Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day 2

12days2012 day2 Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway   Day 2

Congrats to the winner – Entry #2338 – Victoria H.

On the second day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine and a Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

Today one lucky winner will receive TWO prizes! Yep, this is a winner takes all kind of deal.

graco prize day2 Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway   Day 2

Since one of the top registry items is a Pack ‘n Play, we decided that we would help one lucky mama (or dada!) out with a new Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer!

Moms have spoken and have made our Pack ‘N Play with Newborn Napper the No.1 playard in the market. Now we bring you the comfort of this napper along with the convenience of a changer all-in-one. Beautifully-styled, soft fabric cuddles baby for naps while a wipe-clean fabric resists messes for changes. This is the only playard designed to meet your child’s needs as he grows from a newborn to an infant to a toddler.

While that is a great prize all by itself, we couldn’t stop there today. We had to throw in our favorite sound machines, the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine! If you haven’t seen our Baby Gizmo Video on this magical nursery device, you can watch it here: Baby Gizmo Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine Review

To keep up-to-date on all the new Graco news, following their social media pages:

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  1. Michelle Heasley says

    My favorite tradition is packing up the family (including extended family) and spending Christmas at the family Mountain house. I grew up with this tradition and want to keep it alive with my children.

  2. Nicky K-B says

    Favorite holiday tradition is just having a lazy day on Christmas Day hanging out with family.

  3. Kristen S says

    My favorite tradition is heading up to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City … we call it “Christmas City” around the holidays. :) It’s beautiful … and at the same time I don’t need to be cold like if we were to do something crazy like go skiing. ;)

  4. candice fusilli says

    We really do not have any holiday tradition :( Sad….i’d love to start going every year to cut down our own tree, soo that’s the plan for next year! Work has ruined the past 5 years during 99% of our holidays :-/

  5. amanda says

    Each year my kiddos get a new ornament that they get to choose. It is fun to go pick out and even more fun to take them all out each year! We are only on year 5, but my oldest was full of “remember this one?!” when we decorated the tree!

  6. Kristyne Kaahea says

    My favorite holiday tradition is setting up the christmas tree. We do it as a family and is fun to see our unique creation come to life.

  7. Rebecca O says

    Its the advent calender. The kids are young enough I just buy the chocolate ones that you open each day. I plan on making a large one with pockets for small toys when the get older.

  8. Ann Chung says

    We don’t have any holiday traditions. Just thankful for the time off to enjoy the holiday with the family.

  9. Megan says

    So hard to choose a favorite! Driving around to look at Christmas lights and dinner with family on Christmas Eve followed by opening new pajamas :)

  10. Liz Shepherd says

    Bundling up and everyone getting together and driving to look at the Christmas lights together :)

  11. Paloma says

    My favorite holiday tradition is buying each of my kids an ornament for the year that discribes them.

  12. Mirta says

    Iremember all the wonderful foods and family parties spent with my family and friends over the holidays..

  13. Tracy Donnelly says

    We like to drive around and look at Christmas lights, and we just started a new thing of decorating an ornament for the tree.

  14. Amy says

    Checking out the holiday lights – I love the excitement of the kids as they run from house to house

  15. Joni K says

    Favorite tradition(s) are decorating the Christmas tree, and opening 1 present on Christmas Eve (always pajamas)

  16. Joni K says

    Favorite traditions are decorating the Christmas tree, and opening 1 present on Christmas Eve (always pajamas)

  17. Hannalore K. says

    My family always spends Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies and opening up just one gift

  18. Joni K says

    already follow on Pinterest ;) Joni K

    (sorry one of my comments duplicated above, please delete one. Didn’t go thru the first time)

  19. Dana Schmalz says

    Favorite holiday tradition- decorating the tree and getting out all of the decorations after they have been packed away for a whole year. I sometimes forget whats in there!

  20. Jennifer says

    I love that everyone in my family from all my aunts and uncles and cousins and my own children all have stocking made by the same person

  21. Tina Zelaya says

    I used to love it when me and my brothers and sister would wait til we were given the okay to open presents. We could not sleep so my mom decided it was okay to open gifts at 2-3am on christmas every year. Of course after opening presents there was hardly any sleep since we would play with our new toys!!! :)

  22. Sarah C. says

    One of my favorite traditions is spending Christmas Eve with my entire extended family. We eat, drink, and exchange presents…I love it!

  23. Tiffany Stephenson says

    Putting candy canes on the tree after decorating it. Also staying up late Christmas eve snuggling and staying warm, making sure everything is ready for Santa ;)

  24. Gon says

    We always get a buche de Noel for Christmas dessert. One of these days, I gotta learn how to make one with all the decorations from scratch

  25. says

    We are still a young family figuring out our traditions, but this year we each got new PJ’s on Thanksgiving to wear all Christmas season. We also started our Advent Calendar today…excited to count down to the “most important gift” of all!

  26. Jillian Bird says

    Growing up it was reading The Polar Express on Christmas Eve. Now, we watch the movie. I also love picking out an ornament every year.

  27. Kimberly Gilliland says

    Would love to have this for my little preemie! Such a great giveaway! Thank you for having this opportunity for us to try and win! You guys rock!

  28. Kimberly Gilliland says

    Just being with family is the best tradition. Also, going to midnight mass with my family every Christmas Eve.

  29. Julie B says

    My favorite tradition is the yummy food! Sausage balls! Stuffed celery! Pigs in blankets! This is our first Christmas with a little one, so we’re looking forward to new traditions.

  30. Julie J S says

    Husbands away “training”…could definitely use a pack-n-play for my 6 month old while I’m busy wrangling up my 3 and 5 yr old. Regardless, hope it goes to someone deserving. Thanks for giveaways, very generous during such needed times. Good luck everyone!

  31. Tzippy R says

    We give one gift every night of chanukah (7 small and one “bigger” one) but before we give the gift each kid tells us something they learned about the holiday

  32. H medina says

    I’m excited to start our own unique holiday traditions and make them special for our daughter!

  33. Joanne says

    This playard may be the answer to my problems…don’t like our old one and need a second one for the living room and guests!

  34. Joanne says

    Watching my husband drag a real tree in and over the stairwell for the basement all while trying not to drop too many needles.

  35. Miranda Welle says

    We bake goodie plates for the neighbors and elderly every year! This year we made 35 plates FULL of various homemade treats!

  36. joanna garcia says

    My fave holiday tradition is making gingerbread houses with my girls! i have an infant and a toddler!

  37. Karis says

    My family’s Christmas Eve party… It’s not so much a holiday celebration as it is a fun party, and it’s a blast every year!

  38. says

    picking out and decorating the tree is our favorite! my dad taught me to string the lights when i was a little girl, so my husband now waits patiently as i meticulously strig te lights, them we all join in the ornaments!

  39. Jennifer K. C. says

    I love singing christmas carols on Christmas Eve with my extended family around a piano

  40. Carolina Rogers says

    Favorite tradition is decorating the house and listening to holiday music as cookies are baking!

  41. Kristin says

    Friends, family, & food! What more can you ask for? (well, maybe those and some Christmas lights…)

  42. Rose says

    My favorite Holiday tradition was always waking up and having a yummy breakfast before a hectic day followed! I am now looking forward to continuing this one with my husband and our twins we are expecting in early Spring.

  43. denice says

    On Christmas eve everyone opens one gift. Its Christmas jammies plus a Christmas book for each child. Then we put on our jammies, and go drive around and look at Christmas lights with cookies and hot cocoa.

  44. Leah says

    Starting new traditions for our first year home with the kiddos. Excited for cookies for Santa, Christmas eve gift (Jammies), and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. All the grandparents are coming in too so it’ll be a really fun couple of days.

  45. Heather Slater says

    Although its a new tradition for our family, I am really enjoying elf on the shelf this year!

  46. Marissa Samit says

    We love all the Holidays but Thanksgiving kicks off the entire season and brings the family together which brings so much joy! Thank you for bringing joy and community as well.

  47. Kim Hill says

    Writing letters to Santa, together with my 3 little boys and then leaving out the cookies, milk and letters. There is nothing more amazing than the excitement and wonder in their eyes :)

  48. Therese B says

    Of all the pack & plays this was what I wished the most & didnt get. I wished that Santa would give it to my daughter (if not me) this Christmas season.

  49. says

    My favorite holiday tradition will be starting this year. We’ll be baking cookies, making cocoa and watching Christmas movies on Christmas eve!

  50. Katie says

    Fav tradition is getting a tree the weekend by my birthday, which was this weekend this year. My 2yo was priceless!

  51. teresa herrera-honores says

    My favorite holiday tradition is waiting til 12 am to open up the presents with the kids!

  52. Alexandra Pitcher says

    We always have an Advent calendar and read a Cajun Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Aleia Chambers says

    The women in my family always do a cookie bake/exchange. I love spending the time with all of these amazing women and learning new cookie recipes :)

  54. Caitlin says

    My favorite tradition is at Christmas when right before we open presents we all would run to the nearest bedroom to pretend to be sleeping so Santa would come. Then, once we were all locked in the room “sleeping”, we would hear Santa come in and say some classic sayings. Then an adult would tell us the coast was clear, all the kids would come running out of the room and presents would be everywhere!

  55. Robyn W says

    Listening to Christmas music while wildly dancing with my kids as we haphazardly decorate the tree! My best and most cherished memories with my kids!

  56. Robyn W says

    Listening to Christmas music with my kids while wildly dancing as we haphazardly decorate the Christmas tree. This is my most cherished memories ever!!!

  57. Yehudis Davidson says

    Dancing with the kids after lighting the menorah, and of course playing draydel with my kids who don’t know the rules so everyone wins!

  58. RDO says

    Just found this site — awesome! My favorite holiday tradition is a party with “the playgroup,” a group of girls whose moms all met at YMCA baby class and have stayed friends all these years.

  59. Kristi p says

    My favorite tradition is getting our Christmas pjs on and going to look at lights before bed on Christmas Eve.

  60. Beth Scoggin says

    Our favorite tradition is Elf on the Shelf, we started this last year and it was SO much fun! Our elf, Elfis, is back again now!!

  61. Lisa Hodsdon says

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my family on Christmas Eve to celebrate my brother’s birthday and Christmas! I am always in charge of making Christmas Maitais for everyone to drink, but this year I’ll have to make lots of virgin ones for me!

  62. jessica says

    going to cut down our christmas tree, then bringing it home to decorate with christmas music playing and the yule log burning on the tv

  63. Ashley says

    Just spending time with family on Christmas Eve. We would go to my Grandmas and have a fire going, eating good food and opening gifts. =)

  64. Jessica says

    I love picking out new pajamas for each person to open on Christmas Eve so that everyone is wearing brand new, pretty, well-fitting jammies in the pictures!!!

  65. Katy Gump says

    We love following out advent calender that something for every day in December leading up to Christmas like picking out new pajamas or family Christmas movie night!

  66. Hannah Magee says

    Thanks for all the valuable info on this site. We are expecting our first little one in June! Would love to be picked to win something as we prepare! Thanks!

    Pinterest Name: hannahemagee

  67. Liz mcdonald peacock says

    Love going to see the Christmas lights and Christmas Eve dinner.
    Pintrest follower- lizmcd88

  68. Felisa says

    One of my favorite traditions is the whole family decorating the house and putting up the tree :)

  69. Stephanie says

    We love the first day of decorating the house best, we put on Christmas music, make cookies and put up the tree all together!

  70. dacey wilson says

    My favorite tradition is decorating the x mad tree. Every ornament has a special meaning and it is a yearly trip down memory lane.

  71. Keisha Newport says

    Our tradition is getting together with our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for dinner.

  72. Andrea says

    My favorite tradition is photos with our furbabies and Santa…we are so excited to do photos with Santa and the TWINS! :)

  73. Yodean Armour says

    Every year we all get a new ornament from our mother :) Great tradition to start with our new family

  74. Halley Parker says

    My favorite tradition is opening our Christmas Jamies and watching Christmas vacation on Christmas Eve

  75. Rebecca Spear says

    favorite tradition is def. christmas eve… all that it entails… dinner with family and friends, church service, anticipation!!

  76. Heather says

    My favorite holiday tradition is simple, I love getting to tether with lots of family and some really yummy food

  77. Anna Street says

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with my kids!

    My pinterest name is Anna Street (original, I know) :)

  78. Anna Street says

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with my kids!

    My pinterest name is Anna Street (original, I know) ;)

  79. Janessa says

    This is my son’s first Christmas (4 months). After Thanksgiving I couldn’t wait to decorate just so I could show him the lights! So decorating is officially my new favorite tradition.

  80. Katie B says

    Favorite holiday tradition, Christmas Eve church service. Our church has it in their school and my 3 year old wanders the halls with the other kids and they check out each other’s holiday clothing and discuss Christmas.

  81. Sarah Hurlburt says

    Christmas traditions: decorating the tree and moms home made cinnamon rolls Christmas morning. :)

    Pinterest name: craftymommy01

  82. Julianne says

    My favorite tradition is cookie decorating with the kids. We have a bunch friends and family over for a big cookie decorating party before Christmas. It’s so much fun. I bake the sugar cookies in different fun shapes and the kids get to decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, candy, and more frosting, lol. It’s so much fun, and messy :)

  83. Ashley S says

    Well we are a young family and my hubby has been deployed for our 2/3 of our oldest’s christmas’ and not with our youngest yet, so we haven’t really created any traditions…yet. So for now, just decorating the tree and having hot chocolate and cookies while doing it. :-)

  84. Jessica H. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is making ornaments for my family. I would buy the ceramic 3-D ornaments and paint them and hand them out to family members.

  85. Christine Baird says

    My favorite tradition is waking up Christmas morning, everyone in their cute Christmas PJs all sleepy-eyed and dumping stockings out to see the loot!

  86. Natalie S says

    Putting up the tree Thanksgiving week and having my kiddos help to decorate it. Also, I want to start a tradition with them where I will have them make an ornament each year. Pinterest name nat5732

  87. Chelsey says

    My favorite tradition is buying the kids new pajamas for Christmas Eve and letting them open one gift before bed.

  88. Renea Pike says

    Every Christmas Eve all of us (a HUGE family) cram into my grandmas tiny house and “santa” comes and every single person has to sit on his lap and gets a present, and a picture taken. Since we moved this will be our second year missing the tradition :(

  89. Rivka P says

    mY FAVORITE holiday tradition is making homemade potato latkes and ofcourse, eating them. with sour cream.

  90. Janell says

    Favorite holiday tradition is making cookies and decorating them while listening to Christmas music.

  91. Randi S says

    Honestly, we’re still working on creating some! Definitely love decorating the tree though, if that counts!!

  92. Mandy F. says

    My favorite tradition is being with the entire family every year on this day and sharing our favorite homemade cookies and cakes :)!!!

  93. Brianna says

    Love the pack and play. I wish we had gotten with our first, but we’re ready for it now that I’m pregnant again! My pinterest name is briarchitect and I follow you there, too!

  94. Brianna says

    I just started a new tradition: an “advent” calendar of little baby socks pinned to a le, each one with a ittle toy. My pinterest name is briarchitect and I follow you there, too!

  95. Mandy Indeglia says

    I love taking my boys to cut down our Christmas tree and then decorating it. Its so much fun :)

  96. Kris Garvey says

    Favorite traditions are decorating the tree and baking cookes with my family! Can’t wait to include my son this year!

  97. Kristin H. says

    My family has always gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner since I was a little girl :)

  98. Jessica says

    My favorite holiday tradition is trimming the tree and putting up all our Christmas decorations

  99. stacey gealy-steinhardt says

    every year i get my kiddies to make a special Christmas tree decoration so each year we can look at the one from the previous years its amazing how each childs imagination changes over 1 year. They are also the perfect keep sakes even know i will be needing a bigger tree to put them all on soon as i have bub number 5 on the way :)

  100. Jennifer says

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, while eating sugar cookies, drinking hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie!

  101. Jackie G says

    It would be getting our Christmas tree on black Friday and decorating the house with lights.

  102. Jackie G says

    It would be getting our Christmas tree on black Friday and decorating the house with lights.

  103. Amanda says

    My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with family and all of the wonderful Christmas movies that we get to watch all month long!

  104. Nicole Lewis says

    It’s not really a tradition but we always manage to pick out our Christmas tree during the nastiest weather

  105. Kim says

    For christmas we all eat a bowl of pudding and one bowl has a nut in it. The person that gets the nut gets and extra present!

  106. Kristin H. says

    I don’t know if my original comment went through – here it is again in case it messed up: My family has always gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner since I was a little girl :)

  107. Laura Hattabaugh says

    Christmas Eve punch with fresh cherries and pineapple and strawberries. I serve it with a spoon!

  108. Ashley p says

    we have the Christmas pickle tradition where a pickle ornament is hid on the tree and all the kids on Christmas have to try to find the pickle and the firt one who does gets to open the first present

  109. ShandaK says

    On Christmas eve as a family we watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate before bed in our new Christmas PJs BUT we always read the night before Christmas before we go to bed! This year the Hubby and I recorded us reading the book in one of those Hallmark books I cant wait to see the look on their face when they see it!

  110. jennifer says

    So hard to choose just one! I love it all – baking cookies, decorating the house, trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, viewing lights, opening the the advent calendar each morning!

  111. JessIca F says

    Our tradItIonn Is hangIng lIghts and decoratIng the tree wIth the whole famIly we do thIs a weekend after thanksgIvIng

  112. Paige Martin says

    We really love decorating the tree and house. And we pretty much add to the decorations every weekend! Love this time of year.

  113. Karen Clark says

    My daughter is expecting our 2nd Grandson in Feb. This would be a welcome gift and help her out a ton.

  114. Alicia Reisman says

    I love Christmas and this year the best gift is our little baby girl due in February.

  115. trisha kilpatrick says

    Those prizes look wonderful! Thank you for holding such a generous contest. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with my kids.

  116. Laura Grillo says

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree! Ours is usually artificial, and it always takes time to spread the branches just right, but the end result is always amazing! And I love how my little girl takes so much care with “her” ornaments each year : )

  117. Julie Smith says

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together on Christmas Eve with extended family and friends, eating a good meal together with Christmas music playing in the background, laughing and talking, watching a Christmas movie together, singing carols, and exchanging gifts.

  118. Ashley Hughes says

    My favorite Holiday tradition is baking cookies and treats with my daughter. Then delivering them to our neighbors and friends!

  119. Jennifer Knauss says

    Oh there are so many! But one of the best is we stay in our PJs all day on Christmas Day. Really adds to the fun!

  120. Brittany Flores says

    This would be perfect for my sister who is pregnant and due next July! She moved away to Connecticut because her husband is military. We may have to miss seeing the little ones born due to finances so this would be the perfect gift to make up for it!

  121. Sarah says

    My favorite holiday tradition is cutting down our own tree. Love hunting down the perfect one!

  122. Katie Stewart says

    My favorite holiday tradition was driving around to see Christmas lights and then coming home to hot chocolate, homemade wassail, donuts and watching the Claymation Christmas video with my family!

  123. TyAnna Capshaw says

    My favorite tradition is one I started about 4 years ago. I make stockings for everyone, they are different colors or patterns. I do not put names on them, it is fun to watch the kids guess which one is theirs. This is also extra special for me because most of the kids are placed with us as foster children and they get to take their stocking when they move on.

  124. Kristen White says

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas stories, and making Christmas goodies with my family.

  125. Alexa Logan says

    I’d really love to win some great products to help out some of my expecting mama friends.

  126. Heidi M says

    My favorite holiday tradition is the decorating of the tree. It’s even more special now that I have little ones. Seeing their excited faces as soon as we break out the decorations is priceless

  127. Angie E Ayling says

    My favorite tradition is when we all pile in the van on a cold night and drive around looking at lights. When we get done we make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.

  128. Tailynn Ramos says

    My fave holiday tradition is cooking my very sweet ham. We always have tons of leftovers which leaves for tasty mashed potatoes, gravy & ham sandwiches (:

  129. Jeannie N. says

    I’m excited to create new holiday traditions now that my fiance and I are expecting our first baby!

  130. Melody F. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is selecting and decorating a real Christmas tree! No plastic trees here! :)

  131. Michelle says

    Our favorite traditions are new christmas pj’s and a book. Also baking a cake for Jesus’s birthday and our annual Christmas Cookie decorating contest!

  132. Brooke says

    My favorite holiday tradition was my mother buying me new christmas jammies to wear on christmas eve! Then we would watch christmas movies together until I fell asleep.

  133. Beth says

    Trying to leave a message again as I don’t think it took earlier. My favorite tradition is getting an angel off the angel tree.

    Pinterest name is gradtchr

  134. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with my mother, and now being a mother myself this year I am excited to start traditions of my own with my little one :) Happy Holidays!

  135. Lisa Y says

    My favorite holiday tradition is the act of giving. I absolutely love finding the perfect gift for ppl and seeing their reaction to it.

  136. Kate McBride says

    We always played a candy cane game and whoever found the big one got to open an extra present on Christmas Eve.

  137. Jeanette Rogers says

    After the tree is decorated, we all drink cocoa and talk about our favorite christmas memories from years past.

  138. Joseph Rehman says

    Our favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies while decorating the Christmas tree.

  139. Aleah says

    I love spending time with my little ones. To me Christmas is about being with family and growing up I never had a Christmas so its really important for me to make sure that my little girls get everything that they deserve. Seeing the looks on their faces when the tree is put together, when the lights are up and when everything is so bright truly makes their eyes glisten. Watching them open up their presents is priceless on its own. I love being able to start my own family tradition and I really hope that it will stick forever and my kids will enjoy it every year.

  140. Jessica Eyer says

    My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to make Banana Oatmeal cookies and Spritz cookies with the kids, just like my Mom used to do with my brother and I. It brings back such great memories of our childhood before things went bad for awhile.

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