Fisher-Price Little People Get New Contemporary Look

I grew up knowing and loving the Fisher-Price Little People. Who didn’t have at least one of the Little People toys growing up? I fondly remember my toy box filled with the Little People and all the accessories that went with them. As soon as I had children, the Fisher-Price Little People were one of their first real toys when they were old enough to really play.

Well, yesterday was a big day for Fisher-Price as the iconic Little People were re-introduced to the public with their new redesigned and updated characters. Fisher-Price wanted to “contemporize the Little People brand for today’s new generation of preschoolers, while preserving the charm that has contributed to the ongoing success of the brand’s 54-year heritage.”

A new multicultural, ensemble cast of Eddie™, Sofie, Koby, Mia® and Tessa, each with unique traits and interests that make them special – just like the children they exemplify – were introduced at Citi Pond at Bryant Park.

If you aren’t familiar with the current Little People, here they are:

fp littlepeople Fisher Price Little People Get New Contemporary Look

and here are the new contemporary Little People…

fp newlittlepeople Fisher Price Little People Get New Contemporary Look

What was your favorite Little People toy growing up?

Disclosure: Even though I’m a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador all comments, statements and opinions are my own.

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