Money Saving Tip for Taking the Kids to the Movies

While we were at the movies with the kids this weekend, I realized that I hadn’t shared one of my money-saving tips that we do every time we visit the theater. I figured it would be more personal in a video so here you go…


  1. Amy says

    Another option is Solo Cups . . . they are smaller and you may have to refil them more, but they fit down in a purse very easily and you can just toss them on your way out! Love that you posted this . . . the only trouble i have is remembering to bring the solo cups with me!

  2. Sunshine says

    I don’t think it’s cheating the system…. They don’t have a sign up saying “the bags are for 1 or two people”…. $8 is ridiculous! I was thinking something similar for my 2 boys when they get older but I love those target cups :)

    as usual – thanks for the fab tips x

  3. Monica B says

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I don’t care if it is cheating the system or not. I love that you posted this idea! Thanks so much!

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