Pepp In Your Step Summer Giveaway

Summer is here! The kids are home and the weather is nice so we are happy! So happy that we thought we would celebrate with a fun giveaway.

Nuna, maker of the fabulous Leaf and Sena, just introduced their Pepp Stroller to the United States. It’s modern, stylish, practical, functional and perfect for summer travel.

peppgiveaway Pepp In Your Step Summer Giveaway

We partnered with Club MomMe and are giving away:

ONE Nuna Pepp Stroller

ONE Monkey Mat in the color of your choice and

FOUR Belly Bandits

That makes SIX total winners!

BabyGizmo Giveaway Pepp In Your Step Summer Giveaway

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one!

There are tons of entries with this one. Do one. Do a few. Do all of them. Whatever you want.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* Giveaway starts now ends at 11:59pm, Friday, June 28, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

Entry form should be below.

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  1. nicolle says

    We spent the day hanging out together for Fathers and getting my dad some gifts that he wanted.

  2. crystal b says

    we spent father’s day at our pool with some friends and family, after all that day is all about family.

  3. jasmine says

    For fathers day we went out with 2 other families for a light breakfast and surprised the guys with a cake! Then our husbands went skeet shooting while we watched the kids :)

  4. Lisa James says

    Celebrated father’s day with my husband and his family out of town at my in-laws.

  5. Tanya Campos says

    My baby girl needs a good stroller like this one. Daddy got us an annual pass to Disneyland, so we will be sure to put this stroller to good use!

  6. Sarah Schexnayder says

    Had a great family BBQ and dinner from Cheesecake Factory – curbside to go on the couch! :)

  7. Bethany Jones says

    I celebrated Fathers Day by making a banana- coconut cream pie and a personal photo card for my amazing hubby and baby’s father. I also got him some skincare products because he will never buy for himself! Love him!

  8. Nicole says

    We went to my sister in law’s house to celebrate father’s day and my MIL and SIL’s birthdays. We were lazy and just ordered pizza for dinner. :)

  9. becka albright says

    We’d use the monkey mat for camping, the lake, our yard, anywhere that we would usually use a bulky blanket!

  10. Katy Petrie says

    How did you celebrate Father’s Day?
    I made bacon pancakes with a side of bacon for my husband. Then I mowed the lawn and let him spend the morning at Home Depot.

    What do you like most about the Nuna Pepp Stroller?
    The compact fold. Driving a Nissan Sentra it would be wonderful to have a stroller that left a little extra room in the trunk.

    Where would you take your Monkey Mat?
    We live on the coast of Maine. This would go with us to the beach, to the lake to the mountains, etc. It looks awesome.

  11. Stacy Willett says

    We celebrated Father’s Day by having our 3 month old entertain Daddy all night, while Mommy went to work in the Emergency Department of the pediatric hospital helping all the kids that were sick on Father’s Day.
    What we like best about the Nuna Pepp stroller is the size! We drive a Mini and need everything to be as compact as possible without loosing the comfort!
    We would take the Monkey Mat to Grandma and Grandpa’s house because they live near the beach

  12. stephanie says

    we celebrated fathers day by staying home for some quality family time. Hubby golfed 36 holes of golf the day before :)

  13. Erica says

    As an expecting first time mom we celebrated Father’s Day by shopping for baby gear ALL day (after breakfast in bed for my husband to make it special)!!

  14. Heather H says

    The monkey mat would come in handy at the pool or the reservoir, even in the yard watching big sisters run wild!

  15. Rachel M says

    Daddy had a celebration of bacon! lol. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and a bacon scented candle from Yankee candle. I know it was his day but he was nice enough to let his 8 months pregnant wife have a nap! Such a great man.

  16. Lindsey says

    We celebrated Father’s Day catching up on housework and yard work that got neglected because of the birth of our new baby boy two weeks earlier!

  17. Stacey Rosenthal says

    How did you celebrate Father’s Day?
    I celebrate with my husband and 2 year old little girl at the beach.

    What do you like most about the Nuna Pepp Stroller?
    Besides being lightweight and practical, it actually looks nice too!! Wouldn’t be afraid to take it out in public!!
    Where would you take your Monkey Mat?
    Sounds like a great place to sit with my soon to be newborn little boy on while my 2 year old plays outside.

  18. Jennifer Cusack says

    We celebrated Father’s Day with some chocolate chip banana muffins and a visit to our Father’s Day street fair in Brooklyn.

  19. Sarah Hamilton says

    Father’s Day was spent with the family, golf on the TV and a yummy dinner from my hubby’s favorite restaurant!

  20. Laura E says

    We celebrated fathers day at my In laws. We would take the Monkey Mat to the lake and down the shore.
    I love the calf support, one touch brake, and the full recline on the Nuna Pepp.

  21. Maria Castillo says

    We celebrated Father’s Day by going to the park with extended family to have a barbecue. We also made breakfast and cupcakes at home for my husband.

  22. Kris Garvey says

    My husband isn’t big on gifts or anything, so for Father’s Day I let him sleep in til noon, then we woke him up and he and I watched a TV show we liked while my son napped. We then ordered lunch from his favorite place, and just spent time together!

  23. Kelly lorandos says

    My youngest is in the hospital, so our Father’s Day was spent with all of us together at the hospital, just being together and enjoying the whole day together.

  24. Karen Anzora says

    On father’s day took my husband to eat at his favorite spots. Went to eat breakfast at the corner bakery; he loves this place. Then had dinner at his favorite Japanese ramen noodle spot. He was a happy camper!

  25. Erica Fox says

    We are HUGE baseball fans, so we spent Father’s Day at the ballpark. It was our son’s first trip there too, which made it even that more special!

  26. Stephanie says

    Father’s Day was spent biking to the beach, then playing like maniacs in the sand and water!

  27. Christina F. says

    this summer, my weekly playgroup has moved to outdoor park playdates, weather permitting. and my daughter starts preschool in the fall. during the summer, the preschool has a couple monthly park playdates so the kids and parents can get to know each other. i would love a monkey mat to take to these playdates! my current blanket is so big, it’s like carrying an extra bag!

  28. Britt says

    Love Nuna’s products! Father’s Day was spent going out to dinner w my dad and enjoying a dance to the song my girl in the living room, which was our father daughter dance at my wedding.

  29. Britt says

    I would use the monkey Mat and the pepp at a local park. Love the modern look of the pepp.

  30. Dasi says

    We hung out with daddy at the park and then went out for dinner! Love how flat the stroller folds and as for where to use the mat – everywhere!

  31. Valerya says

    I love that the Nuna Pepp is a million times nicer than my umbrella stroller! I want something, anything that’s better than what I have!

  32. Georgina Barba says

    we stayed home and spent quality family time together since daddy has been working a lot lately.

  33. says

    For father’s day my husband had to work 3rd shift, so we celebrated on Friday. We went out to eat and then went to his mom’s house and went swimming. It was very nice and relaxing. My daughter picked him out a cookie cake and a card with a princess kitty on it (she’s two). It was adorable.

  34. Martha says

    We went to a baby shower on Fathers Day and then out to dinner after treating the boys to Toys’RUs .
    Definitely could use the Belly Bandit after my 3rd c-section this October.

  35. Katie Roberts says

    On Father’s Day, my entire family went to breakfast to celebrate with my dad. Afterwards, we took my husband to a military museum. Father and son had a great time! Then we finished the night watching a movie with family!

  36. lana says

    for fathers day we just went out to eat and gave the dads the gifts. I would love to take the new stroller to a park for a run with the kids. The monkey mat to Stone Mountain for kids to watch the 4th of July fire works

  37. Ashley C says

    We went fishing and grilled out for Father’s Day!


  38. Jen K says

    My husband died of cancer last year but the boys and I celebrated “daddy day” with some of his favorite things… chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, fun at the pool and ice cream cake!

  39. valerie chavez says

    The kids and I go to the park a lot. A monkey mat would be perfect as we sit under a tree to have lunch.

  40. Arthur Caudill says

    Spent my fathers day with my daughter, we went to the movies and shopping.

  41. jen roberts says

    I love the cool modern design of the Pepp. Looks more substantial and comfortable than an umbrella (even the high end ones) and yet much smaller and more compact than the larger stroller systems. Second baby due in early August, would love a new stroller for him/her.

  42. Kelly says

    We had a week old baby (our 3rd) on Father’s Day. Since my husband had been busy tending to the older two the week after our daughter was born, and hadn’t really got a lot of one-on-one bonding time with our new baby girl, the morning of Father’s Day I took the older ones to the kitchen and we made their daddy blueberry pancakes and eggs, while he cuddled in our bedroom for an hour (uninterrupted) with our newest addition. While we ate breakfast together as a family of 5, he told me it was exactly what he needed. :-)

  43. sherry moore says

    I love that the nuna pepp stroller is very slim and that it has a shoulder strap belt rather than just a lap belt.

  44. valerie chavez says

    Wow! I took a look at the nuna pepp stroller on YouTube. It looks like a great stoller. I think I’ll look into buying one. I need a light weight easy stroller that’s not an umbrella stroller.

  45. Cindy B says

    For Father’s day we celebrate with my hubby, dad, and father-in-law… the kids make cards for each and we deliver them along with something nice and lots of hugs

  46. Mel says

    Celebrated Father’s Day by going to my in-laws to help them open their pool and to BBQ.

  47. Bonnie C. says

    For father’s day we window shopped at Home Depot

    I love the flat fold and the higher seat position on the Nuna Pepp

    I would bring the Monkey Mat to the park for a picnic or even just in our backyard to protect my 4 month old from whatever the doggies left behing ;)

  48. Jodi Brown says

    Breakfast in bed for my hubby and we gifted him with a Star Trek Blu-Ray Season 3 set.


  49. Mandi says

    We celebrated Father’sDay with my husband,our 5 kids, and my parents. We enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach, eating seafood and watching the kids play in the ocean. It was a wonderful afternoon!

  50. Brittney says

    We recently welcomed Daddy back home from Afghanistan so we spent Father’s Day on a family hike in the mountains.

  51. Erin says

    We spent Father’s Day in the hospital because we welcomed a baby girl the day before!

  52. Vickie Couturier says

    my husband had to work fathers day so we celebrated the next day with a breakfast with our daughter

  53. Kristin H says

    We celebrated Fathers’ Day by “importing” some Kansas City BBQ to Texas!

  54. Joy Cornthwaite says

    Want to ske it to the beach or the park for a picnic and just enjoying the sunshine with my two beautiful monkeys

  55. Jessica says

    We went on a Pirate Adventure Cruise with my brother-in-law’s family for Father’s Day. So fun!

  56. sara says

    My parents, brother, and nephew were visiting from out of town and we spent the weekend at the beach!

  57. Linda G. says

    We celebrated father’s day with our daughter, her husband and our grandchildren, we cooked out and had a good time together.

  58. says

    Starts off with Sunday church service, then the kids and I always make a nice supper for Daddy that evening. Brownies are his favorite dessert, then it’s time for a couple presents. Great family time :)

  59. Amanda Piper says

    We celebrated Father’s Day but going to church and taking my hubby out to eat at his restaurant of choice.

  60. Carolyn says

    We went to a friends for Fathers Day and had a wonderful cookout with the family and friends an all the kids… My 3 month old got his daddy a dad ring

  61. Amy says

    We took my husband (daddy) on a picnic at the pool! Good day in the sun and lots of fun with my two favorite boys!

  62. says

    We celebrated Father’s Day as a family with a weekend getaway vacation at a lake resort! It was a lot of fun and the weather was nice, warm and sunny.
    Ross Olson

  63. Adina says

    I love the fold on the nuna pepp stroller! Looks like a great stroller for summer strolling.

  64. Hildy says

    We spent father’s day at the beach in Anna Maria Island, Fl, and had a blast with the family.

  65. Stephanie M says

    I celebrated fathers day by inviting the whole family over, in laws included and bbq-ed.

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