Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

homead742 Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

Congrats to our winners –

Julianne R. – Entry #6611 – Stokke Tripp Trapp

Abigail T. – Entry #6011 – Britax Boulevard Car Seat


On the 10th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…TWO winners today!)

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat

Did you know that Britax is not only dedicated to safety but fashion too! They research the fashion trends 2 years before the season. The major trends for 2014 blend a nod to the past – muted color palettes with a vintage feel – and a modern mélange of cheerful colors, geometric pattern, animal prints, floral influences and pattern layering.

This month Britax launched a new crop of colorful fashions for its refreshed convertible car seats and winner #1 is getting one – specifically the Boulevard.

BRITAX convertible car seats feature Bases with SafeCell Technology, designed to compress in a crash and significantly lower the center of gravity, thereby counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat.  Integrated steel bars strengthen the seat’s connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing in a crash. BRITAX’s patented Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether has a two-point attachment that reduces crash energy and forward movement using patented staged-release tether webbing.

britax12days Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Our second winner today will receive the Stokke Tripp Trapp in the color of their choice.

The Tripp Trapp is not only a high chair made out of beautiful, environmentally-friendly wood, but designed to be stylish and last a lifetime. This high chair can be used starting at 6 months (when the child can sit up unassisted) up through adulthood. With easy adjustments, this chair grows with your child, making it a staple in your kitchen decades longer than a traditional baby high chair. Because we don’t like to put baby in the corner, we like that it allows her to join the family at the dinner table from her first day of solid foods.

stokketripp prize Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

howtoenter Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

What is up for grabs:

Winner #1: Britax Boulevard

Winner #2: Stokke Tripp Trapp


How to Enter:

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* This Day #10 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 12:01am EST on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. Amy Clendenin says

    The best gift i ever received i think was a bike! My sister and i rode those bikes all over the place, of course back then you could and not think twice about it.

  2. Holly Doble says

    I once got a 50 from the tooth fairy, it was a good morning until my dad figured out what happened and took back the 50 and gave me a 5.

  3. Taylor Cutchall Miller says

    The best gift I received as a child was a Nancy baby doll!! I loved that doll with everything I had! I called her Antsy and she really was my best friend for the longest time!

  4. Jennifer says

    the last 20 dollars i needed to buy my american girl doll. i had saved all year and thats what my mom gave me for christmas so that i could order her myself!

  5. Laura Miller says

    The best gift I ever received as a kid was the entire Barbie and Rockers set!…as a matter of fact I am old!

  6. Rachel R says

    One year we got a puppy a couple of days before Christmas, and that was one of the best gifts ever!

  7. Cindy B says

    Best gift was probably my new bicycle when I was five. I had so much fun on that thing… I have seriously been wanting a Tripp Trapp for the longest. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  8. Samantha Hunt says

    I can’t really remember…I’ve always been super spoiled, so I pretty much always got what I wanted…maybe an RC car, or new VB shoes!!

  9. Brianna Eskelsen says

    The best gift was my puppies that we named Luke and Lorelai after the characters on Gilmore girls.

  10. Caitlin Zayshley says

    The best gift I ever received is my daughter.. Which is why I need either one of these!!! ;)

  11. Kaa Youa Xiong says

    The best present I ever received as a child was books. They allowed me to travel all over and step in someone else’s shoes for a while. Refreshing!

  12. samantha Stine foltz says

    The best gift I ever got was getting to marry my husband the week of Christmas five years ago.

  13. Shelly Jones says

    My dad built me a playhouse in the backyard. It had a window with curtains, a play kitchen full of food and dishes, and a table and chairs.

  14. Rochel S says

    I got this big Lego Dollhouse. It took hours to put together. There were so many cute little pieces. I loved it!

  15. lyndsay chae deurmier says

    BARBIE CAR!! Those. Things. Ruled. It was a barbie jeep, pink, with a horn. Life ruled at 4.

  16. karolina riddick says

    The best gift I ever received as a child was the board game – monopoly – sounds boring … but, I remember that Christmas like no other … it was awesome :-)

  17. Lien says

    My best gift from childhood is a gold bracelet with small cute charms I recvd from my mom. I wore that bracelet everyday for years and still have it. Sad that I lost a couple of charms.

  18. Jessica O says

    While I didn’t think it was all that exciting at the time, the best gifts I received were nativity pieces each year from my godparents. Now I have a wonderful nativity set, and I can pass them on to my kids (talk about a lasting gift).

  19. Nicole says

    It would have to have been the two identical black and white kittens I got when I was about 6. I opened the box and they hopped and started to lick my face. I wish I could give the same to my son one day, but his father is severely allergic :-(

  20. Leah Forstie says

    The best gift I ever received as a child was time spent “up north” at the family cabin for Christmas. It was such a wonderful time hiking through the snow searching for the perfect little Charlie Brown tree, and then decorating it with the few ornaments we brought with. I don’t remember the presents, but the gift of time with family was the best of all! And now that I’ve got my own little ones, we sure could use either of these prizes! :)

  21. crystal grissam says

    Best gift I received as a kid was my little miss piggy from my dad when he was deployed. I still have it over 20 years later!

  22. Jessica Beaumont says

    Two great companies ! Two great prizes. Would love to win the car seat. We are still in the infant seat now !

  23. Stephanie says

    I would say the best was the year I got my first Cabbage Patch Doll. My uncle still talks about it; I was pretty excited!

  24. Irina Tkachuk says

    The best gift i received as a child was barbie! still remember to this day because we lived in foreign country and my parents couldn’t afford gifts for us, they were able to request from my uncle who lived here in US to send us simple gifts like cars for boys and barbies for girls. And I, as a child, loved to play with barbies. :)

  25. Danielle Clifford says

    The best gift I received for Christmas was a pink girly bike that I wanted when I was 8. :-)

  26. Sarah says

    My best gift as a child was the Barbie Ice Cream Shop. Seriously, for some crazy reason, I LOOOOOVED it. Also, I totally wanted a Barbie Corvette. My parents got a cheaper knockoff version and I LOOOOOVED it! And they saved money!

  27. Meredith Callison says

    One year my sister and I were given a puppy. She turned out to be the best dog our family ever had! Our sweet Sophie.

  28. Heidi Daily says

    The best gift I received as a child was my first bike, it was purple with a flower basket on the front and rainbow streamers on the handlebars.

  29. says

    When we moved the US my parents had promised me barbies and that was pretty great. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I was a competitive piano player and one day I came home from school and my parents had replaced the electric piano with a steinway grand piano – to this day that was one of the best surprises of my life, and I cherish that piano completely.

  30. Frances M says

    LOVE the Stokke high chair and Britax car seat!! Would love to win either. We had both items on our registry but didn’t end up getting it from any of our family or friends. Thanks for the opportunity to win both Baby Gizmo!

  31. Elyssa says

    When I was 2 I got to pick out a baby doll. She went everywhere with me (many plane rides to grandma who supplied the cash for her) and I still have her almost 30 years later!

  32. Amnda Coley says

    Wow, seriously two amazing prizes today! Both have been on my wish list for a bit now as my little guy is getting closer to being that size for both! :D

  33. Amnda Coley says

    Well, for goodness sakes, I can’t even spell my own name – that would be Amanda Coley not Amnda. hahaha

  34. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I’m not sure what it was called, but it was a Disney airport with Mickey and the whole gang; its the only toy i vividly remember from my childhood. It had cars, planes, trains and all the characters!!

  35. Mallori Loughridge says

    Love your reviews! They are so informative and I like getting a “hands on the product” feel I get when watching a review. Oh and my favorite gifts were books!

  36. Rachel Yates says

    Best gift I received as a kid was my Speak & Spell, Speak & Math, and Speak & Write. I loved them SO much.

  37. Sara P says

    A stereo that had a tape deck and a turntable on it. Things my kids probably won’t even know about!

  38. Stephany says

    The best gift I ever got for Christmas when I was a kid was my easy bake oven… I was obsessed with it (: i loved baking and I still do (:

  39. Amanda Coley says

    UGH! Keeps posting before I am done or have fixed the name!
    My fave gift – it was a toss up. One year I got two things that I just had a blast with… hit stix and a Dynamite (may be off on the spelling of these 2)…lol One you hit in the air and they play like a drum and the other was a cool voice changer. I had the most fun with those 2 things!

  40. Michelle says

    The best gift I got was the year I got a furby. I remember my sisters and I being so excited we were running around screaming.

  41. Rebecca J says

    Oh my word I would love that high chair for my girl/s and the car seat too! She would love a new car seat!!!

  42. Angela Miranda says

    My best/favorite christmas present was an easy bake oven! I love it soo much my mother bought a second one for me when I turned 16!

  43. Storm Wilson says

    LOVE both these products – great companies. Thank you for the chance Baby Gizmo. Holding thumbs.

  44. Erika Vaughn says

    My all time favorite gift was my little red bike. I learned to ride it without the training wheels!!

  45. Ryley G says

    The best gift I received as a small child were always my Cabbage Patch dolls/accessories and my Barbie dolls/accessories. The best gift as an older child was definitely my puppy :-)

  46. Diana L says

    The best gift I ever received as a child…Barbie dolls and accessories! Especially the Barbie convertible I got :) best Christmas gift!! Ahh, to be young again! xD

  47. Jammie JT says

    My best gift was the complete Anne of Green Gables book series. I still have them and I’ve read them hundreds of times.

  48. Tanya says

    A small jewelery box from my husband to replace the one that was destroyed in our move (it was made and given to me by my grandfather that past when I was little. The only thing that I had of him except 1 picture and a few memories.)

  49. Becki Pike says

    My first Cabbage Patch Kid. She had red hair and was so cute. I named her Trixie Belden. My grandma waited in line FOREVER to get one for me and one for my cousin.

  50. LyndaT says

    My parents didn’t have a ton of money so I got one Barbie and I cherished her so much! I grew up with my brother and guy cousin and when my parents gave us money to buy a toy to share/play with, I was never able to get my barbie clothes since they boys always got their way. My poor barbie was always in her lingerie but I loved her! :)

  51. Jo DaCris says

    Best present I ever got was a crochet doll my grandma gave me and that was i wished for from santa that nana will have energy to make me one

  52. Jennifer J says

    My American Girl doll…my grandma gave her to me and even though she passed away years before my baby was born, I love that I can tell my baby about her…and about why they share a name and about the doll that is on my baby’s shelf right now!!!

  53. Olivia L says

    My favorite was a lightbrite. I loved playing with it. Plus I could design something and leave it plugged in as a nightlight.

  54. Holly Neville says

    honestly the best gift was probably getting together with my entire family- thats what i remember the most and excited me the most as a child

  55. Amanda Newton says

    The best gift I got as a child, would definitely have to be a stuffed animal polar bear that I made with my mommy at Build-a-bear. She recorded “I love you with all my heart, Amanda, and I always will honey.” on a sound box, which was placed in the foot of the bear for me to play whenever I wanted. That gift with always be my favorite one!

  56. Melissa Easton says

    Had so many fun present memories from childhood it’s hard to narrow it to just one. Did really love all my Strawberry Shortcake Christmas gifts :)

  57. Samantha G. says

    My favorite Christmas gift as a child was my Hugga Bunch doll!! I remember my dad bringing in a huge box, sitting it down in front of me and my 3 sisters, and opening the lid. Inside of it were 4 boxes holding 4 different dolls from the line and we each got to choose one. I chose Patooty. I’m not sure what happened to her over the years, but I do still have my Rainbow Brite dog! :)

  58. Golden says

    The thing that stands out the most was the huge candy canes we got in our stockings each year, and my aunt’s Lifesavers books.

  59. Lindi Haight says

    One of my favorite gifts I got as a child was a big bean bag chair. My sister and I wanted them so bad one year and santa brought them.

  60. Jessica Epps says

    Books!! I love to read any and everything and I still have most of the books I started collecting as a child!

  61. Tara Cockrill says

    The best gift I received was my first pair of ice skates, accompanied with lessons. I ended up skating at a competitive level over the next 10 years, and have the best memories…..I still have that first pair of skates and hope to take my daughter when she can fit them :)

  62. gina says

    I can’t remember :( I’m sure I got lots of gifts, just nothing comes to mind right now. Maybe when I asked for a pet, and got my first goldfish.

  63. Crystal Hunter says

    I was probably about 4, my granny gave me a locking trunk full of barbies, dollies, and books for christmas. To a 4 year old, that was the world!!!

  64. Eunyoung Jang says

    The best gift I’ve ever got was Playstation 2.
    My father run everywhere in town and found it in small toy shop.
    It was last one and the shop charged 2x expensive price to my father.
    He didn’t say anything but one word, “enjoy your Christmas.”
    I’ve never for get!!

  65. Kathy K. says

    I think it was the atari system my Dad bought used with games for the whole family. My brothers, sisters and I were all so excited.

  66. precious o. says

    Can’t really say I had a favorite gift. Just love spending time with my family any chance I get.

    Would love the high chair….cool prize

  67. Becky Manning says

    The best gift I’ve ever received for Christmas was our baby girl, we brought her home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. A true blessing!

  68. Sally H. says

    The best gift i received was my first Nancy Drew book it opened up a whole new world for me and I haven’t stopped reading since.

  69. Tabitha Cagle says

    My best most favorite gift I received was this train set that was huge and you could ride it around the house, my dad would set it up for us and let us play until our hearts were content! I love that memory,

  70. Julianne Craig says

    Best gift I received as a child was an heirloom jewelry box that I will pass down to my daughter.

  71. Barbara says

    The best gift my brother and I got growing up was an N64, though we weren’t as excited as some other kids seem online. I always liked it was something he and I would play together.

  72. Carrie M. says

    My parents hid little hint items around the house that we went on a scavenger hunt for. The last item was a disney character plush. Everything together equaled a trip to disneyworld! I was so excited I was crying!

  73. Drew says

    The best gift I received was a Barbie house. Although my parents couldn’t afford the official Barbie one, my dad built me one and surprised me at Christmas! My parents still have it.

  74. Lara says

    One of the best gifts I received during the holidays was the original Nintendo Entertainment System. My brother and I loved it!

  75. Shelley Hammond says

    The best gift I received as a child was probably a riding horse. I had gotten one of those big plastic horses on springs, so it felt like you were riding it, I LOVED it.

  76. Autumn Terrell says

    The best gift I’ve ever received on Christmas as a child would have to be my baby doll. I was so excited, I loved babies and wanted one so bad. And I was the youngest of three and wasn’t going to be getting any baby siblings. So I got the next best thing. I took her everywhere. To family dinners, the store. Ha it even went potty and had fake baby food to feed her. Now the best gift I have received was finding out that I am pregnant with my first. I found out 2 days after my birthday. <3

  77. Betsy Schreiner says

    Best gift I received/most memorable= my Cabbage Patch doll when I was 7. Her name is Diandra Jaime.

  78. Erin Blankenship says

    My britax car seats are expiring and we are looking at buying two new ones for my youngest, so it would be fantastic to win this!!!

  79. Amy L. says

    My Cabbage Patch Doll! Most memorable gift as a child.

    This is the best giveaway yet! Love Britax and the Tripp trapp!

  80. Raizi Lindenfeld says

    My favorite gift as a child was an easle my father made for me. I loved pretending to be a teacher, and to paint…

  81. Jennifer Kreisler says

    The best gift I ever got as a child was a stuffed animal monkey. He was perfectly situated under the tree wearig a cowboy hat for me to wear and a set of ivory and silver toy pistols. I was set! I was 3. I am 41 now and I still have that monkey.

  82. Danielle Teslevich says

    The best gift I ever received was a cabbage patch kid with a pack of doll diapers…I only wish they had been cloth as I blew through that pack soooo fast!!

  83. Kristi Philpot says

    The best gift I received as a child was a bicycle when I was 7 or 8. I was really really excited Santa brought that for me.

  84. Mick G says

    My parents were itinerant workers so we never afforded presents but one day a Red Cross worker left a package for each of us with my parents-my first ever Christmas present a fantastic teddy bear

  85. Sam V says

    The best gifts I’ve received are my handmade jack in the boxes. My mom started a collection for me on my first Christmas and would get me one every year until the person who made them stopped making them.

  86. Jennifer C says

    My favorite was the care bears and the care bears beadspread,curtains and matching trash can.

  87. Rachel says

    Not sure if it was the best, but I have a very clear memory of getting Snoopy sheets for my bed and being very excited.

  88. ewhatley says

    every Christmas as a child my grandparents, who lived far away, would send a giant box full of presents – that was always my favorite

  89. Michele Rodocker says

    I don’t remember which Christmas it was, but I know it was an early one (I couldn’t have been more than 5-6 years old). I received a tea set and my own little table/chairs, which being the youngest of 8 finally meant I had my own space that no one else really fit. I remember playing at that table drinking tea and gabbing with all my stuffed animals for hours!

  90. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    The best gift I received as a child was a doll that my grandmother made herself (even the clothes). Even though grandma is now long gone, I still have that doll (a little worse for the wear) as a constant reminder of her love.

  91. Cherie says

    I metal Kenmore play kitchen from Sears. My parents kept it in storage and now it is my 2 year old’s favorite Christmas present too!

  92. Jennifer Albanese says

    Best gift I received was my puppy kiwi… 10 years ago on Christmas Day – best gift ever!

  93. Sarah Santoro says

    I loved getting an orange and my favorite nuts in my stocking. something i look forward to giving my son this year :)

  94. Christine Wu says

    I loved my take n bake set. We ate the mix frosted cakes. It was awesome. Stokke high chair is great! Britax seats are the best!

  95. Emily Reed says

    My favorite Christmas present was a cabbage patch doll I got for my first Christmas. I named her “Baby” a couple of years later and carted her around everywhere. I still have that doll too!

  96. Laura Eckard says

    The best give I received as a child was a stuffed animal called Bah Koo. He came with a book and his story says that you sleep with Bah Koo, who was a mix of many animals like an elephant, tiger, leopard, etc., and he would eat your nightmares away. I love Bah Koo to this day. I gave him to my nieces a few years ago and they will be gifting him back to my daughter next year.

  97. Jessica Long says

    My Sister and I as well as the neighbors spent hoursplaying w our barbie dream house and jaccuzi

  98. Heather Hall says

    That doll I got that was popular when I was a kid – Cricket. You put a cassette tape in her and she sang with you. Super awesome.

  99. Melissa W says

    Best gift is the ornaments we got every year because I know pass that tradition to my kids and their so excited for it every year. Memories!

  100. Veronica says

    My favorite gift I ever got for Christmas was a MY SIZE Barbie! I loved that thing for years! Wish they still had them around!

  101. Ashley fuller says

    My favorite gift as a child was my #backstreetboys and #nsync cd’s. God how I loved those #boybands. Love the @britax #carseat.

  102. Megan k says

    My son outgrew his infant britax car seat and would love this stylish new convertible seat! Britax rocks!

  103. Jessica says

    My grandma used to get me the Holiday Barbie every year. They were always SO pretty and my most looked forward to gift.

  104. Eileen Deliz says

    The best present I received as a child was a Flintstone’s game. It was a very large box with the Flintstone’s town replica. It had movable cars, dinosaurs, trees, characters, houses. I spent hours playing with that game.

  105. Yvone Scott says

    My best gift I recieved was a horse with a remote controlle that walked! adn it came with a matching barbie. I di dnto get much that year I am assuming becasue th ehorse adn doll were probly more than I knew they were but I love them somuch I still have my babrie form that set adn her dress! i gave them to my daughter.

  106. Stephanie N says

    The best gift I received…. that would have to be a barbie doll house. I loved that thing!!

  107. Idy m says

    I loved my cupcake doll that really smelled like a cupcake, and my mint smelling my little pony… Those were my favorites.

  108. Katelyn N says

    One year I remember my parents buying my brother and I snowmobiles… we were over the moon!!!

  109. Amber H says

    The best gift I ever received would be the big empty box from one of the presents that my dad took us sledding in.

  110. Kelly says

    I don’t remember gifts but the experience. Hopefully I can make Christmas like that for my little ones:)

  111. Danielle says

    The best present I ever received was a talking ALF doll that moved his ears while he read a story

  112. Charlene Lucas says

    I was an avid reader when I was very young and remember receiving the Nancy Drew book series and being excited about it for weeks!

  113. Stephanie Phelps says

    The best gift I ever got for Christmas was a tennis bracelet my husband gave me 3 years ago

  114. Danielle. B. says

    My baby sister was born 4 days before Christmas. She and my mom came home from the hospital Christmas Eve. My dad bought a new bassinet and put a big bow on it and she was our “Christmas present”. That was probably the best Christmas present ever for my other sister and myself.

  115. Calayna H says

    I would say the best gift I received was my play washer and dryer, I did “laundry” for hours.

  116. Svetlana says

    As a child growing up in a small village in Ukraine the best present I remember getting is a pair of brand NEW pink boots from my Uncle who traveled to Germany and brought them for me.

  117. Peggy M. says

    The best gift I received was my first camera… ever since then I have had a passion for photography.

  118. Tricia Cleff says

    My Baby Dreams doll when I was 3. I still vividly remember receiving it. I loved that doll!

  119. Amber says

    I don’t know if it was the best gift, but the most memorable was a pair of roller blades that I wanted so badly and thought I didn’t get them. Instead it was the last present and I was sent on a scavenger hunt for them. So exciting.

  120. Amanda says

    Hands down, the my little pony castle. I LOVED that thing! Wish I had hung onto it for my now 15mo old daughter!

  121. deana lamm says

    the best gift i received was my bike. i loved it and used it almost every day. cant wait to buy my kids a bike

  122. Lisa Teig Orgel says

    The best gift I ever received was my bike. I loved meeting up with friends after school and we would ride around our neighborhood for hours.

  123. Courtney McSweeney says

    I would definitely say my Cabbage Patch Kid the year that they came out and were the hot toy. It was a boy with the ugliest hair, and I did not care one bit – I was just so excited I got one!!

  124. Beth says

    Every year my grandparents would buy me one of those huge Crayola cases with every crayon, marker, and paint you could ever ask for. Loved those things!

  125. Ghislaine Hockensmith says

    Our baby girl is already 16.5 lbs and 25.5 in and not quite 4 months old. We’ll need a convertible car seat much sooner than expected. Winning one would be wonderful!

  126. Randi W says

    I vividly remember getting my bike. I absolutely loved it…. Until I fell off and lost my two front teeth ;)

  127. Michelle T says

    The best gift ever was a homemade wooden drum that my dad lovingly made for me (each of my brothers got one too)…then he played the Drummer Boy song on them and sang to us by candle light. It was a very special time for us as our family had gone through some major difficulties the year prior. Still brings tears to my eyes thinking of it…and I was 16 then. Im now a momma to my own little brood (5 kiddos) and I still have that drum.

  128. jody m says

    My dad got me a box set of Mr Bean. I’m still not sure why, but we all got a great laugh from the schocked look on my face.

  129. Lindsey H says

    One of my favorite gifts as a child was a dress up trunk and tea party set. It had everything a little girl could want to get fancy for a teddy bear tea party. The dress up trunk came with several gowns, long lace gloves, hats with netting and feathers. My best friend and I would throw elaborate tea parties in those dress up clothes and pretend we were royalty.

  130. Claire says

    I have a pictureofme playing with a dolls house on christmas morning. I was about the same age as my son is now. I look SO blissfully happy in that picture, even though I don’t remember it. I don’t remember good christmasses, so I really hang on to that captured moment.

  131. Copper S says

    I think the best Christmas present I ever got as a kid was the year my parents got me a beautiful old upright piano to take lessons with. :)

  132. Moriah Payne says

    My most memorable gift would be the bunkbed with a futon on the bottom. I had fallen asleep in my mom’s room Christmas Eve and woke up in the middle of the night and she wasn’t in there so I went into the living room and she wasn’t there either. Decided to go to my room and fall back asleep but when I walked in a new bunkbed was there! I figured I probably shouldn’t have seen it so I went back to my mom’s

  133. Amanda hall says

    Love britax car seats! We need to get another one for my son since he’ll he out of his carrier soon and my 18 month old isnt coming out of his car seat anytime soon!

  134. Kristin says

    Best gift I recieved as a child was my American Girl. I still have it and can’t wait to give it to my daughter when she is old enough.

  135. Moriah Payne says

    My most memorable gift would be the bunkbed with a futon on the bottom. I had fallen asleep in my mom’s room Christmas Eve and woke up in the middle of the night and she wasn’t in there so I went into the living room and still didn’t find her. So I went to my room to go back to sleep and found the bunkbed . I figured I shouldn’t have seen it so I went back to bed in her room :-P

  136. Abigail R says

    The best gift I’ve had was a box of new school supplies. It had a lot of small new things like a panda sharpener, bear erasers, cute pens and papers. I loved it!

  137. says

    Best gift I ever received as a child was when I was 16. My parents bought me my first car! It cost them $100 and was used previously to drive around in the ginseng fields. It was rusty, had a spot you could see through the road in the floor, but it was the best gift ever! We called it the “Flinstone” car and was so awesome!!

  138. Aleia Chambers says

    My favorite and most memorable christmas gift was my first bike. It was pink and had a banana seat and an am/fm radio! :)

  139. Kathryn C says

    My parents bought me a doll one year. It looked very real and I took it everywhere with me. People often looked at us like ‘why is this 10 year old carrying around a baby’ it was pretty funny!

  140. charity martinez says

    The best gift I received as a child was the international barbie from Paris :) I really loved that barbie.

  141. Tracy Rose says

    A Cabbage Patch doll was my favorite. My mom actually stood in line for it and that didn’t happen back then :)

  142. Holly G says

    A “real baby” – felt very lifelike and it’s one of the only toys I have left to this day.

  143. Tracy says

    My best gift was a play kitchen. I still remember walking downstairs and seeing it under the tree!

  144. Robin Longley says

    The Britax convertible car seat would be perfect! We are almost ready to move out of our baby car seat – and love the Britax for safety :) of course a stylish high chair from Stokke would be great too :) thank you!

  145. Jenn Kuhn says

    The best Christmas gift I received as a child was my cabbage patch doll – it had my same birthday. I still have it, and look foward to passing it on.

  146. Melissa N says

    My most memorable gift was the boxes of math and science stuff my aunt and uncle sent us every year. Pretty sure the microscope they sent is still in my parent’s house somewhere.

  147. LAURA says

    I cant really remember my favorite, but i remember my least favorite– betty boop stuff! and my grandma got it EVERY single year…dolls, clothes, etc…she thought i loved it for some reason!

  148. Tonya m says

    This is easy. Best Christmas present was my Holly Hobby Easy Bake Oven. I honk I had o be about 6 or 7 years old.

  149. Julieanne G says

    Best Christmas gift I would have to say was my first born born little girl born just a few days before Christmas.

  150. Mandy says

    My favorite gift was my Beauty and the Beast dolls when I was in 1st grade. I took such good care of them because I loved Belle so much! :)

  151. Linda Jacobs says

    The best gift I ever received was my roller skates. And another year was my kitten. To open a box with holes in it, to a kitten that you have been asking for at 8 years old, was so exciting!

  152. stephanie nelson says

    The best gift was from my grandma and grandpa, they got mea huge barbie set, that included a huge rug plus that would make different rooms in the house. The kitchen dishwasher would make noises like it was running, same with the bathroom sink and toilet. The shower you could add water and it would come or like a real shower. It was awesome andi still have it for my daughter gets a little older.

  153. Rae Juusola says

    This is a hard one, but I think the best gift I ever recieved as a child was my pony Snip! I can’t remember if she was a Christmas or a birthday present though. We still have here today, 20 years later.

  154. Emily Coen says

    I remember getting a red wagon. I was so excited! I also got a Heart Family that year. I guess that was my most memorable Christmas.

  155. Lauren V says

    Probably the gifts that I used the most and longest were puzzles and legos. Often the stuff I wanted the most only got use for a few weeks.

  156. Jennifer R. says

    I think the best present that I received as a child would have to be a huge chalkboard so that I could “teach” my dolls!

  157. Anne says

    My teddy bear! I still have it to this day and have passed it down to my daughter. I told her if I ever see her treating him badly, he goes back to me!

  158. Katie M says

    The best gift I got was for my & my sister, a Nintendo (original one). We were so excited. We actually found where my mom had hidden it and busted her but she lied and said it was for her friend’s son. Needless to say we were excited when we opened it in Christmas Day!

  159. Kerri Angell says

    I was never a girly girl so the year i received a “boys” bike I was in heaven! I was 8.

  160. Stephanie Yeomans says

    The best gift I ever got was by Magic Nursery baby doll Jill when I was 7 or 8 for Christmas.

  161. Becky says

    We love the Britax brand as a family! We used the Britax Chaperone and recently bought the Boulevard! Would love to have another for our other car!

  162. Melissa says

    This is a pretty hard question, I would have to go with an Ariel poster hanging over my bed when I woke up Christmas morning!

  163. Jenny says

    My best gift was a kit to make a teddy bear. I had to go to my grandma’s to make it because she’s the one who got it and also was the only one with a sewing machine, so we got to spent a lot of quality time on it. I remember getting so mad at it sometimes because I was having trouble figuring it out, but in then end I learned a lot about patience and taking pride in things because it was the first thing I’d made. The head was on crooked and it was slightly under stuffed, but I loved that thing.

  164. Tara says

    I don’t remember many gifts from when I was little aside from dolls. I do remember as a teen wanting a pair of designer jeans. We were somewhat poor growing up so the likelihood of me getting them was pretty grim. I was so happy on Christmas morning when I opened up my present and finding a pair. I still don’t know how my family came up with the money at the time.

  165. Shelby White says

    An art set with an easel and everything… I had said I wanted to be an artist…who knew years later I wouldn’t even be able to draw a circle. lol

  166. Amanda B says

    The best gift I received as a child was a Barbie doll house :)
    The britax is on my Christmas list this year!! (Seriously…. My family still requests lists and it’s on there!!)

  167. Chris z says

    My favorite gift ever as a child was a double doll stroller that spun around like a carousel when you pushed it. I would bring it everywhere we went ❤️

  168. Lisa says

    The best gift I received as a child was a pair of roller skates when I was 5. They had stars on them and were awesome.

  169. Roro says

    The best gift i have ever received was a huge teddy bear in nude color !i still have it it was my sleepy teddy bear !i used to sleep with him , have a bath with him and play with him . he was double size of me

  170. Hannah Kennedy says

    I always loved getting anything crafty. I have always loved to create things and encouraging a child’s artistic side is so good for them!

  171. Betty Baez says

    The best gift i received as a child was an easy bake oven lol i was over the moon because i wanted one so badly!

  172. nicole v-p says

    I think the best gift i got was a barbie dream house, that thing was as tall as me when I was a child, and me and my sister played with it for years.

  173. Sari says

    Definitely the handmade doll my mother made for me one year. It was such a nice change from my other dolls.

  174. Aimee says

    My sister was born on thanksgiving and was in the nicu off awhile. So when you finally came home it was around the holidays so they gave me a sibling as a lifelong present!!!!

  175. Jessica Rodriguez says

    A mini jeep that I shared w/my two little brothers… So much fun driving it around the yard.

  176. Mary Teller says

    The best gift I received on Christmas was my parents taking us to Disneyland for Christmas and enjoying the holiday there!

  177. Susan Lucas mcdermott says

    On the tenth day of christmas baby gizmo gave to me….
    a britax or a cool stokke chair!!

  178. Kimber B says

    The best gift I received as a child would have to be the year a got a black sweater. The dress code at school was all black and I didnt have a black sweater so I was freezing cold. I cried when I opened it because I didnt have to be cold any more.

  179. Pavla says

    All the christmas lovin…. I was very fortunate not only to get gifts but also lot of family love and time with people I love. That was the best give ever!

  180. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    Ssshhh….don’t tell my kids, it was my 4-wheeler, got it about the age my oldest is now. I personally think my parents were nuts! Her power wheels go too fast for me some days.

  181. Darla says

    My best gift was a Baby Feel So Real! It weighed about the same as a new born, had the soft skin, and also you could feel the bones thru the gel like arms. Loved that thing!!

  182. Melissa Marinho says

    The best gift I received as a child was the American Girl doll that I had wished for for years :) Thanks Mom and Dad! <3

  183. Monica Steele says

    Honestly, I can’t even remember most of what I got, let alone a favorite. So I will just pick something I remember – an Nsync book! I know I loved that the year I got it :)

  184. Morgan says

    I have been wanting to get a Tripp Trapp for awhile now! That would be amazing. And Britax is my favorite carseat brand.

  185. Amanda Wilson says

    I remember getting my creepy crawler machine. My brothers and I would make bugs all day long!!

  186. Jodi J says

    As a child, I remember being most excited the year I received a Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas – I woke up Christmas morning and found her sitting in my little rocking chair under the tree.

  187. Kristin b says

    I received a stuffed white and black lifesize tiger! It was so cool i used to sit on it like i was riding it

  188. Carrie H. says

    the best gift I received was my boombox and some cassettes. So exciting to have control over what I was listening to.

  189. Kelly Lorandos says

    The Christmas I remember the best being so happy about my presents was the year I got my cabbage patch dolls. Was so beyond excited!

  190. Betsy says

    My all time favorite gift was a keyboard! I’m not really a musician, but I spent hours and hours playing with that thing!

  191. Amanda Santiago says

    A pink huffy bike with a banana seat. It got stolen the following summer while we were on vacation. very sad:|

  192. Kirsten says

    Best gift for me was a Cabbage Patch Doll! They were such a hot commodity that my mom bought one out of someone’s trunk!

  193. Becki M says

    The year we went on vacation for Christmas and were able to enjoy the day as a family without running around to visit everyone else!

  194. Tonya Rizer Beal says

    The best gift I received as a child was my Strawberry Shortcake doll and all of her friends. They smelled so good! lol ;)

  195. Emily Wells says

    The best gift I received was when I was 7 or 8–the year I got my Barbie Dream House for christmas!

  196. Teice says

    My mom made me a stuffed elephant for my second Christmas and I still have it. Or she made us cabbage patch dolls that I still have the birth certificates for.

  197. katye B says

    The best gift was a dollhouse that my grandfather made. It lasted all my design changes on the interior (i was destin to be an interior designer) and now my daughter plays with it…

  198. Nicole says

    The best gift was Santa, my mom kept me believing for a long time and that was so special to me. It just made the holidays so magical. Now I look forward to this with my daughter and I know my mom does too!

  199. Kristin Welch says

    I would have to say the best gift was a real looking baby doll that I named “Nathan”. I took him everywhere with me for the longest time!

  200. Ashlee Baskin says

    My cabbage patch doll! I still have her for when my daughter is ready to play with a doll like that. :)

  201. Kimberly Reynolds says

    Not sure I remember them all. But I do remember a year I got a whole polly pocket village that took up the whole kitchen table. I loved it!!! Wish i knew where it was now.

  202. Stephanie D says

    I got a tv for my room when I was 5 years old and my 8 year old sister didn’t even have one. Let’s just say I had the cool room :D

  203. Kristen Seguin says

    The best gift I received was a “Jill” doll. It was the size of me and talked. It malfunctioned though and had to go back to Santa’s workshop so I got another cabbage patch doll from Santa instead. LOL. If it had worked, it would have been awesome.

  204. Ani says

    a shirt.. I was in High school. And it was nothing special.. what made it special was it was the first time my dad had bought the xmas presents.

  205. Allison b says

    Best gift I see received was a ring from my grandpa. I started bawling thinking I didn’t deserve such a beauty. I didn’t even care it was an avon product.

  206. Kindle says

    The best gift I received as a child was my pet dog Prancer lol. I was six and had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the day after my birthday. My dad thought a dog would be good for me.

  207. Allyson Tice says

    The best gift was the Strawberry Shortcake dolly that blew strawberry scented kisses!!! I loved that doll and still have her! Her kisses dont smell anymore but she was hands down my favorite gift ever as a child!

  208. Erin says

    My sister and I got a full set of REAL teacher supplies (a gradebook, whiteboard, workbooks etc). We were in HEAVEN!

  209. says

    Best gift I received as a child? A family. Was taken from an abusive mother and placed with CPS at 1. Just 9 days after my 2nd bday I was adopted by an amazing family – That is the best gift a child could have received was the gift of love and family.

  210. Alycia says

    I grew up in California, but moved to Minnesota right after Christmas when I was 8. I got ice skates for Christmas that year and thought it was the coolest thing since I’d never been ice skating before, and neither had any of my friends!

  211. Heather T says

    The best gift I received as a child was a Cabbage Patch Kid! They were brand new and my parents were on waiting lists to get one. My first Cabbage Patch kid was a boy with no hair and blue eyes, I named him Michael :)

  212. Shasta L says

    I received an awesome doll house for Christmas one year that I went insane over. You could put the dolls in their spots and they would talk. Was really awesome at the time!

  213. Fran M says

    The Britax Boulevard would probably be a good seat for my three year old. Would probably last her a long time, too.

  214. Tycee Behrmann says

    The best gift I received as a child was a barbie doll house! I would play with it for hours and hours!

  215. Jennifer Deli says

    The highchair can really help my baby boy join us at the dinner table as he grows! I love baby gizmo!

  216. Kristen Martin says

    My grandparents bought all 7 grandchildren 13″ TVs one year for Christmas. It was the most exciting thing.

  217. Elizabeth says

    The best gift I ever received was my kitchen and ‘tea’ table. My mom still has the kitchen and recently gave me the table and now my little girl plays with it.

  218. Tanya Campos says

    Best gift I ever got were some white roller skates with hot pink wheels, the best part was my big sister got some too so I had a skating buddy!! :-)

  219. says

    My favorite gift that I received as a child was a Fievel doll – I absolutely LOVED Fievel and my sister’s dad got me one for Christmas one year. It was almost as big as I was at the time, and though it’s all battered I still have it :)

  220. Marisa says

    there are not a lot of things that I remember from when I was a child, but the gift that I remember most and had the longest was a soft doll that I called Strawberry Shortcake because of the red dress and hat that she wore. I don’t even remember who gave it to me, but I sure loved the thing!

  221. Julie M. says

    The best gift I received as a child was having my dad return home safely after a long Air Force deployment overseas. Nothing will ever beat greeting him right off the plane after such a long time away!

  222. Megan W says

    My best gift was a stuffed white cat from my uncle! Took that cat every where with me even to the hospital for my surgery at the age of 2.

  223. Andrea F. says

    The Best gift I ever got as a child was my hand made doll house that my dad made and the hand made furniture and accessories my mom made for it!

  224. Jessica Guerard says

    My favorite gift ever was this small electronic typewriter. It had a phonics program on it that I loved. My cousins and I would take turns seeing who could type the fastest.

  225. Andrea says

    I LOVED the play kitchen I received as a kid–I used that thing all the time to create all kinds of “fancy” pretend meals to serve to friends and family!

  226. Kaycie says

    I got a pony when I was 8 – a real one. Her name was Moriah :-)

    My absolute favorite gift I got when I was in my early 20s, my grandmother, who was nearly blind, painted me an entire china tea set. Although her work was more beautiful when she still had her full vision, this was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. These were the last dishes she painted.

  227. Esther says

    small garbage can with my name and tons of goodies. I’m sure theres more but thats what i remember!

  228. Addison Kat says

    My best gift was the My Little Pony castle. I remember asking if we could bring it with us on vacation. I was trying to convince my mom that I didn’t need clothes but I NEEDED this toy.

  229. Debra W says

    The one I have the best memory of was my Bowling Snoopy that my older cousins gave me. Probably because they had as much fun playing with me as I did with them.

  230. Kelli V says

    The best gift I received as a little girl was a pair of white and purple roller skates! I used to pretend that I was a professional ice skater and make up routines to songs in the street in front of my house. I spent many hours using those skates until they eventually ran out of steam.

  231. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I once received a stroller for my baby doll, and my sister got a matching one. We were so excited!

  232. April says

    I loved Snoopy and Barbie. My best gift was a toss up between a plush snoopy that I still have or my Barbie house which provided me hours of fun!!

  233. Katie Moyle says

    My favorite gift was a Cabbage Patch doll. It was about two years after the “official” Cabbage Patch craze, but I finally got one. A real one :)

  234. Eileen R says

    A German Shepard puppy ! It was a December gift from my dad for the whole family . I loved cuddling with her so much and i loved that she was so playful! Even if she peed everywhere or jumped on me when she was still learning,she was still the best. I Still have a very faint scar on my wrist from when I was 8 or 9; I was walking her and she got excited, jumped up on me, and playfully mouthed my arm. She was stronger than she realized and had sharp teeth! The scar reminds me of her now that she’s gone <3

  235. Remington Richey says

    One year I got a teddy bear that was taller than I was. It was AWESOME! I would lay on it, sleep on it, and attempt to drag it around the house. I would eventually give up halfway so we often had a gigantic teddy bear laying around random parts of our house. Definitely best gift ever.

  236. says

    The best gift I received as a child was a bike that I completly wasn’t expecting. They told me Santa left something in the kitchen. They captured the moment on camera my mouth was wide open in shock and my hand were on my face. Best picture ever

  237. Marsha Owens says

    The best gift I received as a kid was a doll called Baby Go Bye Bye. I was 2 years old and I can still remember asking Santa for it. I did get it for Christmas and I loved that doll. I don’t know what ended up happening to it but I had such fond memories of it and never forgot it. I ended up finding one on eBay several years ago in near mint condition with the original box and everything, and I bought it! It makes me happy just to look at her.

  238. Jac Que Lyn says

    An Addy American Girl Doll. Which then provided more well-loved presents each year as I received more of her accessories.

  239. Christina F. says

    i don’t know that it was the best gift ever, but it’s one that sticks out in my mind even today: a pretend vacuum cleaner. it was a pink upright and i thought it was absolutely amazing. :-)

  240. Stephanie says

    When I was 8 or 9 I got not one but TWO “My Child” dolls for Christmas. Man, I thought that was just the best gift ever!

  241. TawndaM says

    The ‘BEST’ gift I received as a child wasn’t a gift in & of itself… it was the gift of WONDER… You see… I can’t think of even one childhood gift specifically… BUT, I DO remember opening a doll one year… the packaging stated quite clearly ‘Batteries NOT Included’… I remember ripping off the paper, then the plastic sealing the doll in the box, then removing the doll from the box & it worked. The ‘magic’ of having a Dad in retail management… the box lied… batteries were included even in a retail-sealed package… Took me years until I worked at a store that had one of those re-realers in the back room to finally figure out how it happened… ;-)

  242. Becky says

    My brother and I received scooters one year for Christmas. We loved them and rode all day long in the basement, our parents couldn’t get us to stop!

  243. Whitley R says

    Best gift I received as a child was a 4-wheeler. It was a smaller one for kids and my brother and I would ride together on trails and in fields where my dad would take us. I loved being outside!

  244. Kelly says

    The best gift I got for Christmas was the book “The Story of Babar” from my paternal Grandmother. It was my favorite book growing up as a child, and I kept it with me all these years, and was able to give it to my oldest daughter at her first Christmas. It was very fitting because my daughter is named after my paternal grandmother, and it still has my grandmother’s message to me written inside the cover. We told my daughter that her Grandmother was able to give her the gift from heaven, so she needed to keep it safe. It is still her favorite book to read at night. :-)

  245. Nicole Acuna says

    A Victorian style baby stroller for my new doll, I was so excited that morning and I will always remember it!

  246. tzippy schreiber says

    the best gift i got as a kid was my leotard and tights. i loved dancing when i was a kid….

  247. Aimee says

    I loved getting roller skates for Christmas, & skating all around our basement because it was too snowy outside.

  248. Jazz Smith says

    The best gift I ever received as a child was my Barbie dream house and Barbie convertible in 1994! I was obsessed with everything pink and my parents always obliged :)

  249. Karmin says

    The best gift I received as a child was my Easy Bake Oven. I kept that thing until I was a teenager. I loved it!

  250. Ben Eick says

    Lego monorail set. It was all I wanted that year and it was given as the last gift, everyone thought all the gifts were given, but my grandpa pulled one more out from under the couch. I was so happy I skipped dessert to start working on it. for years I would put it together at Christmas, and in a few years, I’ll be able to put it together with my son.

  251. Jenna says

    My favorite gift was a play kitchen, I carted the thing up and down stairs and even outside by myself when I was little. That way I could play with it anywhere ;)

  252. Sommer W says

    The best gift I received was a wooden knitting mushroom, I used it all the time and kept it, and I gave it to my daughter when she was 6 :)

  253. Isa Butler says

    My grandma sent me a cabbage patch doll from Texas. Her name was Sylvia Loreli (the doll) and she had green eyes and brown hair just like me. I still have her today and she is tucked away in a cabinet.

  254. Ashley says

    The best gift I’ve ever received was actually not mine. I stole my sister’s New Kids on the Block
    Dolls (but they were rad when I was 6). Second best was a copy of The Dark Crystal and The Goonies.

  255. Melinda T says

    Saw the high chair and didn’t leave the right comment. The best present I received as a child was my bike.

  256. Paul Arnold says

    The best gift I received as a child for Christmas was a giant Tinkertoy set. They don’t make them anymore, but my brothers and friends had a blast with them in the back yard for years.

  257. says

    The best gift I received as a kid was a purple “boombox”, it was my first radio that could play CD’s which were new at the time. I also received my first CD with it which was “Hot Ladies of the 80’s”. LOVED IT!!!

  258. nicole lewis says

    i had slept on a day bed for most of my childhood so one year i asked for a new bed a got a brand new full size bed with frame mattress and headboard. that was certainly my fave and most memorable

  259. Christina Curtin says

    The best/most memorable gift I received was my ET doll that Santa brought me when I was 2. Most kids were scared by ET, but I had this weird obsession with him and he was my “teddy bear” for all of my childhood and even came to college with me.

  260. Reina Mira says

    I can only remember I had a bunch of Barbie dolls. And I have a twin sister, so imagine it was a lot!!!

  261. rachel dams says

    My favorite gift as a child was my first violin. I was so so happy to have my very own instrument, and I grew up to be just about a professional violinist. I am really really good now!

  262. Jeanine Hall says

    Best gift ever was my cabbage patch from my godmother. That little guy even went to college with me ;)

  263. Remeleen says

    Best gift i ever had when i was a child…. WAS my first Barbie doll. it was my one and only Barbie doll…I loved it so much that i didn’t even want to open it and just stare on it lolz :)

  264. Patty says

    The best gift I ever received as a child was Fresh and Fancy. Pretty much make up for kids. At the time I LOVED it.

  265. Abigail Thomson says

    I was about 6 or 7 and my twin sister and I received twin dolls along with a double stroller their bottles and everything. It was really cool to have something to relate to and play with.

  266. Heather H says

    I would have to say the best Xmas gift I received as a child was my first cabbage patch kid, simply because my mom waited for a lottery the first year they came out and didn’t get one but was lucky enough the following year to get her hands on ONE and my younger sister ended up with a knock-off because she could only get one that year!

  267. Megan Stone says

    One year we got a Sesame Street Talk n Play. It would read stories and you could push different buttons to change the story. You could also record yourself, which became our favorite thing to do…talking, singing or playing. We played with that toy for years!

  268. MaryAnn says

    We usually received smaller gifts but one year my parents decided to get all 3 of us kids one big gift. It was a trampoline. Best gift we ever received. We spend countless hours playing on it most of our childhood.

  269. Sheila Popovich says

    You must have been looking at my list for Santa because we could use both of these for the new baby

  270. says

    The best gift I ever got was a Strawberry Shortcake bike with a basket, streamers, a banana seat and training wheels. It smelled like strawberries and I rode the hell out of it.

  271. Thabal says

    I was not allowed to eat anything cold (due to health conditions) – so whenever my dad gave it an exception and bought me an ice cream, I would be on cloud 9! I remember those days :)

  272. Julia C. says

    The Britax Boulevard is the car seat that I really want for my baby! It’s so safe that I can rest easy if we get one.

  273. Erin S. says

    I love the information on this blog. Been watching for a the whole year before getting pregnant… 5mth along cant wait

  274. Kathleen Gereg says

    The best gift I ever received was a doll that really walked-She had hip joints that were movable, but not at the knees, so she walked with her legs straight out! I still have her and she’s still loved…