Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack

flitegiveaway august12 Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack

Congratulations to our winner -

Entry #4615 – Megan C.

With back-to-school starting soon, we thought this would be a perfect time for a giveaway! This week we are celebrating Bumbleride’s new Parent Pack by giving one away. Now, we can’t just give away a stroller parent console without a stroller to attach it to, right? That would be ridiculous! icon smile Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack That’s why we are giving away a Bumbleride Flite in Aqua to one lucky winner as well.

That’s right – one winner will receive a Bumbleride Flite (in Aqua!) AND a Parent Pack! Woot! Woot!

To watch our review of the new Bumbleride Parent Pack click the video below:

To watch our review of the Bumbleride Flite click the video below:

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One lucky reader will win a Bumbleride Flite (Aqua) and a Bumbleride Parent Pack. This giveaway is open to US AND Canada only.


Yep, we are back to Rafflecopter this week!  A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers and, of course, you’ll want more chances to win that stroller and console! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter option which is once per day!) Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once (or you can just combine all your answers into one comment). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Today’s Giveaway STARTS now and ends on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

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  1. Corey Simpson says

    I love bumbleride strollers!! The parent pack looks great and I love the teal color on the flite. This looks like the perfect liteweight stroller!

  2. Christina Brundick says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My daughter was dancing with my toddler son earlier to One Direction during the Olympic closing ceremony,poor guy!

  3. Jessica says

    I love giveaways…not too sure if I did it correctly :/ I have really bad pretty brain right now

  4. Julia H says

    Love the new model revisions. The color, maneuverability and the lightweight are exactly what I’m looking for in the next stroller. Hope to win it!

  5. Meg A. says

    Mrs. Peacock: “Respected by many, she’s stylish, loyal to her friends, and impeccably organized. But her obsession with detail and her arrogant nature could be her undoing”. Clue, by Hasbro.

  6. Jennifer Kreisler says

    Fun or witty– Hmmmm…. My 3 yr old keeps trying his hand at knock knock jokes this week. He doesn’t quite understand how they work– but he sure loves to laugh when someone says who’s there. All well– I have a slight break from his “What’s brown and sticky– A STICK!!!!” His favorite joke that he will ask over and over and over. Next time he asks what is brown and sticky I am just going to say “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana!?!”
    Love the Flight! thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Juliea Choi-Jue says

    Something funny. Hmmmm. My 14.5mo son loves going outside. When he wants to go for a walk, he opens the door and starts throwing our shoes outside. Hope that’s funny for someone. Can’t think of anything witty to say.

  8. Greta B. says

    Because of your website, I can identify strollers at the mall like my husband identifies vehicles.

  9. Rebecca K says

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath / rebeccalynnep Not sure which is the actual user name… lol

  10. Lien says

    Something witty…hmmm…that would be my 2 years old. She tries to parent her 4 years old sister and manage to piss her off. Sigh…not looking forward to having two teenage girls.

  11. Erika says

    I love Baby Gizmo! I live in Idaho — awesome place to raise a family, but limited access to shopping. I purchase most of my baby/toddler items online and have spent hours on your videos. Thank you for your time and effort to do all of your video reviews!

  12. Jessica A says

    So my first post doesn’t look like it went because I didn’t know I I did it correctly because of the “pretty” brain and I meant preggo brain. Ha but anywho, got you on pinterest as Jessica Andrade and Facebook! Woot woot.

  13. jessica says

    I’m new to Baby Gizmo and so far I love it! With a 1 year old and a new baby due in 4 months, it has been an invaluable resource. Thanks Baby Gizmo!

  14. says

    I’d love the Bumblerife Flite with parent pack. I LOVE aqua. Ok so my 3 1/2 year old son’s first knock-knock joke always kills me. Here it goes:
    Who’s there?
    Owl whoooooo?????
    To which my son and his little sister, Scarlett roar with laughter. : ) Kids!

  15. Valerie Triana Nordin says

    My 3 year old daughter has been telling everyone this week, “You got it, sister!” I have no idea where she got it from!

  16. Shannon says

    Love Baby Gizmo and all of Hollie’s product reviews and tidbits. AND she’s from Chicago…my old home town:-)

  17. Megan Borkowski says

    fun and witty?? What does a snail say while riding on a turtles back??? WEEEEEEEE!!!! lol

  18. Eliana DuBrow says

    My daughter started standing up on her own this week. People keeping telling me “be careful next comes walking and running and before you know it they are taking flight. Maybe this is what they meant by “flite!!!”

  19. Aarti P says

    Like others hqve cOmmented, I’m Also am addicted to researching strollers becausE of your site! This one has made my short (ok medium) list!

  20. Tracy D. says

    Hmm…my son was looking through a sales ad a while back, and stopped on a page with a curious look and asked, “What’s that, Daddy?”
    His daddy said, “That’s a bra.”
    My son replied, “For chi chi’s?”
    After he quit laughing, my husband said, “Yes son. For chi chi’s.”
    Best laugh we’ve had in a while.

  21. Victoria Palacios says

    Perfect timing! I’ve just started looking for a single stroller for when the toddler refuses to sit in the double one!

  22. Julia M. says

    One of my sons favorite jokes: What do you get when you cross and elephant with darth Vader? An Ele-Vader!

  23. arlene e says

    This really isn’t witty or fun, but seriously, I was JUST looking at these strollers online and watched your video on it this past Saturday. We need a lightweight stroller for our soon to be 1 year old and I have my <3 set on this one!

  24. Dawn Mallory Listner says

    I like the Flight, it’s quite a sight. Hope I win, so I can give it a spin! :-)

  25. Olivia says

    Love Love Love the aqua color! It would be perfect for my little on due to arrive in September. Bumbleride makes awesome products.

  26. Laura Miller says

    My daughter turns 1 on Friday!!! And right now I’m getting my son ready for his first day of 3rd grade!!! What an emotional week!

  27. Becky Salemi says

    We are currently looking for a stroller and this Bumbleride is in the running! We Love Bumbleride strollers!

  28. Sharla says

    Great review, love the bumbleride color and parent pack. A parent couldn’t ask for more.

  29. Danielle D. says

    Funny hmm… We went out of town for the week and came back to a stinking house. We forgot the trash! Spraying air freshened at 10pm after a 12 hour drive, kind of funny. Maybe by I was exhausted.

  30. Kara P. says

    Haven’t had my coffee yet so there’s no fun or wit here yet! But I love the color of this stroller- it would be perfect for our next Disney trip as there’s no way it would blend in in a sea of strollers!

  31. Julie Gonzalez says

    I enter every time so maybe this time will be my lucky week! I really need a stroller and some good news right now ;) have a blessed day!

  32. tzippy schreiber says

    love the color!! an attachment is a really great investment, cuz i am always forgetting to take a drink with me since i have no place to put it…..

  33. Dannielle Brenner says

    I would love something beautiful, light, & organized! If I win this, I hope that organization will spill over into the rest of my life. :)

  34. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    This would be fun for the smaller stroller with its fold, we have the insulated britax one and love it!

  35. Michelle says

    I had a wonderful day with my two sons at a birthday party yesterday! We played in the water and my two year old stuck his foot in the cake! Ha…ha!!

  36. briana says

    the flite is the light weight i need for travel! i have and love the indie but its just too big for a parent on the go…

  37. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I am starting back to Grad School in a couple of weeks; its going to feel so good to be a Mommy and a student. I hope I don’t get too distracted by all you reviews when I am trying to study!! Baby stuff is just as addicting as Facebook!

  38. Jessica says

    I’m debating on whether I should keep track of the number of times my baby kicks me in the ribs, so I can “pay him back” later in life with rib tickling.

  39. Kim P. says

    Something funny? How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it.
    Ok, that is really just corny!

    Pinterest name Kimbobolini
    Facebook name Kimberly Pichard
    YouTube name MsKimbobolini

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Tiffany Ketcham says

    A friend of ours has had a Bumbleride stroller now for a few years and it is amazing that it is just as good today as the day she bought it. I would love to win the Bumbleride Flite (Aqua) and a Bumbleride Parent Pack for my son who just turned a year old.

  41. Theresa C. says

    I’m due in 3 days and the baby is kicking like crazy.I think he’s means “Let me out of here! lol

  42. Cassandra Eastman says

    The weather here is finally cooling down, we can get out and go to the park or the zoo now! The Bumbleride Flite is a great lightweight stroller and can now hold a drink for me AND my husband when we are out and about with the new Parent Pack accessory? I’d take that stroller with us anyday!

  43. Sarah Hamilton says

    I’d love to win this! My ‘little’ guy isn’t so little anymore and I need a good lightweight stroller!

  44. Sherry says

    I love the attachements, the adjustable leg rest and the angle that the stroller sits at. It’s perfect for traveling as long as you don’t have a ton of items to take along!

  45. Kirsten says

    With three kids under 5 I could use all the help carrying everything they need and the color of this stroller is AMAZING! I’d love to win! Pick me! Pick me!

  46. Tiffany S says

    Fun and witty… I chase 2 small kids around the clock. Give me something BORING for once!

  47. Kathleen McAllister says

    We bought the Twin 2 years ago after viewing it on Baby Gizmo video. We use it daily for my little grandsons who LOVE it!

  48. Tara Stewart-Jacobs says

    Love this stroller and the parent pack. The stroller is so light and parent pack would make it easy for traveling

  49. says

    What a great giveaway! LOVE the look of the stroller! So fun and it would definitely stick out in a crowd at the zoo! =) I subscribed to the newsletter, liked baby gizmo on facebook, and am now following baby gizmo on pinterest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Ben says

    My wife and I are expecting in October and this prize pack would be perfect for us. My wife absolutely wants one of these, but I keep pushing it down the priority list, it’d be an awesome surprise for her!

  51. Tara says

    What a great giveaway! We’re expecting our second in January and this would be a great single stroller (in addition to the double I have my eyes on)!!!

  52. Liz Borah says

    Yay for a giveaway!! I love baby gizmo and bumble ride! I’m a stay at home with a 9 month old and we are due with our 2nd in April! This would be an amazing prize to win! Thanks for always having great giveaways! Good luck to everyone!

  53. megan says

    I love my Flyer and would love to have a Flite to add to my collection…something a little easier to get around with. Not to mention how much I love this color!

  54. Jessica Michael says

    Baby boy is coming in September and we’re scrambling at the last minute to get everything! We still need to pick out a name so we’re going a little crazy but it’s all so much fun!
    Plus I follow on Pinterest under Veg On The Run!

  55. Brandy Moore says

    Hi stay at mom here to a 4 year old and one on the way sitting in her pjs (“morning” sickness) entering her daily giveaways just waiting to hear her name called back as the winner!!! Would love this!!! Thanks for the chance to win this now were off to enjoy bon bons while sitting in front of the tv NOT!

  56. Michelle L says

    I really only want a stroller so we can do Stroller Strides and I can get back into shape :)

  57. Brandy Moore says

    oh and I just follow the Rafflecopter directions. I’ve mastered following directions!

  58. Yodean Armour says

    Our baby is almost 1, and I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I travel a lot, so this would be a great stroller to win!

  59. Carly Walker says

    Saw a funny picture of a woman carrying baby last night and it said “To think I almost swallowed you!”

  60. Cara says

    This looks like the perfect stroller for us! Trying to decide on a stroller has been driving me crazy, and without Baby Gizmo I would not be able to narrow choices down! The Bumbleride looks like the perfect stroller!!! Color is amazing, and the fleet all a parent could ask for!

  61. Jillian says

    I am so grateful for the Baby Gizmo reviews I’ve found on YouTube, especially for the Bumbleride Indie. Bumbleride does not have an authorized retailer in my state, so I’ve depended on reviews from online sources to help me make a purchasing decision. I ordered the 2012 Bumbleride Indie last week and it will be here today. I am so excited!

  62. Michelle says

    We’ve had our Queen B for 7 years and have used it a lot and it’s held up beautifully. The last couple of years I’ve been looking at the Flyer for something a little smaller, but this Flite might work just as well!

  63. Tessa says

    A great looking stroller, it would be awesome to have. I already follow on pinterest : lillidan

  64. Christina P says

    I love your blog and giveaways, very imformative information for a first time mom. I really want to win this Flite Bumbleride. I tried to win it one from their facebook page recently during a contest they were having for reative photoshop pictures using the Flite Bumbleride stroller in it. But I didn’t win, so I’m trying again. Thank you!

  65. Mike says

    I was a stay at home dad for my son’s first year, I just recently went back to work. I’m very close to my son and I take him to the park often as well as other places, this stroller would be perfect for us!

  66. Leigh A says

    My 4 month old just started making a new noise this weekend and it sounds like the Ah Ah from Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.

  67. Aleia Chambers says

    We love to go on walks. This would be awesome! I follow you on pinterest Aleia Chambers.

  68. Cassandra says

    “When I get up too early, I get under my blankets and hide from the early.” –my 4 year old daughter. :)
    When she said that, I was thinking, “Me too!”

  69. Anna says

    My son ordered chicken nuggets when we went out to dinner recently and referred to the honey mustard that came with it as “banana ketchup.” Who knows where they come up with this stuff!

  70. Erin T says

    My little nursling sometimes likes to stop and chitter chatter between “sips” Sometimes I tell him mommy isn’t a buffet and close up shop. He then furiously pulls up my shirt shouting dada dada, to tell on me to daddy!

  71. Tuquyen says

    This would be perfect to transport my little one, nicknamed Butch by my coworkers since we haven’t settled on a name yet!

  72. lexie says

    We have the bumbleride indie and absolutely love it, but it’s not good for everyday fast in and out jobs! The Flite seems perfect and i know my daughter would loveee the color!

  73. Miranda says

    I currently have a bumbleride indie twin in Seagrass. It’s the most amazing double stroller on the market! But now that our older son is wanting to walk all time we are in need of a single. I’d love nothing more then to have this one for our daughter! :) hope to win it!

  74. Rachel says

    What a great giveaway! We need to add a lightweight stroller to the fleet. Thanks for doing this.

  75. Anica says

    if I win it I will tell my husband I bought “one of those expensive strollers”… and give him a heart attach!

  76. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    this morning my 4 year old told me that he wants “to be an animal doctor, they are called vegetarians”

  77. Ashley G says

    I wish I knew about Bumbleride when I was doing my baby registry. I would LOVE this stroller to navigate my little one through the city!

  78. Kyle says

    My 3 year old calls these “rainbrella” strollers! I know that he would love this one for his 4 week old sister Rome that he calls “sister”!

  79. Allison S says

    Love Bubleride strollers, an unmbrella type stroller sure would come in handy at our house!

  80. Tiffany says

    What a great stroller to go bumble around town with our newest little one taking a ride in the Flite!

  81. Alina says

    Love this stroller! Great for walks to the park. Luck is never really on my side, but it’s worth a try. Got my fingers crossed. :)

  82. Becky McMahon says

    I’ve had my eye on this stroller for MONTHS! I’m dying to get it but for some reason I haven’t bought it. I guess my subconscious figures it’s more fun to try to win it. Seeing that you’re giving away the exact stroller I want, in the color I love has got to be a sign, right?! I love that this is a lightweight stroller that’s stylish, not chunky (i.e. I can get it in and out of the trunk of the car with my 5’2″ frame), and is car seat adaptable so my newborn can use it now. Adding the Parent Pack to it is an added bonus. My fingers are crossed that the stars are aligned and my rabbit has some lucky feet (yep, I’ve got a rabbit here at home!) that I will be the fortunate winner of this amazing prize from Baby Gizmo. :o)

  83. Hong says

    Love the Aqua blue on the Flite and a plus with the parent pack. What an awesome giveway. Hope to win!!!

  84. Emily @ LittleLeafLane says

    When my 1-year-old son hears my husband and I laughing, he starts giggling too as if to suggest he knows what we’re talking about and finds it funny too.

  85. Charli says

    I’m due right around Christmas and I love the bumbleride! I love the fact that at 5’2″ I can see over the stroller!

  86. Summer B says

    Something funny one of my friends posted on pinterest “My local grocery store uses four checkouts. Unless it is really busy then they use one.” So true!

  87. Christa Eno says

    LOVE the review of the Flite! I stare at my current stroller daily wishing it would turn into a Bumbleride, but it has yet to do it!

  88. Amanda W says

    Love my twin indie ;) perfect for my 10 month old and 29 month old.
    Bumbleride has great customer service too, went above & beyond to resolve a tire issue we had.

  89. Holly KLUG says

    I love your video reviews. I try to refer all my friends that need to by anything baby related to your site.

  90. Andrea says

    When i bought my first stroller I watched all of your reviews!! I love how you mention all the key features, the pros & cons!! Thanks for being my baby gear guru!

  91. Cristy S says

    I love your blog – my niece just told me she wasn’t a real child, she said she was actually a fairy!

  92. Deanna Burkket says

    Though I have twins this stroller seems like it would be nice to have on those days that one of the babies are not content to sit in a stroller anyway :)

  93. Steph says

    This is the giveaway I have been waiting for!!! I knew I’ve never won anything all these years for a reason!! :D

  94. Elizabeth H says

    I like the fact that this a high quality stroller with lots of room, but is lightweight.

  95. Ayala Friedman says

    I love all your videos and always look for your video first when checking out reviews

  96. Ana says

    Love the Flite. I have the Uppababy G-Luxe – which is nice, but now I’m wondering if the Flite would have been a more stable, sturdy option. Maybe it’s because I love my Indie so much?

  97. Hannah says

    Need a new stroller- stroller #8 over 4 kids and would love to win this one. The color is great!

  98. says

    Fun= watching my kids play the kinect on xbox and dance to the music, making up their own dance moves. My 3yo son thinks he is break dancing. I clap my hands and hoot and hollar at him and he just beams!

  99. adina says

    my dream umbrella stroller, if i could only afford it. and the parent pack is a great feature

  100. April Kennedy says

    My kids are convinced we will name our baby “buster” and anyone who has seen arrested development knows why that is funny!

  101. Stephanie says

    My kids wake up too early for me to be witty (or funny) anymore! I would love a nice light weight stroller!

  102. Jen Procner says

    I so need a new stroller. Mine is 4 months old and the dang wheel just fell off lol. I guess we take too many walks.

  103. Jill H says

    Fun….I am expecting my 4th in 4 1/2 years…crazy,right? I think this shop is closing down after this little babe is born :)

  104. AmandaJames says

    I would looooove to win this stroller! It looks like it would be awesome, especially while traveling!

  105. Joanna says

    I would LOVE this Bumbleride!! I’m due in 3 weeks with no stroller yet!! WE NEED THIS!!

  106. katy says

    would love to win another bumbleride for baby #2.
    btw, we watched your review on our current bumbleride indie before we bought it. :-)

  107. katy says

    would love to win another bumbleride for baby #2.
    btw, we watched your review on our current bumbleride indie before we bought it. we love it!

  108. Kimberly Gilliland says

    I love this stroller! The color is awesome!! It would be perfect for our little boy who will be arriving in November!

  109. Keri R says

    I’m obsessed with finding the perfect stroller!I will have two under two and will need the perfect one!

  110. Rebecca Spear says

    Love Baby Gizmo and Love bumbleride strollers!! Would love to win this for my boys. Thanks for all the great reviews/advice and the fabulous giveaways!!

  111. Heidi M says

    Fun: We went to the beach this weekend, and I put my 2 year old into his pea pod to go to sleep. About 5 minutes after he settled down, he throws open the door, runs into the living room with his hands up in the air yelling “Enzo Out!” with a huge smile on his face, then started clapping and saying “Yeah!” :D

  112. A says

    I tried to login and add to my entry, but it doesn’t have my info saved. I’m sorry if I am entering twice. This stroller is on my stroller short-list…which I can’t narrow down because of all the options and stroller reviews!

  113. Sarah says

    At the grocery store yesterday I thought the cashier asked if they “could wake up my baby”..I went on the lecture the 16 year old boy that you never wake up a baby who is sleeping. After I got off my soap box he informed me that he asked If he HAD woken up my baby…not if he could. whoops!

  114. Christina G says

    Fun or witty…maybe scary! I am a stalker of your page, you have the best strollers and I look forward to your updates & giveaways!

  115. Nellie says

    I’ve been searching for the perfect stroller for months! I’m exhausted. I WANT THIS ONE!

  116. Bridie Burgon says

    I would love to win. Looking to go back to a single stroller. No more double for me :)

  117. Nicole says

    I have a few work trips coming up and this looks like the perfect travel stroller with its easy fold, recline features and lightweight. I also think the aqua color is beautiful.

  118. Olivia says

    I have totally made up my mind as to which double stroller I want to get to accommodate both my toddler and bundle of joy on the way but am not quite ready to go for the massive stroller yet. So I’m thinking I need a lightweight stroller for the wild toddler and a Moby Wrap for baby #2. This would be the PERFECT lightweight stroller for the job!!

  119. Erica S says

    The Flite is a dream come true! I have had my eye on it for over a year! Great colors and just awesome stroller! (fun and witty?)

  120. Ashley Hartman says

    This stroller would be perfect for all the travelling we’re “required” to do to visit our in-laws! Love your site. It’s helping me get ready for baby #1 :)

  121. Megan C says

    Something fun and witty? I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my third child, I think “fun and witty” may be qualities I lack at the moment, lol. I look like a Weeble, can’t see my feet, and feel generally like a freak show, lol – but WOW would I love to win this stroller!!! THAT much has me really enthusiastic! Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  122. Lindsay Garcia says

    I love bumbleride!! I would love to win the aqua Flite for my sister who is pregnant with baby number 1!!! Aqua is her FAVORITE color! What a coincidence that you’d be giving it away!

  123. Lindsay Garcia says

    Something fun and witty?? Hmm I would just live to win this for my sister that is pregnant with her first! Her favorite color is aqua so hopefully it’s not just a coincidence that you happen to be giving away a stroller(a great one at that) in that color!!!

  124. Lindsay Garcia says

    I would love to win this for my sister expecting her 1st! she loves the color aqua! It can’t just be a coincidence that you are giving a stroller away in her favorite color!

  125. Shterna says

    i asked my daughter to put away thedressup clothes, she tells me, mammie these are not dress up clothes, its a skirt-up and a shirt-up

  126. Julie says

    My, just turned 3yr old, DD would love to ride in that stroller! And my 15month DS would love to push her!! :)

  127. Jennifer says

    Totally agree with a recent post that the Bumbo is DUMB-O!!! Thanks for that review and all the helpful reviews you do!

  128. Shannon McBride says

    I am such a fan of Bumbleride and LOVE my Indie. I would get lots of use out of the Flite too!

  129. Shannon V says

    I dont know if you all feel the same way, but I am telling you, living with my hubby is like having 2 EXTRA toddlers!! ;)

  130. Jennifer Crewell says

    Well fun and witty… I am pregnant with number two and when I sneeze I usually pee myself BUT I have a good sense of humor about THAT lol :-)

  131. Molly says

    Good stroller, but how can my husband and I fit in the parent pack? It has to be at least 3 times as big. ;)

  132. Michelle says

    I wish they made this in adult sizes…imagine getting pushed around and being able to lay down flat for a nap? Ingenious!

  133. says

    was thinking today about the bumbo recall. are there really that many babies out there than can actually fit in the seat comfortably? my baby’s legs are way too fat! the seat lasted us maybe two weeks!

  134. Emily Williams says

    This is my second attempt at a comment to enter the giveaway……..What can I say? I’m rafflecopter challenged. Hopefully this works! This stroller would save my life in about 10 days when we go on a huge trip!

  135. Sarah says

    Feeling so overwhelmed as a first time mom after registering last night! Winning a stroller, especially a Bumbleride, would be a nice surprise!

  136. Sarah R. says

    With twins, any device that can contain them is helpful. A new stroller…yes please–that would be only leave one to chase after! ;)

  137. Leanne Glover says

    That’s a nifty add on to a stroller. Nice strollers too. Any mom could be proud pushing one of those around.

  138. Theresa says

    Just came across your website since I started researching double strollers. Checked out the Bumbleride at our local baby store and love love love it. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  139. Michelle Knopp says

    For weeks, a six-year-old boy had been telling his teacher about the baby brother or baby sister that was expected at his house.

    One day his mother allowed him to feel the movements of the unborn child. Although obviously impressed, he didn’t say anything and from then on, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

    The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said: “Whatever became of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?”

    Timmy burst into tears and confessed: “I think Mommy ate it!”

  140. Stephanie says

    I love the flite for my toddler. Another would be awesome for baby on the way. Especially because I doubt the toddler will want to give up her sweet ride anytime soon!

  141. McKenzie says

    Life was so much simpler when I was little – no one cared if my clothes didn’t match or my hair stuck up all over

  142. Amy says

    It’s too late in the evening for this exhausted mom to come up with a super witty comment so I’ll just leave it at that!

  143. Amber says

    I absolutely love getting your emails. So much terrific information and can I say that the reviews rock? Well, here is my comment. Wish me luck. Would love to win the stroller!

  144. Shandelle Wahlin says

    I put my 6 year old’s hair in french braids. She felt them and said “ooh, they feel french!’ hahaha!

  145. rose says

    put my two year old and his little brother in time out today for colouring on the walls and I hear him say to his little brother “I can’t believe this! What are we going to do now?”

  146. Sam says

    The Flite woud make quick trips soo much easier and would totally save my sanity with a toddler. Defiantly looks more chic than putting a ‘lease’ on him! Lol

  147. Ashley Knepp says

    Every time I enter these things, I always worry if my entry went through…don’t fail my now rafflecopter!!

  148. Sam says

    The Flite woud make quick trips soo much easier and would totally save my sanity with a toddler. Defiantly looks more chic than putting a ‘leash’ on him! Lol

  149. Elizabeth N says

    I was laid off so the hubby had to pick up a part time job and has been working long hours and days. ( the kids hardly see him ) Today he got home early before he started his second job and my 5 year old son saw him through the window. He turns around and says ” mommy look, daddy is visiting us ” lol

  150. Sarah H says

    Went to the water park with my 20 month old today and he was trying to swim like my sister and was doing the crab butt scoot in the water! Too funny!

  151. Kristyne Kaahea says

    Something funny & witty posted here. LOL. Also would like this ride for my little bumble.

  152. Amber says

    I’m following you on Pintrest. agabrans

    I did comment previously, but didn’t know that I needed to put my pintrest name as a comment. Hope this doesn’t make me disqualified. :)

  153. Joni k says

    (A comment I recently saw on pinterest) :: “Cleaning with a toddler in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.” (so true!)

  154. Valerya Baker says

    I would love to win this! I definitely need a smaller stroller, our double is too big and doesn’t fit in our SUV easily.

  155. Rochelle Luaders says

    Kind of fun.. my little 3yo reminded me of my childhood today as we noted how red the sun looked as it set, and he ran across the yard and yelled “the sun is following me!!” with delight. I remember saying that with the moon.. love seeing the world new again through them.

  156. Dawn Sollitto says

    My baby would love to take “Flite” in this Bumleride stroller! Thanks for the chance!

  157. Miranda Welle says

    Here is our 7 year old daughters favorite joke right now……

    Why was the broom late???

    Because it overswept!

    Would love this prize for our newborn!

  158. Melissa says

    On Pinterest I am Annievan.

    There is a picture of my mom picking up my 2 yr and in the background there is a lamp on. This morning my son asked if grandma saved him from the fire. It took me forever to realize he was talking about this pic!

  159. LauraC says

    Great giveaway! My sister is currently trying, so this would blow her future shower out of the water!! xo

  160. says

    Oh, I love this stroller! Have you heard the interrupting cow knock knock joke?

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?

    Interrupting cow.

    Interrupting cow w-

  161. Vanessa I says

    My little man is so cute and funny! He hears a hip hop song and starts to dance by throwing his hands up in the air. Cute!!!
    Pinterest: Vanessa Inchaurregui

  162. Rochel S says

    My son asked me to ‘turn off the rain’. When I said i can’t do that he said ” Right only Daddy can!”

  163. Erena says

    This stroller is sooo cool. My girld would love stroll around in it. She is just a stroller lover- just like her mommy :)

  164. Alisa says

    I Tested a lot of strollers in 25 years of being a child care provider, and I think this is a great choice for the newest member of our family. I think we would be blessed to win this stroller. Thank you for asking such a great product.

  165. Yvette Iskandar says

    Thank u so much for this blog. My daughter is about 4 and half month now and she loves taking walks with me and her daddy. She is a blessing to us :-)

  166. Christie Collins says

    My two year old’s new favorite saying is, “seriously?!” Said in a sarcastic manner of course! Love the Bumbleride Flite!

  167. Marianela says

    I am 4 months pregnant with child #2. My first child is 5yrs old. I just learned that I have an expired car seat did not realize that I need to trade in a lot of things to get newer stuff
    So this would be great to win and one less thing for us to buy. Good Luck Everyone!! :-)

  168. mui xe says

    My son just learned how to walk. Imagine this: both hand up in the air, butt straight back, feet flapping like a duck, and moving like a crab!!! Lol

    I’ve been wanting this stroller for sooooooooo long now. Pick me please!!!

  169. Masooma says

    I was due with our second child on Christmas day 2011 and my older one would say that if I am a good boy Santa will give me a brother and if I’m naughty he will give me a sister lol!! He was so happy when we got our second boy!!
    Pinterest follower: mommy2boys0711

  170. Michelle Mobley says

    Id love to win the Bumbleride for my beautiful daughter! It would be great for all those mommy & daughter trips in style :)

  171. Jennifer Iacob says

    This stroller looks great, and I’ve actually been searching for something like this!

  172. Jennifer Iacob says

    Cute kids joke:
    -My dog knows math!
    -Yeah, ask him what 2 minus 2 is!
    -but 2 minus 2 is nothing!
    -Exactly! And that’s what he’ll answer – nothing!

  173. Elizabeth McClintock says

    We follow you on YouTube and on Facebook. Love the teal color on the Bumbleride. And the parent pack just looks completely amazing.

  174. says

    I love Bumbleride Strollers and I love lightweight strollers! So the Flite would be the PERFECT addition to my stroller collection. The parent pack adds a lot of storage and that is a very good and useful thing!!

  175. Claribel Michel says

    Great giveaways!! A day without sunshine is like, you know, night ..:)
    Pinterest: clary0423

  176. Beth G. says

    been trying to get a light and comfy stroller for my grandson…and this is great looking!

  177. Jen says

    I love this stroller! It will absolutely help me contain my little one on our walks! He is a 1 year old tornado!

  178. Sara Mark says

    Would love to win this stroller!!! I am too tired to come up with something funny! We had a bit of a baby boom in my hospital the past two days!!! I think I should win after helping all those babies come into the world!

  179. Rachel says

    Love it! Seems like a great option for all my kiddos! Even my big kid with special needs will prob still fit!

  180. Molly Ann Bussler says

    Right now I’ve been watching Baby Bop on Barney…so I say…Bumpin Up And Down In My Little Red Wagon …:D

  181. Clancy B says

    I’d love to win this lightweight stroller for traveling! We recently went on vacation and didn’t want to lug a big stroller with us since we were flying…I regretted immediately as we were carrying my 19 month old daughter through the airport and regretted it even more when it when she decided that she wasn’t going to walk AT ALL the entire week we were on vacation. This stroller would be great for our next trip!

  182. Chrystin says

    I would to win this stroller! I drive a jeep TJ and have an indie, its like building a puzzle everytime we try to go anywhere!

  183. Katie C says

    Hi there! This is my first baby (we find out the gender next week), the first (ever) contest I’ve entered to win something relating to our baby, and actually the first baby item we would own! (other than hand me down clothes from my sister). Plus, my favorite color is turquoise which is perfect!!

    Love the video as well! I’m a fan. Thank you!

  184. melissa says

    funny or witty? I’m a little sleep deprived to do that much thinking:) Kinda funny: The other day I woke up to my toddler hollering “uh-oh, foo-foo”. I didn’t know what he was talking about until I went to his crib and saw that he finger painted poo-poo all over himself and his crib. Yuck, but kinda funny.

  185. says

    this would be great to have for our new addition!! My daughter is expecting in 8 weeks now, a boy. I had 2 daughters, I never dealt with baby boys, so this is going to be a fun experience!!

  186. Carly says

    Would love to win this great prize! Just had my first child and am in need of some good baby gear. :)

  187. bensy L says

    i wld definitely love to try this’s roomier, looks cool, and doesn’t seem to topple over.. :)

  188. Katy says

    Baby Gizmo, PLEASE make my stroller shopping easy. My husband and I only shopped a little for a new stroller, and we have Nothing for the baby yet. At 28 weeks I have started pre term labor, now home from the hospital, I am on strict BED REST!! Some one please let me know how I am going to get through this with a 13 year old Aspergers child and a 7 year old active cheerleader, and school is starting in a week. Winning a stroller would be a great blessing!! Love the website and we absolutely enjoy watching all the reviews since it’s been almost 8 years we had to do all of this.

  189. Toyanna says

    I would love to win this. This would be a blessing from GOD. It’s a beautiful and safe stroller I have ever seen. I am currently pregnant with my rainbow baby. I recently loss my little prince on September 24, 2011 from placental abruption. And this would mean the world to me if I won this for my new baby. Thanks for hearing me out.

  190. Sylvia Shultz says

    I would love to win this stroller. Have one already but could use a second for my new baby :)

  191. Johanna De La Cruz says

    Here’s a funny conversation I had with one of my 3 year old students. A stray cat had wandered into the school yard and 3 year old Zachary walked up to pet it. I stopped Zachary before he could do so and said, “Zachary, you should never pet an animal you don’t know.” He turned to me with a strange look on his face and replied,”I DO know that animal. It’s a cat!” ha ha

  192. Stacy Lukas says

    My Jack Jack would love the color and luxury of this ride, he sure could use it!!!! What a spectacular giveaway!!!

  193. claudia says

    i love to win this stroller, expecting #2.

    my daughter said that her and daddy are going to go buy me a baby at the store. :)

  194. Heather says

    He are in the process of an international adoption of a toddler. This Bumbleride flite would be a great 1st step in our flight to bring our child home.

  195. Emily Cornforth says

    I have been looking for a stroller for so long and keep going back to look at the Bumbleride. It has so many of the features I am looking for. I love the reviews Baby Gizmo gives, they are so helpful and I check them out for all the baby products I look at. Thanks for all the help and information.

  196. shannon says

    “The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.”
    ~Lane Olinhouse

  197. shannon says

    I tried to submit a quote for my comment, but I’m not sure if it went through…I’m not trying to cheat…just want to make sure my entry was recieved!

  198. Mark McBride says

    Our little one would love this stroller and so would his parents! We have been looking at this one for awhile now and were thrilled to see your review of it. It sold us on it even more!

  199. stephanie says

    im trying to get all 23 but i only got 13. with three boys its hard too.; ( i would love to win this stroller. i love the color and the pack. i need a good stroller like that. i hope you pick me : )

  200. Tiffany Bone says

    Love your reviews! You’re the reason I was introduced to Bumbleride to begin with! Love all your reviews, keep up the great work!

  201. Tina Marrs says

    Being a mommy to 4 busy boys,I would love to win this prize pack to make my life easier!

  202. Margo says

    I need this stroller- so I wouldn’t have to chase my 1.5 year old across the Mall when I don’t have a time to be taking out my “huge” stroller that you have to assemble every time you need to use it;)

  203. Margo says

    I am one of your newsletter subscribers. Love your website, it’s my go to source every time I am looking for anything baby:)

  204. Kari Richards says

    My cousin is due in December, I’d love to give this too her, great giveaway!!


  205. Christi says

    Love the Bumleride! We have taken ours so many places and used it so many times that we could really use a new one.

  206. Mey says

    My favorite color is aqua blue and this stroller will be perfect! Love the color and the umbrella size.

  207. aymee says

    I have a indie twin and its an awesome stroller. I love it. My oldest daughter is now going to Kindergarten and I would love a easy single stroller to whip around the mall. I would love to win this please. With the investment we have put into our twin my hubby is keen on buying another:) I love the color too!

  208. Vanessa Coker says

    Monday has started early I guess… I’m going to MIL’s house for dinner tonight (Sunday). Blech.

  209. MARYA A KHAN says

    fun and witty? hmm..I guess I could have my 13 month old ride up top…and my kitty in the bottom basket. ;)

  210. Audra-Lee says

    I’m a huge Bumbleride fan! Most of my sons outside baby pictures feature a ruby flyer!

  211. Krizia Thomas says

    I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way! I live off your reviews, thanks for being awesome BabyGizmo.

  212. Chris says

    Parent pack doesn’t look like anything special and seems a bit overpriced. I do like how the stroller can still fold up.

    The Bumbleride Flite is jus another travel stroller. One day someone will come out with one that has better access to the basket. I understand it’s a travel stroller but what parent can be out shopping and fit many purchases through the openings!?

  213. Lida Marar says

    Hi! I would like to tell you something funny. I have a 10 month old son Max and 2 y.o. cavanese dog Bailey. They have been best friends since Max was born and now constantly share toys with each other (when I’m not looking) but last week I learned that it’s not the only thing they share. I gave Bailey a doggy bone treat, and when I turned around, I saw that now Max was chewing on that bone. Bailey was standing next to him with a sad, defeated look on his face. From now on, I keep my eyes on Bailey to make sure his food does not get stolen again.
    I have been looking for a nice reclinable umbrella stroller for Max, so I don’t keep bumping into things or people when I go out with my chicco cortina, but they are kinda pricy. Max’s birthday is coming up in October, and it would be awesome if we win the new, awesome Bumbleride flite. Thank you!

  214. Veronica R. says

    I love Bumbleride! The parent pack looks great. I have had my eye on the Flite for a while…would be really nice to win :)

  215. says

    Hubby was so excited to hold our baby girl skin to skin that he even offered to change her. Well I guess he forgot ruffles out.. Poor guy was covered in pee shortly after their skin to skin time. He’s now terrified to change a diaper – maybe that was his plan though lol

  216. Carey A. says

    “People who say they sleep like babies usually don’t have them.” ~ Leo J. Burke quote

  217. goldie says

    Love my indie twin for my twins – and would love this flite for my singleton :) The color is great as awell.

  218. Gond says

    My son dressed me yesterday and I got lots of compliments…. Maybe I should let him dress me more often

  219. Jennifer says

    I think it’s awesome that you give us soon-to-be moms a chance to win the Bumbleride Flite!

  220. Jamie says

    This is my first time trying to win anything on Baby Gizmo!! Woohoo! I’m normally not a winner in contests. In life, yes. Contests, no.

  221. Jamie says

    Just followed you on Pinterest! I’m jfw623! (Or maybe it’s jw623… is it sad that I don’t know?)

  222. Jill S says

    My sister-in-laws have bumbo strollers and they are great! I would love to have one of my own for our first baby!!

  223. Katie says

    We love Bumbleride! Our daughter Lucy loves her Indie but a Bumbleride Flite would be perfect for those quick trips :0)

  224. Catherine says

    Would love to win this bumbleride flite! Seems so lightweight and perfect since I’m due to give birth in 6 weeks!

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