Baby Gizmo Amazon $100 Giveaway

We give away all types of great products from strollers to carriers to the most adorable baby shoes here at Baby Gizmo. Sometimes we give away something that you either don’t want, need or couldn’t use. So you don’t enter. That makes us sad. We want everyone to be in on the fun!

So for this giveaway, I thought I would let the winner choose what they would like. Maybe you aren’t into baby stuff right now and what you really need is kitchen gadgets? Or maybe you have a teen birthday coming up and you are looking DVDs or video games? Maybe you need pool toys? Or books?  Or computer supplies? Toys? Whatever you need, I’m sure probably carries it.

amazon giveaway Baby Gizmo Amazon $100 Giveaway

That is why we have decided to give away a $100 gift card (in the form of a gift code) to Seriously, ANYONE could use this prize – grandmas, single guys, moms, dads, teens…etc…so why not SHARE it with your friends!! And not to worry, Canadians are in with this one! See, I told you I wanted everyone in on the fun this time. If a Canadian wins, we’ll just give them a gift card to We’re cool like that! icon smile Baby Gizmo Amazon $100 Giveaway

Howtoenter Baby Gizmo Amazon $100 Giveaway


One lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to This giveaway is open to US & Canada and will be paid via email.


Yep, we are back to Rafflecopter this week!  A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers and, of course, you’ll want more chances to win that Amazon $100 gift card! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter option which is once per day!) Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once (or you can just combine all your answers into one comment). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Today’s Giveaway STARTS now and ends on SATURDAY, July 14, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

*This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with or Baby Gizmo is sponsoring this one because we like you all that much! icon smile Baby Gizmo Amazon $100 Giveaway

**There should be an entry form that appears right below this text.

Congrats to our winner -

Entry #10,264 – Alice L.


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  1. Kate R says

    We’re moving both our girls into the same room and this would be great to decorate their new room!

  2. Sabrina Heidemann-Wells says

    OMG could totally use this towards our crib mattress I desperately need!

  3. Julie Gonzalez says

    I love amazon! I have my diapers and wipes delivered every month and I just bought a ju ju be diaper bag from them! Can’t beat their prices :)

  4. Brooke says

    I would buy some new items for our baby on the way! (Diapers, another crib..)

  5. Sachi Webb says

    Books for my son to continue to learn to read with, or things we have to get for the house. :)

  6. Alexandra Pitcher says

    Who doesn’t love amazon? I buy so much for my little guy from amazon.

  7. Darcy Piteg says

    There’s a foldable wagon from the On The Edge, that I have been lusting over. If I win that’s what we are getting!!

  8. Anika says

    I love amazon! You can find anything there. I would buy some Thomas the Train toys (he can’t get enough) and some makeup for myself.

  9. Barbara says

    $100 Amazon giftcard? Let’s see…rain cover for our stroller, maybe a pair of TOMS, something Mickey-related, that book I wanted to pre-order…endless possibilities!

  10. Brooke Comer says

    I would love to win the gift card!
    We have our first baby on the way & i unexpectedly lost my job and money is tight!
    So we would use it to buy anything we needed for baby, that we didnt recieve from our baby shower!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! = )

  11. Sara Carr says

    I would put it towards a double jogging stroller so that I can start jogging with my kiddos and get back into shape.

  12. Kathryn Siltala says

    Would so love to win an amazon gift card! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Charity says

    I’d probably spoil my husband with something. We’ve been spoiling the lil one, so I think it is his turn!

  14. Brooke B. says

    I would use this to get a pack n play since my 5 month old is starting to be very mobile! :)

  15. Stephanie says

    I would get books for my 21-month-old (lots of them!) and a car rug to go in my son’s new big boy room.

  16. Kristie says

    I can certainly use the $100 with baby #2 coming along in ~3 months!! Can anyone say diapers??

  17. Brianna says

    I LOVE Amazon, I’d probably buy something fun for me or my husband since everything we’ve purchased lately is for our baby.
    * I follow on Pinterest! username – Brianna Ariotti

  18. Rena says

    This would be a perfect time to receive a gift card since my daughter is about to turn 4 in September! I definitely use this card for a shopping spree to buy her some really nice stuff. :)

  19. says

    I might use the gift card to buy some baby supplies ~ diapers, wipes, clothing, etc. for my son.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  20. Sarah H says

    I love baby gizmo and all your fun giveaways! Winning this would allow me to get the britax stroller organizer for my new stroller! :D Crossing my fingers!

  21. Terry Steinmetz says

    I love amazon!!! There are so many fun things I would love to get. Right now, I am looking to expand our library and have lots of kids books on my wish list. The gift card would be greatly appreciated!!

  22. Brandy says

    I would use this to go toward school supplies for my two kids. School supplies are so expensive and we don’t have a lot of money this year.

  23. Benjamin Spaulding says

    I would simply hand over the GC to my wife to buy more birthday stuff for our 10 and a half month old. It seems Amazon already gets my paycheck, so this would help a ton!

  24. Allyson F. says

    We’re looking to buy a double stroller for our twins so this would be very helpful! :)

  25. Chani M says

    Right now im saving up for a new umbrella stroller, this would definitely be good to add to the fund!!

  26. Sarah Volpe says

    I would buy my daughter gifts for her first birthday coming up this month! Thanks!

  27. Dana says

    Ive tried to think what I might buy and nothing came to mind right away, I feel pretty fortunate to what I have in my life already!! but amazon has tons of great stuff! I would probably buy gifts, diapers or new work out clothes! :)

  28. turtlegirl784 says

    I’m due with our first in September… unless I get it another way the thing I’d buy is the Elephant Patches bedding set by Carter’s!

  29. Rebecca says

    We recently lost a $100 gift card when we left the hospital with our new baby. It would be great to recoup that loss with an Amazon card! I would probably buy a baby carrier.

  30. Sarah M says

    We are expecting baby #3 in about a month, so I would use the GC to buy the cloth diapers that we need.

  31. ANNE CARRASCO says

    I would go for the Britax stroller organizer and other miscellaneous baby-related necessities ;)

  32. Michelle Beach says

    I would probably buy the rock n play I’ve been eying. Or use it toward my stroller. Decisions, decisions… LOL

  33. Carolyn Addison says

    I would either buy stuff for my classroom or diapers for the little one.

  34. Seung-Jin Lee says

    Wow, we’re expecting in a couple months and we got a bunch of things to buy from our registry. With a 100 bucks, we’ll probably get a sleepsack, swaddle receiving blanket and a diaper pail. Or maybe we’ll use it all on diapers down the road. Thanks!

  35. Rachel says

    I would probably use it to expand our kids’ music collection, and buy cute stuff for my niece and my niecephew-on-the-way. Not to mention some new toys for my kids’ birthdays.

  36. Kristin says

    If I won, I think I would get some cloth diapers or other baby items we will be needing very soon!

  37. says

    So I liked on fb and shared and tried to log in to leave a post with the rafflecopter thingy but it won’t fully load on my phone half of the text is cut off….does this still count?

  38. Rebecca Marcantuono says

    Ive become a baby shopping shopaholic! This would come in so handy!

  39. Michelle M says

    pinterest name is michelle mullin. i will buy lots of baby stuff for my growing child!

  40. Tiffany Ketcham says

    I would use the gift card to put towards the purchase of a new car seat for my little man. He is just about to outgrow his infant carrier and its time for a convertible car seat and the gift card would help with the purchase.

  41. Lesley C. says

    if i win, i would buy the citrus juicer i’ve been eye-ing for the longest time!

  42. Yodean Armour says

    Would love an Amazon gift card – my baby’s 1st birthday is coming up soon!

  43. Lynn McGovern says

    Both my daughters are having their first child two days apart. I’m addicted to watching Baby Gizmo’s u-tube videos. I would use it toward buying Gt mini city stroller and a BOB for the other one!

  44. Carrie C. in VA says

    lotsa little doo dads I need from Amazon right now – would love to win this!

  45. Barbara W says

    I would buy something for my 3 year old’s birthday this month, like a ride on toy/bike or something!

  46. Jessica says

    We need a double stroller! Considering the b ready vs Phil and Ted. We have a large 2 yo and a new baby.

  47. Stephanie says

    I think I’d buy a new baby carrier, or maybe a nice dutch oven, or maybe some cookbooks. Too many choices ;)

  48. says

    We use Amazon for everything! Right now, we are looking to accessorize our b-ready and I also want to buy Bladen his own chair-looking at the cute ones that look like adult furniture! Hope every one had a great 4th

  49. Deborah says

    I would give the prize to my daughter to spend on her two precious little girls

  50. Theresa C. says

    I would buy a couple of a+ a dream blankets for my new little guy due next month! :)

  51. Mindy Klugmann says

    my little guy is crawling and into everything….so I need to do some major child proofing!!!

  52. Ashley M says

    I would love to read 50 shades… not paying for the book would make it even more thrilling. LOL

  53. Chelsey says

    I would probably put it towards birthday presents for my youngest daughter next month, or school supplies for my oldest. :)

  54. Michelle says

    I’m not sure what I would buy first, but, we haven’t purchased anything for our baby yet. So, I’d start by knocking a few items off of our registry. :)

  55. Sarah Q says

    I have a daughter who is six months old and has started solids, so I would definitely use the Amazin gift card to get more supplies for making baby food at home.

  56. Rachel R says

    I just bought a crib for my baby (finally…he needs to get out of his cradle!) and now I need to buy a mattress. I also would buy a water-resistant blanket I’ve been keeping my eye on for picnics and hanging out outside with my kids (once it cools down here in Wisconsin!).

  57. Christine Kang says

    An activity center that is a much better deal on amazon than it is at babies r us or buy buy baby

  58. Rachel R says

    I’m a fan of this page on Facebook, I like Baby Gizmo on Facebook, and I subscribe to the newsletter.

  59. Michelle says

    I would buy much needed baby items for this lovely baby boy that is going to arrive in a couple weeks!

  60. Viktoria G says


    I would buy diapers (can’t deal without them) and a gym for my little guy! This would be a huge help with my husband being out of work.


  61. Kate McBride says

    I’d buy something for my husband. He’s been so great to me during my last months of pregnancy, I want to get something to bless him.

  62. Debra Wisuri says

    Either the Zen Swing from Fisher Price or put it towards the City Select Double for when my new baby joins my son in August.

  63. Hannah says

    I would buy swim diapers, beach toys and books for my little one, to start with.

  64. Hallee says

    I would buy the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat to go with my B-Ready Stroller!

  65. mirkas says

    I would definitely buy some new toys for my baby boy. He’s already bored with the ones he has.

  66. Mike says

    I would buy a wireless router so we can do face time with our parents so they can see their grandson.

  67. Brianna Byman says

    I would buy some sewing patterns to make some clothes..or a serger to make it easier!!

  68. Cassandra says

    I need a new crib, so I would search around for that..Or a convertible carseat for baby #3. :)

  69. says

    I would put it toward a robotic vacuum…it’s what I’m asking my husband for as a push present with our second baby.

  70. Jailene F says

    I think I’d buy some cloth diapers. but there are so many choices of things to buy!

  71. says

    I don’t know exactly what all I’d buy but there are a few items left on my baby registry that would be bought for sure. Thanks for a chance to win!

  72. Tirtza says

    I am due very soon and i still have so many baby things to buy. like a stroller, toys…

  73. Carolina Hernandez-Malone says

    I want a bassinet for my stroller for my preemie baby who’s coming home soon!! yeay!

  74. Heather Goodson says

    I would put the gift card towards a new car seat for my chunk of a son. He’s less than 4 lbs from needing an upgrade.

  75. Jackie S. says

    I would either buy some summer toys for my kids, some Kindle books, or save it up for Christmas!

  76. Claudia A says

    I will put it to my stroller fund, I have a new baby to come soon, and I need a double stroller.

  77. beth says

    Can’t believe it’s taken me 8 months to find this site! What fun stuff. I’ll definitely be spending lots of time on here looking for great things to do with/for my little guy.

  78. Claudia says

    I’d stretch that $100 gift card to include something for my little one and something for myself.

  79. Christian Smith says

    First time daddy needing to prepare! Going to use it for a carseat/stroller!

  80. Lauren says

    This is a great giveaway Amazon has such a wide selection and great prices!!!!!!

  81. Tracy says

    I would use it for a few early birthday presents that I have been eyeing, diapers, and then a few Kindle books for me.

  82. Ashley says

    I’m a first time mom, so the gift card would definitely come in handy! We are starting from scratch :)

  83. Jessica Barnhart says

    I would buy something “zebra” for my baby girl who’s turning 4! she has requested a “big girl” room, and I wanna go all out for her!

  84. Julie says

    Amazon has sooooo much to choose from but I would probably use it to buy myself something. Yes, myself! I never buy anything for myself, it’s all about the kids, so if I won an extra $100 it would be a treat for me. I think I deserve it :) I’d put it towards an ipod for myself so that I would have something to listen to while I exercise.

  85. Shelly Jones says

    A convertible car seat for my granddaughter to use in Grandma’s car! She will outgrow her infant carrier soon.

  86. Sarah says

    I would definitely use this toward the Peg Perego convertible car seat. It is pricey, but I would be able to get it for my little gal with $100 toward it.

  87. Alexz Friedman says

    my husband and i have been living abroad for 3 years now. We have a 6 month old and have borrowed everything except for cloths he has grown out of and my bugaboo. I’m really nervous to move back to america in 7 weeks since we have nothing on the cost we are moving to which means we have to buy not only everything for us but everything for my baby! It’s so hard I want all the latest things like an ergonomic high chair since eating time is important and my feet never hit the ground, britax car seat since it is the safest and a video monitor since my son is on a crazy sleeping regiment where we let him sooth himself so it would be nice to know what he’s up to when he’s talking to himself in the crib, and you know a crib.

  88. Kristin says

    Since my baby is due in late August, I’d stock up on baby essentials like diapers and bottles!

  89. susan g says

    My wish list includes an Ergo/Beco/Boba baby carrier and a *sweet!* tandem stroller.

  90. Vanessa says

    I would put this towards a new stroller. Still looking for the perfect travel stroller!

  91. Lisa says

    A double stroller or a video monitor, since we have a new little one due to arrive any day now!

  92. Angela c says

    Definitely will start Christmas shopping for my little girls. Would be a huge help.

  93. nicoleb says

    I am in need of a new diaper bag for sure! Thats what I would use the amazon gift card for

  94. Kris Garvey says

    I would use it towards a crib or other necessities for my 3 1/2 month old son, he’s still sleeping in a pack and play because my husband is unemployed and with bills, mortgage, and car loan we haven’t been able to afford it yet.

    My username on Pinterest and Youtube is krischan325. Liked all pages, subscribe to the newsletter!

  95. Becky says

    Expecting a baby at Christmas time, so this would come in handy for those supplies that i’ll need!!!

  96. Molly L says

    I’d probably be boring and use it for diapers and wipes but I’d love to use it for something just for me! :-)

  97. Kim Nascimento says

    I’d use it to buy travel goodies for our upcoming vacation (1st in three years!)

  98. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’d most likely use it to buy a couple of Skip Hop backpacks, something from Joovy or a Boba would be nice!

  99. Marissa Esparza says

    If I win this gift card I plan on buying my daughter besdtime story books!!

  100. Karie G. says

    I’d use it to buy little person a car-seat for Papa’s truck moving the FR85 back and forth is getting old.

  101. Brittany Pehlke says

    Hello, I am entering to win the amazon gift card. Our family could really use this giftcard. My son who is special needs just had a birthday this past June. I really wanted to get him something special for him but I didnt have any money to get him much. He is in desperate need of a toddler bed or day bed now. He is really outgrowing his crib. He isn’t comfortable at night when sleeping as he used to be. =( I feel ike a bad parent because I have no means to get him this bed that he needs so much. Hope to win to put forth getting him a new bed ASAP!!!

  102. Heidi Jones says

    I could TOTALLY use that gift card! I love Amazon, you can buy almost anything!

  103. Marilea says

    At the moment, I’d probably buy diapers and another cloth swim diaper, plus maybe a fun reading book for me!

  104. Danielle Ring says

    I would probably use it toward my kids’ birthday or Christmas presents since we are a family on a TIGHT budget.

  105. says


  106. Dan D says

    Not sure yet, but it’s going to be something to cool me off during this summer heat.

  107. Cory says

    Perhaps put it toward a stroller for 2 or some more cloth diapers. Baby #2 will be here before we know it!

  108. A says

    I will use this for my stroller…once I watch all the Baby Gizmo reviews and decide! (I’ve been watching since last October…too many options!

  109. Lauren Briehl says

    I would buy a car seat for a missionary at my church that is having her first baby in August.

  110. Nadine Nagy says

    We are looking at buying a new car seat for my husbands car and the $100 would help big time.

  111. Chava says

    There are a zillion things I’d love to have but it would probably end up going to the same old basic needs… toiletries, diaper cream…

  112. Aleia Chambers says

    I’d save it for birthday/christmas presents for the girls. Pinterest name is Aleia Chambers Youtube is AAC83 (Aleia Chambers)

  113. Maggie says

    I would probably buy fun things for my boys! Summer is in full swing (100+ temps) and we could use an influx of new stuff to keep us entertained! =o)

  114. Carisa Resimius says

    Diapers! I’ve got 2 little ones who use them so we go through a lot!

  115. Logan Carl-Snyder says

    I would buy something for my daughter…. And something for the locall animall shelter that I volunteer at!!

  116. Niki says

    I might actually buy some books for myself since I’m always buying things for others =-)

  117. Jenna says

    I would buy birthday gifts for my Jack, he will be 1 in October :) Def a wagon for sure

    Pinterest name is Jenna Lamb Bennedum

  118. Chelsea L says

    oh, this is a tough one! I’d probably put it towards something for baby #2, which we are hoping to conceive shortly!

  119. Kim P. says

    I would use the $100 to buy accessories for my Britax B-Agile stroller. I need a cup holder and mosquito net!

    Facebook name: Kimberly Pichard
    YouTube name: MsKimbobolini
    Pinterest name: Kimbobolini

    I also subscribe to your newsletter!

  120. Asha says

    I’d love to get one of those bike carrier/trailer things! Not only would I get some good exercise but our little one could go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  121. Cindy B says

    I would most likely save it for buying Christmas presents with or use it to buy things we need for the new baby we’re expecting any day now ~ thanks for another great giveaway.

  122. shayndz says

    Maybe a play kitchen, or other large toy, or it would get swallowed into the practical pool of things you need to run a home :)

  123. Kara P. says

    Would probably use it to get my husband something for our anniversary (I got a nice piece of jewelry on our vacation last week- I should probably get him something nice, too!).

  124. Kristy Stephens says

    I recently watched your video on the Baby Bjorn travel light crib and am thinking of getting that or the Chicco Lullaby LX Playard–can’t decide between them!

  125. Jennifer Abramshe says

    I have four kids, those four kids love toys and books. I would probably buy books for my oldest two and toys for my twins :D

  126. ally says

    i would put it toward the purchase of a stroller for doing trails, like a BOB sport utility.

  127. Jessica says

    I would use it toward a new car seat for my little one who is due next month.

  128. Kristl says

    I’d buy wall decals for the nursery. We just moved and I feel the need to decorate!

  129. D Schmidt says

    I think I would buy books for my sons, unsure though because Amazon has so many amazing things!

  130. Jennifer P says

    Birthday presents and school supplies most likely. I have a few b’days coming up in the family and this would be a huge help.

  131. Carrie M says

    I would use my Amazon $$ to buy a carrier for my baby due in September. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. jackie buck says

    I am a new foster parent. I never know what age child I will get so a gift card would be awesome

  133. Rachel H. says

    I would get some new cloth diapers!! I don’t have enough for my second baby, as my almost 2 year old is still in diapers and is using the majority of what I have! I would love to save some more money instead of throwing it away in the diaper pail each day :)

  134. Kelly says

    I desperately need a double stroller now I have two kiddos so i would use it toward that

  135. Jessica H. says

    I would buy items for a baby shower! And if I had any left over I may buy some stuff for the house that we need.

  136. Susan O says

    What would I buy with a 100 dollar gift card to Amazon? The possibilities are endless. But because my due date is in a couple of weeks, I would probably buy a decent nursing bra and some replacement parts for my Mendela breast pump. Fun stuff!

  137. Toni says

    Something for baby #3! We thought we were done at 2 and I received a very big surprise yesterday! :)

  138. Stephanie says

    I’d blitz out on yummy aden and anais stuff for the new baby. And a Baby K’Tan in eggplant.

  139. Jessica Pero says

    A car seat for the littlest munchkin! :) It’s a NEED and we just haven’t had the extra $$ on hand to buy it. This would go a long way toward being able to afford it!

  140. Aviva R says

    I’ll probably put it towards a hutch to go on top of the dresser/changing table i plan to buy this week…

  141. Jessica says

    I would buy one of the many birthday gifts that need to be bought this summer…lots and lots of family birthdays in the summer…including 4 out of 5 in my own immediate family! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. Divya Rao says

    where do i begin,
    to tell the story of how great amazon can be!
    the sweet love story that is between it and me!
    where do i start?

    so so many things that i could buy if i won the gift card – diapers, the fischer price tool set, the radio flyer scooter…the wish list is endless, really!!

  143. Celeste Parks says

    New shoes, diapers, jewlery, who knows! I would have to put everyone’s name in a hat to see who to shop for! :)

  144. Alana Navea says

    I would love to use the gift card towards some child friendly furniture. We have been looking at a flip sofa for some time now and it would just be wonderful to win.

  145. Sharon Gutierrez says

    hit enter on the blog post entry, but i’m not a blogger.. it won’t let me cancel… sorry!

  146. Kate M says

    I would love to use this towards a new baby jogger GT! But would probably end up spending it all on diapers.

  147. Gina F says

    We just moved into our house and would love to decorate our girl’s room and eventually the rest of the house! THanks

  148. Erika M says

    THis would rock! I really want a nap nanny for my reflex baby and they are just about $100!

  149. says

    $100 is very valuable, and I would use it towards bedding for my toddler’s bed for when I switch her from her crib, and bibs for my baby boy. Thanks for this great offer!! :)

  150. Jeanine says

    Our first LO is due any day -it’d be great to get some more items off our amazon registry Inc britax bready accessories


    I LOVE AMAZON SO MUCH THEY ALWAYS HAVE WHAT WE NEED. I would get the kids some school supplies and clothes if I win.

  152. April says

    I would use it to buy diapers, wipes and maybe a toy or two for my 16 month old.

  153. Laura Love says

    I might buy a crib for my son. He is quickly growing out of his bassinet.

  154. Monica Tutko says

    This is awesome! We did the Amazon Universal Registry and the crib we want is on there. This would take care of almost half! We also do the Subscribe & Save for gDiapers so it would be win/ win for necessities. :)

  155. Sarah S. says

    I don’t know if I would get stuff for my kids, (school is just around the corner), or buy some new ebooks for me. :)

  156. Colleen Maurina says

    I would love to buy some fun outdoor toys for my grandchildren who I take care of and maybe a new book for me!

  157. Lauran Benes says

    I would buy a BUNCH of stuff for my 9 month old daughter. Probably clothes, diapers and food!

  158. Danielle Jackson says

    I would love to win this to put towards a Britax Frontier 85 SICT car seat for my daughter.

  159. Abi Heimsoth says

    Probably a bit on diapers and such, but mostly fun stuff for myself. I’ve spent quite a bit on baby stuff lately and it would be nice to have some play money just for me!

  160. Kelly Neal says

    I might be the most boring person who reads your blog. I think I’d put it towards a vacuum. Bwaaaaa haaa! Boring, but needed. :)

  161. stacey s says

    i am baby planning , so the gift card would go toward something in the new nursery

  162. Kendra says

    I would probably buy some goodies for my baby girl and maybe something special for myself :)

  163. Kristin Fain says

    I’d buy a Britax bassinet to go with my b-ready. Its the last item I need to get a free boulevard carseat ;)

  164. Autumn says

    I would buy a stroller jump seat & a bunch of baby stuff for my new one one the way.

  165. Maria says

    I would love to win the Amazon gift card and get the kids new backpacks and lunchboxes!

  166. Ianina Bognanni says

    We just moved here from Argentina. I’m going to use it to buy all the stuff we need for the new house

  167. willis flanagan says

    house insurance. this has to be paid. large amount are hard to come up with.

  168. Monica Roberts says

    Thanks for the opportunity! My list on is endless since we purchase most of our kid/baby products there.

  169. says

    I have gifts for nieces and nephews to buy on Amazon as well as a whole wishlist of things for our 2-year-old and our new baby coming this winter.

  170. Kelly Grell says

    I would buy diapers— often has the best prices, especially with the Amazon Mom subscribe & save program.

  171. Lauren M says

    I would use it to buy my newest addition some clothes and my daughter some dollies.

  172. Eliana DuBrow says

    magazines and books to read during my cancer treatments and clothes that actually fit!!!

  173. Ashley says

    My son needs a bookcase for his book collection and we may update his room to Sesame Street, so this could help!

  174. Katy says

    Absolutely would put it towards the Britax B-ready deal that is going on. I would be so excited to get the gift card because then I could get the stroller I want.

  175. Tiffany says

    We need to buy another cArseat to make daycare drop off and pick up easier by having one in each car.

  176. Michele Stewart says

    We have been searching for a sun shade for the beach and baseball games.

  177. Laura A says

    I would use it toward the handful of new gear (diapers, additional bottles, etc) we still need for our little one who should arrive in a month.

  178. Jernise says

    If I was to win this, I would by my son some toys and book. He could really use the toys and books because he only has one toy and a few books. Now that he is going on two months, he needs to start learning how to play with toys for developmental skills.

  179. Linda says

    As an expecting Mommy, I’d buy so many things. First on my list is a changing pad, cloth diapers and a booster seat!

  180. Laurel Guiliano says

    I would use it to buy some books for my kindle and diapers for my daughter and new school shoes for my son!

  181. Molly Casey Duffy says

    I just realized we are going to need a new car seat for baby #4 as our other one is expired and got yucky sitting in the garage! What a great giveaway, thank you!!

  182. Lin says

    Birthday present for my soon to be 2 year old niece and some books for my toddler son

  183. Heather says

    I would buy cloth diapers for our newborn. I love baby gizmo; I have gotten so much great advice!

  184. Julie S says

    If I were to win, I would use the gift card to buy books, games and items for my son.

  185. Lena says

    expecting a baby in September, Amazon has been a life saver, I’ve been shopping all my supplies from there!

  186. Lena says

    oops, pressed submit way too quickly, I meant to add, if I win the GC, I can finally purchase the tripp trapp from Amazon that I’ve been eyeing!

  187. Kristin says

    I would use it towards a high chair & feeding supplies for my infant who will be starting solids soon!

  188. Libertad Wright-Villsnurbs says

    I would put that card towards a new booster/mama’s helper chair. My 2 year old is getting too big for his high chair and my infant is now starting solids.

  189. Kristina Rackin says

    I would save it for Christmas most likely, or perhaps I would stock up on a few online only things we have needed for a while. That is why I love amazon.. They have everything. :)

  190. Jen Evely says

    I would put it towards an Omega 8006 Juicer/Nutrition Station – Besides juicing really really well – it can make nut butters, babyfood, and frozen fruit soft serve dessert. Yep cram a banana in it and it is like icecream – pour some chocolate syrup on it and that sounds wonderful to me :-)

  191. Marsha says

    I could use this for a few b-day gifts for my grandson and great niece who have birthdays coming up and some books to add to my new Kindle Fire for me so I have something to read on a 5 hour plane trip I have coming up!

  192. Alexis says

    If I won I’d buy myself a birthday gift. I used my birthday gifts on my husband and kids.

  193. Shevy Strom says

    I’d love to buy myself a nice pair of comfortable shoes, minetonkas or toms if they’re on there. Maybe even two :)

  194. Jessica says

    I love shopping from Amazon. I would buy a Britax Chaperone infant carseat for my baby due in October.

  195. Courtney M says

    I would use this gift card to get my daughter a new car seat! She is just growing up way too fast ;)

  196. Denise Nutile says

    My youngest turns 2 the end of August and my oldest turns 8 the end of September so the money would definitely go to putting together their combined birthday bash! So many things to look through on Amazon!

  197. Rebecca Spear says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway as usual! I think I would use the giftcard to buy either a new carrier for my little guy (dying to try the becco..), or perhaps a travel bag for my new indie twin for an upcoming trip in Sept. Thanks again!

  198. says

    1st baby due in one month. Amazon dollars would go to more cloth diapering components – no, wait – I love the baby books in French! (I teach French). We’d have to stock up on a little bi-lingual litteracy.

  199. Julie Swanson says

    I will either use it for toys for my 2 year old and 6 week old or a set of new pots and pans for our new place.

  200. Lindsay Crawford says

    Would love an Amazon gift card to stock up on some new educational toys for him! He’s almost 19 months old and is looking for some more challenging stuff!

  201. Jacquelyn says

    There are so many things I could use the $100 gift card for! I love Amazon. They have everything and at great prices!

  202. carol gentry says

    I have a beautiful set of twin grandchildren and I would look for soomething for them for Christmas. I always do my shopping early.

  203. Kristin says

    Oh, so hard to choose what I’d get with this gift card, so many options with Amazon!

  204. Oma says

    I Love amazon! Too many options…. i can think of 5 things I’d love to get right now!

  205. Angela W says

    I would totally put this towards the City Select double that I need to get. Great giveaway!

  206. Liga says

    This is a great giveaway! We shop at amazon a lot! What would I buy? Something fun for my daughter of course. :)

  207. Liga says

    This is a great giveaway! We shop at amazon a lot! What would I buy? Something fun for my daughter of course.

  208. Sabrina says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would buy diapers & wipes with it if I won. Its so much easier to have it just shipped right to your door, especially when you have four kiddos like me and dont want to take them all to the store sometimes! =)

  209. Danielle H says

    I would use it to buy something for my husband who is currently on deployment! It is always nice to send them some goodies!

  210. Samantha Hicks says

    Would use it to purchase a convertible car seat for our 1 year old who just outgrew his infant car seat. Love your site and reviews!!!

  211. Becky says

    Baby # 2 is on the way so I’d use this $100 Amazon gift card towards a new double stroller for my babies!

  212. debby says

    would love to use this for a new car seat for #3 and of course diapers. awesome give away!!

  213. OlyveOyl says

    I would try to be practical and use it for a sale on baby wipes and diapers – there are MANY nice things out there – but needs must take the lead!

  214. Elizabeth H says

    If I won this I would use it to buy some outdoor toys for my kids. THey do not currently have a pool, so that would be number one on my list. I would also like to look into a sand and water table. Any suggestions Hollie? I have a 3.5 year old and a 7 month old.

  215. Susan says

    I have some of my baby registery items on Amazon, and I could really use this to put towards completing my registery. I love Amazon!

  216. Megan says

    I would buy a ShrunksTuckaire travel toddler bed for my son, he has outgrown his pack and play

  217. Margaret Smith says

    I’d like to put this towards a kindle for my son. He has a little reading problem and I think this would greatly help him.
    Thanks so much.

  218. Genesis says

    I would either buy an air mattress, so we can go visit family and family can visit us more often, without having to sleep on the floor, couch or a hotel. or put the money towards the next car seat that my 7 month old is going to need.

  219. Melanie says

    Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Seriously, my toddler just outgrew his sandals, and our summer is pitifully short so I’m hesitating whether to buy another pair :-)

  220. Lyndsey D. says

    I would put it towards school supplies for my oldest who is going into second grade.

  221. Nicole L says

    Baby/toddler proofing items! We are about to move to a new house and have lots of safety items we need to buy!!

  222. Jenny Carlisle says

    I would buy new shoes for school! I’m a teacher and on my feet all day. I really need to invest in some comfy shoes.

  223. Theresa Oliver says

    I could really use this Amazon card because I have two daughters who are expecting. Two new babies on the way.

  224. emi emery says

    I’d buy something for myself. After having a baby, I haven’t bought much for myself… I think it’s time to give myself a reward for my hard work for a change;)

  225. Adrienne Wachter says

    I’ve really been trying to save for a koalakin, so I’d put it toward that!

  226. Nicole says

    I love Amazon! The possibilities are endless of what I might buy, but I would most likely use it towards gifts for my baby boy’s upcoming 1st Birthday!

  227. Kathy Bose says

    I just bought a cast iron frying pan from Amazon. If I won, I’d buy the bigger pan and the dutch oven to go with it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  228. Christine E Sarkauskas says

    I would put it towards a dishwasher or to items to finish my master bathroom.

  229. Mary W says

    I would use the gift card to buy something cute for my boys to share- probably a toy of some sort :)

  230. Jeanette Rogers says

    I’m dying to get a BOB stroller so I can start training for a half marathon with my little one. This would be perfect!

  231. Theron Willis says

    I would buy a Hare Krishna Zombie figure. Obscure to most, but well known to fans of George Romero’s film Dawn of the Dead.

    Hope to win!

  232. Amy Dalton says

    If I won the Amazon code I would buy my daughter’s school shoes and school supplies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  233. Chrissy Nestor says

    I would buy my daughter some Makeup for school and other school accessories :)

  234. Nicole F. says

    With a $100 giftcard, I could put the money towards buying my DREAM car seat: the Orbit Baby Toddler G2! I love how the rotation feature only works in ERF position!

  235. Alice Lee says

    I’m already a subscriber to your Youtube (yuukiimi), newsletter and pinterest (yuukiimi)

  236. Kelly J Hubbard says

    I could use the 100 towards a birthday gift for my spouse, he really wants a kindle..

  237. celina says

    I would definitely buy more toys for my son. he is so curious and quick to get bored, I need an army of items in my toy arsenal

  238. Jennifer says

    I would buy more toys for my son. He is growing out of some of his baby toys and needs more toddler oriented toys.

  239. Jenna P says

    I’d save it for Xmas. I have a 2 year old niece and she’s just starting to understand presents… lol

  240. Victoria R. says

    I would use this to get a new suit and some summer books for my upcoming beach vacation!

  241. Kathleen says

    I am saving up for something so I would add it to my balance

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  242. Nicole says

    I would LOVE to win this! I could sure use some new clothes to fit my postpartum body. :/

  243. Susan Ladd says

    I would buy Christmas for my family. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks !!!!!!!!!

  244. SYLVIE W says

    I’d like to purchase an at home keratin hair treatment. The humidity is really a problem for my hair so I’d like to see how a keratin kit will combat this.

  245. Karen says

    Oh boy! As a soon to be 1st time mommy my list is huge…books, baby clothes, toys

  246. Beth G. says

    an umbrella stroller so “nana” doesn’t have to lift that heavy carriage again!!

  247. Barbara Montag says

    I’d use this for a Kindle Fire – been wanting one so much!
    Thank you.

  248. Ben says

    I would upgrade here and there for the baby boy we have coming in October, meaning get the best video monitoring system instead of the good one.

  249. Gaye M says

    Sigh – granddaughter is getting ready to order books for college via Amazon, so it would go directly to her.

  250. Lauren says

    I would out it towards a new lightweight stroller! Probably the G-Luxe… Our Cruz is too big for travel–and I haven’t won a Baby Gizmo contest yet! ;))

  251. Lauren U says

    I would put it towards a swing for my soon to be born child.

  252. Jennifer says

    I would get accesssories for my daughter’s bicycle… helmet, bell, streamers and basket!

  253. Tanya White says

    I am running out of skin care products so I would use the gift card for that

  254. Michelle Heasley says

    Would love to win this. We would buy books for our kindle for our kids with it.

  255. Stephanie says

    I’m taking unpaid maternity leave in a few months, that would by some great groceries and stuff!

  256. Angie Archer says

    I would buy something nice for my husband. He works so hard to buy me and the kids everything we need but never buys anything for himself.

  257. Alicia says

    I’d buy some birthday presents that are coming up and then get some early Christmas gifts out of the way. Boring yes, but much needed :)

  258. Lisa says

    I’d by new nipples for my son’s sippy cups. Maybe some educational materials for my classroom or some workout gear.

  259. Maria says

    I’ll use it to buy diapers, diaper cream and wipes. I’ll buy a wrinkle cream, too :)

  260. Shae says

    If I won, I would buy some diapers, wipes, and some other baby necessities. We have a toddler and another baby due in October. I would also try to get my husband something special with whatever else is left. He does so much for us.

  261. Ellen Moore says

    This would come in really handy to buy baby stuff for baby#2, who arrived last night! I can think of so many things, like some cute little boys clothes!