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Entry #772 – Julie L.

Joovy is one of those companies that really listens to their customers. They completely revamped their Groove stroller in 2011 knowing that there is always room for improvement.

While parents still rave about the Groove, there are some who still want something lighter. While lightweight, 17 lbs was more than they wanted to schlep around. Joovy listened to that feedback and recently debuted the Groove’s lil’ sis – the Groove Ultralight! Think of it as a big brother and little sis!

This is the stroller for those parents looking for all the great Groove features but in an even lighter-weight package. They shaved off 5 lbs (yep FIVE lbs!) to get the Groove Ultralight to weigh in just over 12 lbs, making this one of the lightest (yet packed with features!) umbrella strollers on the market.

At first glance, there are only a few things that are different between the Groove and the Groove Ultralight – the wheels and the fabric. But if you get down and dirty with the stroller, there are a few more to mention.


The seat size is the same. It is 14” wide with 19” seatback, 9” seat bottom (where your kid’s butt goes) and a tall measurement of 26” from back of the seat to the canopy. It sports an unpadded, 5-point, adjustable harness and a weight capacity of 55 lbs.

One of the main differences with this Ultralight version is the fabric. The Groove is decked out in 600D fabric (heavy, durable – man fabric if you will!) while the Ultralight features a high-quality, lighter nylon.

grooveultralightseat Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)

The seat has a deep recline but Joovy redesigned the strap recline for the Ultralight removing the large plastic piece behind the seat with the one-push button. The Ultralight has your typical strap recline now but still reclines back to 149 degrees.

The Groove Ultralight doesn’t have a baby bumper bar or tray, but there are two mesh pockets on the inside of the seat for baby’s sippy, snack or small toys. There is a large zipper pocket with one bottle pocket (the original Groove has TWO – big brothers drink more!) on the back of the canopy for drinks (bottles!) and space for their small personal items.


For other essentials there is a large (for an umbrella stroller!) basket underneath but just like almost all umbrella strollers it may be tricky to access large items with the seat fully reclined. An adjustable (2 position) leg rest and reflective fabric throughout the stroller are other notable features.


The handlebar is not adjustable but is tall at 41″ from ground to handle. We found this to be a comfortable height for both taller and shorter parents.


You know Baby Gizmo is all about big canopies and that’s one reason we love the Groove. That’s why we are loving that Joovy kept the huge canopy (with peek-a-boo window!) on the Groove Ultralight.

grooveultralight2 Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)


Now, Joovy had to remove the weight somewhere on the Ultralight so they took it from the wheels. The Ultralight wheels are completely different and are only 4 1/2″ vs the 6 1/2″ wheels of the Groove. It still maneuvers well and you’ll even be able to navigate this bad boy with one hand IF you have a small baby aboard. BUT if a toddler or child closer to the weight limit is riding, you are using two hands.

groovewheels Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)


Taking direction from its big brother, the Groove, the Ultralight folds easily into a compact umbrella fold complete with an automatic lock and a shoulder strap. Yep, the Ultralight had to be a bit different so instead of the carry handle that the Groove has, the Ultralight is so lightweight that it has a shoulder strap.

groovefold Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)

The only thing that the Groove Ultralight still doesn’t do is car seats. Nope, just like the Groove,  it’s not a travel system. Let’s be honest though, you probably already have a big beast of a stroller that works as a travel system and you are looking at the Groove as your lightweight, on-the-go alternative. You wouldn’t really want a 30 lbs package (car seat + baby) on top of a lightweight, 12 lbs stroller anyway.

Overall, we are still impressed by the Groove and now it’s lightweight sister, the Groove Ultralight. The Groove Ultralight  retails for $189 (10 bucks cheaper than the Groove) and we are sure it would be a welcome addition to anyone’s family looking to add a great SUPER lightweight, compact stroller packed with features.

BabyGizmo Giveaway Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)

We are so excited about the new Joovy Groove Ultralight stroller that we are giving one away! Woot! Woot!


  • Joovy Groove Ultralight (or original Groove!) – Winner gets to choose!


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*Disclosure: Joovy sent a Groove Ultralight for our review. As always, all our opinions, statements and thoughts are our own. It takes much more than a stroller to get us to just say nice things. icon smile Spotlight Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight (+GIVEAWAY)


  1. olivia bartley says

    I like that it weighs just under 12 pounds, is a nylon fabric, and has handy mesh pockets!

  2. Lisa P says

    I would love to win this for my 2yr…I am tired of lugging a large stroller around…when she is only in & out of it!

  3. Megan C says

    I love that it weighs 12 lbs and fits up to 55 lbs (and hey, sometimes those little legs on bigger kids DO get tired, hahaha! Too cute!).

  4. Dana McCabe says

    Please let me win, randomcopter ;)
    I have a 43 lb 3 yr old and need a lightweight stroller!!

  5. Irene L-s says

    This is a perfect stroller!! My current one is so huge and heavy. I’m excited for one if I win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Andreana Powell says

    I would love this stroller for my 5 month old son. He hates the car seat and has been sitting in a stroller for a while now. I would love to have a less bulky and more savvy stroller for him. I’ve had my eyes on this stroller since I was pregnant. Oh how I love it.

  7. Sheila Popovich says

    I love a high quality umbrella stroller. I think I would pick the “big brother” Joovy

  8. melissa darling says

    Would love to win this for my son..its light everything about it..and i do need a new one because when i got rid of my travel system..i bought a used jogger i need something more compact. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Sarah says

    Thank you! Although I personally don’t have a need for this, I’d love to win for a friend who is due in January!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I would love to win the Groove Ultralight because it is a fantastic stroller. Lots of features and not at all bulky and heavy.

  11. Stephanie Shaire says

    Joovy is my favorite stroller brand and I would LOVE to own a Groove or a Groove Ultralight!

  12. Christy says

    I’m expecting my 3rd and have been using the same Mac (the one that eats fingers that I never got the covers for) and would love a new lightweight option!

  13. Sarah Hayes says

    Id like to win one bc it would be a great stroller to keep in the car and use for everyday trips to the store or around outside. it would be so easy for me to use and great for a growing toddler

  14. Jacqui says

    I have a Joovy Groove stroller and love it. It was great to use when we went to Sea World. I would love to test out the lightweight one as well!

  15. Erica says

    I’m done with the major heavy beast of a stroller, I’d love a great lightweight one for on the go with my youngest.

  16. Natalie S says

    Love the canopy and shoulder strap and just the whole stroller really! :) Would love to win this to use with my 11 month old or 2 year old.

  17. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love that it weighs only 12lbs. AND reclines so my little girl can nap while we’re on the go as well!

  18. maribel gil says

    I really love this lightweight stroller because I have three kids and I am always on the go…

  19. Delaina says

    We have a big jogging stroller but I would love something that would be more practical to take places like the mall. This would be perfect!

  20. Christina Owens says

    I actually own this stroller since May and I Love it. Worth every penny and I looked at over 10 umbrella strollers!

  21. Brittanie Tomasic says

    I like that it is only just over 12lbs so perfect to toss in the car for traveling.

  22. Laila salem says

    I want to win this because I really need a jogging stroller. This looks so would be perfect since I have an apartment.

  23. Stephanie Manley says

    I love the fact that it is light weight and folds up so easily and compact! Great for our small vehicle!

  24. Aleia Chambers says

    I’d like to win the Joovy Groovy ultralite because I NEED an umbrella stroller! I have a travel system (hardly use) and my workhorse, gigantic Mountain Buggy Duo. Now that my girls are getting old enough to walk, it would be nice to have a lighter/smaller stroller for their new sister due in 4 weeks!

  25. says

    I’d love to win one so I could try out a Joovy stroller! Love the features of both of them, especially the high weight limit.

  26. Jen E says

    I loved the original Groove but due to the hard plastic recline behind the seat I passed it by – I love that the new ultralight has the strap recline. This looks awesome. Thanks for the giveaway – maybe it can replace my tired out $25 Maclaren Craigslist umbrella stroller. It is pretty worn out :-)

  27. Reina Mira says

    I totally love your reviews.
    I wish I can win this super lite stroller because I commute a lot, and my baby it’s quite heavy. 9 months and hitting 22 pounds!

  28. Claudia Cordova says

    I love that it weighs 12 lbs and that the weight limit is up to 55 lbs, perfect to have when my 4 year old gets tired of walking when we are at Disney.

  29. Sam says

    I’ve been looking for a lightweight stroller for quite some time now! I adore the Joovy!! Especially for its big perks in a small package!

  30. Becky Schneider says

    Love how light and compact it is! Also I never use the tray for my stroller, mesh pockets would be more useful for us, wish I could add them to the stroller we own.

  31. steph caraballo says

    I really love how in in-depth you get with all of your videos i ended up buying a cybex stroller solely on your video(which is still the best online) love that your invested in the product makes me more confident in the buy<3 your videos

  32. Annabella Ruiz says

    I would love to win this joovy because it is SO SO lightweight…looks perfect for a mom on the go!

  33. Pearl Ylitalo says

    I would like to win the Joovy stroller because it looks like it has many wonderful features our current umbrella stroller lacks — decent size basket underneath, taller handles, large canopy, etc. It would take up less space in our vehicle while still providing us with a way to get our toddler around when he can’t walk.

  34. Jenny says

    Never had a joovy before but am in desperate need of an umbrella stroller so I may look into one of these if my luck fails at the giveaway contest.

  35. says

    I love that the stroller is lightweight and easy to fold! I really need this stroller! My baby is getting too big for her carrier!

  36. Julie says

    I’m in the market for a lightweight stroller for Disneyland this fall. This would be a great solution!

  37. Betty Baez says

    Would love this ultra light stroller, i wouldnt mind lugging it around. I like the infinite recline with the open back.

  38. Melody Francis says

    I’d like to win this stroller because it’s super lightweight and has a ton of great features!

  39. JoBeth says

    I would love to win because my son is growing and has growed out of his baby stroller and in need of a new one

  40. Trisha Carroll says

    Would LOVE to win this for our trip home to see family for thanksgiving – would be so useful at the airports with our little guy.

  41. Mary says

    Would love to have this light weight umbrella stroller to take my little one around NYC! Love my city mini but with a 20lb child, you need a super light weight stroller to get around town.

  42. says

    Would love to win. I watch both my grandbabies full time, and I also have serious back issues & fibro. Always looking for products that make my day much easier & easier on my body. Thanks so much for the chance.

  43. cindy royer vickerman says

    I have 2 under 2 and anything to make the load lighter is always welcome, I think the new design is gonna be a hit

  44. Jackie Gee says

    Would love to have a lightweight umbrella stroller when we travel. I love how it only weighs 12lbs and my daughter can use it up to 55 lbs. awesome!

  45. Jessica McKinney says

    I would love to win! I’ve been looking for a great lightweight stroller and this fits the bill :)

  46. Megan A says

    So lightweight and compact, who wouldn’t want one?? Joovy products are great, but never tried a single stroller… thinking I’d love it!

  47. Amber P says

    I love that it’s lightweight, plus I love Joovy products. We have another one on the way so this would be great!

  48. Jennifer says

    This would be the best combo stroller with our Bob since its so light weight. One for jogging and walks around the house and the other for trips and shopping.

  49. Sarah Zurn says

    I would love to win it because I need an light umbrella stroller for travelling and quick trips!

  50. Sarah says

    I would love this ‘little sister’ to allow my little sister’s little one to tag along and ride in style! Inside mesh pockets?!? Brilliant!!!!

  51. Jenia says

    I would love this stroller because with two kids it’s difficult to drag around a heavy stroller that’s hard to set up. We got a double stroller, but our toddler refuses to ride most of the time. Now we don’t have the money for a stroller for just our youngest.

  52. Samantha G. says

    I love that this stroller is lightweight. That will help my bad back when packing it around. I also really need a stroller. It’s the main ‘big’ baby item we don’t have. I also like that this can be used to such a high weight.

  53. Rae Kerrigan says

    I would love to give this stroller to our nanny whose husband is a lance corporal in the USMC. They are having their first child and with only a salary just over $20,000 a year they could really use the added help. Great people and would love to “shower” them with something special!

  54. Tyler Michelle Randall says

    this would be awesome for carrying around with us in our JEEP!! Super light and easy to take from place to place! And me being a stay at home mom all week while my fiance works out of town (hard work,i’m sure you other ladies know the work i’m talking about!! carrying a toddler and a heavyyyyy stroller at the same time) THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!!! would love to win!!!

  55. Joslyn says

    I’d love to win this because with lots of trips it would be great to have a ultra light stroller

  56. Shelly Jones says

    I love that it is lightweight and compact, but lots better quality than an umbrella stroller!

  57. Renee Smith says

    I would love to win a Joovy because I need a lightweight stroller to keep in my vehicle when I’m on the go with baby. She’s over 20 pounds at 8 months of age and I just can’t carry her for too long anymore. This would really be helpful!

  58. Jamie says

    I would love to win! We are nearly DONE with strollers but not quite… and 5 lbs is very easy to carry- thanks!

  59. Karla says

    I would like to win because its so light weight and I could use a single stroller because all I have are doubles for my twins.

  60. Sarah H. says

    I love how small and light this stroller is! It would be so nice when I only need to push my 1 year old and let my toddler run. :)

  61. Olivia Rubin says

    Love that it has the standard features at 5 less lbs….what’s not to want…curious about color selection

  62. Michelle Moblet says

    I’d love to in this ultralight Joovy as its so compact and fantastic fir travelling with.

  63. Erika Fultz says

    The light weight has to be the biggest thing for me! My son is 10 months old and a smidge over 30 lbs and my current stroller is 26 lbs on its own so pushing both can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention how big my stroller is!

  64. Melissa Easton says

    I really need a light weight stroller like this that can also carry a heavy child (love the 55 lb weight limit) – thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Cynthia Brooks says

    My youngest is 4 but with a 55 lb weight limit and a seemingly comfy seat, it’d be a good theme park stroller.

  66. Jen McKown Zamzow says

    Between my husband’s back issues and the tendinitis in my shoulder this is a must have. Sure would make an awesome birthday gift for the momma as well! Wink wink… ;-)

  67. Maria Dumas says

    This would be awesome for my 19 month old!!! Love the huge canopy and seriously?! 12 lbs?! Can’t beat that!!! :)

  68. Rachel says

    I would love to win what looks like a great stroller. I love how lightweight and compact it is

  69. Sarah says

    I would love this! We just have the bob right now so having a small light weight alternative that will last as long as a child needs a stroller (55lbs) sounds fab!

  70. Danielle says

    Would love this bc it It is so light! Would be so much easier to lift when carrying a newborn too!

  71. Laura I. says

    I need an umbrella stroller for my daughter. This one is perfect because its ultralight and super cute and functional. Would love to win one!

  72. Mary says

    Because who can’t use an extra stroller! Especially when all you have a huge Britax B Ready.

  73. Ewa L says

    I would like to win this stroller because it is perfect for travel with light weight and huge canopy.

  74. colleen says

    I wish I had one of these for our last trip! Carrying around a huge stroller on shuttle buses is no fun!

  75. says

    I would love to win the Joovy Groove Ultralight because the tall handles would be great for both myself and my husband who is quite a bit taller than me. I also love the large canopy!

  76. says

    This is the answer to my prayers. I am a single mom of two and I need a lightweight stroller to accommodate my tall toddler when we gets tired and my one year old and light enough to carry up and down subway stairs. I so hope I win this!!!!!

  77. Julie says

    I like the weight! When your carrying three kids around you don’t want extra weight in a stroller! I also love the canopy!! That thing is big!

  78. Lisa Edwards says

    I like how lightweight, portable and cute the stroller is. Perfect for a day out at Disney.

  79. Stacy says

    My son Jameson will be born any day now. We got the Joovy play yard at our shower, but missed out on getting the stroller. This would be a perfect compliment to his play yard :) I saw this stroller in the store, and it looks very easy to use and stylish!

  80. Sarah C says

    As a baby my 18mo hated strollers so we never bought one. We borrowed one recently & he seemed great! So, having a nice lightweight one to give mom a break would be wonderful ;)

  81. Annie Crawford says

    I would like to win one because I could really use it. I love that it reclines and holds their little feet :)

  82. says

    I would love to win this stroller because my big lil guy needs something a little sturdier than the cheapy umbrellas and I LOVE the canopy and storage on this bad boy!

  83. Stephanie Houchaimi says

    Aside from it being lightweight for travel, having a deep recline, big canopy, and small fold, One unique feature i like is the pair of small mesh side pockets that are available for a child to store their “treasures”. This caught my eye especially since my 20 month old daughter will usually have some small dolls that she hoards in the seat while we’re strolling, and i’m always worried they’ll fall out.

  84. Amber Hayes says

    I LOVE how lightweight this stroller is and yet it still has an AWESOME canopy! Sold on it!

  85. Danielle Kitchens says

    I would love to win this stroller! My husband and I just had our first child and are always on the go. We are trying to find ways to keep everything light and supplies to a minimum, but let’s face it, you can only carry a baby for so long and right now she is too little to go into a front carrier. This would be the perfect thing for our family!

  86. Lilia Kharabora says

    I would like to win one for my daughter! The light weight makes it easy to take on trips and events. Also love that it reclines. Thank you!

  87. Allyssa says

    I would love to win this stroller just because i loove joovy products and how lightweight it!

  88. Brooke R. says

    I would love a lightweight stroller so I don’t have to schlep the big one everywhere!

  89. Tiffany schleicher says

    41″ handle height! Daddy is tall and looks like he is crawling over our umbrella stroller when he pushes it.

  90. Sarah wight says

    This would be a great airport stroller, and so small it won’t take up valuable trunk space!

  91. Hannah says

    I’ve been looking to buy an umbrella type stroller for a while now but haven’t been able to decide on a brand. This stroller look awesome! I’d love to try it. :)

  92. Sarah Lewis says

    I’d love to have a simple lightweight stroller to use instead of our big double when only out with one kiddo! Love that its so super lite!

  93. Lindsay says

    Looks like a fantastic, lightweight stroller. We still need an umbrella stroller so would love to win this one!

  94. Tina Tapia says

    Your son made me laugh so hard! He’s super adorable! Having 3 kids, I really need an extra stroller and my double is SUPER HEAVY! I love the lightweight feature and how compact it is! Thank you!

  95. Christina Jackson says

    I LOVE the fact that it weighs only just over 12lb, but will still hold a very big child!

  96. Leslie Moore says

    This is a great little step up from an umbrella stroller! My little one is not so little anymore and the one we currently have doesn’t maneuver very well with him in it.

  97. Amanda Santiago says

    I would love to win this stroller because I have a large double stroller that I have to pull out every time even if I only have one child in tow. I also really like that it goes up to 55 lbs. Even my 5 year olds legs get tired at times and we could use this while the other two are beening worn in carriers or pushed in the double stroller.

  98. Caley Holman says

    Would love to.have this for our new baby since we travel alot and it not like our big clunky stroller from our older son from 6 years ago!!!

  99. Jenafer T says

    I would love to win the groove bc it is so lightweight and while lugging around a baby and a 4year old it would be nice to have something small and easy.

  100. Amanda says

    We are traveling to Disney in November with our daughter who will be 10 months and are in desperate need of a great lightweight stroller to bring with us! Love Joovy!

  101. Jen Wilson says

    I would love this! It’s lightweight, and that’s just what I am looking for now. We need something easy for daddy’s car :)

  102. Emily says

    We have been looking for an ultralight umbrella stroller for the daily walk to daycare. This one seems perfect! Love the larger canopy!

  103. holly says

    i would love to win this…. my 4 year old has a hard time walking long distances and i’m trying super hard to get out and walk more to be healthier it would be amazing to get this to make the longer distance walking trips easier for my husband and my self – since his 10 month old sister uses our other stroller we have !!!!

  104. says

    We do a lot of road trips and it would be great to have such a small stroller that actually does a little something for us!

  105. Lauren Aleman says

    Most valuable feature is it’s ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT. 12 pounds is great for older child and grandpa help with baby. Mommy needs a hand every now and then.

  106. says

    Having a stoller that lightweight would be a dream come true. The taller handlebars for my hubby is a huge added bonus too!

  107. Erin Thompson says

    I am badly in need of a stroller that folds smaller. My other one is so big I can’t fit anything else in the trunk with it.

  108. Kim says

    We are looking for a lightweight stroller (our old one is a monster) and this would be perfect!

  109. Maggi S. says

    I love the fact that this is so lightweight. The canopy is awesome along with the color, fabric and little storage pockets. We would love to win this! :)

  110. Aileen E. says

    We definitely need a stroller that folds smaller. We’re going on a road trip soon and this would be perfect for that! No room for the big bulky stroller.

  111. Samantha H. says

    We would love to win the Jooby Groove Ultralight because it is a high quality umbrella stroller that is light, but includes some very nice features. :)

  112. Maia R says

    I have been eyeing the original Joovy Groove and glad that they came out with a lighter version. I noticed in the video review, the stroller tipped over several times without a child or a bag hanging on the handles. I wonder if this will tip if my child gets off the stroller and I have a bag hanging.

  113. Marianela Aponte says

    Thia stroller is great and I would love to win this. As a city mom that does not drive an ultra light weight would be perfect. Love that the stroller will last until my daughter is 4 years old. Good Luck Everyone!! :-)

  114. Jenn G says

    I would love one for my 1 year old, will be a great on the go alternative to our beast of a jogger stroller.

  115. Diana B says

    I would like to win because right now I just have a big bulky stroller that I have to lug up a flight of stairs. I want something that is ultralight!

  116. Adrienne says

    Having 5 kids and limited space I need a good lightweight compact stroller for the car. This is perfect!

  117. says

    What a great stroller! I would love to win one to replace my monster B Ready as an everyday stroller for my 1 year old. 12 lbs and a tiny umbrella fold? Sign me up!

  118. Tracy D. says

    I like the functionality of it- so easy! Good storage and a huge canopy are a plus for me!

  119. Jackie Barra says

    I like that it is a high quality umbrella stroller…it’s super lightweight but yet can hold a child up to 55lbs ?!?!!! that in and of itself is awesome !! but all of the others features – from the large canopy to the recline and fabric look great :) my old joovy which is now 4 yrs old and has traveled extensively is on its last legs…i’d love to win this !!

  120. Katrina S. says

    I would love this for my 2 year old! It’s so lightweight and makes it perfect to store in the car and take out of the car with one hand… all while keeping track of her!! :)

  121. Melissa walker says

    Would love this stroller – looks amazing. Love that it’s so lightweight and that it has a huge canopy unlike most umbrella strollers

  122. Kala says

    I love the huge canopy and lightweight features. 2 necessities in a go everywhere for everything stroller! Love Joovy!

  123. Nicole V-P says

    I love that my very tall 17 month old will be able to fit in it comfortably. She is too tall for her current umbrella stroller which is a chicco. Also love that it is lightweight and folds up to a decent size.

  124. Michelle S says

    I have a Britax B-Ready and would love to win a lightweight stroller for convenience!!! As my child is getting a bit bigger and I LOVE the B-Ready, sometimes it is a little cumbersome!! The Joovy seems like a good quality Stroller and love that it is lightweight!!

  125. Sarah says

    I’d love to win this! I’m due with #2 who will get our city mini with the infant seat adapter and our three year old still needs a stroller when we’re out and about for the day – this would be perfect!!

  126. Mandy says

    I love that’s it’s lightweight still with a lot of features! It’d be much better than lugging that heavy jogging stroller around!

  127. mommasbacon says

    I have a flimsy umbrella stroller, so it would be great to get a nice sturdy one from the video!

  128. Shayna D says

    Would love an umbrella style stroller for the quick trips to town! The light weight of this one is amazing, particularly in light of all the handy features!

  129. Jenn Erickson says

    I would so love to win this stroller for my daughter. It’s so light and practical to take in the car and go everywhere with us without being big and heavy and taking up A LOT of room

  130. Elizabeth Gordon says

    Would love to have an awesome stroller like this so I could leave my bulky one at grandma’s for when I’m at work and she’s being watched so they could take her on walks without me losing my stroller

  131. Samantha S says

    Would love to win this for my little girl!! We have yet to use a stroller other than our travel system one:)

  132. Rachel J. Thuerk says

    I’d like to win because we’re traveling to Germany in October, and I want something sturdy but just can’t bear the idea of lugging along the full-size stroller.

  133. says

    I really like the original groove. Living in the city of the concrete jungle, those tires are needed for the concrete thats broken. And with the MTA the ease of use and lightweight even at 17lbs is great. Hoping to use when my son turns 3 months old since it reclines flat.

  134. Therese Remo says

    To win this would upgrade the hand me down 12 yr old umbrella stroller im using (the one that doesn’t recline) :(

  135. Denise says

    Oh, I would love the Ultralight! I have the Groove and the jogger, but it would be so much easier to travel with the Ultralight! We are a Joovy Family, love them!

  136. Kim Smith says

    I Would love an umbrella stroller with recline, basket, and essentials pockets! Much better than those with nothing!

  137. Caron B says

    I would love to win because I am expecting baby #2 and need a new umbrella stroller. I like that it is lightweight.

  138. Shanee C says

    I would love this stroller because it folds very nicely and in our small hatchback it’ll fit perfectly!!

  139. Christy Ferasin says

    I just found out I am preg. with my first! I would love to try the lighter groove!!!!!!

  140. says

    Would LOVE to win this for our flight from Portland,OR to Richmond,VA to see the fam for Thanksgiving this year – The compact design is exactly what we need to get through the airport! Thanks so much!

  141. Anne Wallwin says

    our current pushchair is nicked named ‘the tank’! I’m really in need of something light and nippy as i walk everywhere.

  142. Jennifer says

    Hi. My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to strollers.
    I recently sold 6 strollers at consignment. I do have 3 kids though, 2 of which are twins and they just turned one so we are going through a stroller transition. I love this Joovy stroller for my older daughter or even the twins when I just have one with me.
    Because we have a side by side for the twins, I need a single that is lightweight and doesn’t take up a ton of room in the back of the grocery-getter (aka, my mini van). And I love a good full coverage canopy. I would love the chance to try out this Joovy! Thanks.

  143. laura j says

    as baby gets older we’re starting to look for a good umbrella stroller, but a recline, basket & shade are still required. this stroller has all that!

  144. Gini says

    I would love to wi. The Joovy Groove Ultralight to replace my two year old’s Chicco umbrella stroller that has never worked well! I want to become a Joovy convert ;)

  145. Cassie says

    I have been obsessing over this stroller since it’s release!!! I really really want one! It would be perfect for our family and airport travel since my husband is a pilot and we travel all the time!

  146. Bernadette N says

    I’d love to win this! Right now, we just have the big stroller that came with our Chicco travel system and a clunky old jogging stroller. I’d love to have a nice lightweight option!

  147. Sarah P says

    Love how compact it folds up to. Would be perfect for toting around either one of my boys. Plus I love the look!

  148. shelly says

    I recently downsized from an SUV to a sedan and my bumbleride takes up so much room! This would be perfect for keeping in my car!

  149. Cindy Bechinski says

    As a very new grandma this would be the ultimate stroller. I love the safety and ease of it.

  150. Ashley N says

    I love that this stroller is super lightweight without skimping on the things that are important to moms, like a nice sunshade and storage! Pockets IN the seat stroller for kiddo’s things? Genius.

  151. Katerina Klein says

    I’d love this lightweight stroller, i’m pettite and most strollers are very heavy for me, this one would be perfect!

  152. Casey B. says

    I love that it’s so lightweight! My nephew is a whopping 30lbs at 14 months and being an aunt requires a lot of taking him places! This would be super awesome for that! Thanks!

  153. Renea Pike says

    I would love to have one so I could easily pack it with us on mini day trips. We have a tiny car and only big bulky strollers so there is room for nothing else in the trunk!

  154. Lauren D. says

    I love how easily it folds and how long I can have it for. I can just throw it in the car without it having to take up a ton of space.

  155. Celeste Parks says

    I need something small and lightweight to keep in the van! I love that i has a great canopy, something that most small size strollers don’t have!

  156. Cindy Kong says

    I want to be win because the stroller I have now is too big and too heavy to deal with and the front wheel wiggles around, so annoying! Really want THIS stroller!

  157. Marcella Canton says

    Really want to try this stroller …!!!
    I love all your reviews The Baby Gizmo Company!!!

  158. Rachel says

    I’m pregnant now with my first and would love this stroller! I love how light weight it is! Perfect for a petite mom like myself :)

  159. Marcella Canton says

    Really want to try this stroller …!!! I love all your reviews The Baby Gizmo Company!!!

  160. Taisha says

    I love how easy it is to fold and how lightweight this stroller is! It’s great for travel! Hope I win!

  161. Elizabeth K says

    Wow! We’ve needed a lightweight stroller since baby is getting bigger and more versatile.

  162. MaryAnn says

    I want to win one for my new baby due in October. I bought the travel system when my son was a baby and it was a pain. I want one that is light and easy to fold up.

  163. Whitney McCoy says

    Love this!! With a 2 year old and a new baby due any day, this would be great for quick trips.

  164. Shadia says

    I love that it reclines! My current umbrella stroller doesn’t recline at all and it would be so nice to just take a light stroller around for trips where I know my daughter might fall asleep.

  165. Youngin Choi says

    I’ve been looking for the best umbrella for my 6 year old princess girl for a looooooooooong time, which is very light to carry from 3rd floor apartment I live, easy to fold, safe, comfortable to be seated, reclining well for napping, and stylish color and design as well. Finally I found the perfect one, Joovy Ultra Light~!!! So happy to find this!

  166. Youngin Choi says

    Finally I found the perfect umbrella stroller for my 6month old baby girl-light to carry, easy to fold, comfortable, and stylish!! Joovy Groove Ultralight!!

  167. Kim D says

    So many awesome features! Canopy coverage, works for all of my kiddos, lightweight, sturdy, etc. etc. Would love this stroller for carting around our little ones since we’ve added to our crew and our hands are really full now!

  168. Mick G says

    A great sized stroller to carry in the car when out and about rather than the big bulky ones

  169. Theresa J says

    this stroller is light weight enough for trasporting between me and my brother since I take care of my nephew

  170. Jamie says

    Love your stroller because it has an awesome canopy that protects the baby from the harmful rays of the sun while also being lightweight and maneuverable.

  171. Amy Lumley says

    I would love to win this stroller! I have been searching for a lightweight compact stroller that is sturdy and can be used by taller parents and have a decent basket. This has it all!

  172. Cristina F says

    We are in need of an umbrella stroller, and this one looks like a contender! Love how lightweight it is.

  173. Youngin Choi says

    This is the perfect ULTRAlight umbrella stroller to my 6 month old baby girl I was looking for. Light, Easy, Practical, and also Pretty, it has Everything!

  174. Linda Petteys says

    I would like to have my own stroller for when I have my grandchildren with me. Since it wouldn’t be all the time I think a lightweight stroller would work and this one looks great!

  175. Christina p says

    I like the big canopy, weight limit, adjustable foot rest, light weight easy fold. The durable fabric looks nice too!

  176. Melonie dickey says

    I would lve to win this! As a new mom we have a ton of things to buy and this would help our budget. Plus the reviews on this are great! I like the big canopy and having an umbrella stroller on hand for ease of travel would be great!!

  177. Cherie says

    So many things on this stroller that I just love. Start with how much the stroller weighs and next the big sun canopy which is a must. I just love this stroller

  178. Katherine mariotti says

    I am not an umbrella stroller type, but this would be perfect for my toddler. It takes up minimal amount of space in car trunk and would be perfect for short day trips.

  179. Youngin Choi says

    This is the perfect umbrella stroller I was looking for. ULTRAlight, Easy, Comfortable, Practical, and pretty in brilliant color! Love to have it for my 6month old baby girl!!

  180. Julina says

    We just returned from vacation and the airline managed to break our carseat/stroller system. Baby is getting a little big to carry around in his carseat anyway. So we test drove the Joovy ultralight at the store and we would love to win one!!

  181. Jennifer says

    we’re expecting #2 this winter and this would be so handy to have since #1 is only 15mo! plus i loooove the sun shade and its small enough to fit in the cab of my truck! that rarely happens!

  182. Stephanie Ann says

    i’d love to win because I need a great stroller that’s lightweight so it’s easy to take everywhere!

  183. Christina Strapp says

    I really like how it is so light weight so it would make it easier for me to handle and move around.

  184. kelly alvarez says

    I would love one especially because I am handing cup. I have infant of 7 month it would make it easy to me to carry and help me transport him to the store. it great fix to me! I want one.

  185. Maria Smith Elizalde says

    I love how lightweight this stroller is. We are constantly on the go and this would be perfect for my 2 year old son. I also wouldn’t feel as if my older son is going to break it if he sits in it once in awhile.

  186. Michael Lambert says

    This looks like like a great light weight umbrella stroller and we really need a new stroller for my daughter.

  187. Lynne says

    Awesome! We love Joovy products and this would be great for my 2year old and then my 2 month old! How awesome! Please pick me!!!!

  188. mushka g says

    looks like an awesome stroller!
    could really use a lightweight now that we have a teeny car :)

  189. Alex T. says

    This looks like an awesome stroller with all the necessities. I’d love to win one. Most strollers are way too short and hurt my back when I’m pushing them.

  190. Valerie V H says

    I looked at the Joovy Ultralight, at BuyBuyBaby, back in June. It had some features I really liked, but I ended up getting the Uppababy G-Luxe instead.

  191. Aaron P. says

    Would love the win one because it looks (and appears to be) so lightweight, yet built nice and sturdy to lug around the kiddo! ;)

  192. stephanie martinez says

    I’ve had my eye on the Groove for awhile now (actually it was hubby who actually liked it first), but we had a Chicco Liteway for our youngest girlie. Now that we have another baby boy … this would be perfect. We have the Britax B-Ready with extra seat, but I need something for those quick trips where I also need the SPACE in my vehicle.

  193. Kati M. says

    I want to win this stroller because I need one sooooo bad!!! The light weight of it and the large canopy are my favorite things about the stroller!

  194. Amanda D says

    Ahh!! I love this stroller! I would love to win one so that I don’t have to actually clean my juice/cracker ridden maclaren techno for my 3rd baby who is almost ready to ride in it! ;)

  195. Gabby K says

    I love how lightweight this stroller is, and that there is ample room for storage under the seat. I also love that the stroller works for older (and heavier!) kids.

  196. Ericka says

    I have this. I LOVE it. I did a lot of research and found that this one fits my needs as well as brings alot of features to the table. It’s got two mesh pockets in the seat to hold a cup or toys. It folds so that the canopy does not touch the wheels. It’s super light weight and the shoulder strap is great. I with the wheels were rubbery for a smoother ride. But overall I’m completely satisfied.

  197. Carly says

    I would love a lightweight stroller and 12lbs it’s extremely light!! Would love to stop lugging my heavy phil and teds to trips to the store etc. an it’s a joovy which I love!!

  198. Kim says

    The storage and large canopy are amazing features that i’d love to have in a stroller. Being constantly in and out of NYC its key to have such a phenomenol ultralight stroller for my one-year-old

  199. Kaitlyn says

    I’ve been searching for the perfect everyday use stroller and I think this is it!! I would love to win either the Joovy groove or the ultralight! Thanks for the chance!

  200. Lydia Clark says

    What a cool little rockstar! We are planning planning baby number two, and thanks to cousins that were born after my first daughter, everything was passed down and overly used. I need a new stroller for a new baby!

  201. Kaitlyn says

    I’ve been searching for the perfect everyday use stroller and I think this is it!! I would love to win either the Joovy groove or the ultralight! The best feature to me besides being lightweight is the large canopy. I’ve been disappointed with my other stroller and the lack of coverage from the sun for my sweet girl. Thanks for the chance!

  202. Lydia Clark says

    What a cool little rockstar! We are planning planning baby number two, and thanks to cousins that were born after my first daughter, everything was passed down and overly used. I need a new stroller for a new baby! The size and how lightweight this stroller seems to be would be perfect for a mom of two!

  203. Jenni Jones says

    I’d love to win a Joovy Groove, because it’s lightweight, compact, easy to fold, easy to clean, and has such an awesome sun canopy!

  204. Robin Longley says

    The super large sun canopy for Florida….I need the extra security for my little one. :)

  205. Heather Palmer says

    I only have a BOB revolution. I completely love it but could really use a lightweight com

  206. Heather Palmer says

    (Contined from previous comment) I could really use a lightweight compact stroller for those trips to the mall etc.

  207. Claire A says

    I would love one because while it is still small and light it looks much more sturdy than most other umbrella strollers.

  208. Shayna says

    I would love to have a 12 pound stroller! I have neck problems so lightweight is always key!

  209. Jessica O says

    I love the big canopy/sun shade! Every stroller I have ever had it is usually too small and the sun gets in my kiddos eyes!

  210. Joni Hockett says

    What’s not to love? Lightweight, folds up easily, cool and stylish design! Canopy and mesh storage!

  211. Sara W says

    I would love a ultra lightweight umbrella stroller for our trip to new zealand next year!

  212. says

    I must say this will be great…. for both our grandchildren… we have a 3 year old and a 6 month old. Thanks so much for showing this and have a great day!

  213. Linda Manuel Williams says

    Love the fact that it is lightweight, but still has all the features of a larger stroller. Can’t wait to win and start using!

  214. cassie sagan says

    Loving the purple color on the new groove ultralight. Girly colors are missing from the original

  215. Jessica says

    I would like to win one because I love how it’s so lightweight and compact (yet roomy!). My biggest pet peeve about strollers is HEAVY ones… I cannot get them in/out of the trunk without a lot of stress! So this looks perfect for me :)

  216. Nikki says

    I would love to win this lightweight compact stroller. We use a stroller a lot for miss monkey. It would be great to haul through the airport. A stroller with tall handles would be great since he is tall and I am short. My husband is 6ft 5 and hates having his feet hit the back of the stroller.

  217. Alicia King says

    I am obsessed with Joovy! I have the Joovy Zoom jogger and also the Joovy Scooter, but I’d love to have a super lightweight umbrella stroller, too.

  218. Carina H says

    Having something lightweight is huge! I now know this as a first time mom toting around my 15 lb bundle of sweetness!

  219. Youngin Choi says

    This is the perfect umbrella stroller I’ve been waiting for my 6 month old baby girl. Ultra light to carry from my 3rd floor apartment, very practical, brilliant color, and also groovy style. It has everything!

  220. Youngin Choi says

    This is the perfect umbrella stroller I’ve been looking for. Ultra light to carry from my 3rd floor apartment, easy to fold, very practical, and so groovy style for my 6 month old baby girl! This has everything!!!

  221. Jennifer N says

    I love the 12 lb. Weight of this stroller! Considering I am under 5 feet tall, lightweight is important to me while trying to lift the stroller into our car. ! :)

  222. Elyssa Goldman-Landau says

    Would love to win this stroller! I love that the Joovy has a huge canopy on this stroller, especially since my daughter has sensitive skin like myself and needs plenty of shade!

  223. Gina Stanford says

    I’d love to win this stroller since it is so light weight, easy to maneuver, and could fit in my trunk!

  224. Ashley Delaplane says

    I would love love love a stroller!! I heard yours are some of the best!! Thank you for doing this giveaway! You guys are the best!!

  225. alisha everett says

    My husband and I are expecting our first very soon and are constantly looking for ways to make our lives as parents a little easier. A lightweight stroller that folds with ease and can be easily transported sounds like it was made for us :) Not to mention our ever tightening budget and the high cost of a good quality stroller makes us feel a product like this is out of our reach.

  226. Tonya Rudd says

    I would love to win this stroller because it is light weight and perfect for a mom on the go!

  227. Joanna Keller says

    12pounds sounds wonderful! I’m looking into a light weight stroller for an upcoming vacation

  228. Carrie says

    I have a chicco c5 from 2006 that I haven’t been able to bring myself to replace. Most are heavier than it is or have a terrible fold or whatever else. The groove almost makes me want to replace mine… especially that canopy.

  229. Tanya Skelton says

    I’d love to win one because of he weight and shoulder strap. We talk a lot of public transportation.

  230. Youngin Choi says

    This is the perfect umbrella stroller I’ve been looking for. Ultra light to carry from my 3rd floor apartment, easy to fold, very practical, and so groovy style for my 6 month old baby girl! This has everything!!!

  231. Anne N. says

    I love that it is lightweight at 12 lbs and need a new one for my daughter who has outgrown her infant one.

  232. Christine says

    I have been looking for a lightweight stroller and have watched all of your reviews. They are so helpful!

  233. Nicole L says

    Would love this for our spring Disney trip! The interior mesh pockets would be great for stashing drinks. Love the light weight and small fold for travel. Still retaining decline and a large canopy? Win!

  234. Stacy Q. says

    The Joovy Groove Ultralight would be perfect for my son for our trips to Disney! He is almost 4 so he doesn’t usually ride in a stroller but when we are walking around all day he gets tired. I love that it is light weight and reclines! Our current umbrella stroller doesn’t recline so I don’t even bother taking it.

  235. Liz M. says

    I love the lightweight feature. We live in a small apartment and it wouldn’t take up too much space.

  236. Abby says

    I want to win one because it would be so much easier to haul two kids with this stroller! I have so few hands free all the time. This looks so easy and light to push.

  237. Carrie Norteman says

    What an amazing review. I’ve been looking for an umbrella stroller, and after being spoiled with my britax I wasn’t sure where to look. Thank you for the insight. This stroller looks amazing and is def worth checking out.

  238. Consuela Yokomura says

    I have been looking for a lightweight stroller and I could totally use this for my son!

  239. Rachel says

    We love joovy! We are in the market for a beautiful & lightweight stroller! This would be an incredible win!

  240. Cindy B says

    Would love to have a joovy because of it’s light weight and it’s more durable and comfy looking then the elcheapo used (yardsale) umbrella stroller. Thanks.

  241. Lindsay says

    I’d love to win as walking around with this stroller would make me one hot Groovy Mama! Also hope that my little one ends up being as cute as yours! So adorable, and strong for 4 :D

  242. Brittany s Chelette says

    I want to win because its tiny tiny tiny and would fit perfect in my car’s trunk!

  243. Renee Michalzik says

    this is awesome – I bought a $14 umbrella stroller that is a PIA – this is the Cadillac of umbrella strollers with all f the amenities of my full size stroller without the bulk!

  244. Jessica Morgan says

    I would love to win stroller because it is light weight for going to baseball and football games.

  245. rebecca m says

    I like that it carries up to 55 pounds. While usually my oldest walks, it would be awesome to have something for him for long trips that was still so lightweight. I love it. Looks awesome.

  246. christy i says

    I would love to win this so i don’t have to carry the huge stroller around all the time.

  247. Erin W says

    I want to win because all I have is a Bob, which is really great, but way too big and heavy for going to the store, or somewhere downtown. I could really use something lightweight and compact!

  248. Mary says

    I’d love to win because it’s such a stylish, lightweight stroller and the huge canopy is so important to protect my little one from the sun.

  249. Barbara says

    I would love this light weight stroller to push around my little boy!! Love that you can easily push with one hand!

  250. heather says

    I would love to win this. My daughter is almost 2 and I’m really not a fan if the full size stroller anymore!

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