Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)

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Giveaway Closed! Congrats to winner – Britni B.

More changes for the Bumbleride collection of strollers and this time we are talking about the Flite. This is Bumbleride’s lightweight, umbrella-fold stroller that is great for travel and on-the-go.

For 2013, the Flite has a few changes that are important to know:

  • Since we all know canopy size matters, we are happy that the Flite canopy is even larger this year.
  • The harness has been modified with a harder-to-do buckle and breakaway straps so that it prevents entanglement.
  • New colors
  • The Flite is only available in the Natural Fabric.

Let’s start with the new fabrics. The “Movement” and “Classic” fabrics of yesteryear are out and the Natural fabric is in. The Flite is only available in the eco-friendly fabrics that consist of a bamboo, nylon blend interior to wick away moisture from the little rider’s body and recycled polyester blend exterior.


The seat is roomy and accommodates up to 50 lbs so even your bigger kids can hop in for a ride when their legs get tired. It measures 13″ wide, with a 20″ seat back and a measurement of 27″ from seat to canopy. It’s a great seat for those taller toddlers!

The adjustable, padded 5-point harness has been modified for 2013 with a stronger center release button and 3 to 5 point breakaway shoulder straps which help with a faster connection and prevents entanglement. While the harness does “break away” (which can be annoying on some strollers!), we are happy that the Indie’s harness does stay clipped together when we want it to so that it doesn’t come apart every time we take our child out of the seat. The Flite has an adjustable footrest with two positions – up and down.

The seat has a deep recline that is easy to do with the one-hand strap system. (You need two hands to put the seat back up though!) Even though we’d recommend this seat for 3+ months, you can still use it with a newborn with the universal car seat adapter.

flite seat Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)


Typical for an umbrella stroller, the Flite has a very small basket. You definitely won’t get a diaper bag in there but it can hold a few baby essentials. There is also a small zipper pocket on the back of the canopy.

flite basket Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)

There are no baby or parent trays or even a bumper bar on the Flite but there is the Bumbleride cup holder that can attach to either side of the stroller. There is also a great accessory for baby called the Snack Pack that is sold separately. The Snack Pack is a soft pouch that zips closed and is divided in two compartments inside. NOTE: The Snack Pack has to be removed to fold the Flite.


The ergonomic handles are nonadjustable but they are higher at 40″ from ground to handle. Since they are separate handles, you will probably need two hands to maneuver the stroller easily.


Probably to help the Flite fit in better with the rest of the collection, they have made the Flite canopy even bigger for 2013. Woot! Woot! Size matters with a canopy, people! It’s a good size canopy with built in 45-SPF and a  darker mesh peek-a-boo window to see in at your little rider.

flite canopy Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)


The Flite rolls on four sets of 5 1/2″ wheels and a dual front and rear suspension system that gives baby a smooth ride. Even though the front swivel wheels can be locked straight to handle grass and a bit bumpier terrain a little better, this is an umbrella stroller that is meant to perform best on smooth surfaces. The rear wheels have individual locks on each wheel to lock the stroller in place.

flitewheels Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)

When we travel, light strollers are our BFF. That’s why we love that the Flite is only 14 lbs, and with the carry handle and shoulder strap, it’s a great travel companion.

flite carry Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)

The Flite has a two-handed fold that is rather easy to do. Pull up on the two release triggers just below each handlebar. Then lift up on the rear step with your foot to release the rear support bars, pop up that support bar between the handlebars and push it forward until the stroller folds down to the ground. We love that the Flite has an automatic lock to keep the stroller locked while transporting! The folded stroller is very compact and can fit in the tightest of trunks and spaces.

flite fold Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)

While many other lightweight umbrella strollers don’t accommodate an infant car seat, the Flite accepts almost all infant car seats with the included car seat adapter to make it a lightweight travel system. It accepts Graco, Chicco, Britax, Peg Perego, Combi and Baby Trend infant car seats but check Bumbleride’s website just to make sure yours is compatible. NOTE: The car seat adapter must be removed to fold the stroller.

Overall, the Bumbleride Flite is a lightweight stroller that is great for travel and does everything but all-terrain and jogging. This year we love that they made the canopy bigger and the buckle harder to escape. If you are looking for a beautiful, lightweight, umbrella stroller that is stocked with style and features, then the Flite might be the stroller for you.

Don’t forget to check out our video review of the Bumbleride Flite 2013 by clicking the video below:

BabyGizmo Giveaway Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)
We are so excited about the new 2013 Bumbleride Flite stroller that we are giving one away! Woot! Woot!


  • 2013 Bumbleride Flite


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*Disclosure: Bumbleride sent us a Flite for our review. As always, all our opinions, statements and thoughts are our own. It takes much more than a stroller to get us to just say nice things. icon smile Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Flite 2013 (+Giveaway)


  1. Lalita Malone says

    I really need this because it’s lightweight and easy to fold. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. Jessica says

    I have the britax b-agile now, but I’d love to win the flight since it folds up into a smaller package.

  3. Jennifer says

    Love how it has a high weight limit so my 3 month old and almost 3 year old both could use it.

  4. Lisa says

    My 2nd baby is due in August and I’ve been looking for a new stroller. I would love to win!

  5. Christina Owens says

    I have a 10 month old little girl and love the colors that have for the 2013. My husband and I have family all over and if we won the flite it would be great as a travel stroller for us!! Our big baby jogger elite just is not practical for flights.

  6. Melissa Keranen says

    I would love to win this with baby #4 due in June I would like to have a fantastic single stroller for the times that I am able to get out with only my baby! :)

  7. jashlyn canon says

    Would love to have for baby#3 it has been 4 years since last baby and it seems my stroller is outdated and was recalled. So I would love the update.

  8. Siaw Vay Teng says

    I love the stroller!! I have a 3yo and expecting the 2nd child in July! I need a good stroller!

  9. Courtney m says

    I would LOVE to win the Flite! We have an Indie and adore it but need something more compact for travel :)

  10. Barbara says

    Who wouldnt eant a bumbleride anything?? The colour oh the colours!! The Flite would make my life lite, easy and prettier!! ;)

  11. Rachel says

    Would love to win! I am due in October and I am in desperate need of a new stroller! Thanks!

  12. Kristen Gienger says

    It looks amazing, first of all, but secondly we are expecting our second in two weeks. It would perfect for my older daughter!

  13. Tina T says

    We are in need for a new stroller! New baby due in July and we are not having a baby shower :( thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Betty Baez says

    would love to win! mi love bumbleride strollers, and im currently in need of a light stroller like this one!

  15. Katherine B. says

    The Bumbleride Flite is my DREAM umbrella stroller!! It would be so amazing to win one!!

  16. Laura says

    I would love to win this stroller, because I am traveling with toddlers next month, and a lightweight stroller would be so useful!! Also I LOVE all the colors!

  17. Amanda Stauffer says

    Would love to win because the Flite is such a lightweight stroller it would be perfect to maneuver around everywhere in the city!

  18. Amanda says

    We’re in the market for a new stroller and one of our main criteria is the canopy size. Love how big the canopy is on the stroller.

  19. Stefanie says

    Pick me, pick me! I’m desperately in need of a new stroller and there’s no way I can afford one this nice, thank you!

  20. Heather says

    I would love to win this stroller because I need an extra stroller to keep at my babysitters

  21. Diana Simpson says

    I just watched a review for this and up pa baby g lux hours ago. I want this one out of the two. It would be beyond awesome to win one!!!!

  22. Jessie L. says

    After 3 kids my stroller has bit the dust and I still need it! Obviously not a Bumbleride :) Mostly though because it packs up small, has extra storage underneath, and looks super comfy for my toddler. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Jill says

    My big guy would love this!! The twins have their double but he needs a stroller for those long days!

  24. Stacey Rosenthal says

    The BumbleRide Flite looks awesome! I like the newly improved safety harness@

  25. April Kraft says

    I have been looking for a smaller, lightweight stroller to take my son on a visit to meet his great-grandparents in another state. Airport travel could be a lot easier with a 14 pound stroller.

  26. Erin A says

    I LOVE that the handles are higher, and that the seat is made for taller kids, my 22 mon old is already 36″+! I also love the larger canopy for better sun protection!

  27. Tricia B says

    LOVE this stroller. I need a new single since mine broke. And I love my bumbleride twin so much, this seems to be the best place to look for a single! Would love to win!

  28. Amanda C says

    Could really use a lightweight stroller and love that is accommodates car seats too

  29. Kristin Fain says

    I would love to win because I love their colors and how light weight it is. I’m excited to see they expanded the canopy too!

  30. Shelly Jerman says

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  31. Zener says

    We would love to have one of this 2013 Bumbleride Flite stroller. My daughter would definitely love it. I hope i get picked…

  32. Debbie Peterson says

    Love Baby Gizmo’s giveaways! They give me something to get excited about while introducing me to cool new products! Fingers crosses for the Bumbleride Flite!

  33. Tia Martin says

    This looks like a marvelous product! Portable, secure and convenient. I like the 5-point harness – easy for adults but more difficult for a child to wiggle out of.

  34. Claire A says

    I would love to win because the little umbrella stroller that we use almost every day is getting pretty worn down!

  35. Jenni L. says

    I love the automatic locking feature when transporting, it seems like in the trunk most strollers come “unlocked” pretty easily and I think this is a great feature!

  36. dana says

    I would love to win since I currently have a Vista but would love a lightweight stroller!

  37. Ashley K says

    I’d like to win the 2013 bumbleride flite because I need an umbrella stroller to keep in my car for quick trips, but I don’t want to sacrifice some of the full-size stroller features that I feel the Flite has!

  38. Sarah says

    In desperate need of a new stroller. My daughter is rapidly outgrowing her carseat stroller combo.

  39. kerri angell says

    With number 4 a new stroller is going to be a must. I love the quality as well as bumblerides features.

  40. Jessica says

    I love the carry handle and how lightweight this is. I’m petite so small strollers are ideal for us.

  41. Katie S. says

    I love Bumbleride!!! I have an Indie Twin but would love a Flite for when I only have one of my kiddos with me:-)

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    (and why — because it’s an awesome stroller and very much needed since all we have are the cheap umbrella strollers that fall apart after a month of use!)

  43. April Carrasquillo says

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    they have the cutest colors and styles, they are innovative and have one of the best strollers!! LOVE IT!!

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    I would love to win an awesome single stroller. I have a bumbleride twin indies I LOVE, but my older child is slowly outgrowning the stroller but my younger still needs one. This would be awesome to win, love bumbleride products

  47. Melissa Braedley says

    We are having our first baby in September, and have yet to buy a stroller. We love Baby Gizmo and have seen all of the stroller reviews on youtube and read your book- so amazingly helpful! From that, we think the Bumbleride fits most of our needs, so this would be amazing!!! I love their colours and my husband and I are very active, so think this would be the perfect stroller for our lifestyle :) Thanks for the contest and for considering us!

  48. Laura says

    I have been eyeing the Bumbleride Flite. I would love to have this for traveling or to keep in the car!

  49. natalya says

    Would love one for my new little one! I’ve been drooling over my cousin’s stroller.

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    With summer here we are fixing to start traveling with our son. The lighter weight stroller would come in handy where his current heavier stroller just gets in the way.

  51. Allyson Musca says

    I’d like to win the new Bumbleride Flite 2013 because it holds up to fifty pounds, has a nice size canopy, folds up easily, is lightweight, and has 45-SPF built in to the canopy!

  52. Maricela says

    Great giveaway! I would love this we just started shopping around for a smaller light weight stroller. love the huge canopy and color ☺

  53. Jessica D-G says

    I’d like to win this stroller because it would be a great travel stroller for our upcoming trip to Disney—lightweight and a super canopy!

  54. Allyson Musca says

    Also, we’re moving to Arizona this summer and it sounds like this would be a great stroller for hot weather! Thanks!

  55. Emily t says

    This would be the perfect stroller for my many errands I have to do all week with my 7 month old. It looks like it would be easy to fit in my car and it will fold up and pop nice and easily. Love the new colors and the canopy size is perfect!

  56. teresa herrera-honores says

    we need an umbrella stroller like this that has a deep reclining seat, breakaway straps and a a huge canopy w spf 45 protection! LOVE that it is light weight and tall handle bars! great review!

  57. Tina R says

    I’d love to win to have a nice umbrella stroller that has a great canopy – it would be awesome for sunny summer trips!

  58. Laura says

    I could really use a small stroller for my son. We only have a frame for his infant seat now, and he’s almost a year old. It would be an awesome 1st bday gift for him!

  59. Chrissie Yeh says

    Love Baby Gizmo and Bumbleride! This stroller will be great to lug along while traveling!

  60. Emily G says

    We would love to have a lightweight, compact stroller, and this would fit the bill perfectly!

  61. Steph F says

    Going on our first vacation in a VERY long time this summer and would LOVE to take this baby with us!! I was so hoping you were going to give one away!!!!!!

  62. Deborah says

    I’d love to win this stroller to help on some upcoming travel to both Mexico and California!

  63. Anica W says

    I dont have an umbrella stroller. I just travelled with the stroller I have and it was a pain in the rump! Light, compact.. thats what I need :)

  64. Kelli B says

    Would love to win this for my soon to be one year old, so we can walk my 3.5 year old to preschool!

  65. Joaquina garcia says

    I really would love this stroller since is a really light one….would be great for my little one!!!:))))

  66. Nadine Nagy says

    I would love to win the Flite because it is a Bumbleride stroller and I hate my Mclaren.

  67. Kris Garvey says

    Would love to win this for my son so he has a comfortable stroller that would also be lightweight for Mommy! Love that aquamarine color too!

  68. LindsayR says

    I am in the market for an umbrella stroller for some summer adventures with my little guy and this one looks perfect!

  69. Erin G says

    I would love to win because I am due in June and I have read really good reviews on this stroller (but it is WAY out of our price range!).

  70. Kendra says

    I would love to win this awesome stroller! Love that it goes up to 50 lbs so if the older or gets tired he can jump in!

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    I have been looking into a Bumbleride for my little one on the way in August. I would love to win it. I love the colors.

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  75. Aimee says

    This appears to be an amazing stroller. Being that I have an older son who often complains when having to walk to far, and I dont always use my double, it will be nice to have a stroller that can accommodate him as well when his legs get tired. I really love that the fabric is natural and will help in the summer with sweating…… I’m really hoping to win because I’m in desperate need if a new single stroller.

  76. Natalie says

    My husband independently decided we didn’t need an umbrella stoller anymore. He threw 2 out and I only have a full size stroller to go anywhere now. Please help!

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  78. Melissa Easton says

    This would be so awesome for us and our two year old because we are so desperately needing a good umbrella stroller! This is so awesome and so much more lightweight for everyday use than our current one. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  79. Amy K says

    Love that it is a lightweight stroller that still carries most infant car seats – it is so nice not needing a certain brand – great stroller!

  80. Caroline L. says

    We’re traveling in a few months and need a lighter stroller since we don’t have one

  81. Emily Reed says

    Awesome stroller! The big canopy would be awesome for my fair skinned little man!

  82. Tara says

    I’m due in August! My colors are grey, white and aqua – so clearly I NEED this stroller!!! :)

  83. Christina F. says

    we bought a VERY expensive high-end stroller–and my daughter absolutely HATES riding in it. we thought she just preferred to be worn, until i was shopping for jogging stroller and she liked one of them so much that it was our deciding factor in making the purchase. now when she sees the stroller, she pats the seat and tries to climb in to go for a ride! we’re glad she likes it, but jogging strollers are so big and unwieldy that it is impractical to keep it in my trunk, navigate it through our urban area, go shopping using the stroller, or take it on public transportation. i would LOVE to have a umbrella stroller (especially one that’s “escape-proof,” as my daughter is beginning to discover buckles and safety straps)!

  84. Heather says

    Our Bumbleride Indie has been loved for far too long, a much needed new stroller would be a welcomed addition for our new addition :)

  85. Alejandra S. says

    I would love to win this because it is an awesome stroller! It would be perfect for my 18 month old boy!!

  86. Patricia says

    With baby #3 on the way, I would love to really downsize all the baby gear this time around! :) This would be perfect since it can take an infant seat.

  87. Kelly says

    My Britax B-Nimble could use an upgrade and this Bumbleride fits the bill perfectly. Need it for our NYC trip in August!!! :-D

  88. Leslie G says

    I would love to win so my daughter could have a stroller. She is still using her brothers old warn out stroller.

  89. Therese Bas says

    I support eco friendly products & thats why I would like to win this :). thank you Hollie for hosting giveaways & giving moms who cant afford nice things, a chance to win nice things that she can enjoy with her baby.

  90. Sarah K says

    The Flite would be the perfect travel stroller for my toddler! Love it and beautiful colors too!

  91. says

    Oh my gosh this would be so amazing! I am currently still using the stroller that comes with infant car seat that we got for our first child (who’s now 6!) We have needed a lightweight umbrella style stroller for a while but I wanted more then the cheepo $15 ones you can find at Target.I have been watching your reviews of strollers for over a year now and had fallen in love with the baby cargo 300 but we haven’t been able to afford one & I didn’t win any of the contest for it. But this one is now my new favorite! I really like everything about this stroller, its color, it’s features, the fact that the canopy is larger, & it’s overall look!

  92. Lana Cawrse says

    Baby number 2 is on the way and I am desperately in need of a new stroller! Love that this fits an infant seat!

  93. steph says

    it would be awesome to win this stroller so i can bring my baby around w me doing errands wo having to take the big heavier stroller and the mini van cuz the bigger stroller won’t fit in the sedan! lol.

  94. Esther Jacob says

    We don’t own s compact or umbrella stroller, but could really use one. The flute looks great!

  95. Jackie G says

    I would love to win one for the grandparents to use when they are taking care of my daughter. It be perfect for them because its only 14 lbs, compact and easy to carry.

  96. Ewa L says

    I have family in Europe, friends all across the US and we travel a lot to see them. This would be a perfect light weight travel stroller for us.

  97. Britni Bradford says

    I would love to win so we can replace our super cheap and horrible umbrella stroller before we have another baby.

  98. Alice says

    Because I am a non-recovering bumbleride addict…. And that I fly so often that TSA agents know the child crawling on the floor while I remove all the wheel of my indie is mine – and they know his name….

  99. Erin says

    Due with my first in July so I’m in need of a fabulous stroller. Winning one would be amazing!

  100. April says

    Omg!! Love that quick fold and canopy! I have a squirmy baby girl who looooooves going out for walks!

  101. Stephanie says

    Would love one for baby number 2 on its way this Summer. Such a cool looking and functional stroller.

  102. Nicole Anderson says

    Wow! Amazing compact stroller! I love baby gizmo reviews on strollers, when you realize that buying a stroller is harder then buying a car your reviews make the decision much easier!

  103. Danielle Middleton says

    I am always bummed out by the average size of an umbrella strollers canopy. So excited bumbleride got it right this time!

  104. Gina says

    I’d love to win this stroller! We are in desperate need of a compact stroller to use between a busy toddler and a littler one on the way!

  105. Melissa says

    I need a small, lightweight stroller. Right now I have 2 huge double strollers and my 2.5 year old now prefers to walk.

  106. Amy Anthony says

    Looks like a perfect liteweight stroller. Our family is across country, so would be perfect for us, and love the blue color

  107. says

    What a great idea to make an umbrella stroller that can work with an infant car seat. Baby #3 is on the way, but we gave away all our baby stuff after #2, so would love to win this!

  108. Lindsay Sorensen says

    I have never tried a Bumbleride, and until recently never heard of them…. I would LOVE to experience all the greatness I have read about!

  109. Heather says

    I would love to have this stroller for all of our summer trips coming up! I haven’t gotten an umbrella stroller yet.

  110. Angela Yeremenko says

    I would really love to win this for my daughter. We don’t have a travel stroller and this would be perfect!

  111. Marty Folwell says

    This looks like the perfect lightweight stroller!! LOVE the improved canopy and the gorgeous new colors!!

  112. Kim H says

    The flite seems like such a phenomenal product that would be ideal for my growing, traveling family. We adore bumbleride products, thank you for this giveaway opp!

  113. Whitney Stetz (@WheatThins21) says

    Love the color and heard only the BEST things about Bumblerider strollers

  114. Hannah says

    I would love to win this cause with 2 busy kids we are always on the go! THis lightweight stroller would be awesome:)

  115. Ariana says

    I’d love to win because this looks like an amazing “umbrella” stroller (love the giant canopy)!

  116. Desiree says

    I have my heart set on this stroller. Can’t really afford it at the moment. So happy that you are having a giveaway. Perfect for sprrrring !!

  117. Megan C says

    This stroller is awesome, love the new larger canopy and that it’s only 14lbs! I would love to test this out with my two year old in Disney this year!!!

  118. Jessica W. says

    I would love to win the flight for baby number 1 due in October! This would be a great travel stroller and for quick errands it would be wonderful to have

  119. Yasena says

    We really need a stroller for our 5 month old son, I made an awful choice of a cheap lightweight one, he looks so uncomfortable in it and we can’t afford a new one.

  120. karina escalante says

    I have the bumbleride, and when I have to take the bus its too bulky , this one would be just perfect

  121. Miranda M. says

    That’s neat that its a bigger stroller but still so lightweight. Very handy and versatile

  122. Carrie Martinet says

    I’d love a bumbleride! The safety clips look so much better than the flimsy umbrella strollers I’ve encountered. And the canopy (swoon!)!

  123. Adrian Mansion says

    I would love this great looking stroller. I have had my 4th and final baby and it would be great to finish with an awesome stroller instead of the beat up one I have

  124. Taryn Cocheo says

    I love this! I love the color and it looks so beautiful. I have a new baby and my stroller now was bought in 2005! Definitely time to get a new one!

  125. Masooma says

    I currently have the Bumbleride FLyer from 2010 and I love it but it’s really bulky for traveling. I would love this for when we go on long trips!
    Thank you! (pinterest username Mommy2boys0711)

  126. Megan Elfers says

    I have the bumbleride indie and LOVE it! My umbrella stroller I registered for a year ago already broke and know kicking myself for lot buying the bumbleride umbrella to begin with. Definitely a product I would love to get!

  127. Brittiny Whitbeck says

    I would LOVE to win this for my son. He loves our walks but hates it when the sun gets in his eyes and the canopy on this would sheild his eyes way better than the one I currently have.

  128. Britany says

    Love all of the bumbleride strollers! I’ve recommended them to all of my friends having babies!!

  129. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would love to win because it’s only 14 pounds so it’d be easy for me to just pop out to take my 18 month for a stroll! I also love that it holds up to 50 pounds so my 3 year old could take a ride if she got tired!

  130. Toral D. says

    The Indie is great – we love it and use it every day. I’d love to have something easier to travel with too!

  131. Christy says

    I would live a flite. Bumbleride strollers are so nice, I need one this compact to fit in my trunk. With six kiddos space is a premium even in a big SUV!

  132. Beth G. says

    just looked for strollers in the store….need something comfortable and pretty for my grandson!

  133. eric says

    My son growing out of his infant car seat and snap n go. This is a nice modern looking stroller that I would be proud to push.

  134. Beth G. says

    besides pretty color and great mechanism, i won’t break my back to put my grandson in it!!

  135. Joanna says

    I would love to win the Bubleride Flite 2013 Stroller, because I really need a good sturdy stroller to use for my 7 month old son.

  136. Teresa Young says

    There will be 2 new grandchildren added to our family in the fall so a stroller will be put to good use when we babysit

  137. Rachel says

    Lightweight, easy closure, and portable! Everything I need in a stroller for our son. With 3 kids I need something like this that is quick and easy to get my son in and out of and that doesn’t take up a lot of space :)

  138. Becky McMahon says

    I want to win the Flite because its the one stroller I’ve wanted since before my 9 month old was born! Not sure why I didn’t just buy it, other than the price, but I love all the features and colors. What I like most is that it can accommodate a car seat. I wish I knew about this stroller before my baby shower.

  139. Andrea Nelson says

    I always love Holly’s reviews and the Bumbleride Flight is on my list of strollers I want! =) I did all of my stroller research based on Holly’s reviews. Wonderful!

  140. Andrea Nelson says

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong Hollie! =) Again – LOVE your reviews and your kiddos who help you. Always so insightful and the only way to buy strollers is based on your reviews (in my opinion!)

  141. Elizabeth says

    I have been lusting over the Bumbleride Flite for about a year, and this would be a great for my son, when we make our summer excurssions.

  142. Debbie Brand says

    Oh, how I need a new stroller! My oldest has outgrown the indie twin & I look quite silly pushing one child in a double.

  143. Melissa says

    I’d love to win because I need a new stroller for my 13 month old! And because the Bumbleride Flite looks awesome!!

  144. Valeria B says

    I’d love to win, we are due in Aug. with our second. And would love a stroller that would actually fit in our car.

  145. Denise Xagorarakis says

    We love our Indie Twin. As our little ones have grown we need a single for our three year old. We LOVE BUMBLERIDE!!

  146. Tracey Flattes says

    My stroller is on its last legs and I desperately need a lightweight model. I love this one as it has all the features I am looking for (especially the 5 point harness and large canopy) and none of the fancy extras I don’t need!

  147. Rachel H says

    The only single stroller I have is a cheapie umbrella one, that I step on when I try to push it!!

  148. Laura says

    With the easy-fold and lightweight, it’s perfect for pulling in and out of the car…need this for getting us out and about this summer!

  149. says

    Well I love an awesome stroller and this is by far one of the best ones. The recline feature alone is fabulous for the little ones that doze off for their cat naps. The colors are gorgeous, bright, and happy for babies. Very practical for use now-a-days. If one word would define it, it would be-AWESOME!

  150. Heather says

    Great review! Love the new stroller features. With 3 year old twins and a newborn this would definitely be quick and painless stroller to have.

  151. Margo Davis says

    my single umbrella stroller is 6+ yrs old and is on its “last legs” we need a new one!

  152. Amber says

    This would be amazing stroller to win!!! We are going on our first family vacation in August and dont have a reliable fold up stroller. The bumbleride would take the stress of shopping and mainly affording one away :)

  153. Valerie Good says

    My husband and I love to walk everywhere, but we don’t have a stroller yet. It’s one of those big expenses that we just can’t afford right now. It would be really helpful to have one of these!

  154. Sara Chang says

    I’d love to win that stroller because I am in need of a new stroller and love, love, love Bumble ride!! Best strollers ever!!

  155. Maria says

    Love the size of this stroller and that it is lightweight. Would love to win this for my son so he is not squished in his current umbrella stroller anymore.

  156. Cara says

    Totally love the color and we need a lightweight stroller that is easy to fold and bring places! The canopy sounds great with the better coverage. The Bumbleride Flite sounds like a great addition for our family.

  157. says

    would love to have this for my little guy – I have a very bulky stroller from my older daughter and it would be great to lighten my load

  158. Vanessa says

    I love Bumbleride. Still in love with the Queen B( now retired) but would love a Flite for on the go!

  159. Shannon Parker says

    We would love to win this. We don’t have a umbrella stoller for our new little one, and the stroller we have doesn’t fit in the car.

  160. Ji hyun Lee says

    I am planning to travel East side of USA and this stroller will be perfect for my sons.
    I cross my fingers!!

  161. Laura says

    Would love to win this stroller! Heard good things about it. Never owned one by this brand

  162. Katie S says

    I’d love to win the Bumbleride Flite because I’d love a lightweight but durable and sturdy stroller. We had a lightweight stroller but it’s pretty flimsy. The Flite looks like it’s still comfortable for baby. I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old and I’d love to keep this stroller in my trunk knowing that I would be able to use it with either of my boys and take it just about anywhere!

  163. Mindy Nickerson says

    I bought the Indie for my daughter and it is a dream, so I trust that any product by Bumbleride would be equally amazing! My daughter would look so cute cruising around in the Flite in Lotus Pink. The lightweight stroller we have isn’t all that lightweight and gets jammed frequently; I would love to replace it with this one!

  164. amy rouse says

    I have two new grandbabies on the way in the next two months this would be a great help!!!

  165. Sara says

    Going to be a new mom soon and am having truble picking out a stroller. Would love to win one and just get it over with!!!

  166. Peter says

    Our kids are outgrowing our indie twin stroller and we’d love a single for our 5 month old baby girl!

  167. Rachel L. says

    I’d love to win the Flite because I need a new umbrella stroller that takes car seats (a rare feature!)& I love Bumbleride! I have the Indy Twin & really like it!

  168. Nicole says

    I’m shocked by how much it looks like an umbrella stroller all folded up but acts like such a more useful stroller when it’s up. Call me impressed. (P.S. I just bought the Indie Twin and very much appreciate your video reviews of it).

  169. Christine says

    We have the 2012 Indie in Fog and absolutely LOVE it! And so does our son. The Flight would be so handy for us especially when I’m flying with him on my own. Really happy to hear the canopy is bigger.

  170. batool says

    the day I watched your video review (I’m a subbi :) ) I was hooked. light weight stroller that does accept car seats and do every thing other big strollers do, had be light weight! that’s every mom’s dream!

  171. Crystal Robinson says

    Would love this awesome umbrella stroller to keep in the car for my 1 and 3 year old

  172. Josephti Gonda says

    I have the Bumbleride 2011 and my little girl absolutely loves it. Our next baby would appreciate the newest model!

  173. Heather P says

    I would love to win this because I do not have an umbrella stroller. This one looks crazy awesome!!

  174. Shauneice R. says

    Just. Gave birth to my little one April 16th. This would be perfect for him to ride in within a few months! I would love it in black!!

  175. Tiffany C says

    I love love love you reviews! Always so informative and clear. this stroller looks awesome! I would love to win :)

  176. yaniris vidal says

    would love for traveling and the fact that it doesnt take up most of my trunk space.

  177. Deb D. says

    We travel a lot from NY to LA so it’s great that the Bumbleride Flite is only 14 pounds.

  178. Sarah says

    We have had the same stroller for 8 years it is huge and bulky and the wheel is about ready to fall off. I would rather carry the kids around then use it.

  179. Mandy Tamillo says

    I have a 2011 Flite Stroller and I love it! I like it because it is so easy to fold and it is lightweight. I keep it in my car all the time. I use it for my 2 year old and for new 3 month old. You don’t even need a car seat for the little ones because it is safe enough for the infants. The quality is great, it is a smooth ride for an umbrella stroller. It is also very easy to change my kids diapers in it because you can just lay the seat all the way back. I would love to win one for my best friend who is pregnant with her first baby. This is a mother’s must have!

  180. Summer B says

    I LOVE Bumbleride’s products! I would love to have this for an everyday stroller as well as use it for a travel stroller since the Flite is so lightweight at 14 lbs!

  181. Karen B. says

    After doing all my research (baby #1) I would love to win this stroller for everyday use and as a travel system with car seat.

  182. Amanda Zeller Manley, O.D. says

    Thank you for the handy review. Would love to win a Flite!

  183. amy pugmire says

    I would love to win for my sister in law who is preggo with her first due in sept

  184. Liliane says

    Would love to win the flite! Moving to Asia in a couple of months and losing the car for public transportation. I need a small stroller that accommodates a carseat for my 3 month old. This is perfect.

  185. Katie says

    I would love the flite! I just had my 2nd child need another stroller. I have heard great things about the brand and would love to try it.

  186. Jill boysen says

    I’d love to win this because my current umbrella stoller is awful and really needs to be replaced. I love that this one only 14 pounds plus comes in great colors.

  187. Deidre J says

    I love the super flat fold and versatile car seat compatibility that the Flite offers!

  188. Aga Morrison says

    I absolutely LOVE the Flite!! I already own one but after 3 years of heavy use it is showing some signs of wear. I would love to have another one, especially that soon we’re going on a long (18 days! Across 6 states) road trip with my 3 year old and my 6 month old ( crazy! I know;-)It would be great to have this comfortable, yet lightweight stroller for our baby boy. Flite has the best canopy, recline and suspension you will ever see in an umbrella stroller.

  189. Tracy M says

    Looks like a great stroller to have! I have actually never heard of this brand, so I would love to try it.

  190. kerry says

    I would love this stroller!we travel a lot being in the military and this would be great for us.

  191. Kevin says

    The Flight looks like a great combo features packed into a lightweight stroller ready for travel.

  192. Kim Yap says

    Thanks for the review. We never get to the store to try anything so you are our proxy.

  193. AL says

    Why would I want this stroller? Easy! It’s lightweight (a must when you live in a city with subway stairs); it’s easy to carry, great quality for the little one and it’s cute: that’s the perfect combo in my opinion! :-)

  194. Jaclyn says

    Love this stroller and would love something so lightweight when I become a mommy in December!

  195. Glynis says

    I have been trying to decide on an umbrella stroller for baby #4 and the Flite is what I think I’ve decided on! I really need a lightweight that accepts a carseat. Winning one would be awesome! Thank you for the review an the opportunity to win.

  196. Malea W. says

    I’d love to win the Flite because it’s so compact and I don’t have a lot of storage space.

  197. Brittney and Baby Gabriella says

    We drive a Honda Civic and go to many Car shows (her dads hobby) with such a small car this would be PERFECT for Baby Gabriella to cruz around in looking compact and stylish all at the same time :) Hope to get picked Gabriella is stuck in an used stroller :) Would love to get her a NEW one :) <3

  198. Michelle says

    I looooooove this stroller and would love to win it for my little one due in August.

  199. Aileen E. says

    Would looooooove to win this stroller! Need something light and compact like this!

  200. Lori says

    Would love to win this stroller! Our stroller we had for our older boys is outdated & well used. I would love to have this stroller for our adopted baby girl!

  201. Jaclyn Armstrong says

    This is the perfect lightweight stroller! I would love to win it for baby #2 due in August.

  202. Aleia Chambers says

    We’re expecting baby #3 and I would love a light weight stroller!

  203. Nicole says

    I’m planning on traveling alone with my nearly 3 year old for the first time this summer and would love a light-weight stroller for the trip! So many of the strollers we’ve looked at are just too small and the canopies are too low. And she’s not even a tall kid!

  204. mindy klugmann says

    The features on the flight are amazing for an umbrella stroller and I would LOVE to win this for my son!!

  205. Eileen McLeod says

    I have been looking for a lightweight, umbrella stroller to use when our big jogger is just too much, the Bumblride Flite seems perfect! Love that the canopy is big:)

  206. Mary Kate says

    This would be amazing for our first trip to Spain to introduce our little lady to her grandparents!

  207. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller!! Am having my third child after a 9 year gap so things like this are much needed with tuition and bills. Hope to win!! Thanks to all the sponsors!!

  208. Lilia Kharabora says

    I would like to win this for my baby girl! We have a handed down stroller. Has years on it! This would be a real blessing.

  209. Eloise Bohlman says

    I’d love to win this! We have an UppaBaby Vista, which we love, but it’s a little heavy. We are about to go traveling, and this looks like the perfect travel stroller for us. Love the huge canopy!

  210. Mary says

    I love my Indie, but we’re going on vacation in July and September, and this would be so much more convenient for travelling!

  211. Michelle Zometa says

    So need an umbrella stroller and I an living tge blue/turquoise color!!

  212. Wendy says

    I love strollers… That’s all I check out now after I’ve gotten pregnnt

  213. Shayna Dimmick says

    Bumbleride is just an amazing company with stellar customer service. And this is one zippy little stroller!

  214. Rivka P says

    I would like to win the bumbleride flite because I love the bright blue color which would be great for my new little boy and how cool is it that an umbrella stroller can become a travel system?

  215. Shaindy B says

    The canopy, weight, and fold are such great qualities of this awesome travel (everyday) stroller!

  216. Christie C says

    I love my indie twin but am in desperate need of a single umbrella stroller.

  217. Tami says

    I would love to win a lightweight stroller for my little one! I have a double jogging stroller for both my kids, but we are flying to Florida in June and this would be so much easier for the flight and Disney World!

  218. Corinne Hearle says

    Would love this stroller. I’ve been looking for a light weight stroller that has lots of features.

  219. Alexandre Masson says

    Thank you for the wonderfull work on the website, it as been very helpful in making product decisions.

    This stroller seems to be exactly what we are looking for at this point, we live in a smaller appartment and we need something compact yet functional for strolling our 8 month old.

  220. Ursula says

    I would love to win bumbleride flite for my baby coming this September 2013 in love with the Aquamarine Flite :D
    Love Baby Gizmo reviews, don’t know what would I do w/o all the help I get from this site!!!

  221. Shannon Lucas says

    We would love to have a nice stroller to leave at my parents’ house for when they watch our daughter!

  222. Crystal says

    We have been TTC for 3 years. After many infertility treatments and spending our savings account, IVF has got us pregnant. Baby Gizmo is a HUGE help in planning things and winning this would be a HUGE help with our baby buys!

  223. Jo says

    doing a lot of traveling this summer. It will be great to have this compact stroller to bring with us.

  224. Stephanie says

    We are a Bumbleride family, indie and indie twin. Would love the flite for travel and shopping trips. Love the large canopy on this lightweight, compact stroller!

  225. Irina Koval says

    Would love to have the stroller it will make my travel to see our grandma so much easier. Wonderful light weight, compact stroller just what we need to take with us on a plane.

  226. Nikki says

    A Flite would be perfect for my family because our current stroller is a bit of a beast to maneuver through the mall. I would love to zip around clothing racks and people without worry.

  227. Anna Magga says

    Wow, Bumbleride never disappoints. What a beautiful stroller. Holly- Pick me for the winner please! I have always been a Bumbleride fan and unfortunately this year, cannot afford one.

  228. Idy m says

    I don’t have a single stroller… This would be a great one to start with…

  229. kate says

    Is an amazing looking stroller. Our baby girl is due June 2nd. Would love to have one for her!!!!!

  230. Aubree Faunce says

    Love the large canopy, perfect to protect my little ones face from the hot desert sun!!

  231. danielle Walker says

    This stroller is so so nice! Hope to test this one out : ) I love when you test out all the products for us viewers to see!

  232. LLH says

    What a great giveaway! Love the colors and the updates. Would love to give this stoller a go.

  233. Meghan B says

    I just got a new car with a very small trunk and this would be perfect to use for my 6 month old daughter!

  234. michelle says

    This stroller looks like the perfect compromise between a full featured stroller and an umbrella stroller. I would love to use this with my one year old!

  235. Brettney Bradley says

    I love this lightweight stroller! Both my 3 year old and infant could use it. It looks pretty, too which is a must of course.

  236. tonja brunner says

    This looks handy for a easy stroller for parents with different aged kiddos

  237. Bernice says

    I would love to Win for My Baby girl … We are in need of a new awesome stroller like this one …Thanks for the chance :)

  238. Myong Hodges says

    Would love to win this for my daughter to take on trips since it’s so light weight. I love the large SPF canopy!

  239. Judi Levy says

    I was just looking at lightweight strollers today. We are in desperate need of one that is easy to maneuver as well as easy to fold up and carry up our many stairs. This looks awesome!

  240. Jill Prall says

    I am so excited to check the Flite stroller out. It looks like a very sturdy stroller.

  241. Tricia M says

    LOVE the look of this stroller – we are on the go and it looks perfect!

  242. Brittney Reader says

    Love this stroller and would love to win this for either one of my babies or a gift for my sister.

  243. Rashmi says

    Great review, certainly helped me in my research for a lightweight stroller for my 3 month old daughter!

  244. Lisa says

    I think Bumbleride is one of, if not the best strollers out there. I’m in need of a new stroller and would so love to win this!

  245. lori butler says

    my sis in law is expecting their 5th child, they are short on funds, this would make a terrific gift and would allow her more mobility.

  246. Lee-anne says

    i would love to win The bumbleride flite.
    Love the super large canopy…would be great at shading
    my 8 month old son Hunter this June on our trip to Florida.
    Also, desperately need lightweight stroller because we live in a
    apartment with no elevator.

  247. Christina Bodine says

    Wow! This looks like a great stroller. WIth Baby #1 on the way it would be so awesome to win this!

  248. Steph Maca says

    Me and my two sisters are all having kids 4 weeks apart this summer– Grandma needs this in her van!

  249. Laurie P says

    Awesome looking stroller, and comfy! Would love to have it for our long walks :)

  250. Rosemary P. says

    I would love to win this stroller. it has all the features I’m looking for when I travel with my Preemie.

  251. Ashley N says

    We are in the market for a nice lightweight umbrella stroller for those trips around town to manuever through the city’s tiny aisles!

  252. Theresa Conde says

    I would love to win this stroller for my little guy!We need a stroller that’s looks cool and modern but that’s easy to push,fold and that I can jog with to lose the baby weight! :)

  253. Jennifer says

    Such a beautiful color! 29wks today!! Would love this stroller for our new baby :)

  254. Erin Bruce says

    Hi! I have a two month old baby girl and we would LoVe to win the Flite for our many outings and travels this summer. We are heading to Denver in June and an umbrella stroller that is quality will be key to help get us through the airports!!!’

  255. Alia says

    Ive had my eye on this one. I would love to win it! Nothing gets bought in our house without watching the babygizmo review lol!!

  256. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love this stroller to use for my niece, it’s getting too hot to wear her for our daily walks

  257. Beth C says

    I love my bigger stroller, but I need an umbrella stroller for the tiny trunk of our second vehicle, this one would fit the bill nicely!

  258. Sarah L says

    I’d love to win to have a stroller for my 4 year old when we take walks at the park.

  259. sharla says

    i could use the bumbleride flite for my little girl when we go on long trips. i love bumbleride.

  260. Lisa says

    We love the Bumbleride quality and we’d love to win this for our daughter who was just diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Her ankles and knees are hypermobile and the adjustable foot rest as well the suspension with make this a dream ride for her.

  261. Valerie Darsigny says

    My 9 months old will transfer from her baby seat and I need to find a good stroller to accomodate her soon :)

  262. Cara says

    I’d love to win b/c we don;t have a single stroller and my 3 yo is alright to walk on the shorter trips. It would be so nice to have this summer when we will be out and about a lot. i can put my 13 month old in or my 3 year old if he get tired :)

  263. rachel eckman says

    i’d LOVE to win this stroller because currently my 15 month old SON sits in a PINK stroller that was a hand me down from his sister. it’s hot pink and he’s not a girl. haha I cant afford a new stroller and i’d really like to win this!

  264. Amber says

    Great looking stroller! Love my Indie Twin, but don’t need two seats very often anymore!

  265. Jeremy Dimmick says

    Great quality, awesome colors. Nothing too embarrassing for daddies to push around!

  266. Alexander Hall says

    We’d love the Flyte to go with our Indie! Provides us the flexibility to have the best Bumbleride for any occasion.

  267. Megan Borkowski says

    This would be the perfect travel stroller! Especially for our Disney trip coming up!!

  268. Gillian Walmsley says

    I’d love to win this stroller as I only have one very cheap stroller and 2 kids under age 2

  269. Emily Glenn says

    I would love this stroller for our constant travelling! My jogger is rather cumbersome.

  270. Sarah Graeber says

    I love my indie twin. It is seriously the best stroller ever. I need a matching light weight one for when I only have 1.

  271. Jessica A says

    Disney world! We still have 8 months until our trip, but never to early to start getting ready right!

  272. Amanda Miller says

    I have a full size Bumbleride double stroller and love their products, so I’d love to have one of their lightweight single strollers, too.

  273. Jessica says

    It looks like a great stroller and it folds up really small, so it would fit in my trunk with room to spare.

  274. Erin says

    My micropreemie is about ready to be discharged. This would be a godsend until he is big enough to join his big sis in the double. What a compact awesome stroller option ;)

  275. says

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be really one thing which I think I would never understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely vast for me. I am taking a look ahead in your next put up, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

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