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You’ve heard it before – being a mom is the hardest (and most rewarding!) job in the world. It’s true! You have the late night feedings, the tantrums, the chaos but you also have the endless snuggles, hugs and smiles that make it all worth it. Instead of focusing on how hard a mom’s job is – we want to know from you how it is the most rewarding job! We want to hear all the good, delightful and fun things there are about being a mom.

And to celebrate, we are rewarding one lucky mom with a $100 SpaFinder Gift Card! Don’t worry, it’s not who has the best answer wins. Everyone who enters has the same shot at winning.

Our friends at SunnyBump LOVE moms and they wanted to do this giveaway to reward one lucky mom (or mom-to-be!) for all the great things she does! Everyone could use a good massage, facial or body treatment, right? You can even use the gift card for a yoga class or other fitness options. And one of the best things is that with the SpaFinder Gift Card, our lucky winner can use it at over 20,000 spas, yoga, pilates & fitness studios worldwide. Speaking of worldwide, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE. That’s right! This one is open to our Canadian friends, our Australian friends, any friends, anywhere. icon smile $100 SpaFinder Gift Card Giveaway

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Entering the giveaway couldn’t be easier! We just want you to sign up on SunnyBump. That’s it! That is the main entry. (You have to let us know you did it on the Rafflecopter widget though!) Of course, we’ll offer you additional entry methods but it’s going to be easy-peasy and we are even using Rafflecopter today to keep it simple.

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What’s up for grabs: $100 SpaFinder Gift Card

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 The $100 Amazon gift card winner will be announced on February 2, 2013.

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  1. Katie Dornstadter says

    How is being a mom the most rewarding job to you?
    I love watching my baby see the world for the first time. Everything is so new to her. When we travel, I love seeing what fascinates her (metro station, a guy making fresh pizza, etc).

  2. Camille Hatcher says

    I couldn’t imagine a life without Juliette. Every moment is rewarding. I made this beautiful life, and I’m in charge of helping it grow, and thrive. What an amazing job.

  3. Rebecca says

    The most rewarding thing about being a mom for me is getting to watch my little man grow into his own person. It is my greatest hope that he will grow into a bold, courageous, loving and independent man.

  4. Ashlie Fuller says

    I love watching my son grow and how everyday he does something new. Learning at every moment.

  5. Michelle says

    I have really been enjoying learning my kids’ Love Languages. It really helps me to parent them better, and because they’re all different, it gives me an opportunity to love them each the way they love to be loved :) Sounds cheesy maybe, but it’s so rewarding to me!

  6. Sara Skelton says

    I feel that being a mother is a huge responsibility. My job is to parent my children to make the world a better place… To be loving, compassionate, responsible and charitable.

  7. Brittiny Whitbeck says

    The most rewarding thing about being a mom…there’s soo many things that are rewarding about it. Like watching them grow from a wee baby into the toddler stages (like both mine are) and so on. Watching them learn new things and me being so excited over them saying something simple or like when my daughter started using the potty all by herself, I was so proud.
    it’s little things like that or when they randomly wrap you in a hug and give you kisses and say love you mommy.

  8. Teri says

    I love that moment when my child actually tells me he loves me with no prompting. It makes me feel like I am doing my job well.

  9. Tiffany Bastedo says

    As a full-time working mom, I value the time I get to spend with my son very much. I feel like being his mother is so rewarding because its a job that doesn’t stop paying.. I love watching him learn, grow and laugh. I am blessed.

  10. miriam dachs says

    I love the little smiles I get when my baby looks at me, and the way she snuggles into me. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me :)

  11. Sandra Simns says

    Being a mom is the most difficult and challenging thing to do but is the most beautiful thing and I enjoy it everyday.

  12. Amanda y says

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is seeing your little one smile, laugh, rollover, or accomplish any of the “firsts.”

  13. Michelle B says

    Being a mom is the most rewarding thing ever, because every time my little fir, smiles, I feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing!

  14. Andrea says

    My children’s endless smiles makes everything worth it, there is nothing in the world that makes me feel better :)

  15. Julie S says

    The most rewarding thing about being a mom is the love from my children. Even if I am having a bad day or they are, we know we still love each other. I love watching them learn new things and see things for the first time through their eyes.

  16. Krissy says

    Everything about being a mom is rewarding. I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to have a daughter, and yet given another opportunity to have another (due in May). There is nothing I would change about being a mommy. I absolutely love it!!

  17. Maggie says

    The most rewarding thing for me as a mom has been just being able to be there and spend the time with my kiddos. Being able to rock them to sleep at naptime and be there to snuggle them when they wake up has been priceless. While certain days seem to drag on, I realize that this time is sacred and precious and fleeting. So I try to just soak up the sweet moments in our day to day lives. Its also so precious when my 4 year old tells me I’m the best mom, or when my 1 year old pats me on the back approvingly with his chubby little hand. There is no better reward!

  18. Ira.Khaykin says

    I’m a single mom who saved my child’s life even though I knew I’d have to face unfair judgements and many hardships + obsticales. My son just turned 2 years and 7 months old. I’m very proud of him. His hugs and kisses cure the worst of days and moods!!! I grew as a person and sometimes I realize that I actually am brave and strong vs scared and weak. I have a reason to live each day now even when I’m sick or hopeless or facing a challenge! I feel I have a mission, a mission, a mind of my own & soul. This is important b/c throughout life I was always told I’m weak, different and my confidence was low. Now I can stand up a little more b/c I see my son is growing up well (not to jinx) and everyone comments on how great and smart he is. So I figure, not only did I stare a hard and painful life event straight into face, I also must be doing something right! I’m proud to be my son’s mother & father in one person and still do something right!!! Unfortunately Valentine’s day and Mother’s day are difficult to get through… Noone appreciates me more than my son and he doesn’t talk or understand there yet or can’t really take me out or get me much more than a smile. I try to spend all I have on his development and needs and therefore I say no to my self alot. Winning this will be amazing!!! Grandma can spend quality time w/ my Adam & I can get an 1 massage & off set cost of much overdue facial!!!

  19. Casey says

    Being a mom is the best job I could ever ask for. I couldn’t ,imagine my life without my little man. He inspires me to be a better person!

  20. Sonya says

    you open yourself up to much laughter & dreams & unconditional love that come out of little kids like rainbows dipped in glitter and sunshine – that make ‘the tumble down the child-rearing rabbit hole’ kind of awesome, despite the sleep deprivation… Winnie the Pooh and this Grammy :-)

  21. Lauren Lamoureux says

    When your kids are so excited to see you and you feel like you could just hug them for ever – that is when being a mother is the most rewarding

  22. Lauren Aleman says

    Being a mom is the most rewarding when there little eyes twinkle and they’re little feet kick fast when they see you after a long day!

  23. Kimberly Long says

    Being a mom is the most rewarding job for me because even when I feel like I’m doing everything wrong in other parts of my life, I look at my daughter and what an amazing little person she already is and I know I’m doing something right! And that everything we do is worth it for her.

  24. Sonya says

    much laughter & dreams & unconditional love come out of little kids like rainbows dipped in glitter and sunshine <3 child-rearing… so very awesome! <3 ~this Grammy's thoughts

  25. Stefanie R. says

    I get to see the world through their eyes and I love it!! My children are such a blessing to me.

  26. Lilia says

    The Love I receive! Also knowing that Im bringing of beautiful productive members of society for this world!

  27. Christina says

    I love every part of being a mom, yes even changing his diapers. I waited 7 yrs for this and love every minute of it. I love seeing his smile, hearing his laugh, the feeling of his hand grabbing mine, hearing him call me mama for the first time and the unexplainable feeling of him hugging me. Best feeling in the world!

  28. Blaire says

    I love watching my monkey grow, learn and discover new things. I especially love the new sayings he comes up with, seemingly out of nowhere!

  29. holly says

    when i see my baby smile and giggle, it makes my day. i love watching her grow and learn new things everyday.

  30. Courtney Cox says

    i think it’s the most rewarding ever because every day is different and i’m always taken aback by how MUCH he’s grown! My Squishy is about to turn 1 and I still can’t believe it’s been a year already, it’s crazy to think about!

  31. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says

    Being a mother is the most fulfilling, rewarding job I could ever have, filled with major responsibilities, but the endless love, hugs, and kisses for and from my children doesn’t compare to anything else in this world.

  32. Kim Smith says

    The most rewarding part is seeing this amazing little girl grow and learn new things ALL the time! It is a reminder that even though it may feel like we have no idea what we are doing, we must be doing something right…

  33. Alex H says

    I wouldn’t trade my job as a mother for anything in the entire world. Every moment with my son is a gift and I love him more than life itself

  34. kayb says

    Mom’s rock and we have the LARGEST and HARDEST of all jobs in the world! And I am privileged to be a mom to my three beautiful parent and foster mom to many more.

  35. Sari says

    We have good days and bad days in our house and unfortunately lately it seems like more bad days. However, it is so unbelievably rewarding when my boys come over to me and tell me they love me, give me a hug and a kiss and my favorite when they say they are going to “squeeze the stuffing out of me”.

  36. Kristen says

    Best part of being a mom is watching my little boys grow and when I tuck my 3 yr old in at night he say ” night night mommy! I love you so much! Have sweet dreams!

  37. Charlene K. says

    I love those sweet little smiles and hugs that I get even after a rough day. Makes it all worth it!

  38. debra says

    the smiles on my 3 girls when I walk in the door from work is the reward I need and love the most

  39. Liz Kania says

    Being a Mom is great but being a stay-at-home for me is so much more rewarding than any job I could have. My daughter amazes me everyday but its most rewarding when going to playgroups or gymnastics seeing her try and learn new things.

  40. toni h says

    Whenever I teach Sophia something new. and she thrives and enjoys it. I get the overwhelming feeling of love. I am so proud to be her mother, my whole world is revolved around her and some people may feel that is unhealthy but that is what works for us and I could not be more proud of her!!

  41. Gina S says

    When I see my kids figure something out for the first time, when I see them laugh, when they give me hugs just because….that’s the best part of being a parent.

  42. Michelle Hudak says

    I think having my children was the most rewarding job I ever had…watching them grow up, learn, and molding their personalities and morals gives me more pride than I’ve ever had in my life.

  43. Angie Bece says

    I suffered from Infertility for over 10 years before I was blessed with our now 2 year old son. The joy he brings into our lives, priceless. The bags under my eyes from sleepless nights & the sore muscles from constant excersize, worth every second!

  44. Stephanie M says

    Being a mom has been an incredible journey, my daughter has changed me to become more patient, thankful, responsible, grateful, charitable, kind, and gentle being. I had a tough pregnancy and delivery, but all the agony I went through, was all worth it in the end, just to see my happy healthy baby.

  45. Heidi M says

    THe most rewarding thing about being a mom is seeing all the hard work that you put into making happy and polite little people pay off to being well adjusted kids that are just a joy to be around. The best thing ever is meeting a new parent and having them tell you how much they have heard about your child and how much fun theirs has with yours!

  46. Nancy says

    Watching my daughter reach new milestones in her development makes me so happy. Hearing her giggle my heart smile.

  47. shannon sullivan says

    Being a mom is most rewarding because i get paid with love hugs kisses and that undeniable feeling of unconditional LOVE

  48. Jessica Pero says

    Being a mom is AMAZING. While it’s exhausting, and there are days that I could give up, it’s by far the most rewarding job. I get paid in kisses, who can top that?! Being there for the important milestones means the world to me. Knowing that *I* am the one raising them and influencing them gives me a peace of mind that nothing else can compare to. And gosh darnit, they’re cute! Way better than staring at a computer screen all day! :)

  49. Betty Baez says

    It’s the most rewarding job because all the little things we do help shape our kids into the wonderful adults they will one day become

  50. Rachel R says

    It’s so rewarding to see my children grow and learn as they become more and more independent. It’s also rewarding to get “paid” with hugs and kisses. :)

  51. Cassy R Rdz says

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is watching someone that you created grow up to be someone so amazing! We shape these little people. :D

  52. Karen says

    The most rewarding part of being a mom is seeing her huge smile every day as she grows and learns new things, and the joy on my husbands face when he sees us each night when he comes home.

  53. Rachel A says

    Being a mom is rewarding because i get to see the fruits of my labor grow into an intelligent little man.

  54. Kelly Simmons Sherman says

    Being a mom has been a rewarding job because I know it’s all worth it by just a simple smile or a hug. Getting paid like that is worth more than any other job I could imagine having.

  55. Carolina Rogers says

    Being a Mom is continuously rewarding. Just thinking about my four year-old makes me smile.

  56. Lindsey L. says

    Being a mom has turned my life completly around. I had serious behavioral issues because of a hormone inbalance before I became pregnant. I don’t seem to have any problems anymore since being pregnant and having my beautiful daughter.

  57. Tania L. says

    Being a mom to a newborn is definitely an adjustment but every smile and coo makes it so worth it!

  58. Rachel says

    Whenever my 3 year old makes me smile or laugh I’m reminded how rewarding being a mom can be.

  59. Brooke Ragan says

    I’m becoming a first time mom in May, so I can only assume it’s going to be the most rewarding thing in my life. I have spent months creating a life and then my husband and I will have sole responsibility for this life when he gets here. Now THAT’S a hard job. I already love him so much and I haven’t even met him yet.

  60. Lindi H says

    Being a mom is the most rewarding job for me because even when it is hard I can look at me son and know he loves me and I love him.

  61. Beth says

    (I had a typo in my email address in my last post)

    I love watching my little girl grow, and her eyes light up when she discovers something new.

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