Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

25millioncelebration1 Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

Congrats to our winners –


Origami Winner – Aaron P. – Entry #3941


Pediped Gift Card – Erica R. – Entry #1772

We did it! Baby Gizmo just made history in the baby gear world! The Baby Gizmo YouTube Channel has officially hit 25 MILLION views! That’s right, TWENTY-FIVE MILLION, baby!! Booyah!! I don’t think I have to tell you that is HUGE in the baby gear space! Actually, it makes us the BEST and most watched videos for baby gear if we do say so ourselves!

We have been through so much together with our Baby Gizmo videos. Sweater vests have come and gone. Kid testers grew from babies to kids. The sunglasses and chalk board have made more guest appearances than we can count. The hairstyles have changed. Even the strollers have changed, but all along our journey so far…there was a constant… you and us!  And we love you for it!

We are excited and humbled by this huge milestone and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

To celebrate, we are throwing a series of giveaways. Last year when we hit a measly 5 million, we blew it up big with 30 Giveaways in 30 Days. Well, I’m not going to lie, that was exhausting! This time we are dialing it down a little bit with a “2 Prizes a Day for 5 Days Giveaway”. Get it – 2 and 5 makes 25?!? icon smile Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

Cheesy, we know, but we had to make it manageable. Since we are only doing 5 days, that means we are only giving away 10 prizes! We are hand selecting these giveaway prizes from some of the products that we featured in videos that helped us hit our huge milestone!

Here’s how it is going to work:

Each day this week (Monday – Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous!  To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a giveaway for that product! We are also going to have a runner-up prize that will be equally awesome in its own way.

We were going to make each one a one-day giveaway but we know moms get busy. Sometimes it is just not possible to be on your computer one day and we’d hate for you to miss something huge! So, each giveaway will last 7 days.

Day #1 – Starts Monday, Sept. 16 – Ends Sunday, Sept. 22

Day #2 – Tuesday, Sept. 17 – Monday, Sept 23.

Day #3 – Wednesday, Sept. 18 – Tuesday, Sept 24.

Day #4 – Thursday, Sept. 19 – Wednesday, Sept 25.

Day #5 – Friday, Sept. 20 – Thursday, Sept 26.

Hopefully this makes sense! This week, we will announce a new giveaway each day. Next week we will announce the winners one day at a time.

25million day1prize Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1


We wanted to show you that we are no joke and we mean business! So, we are starting this with a bang! Today, our featured video and giveaway is the 4Moms Origami! You know, the stroller that truly folds and unfolds itself, charges your iPhone, and keeps track of how far you strolled. Yep, THAT Origami!

origami prize Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

We aren’t going to tell you everything about the 4Moms Origami because we want you to watch our video review! It will show you everything you need to know.

To find out more about the  4Moms Origami, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

One lucky winner will win a 4Moms Origami (winner’s color of choice!)!

To keep up-to-date on the new things at 4Moms, why not check out their social media pages?

4Moms Facebook Page

4Moms Twitter Page


The second prize is nothing to scoff at because winner #2 gets a $200 gift card from one of our favorite baby/kid shoe companies, pediped. That’s right, two hundred pediped buckaroos!

pediped giftcard Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

pediped prize Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

To keep up-to-date on the new things at pediped, why not check out their social media pages?

pediped Facebook Page

pediped Twitter Page

Howtoenter Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but Facebook has changed the game! Now, we can use Facebook “likes” as an entry method. So, you know what?!? It is going to be MANDATORY to “like” the giveaway post on Facebook to enter.

Yep, our giveaway celebration = our rules! (The Facebook giveaway post you need to “LIKE” will be pinned to the top of our wall today (Monday)! Make sure you do this because we check. If you are chosen the winner and you didn’t “like” it on Facebook – you are not the winner.)

Here’s the thing: A Facebook “like” AND a blog comment are the only mandatory entries! Once you do those two entry methods, it will open up all the other “optional” entry methods. Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* This Day #1 Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, September 22, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.* icon wink Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 1


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Anne A. says

    Shoes are so expensive for toddlers and they outgrow them so fast! Would love to win a gift certificate!

  2. Libby says

    Oh my gosh! The origami is like, the Mercedes Benz of strollers. Who wouldn’t want one?! And free shoes to accessorize the little dude? Yes please.

  3. Bethany says

    Best giveaway ever! Would love to win this for Baby #2! I would never be able to afford to buy the Origami but love love this stylish stroller!

  4. Lisa A says

    Shoes are so expensive! While we have a ton of hand me downs for our soon to be boy, we have almost no shoes. This would fill a nice gap.

  5. Holly says

    I would love a pediped gift certificate because my little one is about to start walking and we need shoes!!! The origami stroller looks amazing.

  6. Alison S. says

    I would love to win an Origami because I am a total stroller junkie and the price makes it otherwise out of my league.

  7. Christina says

    I’d love to win because I love pediped shoes, they are top quality and so cute! The Origami has some amazing features! Charge your phone while you walk?! Amazing. Love all the storage too.

  8. Betty Baez says

    I would love the stroller because im in need of a single stroller my double stroller needs to be retired, I also would love the pediped gift card because the little guys outgrow shoes like no other it would come in handy!

  9. Karoliina V. says

    Would love to have a stroller with head lights and automatic, robotic folding :) And the $200 giftcard would go towards our baby #3 on the way

  10. Christina p says

    They are both great products, and I think putting your little ones in good shoes at a young age is essential,

  11. says

    Is there anyone in the world who WOULDN’T want to win the Origami?? I would love to win it because it has headlights. HEADLIGHTS. Amazing.

  12. Andrea Merrill says

    I would love it for my 6 month old, it is so hard to fold and unfold the stroller with 4 other kiddos running around, with a baby in my hand. And pediped is just the best shoes ever!!

  13. Denise B says

    Would love the gift card since I have a 3 year old with huge feet that outgrows his shoes very fast.

  14. Katie says

    Would love either! I love pedipeds and the origami stroller! I would love the stroller though since i am a total stroller junkie :)

  15. Lindsay Hofmann says

    I would love to win as the stroller looks fantastic and we would love some Pediped shoes for our boys!

  16. Katie Fulcher says

    I love the origami and would be perfect for new baby coming in December or pedeped for our toddler now!

  17. Liz M. says

    My son will be walking soon and I would love to try the pediped shoes. I would love the stroller too!

  18. Staci Nouri says

    I want to win the stroller in particular because it looks awesome. The features are unexpected and nice. The shoes would be mommy dressing up little man not useful yet more of a fun thing.

  19. Jessica says

    Both prizes would be great, but I’d love the Pediped gift card because I feel like I’m always buying shoes for two sets of growing feet!

  20. Goldie GsGs says

    Ive got 3 kiddos, twins included. So we could always use some shoes… but that stroller is WOW we’d love that for our youngest

  21. jobeth says

    I am due in March so I would love to win the stroller and the Pediped is just amazing to begin with so either is great

  22. Nadine Nagy says

    I would love the Pediped gift card. Shoes for two boys are expensive and Pediped shoes are cool.

  23. Bernadette N says

    I would love to win the Origami! I hate going places with the baby because it’s a pain to unfold and fold our stroller. I’d love one that does it by itself!

  24. Caron B says

    I would like to win the Pediped Gift Card. The stroller looks cool and would love that too but also needs shoes.

  25. Audra says

    the pediped card would be fantastic because I’m about to have a second walker on my hands any minute!

  26. linda vuong says

    Love the reviews, keep them coming… love the origami stroller… only if it wasnt such a expensive stroller I would consider picking one up… love thatit is so easy to open and close.

  27. April says

    I’d love to win the Pediped giftcard, because I love shoes and I believe it’s very important to give children good quality shoes when they’re growing and learning to walk, but my budget doesn’t allow for very many pairs because of the price and how fast they grow out of them.

  28. Amy Beesley says

    would love to win this stroller for my baby. we do a lot of walking and could never afford a stroller like this.

  29. Shawna says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Having 2 kids is pretty darn expensive and how wonderful would it be to win!?!? We LOVE baby gizmo! We always look for your reviews before we buy anything! Good luck everyone:)

  30. Jenia Blea says

    I would love the Origami! My second child no longer wants to ride in our double stroller and it is ridiculous to tote it around for just one child!

  31. Carla Shannon says

    Just found out that baby #3 is on the way, well after #1 and #2 finished with strollers, so we are back in the baby gear game. The Origami looks amazing and Pediped have been favorites in the past!

  32. Tina.T says

    I would love to win because I’m a mom of four and my kids really deserve this! We just had our 4th baby one month ago so, this could really be a blessing.

  33. Bethany Beddingfield says

    Either would be an awesome prize for this mommy of 3 boys who love shoes and need them desperately!

  34. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Origami because 4moms is an amazing company, with super amazing products. They really take their products to the next level, including this tricked out stroller. My husband wants it so bad, too!!

  35. Kate S says

    I would love a stroller that folds itself! Also, I would love a pediped gc! Kids feet grow so quickly. They need bigger shoes all the time!

  36. Shanee C says

    I would love the 4Moms Origami for my first child, that way it’ll be able to be used with them from the very beginning. This would be one less thing for us to worry about getting!

  37. says

    I have a girlfriend pregnant with her first and thin the Origami Stroller would bring her so much joy. I also love the pediped shoes for both of my young sons!

  38. Whitney says

    What an awesome giveaway!! I could definitely use the pediped gift card. My son has tiny feet but is going to start waking soon and it’s hard to find good shoes that fit him. Congrats on reaching 25million!!

  39. Sara H. says

    What a wonderful giveaway! Our second little one was just born a few weeks ago, so we are in the market for a new stroller. And, our oldest grew by leaps and bounds this summer and currently has no shoes that fit. Bare feet and flip flops have been fine for summer, but winter is coming…

  40. Valerya says

    As much as I’d love to win the Origami, I’d love the Pediped gift card because I’ve got four little ones who are always outgrowing their shoes. The Origami is amazing, but my Britax stroller is good enough for us.

  41. Courtney M says

    I would love to win either prize! We have our second little one due this coming year and those items would be so helpful :) my hubby is a gadget geek so I know how thrilled he would be to win the Origami stroller !

  42. Maura W says

    I would love to win the pediped gift card. These are the ONLY shoes both my children have worn since they started walking. I’m glad they have bigger sizes now for my 5 year old with giant feet!

  43. Ashley N says

    Although this stroller looks awesome and I’d love to win it, I was just looking at Pediped for my toddler’s fall shoes and there are so many I love! The gift certificate would be great!

  44. Renee Smith says

    Gosh! Who wouldn’t want to win an Origami? It is the fanciest stroller out there! This is my last baby and I want to go all out for her with the best of the best baby items. This would be awesome to win since there’s no way I could afford to buy one.

  45. Akita says

    I love the 4moms origami! I wanted to buy it as soon as I saw it, but can’t afford it right now due to being laid off from work. I would love to win it but I know I won’t. I never win anything. :( I hope the lucky winner enjoys it.

  46. Brianne Rushing says

    Who doesn’t want an Origami?!? Would be awesome for carting little miss around in as she gets older and out more!

  47. Jesi says

    My boys go through shoes like crazy so the Pediped would def come in handy! My sister is currently doing En Vitro for their first baby, I would love to surprise her with this stroller!

  48. Arlyna says

    I would love to win either one. The stroller is just so cool. And who doesn’t need shoes with a growing toddler?

  49. suzanne g says

    how amazing is that origami? and my little girl likes shoes more than I do, so we def need some pedipeds!!

  50. Aleia Chambers says

    I’d love to win th Origami because it is just plain awesome (and something I could never afford to splurge on)! I’d love to win the gift certificate for Pediped because what little girl doesnt need stylish shoes to accesorize her clothes?!

  51. Lilia Kharabora says

    I would be elated with either gift!
    Who wouldn’t want this amazing stroller?! My 1 year old Estella would do it proud :)

  52. Lisa G says

    I would love to win… I love 4moms products and would love to have this stroller. As for the pediapeds… With two kids 21 months apart you can never have enough shoes!

  53. Judy Lam says

    I would love to win the Origami or the pediped gift card because they are both such wonderful items. The stroller is just amazing, I wouldn’t have to fold and unfold my stroller every time I’m loading my tot in the stroller. The pediped would score some fabulous shoes for my littles too.

  54. Renee says

    A stroller that charges my phone and tells me how far I’ve walked? It’s amazing and I would love to have one!

  55. Daisy says

    I would absolutely love the Origami stroller because it’s the Lamborghini of strollers and I could never afford a Lamborghini vehicle, but I would totally be content with an Origami!! :-) Oh, and I love Pediped shoes for my kiddos. I have 3 kids under the age of 4; both my girls used Pediped and I just bought my little guy a pair. I would love to get them all a couple pair of Pediped – I love their cute designs!

  56. Mandy F says

    I would love to win an amazing stroller like this for my little one! Its def not the usual stroller that everyone has and i love that!

  57. Mary L. says

    That Origami is amazing, but I’d love the pediped gift card. My daughter has a bit of a shoe obsession, and changes her shoes multiple times a day!

  58. Bethany Adams says

    Either one would be wonderful. I’ve always wanted to try the Origami, and my daughter could use some new shoes for winter.

  59. Erica says

    I love the places to stash stuff. I like the automatic fold, but I love the size of the stroller once it is folded even more.
    Shoes for boys was pretty easy, but now we have a princess…. she needs some serious amounts of shoes!

  60. Jessica Fletcher says

    I’d love to win either!! I hardly work anymore since having my daughter and money is tight (not that i’d have it any other way, I love raising my daughter!!!) It would just be nice to finally have something nice happen!! Plus, who wouldn’t love to win either of these!?

  61. Sarah Stroh Thornton says

    Shoes..Boys grow so so fast.
    Of course a new stroller would also be great for the new child (fingers crossed) arrives next year.

  62. Lien says

    I love Pediped shoes and the $200 gift card would allow me to get my three kids at least one pair of shoe each.

  63. Kristi M. says

    I’d love either! The Origami is AWESOME and with 3 growing boys who wouldn’t want a giftcard for shoes!!!

  64. Courtney SB says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4moms origami!!!! My husband is obsessed with it! Everytime we are out at a baby store that’s where you can find him, playing with the origami!

  65. Natalie S says

    The 4moms Origami stroller please! I would really love to have a great stroller for my son! Thanks for the chance!

  66. Melissa Easton says

    This is my dream stroller! To win this stroller and the gift certificate with be so amazing with the arrival of our new little one in just 4 months! Thanks for the chance :)

  67. Guia says

    Baby Gizmo is my “go to” site for all things baby. As a new mom (since July of this year) Baby Gizmo has helped me decide on the best products for baby. It would mean so much for me to win as a loyal “Baby Gizmo-er” and a new mom!

  68. Jackie Gee says

    My phone battery is always low so being able to charge while pushing the Origami stroller is awesome! It’s such a cool stroller I would love one.

  69. shalini says

    Love the stroller, but a giftcard for Pediped is what I want. My little one loves his pedipeds over his other shoes and he is going to outgrow them soon. Thanks for the chance.

  70. Christine Ahn says

    The Origami is the most high tech amazing stroller I’ve ever seen and you can ALWAYS use more shoes for your growing little one!

  71. Tracy S says

    I would love to win either one of these great prizes! The stroller would be awesome obviously because of all the cool features! I could use a new stroller after just finding out my nice one got mold! The gift card would come in handy having 3 kiddos! Thanks!

  72. Ann Chung says

    The origami is like the rolls Royce of baby strollers. I’ll never be able to own a rolls but having the origami is second best.

  73. Jen Bowen says

    I would LOVE to give the Origami to my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first. The Pediped giftcard would ge great to use for my girls!

  74. says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooo exited i love the stroller reviews on you tube!! i have a one year old and would love to win any of these giveaways!

  75. Hana K says

    The pediped gift card would be awesome for growing little feet, they grow so fast and shoes need to be replaced often.

  76. Julie Herson says

    I have a new baby due any day, so the stroller sure would be awesome! And for his 2 year old big brother, a few new pairs of shoes “from his baby brother” would do a lot to smooth things over. Help a mama out :-)

  77. Karen Rennirt says

    I would love to win the Origami, my daughter just found out she’s pregnant. Perfect gift from grandma!

  78. mui xe says

    Who wouldn’t want a self folding stroller when you have 2 screaming kids by your side. And pediped… come on, nobody can have too many shoes!

  79. says

    My 11 mo. old son needs shoes fast! His soon-to-be first year has blown right us so quickly we forgot how expensive baby shoes are. The smaller, & cuter a shoe style is the more expensive they are! My son has a pair of Pedi Ped shoes that were hand me downs & they are so lightweight! I would love to win the $200 Gift card that would buy him at least 3 new pairs of shoes til he’s a toddler! Thanks Hollie! Congrats on 25 million Views! You are so down to earth in Person and I’m happy to have met you, you deserve such a Great Milestone for all your hard work as a working Mommy!

  80. says

    OMGosh that stroller looks so awesome and I really need one for my baby girl. She’ll be out of her carrier pretty soon and we’ll need a regular stroller. This would be perfect! Thanks!

  81. Lisa Gonzalez says

    We just had our 3rd child and we really need a stroller that’s easy to use. The pedi ped gift card would really helm getting some good shoes for all 3 kids!

  82. Maureen G. says

    A Pediped gift certificate sounds awesome! I need to keep up with my crazy growing child. He’s already the size of an average 1 yr old at 8 months and is starting to think about walking. With a 6 foot 4″ dad, I anticipate having to deal with lots of shoe size changes. =)

  83. Stacy Kotch-Jester says

    I would love to win the origami! My son is currently in the nicu with a birth defect(Omphalocele). He was also born 7 weeks early. He will be in the nicu for months. We would love once he comes home to take him on as many walks as possible since he has been stuck inside for so long. The origami is perfect for bumps and the turtle shell he will have to wear to protect his Omphalocele. We also live in a small house, so being able to fold it and make it so compact I nice. It is also great that there is a phone charger in case of an emergency with his feeding tube, tracheotomy, or Omphalocele.

  84. Jennifer Miller says

    Wow – love so many things about this stroller! The giant canopy with mesh, the built in cup holders, and the tiny headlights! I’ve heard a lot of great things about pediped too – that prize would be awesome!

  85. Alana Beilstein says

    I would love the stroller with a toddler it always a challenge to get everyone in the car a the stroller folded and put away. This takes away one of the obstacles.

  86. says

    I would love to win either prize just off the simple fact that my husband and I are expecting our first child :) it took us three years to finally get pregnant but we got it done!!!! I love love love the 4moms origami product!!!!!

  87. Jody Schulze says

    We’re halfway (Due in late Jan) and would be grateful for both Stroller and pedi card. Why? to be hip and function, of course.

  88. David Gray says

    I would love to win an Origami because I am a total stroller junkie and the price makes it otherwise out of my league.

  89. Grace White says

    I would love to win the pedi ped gift card because I have two boys and they always need new shoes. Also the quality of pedi ped shoes are fantastic!

  90. Sarah says

    Would love to win the origami bc it would make getting a stroller out while holding an infant and watching a 3 year old quick and easy.

  91. Heather says

    I would like to win the pedi ped gift card because I already have a stroller addiction and do not need a new one, but I could def but cute stuff with the card

  92. Sarah Stedman says

    I would love to win the gift card for the shoes. I have two little girls that could each really use some new shoes for winter.

  93. Tania L. says

    My baby is just learning to walk so we need some good shoes! And that stroller is awesome! So high tech!

  94. Hannah says

    I saw a demo on the Origami stroller about a year ago. So awesome but could never afford it. Would love to win it! And shoes… My little guys have the funniest shaped feet and I know Pediped is one brand that fits them. :)

  95. shelly chapman says

    Ah I would be in heaven with this stroller! So excited for a week of giveaways! You guys rock!

  96. Sarah S. says

    Gah! The origami would be perfectly ideal for our expected little one! It is stylish, has the most AMAZING fold, and would make my husband sooooooo happy!

  97. tom sides says

    my best friend just had a baby and i couldnt afford to buy her a gift. This stroller would be a great gift

  98. Kirsten C says

    The Pediped gc would rock for my little girl whose feet do not seem to understand “slow and steady” when it comes to outgrowing her shoes!

  99. Erica says

    Would love the pediped gift card! These shoes are awesome esp. For newer walkers. The softer sole makes it easier for them to walk.

  100. Erica says

    Would love the pediped gift card! These shoes are awesome esp for newer walkers. The softer sole makes it easier for them to walk.

  101. Melody Francis says

    I could use either of these! Love the stroller and the storage basket. Will be needing little shoes in a few months.

  102. Marenah R says

    My daughter just started walking and is need of good shoes. She already wore out a pair so we could really use the Pediped gift!

  103. Hilary Livgard says

    I would love to win an Origami Stroller or Pediped gift card!
    This stroller is a dream stroller. It is so awesome! It would be the ultimate Disney trip Stroller! The cool features of the stroller make it the best for long day trips.
    The Pediped gift card would be great because my oldest son has grown two shoe sizes! And now I am scrambling to get some shoes for Preschool.
    Thanks Baby Gizmo! I am one of those who watch a ton of your product videos!

  104. Brooke Ragan says

    My child needs shoes! He is 4 months and so far we have only been wearing socks. I can only get away with that for so long. He also needs a sturdy stroller. The one we have is lightweight and not good for taking long walks.

  105. Julie Lame says

    I love that the Origami charges the iPhone! That’s a need for this mom!! I would also love the Pediped gift card so we can get baby #3 his own shoes:)

  106. Kristin says

    We are adopting, which is expensive, so if we could win this prize, it would help us provide for the new baby.

  107. Leslie Tischler says

    I just lost a bunch of weight and what better than the origami to help me track my distance while exercising and keep it off. My boys are little still and outgrow their shoes quickly so new fabulous ones like pedipeds are always welcome. :-)

  108. Karen McAdams says

    I’d love the origami because it is so sleek and we need a new single stroller for kid number 3 coming soon. And of course you always need shoes!

  109. Sara Williams says

    It’s the coolest stroller in town and the coolest baby shoes. My 1mo old would have lots of time to take full advantage of either prize!

  110. Jessica says

    I’d like to win the pediped gift card because my daughter always needs new shoes – her feet grow so fast! :)

  111. Ani W says

    Hello.. the Origami folds with the push of a button and it has running lights!! Coolest stroller around!! Every kid needs shoes but every mama wants this stroller!

  112. gina says

    I would live the pediped card because my kids are constantly outgrowing their shoes but I still like to get them quality shoes.

  113. Sara says

    I would absolutely love this and I think it is an awesome idea that you are doing! The prizes sound wonderful!

  114. Laurie says

    I want both, but since my little girl is starting to walk, we need shoes ~ and I am a wee bit obsessed with shoes for her :)

  115. Andreana and Christian Powell and Omholt says

    I would love to win the Origami for my son because he deserves the world but I can only give him so much. His dad works two jobs while I take care of him and its still very hard to make ends meet. I would love for him to have a comfortable and reliable stroller.

  116. April Kraft says

    My husband, like most, didn’t really have a lot of opinions as to what we registered for when we were expecting. But this stroller is really cool, and he played with it in Buybuybaby I’d love to win it as a surprise for him!

  117. Vivian says

    My 3 year old son always needs shoes! My baby girl is taking her first steps so I also need shoes for her!

  118. Ilana says

    Oops didn’t finish….I have three girls who all need shoes and two under two so this stroller would be amazing for my 8 month old !

  119. Amanda Piper says

    I would LOVE to win the Origami because that is a stroller that I’d never be able to afford to buy on my own! It’s a dream stroller! The Pediped gift card would be absolutely wonderful too!! I LOVE their shoes!

  120. Cheri S. says

    I would love to win the pediped gift card! Pedipeds are the only shoes I have bought for my almost 2 year old. They are great quality shoes with cute styles and colors. I absolutely love them!

  121. Alexandra Pitcher says

    We’re having baby number two and would love a new stroller; and the gift card would be amazing my son is out-growing shoes so fast!! Thanks for the chance!!

  122. Jackie says

    I have been dreaming of owning am origami stroller for a long time! With my 3rd on the way, i hope i win this time!

  123. Lori Hudgins says

    My 1 year old daughter would love this stroller to hang out in while her older brother is playing goalie on the lacrosse field at tournaments this winter, spring and summer! How cool would it be to have access all day to the apps on the mommy’s iPhone since we could charge it during nap time.

  124. Kimberly L says

    I would love to win the Origami because the self close would be helpful while juggling a 4 month old and 2 yr old, and I am trying to lose the baby weight so tracking my distance would be great! The pediped gift card is also great for two girls growing out of shoes left and right! Love that brand.

  125. Melissa Highman says

    I am a sucker for cool, new and cute baby products! My baby jogger is getting pretty worn out and I could definitely use a new stroller!

  126. Liz Alcala says

    Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to win this prize package because I have three Children under the age of 5. I have a new baby Girl who is 5 months old and we would be so styling in this!!! Awesome giveaway!

  127. nicole kraft says

    The stroller would really be nice to win the stroller we have now is so big and bulky I hate using it

  128. Rachel H. says

    We love pediped!! Our boys have each had a couple pairs, and they are still in good condition for baby #3! Would love to get some bigger sizes, now :)

  129. heather t says

    I would love to win both! I have a shoe hating daughter and pedi peds work with their soft soles for her. And the stroller? Gorgeous

  130. Nicole Spensley says

    My active toddler wears out shoes fast, so we would love the pediped gift card! And that stroller would be amazing on our upcoming trip.

  131. Julie says

    I would love to win the stroller because of the versatile accessories you can get to use from baby to toddler. I would love to win the PediPed gift card because their shoes are incredible and little feet in our home seem to grow faster and faster these days!

  132. Jessica Thomas says

    I would LOVE this amazing stroller for my bucksome baby boy! No more juggling a big baby while trying to fold a stroller! Seriously remarkable!!!

  133. Heidi says

    OMG! That would be so cool! We are adopting a special needs toddler and scrambling to get everything ready to bring her home. We don’t have a stroller yet! Been a few years since we needed one.

  134. Elaina Meadows says

    This would be so amazing, it sounds fantastic…of course I am a fan of anything that will charge my phone while out with the little! I am always taking pictures and I never want to miss a moment because my phone is dead (this happens) lol. Thanks!

  135. Samantha Garza says

    Both prizes are great but the one I love, and need, the most is the stroller. I have a Graco and it’s okay but not exactly what I was wanting. It fit my budget so that’s why I got it. This stroller looks awesome!

  136. deana lamm says

    i would love this stroller because mine is falling apart and love the 4moms stroller. i can also use the pediped footwear, we have a lot of feet needing shoes

  137. Shayna Dimmick says

    The Origami looks like so much fun! I haven’t been able to even see one in person anywhere yet! And the PediPed gift card, oh my! What momma doesn’t like shoe shopping? We’d get a lot of mileage out of that one!

  138. Shannon Jefferson says

    We are due with baby #2 in October and we have a 4 year old that is growing very quickly, so both giveaway items would be very useful!

  139. says

    I’ve wanted an Origami stroller so bad since I first heard of them. I always have such a hard time with our stroller, getting it open and closed seems more difficult than it should be. But the Origami price point has kept it out if my reach. Winning one would be a dream. Thank you for the opportunity.

  140. Mindy Cox says

    I love the innovated design of the origami! I check it out at buybuy baby all the time when I walk by it. So cool! And Shoes, my boy is going to start walking soon so we will need some good ones!

  141. Rachel J. Thuerk says

    I’ve got a seriously clingy babe, so the one-button fold, would be amazing. Plus, he’s just started taking his first few steps, which means it’s time for some shoes! Either prize would be a huge plus for our fam.

  142. Sonja says

    I would love the pediped gift card for my almost 1 year-old. She’s just starting to walk and already has a love of shoes. You can’t have enough shoes, right? ;) And the stroller is just too cool-I love the open stride for my long legs and well…it unfolds all by itself. How cool is that!?

  143. Rebecca says

    Love to win. Our kiddos are to big fir the stroller but our niece is excepting her first so would love to win it for her.

  144. Elizabeth P. says

    The Origami would be cool, the stroller is amazing! but I could really use the gift card. My 23 month old needs new shoes.

  145. Tammy Rose says

    This is totally worth it just so I wouldn’t have to hear my husband ask “HOW DO I FOLD THIS STROLLER!?!?!”. And to spare him my response- “If I have to show you again, I’ll be better off just doing it myself!!!!!”.

  146. Stephanie Weiss says

    Both are awesome prizes and we could use a new stroller after my mom killed the suspension on my valco ion using it to cart a five gallon jug of change into the bank…..
    Love the aromatic fold of course but also really digging the sunroof cannopy and the handle bar!

  147. Brooke Davis says

    The Origami would fit in perfectly with our new active lifestyle aaaaaaand I have a girl … we all know there are two things you can never have enough of in life: happiness and shoes (they kind of go hand in hand if you ask me) so the pediped giftcard would be equally as exciting to win!! TY!

  148. lace says

    I’d love the Pediped gift certificate because my girls go through shoes so fast. Their feet are growing faster than I can believe. It would be wonderful to have a great looking and fitting pair of shoes for this school year.

  149. Heather says

    Such a cool stroller! My husband would love this thing…he’s on paternity leave with our 2 month old right now, and he loves technology!

  150. Amanda Mische says

    I Love, Love, Love the Origami. It opens and closes itself with the push of a button who wouldn’t want this. Even though my 7 month old kicks off her shoes today, one day soon she will want nothing but shoes.

  151. Maria S. says

    A self-folding stroller? One that also charges your tech using a generator that charges while you use the stroller? With daytime running lights, you say? Sold! What mommy wouldn’t be over the moon if they win an origami for their baby? We’d be equally tickled to get the pediped kicks because my toddler is now 2 and wants to roam, roam, roam!

  152. Rachel M.R. says

    I would love to win this! I’ve been searching for a perfect stroller, this is it! How incredible to win one!

  153. jaime says

    We would love and appreciate either prize as itbis our first baby. We love products that allow us to get out and about as she grows.

  154. Karen Shively says

    So many great features on this stroller. A self-folding stroller would be a great thing to win. The gift card would also be good because it would provide shoes for my son and daughter.

  155. robin golden says

    I love how there is no bar across the bottom! I’m short and my stride isn’t that long but I am forever kicking the bar on our current stroller!

  156. Jessica O says

    Would love a single stroller for times when only one is in tow; and this one looks neat! My girls need shoes though, too!

  157. Rakl MA says

    We have a family trip next year to New York and we would love to have this incredible stroller, we are a modern family and that stroller is perfect for our baby and for us too, we love go in the night to walk around our neighborhood and the lights on the stroller are perfect, the one step brake, the wheels, the canopy, the screen, everything is simply awesome!! The only thing we didn’t like is the recline =(
    If we had enough money would buy this stroller =(
    Anyways, congrats for the 25 million in YouTube! We’re subscribed and we love all your reviews! You help us a lot to decide what to buy for our baby boy! We appreciate it Hollie!!!
    Thank you Baby Gizmo!!!

  158. Christy V says

    What a cool giveaway! I would love this stroller, and my little munchkin is just starting to grow out his first shoes!

  159. Sandy Chiang says

    Sometime being a mom is a handful! Having the amazing origami stroller would be perfect for those hand free moment and not to mention when you forgot to charge your iPhone before leaving the house. Winning the pediped gift card would be nice too because my daughter is learning how to walk and shoes will be another essential soon.

  160. Julia F says

    My youngest is 3.5 andhas OI so we still use a stroller every day. A quicker to unfold one would be amazing!

  161. Nicole Webb says

    The stroller is awesome and with a boy that is on the taller side it looks like it would be more comfortable for him than his current stroller

  162. Andrea says

    Would love to win this awesome stroller- that tells me how far i have walked.
    Would also love the gift card for shoes.

  163. Stacie says

    Congrats! The Origami stroller is awesome and Pedipeds are the best! I have a new 3 month old daughter as well as a 5 year old son, either would be a blessing to win !

  164. Lisa Harrison says

    I would love to win the Origami stroller for my little one due in February …I love that it keeps track of how far you’ve walked to help lose that baby weight! Also my two year old always needs new shoes, so the Pediped GC would be wonderful!

  165. Keighley says

    I would love this amazing stroller. I have a toddler and am always on the go. A great stroller makes my busy days so much more enjoyable knowing my little one if comfortable!

  166. Shannon Galascione says

    well my lil guy is one year old we love pediped for his newly walking feet!! nothing like them:) Also the origami is a beautiful stroller!

  167. Amanda Sigel says

    I want this stroller so bad. Mine is falling apart and its awful. We have only had it 17 month. not to mention pedipeds are the only shoes I buy little one

  168. Cara says

    My baby is just about walking, so we are entering the world of never ending outgrowing shoes! Love pediped shoes, and it would be so great to stylize her in some as she grows and explores!

  169. Lissa Paddock says

    We LOVE Pedi Peds for our twins! They are the only shoes we let them wear but we can only afford to have one pair for each at a time. It would be awesome to buy an extra pair or two!!

  170. Cat G says

    Thank you for the chance to win . We love pediped shoes my son has the chocolate brown sandals and are needing to get him new shoes for fall. Love the Origami stroller its beautiful .

  171. Kristin Welch says

    Would love to win the stroller because our umbrella stroller has broken & won’t close now, so a new stroller would be great!! Pediped would be a great win too; little feet grow so fast and shoes are always needed around here! Thanks for the opportunity to win either!

  172. Adrienne says

    I’d love to win the origami bc I just had our 5th child after getting rid of everything! So right now I carry her in a car seat or wear her but soon I’d like to move her to a stroller. And having 5 kids we would never have the luxury of spending a fortune on a stroller so winning this would be a wonderful gift.

  173. Monique Jamotte says

    would love the Pediped prize for my daughter because what little girl doesn’t need more shoes! lol

  174. Laura Wilson says

    i would love to win the stroller to give to my sister who is about to have her first baby, and I would love to win the giftcard because my daughter loves shoes just as musch as I do!

  175. Delaina says

    As much as I would LOVE the origami we have baby #3 on the way so we are needing to upgrade to a double. The pediped gift card would be AMAZING so we could get each kiddo some new shoes!

  176. Sarah R says

    With 3 toddler boys, shoes are constantly in the mud and ‘shrink’ with these fast growers. The pediped giftcard could help keep my boys’ feet covered on their adventures.

  177. Sarah C says

    Honestly either prize is awesome!! The pediped is great bc shoes are sooo $$$$$ & their little feet grow so fast!! And the origami stroller is beyond cool and I love the amazing fold/unfold!!

  178. Hillary F says

    With 4 kids, someone always needs new shoes! And as a stroller-holic, a new stroller is always a good thing!

  179. Claire Y says

    We would love to have a more lightweight stroller for my son and I have heard such good things about 4Moms.

  180. Gloria H says

    I’d like to win the origami stroller to give as an amazing gift to my sister who has had a really rough year.

  181. Stephanie Winesburg says

    Love love love, the stroller! I would so rock it!! ;) love your blog and website, and. Watching your YouTube chancel! ;)

  182. Mariah Arnett says

    We love Pedipeds. Best shoes ever for early walkers. The origami is not my favorite…but what are my chances of winning anyways. If I won a local women’s shelter would be very happy with a new stroller donation. :)

  183. Christina f says

    I would love to have the origami stroller! We are always on the move during the weekend this stroller would be great for outings! My baby girl is about to start walking so pediped gift card would come in handy. Congratulations on 25 million!

  184. Tina R. says

    I’d love the Origami because it looks amazing! I don’t know of another stroller that folds itself or charges a phone!

  185. Julie Pruett says

    The Origami has an amazing fold. My baby no longer wants to ride in his carseat with the snap n go stroller frame, so we’d love to win this stroller to cruise around in!

  186. JoAnn G says

    Baby #2 will be here in December and a self folding stroller would make my life that much easier when dealing with a newborn and a toddler!

  187. Jamie says

    I need something to kick start fall fitness- I am thinking a fun new stroller might do it- thanks for hosting! :-)

  188. Amanda Wilson says

    I would love the stroller because I have been drooling over it since I saw it at Lonestar Baby and Kids but it is slightly out of my price range….. and the Pediped gift card because my two kids are growing like crazy and could use new shoes!!

  189. Katy H says

    Pediped is such a great company and their shoes last for such a long time. I would love to buy my daughter more pairs, and 4moms also make great products!!!!

  190. Yvette says

    We have been searching for a stroller that’s easy to fold, but can’t afford any of the good options. Believe me a PediPed postcard would be great for my little mad man!

  191. monica camacho says

    Who wouldn’t want this stroller is the best one I have ever seen would love to win t for my first baby boy : )

  192. Shanna says

    That stroller is amazing. I can’t believe it can even charge a phone. And Pediped is such a great brand. New season, time for new shoes!

  193. Charlene Lucas says

    I was just blessed with my first granddaughter on September 11th and I would love to use this to buy her some Pedipeds for Christmas!

  194. Heather Edwards says

    I would love to win the stroller so that I can push my guys in style during the beautiful fall weather!! And the Pediped $$, well, Pediped’s are awesome! My littlest guy is wearing a pair right now! He’s out growing them though, so we could use the $ and get some new kicks!!

  195. shelly says

    id love to win the stroller! i have a bumbleride but this would be great for when im not jogging! but the new shoes would be awesome as well!

  196. Kim Everett says

    I would love to win! We could use new shoes and I love that you can charge your phone with the Origami!

  197. JENNIFER C says

    quite an interesting stroller. seems a bit gimicky…but hey its cool. i noticed in teh video you didnnt mention if u liked it or not and what your opinion was on it….

  198. Jennifer Kreisler says

    Little feet grow so quickly and after having 3 foot surgeries myself, I want to keep my boy’s feet as healthy as possible. I trust Pediped. I know that their shoes are mand with health in mind first and foremost and that second is fun, fashionable first foot forward! We have loved our Pedipeds and would truly enjoy this gift.

  199. Nicole Williams says

    Such a hard decision… Would I rather win a stroller that gives me more room in my truck or $200 dollars at pediped to fill my trunk with shoes….either would be FANTASTIC!!!!

  200. Nicole Schmitt says

    My kids wear almost only Pediped shoes. They are THE BEST…but my kids feet grow so fast. They gift certificate would be great!
    And who wouldn’t love that stroller??

  201. Masooma says

    Would love to win either of these prizes!! They’re both amazing items that I’ve been eyeing ever since I found out I was pregnant ! The Origami stroller is the best in class and is any parent’s dream! Plus I haven’t seen more stylish yet functional shoes than what Pediped offers!

  202. Laura says

    I would LOVE the Origami stroller simply because it folds itself! We love Pediped shoes, they are the best for little feet just learning to walk….and super cute at the same time!

  203. Marin D says

    I would love the shoes! We love PediPed (I am sad my oldest is outgrowing them). They are the best!!! I’d love to get my girls some boots for the fall.

  204. Lauren m says

    I would LOVE to win this great stroller because with two older kids I am always running them to and from school and activities – WITH my sweet little 3 mo baby in tow! This would make my life so much easier :)!!!!

  205. Becki Malandrino says

    Would love the Origami! We are downsizing from a double to a single now that our toddler has “outgrown” the double stroller!

  206. Nicole Williams says

    The Pediped shoe certificate would be awesome to win. I just visited the Pediped store in Las Vegas and fell in LOVE with the shoes there, so did my little wobbler :)

  207. jean b says

    The Origami Stroller is just so cool!! With 3 under 3 we can always use free fun and fabulous pediped shoes!!

  208. michelle says

    Love this idea instead of the 30 days!! so much easier to follow! I would love to try this stroller out!!! my son has big chubby feet and pedipeds working amazing for him!!

  209. Caroline Kania says

    I would love to win the stroller for my 2 week old baby boy who is using his sisters old stroller !!

  210. Christy k says

    Baby #2 will be here in November and we spent all of our money on baby #1 last year! I would love to have something new for the new baby!

  211. Amy M. says

    My oldest daughter had a pair of pedipeds that got handed down to my youngest daughter and they are still going strong! Great quality. And, of course, 4moms makes great products as well!

  212. kari says

    The gift certificate would be awesome!! I just love buying shoes for my son and people think I’m crazy for doing it since he’s only 8 months.

  213. Tracy D. says

    I love the stroller because of the design, features and how easy it is to use. I also love pediped, so I’d be thrilled if I won either prize. Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Lalita Malone says

    I would love to win the Pediped gift card for my little girl who needs shoes for preschool. Thanks!

  215. mama-aya says

    I would love either shoes are always in demand in this house, but we also need a new stroller- the others are worn out!

  216. Kellie says

    I would love to win the Origami stroller! It is has been on my baby wishlist since it came out! This would be a dream come true!

  217. Kyle says

    I would love to win the Origami because we are getting ready to move and I would love to stroll around with my baby girl and take in the new scenery!

  218. Leah says

    Just looked into some used shoes on ebay because they’re so expensive – would love to treat my little girl!

  219. Jenelle Reese says

    I would like to win because I am a mother of three, full time student that would love to give my children the very best products on the market! And we love Pediped!

  220. Andrea F. says

    Would love the stroller because its awesome, and having twins, it would be nice to be able to take just one and not lug around the double stroller. Would also love the gift card because with 6 kids, shoes get pretty expensive!!!

  221. Rebecca says

    both would be awesome as our daughter has outgrown her stroller and with how quick feet grow always need shoes :)

  222. Christie Lasch says

    I would love this! With two little girls to get shoes for, we love pedipeds!! And I’m definitely needing a single stroller now that my older one would rather walk!

  223. Andrea H. says

    I would love to win a pediped gift card. My little guy isn’t walking yet, but this brand of shoes was our favorite for my daughter. We would love to outfit our little guy in the same brand from pre-walking through his toddler years.

  224. sara says

    The stroller looks amazing, portable, and functional! I have 2 little ones with feet that seem to grow by the week, so we are always in need of shoes around here!

  225. Sarah Hamilton says

    Who wouldn’t love a fun and crazy advanced stroller? Plus, I LOVE pediped shoes, my daughter wears them to the ground!!

  226. Julie Levy says

    Would love a robotic stroller for my 1 year old daughter! $200 gift card for shoes my daughter would love to get some new shoes : )

  227. Michelle Beach says

    While I love my City Mini GT, the Origami is awesome, and I’d love to have a second stroller, so we are not constantly juggling it into different cars.

  228. Katelyn Niemi says

    A stroller is always handy in my growing family and shoes are always a must and my daughter is in need of some new, supportive footwear!

  229. S. P. says

    I have two kids and shoes are expensive. With one boy and one girl there aren’t too many hand-me-downs either. The pediped gift card would come in handy.

  230. krystal kash says

    would love to win this because iam expecting in December, and I with these prizes I could check some things off my baby list :)

  231. Sarah says

    Would LOVE the pediped gc! I have a little boy with growing feet and another little one on the way :) The stroller looks pretty awesome too! Such great prizes!!

  232. Lorianne says

    I would love to win because my little guy just started pulling himself up and standing so we need to buy shoes for him!

  233. Kellie Kluger says

    I would love to win either because I have young kids and the pediped gift card would be awesome since I have 2 girls and we know how much they need lots of new shoes :)

  234. Mandy Lynn Ryan says

    I would love to win tbe pediped gift card for my 18 month old. We recently bought our 1st pair of their shoes & fell in love. They are are best. Wanna get him ready for fall and winter with new shoes! :-)

  235. Wendy O. says

    Oh my… I’ve been wanting to try pediped shoes – I’ve heard so many awesome things about their company. I would LOVE a gift card!!

  236. Jen E says

    Pediped were our first shoes for our girl thanks to your reviews. I would love a GC and the stroller looks pretty amazing and we have a new baby on the way. Thank you as always for your reviews and your giveaways!

  237. Jennifer Aldridge says

    I’d love to get the Pediped GC, my daughter seems to wear out her shoes so quickly. It’d be nice to have some quality ones that might last a bit longer!

  238. Kathleen e says

    Ever since we saw the origami in buy buy baby my husband has wanted it. It’s awesome and the automatic fold alone makes it the stroller of our dreams!

  239. Tiffany F says

    I would love to win the PediPed giftcard. My daughter just went up a size and I would love for her to have some good quality sneakers. I would also let her choose 1 pair for her birthday in Nov :)

  240. Alex Liz Robinson says

    The stroller would be amazing. We are expecting again and this would be so helpful. The Pediped GC would be so helpful as well! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats!

  241. Miranda Mora says

    Love the orgami- reminds me of tron…I call it the tron stroller! :) Which is one of my favorite movies. The shoes would be great too…pediped is an amazing quality shoe brand

  242. Jenni L. says

    The Origami stroller is just the best and I’d love to give it to Grandma since she helps watch our son. She’d love it for its ease of use!

  243. Tuquyen says

    Either prize would ensure my little man is traveling in style. I love the ease of the Origami and the cute shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. gita prasad says

    I love the look of the stroller and all of the awesone features. its a stroller I would be so proud to push around NYC. and we need new shoes for the kids lol! their feet are growing faster and faster

  245. Mary Happymommy says

    I’d like to win the pediped gift card because I love the brand and I think the shoe quality is awesome.

  246. Megan C says

    Would LOVE the Origami because I’ve been eye-ballin’ it a while and just can’t afford it. When traveling, we use public transportation often, and juggling an infant and two older kids is tough – that easy fold would be awwwwwwesome.

  247. says

    I have three girls, and one girl on the way. Shoes are expensive, good shoes are expensive and this could be a great blessing! I’m intrigued by the Origami stroller too :)

  248. j gentry says

    I would love to win the Origami stroller, my granddaughter could really use this! This is a beautiful stroller.

  249. Nicole O'Hare says

    I would love the origami stroller! I love that it opens and closes by itself, an awesome feature for someone like myself! ( I have limited use of my left arm/hand)

  250. Darla says

    A 4Moms product?!? Who wouldn’t want that?!? This thing looks so awesome! Running lights?!?! Can charge your phone?! So high tech! And… our feet are our transportation, so why not get great shoes form Pediped! Pamper our kiddo’s feet!

  251. Amy B says

    Why do I want to win? Because both are really cool and it is so much fun to get free stuff! Pick me Pick me!! PLEEEEEEZZZZEEEE!

  252. Lleona says

    I hate to fold strollers. ..seriously. I think I have a mental block or something. I always forget where the release button is,and have to spend a minute or two scratching my head and searching for it before that Eureka moment hits (being sleep deprived probably has something to do with it, but what new mom isn’t?). And when it’s time to fold it up, I inevitably forget to put the seat where it’s supposed to be and have to back up and start over…so the thought of ending that cycle has me drooling: )

  253. jim says

    If I won this I would show it off to all my other friends that are dads and then laugh in their face at their inferior strollers. :)

  254. Jeanne says

    I would love this stroller for my daughter and am always in need of shoes for my 2 girls. I’ve never bought Pediped but have good things about them!

  255. jim says

    If I won this I would show it off to all my other friends that are dads and then laugh in their face at their inferior strollers.

  256. Heather T. says

    Would love to win either or both! I have two daughters, 5 months and 3 years old. My older daughter has one pair of Pediped shoes and I love them! An the Origami stroller…WOW, amazing!

  257. holly doble says

    I would love to test out the stroller because it is truly a unique stroller. Pedipeds are my favorite brand of shoes for my toddler so I would love to buy her a few new pairs with the gift card.

  258. Georgina Barba says

    I would love to win either prize! My twins need shoes, they are just starting to walk and i could use the stroller for my other child! :) The fold on that stroller is to die for! ;)

  259. Diana Cote says

    I would love to win because well for starters our stroller who we were gifted broke and so now we are out of a stroller, secondly… my child feet keep growing and i love to buy her good shoes she will be comfy in and help them develop well in. so I wouldn’t mind either, who ever wins one is a lucky person.

  260. Kalynn T. says

    What incredible prizes! I think every mom wants to be able to get the very best for their child, but sometimes the things you wish you could get are not in your budget. Winning the 4Moms Origami would give me the opportunity to have a stroller I could not have otherwise. And what mom wouldn’t want to dress their baby in some cute Pediped clothes?!

  261. Christine A. says

    Because these beautiful babies are growing too fast and need some adorable Fall Shoes to keep their tootsies dry, balanced and styling.

  262. Jenni Jones says

    I would love either prize! A stroller that would fold itself would be amazing – my hands are full with an infant and a toddler! PediPed’s would be awesome too, the baby is just now crawling, and I’m sure the cruising and walking is coming sooner than I’d like to admit!

  263. Jo says

    Two perfect prizes! The stroller of everyones dreams and what child wears a pair of shoes more than a couple of months before they are outgrown?

  264. Matthew says

    I would like to win the Origami for the self-fold feature – very handy with toddler & baby in tow. The PediPed’s are just great shoes, period. That would be a great way to start my kiddos off on their feet -by taking care of them with good shoes.

  265. Amy L. Norman says

    I have lusted over the Orbit, and the headlights on that baby since your video review of it a year or so ago. My daughter loves shoes, and Pediped would be a fantastic choice for her toddler foot!

  266. SARA Abernathy says

    I Would Love To Win 4Moms Origami Stroller Or The Pediped Gift Card! They Are Both Amazing Prizes. The Stroller Is Fabulous. It Keeps Track of How Far You Stroll…. That Is Amazing! Think Of All The Shoes One Could Buy With The Gift Card. I Would Lucky To.Win Either One!

  267. Hannalore K says

    I would love the stroller! i wouldnt have to fight with it to open or close and I love wearing flip flops so the brake is perfect! Pediped are only the best in shoes!

  268. Marie N says

    I would love to win the origami stroller because honestly, who wouldn’t want to have a stroller that folds itself?!? :)

  269. Candace says

    That stroller is amazing! I can’t believe it has a generator in it and it can fold on its own! I also love the styles that have pediped shoes :)

  270. Jennifer L. says

    Why wouldn’t I love to win the 4moms stroller and Pediped gift card? That stroller is amazing – it does all the work for you (it practicaly pushes itself)! And Pediped has awesome shoes for DD’s tootsies :)

  271. erin crawford says

    I would love to win both for my new 7 week old baby girl!! No matter the age style it’s always important to little girls lol!!!

  272. anna reynolds says

    We absolutely love Pediped shoes! My daughter has had difficulty learning to walk and they’ve really helped her with her balance and grip. The stroller looks pretty amazing as well.

  273. Janette says

    with 7 years between kids, I don’t have anything for this new one coming in November! Shoes or stroller – either would be more than welcome!

  274. Kelli Wood says

    I would love to win the gift card to get my son some new shoes! And baby #2 would look cute in some new shoes too!!!

  275. courtney hennagir says

    I would love to win the origami for a friend who is due this week.What a great gift that would be! I would love the pediped gift card for my daughter!They have the most amazing shoes!

  276. Stephanie M says

    I’d love to win the pediped gift card because my son’s feet are growing so fast! And those are the only brand he’ll wear!

  277. Jamie foster says

    I love the stroller! The amazing things that a stroller can do. Between the folding, charging cell phone, the LCD screen, it’s absolutely amazing! I would love to have that or the gift card :-)

  278. stacey gealy-steinhardt says

    wow this stroller would come very handy as i have a 3 month old and 4 other children who i walk to school every day and at the moment my pram really needs a up-grade

  279. Heather Y says

    I would love the Origami for baby #2 due in 2 days! Also the Pediped gift card because my 2 year old is always blowing through shoes!

  280. Krissy says

    Why would I want an Origami? Who doesn’t want an automatic stroller?! And who doesn’t want $200 to spend on SHOES?!!!!! Great way to start the giveaway. Woo hoo!

  281. Amber says

    I’d love to win the Origami because it’s my dream stroller- so amazing to see it fold and unfold by itself!

  282. Lauren Newsome says

    I love my 2nd hand Pediped shoes but would LOVE LOVE some sparkling new Pedipeds! And who wouldn’t want a stroller the charges the phone?!!

  283. lizabelle campbell says

    I would love to own an Origami stroller!! I have been a huge fan of 4moms for years, and loved watching as they perfected this amazing stroller!

  284. Danielle Sligar says

    I love the sunroof, storage and cool features of the Origami and would never have the money to buy one on my own! Pediped shoes are awesome and I would love to grab some new shoes for my girl! :)

  285. Adrienne says

    I love the way the origami folds! The pedometer feature is awesome! I’d live to have my stroller track my distance!

  286. Laura Miller says

    I would love to win the Origami because I just had baby a month early! She the coolest ride on the planet! I’d love the Pediped gift card because with 4 kiddos someone always needs new shoes!

  287. Sommer Willis says

    I would love to win the stroller to use for our 2 week-old third child. We have a hand-me-down stroller that is big and cumbersome so I haven’t even used it. I would use this one, it looks amazing!

  288. Alice says

    I would love to win the Gift cert to get my boys some nice new shoes and the stroller for my little one (actually its more for me lol)

  289. Claiborne says

    I love the origami stroller! The way it folds is awesome! And the $200 pedi ped would keep the little one in shoes for awhile!

  290. Tabathia B says

    I would love the pediped so that I can get my daughter updated with comfy shoes that will not hurt, but also love the stroller for my cousin who just had a baby

  291. Wendy V says

    I would love to win an Origami, because I did not receive any travel items for my babyshower. Gifts mainly consisted of Clothes, Diapers and Blankets, This would be an awesome gift.

  292. Amanda Stauffer says

    Would live the Pediped gift card! Seems like my little girl is outgrowing her shoes every other month! Love their shoes they are so stylish and look very comfortable.

  293. Katie says

    I would love to win the pediped gift card! My kids love their shoes and they are the only brand that fits them correctly!

  294. Danielle T says

    I would really love to win the Pediped gift card as I have two boys who go through shoes like nobody’s business! AND Pediped shoes fit both of them perfectly!

  295. Nicole K says

    I have been following updates on this stroller for over two years. I would LOVE to win it! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting!!


  296. Nicole Beckmann says

    Amazing giveaway! I would so love to win the pediped gift card. Both my toddlers need new shoes

  297. Heidi A says

    With 2 kids going through growing spurts at the same time a $200 gift card to pedi peds would be GREAT!

  298. Teri Stewart says

    I would love to win the pediped gift card baca use I feel like I am constantly buying shoes! Every time I think we are squared away, somebody has a squished toe :).

  299. Ashlie Fuller says

    WOW both are great prizes!! The stroller is so cool with the self folding, generator and the phone charger. I would love to win this. The $200 to Pediped would be awesome as well as shoes are something we always seem to be buying. This would give us a year in fashionable shoes!

  300. Jill boysen says

    I’d love the stroller as ours is on its last leg and I need it for another year or so. Thanks!

  301. Jana S says

    Would love either. The fact that the stroller is high quality and folds so easily is great. And, you can’t go wrong with pediped!

  302. Sarah Trout says

    Love the Origami! Love the colors and the future feel of it!
    Pediped are wonderful shoes that I have used with my two older ones, but my third little girl has really used hand me downs! A girl gotta have some cute shoes!

  303. Christina van Hoven says

    Who WOULDN’T want to win? My kids need awesome kicks.. And I need something nice to stroll them around town!

  304. Abigail Thomson says

    I would truly love either and have a purpose for both. The pediped giftcard would be fantastic though! I would stock up on some good shoes for my newly walking infant :]

  305. Rakl MA says

    This is the 3rd time we saw the stroller video, we are so impressed!! In our first comment we forgot to write about Pediped, well We have 3 boys so shoes are perfect because kids always needs shoes =) We hope win one of these excelent prizes! Thank you again!!

  306. Alma Velazquez says

    I want the stroller cause its hi-tech and my stroller is falling apart!!! I want to win!!!! =) hope I get picked!!!

  307. says

    I would love the Pediped gift card! We love the soft soles and designs and my daughters are always on the go and I would love to get them some comfortable shoes. Their feet grow so quickly too and I have to buy them shoes every school year.

  308. T.R. Alvarez says

    I’d love to win either prize…. if I won the stroller, I’d gift it to my sister in law but if I won the gift card, I’d use it for my daughter!

  309. Nicole says

    I would love to win either of these. The stroller I would love because its so easy to use and the gift card I would gift to friends.

  310. jacinta kilber says

    A crazy awesome stroller or super soft shoes? Both sound fabulous! My kids could roll or walk in style!

  311. amy pugmire says

    I have seen and heard great things about this stroller I would love to use it for my son. and I have 2 other kids who love Pediped!!

  312. Christine M says

    The GC would be great since my son needs new shoes all the time. The stroller is a modern marvel!

  313. Katy Petrie says

    Ever since the first review of the Origami stroller I have dreamed of getting one. What is not to like, it is flat out COOL! Plus it is beautiful and so clever! LOVE it.

    But at the same time a $200 pediped gift certificate just equals fun shopping. Their little girl shoes and boots kill me everytime. LOVE them.

  314. Shannon Lucas says

    I would love to win the Origami stroller- I have had my eyes on it for months now but I would never be able to afford it! I love the blue color shown in the review video.

  315. Arlene S. says

    The Origami is awesome, but I am hoping to win the Pediped shoes! $200 for a school year of shoes would be fantastic! But if I won the Origami, I would give it to my sister in law, Val, who has Annabelle, my 7 week old niece! She would flip out if she saw this stroller and the way it works! Good luck everyone!

  316. Kelley Harris says

    I would LOVE a pair of these shoes for my little one. He is just now needing them and I have heard such awesome things about them being so good for babies feet!

  317. Kendal Barriere says

    I am having a third child in 6 weeks, a girl. I am going to have to buy her a ton of cute shoes and would love to win!

  318. Kimberly says

    Expecting our first any day now…due 9/25. And still need a stroller! This one is awesome and would love to have it!

  319. Danielle Fouts says

    We are in need of a new single stroller for my littlest and he needs some shoes too! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  320. D SCHMIDT says

    I would love to win the Pediped shoe gift card because my children’s feet are constantly growing and Pediped always our go to brand.

  321. Jodi Mccool says

    I would really like to win the oragami stroller because It is def a cool one. Folds so compactly and is so streamline. The $200 gift card from pedipod would b awesome for my 3 Childrens little feet :)

  322. Stephanie Jarrett says

    I want to win the gift card because Pediped makes the greatest boots for my girls and I would love to buy them each a new pair (or 2!) for winter!

  323. Anna Dykman says

    I’d love to win either of these prizes! We love pediped! And we are trying for #2 which means a new stroller is needed :)

  324. Kristen Brunton says

    I would be so grateful to have such an amazing stroller and the gift card is the icing on the cake. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  325. Amy Rose says

    The stroller is compact, charges an iPhone! and I love the color. My kid’s gonna need new shoes soon, and so is my new nephew!

  326. Kesha says

    It seems like every time I blink my kids have out grown something, especially their shoes. My 22 month old out grows her old shoes before they even have a chance to get old. I would love to when that $200 pediped gift card. My two children have only had second hand pediped shoes, but they fit wonderfully. Those shoes take a beating and still look great!

  327. Rebecca Peters says

    Eeeekkkk!!! This is the coolest stroller ever hand down! And I cant wait to buy my daughter some cute winter boots! I love the colors of the stroller and ALL the cool features. Who could ask for a better stroller?! o_O

  328. christine k says

    I would love the 4moms stroller so we have something that grandma can use with our youngest (she has a bad back, so carriers aren’t exactly an option for her)

  329. Kathy Elliot says

    Grandson coming in December…..this would be great to get my daughter started on all she needs.

  330. Courtney F. says

    The pediped gift card would be incredibly handy! Our eldest is getting to preschool age, and she’ll need some sturdy school shoes!

  331. Stacy says

    Your videos have helped immensely in selecting baby products, I only wish I found you before the baby was born when I was registering for my shower! Keep up the giveaways too, I’m bound to win someday!!

  332. crystal grissam says

    Would love a new stroller (have 3 boys, newest one is 3 months!) And could always use some new great shoes for my busy busy boys! Thanks for the opportunity!

  333. Janet W. says

    I’d love to win the Pediped gift card because they are such great quality shoes and my grandson loves them. He is constantly outgrowing sizes, so this gift card would really come in handy!

  334. Jayme H. says

    I like the stroller so we can get a lighter weight and less clunky stroller than the one we have.

    I’d love the footwear because my son is just learning to walk and we’re getting into chilly weather…He needs shoes.


  335. Chelsea Cotty says

    I would love to win either prize because both are awesome! I love the concept of the origami stroller, but I also love the high quality of pedipeds.

  336. Jayme H. says

    I like the stroller so we can get a lighter weight and less clunky stroller than the one we have.

    I’d love the footwear because my son is just learning to walk and we’re getting into chilly weather…He needs shoes.


  337. Leslie says

    I love pedipeds – best shoes for the kids!… but really excited about the stroller. I’m expecting #3 and could use a new one… especially one that folds on it’s own. How cool is that?!

  338. says

    I am due Christmas Day. This would be an amazing gift for myself and baby. The Origami is an amazing stroller and pedi peds are my favorite baby shoes!

  339. Quiahni says

    The Origami stroller is so innovative and designed to make a parents life easier, of course I would love to win one! And shoes, wonderful shoes!?! My little darling loves looking cute…

  340. julie says

    i would love to win either prize, In have a 5 month old baby girl and I am so excited to dress her up in some supercute pediped shoes. And the stroller from my first child has seen better days, a new one would be great

  341. Sarah says

    I’ve been making a real effort over the last year to get in shape, so the Origami’s tracking distance feature would be so useful!

  342. Elaine S. says

    would love to win the pediped gift card! my first daughter was so active her shoes are too worn out to be passed on to my second daughter and shoes are expensive especially when they don’t wear it for that long!

  343. Isa says

    I wish there were some contests/giveaways that did not include facebook or other social media. I do not have any facebook, twitter, etc. type accounts. When will there be any contesats or giveaways for people who only have emails?

  344. Audra says

    We’re expecting baby boy #3 and with so many hand me downs headed his way it would be nice to have a few new things;)

  345. Keara B. says

    We’re hoping to have another child soon, and I’d love to have a new Origami stroller as our old, used stroller just broke! Plus, I’d really like to be able to get my toddler some new Pediped shoes. :)

  346. Leah I says

    With baby number 5 due in January this stroller would be an AWESOME help! Shoes is a pretty great option too. Great giveaways again.

  347. Daniela Tapia says

    I’m excited for both prizes but the $200 pediped gc can come in handy for my 3 girls I have !! Thanks for the chance

  348. Elizabeth H says

    Either one would be amazing! Who can’t use great shoes like pediped?? and the origami is probably the coolest thing on four stroller wheels!

  349. Rochelle Luaders says

    I have three boys. Enough said I think! And one is a 1 YO, would love the stroller or the shoes! Thanks for the chance!

  350. Kristina says

    would love either!!! Love love love the stroller…the look of it and the ease of it is awesome!! Love Pediped too!! my fave shoes

  351. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    I have 9 kids, my son is 4 months old which equates to needing a robot stroller. (anyone else feel like 4moms should get on inventing a rosie the robot *ahem, jetsons!) for us super busy moms? lol

    We have tons of growing feet in our household which means that $200 would be more then a casual drop in the bucket towards new shoes for winter!

  352. Carolina Magna says

    I love that stroller!!!!, it will be perfect for the crazy and busy days that I have as a new mom!

  353. Stephanie says

    I would love the stroller because it looks like it folds up good and would fit perfectly in my small car trunk and the shoes would be great for my toddler whose starting to run around more now instead of walking.

  354. Jo DaCris says

    Would love to win the pedi shoes and origami buggy for my 24mos old son so we can cruise around in style in hawaii where my hubby & I are renewing our vows been together for 20yrs

  355. Vanessa Duffy says

    Being the mom of 4 boys my poor lil muffin is using a beat up, stained up not so fun stroller. I’d love for him to have some comfortable wheels!

  356. Kristen Birkbeck says

    Baby #2 (due January) will need to ride in style, while Toddler #1 needs to learn to walk more (and of course in style too)…and may I mention Toddler #1 has big wide feet (2 yr old and 7.5w) – c’mon now!

  357. April G says

    I would love to win the Pediped gift card because I have three young children and Pediped is a GREAT brand!

  358. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says

    Wow! The Origami is quite an amazing stroller with its own generator to power fold and unfold with just a twist of the knob and push of a button. And it can charge my cell phone too…super amazing!! This stroller will be quite a head turner, conversation starter, and convenient for our family’s techno lifestyle.
    The Pediped giftcard would be awesome to use towards some stylish and comfy shoes for our little one. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  359. Christiano says

    I’d love to have all the other gadget-freak dads at the park come around and ask to see the Origami doing its thing again!

  360. Katja says

    I would love to win the Origami stroller, it looks so much better than anything out there and it looks like it could actually fit into my cars trunk! The Pediped giftcard would be awesome for the winter to come !

  361. Becky Schneider says

    Great products! I’ve loved the Origami stroller since I saw your review. Would love to win one!

  362. Caitlin Schultz says

    I would love love love to win the Origami stroller!! We are going to Disney World for the first time (both myself and my son) in February 2014. This would be so awesome!!!!

  363. Jessica says

    I have two children of my own and two more that I keep. They would really benefit from either of these great prizes.

  364. Maria Cristina Medalla Sugatan says

    The Origami Stroller is perfect! I’ll be traveling with my baby next month and imagine carrying my son, his diaper bag, my pocket book and our carry-on while trying to fold the stroller to get ready for the X-ray line at the airport??? The Origami will be awesome! It will definitely be a great help since I’m so petite!

    The Pediped gift card will come in handy too! ;)

  365. Sabrina Radke says

    I would love to win the shoes gc because my little one need fall shoes and the stroller is something I have drooled over since you first posted the video!

  366. Katherine Fletcher says

    I would love it because my husband would be so excited to have such a high tech stroller. The gift card would also come in handy for my baby girl!

  367. Maria Cristina Medalla Sugatan says

    The Origami Stroller is perfect! I’ll be traveling with my baby next month and imagine carrying my son, his diaper bag, my pocket book and our carry-on while trying to fold the stroller to get ready for the X-ray line at the airport??? The Origami will be awesome! It will definitely be a great help since I’m so petite!

    The Pediped gift card will come in handy too! We love Pediped! Shoes can get really expensive specially they outgrow them pretty fast.

  368. Vanessa Coker says

    I would love to win the PediPed GC because with just my son we are constantly spending lots of money on good shoes. We’re now expecting #2 and I can’t imagine how much more we’ll be spending (it’s a girl) :) the GC would be a nice help.

  369. Anita says

    I love Pedipeds but have only ever received hand-me downs. Such supportive shoes during those early years of developing walking habits but so cute at the same time!! The stroller looks amazing with lots of bells & whistles :)

  370. Blaire says

    With baby #2 on the way, and a very active 3 year old, I could really use a stroller that folds itself!!

  371. Mandy Tan says

    I love Baby Gizmo! We used the video reviews from your site to decide on all the gear we would get for our first child who we welcomed in January! And although the Origami was at the top of our list, the money just wasn’t in the budget so we would LOVE to win!

  372. Serena S says

    I would to win the pediped gift card because my daughter is very active and wears out her shoes quicker than I can afford!

  373. Michelle Hudak says

    The stroller is so fantastic and Dorothy just started walking last week….time for new shoes.

  374. jess says

    The origami would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Mexico, and little guy is ready for his first shoes, they will come from pediped anyway. A gift card would be even better.

  375. Karina Lee says

    kids go through shoes so quickly, it wold be nice to be able to get some good quality ones that would last

  376. Julie Wood says

    I would love the origami because I live in nyc and space is at a premium! And pedipeds are just so darn cute!

  377. Melissa Keranen says

    I would love the origami, it’s a stroller that I would never fathom purchasing due to the cost, but something I DREAM of getting!! My baby is almost 11 weeks now, and I have been looking for a good single stroller!

  378. Michele Rodocker says

    I’m having baby boy#2 tomorrow and would love to have the origami stroller – something I can’t afford on my own. Or the pediped gift card- something that will definitely come in handy for not only the new baby but also my 4 year old. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  379. Jessica says

    I would love to win because we just had baby boy #4 and our stroller is in such bad shape that I could definitely use a new one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  380. Fabiola says

    Congrats to Baby Gizmo for the 25 Million!! You deserve it!!

    I would love to try the Origami… or to get some new shoes for my baby Ben!! :)


  381. Kerri says

    I would absolutely love the Origami Stroller for a single stroller!! I’ve also been looking for shoes for my 10 month old that looks like he’s about to walk and could really use the gift card.

  382. Colleen Gomes says

    I’m a grandmother of 10 & 6 still ride in a stroller. This would be wonderful when I’m transporting them on a daily basis! :)

  383. Kathryn says

    My 3 yr old is OBSESSED with the shoes, the sparklier the better and bonus points if they are pink! I am always buying shoes for her!

  384. Ashley sherman says

    This is an awesome stroller I’ve had my eye on. It would make life a nut easier juggling a toddler around a striker n groceries or what evet it may be! ! Dream stroller!!

  385. Mandi H says

    Congrats on 25 million! These prizes are awesome and would come in handy for this momma of a 17 month old!

  386. says

    I am so excited about this giveaway. And OMG the Origami!!! I begged for this stroller, and wasn’t able to get it. :( So of course I would die to see my name as the winner. Thanks for all of the great videos and reviews, it’s really helpful especially to us new moms!

  387. david bird says

    I would like to win the Pediped for my 8 month Grandson. It is almost time for him to start walking and he is ready to burn some rubber–soles!

  388. Laila says

    I want the origami because I have a a regular Graco stroller. It does the job, but I always wanted one of those really cool designer strollers. I just haven’t been able to afford one.
    And I’d love the pediped card because LO just started walked and needs shoes.

  389. Mayra Alfaro says

    I would love to win the origami stroller. My husband first saw it at church and we looked it up online and fell in love with it. It will make it so much more easier when traveling and just going to the stores myself.

  390. Aaron P. says

    We would love to win the 4Moms Origami stroller, it’s so versatile, lightweight and looks so cute ;) Our little guy would love it!

  391. Christina says

    I’d love to win the Origami,my son has cerebral palsy and expecting a new baby girl in Dec. Planning on wearing the baby and need a sturdy stroller for my 2 1/2 yr old

  392. Yvonne says

    What an amazing stroller! I’d love to win this! I often take the little guy out on my own and the power folding/un-folding would be SO helpful! Little man is starting to walk too so the Pediped gift certificate would be very useful!

  393. Melissa A. says

    This stroller is AMAZING! Who wouldn’t love to own such an incredible thing? You would be the envy of the neighborhood! The Pediped giftcard is equally amazing,. the little ones always need beautiful shoes! Thank you for the chance :-)

  394. Christina F. says

    okay, so i’ve wanted an origami since they came out because i do love me some gadgets. but i really really need that pediped card! they’re my daughter’s favorite shoes and i cannot get over how quickly she’s outgrowing them! we need to replace every pair she owns right now!

  395. Tiffany A. says

    The origami stroller would be amazing because we are wanting to travel more with our little one and this is the perfect stroller to do that!

  396. michelle b says

    The oragami stroller would be just amazing to have. With a 6 month old and a toddler, the quick button folding would be such a help.

  397. Ariana Castillo says

    Best giveaways ever!!! So awesome for giving people the opportunity to win such amazing things.

  398. Talya says

    Would love to win either prize! My little boy is cruising now and will soon be ready for new shoes and ours stroller is not in great shape since we used it for our daughter…

  399. Hanna Schnur says

    Pedipeds are awesome! My daughter has a pair of dress shoes she has worn to the park every weekend for a year and they still look great! She loves the memory foam cushion too.