Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Zutano $75 Gift Card

Zutano Gift Card

Congrats to the winner –

Entry #476 – Natalie S.

It’s back-to-school time which means the kids need new clothes, right?!? Well, Baby Gizmo and Zutano are here to help this week! For the Giant Weekly Giveaway this week we are giving one lucky winner a $75 Zutano gift card to cut down on the school costs. That’s right, $75 to pick up some adorable Zutano clothes.

With so many cute patterns, stripes and vibrant colors to choose from, your little one will be the best dressed.

Zutano Giveaway

Here are some of our favorite picks:




One lucky reader will win a Zutano $75 gift card. This giveaway is open to US only.


Yep, we are back to Rafflecopter this week!  A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers and, of course, you’ll want more chances to win that stroller and console! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter option which is once per day!) Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once (or you can just combine all your answers into one comment). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Today’s Giveaway STARTS now and ends on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Amy says

    These clothes are adorable! I’d love to win because my baby girl would look so cute in them.

  2. Ryan Eastman says

    I would love this to buy clothes for my 10 month old! I love the high quality of Zutano, and all the great prints and styles to choose from!

  3. Stephanie says

    I love the bright colors and high quality of Zutano clothes! One of my favorite shower/new baby gifts to give!

  4. Amanda Stauffer says

    I love Zutano and need to get clothes for my baby girl for this coming fall/winter.

  5. Deanna Burkett says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright colors!! I try to dress my twins in bright clothes all the time because I love to snap random pics of them and the bright colors show up better!!

  6. Kerri W. says

    My twin boys would look great in these clothes! My wallet would appreciate the prize, too!

  7. Amy C says

    I would love to win Because my 17month old needs more clothes…they out grown them so fast at this age!

  8. kyla atole says

    ok so i have never won anything in my life but my baby boy really meeds clothes so here we go….entered..:-)

  9. Mandy Ruch says

    Love, love the cute clothes. Our boys could use some new things to get them ready for fall!

  10. Michelle Young says

    I would love to win since I’m having a hard time keeping up with the crazy growth of my 18 month old daughter Genevieve! She is in a 3T and size 7 shoe, 2ft 10.5 inches tall – I can’t keep up with how often I have to buy/change out her clothing & shoe sizes – it’s made it extremely hard to afford anything that’s current & stylish! I hope Zutano makes toddler sizes too :)

  11. Summer B says

    Both of my kids start school soon, and being able to get some clothes for the fall and winter would just be great! And on top of that these clothes are just to die for!

  12. Rochelle Luaders says

    I would love to win because I have three little boys who I’d like to shop for!

  13. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I’d love to win because my son outgrows his clothes so fast its hard to keep up; and zutano clothes are so cute!!

  14. Jessica M. says

    My little one is only 10 months so we’re not shopping for school clothes, but I have nothing for him to wear this fall!

  15. Sasha says

    Zutano quality clothes are so stinkin cute! My 7 month old baby girl would love them! Loves to shop like her mamma!

  16. Leeanna H. says

    My 4 month old has mostly worn hand me downs from his older brother. I would love to get him some new clothes of his own! Love the prints and quality of zutano!

  17. Candace says

    I was just drooling at some adorable Zutano clothes after they posted a link on fb today, and I would love to have $75 to add some to my little guy’s wardrobe!

  18. Sarah Trout says

    Love how soft the clothes feel and the colors! I will have three girls this November and they need some cute little matching clothes!

  19. Christina p says

    I would like to win because their clothes are super cute and My son is growing so fast that I constantly have to buy him new clothes.

  20. Leslie says

    Who doesn’t love shopping for clothes?? I would love to win this because my little man needs some new fall clothes. :)

  21. D Schmidt says

    I would love to win because I have never purchased anything from Zutano but have been curious about doing so for my sons.

  22. Katy says

    Zutano is seriously my favorite kids clothes brand! Oh how fun this would be. I am dying to get my daughter one of their super cute printed dresses with a matching pair of shorts for my son!!!

  23. Jessica Barnhart says

    with back to school, 2 kids, Christmas coming fast, and 2 upcoming baby showers, the limits of our single income family are being tested,lol. This would be great to pick up some cute clothes for the new members of the family

  24. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I would love to win so that can buy the mandarins terry pants, they are bright and mt son would love them for preschool.

  25. Teri says

    I love how soft and cozy the clothes seem to be, and also the bright colors and fun designs.

  26. Kelly says

    Baby Girl is busting out of her 3 month outfits and her older brother will need some fall wear.

  27. Miranda Welle says

    I want to win because we’ve gotten a few things from Zutano in the past and LOVE their quality and style!

  28. Ashley C says

    Zutano has some adorable bright prints that are so unique. I think these would be so cute on my son and daughter, especially now that they’re both going up a size and in need of some new clothes!


  29. Kelly Lorandos says

    Would love to win this! I have a 2 1/2 year old who is starting pre-school in two weeks and this would be perfect to help with her back to school wardrobe needs!!

  30. Elena Thomas says

    I would love to win because I have 6 month old IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS! I also have my 4 year old that just started pre-k /kinder! And This year we are on a very tight budget, this would help a lot so please pick me!!!

  31. Keri R says

    They are super cute! It’d be fun to shop for my 14 month old and his baby brother due in November.

  32. lisa says

    I would love to win new clothes for my toddler who will be going to school for the first time!

  33. Sharon J says

    I have a new 18mo old grandbaby, who recently moved, who i miss dearly. I would love to win this for her. Thank you.

  34. Jodi Brown says

    Zutano clothing is so comfortable for an on-the-go toddler! It allows my son to move freely and not be constricted by his clothing!

  35. JessD says

    We love Zutano! I have an 11 month old and another due
    in January, so can definitely put this giveaway to good use.

  36. Michelle H. says

    My first grandchild, a girl, is due in October and the new parents could use a new wardrobe fit for a princess.

  37. Kristen Graham says

    I would LOVE to win this prize! Zutano is my absolute favorite brand of baby clothing! I have a niece due this winter and would love to give her a lovely set of Zutano clothes.

  38. Miranda H says

    I would love t win the amazing prize because I have 3 boys and our older son just started Kindergarten. We have NO winter clothes yet for any of my 3 boys and this would really help out. Thank you :)

  39. celina says

    With my husband looking for a job and my full time school schedule, any shopping help is huge!

  40. Jeanine says

    I’d like to win because they have such stylish clothes and my granddaughters would look adorable in their outfits.

  41. T. Reyes Alvarez says

    I’d love to win a Zutano gift card! It would be really great to get some new clothes for my growing baby girl!

  42. Carolyn P. says

    My son will be going to work with me soon and we would love some Zutano to wear to “school”!

  43. Aviva R says

    I’m pregnant and may be having a boy – in which case i’ll need a whole new baby wardrobe! Plus, my daughter is starting playgroup and could use some cute new duds.

  44. Kimberly says

    I would love to win so I could buy some Zutano clothes for my daughter to start pre-school!

  45. Teresa B. says

    So need to go shopping for this little munchkin…I’ve been putting it off! Why does shopping always sound more fun when there is a free giveaway:)?

  46. Helen says

    Having some clothes for back to school would be one less thing to worry about before the school year begins!

  47. Cecilia says

    my daughter could use the new clothes in time for fall/winter weather, especially because she is in preschool.

  48. Ash H. says

    This would help SO much since I have four kids and two of them are in school and the other two are in diapers!!

  49. Cindy Bowling says

    I have a good friend who has a little girl and expecting a boy in December. She could really use the clothes.

  50. Evelyn Coronado says

    I would love to win. Just had a baby and getting familiar with all the brands and these clothes are just absolutely the cutest.

  51. Bonnye Sensenig says

    I would love to win because I love the bright fun clothing you carry- and they hold up sop well in the wash and always look nice at day care!

  52. Rebecca Spear says

    LOVE zutano; my little guy is long and lean..totally unlike his brother…so he needs new clothes…and seperates..(he wears a different size shirt and pant) this would be perfect; not to mention zutano is fabulous..I love their whale and crab outfits from this season!!

  53. Mike says

    I would like to win the gift card, because these are good quality clothes and would look great on my son!

  54. Jen B says

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Zutano.. and since my daughter changes clothes when ever she perceives something as “dirty” (ha) we go through a lot of laundry! And did I mention how cute the clothes are? :)

  55. Jennifer G. says

    I would love to win the giftcard because their clothes are gorgeous and my little ones are always in need of new clothes!

  56. says

    I would love to win this for my friend who is having twin boys and really can not afford to buy a lot of things for them right now being that she is not working. This would truly be a blessing for her.

  57. Batsheva Shomer says

    I could use the gift card to get some stuff for my infant daughter who is wearing her brother’s clothes currently, and gets mistaken for a boy :(!

  58. Jeanine says

    our first baby – a little girl – arrived the summer & it would be wonderful to start her wardrobe with style

  59. Amy H. says

    I would love to win this for my children…I haven’t even started shopping yet & my daughter went to preschool last week!

  60. arlene e says

    we love zutano. This would be perfect for our daughter who is just starting preschool this year. She is so excited. Zutano has such cute clothes

  61. says

    I would love to win so that I an get some needed school clothes for my preschooler. She is rough on clothes and I find the cheap clothes do not hold up to her active life

  62. Minna F says

    I love Zutano! My son wore lots of Zutano clothes and some were used by little sister too. Now I would love to get something for little sister that is just hers.

  63. MacKenzie Bryan says

    I would appreciate the gift card so I can spoil my soon-to-be preschooler with new trendy clothing that nobody else would have! Living in a small town with the only grocery/clothing store located 2 hours away, everybody tends to dress alike! Thank you for this chance to win :)

  64. says

    We’re having our second child, a boy, soon and have nothing for him (since our first is a girl). So, no shower, since it is a second and these clothes are so cute, they would be perfect for our little boy.

  65. says

    I have heard about these clothes and am very curious. I have two kids of my own and my best friend is having a baby soon!

  66. Susan Smith says

    Would love to win clothes for my soon-coming baby or for gifts to friends that are currently pregnant.

  67. Marianela Aponte says

    I pregnant with child #2 but my first is starting kindergarten this year so I would love for him to be ready for school with this wonderful gift.

  68. Kortnie says

    I would love to win because I love zutano! I have my third baby (a little boy) due in 6 weeks and would love some new clothes for him!:)

  69. Deanna C says

    We would love to win the $75 gift card! My daughter has officially grown into 2t and with her brother’s hand me downs not being a cute option, we need to go shopping! :)

  70. Danielle E says

    I would love to win this gc, we are short on money right now, and it would be a huge help to add some adorable clothes to our daughter’s fall wardrobe.

  71. Jeanette Rogers says

    Would love to have new clothes for my baby girl who is quickly growing out of what she owns!

  72. Jade says

    Having my first baby in October and just bought her the most adorable Zutano sleeper! They have the cutest prints and I would LOVE to add more to her wardrobe!!

  73. mIglenka says

    Iwould love to get some cool, comfy staples for my guy. He’s starting daycare soon and he needs some new clothes. Zutano make such wonderful baby and toddler things?

  74. Lien says

    After having two girls, I am having a boy in Nov. Would love to win and get him some boy’s clothes, otherwise, he will be wearing a lot of pink and purple.

  75. Amanda Alvarado says

    Dd is going to need some new winter clothes once the weather changes. This would give her some really cute clothes that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford! :-)

  76. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    My 4 year old starts school this year and I’d love to get him some new clothing!

  77. Carisa Resimius says

    My 4-month old would look adorable in some new Zutano clothing! Love their patterns (:

  78. Shannon Mansker says

    I would love to try and win because I have never actually shopped there and hey we all have kids and we KNOW how quickly they can go through them. It gets expensive!

  79. Laura Love says

    I want to win because Zutano clothes are the cutest, and I have a baby boy who is growing out of all his clothes very quickly!

  80. Stacey A Smith says

    I would like to win this to help my sister in law .she has so many kids that need school clothes that she could use all the help she can get.

  81. says

    My 4 month old baby girl does not have a single item of Zutano. My 2 older girls each have a Zutano blanket that goes literally everywhere with them! I can vouch that Zutano products are made very sturdy quality! We have had these 2 bankets for 3 years with only a couple little stains, no rips, no peeling, kept its shape and very minimal fading! I would love to win this gift card so my baby would also have a great blankie to snuggle with for years to come!

  82. says

    My 4 month old baby girl does not have a single item of Zutano. My 2 older girls each have a Zutano blanket that goes literally everywhere with them! I can vouch that Zutano products are made very sturdy quality! We have had these 2 bankets for 3 years with only a couple little stains, no rips, no peeling, kept its shape and very minimal fading! I would love to win this gift card so my baby would also have a great blankie to snuggle with for years to come and a great “NEW” outfit!

  83. Tressie Hird says

    LOVE Zutano’s bright colors and eclectic patterns – perfect for my little girl! Baby Gizmo, thanks for offering such a cool prize!

  84. Stephanie Jarrett says

    I would love to win this to buy my newest addition some clothes… She seems to be living in lots of hand me downs and deserves something fabulous of her own :)

  85. Nadine Nagy says

    I would love to win the gift card to get my little guys some great outfits! The Zutano clothes are awesome looking.

  86. Katherine says

    It would be great so my niece could have some new clothes instead of all hand me downs

  87. Jillian Volk says

    Zutano is one of my favorite baby brands. The clothes are well made and absolutely adorable! Finally cute clothes for little boys.

  88. Stephanie says

    With a toddler and a new bavy on the way, I could totally make use of a gift card for some new duds. I love Zutano!

  89. Tressie H. says

    LOVE Zutano’s bright colors and eclectic patterns – perfect for my baby girl!
    Baby Gizmo, thanks for such a stylin’ giveaway opportunity!

  90. Alycia M. says

    I love Zutano clothing! I have a pair of their fleece booties that are so super soft and cute!

  91. Alycia M. says

    I love Zutano clothing! I have a pair of their fleece booties that are so super soft and cute!

  92. Brittiny Whitbeck says

    I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old that are growing oh so fast and could really use the gift card to get them some new clothes and I absolutely adore the clothes yall make!

  93. Andrea H says

    Expecting #3 in December – gave away all the other clothes thinking that 2 kiddos was going to do the trick. Guess not! :)

  94. Chelsey says

    I still need to do my fall shopping for my youngest daughter (she turned 3 today!), and I would love to add Zutano to her wardrobe :D

  95. Felicia R says

    Their clothing is high quality and so cute! We have a few pieces from there and would love to add more to our collection especially with a newborn on the way!

  96. Maia P says

    I’d love to win this giveaway. My son needs some cool clothes. He outgrew most of his clothes so quickly.

  97. Kim P. says

    I would love to win to build up my 3 month old’s winter wardrobe!

    Pinterest name: Kimbobolini
    YouTube name: MsKimbobolini

  98. christine jessamine says

    i would love to win zutano because i could use more baby clothes and love their styles!

  99. Heidi M says

    With 2 boys, I am definitely in need of clothes that will last. This would go a great way to getting us some fabulous items that will make through all those rough and tumble days!

  100. Kelly D says

    I would love some jumpers for my daughter- she would love the Puppy Screen Terry Toddler Jumper

  101. Heather Williams says

    I would like to win because we are expecting our first baby, gender is a surprise, and weve been getting alot of complaints because we want to be surprised. It would be nice to be able to buy gender specific clothing since our families are set on getting us nothing unless its pink or blue

  102. Jodi J says

    I love the cute prints. My little girl is my first after 2 boys and she needs some cute clothes like these!

  103. Peggy M. says

    I would love to win because we are expecting our first child and think these clothes are adorable! Anything extra will help!

  104. Jean says

    Who doesn’t love shopping for baby clothes!!!! I am having my second daughter, the first being 7 so my husband are starting everything new. Scary but the exciting part is I get to do the shopping all over again and LOVE looking at all the funky styles and clothes for babies. Zutano definately has some bright, fun, playful clothing- cant wait to shop!

  105. kira m. says

    I would love to win this gift card so I could help my sister buy clothes for her daughter before she starts daycare for the first time! She’s a single mom doing it on her own, money is tight and every little bit will help!

  106. Cristi Martin says

    I am expecting my first baby in October and I think Zutano clothes are soooooo cute! I would love to dress her in a some Zutano outfits :)

  107. Melissa says

    I love that little skirt, so cute! Never heard of this brand but I am always on the look out for something new and adoable!

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