Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 3

homead7341 Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway   Day 3

Congrats to our winners –

StrollAir My Duo – Lisa P. – StrollAir Entry #72

Delta Toddler/Twin Bed – Emily M. – Entry #2675

On the 3rd day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…another TWO winners today!)

StrollAir My Duo

The StrollAir My Duo is a fantastic double stroller whether it is for siblings of different ages or twins.

Our favorite features of the stroller that makes it different than many others on the market are still the independently reversible seats and the ability to accept two infant car seats at once. Yeah, those are two very special features you won’t find many places. Well, you technically won’t find both these features on any other double stroller available in the US.  Plus, the My Duo sports two full-reclining seats on a narrow frame, adjustable handle and footrests, gigantic basket, front and back suspension and large rear wheels.

For more information on StrollAir, visit their website at

strollairmyduo Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway   Day 3

To see the My Duo 2013 up close and personal, watch our video review below.


Delta Children’s Cars Convertible Toddler to Twin Bed

When we saw this at the ABC Kids Expo in October, we knew we had to include it in the 12 Days of Christmas! The Delta Children’s Cars Convertible Toddler to Twin Bed is THE cutest and most fun bed for toddler boys (or girls!).

The Disney/Pixar Cars Toddler-to-Twin Bed with Lights and Toy Box from Delta Children is designed to resemble your little one’s favorite character, Lightning McQueen! Offering authentic racecar style with a steering wheel, spoiler, working headlights and built-in storage space under the hood, it makes playtime and bedtime much more fun. Easily convertible, it goes from a toddler bed to a twin bed by switching out a crib mattress for a twin mattress. And once it’s converted to a twin bed, the built-in storage becomes an oversized toy box, providing plenty of space for toys, blankets or books. Pair the bed with any of Delta Children’s other Cars products for a race-winning look.

carsbed Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway   Day 3

deltacarsbed Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway   Day 3

For more information on Delta Children’s Products, visit their website at

howtoenter Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway   Day 3

What’s up for grabs:

Winner #1 – StrollAir My Duo in green

Winner #2 – Delta Children’s Cars Convertible Toddler to Twin Bed



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* This Day #3 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 12:01am EST on Wednesday, December 4, 2013. (US residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. Adrienne says

    I love that the seats on the stroll air can be arranged how you want independent of the other. Great feature for a double, more versatile!

  2. Elizabeth Hagin says

    I love that the stroller can be rearranged how you need it…this would be perfect for my twinkies!

  3. Alycia says

    My son would love the Delta bed – he loves cars so much – this would be a great way to finally transition him from a crib!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  4. Jennifer K. C. says

    OH MY I really want the stroller! I have had my eye on it forever! I love that the seats can face different directions!

  5. Elise says

    My favorite feature of the MyDuo is the side-by-side being able to be independently reversible and fully reclining.

  6. Espi says

    These are some awesome giveaways! My cousin had her baby boy on Halloween Day this year and I know she and my soon to be godson would definitely put these items to good use!

  7. Amorette says

    Love that the stroller has a narrow frame and that the seats can face in different directions, great for a toddler and newborn!

  8. Jennifer says

    i looove the changeable seats on the strollair!!! we need a double so badly and this is one of the ones i have my eye on!

  9. Drew says

    The lightning McQueen bed is so cool! My son could keep his toys in there and maybe also sleep all night long!

  10. Hannah Ellis says

    I love that my toddler can face out while my baby faces towards me and it makes everyone happy!! :)

  11. Autumn says

    I am really liking the StrollAir, it’s nice that you can reverse the seats how you want. And plus I really love the color green! (:

  12. Sarah Graeber says

    The double stroller is amazing. I have two under 3 right now and having a nice double is very important

  13. Renee Smith says

    I love that this stroller accepts two car seats and can be configured several different ways. Very versatile!

  14. Jessica O says

    I love that you can reverse the seat on the stroller! I like being able to see my baby in the stroller, especially when they are little!

  15. Marta Glabb says

    I NEED this double stroller! The strollair has the two reversible seats so that when my toddler begins to bug the baby, I can just flip the baby around to face me and leave the toddler facing forward! That would be so great! Plus, we’re planning baby #3 soon so this stroller would be so perfect for another boy and maybe a baby girl? :)

  16. Karissa Luna says

    I love that the stroller comes with everything and your not having to buy all the things separate like most strollers. Love love love the bed! The storage and the fact that it turns into a twin is awesome!

  17. Jacqueline says

    I love the idea of the independently reversible seats on the StrollAir My Duo, my 3yo now likes to face out but I would prefer the baby to face in.

  18. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I love that the back of the seat is mesh; it gets quite hot here. I love the recline I have a two year old and another due in March; this stroller is amazing.

  19. Aisha winbush says

    I love how the bed is convertible, no worries of going out and buying another bed when you have one that converts from toddler to twin.

  20. Cindy B says

    I love both items especially love that you can face the child(ren) towards or away from you and my older boy would just die to have a “Cars” bed. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  21. Jennifer C. says

    My favorite feature of the cars bed is the whole thing! My son loves cars and would love this bed.

  22. Melissa Easton says

    Love, love, love the versatility of this bed going from a toddler to twin bed and then there is the toy box – Awesome! This stroller/bed package would be amazing for us since we have a 2 1/2 yr old and our new little one coming in January! Thanks for the opportunity at such an awesome package :)

  23. Rebecca g says

    I’m dreaming of a strollllair….with independent seats…awh…a double stroller would fit perfectly in our home!

  24. Melody says

    My son absolutely loves lightening mcqueen. I’ve never seen one of those cars that had storage in it!

    The reversible seats on the stroller though! Would be so cute. My little boy and little girl could face each other :)

  25. Alex H says

    My son is OBSESSED with Cars and Lightening McQueen, pretty much every Christmas present I’ve bought so car has been Cars! I LOVE that there is a toy box within the bed and that it goes from toddler to twin! I’m really praying to win this giveaway, I would happily pass that stroller along to a mom who needed it more than I do!

  26. Kelly Choma says

    I love that the Delta bed frame fits a twin size bed. That is totally awesome. So many cute beds like this are only for toddlers.

  27. Katie Fulcher says

    Just had our 2nd baby one week ago and the duo stroller would be great to tote around our 2 little ladies!!!!!

  28. Paul Arnold says

    My favorite aspect of the bed is the storage – and the character of course – my son LOVES Cars!

  29. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I love that this bed can help transition from toddler bed to the next step with the same familiar Lightening face!

  30. Glynis says

    I love the independently reversible seats on the StrollAir and the storage on the bed. Awesome giveaway – thanks!

  31. Angie Bece says

    EEKS! With two boys under 3 yrs old, I can really use either prize from above. Thank You Baby Gizmo!

  32. Reina Mira says

    The love is fantastic as you can easily change the view of the passenger. The bed is awesome for boys! I love the storage space. I know my son would love it!

  33. Margaret Mayhugh says

    My.daughter loves cars! She would go nuts.for this bed. And now.that she has a little brother too, the duo stroller would seriously make my life easier!

  34. lisa gonzalez says

    I love the storage undervthe cars bed. And escpecially love that it will convert to a twin bed

  35. Regina Wright says

    my favorite is the duo stroller. I have two children close in age and this would be perfect!

  36. Rebecca Jackson says

    Oh my gosh!!!! Both the stroller and the bed are way too cool! I love everything about the stroller from the color to the independent seat adjustment to the huge basket underneath! I also love everything about the bed! My 1 1/2 year old would love the car theme and the toy storage!

  37. Maria E. says

    I love the storage basket on the stroller. I also love the storage in the front of the bed. My son would love it!!! It would be perfect to transition him from his crib to this awesome bed!

  38. Chelsea LaMarche says

    I love that the seats on the striker can face both ways. And different ways at the same time.

  39. Lauren Newsome says

    I love my B-Ready, but I have to say the option of reversible side by side seats would be great!

  40. Delmy Orellana says

    Absolutely love the stroller. It would be a blessing if I could have something I cant afford for my baby. It gets tire sum to hold the baby everywhere you go. Why does everything have to be so expensive.

  41. christine k says

    I love that you could store toys in the car bed, and I love how the stroller allows facing either direction

  42. Rebeca Kanagy says

    I love that the versatility of the McQueen bed, that it can go from toddler bed to twin bed. My daughter LOVES McQueen and hasn’t grown out of this obsession for two yrs now. I love that the bed can grow with her since she’s not quite ready for a twin bed yet.

  43. Kristin fain says

    I love the reversible seats on the strollair and the cars bed is just too stinkin cute for any little boy not to instantly love

  44. Christina Strapp says

    I love the reversible seat and the large basket on the bottom of the StrollAir My Duo.

  45. joanna garcia says

    that two can ride in the stroll air! i have my third on the way with two toddlers at home i really need this!

  46. Jami Mitchell Albright says

    I love the independently reversible seats on the StrollAir! I would love to have either of these fabulous prizes!

  47. Laura B says

    I really think the bed is so much fun. I love that the hood opens up for storage. So clever!

  48. Veronica says

    I love Stroll Air and have been looking at the Duo. These giveaways are awesome! Thanks so much!,

  49. Stephanie Jarrett says

    Love that the seats on the Strollir move independently of one another- and that you can buy adaptors to attach one or two car seats!

  50. Callie Kalinyuk says

    Needing a double stroller is important have a new baby on the way and looking for a food one.

  51. Michele P says

    my favorite feature of that awesome race car bed is the storage it has under the hood lol… I can somehow see my grandson using it as a toy box which is great-and a good way for him to keep his toy cars off the floor as well.

  52. Jenn S says

    my son is OBSESSED with Cars & Lightening McQueen in particular, and would SWOON over that bed!

  53. Jen McCrea says

    i love that you can keep one seat forward and the other reversed! Looks like a really great stroller and it sure would be helpful when baby #3 comes in May!

  54. Brittany Chelette says

    I just love the color, overall ‘look, and to top it off you can reverse one seat and forward face the other! So cool! The car bed would be perfect for our toddler and I’m excited that it grows with him

  55. Sterling Elizabeth says

    I love the built in storage and how sharp the bed looks!! Thank you so much for theopportunity to win one of these two amazing items!

  56. Cheryl S says

    Only have the one kid but I have already started looking at double strollers (well I already did all the single research) and the Strollair My Duo is one of the best. Any my son would love that bed!

  57. Shelly says

    Love that the stroller has a smaller frame – most doubles on the market are so large it’s hard to navigate stores. Love the bed, too – ultra cool!

  58. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I love the reversible seats in the stroller. I love when strollers have many options.

  59. Stacey D says

    WOW These are perfect!! My son is 2 1/2 and LOVES Cars so this would be awesome to be his “big boy” bed!! My BFF has twins so the stroller would be a great win for me to give to her!!!!

  60. Danielle Clifford says

    My son would love the cars bed in his cars themed bedroom. I love the built in toy chest and the steering wheel for him to play.

  61. Jenny says

    I love the little toy box in the front of the bed! Very convenient! My son’s room has toys all over!

  62. Kristen Lepore says

    I love the Cars bed because my son would go crazy if he had one! I also love that it has storage which is perfect for his small room! the strolllAir I love because the seats can be facing out or in!

  63. deana lamm says

    i love the stroll air that the seats are reversible. i need this i have twin sons and have always wanted the stroll air…

  64. Kimberly Walker says

    Love love love the myduo! I love that the seats can face different ways simultaneously

  65. Veronica says

    I just love EVERYTHING about both these items.
    Seriously the toddler bed BECOMES a twin bed?! Hello economics!!
    And the stroller?! Awesome double stroller with reversible seats and a cool color other than BLACK or RED! YAY!

  66. Kathryn S says

    I love that the bed converts to twin and I love the adjustable seats on the stroller!! Would be pretty stoked to win!

  67. Brooke Ragan says

    I love the toy chest in the bed AND the fact that it changes from toddler bed to twin bed!

  68. Tina T says

    I love the independent seats! I have a 4 month old and an 18 month old. This would definitely come in handy when one is sleepier! Since I have 4 girls, the Cars bed makes me want to have a boy! Is that a good enough excuse? :) thanks for the giveaways!

  69. trisha kilpatrick says

    My sister is expecting twins so the double stroller would be an amazing gift for her.

  70. kristine C says

    The stroller looks so easy to use! I would love to win a new double stroller rather than to have to buy one.
    Also- the toy box on the bed is awesome!

  71. Naomi says

    Would love to win the double stroller for my brother who has two little ones and another on the way!

  72. Laura Eckard says

    I love that the StrollAir my duo has independently reversible seats. This means that the seats can face either way!! Amazing! Not only can both kids face me at once, but I can have the older child facing out and younger facing in or I can see both kiddies at once. I only have one child right now but this is definitely the stroller I will be getting when our second comes along in the future!!!

  73. Irina Tkachuk says

    oH My, Oh mY!!! i’m getting superly excited overjoyed . . . just crossing my fingers to win any of these 2 items!!! Looking for car bed for my little boy & a new stroller would be great!!!!! just hoping, hoping, and hoping that I will be the lucky one

  74. Stacy Willson says

    I love the versitility of the duo stroller with having kids two different ages it makes it awesome

  75. Autum says

    I love that the racecar bed has working headlights! Would make the perfect nightlight for Cars obsessed fans. I also love the adjustable handles on the stroller and the ability to reverse the seats to either way.

  76. says

    One of my favorite features of the stroller is definitely the independently reversible seats. Having a toddler and an infant, each one would want to face different directions on the go, so that is a really cool feature!!!!

  77. Kelly Sherman says

    Love the reversible seats of the stroller and the toy storage of the bed. That bed is so cool. I would totally sleep in it lol

  78. Allison Cox says

    I love the storage in the car bed! My brother is about to has a boy but their townhouse has a space constraint, this would be the perfect solution for his toy ridden-room!

  79. Gina Hurley says

    Love the color of StrollAir. Same as my nursery. I’m sure my baby boy would someday love to have a Cars toddler bed. So cool!

  80. says

    I love the feature on the Cars bed with the toybox storage. The double stroller would be great because I am going to be getting custody of my niece. My son is going to be 5 months so the reversible seat facing me is very important and the fact it holds an infant car seat is perfect for her.

  81. casey says

    The best feature of the duo stroller is that it’s a DOUBLE! I have my 2nd babe on the way and my first will still need a stroller when the baby comes along. Plus, it looks so sleek and compact. Many doubles won’t fit in my tiny car trunk.

  82. Amber says

    I love the fact that the seats on the stroller are independent and can face either direction. It would be perfect for my three year old and ten months old. I also love the bed because of the toy box/storage space.

  83. Meg says

    The reversible seats on the stroller are fantastic! Plus I could really use it, it would make it so much easier to get around with 2 under 3.

  84. Renee Murphy says

    I think the Cars bed might be the ticket to getting my nephew to sleep in his own bed. I like that it also converts to a twin bed.

  85. Kelly Lorandos says

    I love how the stroller allows your child to face you or out. Love how they can face me when small or even when big, can change them so the sun doesn’t fit them in the face. Would love to win either prize!

  86. cindy vickerman says

    I love that the stroller fully reclines for two different ages, the one im borrowing now barely reclines

  87. Jessica says

    Love the giant storage basket on the stroller, and the hood storage on the bed is perfect for all my little man’s stuff!

  88. Kimberly says

    I love that the Stroll Air can have one seat forward facing while the other is rear facing. I know our new baby will probably want to look at me, but our toddler wants to see the world!

  89. trenda t says

    I love that it goes up to a twin size bed, my son is three and absolutely in love with Lightening McQueen!

  90. Melondy B says

    My favorite feature on the Stroll Air My Duo is the reversible seats. This stroller is awesome.

  91. taylor Cutchall Miller says

    The stroller is a much needed for our family vacations (and outings) when my sister an I (who are ALWAYS together) take our two babies!!!

  92. Beth Rees says

    I love that this stroller accepts two car seats and can be configured several different ways. Definitely great for our family

  93. Azmom Ingilbert says

    I love the fact that this side by side can take 2 car seats! I really want this for my twins!

  94. Ianina says

    After having our double stroller for 2.5 years and flying with it multiple times, I can totally use a new one


    My LO would love to have that bed! And this momma would love that stroller! Good luck everyone!

  96. Kathy says

    LOVE the stroller! Your reviews are fantastic and have helped us make many product decisions. Thanks for the great giveaways!!

  97. Christy Lundy says

    My son, Jack might die if I won the bed. Heck! He might even move out of his crib for it! (He’s 3.5 and loves to kick it in his crib.)

  98. Lauren V says

    we are hoping to switch my son to a toddler bed right after christmas, it would be so exciting for him to sleep in a Car bed!!!

  99. Bridget says

    That stroller would be PERFECT for my little guy and baby on the way. I love that you can have them face different directions. And the bed would help us with the toddler bed transition.

  100. Mandy says

    Love the stroller! I wonder if it folds up or down. I’ve got a central nervous system disorder that’s making this whole mom-to-be thing a little harder. Don’t want to mess this up!!! :)

  101. Tonya m says

    I have wNted the duo since you first reviewed it. I love that the seats are independent. So great for kids of different ages.

  102. Sarah says

    I LOVE the versatility of the stroller – forward facing, rear facing, accepting of infant seats, adjustable handle. And it’s narrow…perfect for errands and being out and about!

  103. sherry blamer says

    I love that the strollair has adjustable foot rests. that is a pretty neat feature on the stroller.

  104. Christy Cobb says

    I love the stroller to fit both my kids and the cars bed too. Lobe that it has a toy storage too!

  105. Mandi says

    Love side by side strollers – both kids can get themselves in and out. Also eliminates the fight over who gets to be in front, no kicking back of seats or hair pulling.

  106. Whitney says

    I would love a stroller like this! I almost wish my son could still fit I. The stroller so I could use the double!

  107. Jessica H. says

    I love that the bed is convertible, the working headlights will be so much fun for any child!

  108. Katie Burgen says

    My little one would love the Lightning McQueen bed. . And his momma would love the stroller ;)

  109. Yvone Scott says

    Love that it accomidates large dipaers bags!! with twins adn a toddler I have so much stuff i have to take with us!

  110. Melissa says

    Well the best thing about the bed according to my 4 year old son was him yelling ‘Kaachow!’ and proceeding to jump up and down telling me he loves it. The best thing about the bed to me is the fact it can convert to a twin size mattress, this is a hard find with these character beds!

  111. Stefanie Mayer says

    I really like that you can turn the seats to face you on the My Duo! I also love that they made accommodations for taller children.

  112. Casey Mclendon says

    WOW! The cars bed would be amazing to win for my 20 month old Lucas! He just got his own bedroom and I know would love it! Good luck everyone!

  113. Tiffany Dover says

    I LOVE that the toddler bed headlights light up and there is a storage area for toys and what not. This is the exact bed that my husband and I have been looking at for our toddler!

  114. Jen W. says

    I love how the StrollAir My Duo stroller has extra large canopy covers over the seats. It’s great to keep the child shaded so much especially in the summer heat.

  115. Elizabeth S says

    The stroller looks so easy to push and navigate! I also love that it can fit bigger kids because my 4-year-old sometimes still needs a lift. :)

  116. Lara Winton says

    I love that each seat is adjustable independently of the other. With a 2.5 year old and another due this month this would be beyond perfect for us!

  117. Elyssa Goldman-Landau says

    Love that the seats on the stroller are independently reversible or forward facing. Awesome if you have a kid that each wants to face a different direction!

  118. nicole v-p says

    I love how the stroller you can face the baby towards you or facing out or add and infant seat. We’ve been looking at double strollers and have been having trouble deciding on one.

  119. Rae says

    I would love a new stroller for little man who is due in a couple short weeks! And what a great bed for a little boy! So much fun!

  120. Brooke Tokanang says

    I love that the stroller comes with a foot muff, And the extended canopy! I love that the bed has working head lights and storage!

  121. Rochel S says

    Anything to do with cars is the best according to my son! He would LOVE it! I love the storage in the bed! I like that the Stroll Air seats could be facing different directions.

  122. Casey S. says

    i like that the stroller is a double stroller for different aged kids because i have a 18 mo old and a 2 mo old so this would be great!

  123. Jessica Onyeji says

    I LOVE that the seats independently reverse, and that it can take 2 infant car seats at once. So neat!

  124. Maile Richardson says

    Winner winner chicken dinner… soon to be 2 year old watches “Disney Cars” everyday! These are two awesome gifts!

  125. Kayla says

    My 18 month old and his dad LOVE to watch Cars, and play cars together. I’m not sure I could get hubby to sleep in our bed if we got that one!

  126. Halley Parker says

    I love the stroller, it is so versitile and with my likelyhood of twins this is perfect for my family

  127. Stephanie Wilson says

    I’m expecting in January my second son and that DUO with the double seats would come in so handy!

  128. says

    I love that it converts to a twin bed and the built-in storage becomes an oversized toy box! We hav so much toys, and not enough space! T would love to have this for my son!

  129. Julie Lame says

    We are needing a bed for our son as I am due with #3 in 3.5wks! My sons absolute favorite thing in the world is cars! He would be so thrilled to have a lightning bed!!! I love that it has some storage in it too – that’s such a mommy thing to say:)

  130. Laura Miller says

    I love the configurations you can have with the my duo! That bed is too cute for words, love the lights!

  131. Erin says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the stroller only weighs 29 pounds (with both seats-that’s totally doable!) I also love that the seats can recline completely. This would be awesome to use with my 2 year old and new baby due in February!

  132. says

    We are expecting our 2nd child in March and have been overwelmed with double stroller choices…. we LOVED the Stroll AIr but it’s out of our budget…… This would be the best baby gift ever, however my son who will be turning 4 when the baby is born is ready for a twin bed…. and LOVES Lightening!!!!! So either one would be an amazing blessing to our family!>!>!>!

  133. Kristi P says

    I love that the seats work independently of each other on the stroller. Nice to have one facing forward and the other backwards. Especially when you have an older child and a baby.

  134. Julie M. says

    I like the stroller with two seats facing different ways since soon we will have a child and a baby.

  135. Chaya Kravetz says

    I want that stroller so bad!! love how it can hold two infant carseats plus both seats recline all the way! its the best stroller out there for twins in my opinion and i want it for my twins so bad! ive been wanting it for ages but can afford it! hope i win!!!!

  136. Rachel says

    Love that both seats on the stroller can be turned in either direction. With #2 on the way that is very appealing. And I think my 2-yr-old would die for that bed!

  137. Shanna G. says

    The stroll air my should an awesome stroller. Live the independently reversing seats and lie the huge basket and canopies.

  138. Amanda Piper says

    LOVE the built in toy box and the raised sides on the car bed!! Great for those wiggly kiddos!

  139. Rachele W. says

    I love that baby can face Mom, while big sissy/bubby can face out and explore things passing by! Best of both world’s…

  140. Amanda Wilson says

    My daughter would love the Car’s bed, and the stroller I really like how you can turn the seats opposite directions

  141. Stephanie S says

    I like the Car’s bed because of the storage and how much my son we love it when he is ready!

  142. Claribel Michel says

    Giveaways are getting better by the day…love it! My two year old is a fan of Lightning McQueen and the convertible bed will be nice to win! Love the built-in storage space under the hood.

  143. Diana says

    Would love to win this giveaway! Really in need of a double stroller! This one is so beautiful! Loving it!

  144. Jean B says

    LOVE, LOVE both these products. My 3 year old is a CARS enthusiast and would love this bed. I’ve always loved the Duo and think its perfect in everyway!!

  145. Kelly S. says

    I love the versatility of the Strollair stroller…it’s nice that it can be configured in so many different ways!

  146. alina moiseyev says

    The stroller would be great since i have twins.. And the bed wow.the boys would totally love it

  147. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I’d love the StrollAir My Duo! My favorite part is that the seats reverse individually so one or both children can face parent or out at the world! I have never won a stroler and this is one I believe I would really enjoy AND my kids would too!

  148. says

    I love how versatile and convenient the stroller is! My husband and I are expecting our first child in January, but we know we want a sibling for him in the next couple of years. I love that we can add a second seat!

  149. Carrie ManyHeads says

    Love the storage in the bed. I’ve been looking for a double stroller also and love that each seat reverses directions

  150. Rivkieg says

    Love the fact that the strollair duo is so versatile with so many configurations! perfect for when #2 comes along in a few weeks ;)

  151. Eunyoung Jang says

    I like StrollAir My Duo’s the independently reversible seats and the ability to accept two infant car seats at once like you said!!

  152. Samantha Hunt says

    Independent seats on a duo stroller?! Amaze-balls!! That would be awesome to have when we decide to bring another baby into the world! How awesome for family outings and walks!! LOVE it!

  153. says

    While I don’t have twins, I do have a three year old boy and a seven month old boy. This stroller would be perfect for when the three year old doesn’t want to walk anymore and wants to ride like the seven month old.

  154. katie mortensen says

    I like that the seats for the stroller are independent – we have a 2.5 yo and a 3 mo so they need different seating positions

  155. Amanda Santiago says

    I love the working head lights and storage on the bed. I love that the seats can be customized in positioning.

  156. says

    My favorite feature of the Cars bed is the storage! That would eliminate the need for a toy box elsewhere and could also double as extra blanket storage if there weren’t toys that needed to be stored in there.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  157. Emerie says

    I missed out on the first two* giveaways, however, I am here now and hopefully I win. Good luck to everyone else.. Happy holidays. XO.

  158. Tuquyen says

    I just love the storage “under the hood” of the Delta Children’s Cars Convertible Toddler to Twin Bed. So cute!

  159. Christine A. says

    Love, love, love the Lightning McQueen toddler to twin bed with lights and storage. Making bedtime easier for parents of Cars lovers, everywhere.

  160. Isabelle N says

    I love the bed design in Lightning McQueen !! I like the toy box too… And It’s great that bed is convertible in twin size!!

  161. susan smoaks says

    i love that the bed will grow with our child all the way to a twin size bed
    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

  162. Becky Horn says

    I like how the bed has a toy storage, That is perfect for the little ones and nice and hidden.

  163. Valerie Triana Nordin says

    The mere fact that the bed converts from toddler to twin is it’s best feature, everything else is a bonus!

  164. Becki Malandrino says

    LOVE how the bed converts from toddler to twin! No need to spend extra $ on a short term bed

  165. Liz M. says

    I love the big basket on the Duo (and the arrangeable seats!). I live in the city, so the big basket is a must!

  166. Heather C says

    My favorite features of the cars bed: the storage and working headlights (no more leaving a lamp on for my little guy who is scared of the dark)
    My favorite features of the stroller: I like that you can face the seats inwards or outwards. I also think it looks very swanky and sleek which I like.

  167. Amy M. says

    This truly is the most wonderful time of the year:) Love the practicality of the stroller and the whimsy of the bed!

  168. Isa Butler says

    OMG!!! This stroller is awesome! Baby gizmo is going to make someone VERY happy with this. (hopefully me :-) )

  169. Samantha L. says

    The timing of this is perfect. We’ve been needing to get an actual frame for my toddler’s twin mattress (currently on the floor) and he would lose his MIND over this bed. So awesome.

  170. Whitley R says

    Love Stroll-Air!! This stroller would be great for my 2 kids! My son would love the Disney Cars bed too! He’s about to be out of his crib soon!

  171. Melissa Neubauer says

    I’d love to reverse the seats in the stroller I also like the storage in the bed.

  172. Christina says

    I like the reversible seat on the stroller and on the bed, I love that it has a built in toy box

  173. Rebecca Michel says

    I love that is a double stroller and reversible seats! i am expecting my second child in a few weeks so this would be PERFECT for us!!

  174. Erica Pallutch says

    The best feature of the stroller is that it is a double stroller! I am in need of one with in the next year! Thank you so much for an amazing chance!

  175. Diana Cote says

    I love that the bed has working headlights, perfect if they get scared at night and with the little toy chest maybe they can go grab a soft toy to comfort them or a blanket if they feel cold. :) the bed it self is just pure awesomeness! :)

  176. Jessica Pulliam says

    Love the compactness of the double stroller and the bed is fantastics with all it’s built ins!

  177. Amie says

    Love how independent the two seats are. With ours being five years apart this would work great! Thanks!

  178. sherri chastain says

    I love the way the bed switches from toddler bed to twin mattress he can grow and grow and still fit in the bed!

  179. Melissa says

    Doesn’t matter the feature. My son would go absolutely wild for the bed. His first word was “car”. Enough said =)

  180. Amy Wickland says

    I love the storage under the “hood” of the car! My son would go crazy storing things in there!

  181. Maria Alejandre says

    I would love to have the double stroller and Not feel like I’m trying to push a bus in the mall! Lol! Comfy double stroller is a must have!

  182. Christina C says

    My fav feature is that the Strollair Duo has 3 wheels. So much easier to navigate bumpy sidewalks with that!

  183. Maricela says

    My son so LOVES Lighting!! He will absolutely freak out over this bed!! Maybe this will finally get him out of my bed for good!

  184. Shakeeta W says

    I love the independently reversible seats! It would be nice to be able to have the kids face each other to play together but also able to reverse that when they start fighting LOL.

  185. clynsg says

    The best thing about the bed is that my grandson says it is ‘cool’ and if I won it, he would be ‘super happy.’

  186. Jennifer Deli says

    I can really use both of these giveaways! The stroller would be a dream to have not bulky like what I have and the bed would be perfect for my little guy!!

  187. jules m. says

    i love that the bed has storage space!! and working headlights, omg my nephew would freak out over this bed :)

  188. Kristin Hurt says

    Love that the duo has both seats independently adjustable! And love that the bed has built in storage!

  189. Kathie Craig says

    I like that the bed is “easily convertible and it goes from a toddler bed to a twin bed by switching out a crib mattress for a twin mattress. And once it’s converted to a twin bed, the built-in storage becomes an oversized toy box.”

  190. Roro says

    I love StrollAir My Duo because it is convertible and it has two seat in it and it is adjustable and it has good size basket for diaper bag and coats in winters

  191. Danielle Hanson says

    I love the reclining of the stroller and the “trunk” on the bed is a very cool idea

  192. Jessica Nelles says

    I love that the stroller has the option to face the parent! We’re looking for a stroller like that.

  193. Stephanie D says

    I love the versatility of the StrollAir My Duo. Especially with #2 on the way this is the perfect item to have!

  194. Yumiko says

    Bed, it would be interesting to see who gets it – we have 3.5 yrs old twin girls. Stroller, LOVE to have a GREAT stroller! Cross my fingers.

  195. beck o says

    I love that you can check under the hood of the cars bed so cool!! My son is obsessed with cars too!

  196. Robyn Chilcoat says

    My favorite feature of the Delta Cars bed is the storage feature. Being a mom to two little ones storage always comes at a premium, so this molds functional and cool together seamlessly. Love it!

  197. Gloria H says

    Best prizes so far ;) Love the huge accessible basket on the StrollAir Duo & it would be perfect for my twins! And the bed is awesome – my two year old would LOVE it!!

  198. Amy Rose says

    I love that the Cars bed is not just a toddler bed! My son would love this for a “big boy” twin mattress bed.

  199. Melissa says

    My kids love the Cars movies. That bed is adorable! I can’t believe it actually has a steering wheel:-) my son would be ready to move into that “big boy” bed in no time!

  200. Kara says

    Love the Cars bed!! I just love the look of it and the fact that it can easily convert from a toddler bed to a twin bed!

  201. clarissa says

    what i love about the bed is that its design is one that maybe my child would actually sleep in

  202. Remington Richey says

    That bed is so stinking cute! I am such an organizer and I am constantly trying to keep things clean, so having storage at the front of the bed would be PERFECTION!

  203. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh on the bed, I love that it coverts to a twin too and the built-in storage space under the hood is so awesome!!!!!

  204. Chrissy says

    I love that the stroller is so light, and that the cars bed will grow with my boy as he moves from a crib mattress to a twin.

  205. Cindy B says

    Love both the stroller and the car bed but especially like that the stroller seats are reversible!

  206. Amanda M says

    Love that the bed is a character from Cars, that movie is a favorite in our house. Plus it converts to a twin bed.

  207. Marie N says

    My son is obsessed with Cars and since we’re considering moving him to a toddler bed soon, this would be perfect for him! My favorite feature is that when he’s ready for a twin sized bed, the front converts into a toy storage!

  208. Heather P. says

    Independently reversible seats are ideal for our infant and 2 year old. It’s exactly the feature I’ve been looking for in a double stroller!

  209. Kim S. says

    I love the independent reversible seats on the Duo!! It also looks much smaller than some other double strollers out there. This would come in handy when Baby 2 gets here in June!

  210. Stacy F. says

    Wow. The stroller holds TWO infant carriers. Did I read that right?! If so…that’s impressive and my favorite feature haha.

  211. Lilia Kharabora says

    Love the independently reversible seats and the ability to accept two infant car seats at once! Brilliant. Thanks for the chance!

  212. Emily says

    I love the features of the stroller. We are talking about number 2 now so that would be helpful.

  213. Helen D'Esposito says

    Such a beautiful stroller would be a pleasure to use! And the toddler bed is exactly what we want to get for our son!

  214. Wendy O. says

    I love that the bed can transition from toddler bed to twin! I didn’t even know such a thing existed! :)

  215. Meg Michelle Greenan Liani says

    I’m lovin’ the independently reversible seats on the duo stroller!! Thank you for the chance! :)

  216. pat says

    I like the the stroller can take two car seats at the same time and has independently reversible seats.

  217. Danielle says

    I love that the stroller fits a baby in a carrier and a toddler, then adjusts later! Perfect for my family’s needs!

  218. Rachel M says

    I love the seats on the stroller. So cool that they are independently reversible and have an awesome recline!

  219. Tiffany says

    I LOVE that the seats can be arranged separately. I have one little one that likes to face me and another that loves to see the world. But seriously…. what is not to love about this stroller? It is awesome!

  220. Elizabeth JoAnn Parker says

    I love that the bed has a steering wheel, a storage bin AND working headlights. :)

  221. says

    i like that the Delta Children’s Cars Convertible Toddler to Twin Bed has a toy trunk and also the working head lights. Best of all, it converts to a twin bed so it grows with your kiddo!

  222. michelle zuniga says

    I love the magnetic closures on the peek-a-boo window. and that its a double stroller. i have a 2.5 yr old and a 13 month old. i really love that it’s side by side!

  223. Eileen Deliz says

    I love the two independent, reversible seats of the stroll air and that it’s a double stroller.

  224. Sarah says

    Love the stroll Air, thought about getting that rather than the Zee two….love your videos btw

  225. Shelley Hammond says

    I LOVE that the car bed has a toy box area, my son would love this so much! I hope I win!

  226. Elizabeth B says

    I love how narrow the stroller is: 29 inches, yet can fit a 3.5 year old toddler! Good to know!

  227. Kathy Laird says

    I love that the StrollAir My Duo has reversible seats that are independent of one another!

  228. Jayna E says

    I love the Cars bed! I love how it can transform from toddler to twin bed and the storage in the front is a big plus!

  229. Teresa Thompson says

    I like Easily convertible, it goes from a toddler bed to a twin bed by switching out a crib mattress for a twin mattress

  230. Joanna Smith says

    I am trying to win some prizes to give as gifts for my soon to be godchild! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  231. Jamie Preston says

    I love the stroller!! We’re expecting our 2nd baby in about 2 weeks and this would be so great!!

  232. Jackie Marion says

    Both if these prizes are amazing! Woul ,I’ve either of them. We are expecting our second child very soon and we will be transitioning my son into a bed in the next month. Either would be amazing for us!

  233. Melissa says

    My toddler son would love the cars bed. I would live the stroller that faces towards you or towards the front.

  234. Tracy D. says

    I like the storage compartment on the bed. The kids would have the best time playing race car in that bed.

  235. Dorian Taylor says

    I love that you can re-arrange the seats. One can face forward and the other can rear face. A lot of duo-strollers don’t have that feature.

  236. Elizabeth says

    Forgot to say what I like best about the stroller….the fact it’s my favorite color green! Plus the seats can be in different directions. Awesome!

  237. Megan Arce says

    Stroller: narrowness for a side by side; Bed: storage, headlights, steering wheel? Who wouldn’t want that bed??

  238. Ginger Oliveira says

    My poor daughter needs that stroller desperately. She can’t go anywhere right now by herself with the two babies. She is a single mom now and very sick!

  239. says

    My favorite is seeing my son’s face when he saw this bed online! He’s 2 and loves lightening McQueen. What an awesome bed for a little one!

  240. Maria Dumas says

    Omg! This giveaway is calling my name!!!! We have been googling our double stroller options for baby #3 coming in May!! Love the options to have one face you and the other out. My son would also LOVE that bed!!!!!

  241. Robin Longley says

    Love all of the under stroller storage space! And we are moving my Son to a twin bed soon – so this would be a dream come true!!! Thank you!

  242. Michele Rodocker says

    I love that the cars bed also has storage, something that is seriously lacking in my son’s room.