Toddler Yard Water Fun for Under $20

In this blistering heat, everyone wants to be outside including your little toddlers and babies. If you don’t have a pool near you, here are some fun water ideas for your children to play with in the yard for under $20. The prices also make them great gifts too!

1. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler $14.98

I remember running around when I was younger under the sprinkler with my friends, and it was FUN! Attach this Melissa and Doug sprinkler to your garden hose and away you go. The water goes up high so you can even use it with your older kids. It also comes in a green Grub Scouts version.

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2. Sizzlin’ Cool Water Wheel Table $17.99

Toddlers love any opportunity to splash water around, so for your little splasher try this water table which comes with a spinner tower, a pitcher and 2 sailboats. There are separate trays so you can even add sand, but for toddlers, water is so much more fun and you don’t need to worry about them eating it or putting it in their eye.

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3. Gazillion Bubble Machine $19.75

We have this bubble machine and we love it. With a flick of the switch, it throws out hundreds of bubbles so you don’t have to do a thing. Just sit back and enjoy a cold drink while your little one runs through them! It’s easy to quickly clean after each use and put back together. It requires 6 AA batteries.

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4. Sizzlin Cool Slide N Splash Dolphin Kiddie Pool $18.98

A little pool for a toddler is great, but how about a pool with an attached slide and sprinkler on the side? Even more water fun! This will have your child splashing around for hours, as they get to enjoy the dolphin slide and water being sprayed on them.

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5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Verdie Chameleon Watering Can $10.48

Got a little gardener at home? Get them to enjoy watering their plants even more with this cute little chameleon watering can. It also comes in a yellow bee version.

41vp+prywOL 300x288 Toddler Yard Water Fun for Under $20

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