Decorating Tips For Renters

Sometimes renting your home means that you are very limited on what you can paint, hang, and remodel. Lots of owners don’t allow you do make any changes and you aren’t going to want to pour a lot of money into changing a space that you’re only in temporarily. We have rented plenty of spaces in the past and it can be really difficult to decorate, so because I’ve been there, done that, I wanted to share a post all about fun decorating tips for renters. You can still make your space beautiful, so don’t let that hold you back!

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Work with the beautiful bones of your house. All spaces have character. Try to play up the parts of your space that are especially beautiful and unique and showcase those.


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Brighten up your space. Sometimes the easiest way to do that when you’re renting is with the furniture that you own!

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-Hang things. Hanging things up on your walls is one of the best ways to add character and personalization to your space. It is fairly easy to cover nail holes once you move out.

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-Fake wallpaper. Did you know that you can get wallpaper that is actually sticker decals? What a fabulous way to add something amazing to your rented space!

-Work with natural light. If you’ve got windows, play them up! Add beautiful curtains or shades.

-Make big statements. Get large canvas art pieces from places like Ikea or a large map to cover a large area of space on your wall.

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-Wall stickers. Use wall stickers to pull a room together, add character or a to create a whole new world.

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Use fabric. For an easy way to add large art pieces in your home, try using fabric that you love. Simply hang your favorite fabric on your walls for display.

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Brighten up other things. You may not be able to paint all the walls, but you can paint the small things in your space like the ceiling fan! What a clever idea.

Pay attention to every corner. By adding things like a vase or small table, you make a home feel lived in and every nook and cranny looks beautiful!

Hide flaws. Cover dated mirrors with art or imperfections with some of your favorite family photos.

Use painters tape. Painters tape is a great way to add fun stripes and designs to your walls that can easily be peeled off with no damage when you leave.

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Paint what you can. I love this beautiful yellow pop of color on the fireplace!

Play up the accessories. Add colorful throw pillows to your couch, neat decorations, garlands, a homemade wreath, whatever you can find.

Don’t forget about the floor! Add a big colorful rug to your space, especially if you have wood floors to tie the whole room together and are a big statement piece.


Do you rent your space? What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your rented home? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. MC says

    I have deep windowsills, so I use that for frames, small paintings, etc. That way I have fewer holes in the walls to patch up when I leave. I also have my bridal bouquet on one of them, and I used a hook that was already in place to hang a flat sided basket with fake flowers

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