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safettravelgiveaway Britax Safe Family Travel Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner -

Entry #19 – Felicity M.

Woot! Woot! It’s summer and most families are hitting the road! Whether you are sticking around your city for a summer staycation or packing up the family to head out of town, safety should be at the top of your trip list. If your journeys will require your kids to travel by car, you want to make sure that they are in a safe car seat. That’s why we have decided to throw a “Safe Family Travel Giveaway” to give one lucky winner a Britax Advocate 70-G3 AND a Britax Car Seat Travel Bag.

Why the Britax Advocate 70-G3? Because it is one of the safest seats around with “safety you can see”!! What does that exactly mean? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to last Fall when we highlighted the fabulous Britax G3 seats…

What did I tell you? Safety you can see! icon smile Britax Safe Family Travel Giveaway

BabyGizmo Giveaway Britax Safe Family Travel Giveaway

What is up for grabs?

homead664 Britax Safe Family Travel Giveaway

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A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Friday, July 12, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. Betti says

    We plan to spend quality time together at home this summer, but considering going to Chicago to meet up with family from overseas that we have not seen in over 3 years! Also considering a road trip to get there, which this car seat may help us with :) Have a great summer!

  2. Estee says

    I plan to take my children on local trips we had a early summer vacation to Chicago in may

  3. Tiffany H. says

    We already went on our vacation to the Bahamas, but I’m planning on taking the kids to Sesame Place, Little Buffalo State Park and a nearby beach!

  4. Alejandra S. says

    We are not doing much this summer since baby #2 is arriving in July!! But maybe after the baby is born we’ll make a short trip to visit family and friends so they can meet our new addition to the family!

  5. Patty Orders says

    We’re going to Atlanta for a week this summer to see my parents on their ranch :) Our 3 year old is still rear facing in her Britax Boulevard 70 and we would love to put her younger sister in the advocate when she arrives in October

  6. Monica says

    We are heading to the Outer Banks with the family this summer. Definitely need the kiddies to be safe on our 8hour drive and Britax is the way to go. Our toddler travels in his Britax everyday and now the new Lil guy needs one of his own….he is a chubby boy and is growing out of his Graco infant seat very quickly.

  7. Christine Cunningham says

    mostly just back and forth to pick up/drop off the grandbaby that we’d use this for

  8. Renee Bryan says

    Would love to win. I have a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old. I am about to have to buy anew seat. And I am a broke teacher, lol

  9. Katelyn Graves says

    We are sticking around San Antonio for the summer! We will probably go to Six Flags, Sea World and the Zoo many times!

  10. Denise B says

    My big “trip” this summer will be to the hospital to have baby #2. Our family reunion and week in the mountains had to be put on hold this year.

  11. Heather G says

    I’m hoping our family can get to Carolina beach this summer. I’d love to surprise my husband with a trip to Atlana to a Braves game.

  12. Allen Joe says

    Already went to Panama City beach! Spending the rest of the summer home because hubby can’t get off work :(

  13. Renee Bryan says

    Oops, my phone cut the directions off on Facebook. Here is what I am doing this summer: lots of swimming and going to the beach hopefully.

  14. Megan Johnson says

    LOVE Britax!! Gives me peace of mind that my kids are in one of the best seats.

  15. Glynis says

    With baby number 5 on the way, we’re in need of another baby seat … this would fit the bill ;)

  16. Lauren Minogue says

    Perfect giveaway! My LO is about to grow out of her infant car seat and this is the seat I was wanting to get!

  17. crystal b. says

    I am planning on going on 2 weekend camping trips. we are not doing a big family vacation because our 2nd son was born 9 weeks ago.

  18. Mandy Boyd says

    We are thinking of going from Alberta Canada to British Columbia Canada.
    And *HOPEFULLY* also to Ontario Canada!
    Most likely …All by car!
    Which will pretty interesting with our 8month old!
    But we have family that has yet to meet our bundle of joy!

    Hope everything goes accordig to plan!

  19. Mandy Boyd says

    I don’t know if my last comment actually works (stupid phone)
    We are hoping to travel from Alberta Canada to B.C. And HOPEFULLY Ontario…
    We have family there that has yet to meet our 8mo baby girl!!

  20. Amanda Mannino says

    I love Britax products just because they are super safe and practical. I’ve used baby gizmo videos to buy all of my sons carseats and strollers. Thanks for being so helpful!

  21. Aleia Chambers says

    We went Georgia to visit my mom. Then we took our girls to Disney World for the 1st time!

  22. Angela D says

    We’ll make several trips to the mountains and I’d like to take my little guy to the beach for the first time.

  23. says

    There is actually going to be a family reunion of sorts in Las Vegas and we’re thinking of driving from Sacramento. Sooooo, this would REALLY come in handy! ;)

  24. Courtney says

    We plan to go to Branson, Missouri. Not too far, but far enough for a little getaway with our kids.

  25. CJ Brown says

    I love our Britax infant carrier and would love to win the Advocate convertible carrier!!! Britax is the best brand we could find and want our son in the safest seats out there!!

  26. Julia says

    We are headed to Costa Rica and Wisconsin this year…a new car seat would be epic. Our son is just about to outgrow his current seat.

  27. Shakia Flashner says

    I would love this since my daughter is growing out of her smaller infant car seat.

  28. says

    We are planning a trip to the Wisconsin Dells in AUgust. We are also going to Chicago, il for a few days to go to the aquarium, navy pier, Field Museum and Millenium park. :) We could really use a travel bag for our trip to Disney next spring too!

  29. Rachael says

    we are going to des moines after baby is born to visit family and we are going to indiana for a family camp

  30. nikiZ says

    we are headed to Steamboat Sprints, CO for a week to visit grandparents! 18m in tow and 6m preggers…

  31. Bernadette N says

    With a new baby in the house, we have no big summer plans. Just the neighborhood pool, maybe the zoo and aquarium.

  32. Addison Kat says

    We’re not going anywhere this summer, however we’re planning a trip to Hawaii this winter!

  33. Megan C says

    We are journeying far this summer – from Tucson, AZ, to Melbourne, Australia. My middle daughter was born there and it will be our first trip back in six years. :) SO excited! Also loads of mini road trips during their summer break, as well – too hot to stay put in Tucson, haha!

  34. Kelly Loranandos says

    We are going to TN. My parents moved down there at the end of last year but due to some medical issues my son as had, we haven’t been able to go until now. Just a simple vacation of visiting family but something we are looking forward to immensely

  35. Nicki Z. says

    We plan to visit the lake and travel to visit family located in surrounding states.

  36. Danielle b says

    I plan on going to the beach, the pool,and maybe even a local road trip to the zoo!

  37. Stacy says

    Our little one is ready to hit the road this summer to visit Grandma and Grandpa at the beach and the Britax seat will be perfect for her!

  38. Sabrina Radke says

    We don’t have much for travel plans this summer, maybe a trip to see family in IL :)

  39. Alicia Small says

    I’m in the final phase of foster parenting classes and this would be an amazing gift! It would be so very helpful!

  40. Alicia Small says

    I’ll be traveling to St.Louis from Atlanta a lot since my family is there too!

  41. Alyssa says

    My summer plans are to take long weekend extended trips to NYC, Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. What’s a summer in Mass if you dont go to the Cape or the Vineyard????

  42. Erica says

    Outerbanks, NC in October. Our firstborn is due any day now so no vacations until fall.

  43. Dana says

    We don’t have plans to go anywhere in the summer, but we will be going to Disney World in October!

  44. Nicole U says

    We will be staying close to home and visiting the parks, zoo, and grandparents homes!!

  45. Jennifer says

    As of now we have been to San Diego and hope to go to Florida for a babymoon before our little one comes in December!!!!

  46. becka says

    We’re traveling right now, we’re in VA to visit family! Later this summer we’ll be heading to FL!

  47. Lilian P. says

    Super excited to make our yearly visit to NC. Love visiting family so far away…:)

  48. beth y. says

    No vacation this summer. With a new baby we can’t afford it this year. Would love a new britax!!

  49. Mandy Sayama says

    Britax is my favorite brand out there for baby. I am a car seat safety nut. I would love to have this seat. It would be an upgrade for us or for my moms car. Her seats are not as safe.

  50. Kristen says

    We are driving down to the New Jersey shore! We are going for a week but we also love to do day trips to the shore or NYC!

  51. Katie Langville says

    We’re heading to NM & SC – a new seat with a cover for our plane leg would be awesome!

  52. Stephanie says

    We’re headed to Boston and NYC with our 2 young ones this summer! Can’t wait to soak in these great cities with my kids!

  53. trisha kilpatrick says

    I’m not going anywhere this summer. My husband is taking the younger kids on vacation with my parents, but my older daughter has commitments. I’m staying home with her.

  54. Mary says

    Nashville, TN! Would LOVE this prize as the conv. carseat decision is looming in the near future!!

  55. tzippy schreiber says

    i think my favorite part of the video is when you said “so i wont be digging under my kid’s bum” :) i love that you can really see everything, and the chest clip doesnt end up as as stomach clip!!

  56. Valeria Gonzalez says

    This would be great to win! My little one is 11 mths old and she’ll be ready to move up from the britax b-safe to Britax convertible and the advocate would be ideal!!

  57. Stephanie Stowell says

    Going no where special, but we visit the San Diego Zoo and Sea World weekly. Plus our weekly play groups. I love Britax!

  58. Hilary says

    I plan to visit family and friends in Arizona, Georgia and Kansas . All driving with a 2 year old and a newborn :). (Due July 5th

  59. Meghan Anello says

    I have a bratix for my 2 year old and would love this one for when my 4 month old get bigger! Love the new improvements in be harness and the crotch strap.

  60. Devyn Wise says

    we plan on doing a few staycations and local things in the area. My husbands a drill sergeant in the Army so his schedule is insane!

  61. says

    We are planning of going to many different places around the state…a state-cation if you will! In the fall we are going to DISNEYLAND! (My little guy’s first time)

  62. Cassandra Eastman says

    We plan on going camping, canoeing and on a few mini vaca’s this summer!

  63. Mandi H says

    Great looking carseat and love that it has a travel bag, so nice for airplanes. My dad just moved to Florida and we’re going to visit him in a few weeks from Philly. Would love to bring this with!

  64. April Feickert says

    Love Britax carseats and the travel bag would be so great for air travel!

  65. Natalie S says

    We went down to Destin, FL a few weeks ago – maybe planning one more trip down there this summer :)

  66. Jenny Giovannoni says

    I am expecting my first, and having car seats is essential! I hope we win!

  67. Jenafer Troost says

    We plan on staying pretty local this summer, just doing a couple day trips. Zoos, amusement parks, outlet malls, beaches!!!

  68. Heather says

    My husband is in the military and we will be moving to his new duty station this summer.

  69. Christina F. says

    My daughter starts preschool in the fall, so we’re doing lots of driving to the summer get-to-know-you play dates! We’re also planning a road trip to the beach and/or camping at state park.

  70. Kati says

    Well, I used up all of my time off from work on maternity leave earlier this year, so I won’t be taking any time off. I’ll probably take some weekend trips to see family in the mountains of NC, but other than that, it’ll be adventures closer to home!

  71. Kate hebert says

    I have been shopping for car seats for a while. I think this would be one of the best/safest options for her.

  72. Stacy says

    We have 2 advocates and just found out we’re expecting our third baby so I’ll be needing another!

  73. Heidi says

    I run a daycare and have a large van, yes a new carseat would be wonderful for field trips or just running around town.

  74. Christa Eno says

    I love Britax seats! We need a second seat now that baby is getting older and goes more places with dad and I would love this one for the main seat and switch our Roundabout to his car.

  75. Karissa says

    My oldest Graco Nautilus is expiring soon and I will need a new seat to replace it. I’ve heard Britax is the best but have never afforded it so I’d love to win it!

  76. Ashley Bauza says

    My son would LOVE a new car seat. Our current seat leaves red marks on his back. I just can’t afford a new one right now.

  77. Vicci Radake says

    We plan on doing some traveling to FL a lot, since my parents bought a condo there. would be nice to have a nice new seat for my son then we can leave our current one at the condo for visitors to use for their little ones….the travel bag adds a nice touch too! Love it!

  78. Christa Scott says


  79. Christy says

    No big trips planned this summer, but lots of local traveling to the beach, fair, etc.!

  80. Christine Simons says

    In need of a new car seat and this one looks great!!! Would love to win as money to be able to afford this is not quite there.

  81. Carla Rubin says

    We are going to be tourists in our own town. I would love to “road trip” with the kids–trying to get my nerve up as it’s just me and my 2 kiddos…..

  82. Heidi says

    We will be going to Colorado to spend time with family, go horseback riding and have campfires under the amazing night sky.

  83. Sheila Popovich says

    Since we do a modified year-round school here in Arizona, Mommy’s summer vacation is almost over. School starts back up again on July 22! We still have plenty of traveling to do including a trip to Flagstaff, a trip to Portland (the car seat bag will really come in handy for the flight), a trip to Connecticut and then another trip back to Chicago will round out the year. Our 10 month old is tall and we were just talking about how we need to look for the next size in car seats for her. We have Britax everything right now from B-Safe, B-Agile and BOB and we love the quality and customer service.

  84. Jennifer says

    We have plenty of family gatherings this summer & I would absolutely love to have this seat for my son. Would make things a bit easier!

  85. Barbara Pelle says

    We are heading to Nags Head, NC this summer with our 2 year old son and would love to have an Advocate for our 2nd baby boy due this November!

  86. Karie says

    We are making a road trip to the historic Milwaukee mile this summer and this fall we will be road tripping to the twin cities. I love this seat.

  87. Marykate Roney says

    I would love to win the britax car seat for my new baby due Sept 11, 2013

  88. Brittany S Chelette says

    Hubs works 80+ hours/week so we’re taking the Fourth of July off to spend as a family. :) We’re first time parents and love taking our 10 month old to all of the different play centers and parks in our town….we make a day of it!

  89. Jessie says

    Would love to win! We are moving this summer and will be spending lots of time in the car!

  90. Hanna Evans says

    I have a new little girl on the way due in 10 weeks. This would be perfect for us!

  91. Kelly Neal says

    If only you could convince my toddler that sitting in the car seat is more cool than the driver’s seat! :). Awesome giveaway!

  92. Marina says

    We are planning a mini vacation to San Diego, CA. I have 5 beautiful children and we have never been to Sea World, we are excited!

  93. Kristin Town says

    I love the Britax seats! I nanny for a 3.5 year old girl and her seat feels so solid and secure. I love the few updates I’ve seen from her model that make it that much easier to use.

  94. Amber Hayes says

    We live in the St. Louis Metro area and plan to travel a lot this summer with our 6 year old and 13 month old to Chicago and Chattanooga to visit family. We are in dire need of a safe convertible to transfer our daughter into and would love to win a new Britax Advocate 70-G3 to ensure happy, safe travels!

  95. nicole valles-prieto says

    we are planning a trip to ohio to visit family for a family reunion we haven’t see some of the people there in probably 10 years. So excited.

  96. Heather says

    We probably will only take a 3 hour trip to the lake, but we are always out and about! We could really use a new car seat for our 2.5 year old :)

  97. Maria D. says

    We would like to go visit my sisters and their families this summer. We also plan to take a couple camping trips. :)

  98. Alicia C. says

    I’ve enjoyed both of the Britax Frontiers I have for DD1 and would be happy to to have another Britax when we step DD2 up to a convertible.

  99. Jennifer Preuss says

    I’m just about to switch by my daughter from the Infant seat to a convertible, I’d love an easy to install one!

  100. Tammy Trask says

    We’re unable to take a family vacation this year since momma became a full-time student. This seat would really help us through a tough time were baby needs a bigger seat but money is tight!

  101. Lien says

    We already went to Disneyland for our summer vacation. For the rest of the summer, we will take short trip to the zoo, park, beach, amusement park, library, county fair, etc.s

  102. Jennifer says

    I would love this car seat. My current seat is hard to function and we have a 2nd baby on the way!

  103. Aimee says

    We’re planning to go to Washington DC, upstate NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania and possibly Michigan.

  104. Kristen Johnson says

    Only as far as the hospital within the next couple weeks to have my baby… Then hopefully to the lake August or September!

  105. stacey says

    We are taking our summer vacation with our entire family at a lake house in Oregon. Its quite a drive, so a new Britax car seat would be wonderful!

  106. Haunani A says

    I want to take my babies to the big island of Hawaii! We want to visit family and friends! The travel case would be great for traveling!

  107. says

    We plan to move back East to be closer to family and do more of our ‘usual’ stuff with grandparents involved! We miss them! Especially since baby sister joined our family (… So we’d love another car seat…)

  108. Jessica G says

    We aren’t going too far. We will probably just go to the beach and the park. We might even do short road trips.

  109. Olga Nazarchuk says

    Britax looks so nice! I would love it!!! Baby due in October! Thank you baby gizmo!

  110. Rachel R says

    We just took a trip to Florida less than 2 months ago, so this summer we plan to stay close to home (especially with #3 due to arrive in early September).

  111. rivkabd says

    Wow! Real safety you can see! I love the convenience of the crotch buckle. Hope i win!

  112. Ruth Speer says

    I plan on many trips to the zoo this summer. With baby # 3 on the way a new car seat would be wonderful!

  113. Jessica Pero says

    Nowhere! Except, hopefully, to the hospital here in another month or so to welcome baby number 4 :) Pretty much staying in the AC until then, and we don’t have AC in our van, so it takes a LOT to get me out of the house! LOL

  114. Miriam says

    We’re going to the Catskills for a weekend. I would love this carseat for my baby! Hope to win!

  115. Mindy K. says

    Plan on visiting friends in Birmingham and would love to win this since we are driving there!!

  116. Larisa says

    Probably to San Diego. Not sure yet. Or just cruise around locally – plenty places to visit! We love our britax boulevard!

  117. Julia says

    I’m really starting to lovel the idea of a convertible car seat, especially if it is just as safe and comfortable as an infant car seat!

  118. Melissa V says

    We have several road trips and a vacation to Disney Land planned for this summer.

  119. lori says

    I would love to win the new Britax car seat. It would be perfect timing as my 15 month old son is ready to move out of his infant car seat and into a big boy convertible car seat.

  120. Karen Moser says

    WE love road trips and are on the go play dates and other fun activities with our almost one year old.

  121. Rebecca says

    Just started looking for anew car seat for our little guy. How awesome to win one. There are so many great features but over all I love how safe it is

  122. saara says

    Mostly, I plan to go to work ;) but hopefully i can find a day or two off to visit family in NY!

  123. Jessica H. says

    We have a 5 month old baby and we plan on taking him to the Oregon Coast this summer (about a 2-3 hour drive) so he can see the ocean for the first time!

  124. Jenni Jones says

    This summer we’ve already done quite a bit, but we still plan on visiting family in MS (we’re in TX) and head down to Corpus for a few days!

  125. Jessa says

    The Happy Peppy Peterson family is planning fun exciting trips this year with extended family. Our first trip is to Newport California to support a cousin getting married, and are hope to save enough money to take the happy family to DisneyLAND!!! The next month my father-in-law is treating us to a Lagoon trip in Utah. He wants to spend time with his grandchildren (He is terminally ill with cancer). So we are excited about summer and are crossing our fingers to win!!!

  126. says

    We trusted Britax to bring home our newborn from the hospital and wouldn’t think of trusting another brand to transition our 9 month old into a convertible car seat! He’ll be so comfortable on long trips to Ft. Lauderdale beach, and my husband and I will be have peace of mind knowing he’s cradled in the best and safest convertible car seat on the market!

  127. Kylie says

    We’re already there – made the long journey from Florida to my parent’s home in Minnesota.

  128. Aaron P. says

    This looks awesome, the video really shows some of the nice features! Got a lot of traveling to do, with family all over the place! Would love to win!!

  129. Katy M says

    We are headed to NYC and Arkansas to see family.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!!

  130. Lindsay Bononno says

    I love Britax! Using all their products for our little one due in September!

  131. Beth P says

    We are still working on our summer travel plans for this year but are looking for better car seat options for our travel!

  132. Gina Stanford says

    We’re planning on going to San Antonio for my brother in law’s air force graduation.

  133. bonnye sensenig says

    we plan to spend as much time outside as possible! this long winter made us really appreciate the sun!

  134. Nikki Elkins says

    The only plans so far are to go to the lake as often as possible and maybe a trip to oregon.

  135. Mandy says

    Planning a mini vacation for the Fall to give our newest addition a little time to adjust to life on the outside :) – not sure where we will go just yet.

  136. Tina Tapia says

    We are moving to Indiana this summer… Originally from Chicago, stationed in Michigan and now, soon to be Indiana. We will definitely hit up the Indiana Dunes this summer!

  137. Becky Worthman says

    we’re going to go to the park this summer! Not too far a destination, I know, but free. <3

  138. Tiffany Childers says

    We have already taken a cruise to Jamaica this summer but also plan on going to Gatlinburg, TN

  139. Katie Fulford says

    We are doing a road trip from buffalo to Minneapolis with 2 kids and I’m doing it alone for the first time!

  140. Becky Jensen says

    My 7 month old and I plan to visit family in Pennsylvania. This carseat would make his ride more comfortable! (It would also save my back as he is now in the Britax Chaperone and weighs more than 22 pounds!!)

  141. Angie Rock says

    Headed to the Vero Beach Disney resort with my 4 month old. Our first trip!

  142. says

    We live 30 minutes from the beach, so we’ll be heading there & also up to the mountains at least once.

  143. says

    After a major trip last year to Alaska, this year will be a stay-cation and probably just a simple stay close to home time because we have major expenses after having just moved into our new home six months ago.

    I am hoping that I may be able to drive to see my mother though for the holidays in Louisiana. If so, this car seat would come in handy for the grandbaby!

  144. Danielle Koch says

    We will be visiting family in a couple weeks and have trips planned to the zoo and the beach.

  145. Kristie says

    In Minnesota we say we are going “up north”! Heading to a cabin for a week or two. We would love this!

  146. Damian says

    Love Britax seats! Their infant seats have slipped a bit, but their convertibles and harness-to-booster seats are the best you can get.

  147. Monica* says

    We have a camping trip planned for each month through September. All the trips are planned for different locations in Cali.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  148. Akita says

    Hope to make a trip to Virginia. Need a vaca away from NY and this car seat would be great cause my 6 month old big boy is starting to grow out of his infant car seat and we can’t afford a new one right now.

  149. Jen says

    We’ve already went somewhere this summer – Louisville, to visit all four of my grandparents. :)

  150. Chrissy says

    We are planning a few trips hopefully, we want to head to a cottage, beach, and often love going for long drives. Thanks for the chance!

  151. Yesenia Rios-Galdamez says

    I’m expecting my baby girl this summer so we are not traveling until November for my grandmother’s 80th birthday in Mexico.

  152. Elizabeth says

    Well we already went to Destin, FL this summer but we are also thinking about going tubing in Helen,GA :)

  153. Amy says

    We purchased the Advocate 70 for our daughter almost two years ago and have been very happy with the safety, comfort, and ease of installation. It would be wonderful to win this one for our new little one who will be arriving in September!

  154. Amy says

    ** forgot to add, we are traveling from FL to VA this summer. From there we will be headed to see relatives in NY. Then 2 adults, one child, one dog (and a partridge in a pear tree) will make the long trek back down I95 to South FL :)

  155. Lara says

    We have 2 plans this summer. #1 head up north to a cabin. #2 fly to california for some sun! Can’t wait!

  156. says

    We’re heading to central Iowa for a train vacation – not our first choice, but when you have a two-year-old… :) Otherwise, normal camping trips around home are about it!

  157. Allison says

    We just moved to FL from NC and we plan to explore our new state beaches this summer!

  158. Michelle S says

    Are baby is about to be out of her infant car seat and was already wanting this exact seat!!!! Would be so awesome to win!!!!! It is pricey, but worth it!! :)

  159. Alicia says

    We are in need of a new seat. This would be perfect for our family. Thank you for the opportunity.

  160. sara says

    hopefully road trip from ny or Orlando!!! my son will need an awesome carseat like this 1!

  161. Haley says

    I love this seat. We have it for our second child and would love to win it for our third.

  162. Amber says

    I don’t have a lot of vacation time, but we’re going to make the most of a long weekend and head to Big Cedar Lodge near Branson. I am so ready for a getaway!

  163. Hillary Costin says

    Love these giveaways! They introduce me to new blogs with a glimmer of hope for a new seat! Havent won yet, but I still have hope!

  164. Hillary Costin says

    These fingers are crossed! We could definitely use this one! Especially with two still harnessed!

  165. Aura says

    I so badly want to visit my friend in LA but since the Jewish holidays are early this year and schools start in August it looks like we’re staying local. Hopefully we’ll at least get an extended weekend with friends out of town

  166. Jenn McClearn says

    we plan to stay close to home this summer as baby #3 is due in August, we will do some day trips to the lake though :)

  167. RG says

    I’m going home to Louisiana to visit my family and introduce my 2mo old to the family.

  168. Kara K says

    We are going to our family lake house in Michigan. It will be ill man’s first boat ride. Yeah!

  169. Jessica says

    We’re planning to go to the beach this summer! It will be DD’s first time!

  170. Maren Goodman says

    I have been using Britax carseats from the beginning! And now that we are working on baby #5 this would be perfect to transition baby #4 into!! This summer we have been camping in the Mountains a lot. Best trips we take are while driving in this Amazing country we live in!!

  171. amy says

    our 14 month old is ready to move up to a bigger seat just in time for trips to the beach this summer! :)

  172. Theresa J says

    As a family are only scheduled vacation is to take my daughter to college but individually my kids are traveling all over the place.

  173. Kayli C says

    My closest family are over an hour away so we travel to see them a lot. will also be traveling to visit my grandparents who live 6 hours away! Trips like that always make me nervous, car seat safety and safe seats are so important its not always you but the other drivers you have to worry about!!

  174. Melissa Genard says

    We already went on our vacation in June but maybe we’ll do something in August.

  175. Amy says

    I’ll be doing small trips to Upper State New York, the Cape and the lakes Region in New Hampshire!

  176. Kristin says

    We’re going to England! :) And taking a will-be six-month old… crossing our fingers for the best!

  177. Bonnie M. says

    Well considering I’m about to give birth to baby #2 any day now, I don’t really have much planned except long walks in the park with my one year old to speed up the process of the new one to get here lol. But I would definitely love to go on a little family vacation once when baby #2 gets here. Definitely need to enjoy this gorgeous summer weather before it goes away!

  178. Jill says

    Our baby is getting too chunky for her infant seat….this would be great for her!

  179. Molly says

    This summer is one of new arrivals! My mother will be visiting to meet her new grandchild. We are looking forward to the addition to our family and thanks to baby gizmo were almost all “geared” up for our little one!

  180. Jodi J says

    We’ve already had our adventure for this year. We’ll just go visit an assortment of parks and beaches for the rest of the summer.

  181. Jutta Pearce says

    We are going camping a couple of times this summer in Bend and Roseburg Oregon.

  182. Kira Boldt says

    We will be going to see both sets of grandparents they live 5 hours away so it makes for a long travel.

  183. Marcie says

    We are going camping up in granite falls in wa state its so beautiful there . Unplanned on location day drives ,i loved just driving around with my family when i was a kid always a new adventure & new places to explore.

  184. Lauren Joyce says

    With a new baby due at the end of the month we are staying close to home this year :)

  185. Holly pollack says

    We love britax! We have them in my husbands car and would love to have one in mine!

  186. Kendal Z says

    I am due early Jan next year and we were planning a trip in October for our 4th anniversary. I am really hoping the pregnancy goes well so we can actually go.

  187. Holly Bowers says

    My husband was furloughed so all our travel plans were put on hold for the summer. Only local travel for us

  188. Raizi Lindenfeld says

    My baby is turning 1 in September (AHHHH!) This car seat would be perfect for her!

  189. Sarah C says

    We plan on making a trip out to California for a family wedding, plus two trips to visit my family in Minnesota, all within one month! Whew!

  190. Jenni L. says

    Not planning on going anywhere this summer, We just had our baby, but we are planning a family road trip for winter to Texas!

  191. Jane says

    This would be such a great gift for our family. We were recently in a car accident and can’t afford right now to buy a new carseat for our son. We would love a Britax! We have their strollers and love them.

  192. Molly McInnis says

    We are about to take a 13 hr road trip with 3 kiddos. I could use this seat!

  193. Mushka G says

    Qualify time with ds! Being a working mom been looking forward to this all year!

  194. Marlene Cruz says

    Well being that we live in florida, we can’t go anywhere sunnier or hotter, so this year we planned on staying close to home. Rented an appartment on Holywood ,Fl beach and are enjoying some quite time since bby #2 was a complete surprise.

  195. Aliza L says

    We don’t have any really big plans, sticking around local basically….. except a trip to Sesame place!! Best place ever

  196. Cassie B says

    Would love this for our daughter who is due in September! Britax carseats are so much safer!

  197. Sarah A. says

    I just discovered Baby Gizmo and it’s sooooo helpful for my husband and I as first time parents. There’s so much choice out there and not knowing what we should look for or consider in the products left us feeling at a loss. This site has been super helpful, especially with the stroller reviews. Thanks!

  198. Scott M says

    We’ll be travelling to Atlanta, GA and the mountains of northern Georgia. We’ll stay a couple nights at the Len Foote Hike Inn which can only be reached by foot. It’s a 5 mile hike in the mountains of northern Georgia to the Inn, but once there, guests are treated to included breakfast and dinner as well as after-dinner enrichment and or entertainment. We also plan on staying near Helen, GA for a couple of nights and in the metro-Atlanta area for a couple of nights. While in Atlanta, we plan on taking the Robin Meade VIP Tour at CNN Atlanta and visiting the Atlanta Aquarium – noted for being the largest aquarium in the world.

  199. Jessica says

    We plan on a fantastic mini vacation to Traverse City in MI, to visit family before baby #2 makes their big debut! =)

  200. Nicole Bormann says

    This mama is first headed to Chicago for a few days of big city adventures with my boys, then headed to the east coast and flying solo with my 7 month old and 3 year old boys… WOO HOO! Not sure WHAT I was thinking! Then returning back to the midwest for a big farmyard reunion in Iowa. Fun times ahead!

  201. Kara says

    I love all you videos! They are helping me choose the best baby things for our new little one. Thanks!

  202. traci says

    We are headed to Chicago to see family with out 10 month old twins! We are ready to swap out our Britax Chaperone car seats for convertible ones.

  203. Whitley R says

    This would be an awesome carseat to win! I trust Britax products especially for safety. We currently have the Britax B-Safe infant carseat but the Advocate would be great for my toddler. Excited!

  204. Rebecca Peters says

    I travel alot, so what I have PLANNED is Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and possibly Alaska. All for family. Gotta love em? :P

  205. Alison S. says

    We’re off to Disney World with a 2 (almost 3) year old and 3 (almost 4) month old. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve lost my mind!

  206. Kathie M. says

    We are going to Lake Tahoe for a couple of nights for my cousins wedding later this summer.

  207. Vicki manoukian says

    We plan on going on many mini vacations this summer, next weekend we are taking our little one to the San Diego Zoo, then at the end of July me and the hubbie are doing a getaway to Vegas =) Then a trip to Paso Robles in October with the whole family and of course my girls weekend getaway to Palm springs in October as well =) I am enjoying all the trips I can pull off this summer, since baby number two is on the way due Jan. 15!!!!

  208. Beatrice Hoppe says

    We would love to win this! I love Britax products. With a 2nd on the way, an extra Britax carseat for our travels would be great. We’re going to the beach this summer!

  209. Samantha L. says

    I would love to win this for my newest little guy who will outgrow his infant car seat in a few months!

  210. Michelle G. says

    WOW what a great giveaway! Our family travels a lot and we use to fly everywhere, but now that we have 3 kids…we do a lot more road trips then flying. As of right now, we have a trip planned to Disneyworld down in Florida, trip to Canada, and trips around where we live. This would be awesome since we are due for another car seat.

  211. Ben says

    Been looking at this exact car seat for when my 8 month old munchkin outgrows his Chaperone.

  212. Ramey Nicolae says

    We plan to stay close to home this summer and take advantage of things we don’t get to do during the year. With four kids and 3 four yes old and under we would LOVE to own this seat!

  213. Danielle Ring says

    We were going to try and go visit family out of state or go to Six Flags or something with the kids, but we lost our son Oliver in May after he was born premature and due to his final expenses we cannot afford to now.

  214. Lindi says

    This summer we are going to visit friends in southern california and head out to the delta for some fun on the water.

  215. RJ-K says

    We plan on taking small day trips around the state this year. Saving as much vacation as possible to add to my maternity leave next year :)

  216. Alana Navea says

    Britax has always been our choice carseat and now with another baby on the way we will certainly be needing another one. We love going to Downtown Disney when we can.

  217. jamie davis says

    we just moved back to Michigan and would live to take a ling weekend up to the upper peninsula. there are a lot of beautiful little lake side towns up north. I’d like to rent a cottage for the.weekend.

  218. meegan whitford says

    we dont have any big plans just going back to our families for weekend trips or day trips to the zoo

  219. Jess says

    My whole family is taking a trip to the beach this September (after the summer rush). I can’t wait!

  220. Courtnie says

    We have used Britax for our first two boys and would love this for our upcoming new arrival (another boy!!)

  221. Amy Leahy says

    I totally need this seat!! My son turns one on Monday, could be a very happy birthday for mommy :)

  222. Christina H says

    Love Baby Gizmo, we need this car seat LO is getting to the limit on the little car seat.

  223. shelley H. says

    We plan to head out this summer from Virginia to North Carolina to check out houses and areas because we are planning to make a move there in the beginning of next year.

  224. Sara says

    We have a few trips planned. San Francisco, Lake Havasu, Santa Barbara….nothing to far this year with the new baby!

  225. Rumsita says

    We are going to attend a family birthday party. Both of my husband’s maternal grandparents turn 80 this year. The kids and I will be meeting a LOT of his extended family members for the first time.

    Then we’ll drive to the coast & take the kids to the beach for the first time!

  226. Sara Lawson says

    Love britax products! I have the diono radian for our one vehicle but would love the britax for a second!

  227. Julie M. says

    We flew to NM for my brother’s wedding and we are flying to SC to see my best friend and her family for a week!

  228. Ashley N says

    We will be heading back to michigan to visit family and to the beach while we’re there!

  229. Luvy Lawrence says

    Our toddler is in a Britax and we love it. Our new 2 month old will be needing this so much! Road trip to San Diego this summer!

  230. Leah says

    We live far away from family on both sides so we’ll be heading to Chicago, Columbus, and East East Tennessee and maybe Memphis.

  231. anna p says

    We are planning a family vacation to Panama beach, Fl with our baby girl and my SIL,BIL and their baby girl!! hopefully if this works out, then North Georgia Mountains!!

  232. says

    Can’t find the like button.. on the side bar is says the facebook sign then 0 but nothing happens when I click on it.

  233. katie says

    We already traveled to see family in June and we are planning a move from TX to WA at the end of the summer.

  234. tricia says

    Love our B-Ready Stroller, moving up to a convertible and can’t think of a better brand!!

  235. Emily H says

    We are staying home this summer but with the ocean only an hour drive away, we will be making many trips there :)

  236. Barbara Mayes says

    Since gas prices are sky rocketing, we will be staying home this summer. We may go to Greenbrier and see my Aunt, but, for the most part, sticking close to home.

  237. Sarah says

    We plan on taking a trip to dc this weekend! I can’t wait to visit all of the museums with my 10 yr old and 7 month old daughters! Hopefully we will also make it to the zoo! Unfortunately, this small weekend trip is all we have time for this summer,so we need to make it count! :)

  238. Michelle says

    We are traveling to Florida & North Carolina this summer to visit family. I am pregnant & due in the fall so we are trying to get all the family visits out of the way now!

  239. Katherine Fletcher says

    We love to travel. We are going to Florida at the end of the month and would love to win.

  240. pamela says

    we are planning on visiting lake george to see our parents! this is their first time meeting baby number 3!

  241. Liz Pereira says

    I will love to win this car seat because I can not afford to buy one and I know is the best.Thanks

  242. Lisa P says

    We recently did a road trip with my 2yr daughter to NJ for my BF wedding. Getting in some beach time as well.

  243. Karen says

    South Carolina! :) can’t wait, would love to have a seat for my 9 month old to switch to!

  244. Melissa N Cleaveland says

    We will probably just go to Branson this year, not too far for us, but still a several hour drive there and back.

  245. Mary Mudd says

    I plan to go to Florida, to visit my Dad!! I havent been to his new Condo yet.

  246. Leanndra says

    We live at the beach already! 6 minutes away from the sand in La Jolla, CA. So I will be doing a lot of sand sitting, watching my husband surf. I’m 8 months pregnant, due Sept. 3rd with our first. So no big vacations planned for us. We’ll stay close to home. And since so many people vacation in our town, that’s not a bad deal!

  247. Christina S says

    We are taking our first trip with our son when he’ll be a month old! ROAD trip!!! Wish us luck!!!

  248. rebecca Salemi says

    We are road tripping to Maine for a week and then to Hershey Park. My youngest would love a comfy ride!

  249. Kim Knight says

    Woohoo great giveaway! Our summer will be filled with lots of day trips and maybe some long weekends. Trips to different lakes in the area, six flags, water parks, Hershey park, Bronx zoo, bear mountain zoo & lots more!!

  250. Kimberly Puccini says

    I would love to win this for my baby boy! We don’t have any special trips planned but would love for every day use!!! :)

  251. April Reddy says

    We love our Britax travel system but my 21lb 4month old is growing out of his car seat very quick. We would love to win this!

  252. Jackie B says

    We will be traveling to Virginia Beach to meet my parents for a beach vacation! Very excited to spend a week at the beach, being total tourists!

  253. April R. says

    We love our Britax travel system but my 21lb 4month old is growing out of his car seat very quick. We would love to win this!

    Oh and this summer we are moving from the USA to the UK!

  254. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    Our summer vacation is going to be remodeling a temporary house to live in while we build a new one, does that count as a vacation? :)

  255. Brenda B says

    I’m planning on staying home and trying to survive the AZ heat before new baby arrives.

  256. Jill Lepow says

    Our family would love this seat. Perfect for transporting out girls to our summer cabin in Maine.

  257. Samantha G. says

    I plan on making a few trips to St. Louis before school starts and hopefully to Florida as a surprise to my 10 yr old.

  258. Amber says

    We don’t have any summer vacation plans but we do travel a lot to see grandparents and cousins on a regular basis. I’d LOVE to win this for my baby girl who hates her infant “bucket” seat. My other 3 kiddos are in Britax seats and I’d just love to get one for her too. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  259. Sara says

    We’re home bodies. We built the kids a new sandbox and got a pool. We *may* go to Chicago for a couple days. Wish there was an IKEA closer. lol

  260. Marsha says

    We will be sticking close to home this summer but this seat would be a great way for the little ones to travel in!

  261. Chengyan Han says

    We are planning to bring our little angel to the yellow stone national park and the grand canyon from Denver.

  262. Haley says

    As a single mom, winning this would be simply amazing! Britax puts such time and safety into their seats and having my little girl as safe as possible is always my top priority! Thanks for the giveaway.

  263. says

    I plan to take the kids to see my 19 year old little brother who’s in the Navy to San Diego to visit him & possibly got to the Zoo down there!;)

  264. Felicity M says

    Hi Hollie,
    I responded to your email with my details but haven’t heard back from you. Let me know if you need something else from me.

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