Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller

babycargogiveaway copy Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller

Congratulations to our winner -

Entry #2733 – Mindy K.

There is a new baby gear company in town by the name of Baby Cargo. This new line of safe and modern baby products takes its inspiration from iconic architecture, fashion and interior design to let your baby stroll, rest, eat and play in style.

Baby Cargo’s Ultra Lightweight Series is made for travel and all designed to weigh less than 15 lbs. The 100, 200 and 300 strollers include specially engineered wheels for a smoother ride and a shoulder strap for carrying.  Plus, they are easy to fold and super compact. All these fabulous features make Baby Cargo’s strollers ideal for airplanes and traveling with kids in general.

article babycargo300 Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller

Since summer travel season is almost here, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give away one of their 300 Series which just happens to be their top-of-the-line umbrella stroller.

This sleek stroller is not only lightweight but sports a large, padded seat with luxurious fabric, an included cup holder and that fabulous easy fold with shoulder strap. One lucky winner will win the Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller in the color of their choice this week!

To read our full review of the Baby Cargo 300 Series stroller go here:  Baby Gizmo Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller Review OR you can just watch our video review below…


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*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter option which is once per day!) Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once (or you can just combine all your answers into one comment). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Today’s Giveaway STARTS Monday, May 7, 2012 at 12:01am EST and ends on SUNDAY, May 13, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. (Sorry but US residents only!)

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  1. Ashley Vandenbrink says

    Oh my gosh this is soo AWESOME I love the fact that the stroller has plenty of room and has a place to put cell phones even!

  2. Marianne says

    Love the long handles my husband is tall and he always has issues with kicking the back wheels.

  3. marisol hernandez says

    i love that its light weight and that it has 4 wheel shock suspension, great looking and i bet it handles like a dream ;)

  4. Rebecca K says

    Love the long handles, and automatic lock for an umbrella stroller! Also love the parent cupholder and pocket!

  5. Christina parker says

    I love how light weight it is and the 4 wheel shock suspension. I would love to win this!

  6. margo B. says

    really like the zipper pocket on the back of the stroller- I don’t have to worry about my keys or cell. Also like the fabric on the back of the seat- that can be folded over- for a better air flow in the summer days.

  7. Julia H says

    The features I love on this top of the line stroller are the lightness, lush fabrics, shock suspension, long handle bar and the ability to fold and fit into small compartments. Seems like a perfect on the run/ travel umbrella stroller.

  8. Claribel Michel says

    300 series is definitely a sleek stroller, love the parent pocket the easy fold and of course the shoulder strap. Love it!!!
    YouTube:Clary Michel

  9. Cortney P says

    Love the added cup holder. My hands are full enough usually. A place for my coffee would be ideal!

  10. Benjamin Spaulding says

    Awesome stroller quality with umbrella convenience? Sign me up!
    Youtube: 22benjamin22

  11. Janet W. says

    I love the larger seat for a bigger sized child even though it’s an umbrella sized stroller!

  12. Lindsay I. says

    I’m always looking for a good lightweight stroller! This looks great!

  13. Jackie S. says

    I really like the upgraded, padded fabric. It’s nice to not have to give up comfort for lightweight portability!

  14. Magdalena says

    I love that it is light weight stroller only 15 pounds! Great for travel!

  15. serena adkins says

    I love that there is a zipper on the back of the stroller where the canopy is at to store items.

  16. says

    I’m really digging the high handles and the taupe colored fabric. Style and comfort all in one. Looks like alovely umbrella stroller. I currently have a jogger and need something smaller.

  17. Kristin Fain says

    I really like the fabric and handles as well as the carrying strap.

  18. Robin says

    I love that it is lightweight and has a strap to carry it. Perfect for travelling!

  19. says

    I really like the tall handles. My husband and I are both over six feet tall, so handlebar height is important to us!

  20. Stephanie S. says

    I like the semi-see-through canopy so I can keep an eye on my kiddo, but he is also covered

  21. Katie L says

    I love lightweight strollers! Nice soft durable fabric is a plus for our little ones. I also like that it goes to 50lbs!

  22. Laura says

    I was looking at lightweight strollers and this one looks awesome :) thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  23. Elisa Maloney says

    I love the carry strap! Perfect for our trips to see the grandparents!

  24. Dana Jacobs says

    Love the handles, the recline, and the carrying strap. I really need this stroller! PLEASE!

  25. Amanda Slade says

    This is an incredible stroller! Love the fact that it is so light weight and has a carry strap. Also, don’t see very many strollers with a 50 lb weight limit and a parent pocket! I had a mclaren but had to purchase a pouch for the back but it was too small to fit stuff in!

  26. says

    Love that’s it’s so lightweight and sleek!
    One handed recline and 50 lb weight capacity make it ideal!

  27. Becky S says

    I love how lightweight it is without looking cheap! I have a cheap umberlla stroller and I would love to replace it with this wonderful stroller! :)

  28. Jennifer H. says

    I like how lightweight the stroller is. I love my full size stroller but I need something that grandma can easily take in and out of her car.

  29. Heather says

    What a great stroller for travel, love the adjustable recline and footrest. Easy to fold and lightweight is a must!

  30. Jaime says

    I like the weight capacity because it means that it can hold my 4yr old or my 1.5 yr old!

  31. Lauren Swanson says

    My favorite feature of the BabyCargo 300 stroller is the high weight capacity of 50 pounds. That is awesome for an umbrella stroller.

  32. Heather B says

    I love that this stroller is lightweight and that it has a parent pocket.

  33. STEFANIE-JO says

    I love how easily it folds! And I like how the window goes around to see more of the baby.

  34. leslie s says

    Love the easy fold and carrying strap …perfect for a day out and about.

  35. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    I love the parent storage, and I’m always looking for lightweight strollers!

  36. Kristen says

    I love that it is lightweight – perfect for our trip later this summer!

  37. Heidi M says

    I like the high weight capacity for such a lightweight stroller! And the Shoulder Strap is awesome!

  38. Allison West says

    I love the fact that it’s lightweight, and has a shoulder strap. Thanks!

  39. Brittney says

    I love the cup holder and “mom pockets” included on the back… no need for another buggy buddy= wonderful!! **Especially for an umbrella style! Love it :)

  40. Amy says

    can’t wait to take this on a trip to Panama City to visit the grand parents – perfect for the airplane!

  41. Yvone Scott Partin says

    I am in loive with the shoulder strap!!!! We live upstairs so that would make it easy to carry down stairs!

  42. Sara says

    I have heard great things about this stroller; I would really love to have one too’

  43. rachel v. says

    i love the higher handle height, i am tall so i wont have to hunch over with this one!

  44. Victoria Atkinson says

    It is lightweight,fully reclines, it is suitable for newborns as well as larger children. Super easy to fold and get in/out of the car.

  45. Jessica D. says

    Love the carrying strap as well that it is lightweight. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Michelle Heasley says

    I love the 50lb weight limit and that I can use it for both my 3 year old and my baby! I also love how it is so lightweight.

  47. Summer B says

    I like that the weight capacity is 50lbs, and all of the included accessories!

  48. Marci says

    I am on a search for an easy to fold, easy to steer, lightweight stroller with a carry strap, this might just be the one!

  49. Kim B says

    I love the handle bar height and that you can open the canopy in the back to let the air flow through on hot days!

  50. Steph says

    I love how lightweight it is! I already have enough stuff when I’m traveling with multiple children!

  51. Cam S says

    The viewing window is great to watch what your child is doing! and I love how high handles and included rain cover!

  52. Megan S says

    I love the rain guard. That is something that all strollers should come with.

  53. Mary Abas says

    I love the high handles for my tall husband & loving the cup holder that is securely attached to the stroller :)

  54. Shanna says

    Love the lightweight component. We have a trip to Ireland planned for the summer and this would be perfect!

  55. Rebecca M says

    Love the light weight and easy to fold! The cup holder, rain cover and strap are all an added bonus,

  56. D'Nell Parker says

    We are having our first baby and love learning about your products through your videos. I like the idea that this stroller is lightweight and has a carrying strap. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to use it!

  57. Rebecca says

    What’s not to like! Love how lightweight it is and that it has a basket too!

  58. Jamie says

    I would love to have a light umbrella stroller that still has a basket and pouch for stuff and that reclines!

  59. Terrin Garis says

    we do a lot of traveling and would love such a comfortable and easy umbrella stroller

  60. Linda says

    Love the fact that it’s practical and the weight limit is 50lbs. My green giant is barely 6 months and weighs 23lbs. This would be so useful for me! *crossing fingers*

  61. Staci Samadani says

    I love the storage pocket near the top of the stroller. You could use the pocket for your keys, phone, etc. on a walk around the neighborhood! I also like the cup holder. It is hard to find a stroller with parent cup holders & I am one mom that needs her coffee!

  62. says

    I LOVE the weight of the stroller — SO light and compact!! Also LOVE the cup holder — more compact strollers should have these!!

  63. Anne Lehnick says

    I like the mesh lined viewing window. Let’s me see my daughter without the heat getting to her.

  64. Lauren S says

    I love the look/style of it and really appreciate the fact that it’s lightweight ~ really makes life easy!

  65. Danielle says

    I love the parent pocket and the veiwing window! The weight limit is great as well and the leg rest is a great idea!

  66. Beth G. says

    nana is trying again! love the light weight strollers and great for my back…

  67. Mandi says

    I loved the fabric….looks very durable. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t have to pay extra for the rain guard. And at 15 lbs, who could ask for more??!!

  68. stacey s says

    love the ease of use of all functions. looks so easy to move , open, close, and lock. the rain shield is great to have! soft fabric is a must for little ones too! cup holder is great for mommies to have an extra hand

  69. Ashley says

    The parent storage pocket seems great! And the 50lb limit will make it last a long time and get some good use! =)

  70. Jessica Eluskie says

    I like a lot of the features but, living in the country I would have to say the wheel lock feature is awesome

  71. nancy says

    This stroller would be great for my granddaughter;sturdy,safe and lightweight and easy to lift into my car

  72. Heather says

    I love the higher end features on this light stroller. Really like the bar recline and how easy it is to fold. This would be great for the airport!

  73. dahlia topolosky says

    My favorite feature is the easy fold and lightweight! perfect for our one year old and 3 year old!

  74. Kimberly Bauer says

    At 5’9″ I am very excited about the handle height. Most lightweight strollers do make you hunch over when you are tall.

  75. Erin Lawrence says

    I love the window on the canopy- I like to be able to see in to the stroller without having to move the canopy! Looks like a great umbrella stroller!

  76. Wendy O. says

    Love that it’s lightweight (I love any lightweight stroller). ;) Also love the shoulder strap and cupholder!!

  77. Michelle says

    I love that it is so lightweight and you have a nice strap to carry it with too. It would make traveling so much easier.

  78. Amy says

    The stroper stap is great–it’s so handy when the baby is in the carrier and you need to carry the stroller up and down stairs. Like in NYC subways!

  79. Nicole says

    There are so many great features. I love the zipper pocket on the back of the canopy that can hold my cellphone & wallet and it’s easy to get to.

  80. Chana Siff says

    This is awesome – lightweight with carrying strap – what gets better?

  81. Audra-Lee says

    I love that it’s lightweight and the strap. Looks like a great product!

  82. Meagan Schober says

    I think that the feature I like the most besides for the five point harness is the UV protected peek-a-boo built into the sunshade. The parent pocket is nice as well, carrying keys in my front pocket on a nice day is not comfortable, and not always do I have a front pocket to put things in. Thanks for posting this!

  83. Amanda V says

    I love that its light! I have to carry almost everything because my husband is unable to carry much due to MD.

  84. Stephanie says

    I love the high handles, my husband would actually love that even more!

  85. says

    I love this umbrella stroller! It has a sturdy cup holder and it comes with a rain cover!! you don’t have to buy one seperatly!

  86. Kendra says

    This stroller looks awesome! My little one is due next week and we could use a nice stroller like this!!

  87. Misty says

    Many good features. It’s a toss up between the 50 lbs weight and the cup holder for my favorite. The fold with the carrying strap is also nice.

  88. Angie M says

    I like the rain guard and it’s awesome that it comes with the stroller.

  89. Jeanine says

    Wow – 28″ seat up to canopy – so awesome! Folding looks like a breeze!

  90. Beap says

    The adjustable footrest is a nice perk. I love the 200 series in the gray/tan color too.

  91. Brianna Byman says

    One handed recline. like. Also, I like the sleek look. CUP HOLDER TOO!

  92. Mamatha says

    like the viewing window and all wheel suspension… I like all wheel suspenssions for umbrella strollers it makes it less rickety

  93. Tracee says

    I would love to win this, we need a stroller!!! Thanks Baby Gizmo! Oh, and I love that it’s so compact. Not much room in the back of my car :)

  94. Sara Roth says

    The see through strip on the sun shade would be great for my toddler, I also like that it has higher handle bars, which means I wouldn’t have to be bent over to push it around. Overall is has a lot of great features for a travel/umbrella stroller.

  95. Jessica H. says

    I like the carrying strap and how it can lock the wheels so it can be leaned up against the wall when it is folded up.

  96. Pamela g says

    I love the viewing window, really nice to not have to move the canopy. Thanks for the giveaway

  97. Carrie M says

    I liked the carrying strap feature and the handles that might just work for my tall hubby!

  98. Tian H. says

    I love the shoulder strap, it will ease me to carry the stroller, thank you.

  99. Joy C. says

    I love three main things…the ease of folding/unfolding (auto-lock is a must have in my book), that it is lightweight (with a carrying strap!), and that material looks super chic and pretty high-end! It seems that this company really understands that a mom’s time is precious…multi-tasking…running errands, and the like. We need gear that works WITH us and FOR US…to make transitions with our children smooth and a breeze! Love this umbrella stroller!

  100. victoria says

    Love that it’s lighweight. I am small and have a hard time with the huge strollers

  101. Carina P. says

    I am drooling over the portability of this stroller. Love the shoulder strap and light weight

  102. Kathryn says

    One touch button release for the harness sounds great! As well as the one touch button to recline! Sounds like a great all-in-one umbrella stroller!

  103. Chanie Garelik says

    I like that this stroller looks easy to use with user friendly features

  104. OlyveOyl says

    I like the tall/high handle bars. Being tall, I will benefit from this option on the stroller. There are many great items for an umbrella stroller. Thanks.

  105. Sharifah says

    A carrying strap? cool! Rain guard? Awesome! Adjustable feet rest? Amazing! I’d love to win this.
    Best of luck to all!

  106. NANCY MORENO says

    I love this umbrella stroller! It has a sturdy cup holder and it comes with a rain cover!! you don’t have to buy one seperatly and it is lightweight,it is easy reclined:)

  107. Sara R says

    Love that it’s lightweight, comes with rain cover and i really like where cup holder and personal item is! very astute idea… and of course obviously for it’s safety! thk you !

  108. Kristy S says

    I had not thought about ease of travel when looking at what strollers to buy. This one looks great, too. Cup holder and taller handles are bonus for dad!

  109. Sarah wight says

    This looks great for travel! You can even use it as a carry on on a flight due to how light it is! I want one of these!

  110. Tonya M says

    I love the color of this one… but I really like the latch for the seat recline. It seems easy to use.

  111. Batsheva Shomer says

    This would be a really useful stroller for taking my little one on the subway. In Brooklyn, where we live, there’s lots of public transportation, and for that you need a small light stroller like the baby Cargo! It would be really nice to win;)!

  112. KAren M says

    I really like how the back opens on the canpony and lets air flow and the lightweight of it. Finally of course, the adult cup holder :)

    pinterest- 13kmm

  113. says

    This is such a cute stroller! I love the full view peek-a-boo window that allows you to see your little one but still shades them from the sun!

  114. jenny says

    I love how big the viewing window is. The window on our maclaren techno drives me batty!

  115. Michelle says

    I love that the Baby Cargo 300 Series Stroller is lightweight and easy to fold! And it has a cupholder included!!!

  116. Leslie Williams says

    I like that the foot rest is adjustable, that is a pretty awesome feature and one that you never see on other strollers!

  117. Taneisha says

    I love the 10″ leg drop and 13″ wide seat back. My son is on the tall side.

  118. Ashley Travis says

    I love its versatility and that it looks easy to use. I think this would make the perfect daddy stroller!

  119. Rachel L. says

    I like the one handed easy recline and the adjustable foot rest (my kids love to put their feet up!)

  120. shelly says

    i love the portability of the stroller, the cup holder love the viewing window.

  121. Elizabeth K says

    Easy fold is the best! With two toddlers and a baby on the way, easy fold is so important!

  122. Camella T says

    I lOve that it lays down flat!!! This feature is so hard to find in an umbrella stroller!! Hope I win!!

  123. Denise Nutile says

    Love strollers that are simple to use yet still look super stylish. Thanks for the review and contest.

  124. Alma DelaTorre says

    I just love that it reclines and the leg thing goes up … I love everything to tell you the truth … I love that it is light weight and that I can manuver with one hand. I really need a stroller .. hope I win.

  125. Maureen says

    The leg rest AMAZING! My kiddos are small and I live in the city so use my umbrella stroller often running in and out stores, Dr’s, etc when I drive…. But my 10 month old HATES our current umbrella stroller, she is so uncomfortable in it and just sags in there, poor thing. I bet she would LOVE this one, it reclines, legs go up, looks like great sturdy fabric. Plus, so easy to carry around and fold up on the CTA, brilliant. Wonder what their other products will be like.

  126. Julie says

    My favorite feature is that it can be used for bigger kids, up to 50 lbs. My toddler needs a good stroller and this looks great. He wouldn’t be squished and look like he’s in a doll stroller, lol. I also like how it can handle rougher terrain.

  127. Brooke Davis says

    I love that this isn’t the big bulky travel system I am currently using! Two features that particularly appeal to me: holds up to 50lbs, and easy recline … but what I love most is how adorable my little Lucy will look in it! I hope I wiiiiiiiiiin!

  128. Jessi says

    I love strollers that come with accessories!! What girl doesn’t love accessories!! Cup holder and a rain cover are a must!

  129. Valerie N says

    I love that is lightweight and yet still has a fairly high weight capacity. Finally a lightweight I can use for either of my kids!

  130. Blessing leage says

    I absolutle love that it’s light weight so it great for traveling especially on the plane. I love the simplicity of it because some strollers are very difficult to adjust. Doesn’t look like it’s hard to push which makes it easier for the mom!!!

  131. AngelineR says

    I love the ease of adjusting the recline, and how you can lock the wheels and store it in a standing position. I couldn’t do that with my Maclaren!

  132. Corinne L says

    Looks awesome! Seems to have all of the features I’ve been looking for! I need to find a place where I can play with one in person :)

  133. Jennifer Locke says

    I love the see through canopy & the easy fold! I would love to win this!!!

  134. Kiley Thompson says

    I like the one handed recline and carry strap, not to mention sleek black frame.

  135. claudia cordova says

    I like how its lightweight, reclines and how it holds up to 50lbs.

  136. Heather says

    I like how it folds down and how light weight it is. I also like the window to watch the baby without light getting through

  137. Brooke says

    I love how light weight it is, and that you only need one hand for the buckle and to lay the seat back! I also love the full peek-a-boo window!!

  138. Rochelle Luaders says

    I like the fabric and just that it looks like it is a nice umbrella stroller!

  139. Maria Dumas says

    I love that it is lightweight, has a strap to carry it, and has an easy one hand recline. :)

  140. Cindy B says

    The parent pocket, the cup holder, and the soft fabric are all nice features ~ thanks for a great giveaway.

  141. Melissa Easton says

    Love how lightweight this stroller is and that we get to pick the color if I win! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  142. Rachelle says

    I like how it hold a 50 lb child. I also like the look of the stroller.

  143. Catherine Green says

    I am dying to get my hands on this Cargo product. Especially when it’s specifically made to make traveling a little easier. My 2 yr old is tall and about 38 lbs. so I would love to see how well he fits and how the wheels will hold up. Hope I win it!!!

  144. Shireen says

    The automatic lock and apparent ease of use wins me over. Being light weight but durable (so it seems) doesn’t hurt either :)

  145. Sara Serafinski says

    LOVE the handle height, since hubby and I are both tall and the 28 inch total height from seat bottom to top of canopy.

  146. Brittany says

    Love that it is lightweight and can be carried on your shoulder! Definitely a great feature to have while out and about downtown!

  147. Mary Honer says

    I love that this stroller can hold up to 50 lbs, and is lightweight! It looks really easy to use!

  148. Kat says

    I love that it’s light weight, is easy to recline and has a huge storage basket!

  149. Carmen says

    it looks comfortable for the child, and love all the pockets…plus is lightweight!!!!

  150. Carmen says

    it looks comfortable for the child, and love all the pockets…plus is lightweight

  151. Pree Gadey says

    Love that the stroller does not pretend to be more than a stroller. Simple and sweet.

  152. Sheryl Granholm says

    I like the window that goes all the way around so there’s no need to pull down the top to check on the baby, you can just peek right in. :)

  153. sUMMER BONNER says

    the long handles, and automatic lock for an umbrella stroller! Also love the parent cupholder and pocket!

  154. Taryn Handlon says

    I love that it is lightweight yet can hold a larger child.
    Pinterest: tarynhandlon

  155. Jenny H says

    I love the design of this stroller. Strollers with black frames are so pretty. Hope I win it!

  156. saba Cossor says

    Love the automatic lock, and how lightweight it is, and the storage basket :)

  157. Charlene K. says

    I love the look of the stroller. The fact that it has an automatic lock is really cool though!

  158. arlene edwards says

    I really like the full view window, the cupholder and the style of hte stroller, though I like the blue and tan colors better!

  159. Laura H says

    i like how lightweight it is…you never realize until you have a heavy stroller! Automatic lock is nice too.

  160. Aarti says

    Maneuverability and light weight – would be great for my first solo flight(s) with baby!

  161. shumie says

    Lightweight, easy to fold, one hand control, and a smooth ride are pluses to me.

  162. Johanna De La Cruz says

    I love how easy it is to adjust the stroller seat and the 50 pound weight limit!

  163. Shelly Jones says

    Good quality AND lightweight! So many strollers are so heavy and bulky.

  164. Jennifer McGrath says

    I am definitely a fan of the portability of the stroller and the automatic lock. Good stuff!

  165. Amanda says

    I love that 300 series is so lightweight yet holds up to 50 pounds! This would be perfect for our upcoming vacation!

  166. Matt Honeycutt says

    My favorite thighs about the baby cargo 300 series is the details. The designers at baby cargo have not forgotten the purpose of an umbrella stroller, and that it is supposed to light and airy but also has to have an ease of use that is superior to larger and bulkier strollers. I know that when the baby cargo visits my local baby store my daughter and I will be one of the first to give the 300 series a try! Thanks babygizmo for the great up and coming product reviews!

  167. Lacey McBride says

    I love that it’s lightweight! I really need a light weight stroller!

  168. Molly says

    It seems like it would be the perfect car stroller, being so light and easy to fold!

  169. Melinda M. says

    The carry strap, good size window, and being lightweight are key. Cup holder is also a must!

  170. Copper says

    I love the storage! Also that it’s light weight… I could really use a lightweight stroller!

  171. Mindy Klugmann says

    I like that it is lightweight, has decent storage, but most of all I like the automatic lock!

  172. veronica higgins says

    my sis is 47 with her first(natural) and I’d love to spoil her with a fantastic stroller.

  173. valerie chavez says

    I’ve been looking to replace my old stoller. It’s taken a beating through two kids.

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