by the wheelbase and the LCD monitor is really fun. The cute sunroof and the fact that you can roll it easily for travel is great too!

  200. Jeremie C says

    Love the power fold/unfold and that has its own power generator. Also that it can charge my phone also is a plus!

  201. Amanda Piper says

    Wow! How do I pick one feature?! Love the power fold, the digital screen and headlights!! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx)

  202. Christi Mallonee says

    LOVE the phone charger that works while you walk!! Perfect for our long walks, I also can’t believe it took this long for someone to make a automatic folding/unfolding stroller!! LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!

  203. Molly Bussler says

    My absolute favorite of all the strollers! The push button fold is so wonderful! Love to own one of these for my little one. Thank you Youtube – Mollydo2 Pinterest – Molly

  204. Christina says

    The phone charger! My phone doesnt make it through 4 hours (and thats with no use!)

  205. Danielle Ring says

    I’m going to agree with most moms on this one….THE FOLD! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! And the light….GENIUS! I’d probably die if I won this stroller ;)

  206. Maureen Modic says

    **I have to say the fold is amazing! But also I like the lights! :)

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  207. Cassandra Eastman says

    Best thing about this stroller? Everything! I love the headlights, the automatic fold, and the lcd screen! Amazing!

  208. Anne N. says

    I like that it recharges the battery as you walk and charges my cell phone! What a cool concept!
    Pinterest: muse1041

  209. Caitlin Bradley says

    I love EVERYTHING about this stroller! The power fold and unfold is awesome, the lcd screen showing distance and speed, the ease of pushing, the cup holders, Phone charger (Are you kidding? AWESOME!), the addition of the basinet. This stroller is just amazing!

  210. Kim says

    Love the self charge as you walk! Also the safety feature that it knows when there is a child in the seat and won’t fold!

  211. Aleia Chambers says

    I love that it keeps track of how far you’ve walked! I’m an avid walker and this would be awesome!

    Pinterest: Aleia Chambers

  212. says

    Oh my goodness! An ORIGAMI!!!!! This would be IDEAL when I fly to the hospital with my babes. How easy getting through the airport security line! Touch the button and ‘presto’, collapses while I gather the other stuff together.

  213. Erin D says

    It’s freaking amazing, never seen anything like it. Great auto fold and having a charger would be handy. Like the color too!

  214. Maureen says

    LCD SCREEN!!!! I peak in around the side of my stroller all the time to see if she is sleeping which means I have to slow down or stop walking. GENIUS

  215. Todd J says

    My favorite feature is the lights- I’m often up and moving before the sun. Of course the fold is awesome as well.

  216. Stephanie Jarrett says

    Love everything! LCD screen, canopy, tires… What’s not to love?
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  217. Valarie says

    love the kinetic charge and capability to charge my phone. oh, and the electric fold, of course.

  218. Jennifer Keeler says

    Love, love, love, love, did I say love this stroller! Headlights amazing, distance and weather screen, charges my ipod while I stroll, one touch fold, super, super, super cool! I wouldnt mind being stopped by everyone in awe that wanted to know more!

  219. Amy L. Norman says

    I am in tech lust over this stroller. HEADLIGHTS, Cell Phone charger, running lights, and even the non-tech fold, one step locking. I WANT THIS STROLLER! :) Good luck, mamas.

  220. Debra Edwards says

    This stroller amazes me, I had no idea there was a stroller like this. Love the bottle holders, the HEADLIGHTS, the sunroof, the seat scenser, and of course battery operated, 1st power stroller, truely amazing would love to have, I love that there is an option to charge your cell phone!!Love everything about it!

  221. Alejandra S. says

    I LOVE everything about it! Its looks, the headlights, the color, the amazing fold.. But the thing I like the best is the cell phone charger.

  222. Christy Long says

    My favorite feature, is the fact that walking the stroller charges the battery!

  223. Nicole says

    love EVERYTHING about this stroller! Especially the easy fold options and LCD screen!
    pinterest: knicoleallen

  224. Tabitha Brown says

    I love EVERYTHING about this stroller! the fold and unfold is amazing the screen showing distance and speed, the ease of pushing, the cup holders, and a Phone charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pinterest: tabmommy

    youtube: supermommy0609

  225. Katie says

    the fold is really cool!

    i follow fb, blog, youtube,pin

    youtube jacobsks1
    pin jacobsks77

  226. Allison S. says

    I love all the features of the LCD screen. I love how you can see your speed and the temperature! Plus those headlights are great for an evening walk. We live down the street from my in-laws so it would be so nice to have that if we stay a little later at their house and it is dark!

  227. Sabrina Radke says

    WOW, this is the coolest stroller I have ever seen! I love the power fold and open, the screen that tells you if baby is in the stroller (hehehe) and the cool flip flop friendly lock! Cool sunroof too!

  228. Audrey L. says

    How easy the folding is! Mom can just sees the stroller folds itself.
    youtube: audrey.lin29

  229. Melissa Martinez says

    Love the automatic fold and unfold!!! And best of all it has the USB Adapter that can charge my Iphone 4s which has horrible battery life!

  230. arlene edwards says

    I love the power folding part – definitely cool! I also like that it has the ability to charge my cell phone because I seriously dies daily and having that feature would be neat and prevent that from happening as often :o)

    pinterest ame8

  231. Karen says

    How fun is this stroller – the automatic fold is pretty nifty. Great for when your baby is crabby and wants to be held while you are trying to fold the stroller

    pinterest – 13kmm

  232. Emma says

    I have 4 children, anything that allows me to have 2 set of hands is a winner! Self-folding is the greatest feature, charging my phone on the go and it’s quirky look, all sounds good to me:-)

  233. Darcy Piteg says

    I’m sorry i’m so excited about the cell phone charger! The power fold is super cool, but since my phone ALWAYS dies, I’m excited about that!

  234. Gladys Z. says

    ummmm….what’s NOT to love about the origami?! it’s too cool!!! the automatic fold is the best, closely followed by the ability to charge your phone!

  235. Laura West says

    Automatic Fold! Wow…Finally someone understands what what moms really need!
    Pinterest Name: Laura West

  236. Marissa M says

    Omg this has to be the absolute coolest stroller ever!! I love love love it & would love to own it! My favorite feature would have to be the close and open being digital :) 1st of it’s kind & I’m one of a kind we’re perfect for one another :) The head lights are awesome as well! My child would look lovely in it!

  237. Laura G. says

    While some of the features are over the top, the auto folding is my favorite!

    Pinterest: littleabbycakes

  238. says

    Love that it charges as you walk and that it can charge my cell – that’s incredible!
    Pinterest: plumble
    Youtube: plumswith

  239. alicia camblor says

    the power fold is amazing and very easy for me to use because I have arthitis. As an older grandmother, this stroller is beneficial to all who use it whether you are a young parent or and old grand-parent. to bad this stroller did not exist years ago.

  240. Megan says

    Wow- power folding is AWESOME!!! But, I also love the super super upright seat positioning

  241. Heather Parker says

    Obviously the automatic fold and unfold!! And I like that it tells you the speed too.

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  242. Malea W. says

    I like the seat positions, not so much the folding. I could see that failing a year or two down the road with the beatings my strollers take. LOL!

  243. Samantha Severns says

    I’ve been doing a ton of research on strollers lately, and I love the Oragami. My husband is a computer engineer and is really into electronics. I love the sleek design and the lights.

  244. says

    love the electric fold, headlights, lcd screen, thermometer, speedometer and absolutely everything else!!
    you tube- rachelle sigler-patterson

  245. Alene says

    Wow! This stroller is amazing!!! I love how “techno savvy” it is…the screen that shows all the information is so cool and the power fold is awesome!!!

  246. Logan Carl-Snyder says

    Love love love the fold… So cool!! Fingers crossed!!!!!! Logan Carl-Snyder on pinterest and utube!!!

  247. says

    I love that my husband could actually figure out how to fold/unfold a stroller! :) I also love the USB charger for cell phones!!!

  248. joy wong says

    love how it feels like transformer and the solar power headlight, charging station
    pinterest joy wong, youtube joy wong

  249. Amy says

    The fold – never again will I have to shove my stroller in the back of the minivan in its unfolded state!

  250. Graeme M. says

    Love the power fold and the changable pads to change colors easily.
    Pinterest name is Graemeiam.

  251. Ashlee says

    Amazing! I love that it folds on it’s own, and the safety non-close if a child is in the seat! Very cool.

  252. Erin Horton says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller, especially the lights and that it can charge your cell phone!!!!! Amazing!!

  253. Toni says

    Love it all! The fold is awesome and the USB charger is exactly what us busy moms need!

  254. Carey A says

    LOVE the auto-fold and the ability to charge the iphone.

    pinterest: andcar05
    youtube: and20car05

  255. Iris Bentley says

    I love the look of this stroller, the seat cupholders, how it folds on it’s own, and how it could charge my cell phone as I’m walking
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  256. Kim T says

    This thing is like a transformer, my husband was like “whoa, we need this!” my favorite thing? It charges your iPod!!! How awesome!!

  257. Stephanie Dunton says

    Would love this for my future baby. With 4 older kids would be nice to have a stroller that is easy to fold.

  258. rosemary samsel says

    there are several things to love about tnis stroller but the fold is the best.

  259. allyn says

    i LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! but my most fave feature is definitely the power fold! :D

  260. David Ayers says

    No way, some one finally designed the coolest stroller. Automatic folding/unfolding, this is one of the high tech and craziest stroller I have ever seen.

  261. Glynis says

    Obviously, the power fold is ultra cool. However, I also love that it recharges as you walk.

  262. Eugenia Nieto says

    I like that it charges as you walk and that you can charge your cell phone too!

  263. Mariane Uitdewilligen says