Child Passenger Safety Week Day 2 – Chest Clip Location (GIVEAWAY)

Car Seat Chest Clip

Congrats to winners -

Entry #1124 – Kristen T.

Entry #1211 – Erica H.

It’s day 2 of Child Passenger Safety Week and today is all about the car seat chest clip. That’s right, that big closure that is usually the last thing that you do when you put your child in the seat. It seems like a no-brainer but many people don’t know that there is a right and a wrong place to put that chest clip. As a matter of fact, there is only one right place for that chest clip and that is AT THE ARM PIT LEVEL. The chest clip should always be on the child’s chest at the arm pit level.

Since many parents are positioning those chest clips in the wrong place, we are going to help spread the word with a contest/giveaway and photos today. Yes, we want full participation with this giveaway! We want everyone to take a photo of their child in their car seat with the chest clip at arm pit level and then share it. Above is a photo we took but you do not have to add text directly on the photo like we did. (You can explain the photo in your description depending on where you post it. See rules below.)

(UPDATE: Here is a video we just filmed today with how I get my toddlers and kids to put the chest clip in the proper position)


TWO lucky participants will win a Britax G3 Convertible Car Seat of their choice. This giveaway is open to US residents only!

Brirax G3


1) Take a photo of your child in a car seat with the chest clip at the proper arm pit level position.

2) Share the photo on your Facebook Page and let your friends know where the safest postion for the chest clip is. Tag The Baby Gizmo Company (put @The Baby Gizmo Company) in your Facebook post so that we know you did it.

3) Instagram the photo (the one you took for Facebook or a new one!) and “This is the correct place for the car seat chest clip thanks to @BabyGizmoGuru” in the description. (Here is a tutorial on how to use Instagram: Instagram Tutorial)

4) “PIN” our Baby Gizmo photo (above) of the correct chest clip position on one of your Pinterest boards and put “This is the correct place for the car seat chest clip thanks to @BabyGizmo ” in the pin description. (You can “pin” the photo by hitting the “Pin It” button at the top of this post OR grabbing the URL of this blog post and pinning directly on the Pinterest site OR you can go to Baby Gizmo’s Pinterest Page and just re-pin the photo there.)

5) Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below to make sure you are entered and for more entry opportunities!


* Today’s Giveaway STARTS now and ends TONIGHT Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. US residents only. Make sure you are actually doing the entry methods because we check. If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.
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  1. Christina Brundick says

    i’ve taken a pic of him before with the chest clip correct,hes asleep now so can’t take another

  2. Marsha O. says

    This would be a great prize to win in honor of me renewing my CPST certification which I was about to do!

  3. Brita says

    I already had a photo of my daughter with the correct placement. That’s the way she rolls. I shared it on my FB page.

  4. Taylor says

    Repinned picture on pinterest and sent to fb wall as I do no have a little one yet to take a picture of. He will be here in Novemeber…

  5. Taylor says

    Repinned photo on pinterest and also used that photo for fb wall since my little one won’t be here till November!

  6. Annabelle R says

    Thanks for the reminder, I have seen too may parents that don’t know where the chest clip should be.

  7. suzy says

    Entered in the Britax car seat contest. I always make sure that the chest clip is arm pit level…..heard this before! My Pinterest is mrssuz.

  8. Stephanie S. says

    Hi Holly! I’d love to post a picture, unfortunately by law I am not allowed to. Why, you ask? I’m a foster parent. I foster babies and toddlers, one at a time to better foster attachment and bonding. Placing the chest clip at armpit level is one of the first things I learned when researching how to properly use a car seat. I did Pin though. I’m glad that you are helping to get the word out about this!

  9. Pollyanna Wall says

    Car seat safety ow a big passion of mine. It is nice to see a company trying to educate people better!

  10. Chelsea L says

    I posted a picture on facebook with the chest clip at the arm pit level for all my friends to see! I hope it helps one person!

  11. Lori says

    I am a CPST with 4 (soon to be 5) of my own little ones. I am constantly trying to educate parents to make sure these precious little ones are safe :)

  12. Crystal says

    I took and posted a picture on facebook it wouldn’t letme tag you so I posted it on my wall and your wall

  13. Nicole says

    Pinned on pinterest!
    Nicole Spensley (

    And posted on Twitter. Will take a picture when I pick up LO after work!

  14. Alicia G. says

    I took a picture of my baby with the chest clip at armpit level. This is my biggest pet peeve! When I see the chest clip down by the buckle I want to scream!!!

  15. Jamie says

    I wish more parents would make sure they are securing their children correctly. Great idea for posting pix on Facebook to spread the word!

  16. Ty's Mom says

    Drives me nuts when kids aren’t restrained properly. You can buy a cheapie or the most expensive seat on the market, and if they aren’t restrained properly either way it could be bad.

  17. Daniele Brown says

    I think it’s great that you are highlighting the importance of child passenger safety this week!

  18. Christina says

    I already had a photo of my son in his car seat with the chest clip in the correct position, I posted to facebook to share and tagged baby gizmo. Thanks

  19. Amy Martin says

    This one is easy! I’ve taken lots of pics of my son while he was in a harnessed seat, showing where chest clip goes, where shoulder straps go, and an example of a child harnessed well past 40lbs.

  20. jean browne says

    Took a picture and posted it on Facebook but it won’t let me tag you. So I posted it on your wall as well :)

  21. Becky Thomas says

    Took pictures and will be sharing them on facebook . . . also repinned your photo. Thanks for making this important giveaway something we share and make others aware of!

  22. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    Posted my photo on Facebook (Chris n Marci Asmus) and pinned on pinterest (marci Lundberg-Asmus)

  23. Brooke M says

    I tagged you in a FB photo,shared and instagram and tagged you and I also pinned onto pintrest. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new car seat.

  24. says

    I pinned… posted and FB’d as well as everything else to win! Fun. Thanks for the give away and for spreading the word about car seat safety – it’s sooooooooooo important!

  25. Ashlie Fuller says

    posted on facebook, tweeeted, and took a picture of my son in in car seat with the chest clip at the correct level to share.

  26. Ben says

    My baby is coming in October, I’m very happy to have this information, now I’ll never have him in the seat incorrectly.

  27. Monique says

    This is really important. I remember learning this when I went to a breastfeeding clinic when my first baby was just born. I had no clue before this!! I thought I read everything and knew how, but little reminders are really needed! Thanks for the info!

  28. Jennifer says

    I have a question – what about the European models that don’t have chest clips??? (Including Britax) Are they not as safe? The straps that are over the chest have a backing that is meant to prevent the straps from slipping, but no actual clips crossing the chest…??? Since every country has different rules as to what is considered safe, how can we know who has the “safest” standards? My husband and I live internationally (between North America and Europe), so the answer isn’t as simple as it might be for most, I guess.

  29. Jenna says

    I pinned it, instagrammed it, facebooked a photo of my two big kids ( I have a three month old as well) !

  30. Becky McMahon says

    I shared a picture on Facebook of my baby in her car seat with the correct positioning of the chest clip. I don’t understand why I need to put the “@” symbol so I hope I tagged you right!

  31. Kathy says

    I posted a photo and tagged you in the comments. I tried to tag in the actual photo, but it wasn’t working.

  32. Kristina Alacon says

    I took a photo of my child in a car seat with the chest clip at the correct position to share.

    But I can’t tag the The Baby Gizmo FB page :(

  33. Andrea Gardner says

    I am going to take a picture of my 19 month old son in his Britax with the chest clip at armpit level when he wakes up from his nap! My 6 month old son could really use a Britax car seat like his big brother’s because he is going to outgrow his infant seat soon!! :)

  34. InfamousQBert says

    We’re just about ready for a convertible seat and i lost my job, so a free one would be so awesome!

  35. Lisa Harrison says

    I shared a photo of the correct chest clip position. Let’s make sure all the kids out there are safe!

  36. NikkiZ says

    I took a photo of my son in his car seat with the chest clip at the correct position to share. Shared it on FB but couldn’t get it to properly tag Baby Gizmo Company…

  37. Lisa says

    I shared a photo of the correct chest clip position at armpit level. Let’s make sure all the kids out there are safe!

  38. Lisa says

    I shared a photo of the correct chest clip position at armpit level. Let’s make sure all the kids out there are safe! Pinterest name lmharrison83

  39. Jennifer says

    I took a photo of my 18month old in her car seat with the chest clip at the correct position and shared it on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I love spreading the safety tips!

  40. Amanda Johnson says

    I posted a photo of my month old on Facebook in his carseat with chest clip at armpit level. I also tried to tag The Baby Gizmo Company, but it didn’t work….

  41. Keith S. says

    A new carseat would be great, our six month old will be outgrowing his soon. While having a travel system is convenient on a number of levels. It would be nice if they had a higher weight and height capacity!!!

  42. Veronica R. says

    I posted the picture of my son modeling the correct chest clip position on my FB page and tagged The Baby Gizmo :) Love these giveaways…we have been convertible car seat shopping the past few weeks…winning would be a Godsend!

  43. Emily g says

    Took a photo with proper chest clip placement. Posted to your wall because I couldn’t tag from mine

  44. Amanda Wollick says

    Posted to FB, tagged you and repinned to my account with the same name ^^^ via your pinterest page :) instagram to follow :)

    great give away

  45. Katie S says

    I shared a photo of my son’s chest clip in the correct position on Facebook! My Facebook name is Katie Farish Stewart.

  46. Kate O'Donnell says

    I took a photo of my 16 month old with her carseat clip at armpit height. And my pinterest name is kate_odonnell.

  47. Andrea Gardner says

    I put a picture on my Facebook page of my son in his carseat with the chest clips at armpit level and tagged @The Baby Gizmo Company!

  48. Elaine Herrera says

    These are SO beautiful! We are in dire need of a new carseat for our 7 mo old as our 2yr old has Leukemia and we’ve not been able to afford another new expense…good luck to all who have entered, fingers crossed!

  49. Kaci A. says

    Forgot to take a picture before he went to bed, but I did find the picture from his first journey in the car and the clip is positioned correctly :) Hard to believe it has been over a year. Also, our hospital did not do a car seat check…

  50. Maria Dumas says

    I shared my photo with the chest clip at armpit level!! I hope the tag worked…I did it on my iPhone??

  51. Margo says

    I took a photo of my child in a car seat with the chest clip at the correct position to share with friends:)

  52. Margo says

    I can’t see my original post- but wanted to say that I did take the photo of my child in the car seat with the correct chest position level

  53. thuy says

    FB, Instagram, and Pinned it ( User name is probably tweety916. I forget sometime! I truly hope to win the car seat for I absolutely love Britax!

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