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homead549 Baby Gizmo Giveaway: BOB Ironman Stroller

Congratulations to our winner -

Christina P. from Sacramento, CA

Summer is here and many of us are out pounding the payment to stay in shape. Well, we’re out running, that is. If you are a mom (or a dad!) with a little one, you know many times the kid has to come along on your run. This is where a good jogging stroller is key. No one wants a stroller that isn’t meant for jogging to be holding them back on their run. That is when BOB comes to the rescue!

BOB Ironman will be your new running BFF that won’t complain when you bring the little one along. In fact, BOB will carry your baby. What did I tell you? Best. Running. BFF. Ever. Not only will he carry the baby but he will do it comfortably, without throwing the kid all over the place, won’t get in the way of your run AND will carry your stuff in his man-bag…ummm, I mean basket. He’s a good guy. Just give him a chance!

bobironman giveaway Baby Gizmo Giveaway: BOB Ironman Stroller

BOB is smooth, sturdy, will carry all your stuff including your kid, has great sun protection and won’t hold you back on your run. Sure, he’s pretty to look at but this week we are giving him away. One lucky winner will have their choice of a BOB Ironman in yellow or navy. If you are a runner, you want this guy!  He’s fantastic!

bobironman giveaway2 Baby Gizmo Giveaway: BOB Ironman Stroller

Wanna see BOB up close and personal? Watch our video review below. This is a good thing to do anyway because there *might* be a quiz. icon smile Baby Gizmo Giveaway: BOB Ironman Stroller

Howtoenter Baby Gizmo Giveaway: BOB Ironman Stroller


One lucky reader will win a BOB Ironman Stroller in Navy or Yellow. Giveaway open to US residents only.


Watch the video review (up above!), and let us know what is your favorite BOB feature in a comment below. Giveaway ends Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 11:59 CST. Winner chosen by


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  1. Amanda says

    Living in sunny South Carolina I am loving the bobs huge canopy! This would be perfect to start taking out little one to run some 5ks right along with us.

  2. Robyn says

    Just wrote on FB – this is my first time submitting myself for one of your giveaways!

  3. Signe Newman says

    I follow on facebook, receive weekly emails, and my favorite feature is the adjustable shock system.

  4. Melissa Aho Keranen says

    I love the big tires and how it can accommodate a child up to 70lbs!

  5. Amy Hardesty says

    I love the large canopy, but also the handbrake – handy! (No pun intended!)

  6. Stephanie S. says

    I let you know on FB that I *NEED* the BOB Ironman!!
    Stephanie Savarese

  7. Stephanie S. says

    I am already a weekly newsletter subscriber!
    Sbsmitony at gmail dot com

  8. Stephanie S. says

    The huge, full coverage canopy with huge viewing window is a great feature

  9. Benjamin Spaulding says

    Favorite feature of the BOB Ironman? Pneumatic tires, durable and light! It’s what I need for running trails!

  10. says

    omg! I would sure love to win this. Big beautiful tires, bright yellow color, huge canopy, child weight at 70 lbs and more? Pinch me and make this day dream end. My fingers are crossed tightly for this one.

  11. larissa morgan says

    love the canopy and weight limit!
    youtube- laldridge1
    I am a subscriber to your newsletter :)

  12. Susan Hubley says

    I love the lightweight of the ironman and the speed you can reach with the front wheel fixed you can glide along the trail.
    Awesome piece of exercise equipment!

  13. Lauren VanSteenvoort says

    love the tires and canopy, and BOB’s reputation and durability.

  14. Emily D says

    I am a huge fan of the huge basket I can never seem to cram all my baby things and personal things in any storage basket I have used – this one looks big!!!

  15. Stephanie says

    This stroller can take everything I can dish out – love that it’s super rugged!

  16. Mandy S says

    Well. I’m not a hard core runner yet but i want to be. I love the canopy and the shock system.

  17. Danae Turner says

    Love the high weight limit now I just have to lose a few (okay a lot) pounds and my kids can push me…

  18. Molly Ann Bussler says

    I love the front fixed wheel and the hand brakes…I really need this…after having my baby last month…I need to get back in shape and this would be the perfect stroller to help with the task. Thank you!

  19. Maureen Modic says

    I know my hubby will love how lightweight this is and how great for running!

  20. Olivia says

    Oh, the Bob would be awesome to cruise up and down the shores of my coastal town. Would love to get in my fitness with this awesome ride for baby.

  21. Alana W says

    I’m a fan of yours on Facebook. Have been for a while. Would love to win this amazing prize!

  22. Alana W says

    I subscribe to your newsletter. This stroller would be awesome for Alaska with the giant wheels!

  23. Kelly Andrus says

    I love how lightweight it is and the bag for my keys, glasses and water bottle!

  24. Tiffany H. says

    My favorite feature of this stroller would be a tie between the 70 lb. weight capacity and the extra back padding!!

  25. Maureen says

    I love that the baby jogger will take away my last excuse as to why I haven’t gotten back to running!

  26. Melanie says

    I love the 70 lb weight limit! I have a 4 year old thats 95th percentile and no other stroller works for exercise.

  27. Cindy says

    I love the extra back support it offers. I have back and neck issues so I never want my child to suffer of it especially from me getting my exercise in.

  28. Bryan C. says

    Great weight limit & good jogging stroller. Liked on FB & Youtube subscriber- asten2002

  29. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love the huge seat and 70 lb wieght limit, perfect for my disabled 8 year old, who’s wheelchair won’t go anywhere but perfectly smooth surfaces. I can see us being able to go to the beach, park, knoebels….!!

  30. Tonya says

    I love the adjustable handle bar and how lightweight the BOB is. Very important features for this momma!

  31. Jessica Barnhart says

    I like babygizmo on fb, username DomLailamommy, I left a comment on your wall

  32. Jessica Barnhart says

    I subscribe to your youtube channel…and love it! username DomLailamommy

  33. Meg Trauth says

    Definitely the 70 lb weight limit…would love to job with my kids long term! Meg

  34. Niki P. says

    My son always wants to go with me when i run. This would be great bc it’s lightweight, it has lots of room for him to bring some books along with him or toys, and i LOVE the huge sunshade. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller.

  35. Heidi says

    I “like” Baby Gizmo, subscribe to YouTube, and the Weekly newsletter already :) I’m running my first 10K this weekend and desperately want a jogging stroller for the summer!

  36. Marisa Orlandi says

    Would love to have a lightweight jogging stroller that both my husband and I can use! Our current jogging stroller broke so we could really use one. I’m on pinterest and you tube at marisapizz.

  37. Lindsey says

    I can’t just pick one favorite feature! I love the shock absorber that adjust with the childs weight! The storage compartment that is big enough for a diaper bag! The hand break so you can slow it down with the squeeze of a hand! The large sun canopy to shade your child!

  38. Laurel says

    I love this jogging stroller! My little one will be here in two weeks and I can’t wait to get back to jogging and get back in shape!

  39. Heidi says

    I subscribe to the weekly newsletter-that’s how I find out about the giveaways! :)

  40. Katie L says

    70lb weight capacity and 15 inches wide so nice and roomy! Love the back support for your little one too!

  41. kailee cherry says

    I love how lightweight it is and the adjustable handles. I already subsribe to your fb and pinterest.

  42. Alice says

    I hurried and subscribed to all the feeds on your strollers! Facebook/Pintrerest/YouTube and your newsletter……..Seems there is a population explosion in our family…..Babies arriving in every family! So this is wonderful info for a Grandmother of 13 and Great GramMa of 4…….Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. But tell me…….can I get a stroller to hold 4 (or more) when the family gets together???

  43. Megan S says

    I subscribe to the weekly newsletters and you always have great information in them.

  44. D Schmidt says

    I like the two storage areas, the mesh one behind the seat is great for cell phones as you mentioned

  45. Cortney Parks says

    I love the snack pockets and all the interchangeable accessories BOB offers.

  46. Jessica says

    I love the 70 lb weight limit and wide seat. I also loved the little one introducing the stroller…that was too cute

  47. Heather Parker says

    Love the roomy seat and big wheels! I’m a Facebook liking, newsletter subscribing, YouTube watching mama too!

  48. Ashley says

    I love the weight capacity big enough for an older child. Also love the storage underneath.

  49. Andreas says

    The shock absorption system and weight capacity are my favorite features. That having been said, my favorite part of the video is the little guy’s intro of the “Ironing Man”, with subsequent bicep flex. The ladies are helpless.

  50. Theresa J says

    I looooove the wide seat, weight capacity and that it is extremely rugged. I love the adjustable shock system.

  51. Emanuel says

    I really like that it is for runners (proper). I run many many miles weekly and I need a stroller that can keep up with me.

  52. Lindsay I. says

    I suscribe to your weekly newsletter, and it is one of the favorite ones I get!

  53. Laurie Callis says

    I am already a follower of your Facebook page and made my witty comment today!

  54. Sarah wight says

    I am a follower on fb, you tube and get your newsletters, and this stroller would be perfect for our family. The tires look so much more aprropriate for a run than our chiccos foam tires!

  55. Laurie Callis says

    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel! Looking forward to checking it out.

  56. Carly says

    I love the tires and the fact that this stroller can be used on different terrains.

  57. Kristin says

    My favorite feature is the shock absorption system – this would make runs so much smoother!

  58. Esther Jacob says

    Love the shock-absorption system and the hand break for going down hills!
    Left a fcbk comment, username: Esther Rivka Jacob
    Youtube name: multiaj_2000

  59. Heather Bowler says

    I love this Ironman BOB. My husband and I are runners and this stroller looks perfect for it! My favorite feature would have to be the oversized canopy (which is a BOB staple) and the suspension system allowing to switch for weight accomodations. I “like” Baby Gizmo on facebook, pinterest, subscribe to your youtube channel, and receive your weekly newsletter.

  60. Shannon McKean says

    What don’t I love about BOB strollers?!? I LOVE the huge canopy, so I can run in all weather and not worry about the baby getting wet or the sun getting in her eyes. But I think the hand brake is my favorite. I run on a hike and bike trail with steep hills at cross streets, and I don’t want the stroller to get out of control!

  61. Kelly says

    I like the extra support in the seat. My current jogger doesn’t have this & my baby can only be fully reclined to be comfortable. She’d prefer to sit up & look out.

  62. Brooke Berger says

    Love this stroller- love the shocks and the canopy. I love to run so this the perfect stroller for me and my baby!

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel and subscribe to your newsletter! I love baby gizmo!!

  63. Cheryl says

    I subscribEd to your newsletter… Great reviews & information on baby essentials. Thanks…

  64. Asha says

    For me the shock absorption system is what is most important. I want that ride to be most comfortable for my little guy and this makes it easier to run on different terrains without any worry! The expandable sunshade and big basket are also notable features.

  65. Jeni Herrera says

    The oversized canopy is the best feature! Since my 23 mo old son has Leukemia we have to be EXTRA careful in exposing him to the sun since the chemo he takes makes him very sensitive to sunlight, but we don’t want to be cooped up indoors because of it either so this would be the perfect stroller for us to get him out and about!

  66. A.Kraft says

    I love that this stroller goes up to 70 pounds. You’re getting your money’s worth when you can use it with an older child if you bought it when they were a baby.

  67. says

    I want to win this stroller SO bad!! I’m determined to get in shape after this baby arrives in August, and a new jogging stroller is on the very top of my list! It’s kinda a crazy thing to be excited about, but the oversized canopy is one of my favorite features!! Please, pick me!! :)

  68. Hanna Rutter says

    My husband and I would love a BOB Ironman stroller for when the baby comes in 3 months! My husband and I run a lot and this stroller is supposed to be the best of all the baby joggers! I love the swivel wheel and shock absorber features!

  69. says

    I would love to win a bob! I am using a horrible Evenflo stroller and the wheels get stuck all the time :( my favorite feature of the bob are the wheels! What I would give for a stroller move with ease :(

  70. says

    I liked you on Facebook!!

    I would love to win a bob! I am using a horrible Evenflo stroller and the wheels get stuck all the time :( my favorite feature of the bob are the wheels! What I would give for a stroller move with ease :(

  71. says

    I am already subscribed to your emails :)

    I would love to win a bob! I am using a horrible Evenflo stroller and the wheels get stuck all the time :( my favorite feature of the bob are the wheels! What I would give for a stroller move with ease :(

  72. Kelly says

    Follow baby gizmo on pinterest & pinned bob giveaway. Left comment Love baby gizmo & the bob!

  73. Danielle Tatro says

    Would love to win this stroller fro my sister, she’s a hardcore jogger and just can’t afford a jogging stroller right now. Love the fact that it’s for real joggers and has a fixed wheel. love the large size and weight capacity as well. The handbrake and the strap are awesome features as well. Thanks Hollie!

  74. Lauren S says

    Amazing Running Stroller ~ I love the wide seat and 70 lb weight capacity – it will no doubt last a long time!

  75. Heather scutakes says

    I love bob, the adjustable shocks and extra padding in the seat are a must for baby! I added u topinterest, subscribeto ur newsletter, like u and left commenton fb and subscribe to your youtube channel,yay!, would love to win bob!

  76. Ashlie Fuller says

    This stroller is great! I love the hand break, the large air filled wheels and how easy it is to open and close. Would love to win this stroller!

  77. Saarah says

    Love the adjusting shock system!!! Oh yay! Means this stroller can be used for a long time with growing kids! =)

  78. Angeline says

    I love the smooth steady ride of the BOB Ironman. Easy steering and control will make my jogs more carefree.

  79. Maria says

    I love how hard core this stroller is for runners:)
    I signed up for the weekly newsletters.

  80. Christina Parker says

    Love the smoothe ride and air filled tires and adjustable shock system!

  81. Angela Heffner says

    I love that the weight capacity is 70 lbs. My 4 yo is only 38 and I love the idea that I could use this jogger with him at age 5+
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  82. Angela Heffner says

    I like you on FB and I commented on your FB wall under the BoB giveaway post as (angela ross heffner)
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  83. says

    Love the front tire, great for jogging!! I’ve “Liked” you on Facebook, follow you on Pinterest, Subscribed to your youtube, and subscribed to your weekly newsletter! :)

  84. Helen Hubbard says

    Liked on Facebook, Subscribed to newsletter and youtube. My husband is a Fire Fighter in the Marines, this would be perfect for him.

  85. Angela Heffner says

    New Youtube channel subscriber angelahEffner1 (username)
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  86. Emily says

    I love the peeping window to watch my little nugget that I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET!

  87. lesha says

    Love everything about this stroller, totally covet my friends who have it already! like on facebook

  88. Masooma says

    Wow great weight capacity!! Love that we will be able to use it for a longer time!

  89. says

    Love that this jogging stroller is for hard core runners, and the adjustable shock system is my favorite feature to give baby a smooth ride!!!

  90. amy pugmire says

    my favorite feature is how much weight it can hold 70lbs. wow!! all 3 of my kids can be in at the same time lol!

  91. Alexandra says

    Omg i love this stroller! Everything about it is just perfect! Ive used other jogger strolles and they just cant keep up. This one is lightweight , easy to handle, perfect for me and my son. I have a 4 yr old son who stops me from running because he just gets to tired, and im also pregnant so im sure this stroller would be uses for quite a while.

  92. Jennifer Rutter says

    What’s not to love? But my favorite feature would have to be the hand brake on the handle bar.

  93. cristina says

    After seeing this review of the Ironman stroller, I love more than one feature of this stroller. It is important for me to have my child be comfortable, so I love that it provides a smooth ride due to the thinner wheels and shock absorbing system. Also if, I was a kid, I wold want sun coverage so I love that huge canopy. I value my health and think this product would allow me to work out more often because I wouldn’t have to find a sitter ( my gym doesnt have daycare). Very cool product!!

  94. Jen F says

    Like the back support for the long runs and the adjustable shock support to match the kiddos weight.

  95. Alicia says

    Love BOB strollers! Had a revolution duallie I used every day while my older two were young. Now, third one coming- this would be great! Especially with the big canopy for the Austin sun and the quick fold down (love it!) for putting the stroller in the minivan! Awesome!

  96. Carolyne R says

    I really like the large canopy & HUGE viewing window! And the high weight capacity is a bonus too – since my toddler is getting big but loves our running time. Of course, who wouldn’t LOVE the quick fold feature… what’s not to love about Bob?

  97. Tabitha Brown says

    I love this stroller!!!! I have used other jogging strollers and I hate when I run too fast it gets shaky. My husband and I both run and this works for both of us.

    I said hello on Facebook.
    Pin the giveaway:
    already a subscriber on youtube: supermommy0609
    already a news letter subscriber

  98. Beth G. says

    looks great to use and will get my daughter (and myself) out running with the baby

  99. serena adkins says

    liked baby gizmo and said something great about your company on my wall

  100. Danielle says

    I LOVE how it is lightweight and the color options. I have been looking for a jogging stroller so this would be a fabulous addition to my workout routine :)

  101. Michael says

    favorite feature about BOB is the strong but lightweight construction. The air-filled quality tires are awesome too

  102. Kelli says

    Liked you on facebook, wish there was a “love” option…Would love to give that “ooh-ra” yellow BOB stroller to the hubby so he can start training for the Marine Corps Marathon and have company while out on his run!

  103. Daphne says

    I love it’s weight capacity. It will last for many years with growing kids!

  104. vaiva young says

    I love to roller blade and I used it with my first child. My favorite feature is the wheels.

  105. Kristina Heaton says

    Favorite feature (or 2) is that my older/taller child can fit in this and that this stroller seems to be good for taller adults who are pushing it. Love it!!!

  106. Cristina says

    I just followed baby gizmo and pinned the BOB Ironman stroller! So excited!!!

  107. Maureen Spadoto says

    I am already a subscriber to the weekly newsletter – love it. It’s so nice for this busy Mom!

  108. Maureen Spadoto says

    Love your Youtube channel – such a terrific resource. It also keeps me entertained when I’m waiting on line or in a dr office!

  109. Maureen says

    My daughters love having their “things” with them… Meaning the snack trap, though extra, and the 2 drink holders are great. I get sick of them always handing their drinks back to me…..

  110. Maureen says

    I already like you on FB, subscribe to You Tube Channel, and weekly newsletter. Thanks

  111. Rach says

    I love that the BOB is for hardcore jogging and made to last, that is a must have for the active jogging mom or dad!

  112. julie bruce says

    I liked you I watched to you I then pinned you and also subscribed. I would love to continue running and this stroller would make it THAT much easier!!!

  113. Nadia says

    I like the hand brake and huge canopy……the little starage pockets in the seat would be useful too!

  114. Lisa says

    As a runner my favorite features are the tires that really make jogging with a stroller a bit more effortless. The fact that they included the shock system is awesome for helping to keep the movement from jostling the kiddos around. I love this!

  115. Nitasha says

    I am following Baby Gizmo on Pinterest and I pinned the video review from this post!

  116. Jennifer A says

    I love that it’s built for both men and women to run with. My husband and I can both get one and run together when our second child is born.

  117. Aura says

    I like the 70lb weight capacity so my 4yo can come along for the ride for the next few years

  118. Tonya King says

    Really like the easy fold and the hand brake on the BOB Ironman Stroller.

  119. Genevieve says

    I love the Bob – I want to jog every time i look at it. Baby #2 coming soon. Yup – i am having two under two so im going to need the Bob’s help getting back in shape!!!
    My favorite feature of the BOB Ironman is the extra support for the baby/child in the seat to keep him comfortable while i run my miles!

  120. Genevieve says

    i already like Baby Gizmo on facebook. I posted on your wall saying that the Bob Ironman is sexy!!!

  121. Vicki Gainsberg says

    I love the fact that this stroller is made just for jogging and not just for taking a stroll in the park. The wheels are perfect for running and the stroller folds up so easily!! I would love to be able to take my son with me on my runs!! He would love it!

  122. Sarah says

    I have subscribed to your youtube channel a long time ago, but recently started to follow you on pinterest and facebook. These tires look excellent!

  123. Nikole H. says

    I think it is amazing that it holds up to 70 pounds! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  124. Laura says

    My favorite features on the ironman, the wide seat for extra comfort, the wheels coming off for transport/storage and easy fold and light weight

  125. Caroline says

    Wow! This stroller may be just what it takes to get me running again. The height/weight limit is great. My son is very big for his age.

  126. beverly and casey says

    I love how off road or on… it is such a smooth ride. The way it folds down to place in the trunk of car is great. A lot of thought went into the making of this stroller. My son says he loves the yellow!
    we.. “like” your facebook page, subscribe to you tube and watched the review of stroller since we couldn’t get the one on your page to play.. we wrote on your wall.. and we discussed the stroller as a family. We subscribed for your newsletter and browsed and added pin to pin interest and followed some of your pin interest… Thank you

  127. Jen B. says

    I love the adjustable shock absorbers! We can use it forever with that feature!

    Youtube subscriber-jen1tiff

    On email list

    Facebook Fan

  128. Jaimee Baker says

    My favorite feature of the ironman is the front fixed wheel. subscribed to youtube (jaimeeNeil) and pinterest (Jaimee830)

  129. chris calderon says

    The shock absorb is a nice feature of this stroller and I also like how wide the seat is.

  130. Alycia M says

    I love the high weight capacity and sun protection!

    (This might be a duplicate entry, my internet died the first time I tried to submit. :))

  131. Sara Wilson says

    My favorite feature of the BOB is the adjustable shock absorbers and the snack pockets in the side of the seat. I already like Baby Gizmo and wrote something witty on their wall. ;)

  132. S.Mark says

    I love that it’s so lightweight and that it’s weight capacity is very high!

  133. Tasneem says

    The shock absorbers are a great feature. I can see them helping my baby be more comfy in a variety of situations.

  134. kelly miller says

    I am subscribed to you tube and it was your you tube videos that lead me to my stroller now:)

  135. Heather says

    Love the fixed wheel for jogging stability. Love the adjustable shock absorbers as well.

  136. Jennifer Keeler says

    I love the shock absorbers. I am already a subscriber to your youtube channel, weekly newsletter, like babygizmo on face book and have pinned the bob to my pinterest account Jendal25 :)

  137. Jennifer Keeler says

    Whoops see you wanted seperate comments. count the last for commenting on the stroller, this one for I am already a subscriber to your youtube channel

  138. Margaret Christensen says

    I love that this is a true jogging stroller for my running husband. This would give me a break and him more time with our boy!

  139. Rich says

    Great review! I like the back storage pocket and the bottom basket. The storage pocket for keys is a must. A pocket full of jingly keys is no fun on a run! The bottom basket is great for baby’s stuff but also for Fluffy’s leash or water bowl if they happen to come along too!

  140. Rose Lorre says

    My name here and on Facebook is Rose Maura Lorre and I wrote on your Facebook Wall.