Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller

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Congratulations to the winner –

Cindy B. from Panama City, FL

It’s a luxury stroller giveaway alert! Yep, who doesn’t want to stroll with a fancy-schmancy stroller?!? This week we are giving one lucky mama (or dada!) the guzzie + guss G+G 042 stroller in black for their little bundle of joy. This isn’t just any old stroller either. It comes with all the extra bells and whistles. The G+G 042 comes with reversible toddler seat, adjustable handlebar, large, rear air-filled tires, bassinet conversion kit, rain cover, foot muff and much more. The winner will win the exact stroller that we featured in our Baby Gizmo Video Review.

guzzie042 giveaway Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller

To watch our review of the guzzie + guss G+G 042 click the video below:


Howtoenter Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller


One lucky reader will win the guzzie + guss G+G 042 stroller in black (the exact stroller from our video review!). Giveaway open to US residents only.


Watch the video review (up above!), and let us know what is your favorite G+G 042 stroller feature is in a comment below. Giveaway ends Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 11:59 CST. Winner chosen by


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  1. Jennifer Abramshe says

    The most awesome feature has to be the ability to reverse the handle bar so the big tires are in the front.

  2. Stefanie M says

    Now that my daughter is 2, I am beginning to really appreciate harnesses that are more difficult to unbuckle! That is definitely my favorite feature of this stroller because so many strollers are surprisingly easy for children to get out of.

  3. Kathryn Siltala says

    I love the easy recline. Commented on wall and am a subscriber to your youtube channel

  4. Ashley Knepp says

    I love that you can fold it with the seat attached! Also loving the reversible handle!

  5. Theresa H. says

    I love that the seat can go either direction, and that it turns into a bassinet! I love bassinets but I wouldn’t every pay extra for one.

  6. Claribel Michel says

    Love the huge canopy, adjustable/reversible handlebars and of course reversible seat!! Newsletter subscriber!

  7. Brianna Byman says

    Love the HUGE canopy and that you can switch the stroller around for the terrain! Never thought of that before!!

  8. Hannalore Kirkaldy says

    My favorite feature is the reversible handle! Perfect for when I don’t want to take my baby out of the seat to turn the seat around, I can just switch the handle, amazing!

  9. Tova says

    I love how this stroller seat and handlebar reverses! I also love the large seat and weight! This is an awesome stroller!

  10. Shoshana says

    This looks like a great stroller and seems to have many features I look for!
    In no particular order I like that there are air tires, a pretty high weight limit, a reversible seat, and a full recline. The automatic lock is great and seems like it opens back up really easily. I love the reversible handle and that it comes with the bassinet!

  11. Candy says

    I subscribe to your YouTube and newsletter. Also leaving comment on you wall. I already liked you on Facebook too

  12. idy m says

    reverse handlebars!
    the stroller that i have now does not have this feature, and it’s very frustrating to walk around to the front each time my child cries.

  13. Angie Campbell says

    I love the reversible seating position this way my infant can face me when younger and then out to the world when older.

  14. Elisa Maloney says

    Left “something witty” on your Facebook page- and have already “liked” you for a long time!

  15. Amy Wing says

    I too love the reversable handle and the bassinet feature as well! Already liked on FB

  16. says

    Love the reversible handle! I need this so bad, I’m using a cheap evenflo stroller that’s already broken twice but we can’t afford anything else at this time! :(

  17. says

    Love the reversible handle! I need this so bad, our stroller has broken twice and we can’t afford to rebuy :(

    (my previous comment I misspelled my email, please do not approve it!)

  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love everything! I love that it’s nice and roomy for my just turned 3 year old, and I also love that it would be great for my 8 month old! And I loooove that it can face me, because my 8 month old is very very clingy and doesn’t ride in strollers well but if she could see me she would probably love it!

  19. Becky S. says

    The reversable handlebar feature is great!! I would loved to have had something like that with Baby #1! This would be perfect for Baby #2 :)

  20. Barbara W says

    I love the reversible handle so the big air filled tires can go first and seat that changes position!

  21. Barbara W says

    I “like” baby gizmo on facebook and I left a comment (don’t know if it is witty or not, but also said hi!)

  22. Sandra Taylor says

    There is so much to love about this stroller. Right now I am excited by that nice big canopy because the summer sun in Florida is brutal. I am already a subscriber. Thank you.

  23. Cammi H says

    I like the fact that the child can face the adult .. So important esp when they are very little to make sure nothing is covering their face and to make sure they are comfortable.

    Also subscribe to email.. :)

  24. Michelle says

    I love that I could adjust the seat to face any way I want. Very very impressive stroller. I would love to win it. Fingers crossed!!

  25. Jenni Rosen says

    I love the reversible seat option on the stroller. Also I’m already a newsletter subscriber.

  26. Christy Leshowitz says

    I posted a comment on your Facebook page stating that it’s my turn to win! :-)

  27. Samantha says

    I love so much! The 3 way recline, the canopy can move which is great since i have a 1 and 5yr old who love to ride :)

  28. Lauren says

    i love the rear air tires – which make such a difference when pushing on non flat services (my experience).

  29. Juliet Sigmann says

    Love the 50+ lb. limit and roomy seat. Great for long day trips and long walks.

  30. Kristy says

    I have been wanting this stroller ever since I saw it on Zulily! I love how the handlebar reverses. I would love a midsize stroller with air tires that can go indoors with me and take a wheel along board for my toddler!

  31. Elizabeth Leah Moncarsz says

    I liked you on facebook a few seconds ago and posted this comment on your wall.

    “Hello Baby Gizmo,
    Love your site and page and so thankful for all your insight about different baby products. Makes researching a baby item so easy…and time saving! Also love your contests…hope to win!”

  32. Val H says

    I love the telescoping handle! I have a tall husband and he does not like pushing strollers because of the height issue! I would love this stroller!

  33. Terrin G says

    love the large canopy and full recline. all the extras that are included are fabulous. the sand mode is totally awesome.

  34. Jessica says

    I like that the seat holds up to 53 pounds. My son is on the bigger side and the stroller would last us for a long time. I also like the removable bar.

  35. tzippy schreiber says

    i love the reversible feature and the big wheels- makes it much easier to push in the snow!!

  36. Bruna Schneider says

    I love that it has so many different seat positions. It can face forward, backwards, and can recline completely. This has to be a dream to own!

  37. Lauren says

    Love that the seat and the handlebar are both reversible. It’s also nice to see that the handlebar extends out for taller parents!

  38. Karla-Rae Krekoski says

    My favorite feature is the reversible handlebar and the fold in wheels for pushing it over the sand :) What a terrific feature!

    Thank you so much :)

  39. Shauna Duff says

    I really love the large canopy on the stroller. My son is very fair, and does not enjoy the sun. The canopy will keep the rays at bay.

  40. Coralie says

    I love that the stroller goes from bassinet to toddler stroller and can handle sand, stairs, trails and sidewalks too.

  41. Kaela T says

    Wow, love this stroller, but my top reasons aee the adjustable handles, bassinet conversion, air filled tires and general versatility of this stroller. I subscribe to the weekly newsletter, like you on fb, follow you on pinterest :)

  42. says

    I LOVE that it has the big rear wheels. I’ve only just started testing out strollers, but I can tell already some of them are going to be hard to take “off road.” I bet this one is easier to handle!

  43. Jackie says

    I lOve the big seat.. 53lbs?? Jeeeez, yOure right a 5 Or 6 yr old would fit comfortably!

  44. Kelly L says

    Favorite feature is the bassinet. Having my second and wanting a stroller with an attachable bassinet SO badly

  45. Becky Z says

    I love that it has the available toddler seat feature- I’ve wanted a stroller like that forever.

  46. Brooke Berger says

    Hope i win! Liked baby gizmo and left a comment on Facebook . Subscriber to YouTube and to newsletter.
    Subscriber name: weinsteinb
    Facebook: brooke Weinstein Berger

  47. Mandi says

    Awesome stroller!! Love the height adjustment and the ability to change the bar from the front to the back. Overall, I would love to own this luxury stroller!!

  48. Amy says

    I miss my reversible stroller – want this one! And its nice and tall to fit my 3 year old.

  49. Bia Klein says

    I like the telescoping handlebar (for those of us who are height challenged) and the fact that it fully reclines.

  50. Hannah says

    Love the adjustable handles and how it folds! Already subscribed to newsletter and youtube channel.

  51. Alicia says

    I love how light the stroller is and the versatility of the ways the seating can be utilized by parent and baby!

  52. Marlene Rooks says

    Too many features to list just one favorite! I love the reversible handle, hand brake, full coverage canopy and cinching basket!!

  53. erin c. says

    I love that this stroller features the convertible toddler seat as well as converting to a bassinet, so it can be used for a long time and the air filled tires are great, sometimes a stroller can be hard to manuever!

  54. Michelle H says

    My favorite feature of the guzzie + guss G+G 042 stroller is the telescoping handles. I am very tall, so this will make it more comfortable to use!

  55. Cindy B says

    Your pinterest link doesn’t seem to be working for me but my name there is the same as on fb

  56. Stephanie says

    I love the look of this new Guzzie & Gus stroller, the styling and attention to detail is fantastic!

  57. Cynthia says

    I am all over your facebook page! I LOVE the reversible seating, the ample storage and the bigger back wheels! YAY!!!!!!

  58. Cindy B says

    And I almost forgot ~ my fav feature is definitely the bassinet ~ since I will have a newborn any day now :)

  59. Erica Fox says

    (Already a FB and email subscriber) I love the 3 point positioning and the potential to have it reversible (if it doesn’t stick too much haha)

  60. Michelle says

    My favorite feature is the bassinet! Always something i wanted with my first two – number 3 is due any day!

  61. W. Wang says

    Love the features of the reversible handle and the two front wheels can fold in that you can pull the stroller with two big rear wheels.

  62. Mary A. says

    Loving the fact you can take it in the sand… i live in So Cal and that would come in reallll handy :)

  63. Jessica says

    The adjustable handles are super cool. I haven’t tried out a stroller with handles that customizable. It seems like most brands either extend out/in OR move up and down.

  64. dahlia topolosky says

    I love the reversible seat and handle! amazing for both my one year old and 3 year old!

  65. Mandi Hurvitz says

    Love the sand mode and included bassinet! Would definitely come in handy this summer.

  66. Angeline R says

    I subscribe to those awesome and informative newsletters. That’s how I found out about this! :)

  67. Cheyenne D says

    I liked you on Facebook and one of my FAVORITE features (there are a lot!) is the cinch bag underneath! I live in Portland and it rains A LOT. A cinched bag will make sure that none of my stuff gets ruined in the aftermath of the rain (aka PUDDLES). There are SO many other things I love about this stroller!

  68. Suzanne Werner says

    I love the reversible toddler seat as well as the fact that you can convert it to a bassinet!

  69. tanya says

    I liked your fb page a while ago. (What fun)… and I get your emails. Looks like a great new stroller. The canopy is awesome… and so is the basket underneath which can be closed. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a peek a boo window, but all in all a nifty stroller. :)

  70. Holly says

    Guzzie + Guss 042 Stroller is a great looking stroller. I love the basket and the reversible handlebar.

  71. Rachael Sawyer says

    My fav feature is the reversible handle. So handy when you have a little bitty one!!

  72. Allison says

    I like that it is reversible! And that the handle for the parents can adjust to taller peeps!

  73. Holly says

    I follow your Youtube channel and I loved seeing this giveaway in the newsletter email I received from you this morning.

  74. says

    I love the big tires, we have a gravel driveway, and can only walk in the yard because we live on a state hwy, which is not safe to walk on. I would love to win this stroller.

  75. Natalie Shmigelsky says

    Like you on Facebook and posted on your wall – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  76. mamatha says

    luv the reversable handle… helps when baby is fussy and you need to do a million peekaboos, to get to your car ..ha ha

  77. Jessica Barnhart says

    this stroller is awesome! I love that it has features only found on the much more expensive bugaboo. I Love everything! I have a 50lb disabled 8 year old, a nearly 4 year old and baby sit a 1 year old and 3 month old, so I love how versatile it is

  78. Nicole H says

    I love everything about this stroller but the reversing seat AND handle, that is awesome.

  79. Danielle says

    I love the large rear tires, and that it can be transformed to the “sand” mode.

  80. Rubisela says

    Wow cool stroller I would love to win it. I love how the handle bar can rotate from front to back. The feature to roller over sand is awesome. I need a stroller just like this. :)

  81. Anna says

    I like the reversible handle. It makes the stroller a little more unique because not all strollers can do that.

  82. Aliza Jesin says

    I love the durablility and all-terrain ability the large air tires provide, especially when they can go from being the back tires to being the front ones!!! (I guess that’s 2 features!)

  83. michelle virgilio says

    The reversible handle bar is so cool!
    liked on FB
    Follower of Pinterest, youtube,& newsletter

  84. Stacy says

    The air filled tires and the telescoping and reversible handlebar!!! Love this!!!! Thanks Holly for the demo!!!

  85. Nadia says

    Kinda reminds me of bugaboo, but I love the reversible handle. and I love it when bassinet conversions are included with the stroller. would love to win for my new baby!

  86. Leybird says

    Hi! I love this stroller, i especially love the reversible handle. It would be so nice to be able to use this with my toddler!

  87. Karen says

    I like all the options the handle has.

    I joined the email weekly update.

    I joined the u tube channel.

    I liked you on facebook

  88. Molly Bussler says

    I love the telescoping handle bar and the 3 position recline seat…great stroller!

  89. Morgan beach says

    What I love about this stroller is the adjustable handlebar because I’m short and people in my family are well over six and a half feet tall, so it makes comfortably pushing most strollers difficult. I also love the basket

  90. Laurie says

    LOVE this stroller–especially the three-position seat. I bought a stroller for my little guy and am so sorry I didn’t splurge for a nicer one–the seat’s not adjustable, it doesn’t handle bumpy terrain well… this one seems like my dream stroller.

  91. Tricia says

    I liked Baby Gizmo on FB. And I’m pretty witty in real life. Not so much on paper. I think I’m boring there. Could use an awesome stroller to make me appear cool and witty.

  92. Melina says

    Love that the large canopy and that it can be moved up to accommodate taller toddlers!

  93. Maggie says

    I love the fact that not only can you reverse the seat but also the handle. The canopy is awesome and i really like the hand break. I am already a subscriber to your youtube channel (love it!) and receive your weekly newsletter. Great info!

  94. Kim says

    I love that the handle is telescoping and reversible. My husband is 6’1″ and I am 5’8″ so we both need a taller handle and it looks easy to adjust from one height to the next for each ‘driver’ to change as needed.

  95. OlyveOyl says

    I want to thank you for all of the wonderful demo videos you provide as this allows me and others to see what great products are available. Your pros and cons are appreciated…love the comment that it doesn’t come with a tire pump. The actors are FANTASTIC and they do a wonderful job interacting with you and the products. I love the telescope feature – we have a very tall family. Haven’t seen my name on your winners list (this would improve your site tremendously…honest! There are so many baby products – and this stroller has been shown by you, that it will last for many years! Thanks, again, for your great site and the giveaways!

  96. Kimberly Gilliland says

    I love all the extras that this stroller has!! Live the bassinet conversion kit!

  97. Danielle says

    I love that stroller! Especially the fact that it can accommodate up to 53 lbs (for those of us with chunky little monkeys) and the fully recline feature is icing on the cake! Thank you for the opportunity to win this gem!!!

  98. Shafaq says

    I love the extra wide seat that fits upto a 53 lb child + the reversible and flat recline seat

  99. Kate McBride says

    Favorite feature, why its almost like the Bugaboo only cheaper! Wonder if it strolls as nicely?

  100. Nicole says

    I love the adjustable canopy to accommodate taller kids! It makes it a great stroller for my toddler to grow with! I also love how the seat is reversible and that it has an interchangeable bassinet! The best part is the handle bar in the front because my toddler loves to rest her hands on something and our umbrella stroller just doesn’t cut it! Love this stroller overall!

  101. Mary Withrow says

    Im already a fan on YouTube, Facebook, Subscribe to your Email! Im not on Pinterest though – F
    Thank you so much.

    This is a fantastic stroller. I love that it is reversable, all of the adjustments which make it easy for anyone to use and the wide seat for winter coats! This is a super set up! I love a peek-a-bo window as well

    PS Your child is not only going to be a race car driver, he’s a great actor! Lol

  102. Lisa Ammenti says

    Love everything about the G+G 042!!! Love ur site I always check here first before I purchase!! Thank you!!

  103. Sarah says

    WOW…lots of cool features…I like that it can hold 53 lbs because my 2 year old is 40 lbs right now and I want something better for him. I also like that you can move the canopy up higher. I have been wanting a reversible seat as well. I am expecting my 4th child, and this would be amazing!

  104. Leah Fox says

    My favourite feature is how safe it is for your baby to grow into a toddler using this stroller.

  105. Jessica Pero says

    I LOVE this stroller. My favorite feature is the reversible seat and handlebar options. My lil’ guy LOVES to look at mommy, and he’s totally not digging the stroller we have because he can’t do that. I normally end up pushing the stroller full of our stuff while wearing him in a carrier! :) I think this would solve some of my back pain issues! He’s hopefully not our last baby either, and i KNOW that bassinet option would have been very handy those first few months!

  106. Jessica Pero says

    Already a facebook “liker” but left you a nice little comment! :) LOVE you guys!

  107. says

    I love the fact that it’s got all terrain tires, and telescoping handlebar. This would be great for my 5 year old and my almost 2 year old!

  108. Sue says

    Because my husband is very tall, the feature I like best is the telescoping handle. I also really like the air-filled back tires for a smoother ride.

  109. Sheteka says

    I really like the 2 wheel feature and the huge canopy. It seems that the canopy is never big enough on the really hot sunny days.

  110. Marlana Jones says

    I love them all, my son is 18 months and special needs these would work wonderful for him.

  111. Barbara says

    I have always ‘liked you’ on facebook ….;). But it never hurts to tell you so!! Both here and on your wall!! Lovin’ the canadian content!! ;)

  112. Kathy says

    My favorite thing about this stroller is that you can get the handle to be longer and that you can reverse the handle! Awsome!

  113. Logan Carl-Snyder says

    What’s not to love… love the reversable seat.. and handling!! lcarlsnyder on utube..

  114. Beth G. says

    already liked you on facebook…nanna would love a reversible stroller that looks comfy and easy to fold…

  115. Arthur Caudill says

    I like the harness system, it’s not easy for the child to take off and runaway! LOL!

  116. Danielle Ring says

    My favorite feature…..that fact that it can hold up to 50+ lbs!! Many strollers don’t do that!

  117. Danielle Ring says

    Like you on Facebook (but really I LOVE you!) and wrote to you lovely ladies, and adorable gentlemen :)

  118. Danielle Ring says

    Already get your weekly newsletter…that’s how I know about the 2 new phil&ted strollers coming out AND this AMAZING giveaway!! Thank you for giving away such awesome goodies!!

  119. Jenny says

    My favorite feature of this stroller is a tie. I don’t know what I like more the high weight limit or that the stroller folds in one piece and you wouldn’t have to take the seat off – AND IT LOCKS! Talk about perfect.

  120. Kelly Olson says

    Loved the telescoping handles. My husband is tall and I’m short so I would really appreciate this feature.

  121. Ashley S says

    I love so meany features of this stroller, but i would have to say my favorite feature is that the seat itself is wide so it is extra roomy and comfy for baby.

  122. Rivka Pomerantz says

    I subscribe to your newsletter and that’s how I was reminded of this giveaway ;-)

  123. april arnold says

    I love everything aboutthis stroller! “Beach Wheels” great since i live in Florida. Love the reversable handle…great for the Florida winds:) I just really love this stroller.

  124. Tiffany H. says

    The weight limit is awesome!!! 53 lbs!?! This would last for ever with my kiddos!!

  125. Rachel Levy says

    My favorite feature would be the fact that my 2 year old wouldn’t be able to open the harness! (I love my stroller but he sometimes comes right out or stands up whenever he wants to!)

  126. Heather D says

    I love the telescoping & reversible handle! That would be handy for when my hubby pushes the stroller

  127. nancy says

    Love that it holds up to a 5 yrs the canopy fits a toddler so its good for any age to toddler size which can easily grow with the baby this is a perfect stroller and that the seat is reversivle and it reclines!!!!

  128. Elena Thomas says

    OMG I LOveee this stroller and ur son it’s too
    Cute loll I LOVEEEE THE HANDLEBAR. That’s soo awesome the fact that u can switch its position I also like the large
    Canopy a must in California!!!

  129. Florence says

    love that there is a bassinet included and also that the toddler seat can be reversed…..would be a great option for my Nov ’12 newborn or my 3 year old to use. love it!

  130. Kat says

    I really like the reversible seat and that it comes with the bassinet conversion kit.

  131. says

    I like baby gizmo Facebook with my personal FB account and left a comment on your page with my FBpage name ‘Krazy Kabbage’

  132. serena adkins says

    I “Like” Baby Gizmo on Facebook AND said hello on our wall with a comment.

  133. Jennifer says

    Just suscribed on Youtube and already signed up for the newsletter. I will get the facebook and pintrest done at home. Work won’t let me do that her.

  134. Brittany C. says

    Already a subscriber to your Weekly Newsletter!

    brittchelette at gmail dot com

  135. Laura J says

    I like that the handle telescopes. My husband’s tall & I am not, so an adjustable handle was not negotiable for our stroller shopping

  136. Amy R says

    I love that it holds a high weight – my little porker could last quite a while in it!

  137. Amy R says

    I’m a weekly newsletter subscriber (that’s how I found out about the give away!)

  138. Amanda says

    Love so many features like the telescoping handle, reversible seat, and moving the canopy up!

  139. Rebecca Marcantuono says

    Love all the stuff this stroller comes with! The bassinet would be great and how cool is the reversible handlebar! Also like the hand break!

  140. rosemary says

    I LOVE that the handlebar is reversible so I don’t have to keep switching the seat around!

  141. Afshi says

    My favourite feature is the ability of the seat to recliine all the way back without changing the overall structure of the stroller.
    I also suscribed to the Newsletter and I’m one excited First Time Mom to be! It’s our little Miracle baby!

  142. Emerald T. says

    I lie that it can hold about 55 pounds. My baby is almost 23 pounds at 4 months, so we need a stroller like that.

  143. Leslie G says

    I not only love that you can close the basket but I love love the brake being on the handle. This is the best thing for me.

  144. Claudia says

    Oh, wow, I loved everything, but I think that the handle is reversible and the wheels move closer to the other ones for the sand are unique.

  145. Kristen Rhodes says

    I like the beach mode and the great basket that can fit a large diaper bag.

  146. Nicole U says

    My favorite G+G 042 stroller feature is that the bassinet can be made by snapping on the fabric.

  147. Meg A. says

    I like your Facebook page, and left a comment on the wall. Wish I could be witty, but I’m just not! :)

  148. Meg A. says

    My favorite feature(s) (Sorry, can’t pick just one) of the G+G 042 are: the reversible handle – soooo cool that you can put the air tires in the front for rough terrain. Also really like the ability to fold up the wheels and use only the air tires to do sand or stairs.

  149. Jax_A says

    I was impressed with its features! I never thought that one stroller can come up and address all the safety, usability, and reliability features! As a new mom, this is what I truly need for my baby. It covers almost every aspect of what every parents’ need for their little one! I liked the very simple feature of having a wrist/strap that goes along with the handle bar. I even liked the sturdy, all-terrain wheel! That’s awesome! Safety and reliability all rolled into one! :)

  150. Melanie Alvarez says

    I love the way it folds up and how compact it is for such a quality stroller.

  151. Kristy P says

    All of the features are incredible but I love, love, love the telescoping handle. As a tall mom, I hate kicking the back of the shorter strollers. This stroller looks amazing!

  152. Tabitha Brown says

    I LOVE that the bassinet feature comes with it. and that it can last for so long with the higher weight capacity of 53 lbs. I also LOVE the telescoping/reversible handle bar.

  153. C Ryan says

    I love the telescoping feature of the handle bar on this stroller since my husband is tall and I am not!

  154. Kelli L. says

    The option to switch the seat and/or the handle around is absolutely wonderful and original!