Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 11

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Congrats to our winners -

Leah Q. – Entry #3313 – Bumbleride Flite AND Diaper Bag

Diana C. – Entry #5116 – Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Nicole U. – Entry #5824 – Bumbleride Diaper Bag

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Leslie A. – Entry #2060 – Bumbleride Diaper Bag

On the 11th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…SIX winners today!)

Bumbleride Flite Stroller AND Bumbleride Diaper Bag

It’s all about Bumbleride today! Winner #1 will receive the fabulous, lightweight Flite stroller with one of the new Bumbleride Diaper Bags.

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One lucky person will win the Bumbleride Flite  and diaper bag in the color of their choice.

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FIVE lucky people will win the diaper bag in the color of their choice.

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What is up for grabs:

Winner #1: Bumbleride Flite AND Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Winner #2 -6: Bumbleride Diaper Bags


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  1. Jessica Barnhart says

    Ive seen several kids at parties say “I already have this” or “I don’t want this” that’s so rude

  2. Ashley says

    The child was me and I still cringe when I think about my reaction. My godmother gave a me a beauty and the beast mirror that would light up with picture of the characters. I think it was my 8th birthday. Anyway, I started crying and said it was a baby toy!

  3. Kathy K. says

    I think I saw a child once say they already had a gift they received. I don’t think she realized that it might hurt someone’s feelings though.

  4. Melissa Easton says

    Luckily he’s so young I haven’t hd to witness andy horrible reactions yet, but mainly just disinterest or more interest in packaging/wrapping than the gift :)

  5. Katie Mortensen says

    While my kids are generally grateful for gifts given to them – they have also come to expect them when the in laws come to visit and constantly pester for being allowed to open a gift. Its annoying and rude – though I know they are just excited

  6. Frances M says

    The prizes keep getting better and better! Hope I get this one. Thanks for the chance to win Baby Gizmo!

  7. Amanda Ayala says

    My cousin was opening gifts,then went to my grandpa,opened her hand and said “have anymore?”…I wantedv to die!

  8. Steph F says

    Our son saw his present and then went and hid behind the sofa from it. Not the sheer joy we were expecting. :)

  9. nicole heinen says

    my sister my mom worked for months to buy her a phone it was not the one she wanted and she cried,i need this stroller i take the bus everyday alone with my child i need a easy open stroller mine is horrible on the bus

  10. Kristi Philpot says

    My son will throw whatever it is across the room and start crying and screaming if he doesn’t open what he thinks he should be opening. (What he has in his head he should be getting)

  11. says

    My niece was opening her presents and when she unwrapped a clothes box, she said, “oh, Gymboree” and set it aside. She didn’t even open it to see what was inside, and moved on to the next box.

  12. Theresa J says

    I have witnessed my own child throwing a present that they didn’t like. It was at a bday party and was so embarrassing

  13. Melissa says

    That stroller is amazing! Love that its lightweight…but seems so heavy duty for a nice everyday stroller as baby gets bigger…and that fold-up. Perfect!

  14. Amanda says

    My little one is still too little for a bad reaction… She usually likes the packaging more than the actual gift ;)

  15. Crystal says

    Luckily i haven’t witnessed any kids being ungrateful. My kids have gotten duplicate toys before and just smile and say thanks.

  16. Michelle Hahn says

    My niece opened her presents from grandma and proceeded to tell her that she could return everything because she didn’t like any of them! How embarrassing, but funny because she was too young to realize it was being rude.

  17. says

    You have no idea how badly I’ve been wanting this!!!! This is the item I wait for every giveaway and the only item pretty much I ever enter to win because this is the one I need the most and oh my gosh I hope I win!!!!

  18. Shanda Enriquez says

    My daughter yelled I dont even like dora anymore at her 4th birthday party. I was so embarrassed…

  19. Samantha Hunt says

    I always love the classic “thank you, but what the hell am I? 12?” Look when you open grandparent gifts!

  20. Bettina Gritten says

    My son cried because he thought he got a straw to go with his bb’s instead of the red rider BB gun he had his heart set on. (The red rider was hiding in another location)

  21. abby koushan says

    I haven’t witnessed a bad reaction that I can think of….a confused one Yes but not rude or upset.

  22. Wendy Miguel says

    My daughter opened her present and was terrified of it and started screaming and crying and ran away and hid from it.

  23. sheri anderson says

    My youngest daughter looked so sad one Christmas when I gave her a porcelain doll, unlike her older sister who would adore a gift like this. My youngest daughter ended up playing with her brother’s new sling shot later that day. Eventually I figured out she was a Tom boy, ha ha!!

  24. Katrina Smith says

    I think the worst is when I watched a child not even give a reaction. He just opened the present then tossed it aside to open another. Shows how spoiled and ungrateful they were.

  25. Tonya Rizer Beal says

    After taking it out of packaging tossing the gift aside and playing with the box it came in instead. ;)

  26. Shelley Hammond says

    None yet, my boys are only 2 and 3. They are happy with everything, you could give them a box and they would be ecstatic!

  27. Chelsea Hibbetts says

    The only bad reaction I have seen is when my boys don’t like a particular gift they throw it aside and keep going. A little insulting…

  28. Janet Benthin says

    I remember when my children were just babies and they were more excited with the packaging than the present itself

  29. Britni Flewellen says

    I love bumbleride! I have the indie twin but my older two are 5 & 6 so I no longer need a double. The single stroller would be awesome for my two month old

  30. Jennifer R. says

    My sister picked out this great present for my step-daughter and was so proud of it. When my step-daughter opened she looked at it and told my sister that she didn’t want it. We had a long conversation after that!

  31. says

    My niece had a baby shower I came with a gift it wasn’t expensive I was on a budget due to bills well long story short after I gave her my gift she stared at it which was a cute baby outfit but it wasn’t name brand she looked at me and said what’s this called my baby can’t wear this it doesn’t have a name brand label on it then said you were better off giving me the money you paid this for or at least kept the receipt I was so angry

  32. Drea K says

    I have a hard time when kids have not reaction to gifts and just pile through opening the gifts tossing them aside with all the gift wrap. So no reaction is the worse…seems ungrateful and no manners.

  33. Holly says

    I had a child request a better version of the gift I gave her. I didn’t mind because she was thankful for what I had given and she was only 5. We really can’t be offended at what small children do in response to a gift. :)

  34. Alisha Labello says

    Oh my – the throwing aside of the gifts to move onto the next without so much as a nod.
    The incredulous looks over a well-meaning clothes present.

  35. says

    In fairness he was very tired, but my 4yo once stormed off when he got a book from his Godmother. Apparently he was disappointed that it was a book. It was soooo rude! Thankfully the godmother took it in stride knowing he was in a bad mood.

  36. Kelli Vorish says

    I bought my nephew the wrong color DS and he looked at me and said; “umm thanks, its the wrong color.”

  37. Violeta Vanessa Gill says

    I have seen a kid who had a complete meltdown and threw the box on the ground when he opened and seen it was clothes. Brat!! LOL

  38. Lindi Haight says

    I haven’t really seen a kid react to presents badly but my son has cried at both his birthdays because of the cake. He loves cake but on his birthday he was too upset to even know it was something he liked.

  39. Sarah H. says

    Fortunately at 15mo, he hasn’t had much opportunity to react poorly to gifts. He’s been pretty excited about everything he’s received so far, even down to the wrapping paper!

  40. Toni says

    While I am still very lucky that my little one is only two and thinks a new shoe lace is the coolest thing ever, I have some family’s’ kids who complained that what they got was a baby toy right in front of us! Rude :( but I think this all comes back to parenting and teaching them the correct ways to handle things when they are upset :)

  41. Renee Smith says

    One of my girls got all upset because she felt she didn’t receive enough gifts. Luckily it was after everyone left. It is so difficult to teach children gratefulness and thankfulness in this day and age. The world bombards them with messages that they “deserve” everything and should have everything. It’s very sad.

  42. Amy Boysel says

    Not my child, but one of my cousins decided that she didn’t like the Barbie with red hair and flung her off the balcony of their 3 story apartment. Wrapping and all.

  43. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    My grandson turned 6 in September and my granddaughter (his cousin) turned 5 on the same day. Nate opened his gifts first and he got a Nerf gun among other fun things. Arianna opened her gift and she had received a doll. She just hung her head and sat there trying not to cry. When my daughter asked her what was wrong she answered that she had wanted a gun like Nate not a stupid doll. Now she uses the Lalaloopsy doll as a monster when she is playing with her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She is such a tomboy, I think because most of her cousins are boys.

  44. Tara Cockrill says

    All of the family fills the kids stockings at our annual Christmas party. They get the girls the same thing, but different colors/styles. My daughter complained last year, “She got the one that I want!”

  45. says

    I haven’t really seen any bad reactions, but apparently I was given a doll as a baby and I screamed and screamed “Monsty, no monsty, go away” – the bad part was it was made especially for me. LOL

  46. Erin says

    The cadillac of umbrella strollers. Love, love, love! Love the colors love the styling, love everything.

  47. Cynthia says

    Wow!!!! Happy Christmas. I hope my kids are always happy with what they get. And I also hope to get that stroller!!!

  48. Spring M says

    A 6 year old at a birthday party opened a gift and said “this sucks, it doesn’t even do anything”. :(

  49. Julie A. says

    At my son’s first birthday he opened a present. I took it out of the packaging and tried to give it to him. He shook his head “no”and walked off. He didn’t even come back to open the rest of the gifts. I was mortified, but thankfully no one took offense.

  50. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says

    I have seen children open gifts without saying “thank you” to the giver as well as not acknowledging the gift(s).

  51. Bethany S. says

    My kids aren’t old enough to really have a bad reaction to a gift. I’m sure that day will come, though!

  52. hedgehogi says

    My nephew told me” this is not what I wanted, this is a stupid toy” at gmail dot com

  53. Cynthia Negron says

    That year family couldn’t really afford super nice gifts and got mostly clothes besides puzzles and coloring books and shoes. Once all done, kids expected more coming and once they realized no more gifts all broke out crying! Oh goodness poor mom.

  54. chelle santia geter says

    not getting a ice cream maker as a child but getting something else and crying making my mom feel bad enough to go out and try to find me one but couldn’t because it was after christmas

  55. holly neville says

    they just kind of pushed it aside like it was no big deal even when i tried to make a bigger deal out of it b/c i knew the gift giver was very excited about what they had gotten my child.

  56. Cindy B says

    Worst reaction was a little one just bursting out in tears. Why? Not because of the gift but because the box and wrapping paper were removed. So cute, poor kid. :)

  57. Thabal says

    I dont think i have seen anything in person. However it reminds me of Harry Potter Sorcerers stone movie, where Dudley throws a fit looking at his presents!

  58. Jessica Bauser says

    “Ewww, why did you give me a dirty old toy.” A little girls reaction to her Grandmothers hand me down toys.

  59. Carol says

    Looked into bumbleride when looking for a double and also a lightweight single…. Haven’t gotten one yet. And am always (still) looking for that perfect diaper bag! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  60. Lisa says

    after opening all her presents she started crying…..i didn’t get the one present i wanted….a barbie…lol this year at age 23 she is getting one

  61. Kelley H. says

    My kids have always been polite about presents. I have seen kids say “oh I already have this!”

  62. amber broussard says

    My little sister once said she didn’t like a present she recieved to her moms face. I felt so bad for her my step mom she was so hurt

  63. Jillian S says

    I have always told my son to thank people for what ever it is that they give you, even if you don’t like it or already have it. A grandparent gave him a toy he already has, and he said “thanks, now I have two of these” Really wasn’t a bad reaction, but not exactly what I meant for him to do

  64. Kelly Lorandos says

    My niece is very rude. She pretty much is never happy with what she is given. You either get completely ignored or the “oh….. Thanks.” I can’t say a specific gift because it happens every year

  65. Laura Miller says

    When my first baby was finally old enough to open presents I went a little over board…I was too excited! When he woke up Christmas morning and saw all the packages that weren’t there the night before he yelled ‘Noooooo!!!’ and ran back to his room!!! Lol… All my first Christmas with a little one dreams were shattered. ;-)

  66. Tracy s says

    My friends son, while opening gifts, said “is this it? Only clothes?” He was young so it wasn’t too bad!

  67. Kealy says

    My own kids are still young, and I can’t think of any bad reaction. They always seem to like their gifts, even if they are used items. But my step son will just brush things aside that he is not interested in, which is pretty much anything that is not money, gift cards, video games, or something else couch potato like, and I refuse to buy him things like that. We get games and things that encourage activity!

  68. Becky VanGinkel says

    Our oldest was about 4 and he opened a robot/dog from my parents and he looked at my dad and said “why don’t you play with this thing since you like baby toys so much?”.. i was mortified but am still thankful that it was just my parents and not someone else. I have young parents and my dad always teased my son (and still does!) so my dad just laughed and asked my mom to return it. My son, my husband and I all had a very long talk that night about being thankful for every single gift and being polite and thankful… no more baby responses since.. yet! We do have a 3 year old and 9 month old to worry about still! lol

  69. Monica Younes says

    I think the worst would be when we were with family and girls opened their presents and they had a blah face and just threw their present behind them and moved on to the next present.

  70. says

    Thankfully I haven’t really seen anything too bad. I think the worst I’ve seen is my son trying to take his sister’s toys because apparently he didn’t get enough of his own!

  71. Nicole N says

    Getting clothes taking it out of the box throwing on the ground and continue to search through box to see if there was anything “better”

  72. Diana L says

    I’ve seen a little girl cry opening a gift from her grandmother because she was embarrassed that she had received underwear and showed it to everyone!!

    Btw, LOVE this stoller I would love to get one!! It looks amazing I love that I can put my infant car seat on it and that it can be used up to 50lbs. It looks really nice and sturdy such a great stroller! Loved your video, can’t even begin to say all the things I loved about the stroller! Fingers crossed this is an awesome prize!!

  73. arlene e says

    My daughter, 3 at the time, opened up a pajama set that was Iron Man and she started crying. She couldn’t understand the Iron Man thing and wailed – turns out gifts were accidentally mixed up and her cousin got her girly pjs and she got his. She knew they were boys pjs and wasn’t too happy. I was utterly embarrassed – I didn’t know there was a mix up and wanted to run and hide.

  74. Amy Hall says

    Luckily my child is rather calm in those particular instances, the worst he’s done is put it aside ready for the next one in hopes he’ll like it more. lol

  75. alycia mundall says

    My 6 year old said to me after opening a birthday gift (a t-shirt) “well this is not so awesome right mom”

  76. Jessica says

    My daughter was only 9 months old last Christmas and got several gifts that made her cry. I think some of the music on baby toys is just too loud and startled her.

  77. Rebecca says

    I can’t say I’ve witnessed a child having a bad reaction to a gift. I would say the closest or most uncomfortable I’ve become is when my son is opening gifts and I’m always concerned it might be a duplicate, & what he might say. It’s only happened a couple of times once when he was real young and he just excitedly exclaimed, “now I have two!”

  78. Krystal Fahl says

    My son was given a game system and he opened it looked at it and said no thanks, went to the next gift that was clothes and was over the moon with happiness. Lol

  79. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    Before my dad married my mom he was dating a woman with 2 kids. He said he saved for months to buy them each a bike. And on Christmas morning they threw a fit because it was their only presents. He said it ruined Christmas for him, to this day he dislikes the holiday.

  80. Shelly Jones says

    Our daughter was very afraid of a talking duck that her grandparents gave her. It freaked her out when she heard it talk.

  81. Stacy Hughey says

    I bought my daughter a beautiful ballerina ornament and she told me she didn’t like it and she wanted me to take it back :( She eventually decided that she was wrong but her reaction wasn’t nice.

  82. Anne says

    As a child I cried when I unwrapped a present that contained a brick. I had missed the note that told me to look in the garage where my new bike was

  83. Olivia L says

    I remember being not excited about getting a pair of men’s gym socks when I was in fifth grade from my granny. She was tired of giving me things that got returned (she always bought the wrong size and we would have to exchange them). Needless to say I was disappointed but tried to be nice and threw them in my bag. A few weeks later I wanted some big socks to wear around the house and went to put them on and there was something in it…a note and twenty dollards to pick out something I would enjoy… the lessons we learn as kids.

  84. says

    The worst my daughter has ever done was just take something out of the bag and then throw it behind her. I however, used to cry every time someone else got a gift because I didn’t get one. I was a horrible child.

  85. Rachel Yates says

    I bought my son a Cabbage Patch doll when he was 6 because it had his name….he was not excited- haha

  86. Stephanie says

    My 3 year old screaming and throwing a full on tantrum that she wanted the pink one when all three of my girls got princess dolls from Grandma.

  87. Bernadette N says

    When my kids were younger, they would just toss aside any gifts that were clothes. They’d open it and just set it off to the side and move on to the next. I’d have to remind them to say, “Thank you” and at least look somewhat happy!

  88. Angie Marie says

    I remember I gave my son a sweater one year and he hated it so much his reaction was horrible he was crying and screaming tears .

  89. Sarah Trout says

    SAying she already had the item. We talked about being thankful afterwards and how to handle it correctly next time!

  90. esti w says

    in between sobs, he said “a gift is something you want, not something you need” . i guess clothing was not my best idea. my bad

  91. Katie L says

    My middle son (after being prepped about positive reactions for gifts) shouted with joy “thank goodness it isn’t any SF Giants stuff, woo0hoo”! From a family of huge SF Giants fans!

  92. Tabitha Bela says

    My son…when he realized he wasn’t getting the go-cart he envisioned. Instead it was a “need” gift not a “want” gift. He is only 6!

  93. Storm Wilson says

    Crying, screaming and throwing the offending gift … and then throwing an epic tantrum. In a house full of family. Mortified

  94. Kristina Lee says

    We have family-young adult cousins and my Uncle who didn’t like our random drawing of names for a gift exchange because the gifts they received weren’t good enough for them! So they “won’t be participating this year”

  95. Reina Mira says

    My son is a year old and it’s hard to tell right now. But his dad bought him the Elmo that gives hug and the first encounter was pretty funny. My son was just curious to see Elmo in real life and to be his size also. After that day, he actually likes to hug Elmo.

  96. paula s says

    I bought my daughter a doll she opened from Santa we then went to husbands family and she got two more of the same doll. The look on her face was priceless! I was so proud she never let on that she had got 3 and told both THAT was just what I wanted. lol

  97. says

    When my stepson was 4 his father and I decided to surprise him with his very first bike. We began video recording and told him a surprise was waiting for him in the garage. He asked what it was and I jokingly said “I don’t know maybe a bucket of worms.” He ran outside and into the garage where his dad wheeled out his fancy new big boy bike. He began to look around as his father pointed out that the surprise was the bike. My step son was so pissed off and looked at us rolled his eyes and says “yea…so what…it’s a bike. Theres no bucket of worms?”

  98. Eunyoung Jang says

    My nephew screamed “this is wrong!” when he received his present from grandfather on his birthday this year…

  99. Sandra Crispo says

    great gifts, saw another child take the birthday girls gift out of her hands and start playing with it, luckily they are only 3 so probably won’t remember incident!!!

  100. Lydia Hostetler says

    We teach our children and coach them before hand that if they are not happy with it they can still smile and say thank you.

  101. Victoria schimming says

    My little girl is too small to voice her opinion yet. If only she could have said something on her first birthday when she literally opened three different tea party sets all in a row!

  102. Caroline Marchant says

    I think the worst reaction to a gift, that I have seen, is showing a complete lack of interest in the item someone lovingly picked out. :(

  103. Christina Strapp says

    My sister when she was younger got upset because she got clothes that were not “name brand”.

  104. says

    So far my babies are happy with boxes and wrapping paper! They’re young so everything they’ve received has been an exciting adventure for them! I hope that as they get older they don’t reject a gift because they’re all given with love.

  105. Maria E. says

    I honestly don’t think my sons have had a bad reaction to receiving gifts. My oldest though tells me he knows he’s going to get something every time he goes to visit my in-laws. Drives me crazy…’cause it becomes expected and trying to teach him he won’t get something every time and to be a grateful.

  106. says

    Y little cousin who is very spoiled. My grandmother got her a really nice Easter basket and she just looked at it and put it aside. Didn’t even say thank you. My grandmother still talks about it to this day lol

  107. Jocelyn k says

    We gave our neighbors youngest one of our wii games the the always played at our house. He said “great a used gift”

  108. Becky R. says

    Our 2 yr old son got a little remote control car for his bday and when he pushed the controls it started coming towards him. He dropped the controller and ran off terrified because it was “chasing him”! He wouldn’t go near it after! Felt so bad!

  109. Melissa Genard says

    I think the worst reaction I’ve seen is a child tossing aside the gift without acknowledging the person who gave it to them.

  110. Megan Bass says

    My kids are usually good about being greatful. They did get frustrated with the packing on some if thier presents from their last birthday.

  111. Shannon Jefferson says

    Fortunately my kids aren’t old enough yet, my daughter would just be happy unwrapping everyone’s gifts!

  112. Amorette says

    My son has not been too bad mostly it had been just wanting to quickly move on to the next gift and pretend that the unwanted one did not exist

  113. Rebecca Jackson says

    So I’m sure at some age everyone does this but I am not a fan when children receive money in cards and just take the money without even looking at the card.

  114. Lori Edwards says

    Love, love, love this stroller. I love how it folds, love the material used, love the strong canopy, and love the carrying strap. Seems like an amazing stroller for an umbrella type stroller. I cannot wait to have one!

  115. shaunie says

    Opening a present and when it wasn’t the right one, screamed at the top of her lungs “this is not it!” , threw it and fell out on the floor.

  116. Kai Lee says

    I once saw a child open a gift and immediately said “this sucks” and put down the gift and walked away. I felt so bad for whoever gave him that gift.

  117. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    I’ve seen children remark, “I don’t want this” or “I don’t like this” or “What else did you get me?” I think all those responses are equally intolerable. Here’s hoping that I train our little one to live with grace and thankfulness!

  118. Michele R. says

    So far I have to see a bad reaction out of my 4 year old (knock on wood). However, we have been to a few birthday parties where I’ve seen the child say “I already have this.”

  119. Carly Brown says

    Her worst reaction was to cry and run to me because she was afraid of the wrapping paper sound. (Not exactly a reaction to the gift but she was less than a year old last holiday season.)

  120. ewhatley says

    fortunately I haven’t witnessed any children reacting badly to a gift – hope it doesn’t happen

  121. Shterna says

    My kids receive gifts from people for away. Add soon as they get something, they like to call abd that that person

  122. says

    My little cousin cried when she opened her gift and saw clothes. Her parents told me not to buy any toys because they were buying toys. I had to go to the basement to find one of my nieces old toys to stop her from crying! Ever since that Christmas, I always buy toys…noisey ones=]

  123. Eileen Deliz says

    The worst reaction was from my daughter as a baby. She had woken up (too soon) from a nap and was somewhat startled by a family member giving her a doll. She threw it like it was radioactive and ran to me where tried to hide herself.

  124. Kristen Martin says

    My niece has been spoiled since she was little. Two Christmas’ ago she opened every give tossed it to the side and when they were all opened she said “are there anymore?” She of course got her butt spanked. That’s never happened again.

  125. Jennifer F says

    I have been lucky so far that my kids have all had pretty good reactions to gifts. Knock on wood!!

  126. Stacey Rosenthal says

    I think it’s funny when the kid is sort of excited about the toy but, really excited about the box it came in!

  127. Beth held says

    My kids are little, so no bad reactions yet, but my oldest (6), is so shy, she hates everyone looking at her during presents and barly reacts at all, even if she loves something. She just says thank you and moves on. Later she gets excited if she loved something. We are working on it so, figers crossed it will b better this year…..

  128. Erin says

    We watched home videos of my sister at her 7th birthday party. She literally opened gifts in 10 seconds and tossed them to the side. She is the absolute sweetest and was mortified!!

  129. Christine Wu says

    My little onw is just 6 months old so I don’t think her reaction qualifies. But she did have a breakdown when we vsited my family durin g Thankagiving. She received the gift of travel.

  130. Crystal Bissonnette says

    I dislike when any child doesn’t say thank you. I want my children to appreciate what they have since some have nothing!

  131. sherry blamer says

    We(my husband and I) bought her this pull toy. the little telephone from the toy story movie. I went to show her how to play with it she would run away. She would kinda play with the telephone part but when it came to pulling it she would bolt out of the room and avoid it.

  132. says

    The worst reaction what when my daughter was given a Philly Phanatic and she grabbed it by the snout and asked what it was and why did the person who gave it to her giver her THAT.

  133. Julie Lame says

    I opened a baby doll from my grandparents and lost it because it wasn’t the right one when I was around 5 or 6…. My grandmother didn’t know what to do:)

  134. deana lamm says

    my niece didnt like the present she got so she hid it in the basement and made believe she never got a present

  135. Mark Antun D. says

    Bought a child a gift once and they turned around and asked their parents what is this? After we finished laughing and explained the gift to them they played for hours. I guess I’m focusing on the initial reaction as the worst reaction Ive received to date.

  136. heather hall says

    Luckily, my kids are too young to really have many horrible reactions other than throwing something, like clothing gifts, to the side and moving on to what is next!

  137. Jessica Kruger says

    When my daughter was little she was given a present and thought the box was her present. Surprisingly she didn’t seem disappointed.

  138. Carrie H. says

    My son was just over a year old for his second Christmas, at which he received wrapped presents. After finally convincing him to tear open the paper, he began crying hysterically- the sound of the ripping paper totally terrified him. Kind of sad and funny at the same time.

  139. Stephanie scerbo says

    Luckily, no terrible reactions yet. Hopefully I can raise my children to be grateful for whatever gifts they get.

  140. Rachel says

    witnessing my niece as a young kid, way before my husband and I had our own kids open a birthday gift at her party and blurt out “OH this present is all from the Dollar Tree!”

  141. Amber says

    My children are young enough that we don’t have any horrible reactions, but at my daughter’s second birthday she was loving opening presents and getting new toys and even the cards, but she opened a bag of clothes and she just threw them off to the side and went to the next present. It was kind of funny.

  142. Jen S says

    Not a child, but my adult step-cousin freaked out at our family Christmas party and started crying when her mom didn’t get her the makeup set she had wanted.

  143. Julie Markiewicz says

    My mom got my nephew clothes for Christmas one year and he opened them and said clothes? This isn’t a gift. Where’s my real present. My brother just about died. My mom had gotten him other things but made him open that first.

  144. Stephanie N says

    Last Christmas my daughter had refused to open a present! She said its a movie and I didn’t want a movie! Needless to say mommy had to open the gift.

  145. Jaclyn S says

    Haven’t really witnessed any children reaction. BUT my baby that is due December 20th would love this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  146. christine k says

    A little girl (at her birthday party…. 6th, I believe) opened a present that was a bead set or something huge for making your own stuff. She said, “I already have this but it is sooooo cute! THANK YOU!” (yes, that’s the worst reaction I’ve seen)

  147. Amberly Hash says

    My kids haven’t done anything like this yet, but I have seen other kids say its not what they wanted an cry.

  148. will rivera says

    When I was a kid my brother had gotten me a game system. It was not the one I want and I had made some faces. He was not happy and actually took it away. I learned my lesson then!

  149. Faith Stewart says

    My nephew got a toy he already had so he started crying and threw the toy across the room.

  150. Danielle B says

    I’ve only really seen children really excited or sometimes they may open a gift that they may find not super exciting so they just go right on to the next.

  151. Casey B. says

    I have been lucky that I haven’t seen anything too bad other than a kid looking forward to the next gift to unwrap and throwing that current present to the side.

  152. Stephanie Maginot Thillens says

    Thankfully, none of my kids have been rude about getting a gift they didn’t want, but one of them will ask me in a hushed tone when it’s time to leave why FILs wife always gets them boring clothes for Christmas. I try to explain that they’re just trying to make sure they have nice stuff to wear. Sigh.

  153. Michelle says

    My son is a bit too young to give much of a reaction, he mostly would just seem disinterested in a certain toy.

  154. Emily Coen says

    My daughter is 3 and my son is 10 months. So they haven’t had many chances to react poorly to a gift. I am worried about my daughter’s reaction to her gift from Santa this year though. She has asked for a table and chairs for her under stairs playhouse. Got her a couple chairs with an endtable because her playhouse is small. I’m really arias she’s not going to be too pleased.

  155. Christy S says

    I think learning how to be gracious when accepting a less than desirable gift is a skill that must be learned, but kids can’t understand that until they are older.

  156. Mikenzie Wade says

    My brother has down syndrome and I remember on several occasions growing up him saying “ugh! I hate this!”

  157. Kellie says

    I have not witnessed a bad reaction yet since my children are so little, but there is plenty time for that to happen. :-)

  158. Janelle says

    Thankfully my kids haven’t had a terrible reaction to a present, but I’m sure that will come one day!

  159. Nikki says

    My sons eyes light up every time he opens a gift. Then sees the wrapping on the next one and gets all excited all over again!

  160. Claire says

    Omg, ours was pretty bad! When my stepdaughter was little, her dad & mom put a ban on those Bratz dolls. At her sixth birthday party, as she opened her presents, she was acting so graciously and politely. It was a moment of pride. Then bam, she opens a Bratz doll. She looks at the kid eho gave her the gift, and says, “i’m not allowed to play with these.” And then proceeds to toss it back to the kid :/ it was pretty humiliating! That was one of two parties I (her stepmother) had been permitted by mom to arrange, so eeeeeeveryone looked to me. Agh! Thankfully, her parents stepped in and reminded her about being gracious, but oy!

  161. julie says

    he has been pretty good so far, but we have definitely had our share of “I alreadyu have this”

  162. Calayna H says

    Mine wouldn’t be the gift receiver, but my nephews half brother. We got my nephew Underarmor outfits for his first birthday and his much older brother said “ugh, why does HE get all the Underarmor stuff! “

  163. Rachael says

    The most embarrassing reaction my kids have had is a toss up between “oh I already have this” and just ripping open the gift and barely looking at it and asking “is there more” . MORTIFYING! Now every Christmas we practice what to say to family after opening gifts.

  164. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler says

    Hey! I don’t want this. I have this already!!! With a scowl on his face. (Not my child) :-) whew! LOL!

  165. precious o. says

    He’s young…so he’s happy to see something new…Once it’s old newS…on to the next one….lol

    Love bumblebride products though. .. :)

  166. Rachel says

    I can’t think of anything TOO bad, but I recently saw a child complain that a paper airplane instruction book was “too high-tech” for him. lol:)

  167. Jonathan Baker says

    He was too young to speak at the time, but he just set it aside right after opening it to open another gift :)

  168. Rebekka martin says

    My godson peeked into the bag and declared it’s just clothes next present, never even opened it lol

  169. Kimberlie says

    My now 7 year old when he was 4 or 5 said ” Wow! That is an Ugly shirt” when my mother opened her preset from my dad that year. Not the best thing to say and of course it was REALLY loud so everyone could hear him. Kids!

  170. jackie barra says

    I always cringe when my kids open gifts in front of family or friends and they get something that they already have … bc they always say “But I already have this” and toss it aside.

  171. Jennifer M says

    My daughter is still at the age where she is more excited about the wrapping paper and boxes.

  172. Kristi Golik says

    So far my son has not had any bad reactions, but have have seen a child burst into tears, kicking and screaming because he did not like what he got. He thought what his brother received was way better and literally made a scene for the rest of the day. His parents ended up going and buying him one of his own.

  173. Lia R says

    So far, the worst reaction my 3 year old has had to a gift is complete indifference! Not interested at all, no thank you, complete indifference :)

  174. meghan bruce says

    i have a two year old, so unwrapping the gifts is her favourite part and she loves everything

  175. Kathryn says

    I can not recall any negative reactions from any kids, but one year I had a terrible reaction to a gift :) I was 17 and my mom hates wrapping so she put all our christmas gifts in boxes and then we wrapped them. I had been asking for a new coat, so when I got one box that I was sure was my coat I was excited. My Mom tried to throw me off and said maybe it is an ugly bathrobe :( So on the gift tag I wrote ‘Not an ugly bathrobe!’ Well, my mom decided to change out my coat for her ugly bathrobe the day before we opened gifts. I of course, wanted to open my coat first, well I had a great big shock when I saw an ugly bathrobe! I tried to be polite but my family said it was all over my face. I guess they all found it pretty funny!

  176. Roro says

    I once give a gift to a friends gift her reaction was looking at the gift put it down and left ! i thought that was nice l and rude of her ): so sad to see kids doing the whatever kind of act at young age .

  177. Melody Francis says

    My kids are too young but I’ve seen funny reactions to gifts on America’s Funniest Home Videos. There were kids crying because it wasn’t what they wanted.

  178. Margo says

    It wasn’t “bad” persay, but one year my son asked for Woody and buzz. I got the smaller (cheaper) ones because paying 50 a pop seemed outrageous! He was grateful for them, but we had done Christmas early before we flew to our family’s house. He knew most of his presents were already opened, and he was only 4 so not quite old enough to realize his cousins had WAY more to open than him so we weren’t worried. A day or two before Christmas he said, this time I want a REAL (meaning big) buzz and woody. We asked him if the Virginia santa was lame and he just kinda sighed and said “yeah”. hehe.. luckily I had already found some on Ebay for super cheap and they arrived to UT in time for our second Christmas :)

  179. Thao Dang says

    Not anything too bad. Just tossed it aside after a quick glance and moved on to the next gift.

  180. stephanie h says

    im currently tryint to teach my little one to appreciate all gifts….we will see how this year goes.

    would love this stroller….mine is 5 years old and in bad shape. lol.

  181. Lauren says

    It’s very rewarding to see the smile of a child when he was given something he wished… Very nice experience…

  182. Kate says

    Our little one was so shocked to walk out of her room and see a huge castle inside the livingroom with a slide and secret door she walks passed it at first then froze rubbing her eyes and slowly got wide eyes and huge smile

  183. Katherine H says

    My middle son got all mad when he got a puzzle one year. He knew it was one too when he shook it and he was wow it’s a puzzle and he wouldn’t even open it!

  184. Michelle Simon says

    Ripping the paper off and throwing what’s inside aside and saying, “that’s it???”

  185. Stefanie Mayer says

    My oldest daughter received a gift at her last birthday and as soon as she opened it, she tossed it right to the side. I was mortified!

  186. Carrie J says

    I don’t have an answer to the question, but I’m sure I will once our baby is born in 8 weeks :-) Love the stroller!

  187. Kathy Laird says

    I have gone to several parties where the child opens a gift and it is clothes or a gift that they are not interested in, they just set it aside and don’t even look at it or thank the person who gave it to them. It has happened a few times. Three and under doesn’t bother me so much, but 4 and up is a different story.

  188. Charlotte says

    I want this so bad! My stroller broke. :( the rudest thing my son has done is to his grandma when he got a car set and said ” that’s dumb” and went in to the next :(

  189. Suzanne says

    Once when my nephew got clothing as a gift, he said, “I wanna be blind!” because he hated clothing as a gift.

  190. Amber P says

    Gave my godson clothes, in addition to a lot of toys. He gave me the worst look of disgust and tossed them to the side. Lol. He was only three.

  191. Kimberly says

    Once my sister gave my nephew a bunch of dollar store toys as a joke before he opened up his real toys. He is super spoiled, so he started freaking out saying how lame everything was and saying he better get whatever gaming system was big that year.

  192. Jessica says

    My Niece received a kindle fire last year and said “Why did you get me this? I wanted a Ninetendo?”

  193. Jennifer P. says

    My son’s 9th birthday was on Saturday, we had bought him a new bicycle since he just learned to ride without training wheels and was riding a too small, junky bike. He saw it and was already in a bad mood and totally dismissed it and said he wanted a tablet instead. I was so mad. Thankfully he realized he was a jerk and came and told me he really did like it and was happy to have it and then we went and got a helmet together as a fun outing.

  194. Arden Walston says

    My son has always been mostly grateful, but once he opened some clothing and started crying.

  195. Lena says

    When my brother was little, he didn’t get the gift he wanted, but instead got an Incredible Hulk van. I forget what he actually wanted, and this thing was HUGE. It was a good gift, but it just wasn’t the one. I can still picture the tears on his face and hear him yelling. I might be a bad sister, and it wasn’t funny at the time, but now it cracks me up. My poor parents.

  196. Veronica says

    Worst reaction I saw was when the gifts ran OUT! Screaming and crying followed. (Not my kid by the way!)

  197. kate B says

    my own kids are too young to know/care about presents, but i remember a year my sister ran and hid in her room crying for hours over something she didn’t get.

  198. Sherry Harmon says

    I think that it is amazing that you are doing this for the holidays! What a blessing to win.

  199. Jessica Rodriguez says

    I watched my friends child open a gift, throw it and say “I didn’t want that”. My friend was so embarrassed.

  200. Hannah Kennedy says

    I once witnessed a 5 year old scream thats not what I wanted, kick her father in the shins and run out of the room. My son is only 9mo so we have not experienced any of this yet but that type of the behavior will not be tolerated!

  201. jess k says

    My daughter didn’t get the bike she wanted because we were going to save it for her birthday 3 weeks later. Needless to say she got it but still in the box. She was so sad

  202. Stephanie Phelps says

    The worst reaction I ever saw was my niece who threw it down and stuck her tongue out before turning around and stomping off crying to her mom!

  203. Mary Beth says

    Worst child’s reaction to a gift I have witnessed: At my brother’s birthday party many years ago, EVERY present he opened he would say, “Just what I ALWAYS wanted,” in a completely dead-pan voice, before tossing it over his shoulder. My mom had warned him before-hand to act grateful, but that was not what she had in mind!

  204. Rebecca Xavier says

    When my younger sister was about 5, after she opened all of her gifts she started crying. When asked why, she said that she got too many clothes.

  205. Amber Hayes says

    When my daughter was 4 she didn’t get what she wanted for Christmas on Christmas morning (because her grandparents got her the gift of her dreams and she hadn’t gone to their house yet), so she was so disappointed she was unable to enjoy any of her gifts and she said, “Santa sucks mom.” She was so depressed until she went to her grandparents house and received her dream gift. Now we make sure we get her the dream gift or that the grandparents give her presents before the big day. :)

  206. Danielle says

    My son keeps his enthusiasm pretty contained so whether he likes a gift or not he just calmly says thank you.

  207. Jennifer C says

    I’ve seen bad reactions on TV like on America’s funniest videos but not really in person. Maybe we did as kids when my Grandmother would send underwear and an ugly sweater!

  208. Lilia Kharabora says

    Mine are still little.. so they are grateful for everything.
    No funny stories witnessed either. Sorry :P

  209. Glenna says

    My son just turned two and at his party he opened up a gift of new clothes from his grandparents, took one look at them and just threw them over his shoulder, ready to move on. It was like that scene in A Christmas Story where the boys open up socks, shrug and throw them aside to dig in for more.

  210. Lindsey H says

    My dad has an expression that he would make us kids repeat every Christmas morning before we were allowed to open any gifts: “I won’t cry if I get socks.” Apparently my cousin had a huge crying breakdown when he received socks in his stocking one year so now it is a family mantra.

  211. cortney t says

    My son is only 11 months so doesn’t get the idea of “presents” yet. I haven’t seen any bad reactions either! Sorry! lol

  212. Margaret Villella says

    My son opened a few gifts at his birthday party, but once he opened a package with bubbles in it, he refused to open any more gifts. So his Dad and I had to open the gifts for him. Hopefully he will do better next year!

  213. Melissa says

    Do I count as an adult child of my parents?? If so, I had a bad reaction to a gift once. In my defense, my (now) husband is kind of clueless. Christmas morning, after 3 years of dating and me moving to New Zealand, he hands me a tiny box to open in frtont of his entire family. I opened it, fully expecting an engagement ring. Instead, there was a pair of beautiful gold earrings. I love the earrings, but expecting the engagement ring, I did my best to not show my disappointment/surprise. I’m sure my now sister-in-laws knew what was on my mind, but not him!

  214. nicole v-p says

    My son his horrible with gifts, if its not something he specifically asked for then he just throws it down and says he didn’t want that. He’s really bad when it comes to clothes too. We’ve been working with him and he has gotten better, but it doesn’t help when you have a nana go behind your back and continue to spoil him to the point he thinks if he goes in a store hes supposed to get a toy.

  215. Lauren Newsome says

    Well min are quite young ( 9 weeks & 19 months)…my daughter did unwrap Henry’s gifts when he was born and literally threw all contents and played with the paper and bags! Typical toddler!
    Looking forward to the diaper bag, we just received the indie twin in fog yesterday…love it!

  216. Julie M. says

    Once, my little cousin threw the biggest tantrum when she opened a gift because it was not the EXACT doll she had wanted. My aunt was mortified by her behavior and my cousin screamed and cried for what seemed like hours.

  217. Jeanine Hall says

    My lo is too small but there have been plenty of stories about me as a kid only playing with the boxes not toys

  218. Shayla says

    A child was crying because he wanted a treat so the cashier was nice enough to give him a sucker, he through it back in her face since it wasn’t what he wanted…ungrateful

  219. Stacy W says

    Typical child, the reaction was to ignore the toy and spend all day playing with the box! :) I’ve been lucky to not have witnessed some of the negative things I’ve heard about!

  220. Samantha Wills Crihfield says

    My nephew seriously cried and screamed that he didn’t like what I got him and didn’t want it! I bet steam was coming from my ears because I was SO mad!! When I was small, I was grateful for anything I got!

  221. Barbara Wilson says

    I saw a friends niece throw her new doll at her fathers face. :( i thought it was a cute one though

  222. Erin T says

    I can’t say I’ve seen a bad reaction either. My siblings and I were always excited and our little guy is 2 so he loves everything :)

  223. Katie M says

    One year when my cousin was 3 or 4, he woke up Christmas morning and my aunt asked him if he wanted to open all his presents. He took one look at the tree and said “Eh maybe later”. My aunt was shocked that a kid wouldn’t want to open presents on Christmas.

  224. Ani says

    DS got a cars sticker book and stickers.. looked at it and asked where his Tonka truck was ( the one my mom gave him the day before and paid 75 cents for at a used shop).. then told me how much he loved his tonka truck

  225. Natalie S says

    One year my husband bought our oldest a video game of some sort and her younger sister a purple unicorn pillow pet, well the older one cried and cried because she wanted the pillow pet, it was so pitiful.

  226. Kalli Skaggs says

    My son is only 10 months, but I can already tell he’ll probably put me in a situation like this! ;) Kids- what can you do?!?!

  227. Kara P says

    My oldest is 3.5 and little is only 5 months, so I haven’t had any major reactions yet. 3.5 year old loooves opening any gift and then throws to the side for the next one but that’s par-for-the-course at this age. I’m dreading what might come out of her mouth in another year or 2!

  228. niki says

    Trying to teach my 4 year old that it’s not appropriate to say she doesn’t like a gift or already has it

  229. Sonya Morris says

    My daughter rec’d a Santa musical toy from our neighbor and she was scared of it and cried!

  230. Jennifer K. C. says

    The worst reaction I have ever seen was my little sister who said it wasn’t what she asked for, it was the wrong color, but thanks for trying I guess…. so rude, and so bratty!

  231. Kristin says

    Last year my son opened a present, pushed it aside and said “I don’t like that! What else do you have?” I was quite upset!

  232. says

    One time my son opened some underwear for his birthday and made a hideous face and threw it across the room saying, underwear, no!!!!! LOL! Clearly he was not a fan!

  233. says

    I haven’t really witnessed anything that bad, thankfully. There is a picture from my daughter’s 2nd birthday where it looks like she’s making a very unimpressed face at a present she’s opening, but I think we just snapped the picture at the wrong moment, because she really enjoyed everything she got.

  234. Lindsey says

    Last year our Elf delivered a special message on Christmas Eve saying Santa was sending them to Disney World in 2hrs. Needless to say, my youngest who was 3 at the time burst into tears and didn’t want to go, she wanted my mom.

  235. Millie McClave says

    Nothing dramatic just have seen them throw it down and grab the next on an start unwrapping it.

  236. Dana Ferguson says

    Mine is too young to be ungrateful..she loves everything.mostly the boxes and tissue paper. Considering giving her bubble wrap for Christmas..

  237. Megan Braley says

    My 14 month old son just said ‘hot hot hot!’ as my husband was starting to fill up his bath water… lol!

  238. Rumsita says

    Nothing terrible yet, just confusion when the child didn’t know what it was. I’m sure something will crop up one day though.

  239. Allison Davis says

    My brother was given a denim jacket as a 2 year old from a grandparent that always needs a big reaction and tons and tons of gratitude. He opened it and laid it to the side. She was not impressed.

  240. Jenn P says

    I’ve seen many home movies of my husband as a child. One year for Easter he received a whole basket-full of toys. All he wanted to do was to play with the first toy he received. However, his mother had other plans, namely that her son would admire all the toys in the basket for the camera. Suffice it to say my husband wasn’t happy and after each toy was thrust in his face, he tried to wiggle away and get to that first toy.

  241. Bethany Adams says

    At her third birthday, my daughter would literally just throw clothes aside without looking at them. Pretty typical, though.

  242. becka says

    I remind mine every year that if they don’t love it they still need to use kind words because whoever gave it to them was thinking of them and to be thankful for the thought. Still, one time my daughter who has PDD-NOS and is not known for a strong mouth filter ;) once did an “Are you kidding me?!” to a toy meant for a toddler that her grandma had given her when she was 9 or 10. Fortunately grandma was 1000 mi away and she still managed to a thank you later on when they talked.

  243. Kristin Jones says

    when my daughter was really little she would just play with the bows or paper instead of the gift.

  244. Amanda F says

    My little guy is only a week old so no reactions at this point but I have seen rudeness such as I already have this or I don’t like this color from some older kids

  245. Soon To Be Mommy of 3 says

    I am happy to say ive not experienced bad reactions/issues with my two boys on any of our Christmas’s but I have seen other children who just dont appreciate things given to them and are just down right ungrateful or expect and want more. That is what breaks my heart because as parents we certainly try our best to give our children the best Christmas possible I can speak for myself and I am sure others too right ;)

  246. trenda t says

    My son got one present from grammie with socks in it, he opened it, put the socks back in and handed it back saying “no thank you grammie” lol

  247. Remington Richey says

    One year my older brother and I decided to trick my youngest brother and stuff a big box full of socks for Christmas. He opened the box with such excitement, then busted out in tears and ran away when he realized it was socks.

  248. Andrea F. says

    My 10 year old niece, got a pair of princess pajamas a couple years ago, looked at them and said, I don’t wear baby characters anymore, I would never wear these….was so rude!

  249. Michaelyn Pappert says

    my daughter once received a gift she didn’t like from a relative and simply walked over to the garbage can and threw it away!! Talk about being embarassed!!! LOL

  250. Maria says

    My stepson, who has Asperger’s, tends to say things like, “why’d they got me this?” We’re working on it….

  251. says

    I have seen a child open a gift, throw it down, then stomp off in disgust. Very embarassing to be their parent at that moment, if you are the parent.
    Thanks for the incredible giveaways!

  252. ElizabethJ says

    I gave my son (8 years old) clothes for Christmas he opened it and threw the whole thing across the room and said who cares about clothes when I have toys! LOL crazy kid he learned to appreciate those clothes though little mean boy!

  253. Adrienne G. says

    My dad bought my daughter a Dora chair and the first words out of her mouth were “I don’t like it.”

  254. Jeannette Olton says

    When my daughter was four I made her a cloth doll with an embroidered face. I guess my embroidery skills were lacking because she took one look at it and started crying.

  255. brittany larochelle says

    My 20 yr old MARRIED cousin threw a fit over the really pretty outfit her stepmom got her in front of the entire family and guests. It was embarrassing to watch her.

  256. Sarah Barnes says

    My 3 year-old-son said through his tears, “This isn’t a Wobin (as in Robin from Batman) toy!”, when opening each birthday gift. Finally he got to a Robin action figure and the tears dried up, but I was throughly embarrassed as no gift was good enough unless it was Robin. His birthday was just a few weeks ago, and he again asked for Robin toys for Christmas. This kid’s in for a world of disappointment as there are very few toys devoted to Batman’s sidekick…

  257. Jenni Jones says

    Thankfully, none of my kids have had a horrid reaction to any gifts they’ve received – but, I’m sure that day will come! I’ve had friends kids that have been brutally honest by saying things like “I don’t like this,” or “I wanted this in pink, red is ugly,”..

  258. sergio b says

    I’ve haven’t really seen bad ones. in my family we always try to give our kids at least one present that they really want

  259. Ashley fuller says

    my neice opened up a gift that we had gotten her, it wasn’t much because we didnt have alot of money, 2 kids of our own, and 6 nephews and neices, and she looked at the doll through it at my son and said what else did you get me. We were so upset, our kids appreciate everything they get from us or relatives and know that christmas isnt about how much someone spends on you, but that being with family and being safe and healthy are what matter most.

  260. Stacey R says

    My kids are too young to really have a bad reaction, they are pretty much happy with anything they get! Although, I do hate it when kids say out loud “I already have this” super annoying! I want to teach my kids to just say thank you and be grateful

  261. says

    My child has never had a “bad” reaction to a gift… If anything he’s been non-impressed at times when a baby but overall he appreciates all the gifts he has received. :)

  262. DANIELLE lehman says

    The only negative reaction I have seen is just no interest in the gift. Kind of disappointing when you take time to pick out something special.

  263. Jennifer says

    my sons never been ungrateful for a gift but last christmas he was so overwhelmed with the big tearing frenzy at my in laws (hes used to opening one thing at a time and playing with it at our house) that he started crying and yelling no more!!

  264. Gina Demaree McKee says

    My nephew shakes every box. And if one even RESEMBLES or has the slightest hint of being just clothes, he tosses it. LOL. It may not get opened my him at all.

  265. casey says

    I thought I was going to be the cool aunt and introduce my niece to some less “girly” toys. I’m an engineer & think it’s important to get girls introduced to the STEM fields. Anyway, the building set I bought her went over less the stellar. I think her response was something like “Why would I want this?” It’s still in the same configuration that I worked on with her 3 years ago!

  266. Lindsey L says

    My two year old told me she didn’t like a black coat that we gave her because it wasn’t pretty enough.

  267. Chana S says

    I witnessed a child start to cry when they opened the present cause that was not what they wanted…it was pretty embarrassing for the parents.

  268. Kristi says

    So far my kids have been thrilled with any gift they have opened. However at a birthday party the little girl opened our present and looked at her mom. I could tell from the look that she already had it but her mom just smiled and whispered “it’s ok, just say thank you like we talked about.” I thought it was handled pretty well.

  269. Danae Turner says

    When my kids get money in a card they immediately bring it to me… even if they are right beside their dad and I’m not even in the room. LOL They know who manages the finances in our house even at 2 and 3!

  270. Melissa H says

    The kid is too young to give real attitude. She usually just drops the unexciting gift and moves on.

  271. Ariana says

    My daughter is only 2 and hasn’t had any bad reactions, just not been too excited and wanted to open another present.

  272. katy pryce says

    My daughter said “hey Santa gave me an orange and I don’t like oranges” our santa leaves an orange in our stockings each year ;)

  273. Danielle says

    My nephew got underwear for xmas when he was 5. he opened them up, had the home alone type facial expression, tossed them in the air and then ran to bury his head in the couch.

  274. Amber H says

    My little cousin burst into tears after she opened her gifts because she had been expected a certain toy and it wasn’t there. Her birthday was in January and that is when she got the toy.

  275. Barbara Leidahl says

    My nephew said “oh man I already have this” and then pouted and looked for the next gift

  276. Laura Eckard says

    My daughter is only 11 months so she hasn’t had any bad reactions but I have witnessed another child turn to her mother and say how cheap a gift was. I was appalled at the child’s reaction. I am really hoping to teach my child better manners and that any gift is to be appreciated.

  277. Stephanie Jarrett says

    My oldest told my mom last year”I don’t want this shirt. Give me a different gift please!”

  278. trisha kilpatrick says

    I have taught my children from a very young age that if they are not appreciative of every gift then they will not get any gifts at all. I remind them that no one owes them a gift, and all gifts are an expression of love. That being said, my daughter did mention that a certain gift resembled something a stripper would wear quietly to me while being most gracious and appreciative to the gift giver.

  279. Kristin says

    This would be so great for my daughter, who will making her appearance in April. Thanks so much for all your giveaways!

  280. Jane B. says

    My son got a gift card from someone years ago before he knew what it was…. He was devastated that his friend just gave him a “card” instead of a toy! It was heart-breaking!

  281. Rachel Davis says

    I went to a little boy’s birthday party where he said “Cool, thank you!” for most gifts he opened. But there was one gift that he literally took one quick look at and tossed over his shoulder before opening the next. I have to admit, it was so comical I had trouble keeping myself from laughing!

  282. Amanda M says

    My LO is only 10 months, so this is our Christmas. We haven’t experienced any bad reactions yet, but I’m sure there will be some eventually.

  283. Karen Rennirt says

    Just the usual, I already have that. I’ve always reminded my children since that incident, before they open presents to watch what they say whether they like the gift or already have one to be very gracious for it, that person didn’t have to get them anything and you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

  284. Amanda T says

    My daughter is only 11 months old so this will be her first Christmas. However, my niece who is 7 years old now, was so funny when she received only one toy and a ton of clothes (things she NEEDED) a few years ago. She kept saying “oh come on”, “not another one”, “what did I do wrong” – we couldn’t help but laugh!

  285. Karen McAdams says

    One boy got a gift from his grandma and started throwing a fit, saying it was a stupid gift and that he hated it :-\

  286. Kimberly Walker says

    Bursting into tears because she received a “baby gift”. To be fair, she was 5 and the item was intended for an 18mo aged child.

  287. christina p says

    I seen my niece open up a Christmas present last yr that her Aunt gave her, it was a stuffed animal. When she opened it up her face literaly dropped and she threw it aside. Like nothing and went on with the next present. I don’t think she ever looked at that toy again. pretty funny to watch but I was so happy that wasn’t the reacting I received when she opened up my gift.

  288. Jessica O says

    My daughter is still too young to “dislike” presents. About the worst is when she opens one and throws it aside to move on to the next!

  289. Amber Buchanan says

    I would love the compact stroller. Great gift ideas I have four kids of my own and I have. 18 nieces and nephews so lightweight is perfect.

  290. Megan Edgar says

    Hysterical tempertrantum over receiving a sleeping bag….that child was me. My family still brings it up every Christmas

  291. Lena Naef says

    My niece was opening her gift and said that she didn’t like it and ask if she could exchange it for a better toy…

  292. Laurie Emerson says

    My daughter received a rocking horse from her grandparents. She loved it until she got on and its eyes started to glow and it snorted. It took all day for us to calm her down and only then when we put it in the garage and locked the door!

  293. Alexia says

    She looked at it, looked at me, shook her head and went and hid it behind our couch. =) I was a new tooth brush.

  294. Amie says

    Honestly we have been very fortunate that our daughter (5) has never had a bad reaction to a gift. She always loves anything, big, small, silly, weird, etc. :) Thanks!

  295. Sarah says

    My husband’s niece – who was 24 and a little over 20 weeks pregnant – when she opened up a $50 gift card to Babies R Us we got her for Christmas said, “Thanks, but what did you get me?” She was dead serious.

  296. Robin Miller says

    My daughter received a princess pack- with the disney princesses- and she squealed with joy! The next gift was a large stuffed doll- more meant for decor- she didnt say a word and just set it aside- I felt really bad for the giver.

  297. ElleB says

    Our little is only 2, but his worst reaction so far has been to completely ignore a present, but burst into loud tears over having his wrapping paper taken…so not that bad!

  298. Mary P says

    I think the main reaction I’ve seen is just ignoring–playing with the paper or the box instead, or just not playing with it at all.

  299. Kelli R says

    Haven’t witnessed any bad reactions yet, the kids are still pretty young and like everything they get.

  300. Robyn Chilcoat says

    My oldest is only 3 years old, so any gift he recieves he is over the moon about. He has however gotten upset that our elf on the shelf didn’t move a night or two (bad mommy!)

  301. betsy says

    I had a young cousin be incredibly disappointed in a gift card. She had no clue what it was and thought that a toy would have been much more fun!

  302. Joy Person says

    I watched my 8 year old brother in law open a gift of clothes and say ” what more clothes” and he threw them in the trash and began to cry in disappointment.

  303. Jennifer says

    I have yet to witness terrible reactions. Just complete apathy. I gave some nephews a combination of books and toys that were related to those books. It took a lot of thought, but they were just. Not. Interested. The toys weren’t the “hottest new thing” nor electronic. The boys were all under 8 years old, so I had no idea they’d already be into the electronics. I just don’t know kids, I guess.

  304. Ashley says

    It wasn’t “bad,” but hilarious. My brother, from about 3-7 years, shook all the boxes in front of him and upon finding a shirt box that felt like it contained clothing, exclaimed, “Clothes! I’ll deal with that later.”

  305. Leeanna H. says

    My kid is 4 and he gets so caught up in things that he will sometime throw a present aside and ask for the next one. I have to remind him to actually look at the item and say thank you!

  306. Cheri S. says

    One of my nieces threw a present down on the floor, stormed to the couch and pouted about a gift she received. I think it was clothes. I was shocked!

  307. April says

    My baby is only 7 months old, but when he gets a gift and he really wants it, both hand start giving the sign for “milk” which to him right now is “want”, his legs start kicking, and he makes this grunting noise.

  308. Cheryl W says

    My girls haven’t had a horrible reaction, but I have been very excited to give a very special gift only to see them place it to the side with no reaction whatsoever.

  309. Camille Hatcher says

    I cringe when Juliette just blows through opening her gifts… so rude. When that happens we always have a talk about manners afterwards. You stop, take time, say thank you. Be appreciative.

  310. heather clark says

    When the grand kids turn 10 nana and papa stop buying them presents and give them cash like they do with us adults. Well the year my son Ty turned 10 he opened the envelope to cash and started crying he wanted to be little and have fun opening gifts again.

  311. Kate R. says

    my 6 Year old needs to be retaught gift manners. He has a hard time saying thank you and it makes me crazy

  312. Patricia Seifert says

    My niece (2 years old at the time) was given ET for Christmas from her dad. She opened it and he said, “That was daddy’s favorite movie when he was a boy.” She looked at him and said, “I is not a boy.” It has not become a favorite in their house.

  313. terra agueda says

    my son got a pair of footed pajamas when he was 13! it was a practical joke from his aunt, however, she did not have another present for him. he was not pleased!

  314. Amy Lumley says

    One of my boys when he was about 4, got socks for a Christmas present. He looked in disbelief and said I don’t want socks. We made a big running joke of it and now all the kids put socks and underwear on their list :)

  315. Staci Nouri says

    Not much experience with children opening gifts yet but in terms of my generation my cousins just rarely said `thank you’

  316. Catherine says

    My daughter was not too pleased to receive socks and panties as a stocking gift one year. She was so embarrassed to open them in front of her grandparents via webcam and she was only 7!! Haha!!

  317. Lo Eggenberger says

    I love when kids get clothes that they don’t like. I saw a child give a horrified look and toss it over their shoulder!

  318. Suzanne B says

    I don’t know if it was a bad reaction but one year my son was so sick and his eyes so lifeless he did not care what happened. All you could do was cuddle him.

  319. Christine A. says

    The kids, whom were not mine, threw the gift back at the person and had a royal fit. Not very grateful manners. Parents were so embarrassed.

  320. Stephanie Wilson says

    Can’t think of when he wasn’t happy with gifts but I do remember him once just setting down a toy after it was given to continue playing with what he had in his hands.

  321. Kristine Laird says

    My grandpa is notorious for buying gifts with a Southwestern theme (we all live in AZ). One year he bought my younger brother one of those glass paperweights that have a dead scorpion sealed inside. My brother started crying! My grandpa actually took it really well. He took it back announcing he’d use it on his own desk and gave my brother cash instead.

  322. Debra says

    I really haven’t had any HORRIBLE experiences with my children receiving gifts – but I do find a lot of humor that the boys have a lot more fun creating boats and cars out of the boxes than they do playing with the actual purchased gift :)

  323. Brenda Davis says

    My kids are always pretty grateful when they receive gifts. But, we usually only visit family on holidays and when we were at my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving my 5 year old son came in and said, “Ok, when do we open presents?” LOL.

  324. Kent says

    Can’t say I remember a poor reaction that I have witnessed. I have seen some great happy dances though.

  325. Cortney says

    The stroller giveaway looks great. I have a double but my four year old isn’t really into riding in the stroller much anymore.

  326. laurie says

    I’ve Only Seen Where If The Kid doesn’t Like The Gift Or Already Has It They Open It And Then Just Ignore it.

  327. Cassie says

    I got a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter a couple years ago. She opened the relatively expensive gift, looked at it and said, “I already have this one. You’ll have to get me something else.” I can’t say I’ve ever heard a reaction like that before. Growing up we were always taught to be thankful, even if we didn’t like it or we already had it.

  328. Rachel says

    I remember at a friends child’s birthday party, the little girl got the same doll from 2 different kids…she walked up to both of them holding the dolls and said: i want one of you to get me something else i only want one! We couldn’t believe it! Poor mom was so embarrassed!

  329. Cortney says

    My daughter who just turned 4 is very good about receiving gifts from other people. From me on the other hand she is not always the greatest. I gave her a new dress and she threw a fit because she doesn’t like dresses!

  330. Brandi Elam says

    My daughters have each done this once….they got to the end of their presents and say “is that all?” like they deserved more. As someone who grew up less fortunate than they are being raised, that has annoyed and frustrated me!

  331. Laura says

    My son received one of those really cool book reading critters this year. I was so excited to show him how it would read to him. I set it on the book, it started talking, he shrieked and threw it across the room into the wall, right in front of the gift giver! Oops!

  332. MaryAnn says

    I can’t really think of any bad reactions. My kids are only 3 and 2 months right now but hopefully we can teach them to be grateful of all gifts before something bad happens.

  333. Jessica Dolata says

    For my second birthday my aunt gifted me a doll…I walked over the the garbage and tossed it! I guess tomboy must run in the family because we cannot get our 20month old to show interest in dolls whatsoever. Well, back to cleaning a bottles worth of dish soap off my furniture!!

  334. Betty Baez says

    Luckily I haven’t experienced this with my 3 boys they’re very grateful for what they get actually sometimes overly excited! I’ve seen viral videos of children crying when they open their gifts and its not what they expected.

  335. Anne D says

    My daughter is too young to have a bad reaction to a gift, but was very upset last Christmas that I took the paper and bows away to unwrap more gifts! At 10 months old all she really wanted/needed was the paper!

  336. Felisa Allison says

    When my friend’s son was about 3 he criticized almost every present he opened at his party. I was so embarrassed for her!

  337. Amanda Piper says

    A friend of mine’s 2 year old son got a plastic airplane for his birthday. He was opening it all excited and when he saw what it was he pushed it back into the box and got up and walked away, saying, “No, no no” while shaking his head! He thought it was a truck or tractor.

  338. Robin Abrams says

    My son was bad and we told him Santa was going to just bring him clothes. The first 4 packages he had was all clothes and he cried so hard . then he found his toy gifts and promised to be better

  339. Rivka P says

    She opened the gift and said “we already have this!” but we encouraged a thank you anyway and discussed exchanging the book for another one that we don’t yet have. Proud of her that this is the worst reaction because it’s not even that bad. ;-)

  340. Shalene Scherr says

    This will be my little one’s real first Christmas… She was too little last year to enjoy opening presents.

  341. Jessica Mandy says

    My daughter opened a present from my aunt and uncle and said, ” We already had this and my mom returned it. OH (smacking her forehead with her hand) not again!”

  342. Michelle says

    The worst reaction was at a birthday party a little girl sat down to open presents and just tore into them so quickly, before she even finished unwrapping one she would through it down and say what it was then yell “next”.

  343. Sarah Herman says

    At her 2nd birthday party (full of adults), my daughter got an amazing personalized purse, and one dollar in it. She held it up, and near tears, exclaimed, “But I want MORE!”. Everyone cracked up.

  344. Vivian Deliz says

    An aunt who gave her niece a piece of jewelry that she had “fixed” with elmer’s glue. The niece was very gracious in giving thanks but then went and tossed it in the trash. I really do not blame her but her mother made her take it out of the trash and wear it.

  345. Erin W says

    A couple years ago my brother (who’s in his late twenties, BTW) got really mad when I got a hockey jersey and he didn’t. He didn’t realize that I had actually gotten him one too, but he just hadn’t opened it yet. He was pretty sheepish..

  346. says

    My daughter is only 2, so she hasn’t had many opportunities to open gifts yet – but I will say that most of the time she enjoys playing with the packaging more than the actual gift! Especially if it’s a big box! So much for spending money on toys!!!! ;)

  347. beth says

    One child was upset, the only thing she asked santa for was gum, and I forgot to get her gum. (It DID show up late the next day!:)

  348. Megan S. says

    The worst reaction I have ever seen was with my son when he opened clothes at the age of 2 and threw them on the floor then continued to open the rest of his gifts.

  349. Tabbi C says

    My LO is still too young to really take interest in presents. She likes the wrapping more then anything, no bad reactions here yet. I haven’t seen a reaction otherwise that was inappropriate!

  350. says

    I’ve never had her react badly to a gift but I saw her react badly to someones ELSE’s gift. She was just barely 3 and my husband took ehr to the park where there was a party going on. Audrey saw a little 2 year old playing with his brand spakin-new bubble blowing lawnmower. Shr ran up to him, pushed him down and took off with the mower. That was also the last time my husband has taken her to the park alone. Coinsidence?

  351. Ben Eick says

    Since my little one is 13 months old, we haven’t experienced a bad reaction yet, but one time my brother cried because he thought our new puppy was a cat.

  352. Carissa Williams says

    Fortunately, we haven’t had any bad reactions at our home yet. Our 8 year old has always had a sense of what might be inappropriate to say so she hasn’t had any mishaps. And our next one is only 3 and very happy-go-lucky. She likes everything! Hopefully our boys (1 and another due in March) will be as good as the girls!

  353. Maria Cicero says

    One Christmas, we were at my parents’ house and my 4 year old nephew starting opening presents, it so happened that they were
    all clothes. By the 5th present he starting crying because he wanted toys. It was not our fault, my sister in law told us to get him clothes not toys. My brother had bought him toys but he was going to give him to him the next day, so they were at their house and they lived about an hour away from my parents . So we had to go find an open CVS and we got my nephew some toys so he will stop crying. It was funny!

  354. Erin Vest says

    Once my daughter said to her grandma: You gave this same thing to me for my birthday!!!!

    (it was true) :-)

  355. Tracey Miller says

    I have seen a child open a gift, throw it down and just go on to the next present without so much as a thank you.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  356. Mallorie Valdez says

    When my oldest was 3 she opened a box of clothes and as soon as she saw what it was she stood up and took the box clothes and all to the trash and turned around and said “I don’t want clothes, I want presents”

  357. niki says

    Probably the worst is watching kids who have been opening presents all day from home, then family members and by the time they get to the last stop they don’t want to open anymore and throw absolute tantrums and could care less about the presents..

  358. Heather Dalton says

    The worst reaction I ever witnessed was my own…. I was about 14 and I was a self righteous teenager. Our long distance relatives sent us presents and mine was distinctly VHS shaped. I remember making a snotty nosed comment about how bad their gifts always were and that they had no idea who we were and that it was probably something really dorky like the Goonies, which I absolutely love now, and it was! It was a Goonies VHS tape. I was so smirky and rude. Wow. If only you could go back and smack yourself silly!

  359. Marianela Aponte says

    My cousin when she was 6 years old open her gift of teddy bear slippers and threw them across of room with an upset face and attitude.

  360. Marissa C. says

    My son is only 17 months, so the worst he’s done yet was to be completely disinterested in the gift.

  361. Megan Warren says

    That would probably be me. :( When I was about 12 my grandmother bought me a sweater that had ABC 123 on it and I was mortified that she would buy me such a baby sweater. I asked if she had the right name on the tag because it was too babyish for me. I know she felt bad and my parents were none too thrilled that I didn’t just open it and say thank you.

  362. Rebecca Parsons says

    We bought our niece a cute strawberry shortcake character for Christmas. Well apparently she got the same one but the bigger size from her mommy and daddy. She looked at it and said “well this is a little small isn’t it” and threw it down. I was shocked. Of course her parents made her apologize but it was something I never thought to see come out of her.

  363. Aisha winbush says

    My brother-in-law got my daughter a little remote controlled car and when she opened it she said “Thank you but why would you get this for me? I asked for the monster high book because that’s what i really wanted, i will play with it still but please next time get the book”

  364. Jennifer B says

    Every year, no fail, my nephew says, “That’s all I got?” after he opens his Christmas presents. He is 10.

  365. Zeecy S says

    I bought my nieces an expensive and cool art easel for the holidays that I knew they would love and had it shipped to them. After it arrived, I got a call from one of my nieces and figured she was calling to say thank you but instead she asked me to buy tickets to raise money for her school so that she could get a prize. I made her hang up and call me back and say thank you LOL.

  366. Melissa P. says

    We gave my nephew a clothes for his birthday once, but that birthday party he received a lot cards with money so when he opened our card he looked pretty disappointed. He’s still the sweetest boy though.

  367. Chandra Comstock says

    My daughter said “Clothes?” And made a sour face at her party last year when she was 2.

  368. Denise Osborn says

    My poor little brother wanted a real Horse so bad. He was about 7 years old at the time. After opening all his presents under the tree he screamed Oh I forgot my horse! He ran to the back yard looking for it. He cried the rest of the day because of course there was no horse to be found. :(

  369. Liz says

    My son got a new bike last year. (well, new to him) When he saw it he said, “this bike is old”. He hasn’t complained about it since! :)

  370. Jenna Davis says

    I had a terrible reaction to an “ugly” Beauty and the Beast sweater when I was younger that I was “too cool” for. My mother was mortified and I was also embarrassed afterwards!

  371. Rebecca g says

    We keep Christmas quite simple so we can remember what we are celebrating and the kids haven’t ever been disappointed with their gifts!

  372. Ewa Laskey says

    I have not seen a child have a bad reaction to a present yet, but I hate it when they are barely done with unwrapping one present and they are rushing to see what next package has to offer.

  373. pamela eatherton says

    the worst reaction I’ve ever seen is children rushing through opening their presents and then saying where are the rest No thank you lol knowledge ment of the gifts at all nothing it’s a shame

  374. Rebecca g says

    We keep Christmas simple so we can remember what we are celebrating! All reactions have been quite positive! Although our kids are still young!

  375. Janna P says

    My stepson, age 7 at the time, last year after getting a ridiculous amount of gifts that I knew he would never use ripped through his presents said thank you to no one and then said, “That’s it?” I was so embarrassed because we try so hard to not spoil him but the extended family is not conforming to our rules with gifts.

  376. Susan S., TN says

    I have to say honestly, my sons have never had a bad or negative reaction to any gift they have been given. My boys have been brought up to appreciate everything they are given. I hope that is not rare quality.. Thanks

  377. Anne Perry says

    My son likes everything he receives. If he opens clothing he’ll just move it aside and go on to the next gift.

  378. Christina says

    There has only ever been one bad reaction to a gift that my kids have received, I’m pretty lucky that they honestly love anything they get. But one year, my son was 3 and it was the end of Christmas day and my sister came over from her IL’s. She had ordered something that he really wanted from amazon in the frustration free packing so it was just a regular box with a basic picture (it was an imaginext toy). He opened it and was confused by the plain box…. hubby joked with him “cool, they got you a box” and he completely melted down “but I don’t want a box”. He was so overtired there was no getting him back from his meltdown… we had to just let him get it out lol. Then he sat down with my sister and they opened the box and played together for a while.

  379. LyndaT says

    My best friend came over with her kids and we had a budget for all of them but my husband decided to go over our budget and get them Mario Bros racing cars so they can race it with each other. They opened all their gifts and say “That’s it? Did you get me anything else?” My friend didn’t say anything and the worse part was, they left and almost forgot their gifts :(

  380. Jennifer D says

    The worst reaction my son had was when he opened the gift and couldn’t get the toy out of the box. He threw it with a mean face an blurted out NO!

  381. Rachel Hackett says

    My mother always makes a hand made gift each Christmas. I remember one year my cousins opened their gift and with an attitude said “again”. It crushed my mom.

  382. Margaret Mayhugh says

    A little girl, to remain unidentified, who had recently started dance lessons was given several beautiful leotards for practice… and loudly proclaimed that she liked her plain one better than the sparkly gift ones.

  383. Lora nM says

    Not so much a gift, but I vividly remember one Christmas a younger cousin going up to everyone demanding his gift. Awkward, if you didn’t buy him one!

  384. Kate says

    My 2 1/2 year old is just starting to get into the Santa game. She hasn’t received the gift yet, but she asked him for underwear! I’m sure her reaction will be over-the-top excitement.

  385. Kristi N says

    A relative (who will remain unnamed) once threw a huge fit and stormed off when he received the “standard” version of something he asked for- he wanted the “deluxe” version

  386. Justine Gray says

    I’d have to say when my daughter opened up a pack of undies in front of her cousins! She screamed “MOM” and ran to her room! LOL…she was 5 at the time…three years later she reminds me not to get her underwear for Christmas! :)

  387. Morgan Wright says

    My daughter is still young, but she has opened many presents and made it obvious that she’d rather just have the box or the paper! :)

  388. Emily Wells says

    Not necessarily the worst reaction, but it’s happened several times (TOO MANY times!): One of my kids will receive a gift for Christmas or birthday, and they say, “Thanks, but I already have this.” UGH!! I’m not raising ingrates–they know better than this!

  389. Nicole Toscano says

    My 3 year old has autism and he’s non verbal so he just isn’t interested in the gift but he does love clothes and toys once they’re opened.

  390. says

    One year my son opened a gift and the look of horror on his face was priceless when he saw the gift had clothes inside. He tossed it behind him and went on to the next gift, LOL.

  391. Angela Y says

    My 5 year old daughter told her aunt that she ‘already had the same gift’ Other than that, she hasn’t had any bad reactions.

  392. Amy Bernie says

    A friend recently handed my two year old son an early Christmas present, she joked “he’ll probably be like, gee, thanks”. He opened it and did a happy dance yelling “oooooh WOW! A book!!!” I was so proud.

  393. Carissa joslyn says

    My son (3) throws a fit if someone didn’t get him something he wanted. I’m trying my hardest to appreciate he fact the someone got them something, not the gift but that is hard in a 3 year old. My son does have brain damage..from strokes & i tend t blame that sometimes because i get embarrassed when he does it. even though it has nothing to do with the brain damage. ha

  394. Tara says

    I haven’t seen a bad reaction in real life, but on Babe the little girl acts like a total brat and cries because her grandfather gave her the “wrong” dollhouse. She wanted the one she had seen in a catalog or something.

  395. nicole d says

    Thankfully my son hasn’t done anything I’ve been embarrassed if yet opening presents except maybe be more interested in the paper than the actual present lol

  396. says

    It would be so awesome to be a winner of this!
    My step-daughter opens so many gifts between her moms family and our family that she barely even looks at what she’s opened – she’s like a machine! She just rips it open and tosses it to the side to grab another one without registering what she’s just gotten.

  397. crystal grissam says

    I’ve never really witnessed a bad reaction to a gift. I do, however, love that look on a kids face when they open a gift of clothes and toss them to the side. Makes me laugh! :)

  398. Lisa Ammenti Morrow says

    You guys are awesome!! We love bumbleride!! I have to say the most awkward/embarrassing present moment for us, is when both my kids ask what did you bring me?! They are so used to people bringing them little treats all the time that now they ask for them!!! I hate it, and I can’t seem to get them to stop! They now no longer get the gift if they ask, which is even more awkward!!!

  399. Adrienne Katzman-Stashin says

    my son is only 20 months and has yet to have a “bad reaction.” In fact, he just learned how to open presents! but considering the temper I see in him sometimes, I can’t wait for him to chuck something away and scream “i didn’t want this” or something like that

  400. Erin B says

    Anytime it is clothes, I get the “oh.” And it is usually tossed to the side without pulling the clothes out to see them. Ha, they will still thank you but you can see the heartbreak ;-)

  401. Brianne Rushing says

    Just getting started on Christmas with a kid this year. DD is 5 mo old, I’m sure we’ll have lots of stories as the years go by!

  402. Margeaux Gamboa-Wong says

    Worst reaction I’ve ever witnessed is a child looking at the gift, having no comment, and putting it back down.

  403. Carmon J says

    Friends child was opening gifts and was making faces about getting clothes, and later stated she wanted toys…

  404. Megan W says

    My daughter hasn’t had a bad reaction to a gift yet but I have seen one. My friends child got the wrong color toy & after he opened it his mom said tell them thank you. He said “but mom it’s the wrong one” really loud :)

  405. Kellie Kluger says

    after tearing thru everything from Santa and mom and dad Christmas morning my then 4 yr old said, “that’s it?”

  406. jeannine s says

    Never really had a bad reaction to a present from my kids. They always smile and nod then say thank you

  407. Genny says

    We haven’t had a bad reaction yet, but he is only 17 months. He did fall asleep in the middle of open presents last Christmas.

  408. Kate B. says

    My son has been a little to young for bad reactions, but this Christmas could be a different story. He is a big talker now and who knows what he will say. I know the camera will be rolling this Christmas!
    Happy Holidays!

  409. Jateice says

    So far I’m can honestly say that my kids (almost 6 and 2) have not reacted badly. Here’s to hoping that we can get though another birthday/Christmas season w/ that being true.

  410. Patty says

    When my nephew looked at a toy I gave him and he said, “I already have this.” And just went on to the next present.

  411. mechele johnson says

    My son is pretty good when he gets something he doesn’t like. I know though if he doesn’t like it because he will put it down, say thanks quickly, and immediately grab the next one.

  412. says

    Our daughter had a terrible reaction when we announced her newest sibling was going to be another brother. Luckily, our kids are usually thankful for any gifts they receive.

  413. Kelly says

    My daughter said “I don’t want CLOTHES” when she opened up the sweatshirt hoody my mother-in-law got for her. I about died, especially since she purchased it at my recommendation.

  414. Marci says

    My daughter has just ignored gifts she wasn’t into. Especially stuffed animals of characters she doesn’t know yet.

  415. Rachel says

    My kids haven’t had a “bad” reaction yet to a gift, if they don’t like it as much they usually just go on to the next one. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  416. Mallori Loughridge says

    This would be a great second stroller for my husband to keep in his truck! We have a britex that I love but an umbrella stroller would come in handy!

  417. Idy M says

    well, not counting the episodes from harry potter, most kids i know are pretty thankful for any gift they receive.

  418. april bilbrey says

    My kids have not had any bad reactions to gifts…yet. I have seen some pretty funny videos on youtube though!

  419. msilba says

    my son when only 1 (so can’t blame him really) opened a very generous gift and of course loved the wrapping paper more then the gift

  420. Cortney Rogers says

    I saw a four year old open a gift and go “ugh! But WHY did I get this?!” And then he tossed it over his shoulder.

  421. Renee Bartley says

    I love the indie twin which was used for my twin girls now with a singleton this stroller would be such an awesome gift for my 2 month old girl.

    I’ve witness the older kids (10-14) get upset when they open clothes. They just toss them like they don’t care. One day they will realize when they are buying presents for others.

  422. Natalie S says

    I haven’t really witnessed anything like this… I guess the worst would be to open something and just set it to the side right away without really looking it over.

  423. rachel eckman says

    my daughter (on her 4th bday) opened a gift and said ‘you have got to be kidding me, this is ridiculous!’

  424. Tosca Narayanan says

    No bad reaction yet, but my lo is more excited about the unwrapping itself than the actual gift.

  425. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I was at a birthday party recently where the party child said this isn’t the one I wanted… I was so appalled.

  426. Nicole Mortensen says

    I don’t think that I have ever seen my girls have a bad reaction to a present they received. I guess the worst that I can think of is when we got them a matching gift in different colors. They liked each other’s colors so they traded and were happy as can be!

  427. Sasha Cerrato says

    Would love to win the stroller! We’re finally getting to the point where our little one will fit in one. Fun giveaway!

  428. Oksana Poberezhnik says

    My little sister and my sister in laws daughter were having birthday party together.. So as they were opening gifts one of the gifts niece got was a coat (her bday is in fall) she had sucha pound face on that she refused to try it on or open any more gifts.. It was the funniest

  429. Jamie R says

    When I was younger, a friend of my grandparents’ would have a Christmas party and Santana would come bring toys (wrapped by the kid’s parent) for all the little kids. One year, my friend threw the biggest fit when Santa gave her an outfit that she thought was ugly. Stomping and screaming kid of fit. Looking back, I feel so embarrassed for her parents! I would be mortified if my son did that!

  430. Jessica Long says

    once I saw a kid thow an angry Hulk-like fit becase they got him the wrong color of a particular hand held video game. can you believe Mom took it back to exchange… who fault is that kind of behavior?

  431. Alycia says

    I remember losing it completely when I didn’t get a Nintendo 64 when I was about 8 – tears, drama, the whole thing….and then my parents pulled out one last present from my grandma and guess what it was? Totally didn’t deserve it after that reaction!! LOL.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  432. Stephanie says

    Love my bumbleride Flyer that’s over 5 years old. Would be so excited to win this one! Looks awesome!

  433. Rebecca Peters says

    My daughter is too young for bad reactions and I never grew up with other kids/babies. I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s stories tho to see what I have in store for me! lol

  434. Shakeeta W says

    Thankfully, the kids haven’t had any bad reactions because they’re just excited for something new!

  435. Stephanie says

    My kids are still young and the idea of ANY wrapped gift is just the bee’s knees. I’ll savor this for as long as it lasts!

  436. meredith says

    We teased my niece with other (not the one she wanted) presents – and then finally gave her the one and she started screaming and hugging

  437. adriana herrera says

    excited to open the presents and when they saw what was inside said AW MAN and threw it aside….smh

  438. Jessica Guerard says

    I’ve seen kids tear through birthday gifts like little tornadoes, totally disregarding anything that wasn’t specifically asked for. So rude.

  439. Diana Cote says

    last year when we went to see my family my daughter wasn’t too excited about her present but when he cousin opened his, she threw the toy she had and went and tried taking his away. haha we had to snatch her and explain it was his, she was too small to understand.

  440. Eva says

    I guess I’ve just been fortunate in that the worst reactions I’ve seen have only been indifference.

  441. Michelle Lee says

    The worst I saw was when a child opened the gift and then tossed it aside and said “next!” Like the first gift was a reject. Ouch!

  442. Jill H says

    I have been really fortunate to not witness from my children or any other children a bad response to a gift. I have heard a child or two say that they already have something but not in a mean or malicious way.

  443. Jillian V says

    I have not had any horrible experiences with my own kids, yet. He is only 2. Mostly just indifference.

  444. Julia C. says

    That diaper bag looks amazing. The stroller – also not too shabby.
    I haven’t seen any “worst” reactions, but I have heard of one – a child who didn’t want the gift received and erupted into a tantrum – little did he know, that would be the last year of hanukkah gifts for him.

  445. carrie says

    Got my 5 year old niece a super cute ornament (per parents suggestion) and she was so upset it was not a toy that she tried to feed it to the dog!

  446. Courtney Mang says

    My niece is always so thankful for gift and says wow I love it but this particular one she just shrugged and put it down we asked what it was and she was like some doll.

  447. Candace says

    At my son’s 2nd birthday I felt terrible because he was only interested in the toys and throught the clothes on the floor if he even took them out of the bag.

  448. Jeff mercer says

    My kids are very good about being thankful for their gifts. With 5 kids, you aren’t able to give them a lot except at special events. They love everything they get!!