Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY

nanogiveaway1 Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY


Alexandra W. – Entry #3287

Mountain Buggy is taking the baby gear world by storm with the debut of their super travel-friendly stroller, the nano. Knowing that parents don’t want to be weighed down by a big, heavy, bulky stroller when traveling with their babe, the nano was designed with a super small, compact fold that fits into its own bag (satchel), can fit into an overhead luggage compartment on a plane and weighs in at a lightweight 13 lbs.

mountainbuggynano Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY

nanosatchel Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY

This stroller is no one trick pony though! The sophistication of nano is that it also provides dual functionality to take your car seat with its built in car seat adapters (no need to purchase extra accessories!), and then perform as a super compact, urban stroller for years to come – a desired product for today’s busy, travelling modern families.

mountainbuggynano carseat Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY

The nano also boasts a large seat (44 lb weight capacity), adjustable leg rest, a rear wheel suspension, 6″ EVA tires, canopy with flick out sun visor, a handy shoulder strap and a well ventilated seat back when in recline are also perfect features for families on the go.

With the use of a car seat, the nano can be used from birth, and without, the seat accommodates 6 months and up. With a retail price of $199, this is a travel friendly stroller with a parent-friendly price.

The Mountain Buggy nano is coming soon. Real soon. It hasn’t hit the market yet so we don’t have our full review (and video!) for you YET. Soon, my friends, soon.

We are going to switch things up a bit today and GIVE ONE AWAY before you can even buy them! That’s right, we are so excited about the nano that we are giving one away this week in our Giant Weekly Giveaway!!

howtoenter Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller GIVEAWAY


What’s up for grabs:

(1) Mountain Buggy nano Stroller

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  1. Stephanie says

    I’d take this baby on all our summer travel adventures! East coast, west coast, and everywhere in between :)

  2. Jessica O says

    We have some awesome trails for hiking in the mountains here in Western WA and this would be awesome for it!

  3. Kristi Sidor Golik says

    I will stroll all over the state of Montana and hopefully many more states and countries!

  4. janna P says

    I’ll actually answer the question we are supposed to (hopefully only those that pay attention get counted). We are on baby number one and live across the road from a bike bath that takes the scenic route through our whole town. I would use the stroller there the most!

  5. Melissa Meltzer says

    I would love to take this on walks around the neighborhood and it looks like it would be a breeze to put in the car for trips!

  6. Kelly miller says

    Everywhere! Every single nature place we could find And then take it to AZ for our trip and repeat

  7. Micheal D Lefebvre says

    This would be convinient for my Great Niece Addyson..She will be born on Feburary 6th, 2014.

  8. mandy f says

    i would stroll it all over! we live in NYC so it would be great for us walking around everywhere!

  9. Stephanie Sims says

    It would be easier to say where I wouldn’t take it! LOL Strolls threw the mall, out and about down town Seattle, walks along the port of Tacoma, Zoo, doctors visits because we all know those rooms are to small for a large stroller.

  10. Cindy B says

    we’d stroll all over our neighborhood (or mostly on our way back)… our lil is getting old enough to walk someplace but not to walk back (too tired)… thanks for the giveaway

  11. Glynis N says

    This would be great for travel. Our van is loaded with luggage when we take trips, so this would be excellent for packing.

  12. Claire Y says

    I would take it all over our neighborhood! Our stroller is so bulky, it would be nice to have something lighter for our son.

  13. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I’d take this on our trip up to Michigan and to Indiana. Flight friendly is a BIG bonus!

  14. Jodi Fridson says

    Would love to win this for a friend of mine! She’s about to become a first time Mom…doesn’t have a car. I could see her walking all over Myrtle Beach area with this great stroller.

  15. Katrina Touchet says

    I’m in the market for a more travel friendly stroller particularly for a cruise and would love to have this!

  16. Janette Polivka says

    Awesome! I am in a stroller terribly and to have one this great would be a total blessing!

  17. Janette Polivka says

    Oh sorry, we would stroll through the park. I have been wanting to get more active and he would love the scenery! Which just have been needing the stroller!

  18. says

    I would take our little angel to Balboa Park, Kit Carson, and walks by the beach. I would probably use it as the main stroller, as I need a good one for when I go shopping too, and grocery shopping, family visits, etc.

  19. Achlee White says

    I’d love to have this to take my littles on our walks Now that the weather is getting better!

  20. shane says

    Looks good have been looking n searching the net n I always come back to baby gizmo to watch reviews onthe sstrollers I have come across

  21. Kate S says

    I would take it through the airport!!! It would make traveling so much easier. My kiddos have to visit their great-grandparents as much as possible.

  22. Melissa N says

    I would love to have this for all our trips to Utah to see our family. We usually don’t have room for our big stroller so we suffer without one.

  23. Alison Milne says

    This would be great for our summer’s travelling to our cabin, and family outings in the city!

  24. nicole m. says

    This would be perfect for our first family vacation coming up in May! California ,airports, hiking trails, Disney, the works.

  25. Jessica says

    This would be a great stroller for keeping my daughter comfortable (and contained!) when we go shopping.

  26. Dallie Davis says

    We are going to stroll over to my cousin’s home in KY to gift this to her for her first baby, due March 4. This would be an amazing gift for her. I know she would take this everywhere!

  27. Jenn Robertson Otto says

    This looks amazing and so useful! Love the blog and as a new mommy I really enjoy hearing what other parents do. Thank you!

  28. jessica fletcher says

    I live 5 blocks from a resort town/lake… i love taking walks to to the lake and around town!

  29. Becky Schneider says

    I would take it to the hiking trails here in Arizona and pretty much every where else I go!

  30. Ana Tondre says

    My baby and me going to travel to Peru on April to visit my parents, this stroller just looks perfect

  31. Virginia says

    I’d stroll everywhere with the Mountain Buggy stroller. Great size for in the back of the car for the mall, beach, zoo, etc.

  32. Lauren West says

    I would stroll my littlest one around our neighborhood as we walk my older daughter to school. And of course, always at the mall!

  33. gina says

    I just did the tweet entry and the link takes me to a tweet about a video monitor giveaway. Hope it is ok I went ahead and submitted the entry anyway.

  34. Melissa Easton says

    I would take this stroller on walks in the neighborhood, the mall, on trips….you name it! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  35. Laila Salem says

    I would go everywhere. My current stroller is 35 freaking pounds. We live in an upstairs apt. I carry that thing up and down the stairs every time I need it, while my one year old sits in our house freaking out/crying because I just walked out the door without her to get her stroller down and ready for her. I’m so over it.

  36. Karoliina V. says

    We have 3 kids and this would be perfect and small enough to just take with us on an all day walking trip etc, where my oldest may need a ride at some point too! Could just keep it in the under storage basket of our double jogger when not in use (or have hubby carry it), and then just pop it open and use it when needed! Perfect!

  37. Connie Morgan says

    I’d take this stroller EVERYWHERE! It sounds perfect for traveling and would come in handy when we go to NY this summer and Disneyland in the spring. It would also be great to have a stroller that weighed less than my child!

  38. tiffany orr says

    I would use it in the mal and when traveling to my inlaws and feel like I have the room in my car for a stroller and luggage.

  39. Gina says

    It seems like a perfect stroller to take anywhere!
    Parks, walks in the city, vacations, trips to the store, you name it!
    I like the light weight, compact fold and functionality.

  40. Kyleen Sheehy says

    Baby #3 due this summer and I am not interested in all the big bulky strollers. This would be perfect!!! Please pick me :)

  41. Danielle W. says

    I’d take it on our frequent weekends away–cause it’ll fit in the trunk with everything else!

  42. Kristi Philpot says

    I would love to take my boys to Disney World @
    & push the baby all around the parks in the mountain buggy nano.

  43. Francine allain says

    Everywhere. We walk everywhere unless the weather is bad. Then we take a stroller on the bus and use it inside wherever we were going. With my oldest starting school I need a single stroller.

  44. Brandi Livengood says

    I would take this down the waterfront at Pt Defiance and up to Mt Rainier on weekend outings!

  45. Cindy Kong says

    This would be perfect for our trip back to NYC. Lightweight and easy to use for subways and tough enough for NYC sidewalks..

  46. Alexis Enerson says

    We’d use this to stroll around town, the mall, the zoo, our next trip to Florida…everywhere!

  47. Julie P says

    I’d take the Nano to Denver, Ohio, Hawaii, Disneyland… Everywhere traveling is involved!

  48. Erin Clinard says

    What a great stroller for travel and urban living. Love that it’s not huge and bulky!

  49. Rebecca Jackson says

    We’d go around the neighborhood, the mall, the aquarium and zoo and take it on every vacatioAn (if we can ever afford one)!

  50. Nicole Webb says

    We are going to Washington DC this summer, this would be perfect to stroll around the capital!

  51. monica avelar says

    would love this stroller! so lightweight its great getting it in and out of the car while managing my other son!

  52. Jolene Anderson says

    I would stroll this everywhere especially in airports where it seems lite and easy:-)

  53. corrie says

    This looks awesome! Our little gal is just getting old enough to need a lightweigt stroller. Can’t wait to see the review!

  54. Nicole V-P says

    We would take it when we go out hiking or to the beach. We have a trip to Disney planned soon so this would be great for the plane ride there and in the park.

  55. Melanie says

    I would walk to the park and the beach with the Mountain Buggy! My stroller now is so heavy I have to leave it at the sidewalk and walk in the sand without it and constantly check on it. I would LOVE the Mountain Buggy Nano.

  56. Amanda W says

    Baby boy & I would stroll everywhere!!! He is small yet & just getting into his curious phase. We’d explore the world together! :)

  57. Danielle Clifford says

    With spring coming soon we would take the stroller to the beach and to the trails while my oldest is in school. :-)

  58. says

    This stroller would be perfect to keep in the trunk of my Honda Accord for my three year old and even better for when my newborn gets a little bigger!! Love the idea of lightweight and compact, Hello, people?!!! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?!?!

  59. Jennifer D says

    I live right near a nice park. We will stroll through the woods. Get my body back in shape.

  60. Jessica says

    Love this. Great looking and lightweight? It’s everything I hope to be, but in a stroller!

  61. Kay C. says

    I would take it with us to FL when we are at the beach with our grandson. I would love it when we are at Disney world with our twin grandbabies, but we would need 2!

  62. joanna garcia says

    I would go anywhere we can because it is so versatile! def would like to take the kids to disney!

  63. Jessica Kirkpatrick says

    I would use this for our many trips to Seattle from DC. My husbands family is in Seattle so we try to go 3x per year so they can see the grandbabies!!

  64. Jennifer baker says

    So need a ught weight stroller since we no longer need the full size monster…. Another awesome give away from babygizmo thank you.

  65. Amber Sallee says

    Can’t use our horrible double stroller anymore because it doesn’t steer well at all with both kids. But having this awesome stroller would go everywhere with us! And my son is a big boy now so he can help push his sister. Would love to win!!

  66. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would take this fantastic stroller everywhere from the mall to the park! I hope I win it! :)

  67. Paula Barn says

    This stroller is perfect for travel! Disneyworld vacation would be a breeze from the airport to the parks!

  68. Allison Vogt says

    It’s been 5 years since I had a baby and am expecting my 3rd any day now. This would be so handy to have since my stroller is old and very well used plus HEAVY! Woof! Thank you for the opportunity!

  69. Hanna J says

    We would stroll everywhere in this stroller, its perfect for #4 due in june, thanks for the chance

  70. Stephanie Maginot Thillens says

    This would be the perfect stroller for out and about town, going to the grocery store, the library etc!

  71. Sabrina says

    Everywhere from strolls around the neighborhood to our travels! I think it would hold up awesome on the sand at the beach!

  72. Ann Lanigan says

    I’d take my adorable boys up hills and down hills. I’d like them over the mountains and through the tunnels. I’d take them to the end of the rainbow!!!

  73. Amanda Jacobs says

    We are in need of a stroller, this spring and summer we are planning to go on many nature walks with our toddler. The lighter the better!

  74. Jennifer M says

    It’s below freezing where I am, so I am dreaming about taking my daughter anywhere outside in the Nano!

  75. Jessica Barnhart says

    amusement parks! great for my kids who want to walk but still need to sit for some of the day

  76. Kristin Jones says

    I would stroll beside the lake, around the neighborhood, the zoo, the mall, pretty much everywhere!

  77. Myong says

    Moving to DC soon and I’d take it EVERYWHERE! The mall, shopping malls, trails, just everywhere!

  78. Jenn says

    This would be a great stroller for all our camping trips. We just bought a camper and had a baby so what better way to start the season of camping all over Michigan.

  79. Stacy Nordstrom says

    What a great idea! People with kids travel and it would be nice to have a light, transportable stroller.

  80. Dawn B. says

    Were on a State Park kick and I’d love to have the. Mountain buggy to handle the terrain with the newest addition this summer!

  81. Shannon smith says

    This would be great for all our walks and our trips to the zoo and aquarium those kids of things.

  82. Carrie H. says

    where wouldn’t we take this wonder?!?! planning on some outings to the Outer Banks, around the city (DC), down our favorite park trail and to the playground!

  83. Aleia Chambers says

    When the weather is nice again (not -20!), I like to take long walks to a State Park.I love Mountain Buggys and would love to have a smaller one!

  84. stacy brown says

    This looks like a wonderful stroller.Its hard to find a stroller that easily glides as you push through different types of ground.Thank you for the work you put in these giveaways.

  85. Mandi Oukrop says

    We travel a lot – this would get tons of use. Not only air travel, but even car tips – saving us valuable trunk space!

  86. Julie M. says

    Our family would stroll our little one on the way along the beach boardwalk in our little shore town!

  87. Stacy W says

    We’d stroll through the airport and fly out to Washington State to visit “gram” and the extended family on the West coast!

  88. Adrianna V. says

    I would love to take it with us on our European adventure. This fall we are going to visit some friends in Turkey (and hopefully a detour to Spain as well) and would love to take this light, compact, pretty much amazing travel stroller with us!

  89. lisa bell says

    Are you kidding me? we would stroll everywhere!!! I plan to lose the baby weight by walking every day. I just dont have a stroller to do so.

  90. Jocelyn Chilson says

    This would be a great stroller for traveling to see the our friends and family who live far away.

  91. Nicole Toscano says

    My 3 year old is ready to outgrow his double stroller so this would be perfect for his lil bro who’s almost 2. It would be great for appts, trips to the zoo and trips to Virginia to see dada who’s stationed there in the navy.

  92. April Bilbrey says

    We would stroll everywhere! Around the block, walking trails, Roswell, Carlsbad caverns, etc..

  93. Vanessa Miranda Allen says

    Cant wait for the video review but so far I love it!!! I would use it for our upcoming trip to South America!!

  94. Christy S says

    We would use it to travel. Its not easy to fly with a toddler and a baby and this would be wonderful!

  95. Lesley johnson says

    My baby boy will be born in the Spring and we have a beautiful parkway system that soothes my nature loving soul. I can’t wait to share that with him and instill that appreciation in him, too. This stroller would be perfect for that!
    thank you!

  96. Rebekah Rodaniche says

    It’s would be perfect for our travels to Panama and the east coast…our stroller is falling apart!

  97. Jenny says

    We go to a lot of fairs, festivals, and carnivals during the summer. This would be perfect for strolling across the grass!

  98. Elyssa Greenfield says

    Wow! This stroller looks fantastic. We walk every weekend and this would be a fabulous stroller to walk with!

  99. Robin Z says

    This stroller looks fantastic! I wonder if it will have the same warranty as a McClaren? I would love this for air travel and quick trips in town…

  100. jennifer delvalle says

    Well since I live I NYC I would take this stroller everywhere from subway to parks, up and down stairs to up and down elevators lol but it would awesome to win this stroller … so in need of it thank you

  101. Belinda Landas says

    This giveaway would not have come at a better time. My current stroller is slowly meeting it’s end. I no longer was to be bothered with a troublesome stroller that takes to much time to put together! I don’t have time to waste. Mountain buggy sounds ideal for my family.

  102. Celynn Vant Erve says

    We travel frequently to grandparents house which is a 2 hour flight away. The would come in handy for sure

  103. Jessica O says

    This would be our travel stroller for sure! Nigeria at some point to visit hubby’s family.

  104. Veronica says

    This looks amazing! We are in need of a lightweight and love that Mountain Buggy now has this option. Thanks!

  105. Mary Beth Galbreath says

    We would take the new stroller everywhere! As a family that travels frequently, this sounds perfect for overseas plane rides, and public transportation once we arrive at our destination!

  106. Ani says

    I have a big jogger and need a compact light stroller for a few weddings this year and a family vacation. It would be nice to have something small and light for travel.

  107. Teresa Honores says

    Anywhere since it is compact and lightweight and can even fit in the storage bin of a plane! GENIUS!!! so want!

  108. Aura says

    With 4 kids in Brooklyn I’m constantly in and out of the car so I need a stroller that’s easy to open quickly. The stroller folds so small that I don’t he to worry about firing it with my sons ice honey gear. Plus it’s perfect for when we fly to visit friends and relatives in Israel especially since it will gold easily on Israeli buses, the main mode of transport

  109. ANGELA MIRANDA says

    This should be an absolute breeze to take on the NYC MTA! I havent been able to travel much but my son will be a year old in March and it would be nice to have his 1 st travels in this beauty!

  110. Shayna says

    This would be an awesome car trunk stroller! Then I could take it everywhere and put on some major mileage!

  111. Alicia M says

    I would use it for traveling this summer to the amusement parks! It would be awesome to fly with.

  112. Lilia Kharabora says

    My brother is getting married in March. I would for sure take it with me on my flight from Atlanta to Tulsa. A blessing it would be. Thank you!

  113. ReneeN says

    We usually go to a local theme park and our big stroller is a pain to load and unload, This would make it so much easier.

  114. Michele Rodocker says

    We’d use this buggy for walks around town, to the park, and probably on some walking trails!

  115. Fabienne says

    I would love this stroller for our family as I am always traveling with my little man. Thank you.

  116. Becca Graham says

    We have some amazing nature trails on the MS Gulf Coast that I would love to take our 3 week old little girl :)

  117. Crystal Robinson says

    I’d probably leave it in the car to have for quick trips. Also looks great for air travel.

  118. Liana W. says

    Uh, everywhere! I’d keep it in the car for quick trips into the library and longer trips to the children’s museum or zoo.

  119. Jessica Martin says

    This looks soooo nice compared to other options for easy travel strollers but are such a pain to use most little light strollers! I like to have a single stroller for my youngest babe that is always with me but a regular umbrella stroller is not safe for little babes and do not accommodate infant seats! Baby #6 is coming in July and I need a way to transport this bundle!

  120. Melissa Q. says

    I’m expecting next week and this would definitely come in handy since all our family lives far away.

  121. Jenn K. says

    We have a large jogger and we’ve been thinking it’d be nice to have something a little smaller. This would fit the bill nicely.

  122. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    We are annual passholders to Disney World so we would of course be strolling there but we also like to take walks around the neighborhood and around a park down the street from our house.

  123. laura j says

    I’d take it when we don’t need the cushy wheels of our City Mini GT. so…the mall, the airport, the big city

  124. Carisa says

    We’re traveling to CA in a few months for a wedding – would definitely make traveling much easier since it fits in the overhead compartment :) Also, would use it lots walking around the neighborhood if the weather would ever warm up in WI…

  125. Amy Hall says

    I don’t use a stroller really often, but there are some times whenit just makes sense to have somewhere to put the baby down on the go, so longer day outings, road trips, vacations, things like that. I drive a small car, so the compactnesso f this is great

  126. Abigail Wing-Yun Ng says

    I would definitely like to take this stroller to the mall!!! i need to do some shopping

  127. Christine Lopez says

    Im out and about with my daughter everyday taking the big kids to school which is 10 blocks away. Running errands, amd shopping. I dont drive,so this stroller would be great.

  128. Stephanie Ann says

    I’d love to stroll to our local lake, there are so many nice trails and it’s so gorgeous there!

  129. Wing Sau Chiang says

    I’m planning on taking this stroller out on our annual family vacation this summer! Not sure where yet but if we win this stroller will be coming with us

  130. Cheryl says

    I’d take this stroller to visit grandparents-from LA to the east coast to the Heart of Dixie. This stroller would see the US. And if we make it to the great grandparents, this stroller will cross the Atlantic and tour Great Britain as well!

  131. Emily says

    I’d stroll with this to visit grandma and grandpa in Denmark! Looks like a breeze to zoom around streets and airports, and a dream to fold! Not to mention that a light-weight 13 lb. stroller would surely save our backs! I love Mountain Buggy products and would love to win this stroller! :D

  132. Michelle Hahn says

    I’d stroll easily through the airport security bc of the maneuverability of this stroller!

  133. Jamie de Guzman says

    Looks amazing! Would love to win for my new baby coming in 2 weeks! New wheels for new baby would be awesome!

  134. Amy Lumley says

    Everywhere! Especially this summer at Silver dollar city where we got season tickets! There are lots of hills!

  135. Svetlana F says

    I am looking for a small durable and compact stroller to take with me anywhere I go, especially the places where a big stroller is a pain.

  136. Meredith Carlile says

    I would love a new stroller! Using an old, very dirty, hand-me-down MacLaren right now. I love it but would like my own.

  137. Amy Cates says

    We would take this everywhere. I am looking for the perfect lightweight compact stroller and this one may fit the bill.

  138. Angela T says

    Everywhere! We are constantly flying on planes either to go back to our hometown (husband is in the military so we are always on the move), or vacations to the beach, mountains, snowboarding, east coast, west coast… Everywhere!

  139. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I would put my new little boy in his Boba wrap, put big brother in the stroller, and go for long walks so we can all enjoy the fresh air!!

  140. Mary Mudd says

    We live in the country, so I would be able to bring the grandbaby fishing and camping and anywhere else that is usually so much trouble to have a baby along for the ride. She would be able to go anywhere and every we all go!!!

  141. Gina Hiskes says

    Nowhere as exciting as the mountains in its name, but around the block and to our local park sounds just as fun to me!

  142. Amber says

    I would take it to the huge park right here in town and maybe even try to venture on the trails.

  143. Benjamin Spaulding says

    As our daughter is just past 2yrs, we’re using a daily stroller less, but find when we need it, we NEED it as she’s too big to tote around all the time. This would be our new “go to” stroller. Small, light and easy to keep in the back of the car and grab and go when needed.

  144. Mel S says

    This looks like it would be great for traveling as well as everyday use…and it would easily fit in my car – which is a problem with most of the nicer strollers.

  145. says

    Would LOVE this stroller — have been shopping around for a good umbrella stroller so that I don’t have to take the Bumbleride everywhere…this seems like a great option. Thanks!

  146. Nicole Wroten says

    I recently have had 2 babies under 2 (back to back pregnancies) I deserve a medal for being preggothat long! but i will gladly take this stroller!! Help a mama out! pick me!

  147. Nicole Wroten says

    i would take this stroller Everywhere i went! the mall, walks, park, shopping, site seeing, Disney

  148. Christina F. says

    the zoo! how awesome that it can be easily packed up for when you’re inside the exhibit houses. and we’d take it when our daughter is visiting family in february. it’d would also be great for traveling to visit relatives in april and flying to visit grandparents this summer!

  149. william Mundall says

    Everywhere….as of right now we dont have a stroller so we are only using our baby carrier!

  150. Jac Que Lyn says

    I would use it around town. And when I fly cross country w/my kids this summer to visit their great-grandpa.

  151. kate banks says

    everywhere when i only had one kid with me so i didn’t need to use the double….mall, walks, etc.!

  152. Tate says

    We would use it when we go visit family and daily in Chicago because we don’t have a car and this sounds like the perfect easy urban stroller. My son has only had hand me downs so this would be so fun to have it before it is even for sale!!!!

  153. David Meyer says

    I would love to stroll around our neighborhood. We are expecting our first this summer and this would be IDEAL for our new little love!

  154. Kathleen Gereg says

    I’d stroll along all the beautiful beaches and State Parks with the Mountain Buggy nano!

  155. Tawnya Von Schmittou says

    I would stroll in the beautiful mountain parks around where I live, and the awesome waterfalls!!

  156. Jeanine Hall says

    I’d keep it in the car so I could use it everywhere! I’d also use it for a day trip to NYC….perfect for the train!

  157. Candace Glass says

    I would stroll on a trail by our apartment and also the hospital cafeteria, meeting my husband for a break once and awhile from medical school!

  158. Cindy C says

    Is it too much to ask to be able to carry my baby in one arm and everything else in the other?
    I am about to take a flight with my giant 12 month old and I’m in search of a light stroller to help me complete this task!

  159. Terry Maigi says

    We would take it everywhere!! We love taking trips to the zoo, the nature center, walks around the neighborhood etc!

  160. Tracie Drew says

    I would take this beautiful stroller to the zoo or on the train to go to Chicago to see the big city this summer.

  161. Leah D says

    We will be taking this stroller with us out West to visit Yosemite & Redwood N.P. during the summer of 2015.

  162. Chani M says

    We will be spending a couple months in Seattle this summer and this little stroller would be PERFECT for our needs there!!

  163. Delcie Hynes says

    been looking for another light weight stroller…this one looks fabulous! can’t wait for your review!

  164. Heidi BH says

    First baby is coming in a few weeks, so I’d stroll evvvverywhere with it. :) I have a tiny car, so this sounds perfect!

  165. Thabal says

    We are expecting our first, so this would used pretty much everywhere! Malls, park and shopping :)

  166. Laura C says

    So lightweight and I love that you don’t need to buy a special adaptor to make it compatible with a car seat!

  167. Esther Glasser says

    I would walk all over Brooklyn….My hubby and I are becoming grandparents..three differnt couples at the same time.thank g-d we are very greatful…but we need alot of carriages to go on long walks…

  168. Gloria Woo says

    I’d love to be able to take my daughter in and out of NYC’s subways to the gym! Mommy would love to be able to make it there on her own with a great lightweight stroller.

  169. Justin Sanchez says

    I’m a dad who would love to have the light weight compact daddy friendly stroller. This looks fantastic!

  170. Christa says

    We are a one car family, so if I want to go somewhere during the day we walk! So pretty much everywhere.

  171. Kerry A says

    Love this stroller. It would be great for travel – love the idea of bringing it carryon and not being at the mercy of baggage handlers -yay!

  172. Becca Ribbing says

    I’ve been really looking forward to this stroller coming out, it would be great to keep in our tiny car.

  173. Jennifer R. says

    Where wouldn’t you go?? It would be great to take with us to visit the in-laws since it folds up so small and wouldn’t take up so much room.

  174. Renee Murphy says

    I’d definitely use this on our trip to Disney World this fall! But of course I’d try it out before that all over town!

  175. Stephanie Jacobson says

    This would make an awesome baby shower gift for a friend who’s expecting her first baby this spring! She lives by the ocean, so there will be many walks in her future.

  176. Renee Smith says

    When the weather gets better, I would take this out around the neighborhood, shopping downtown, and for strolling in the local parks. This would even work great for traveling.

  177. Aracely Favre says

    A heavy 17 month old + the awesome light mountain buggy nano stroller = happy Mommy

    Living away from my family, we fly often for visits. This stroller would be great!

  178. Jaclyn Waterman says

    This would be amazing! We have had suck bad luck with strollers, and really need a new one. Have thought about buying one similar to this. Would be awesome to win one!

  179. Jenn Kuhn says

    I’d use the stroller to parks/libraries/classes with my new little one – seems so portable (which is necessary when you have multiple children).

  180. Jaclyn Waterman says

    This would be amazing! We have had such bad luck with strollers and we really need to get a new one. We looked in to buying one similar to this, but it would be awesome to win one! Thank you baby gizmo!

  181. Cynthia M Negron says

    Everywhere! From walking around our subdivision to trails/park beach. We travel a lot going to visit family so having a compact stroller would be awesome. We’re actually looking for a new stroller that doesnt take up so much room. Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

  182. Candy Stephenson-Otoya says

    We are going to Florida in the spring and also to the beach and park by our house!

  183. Tonya M says

    I would have loved this when we were in SF this weekend. Since that is a place we frequent often I would take it there and everywhere.

  184. Kristen G says

    Id stroll in the snow! Its 3 degrees right now so I might wait till it warms up a bit first!

  185. Ashley N says

    I would take it to the museums around Chicago. We need something for when my peanut gets tired, but not a full-sized stroller since they are often crowded. This would be perfect!

  186. Heather says

    I think this looks amazing. I take my kids everywhere and we travel all the time by car, plane, and train. This would be perfect!

  187. Carla says

    We live in the most beautiful part of the country–mountains and beaches within an hour drive. This stroller would see a lot of beautiful nature and would cut through sand and snow nicely :-)

  188. Kristi N says

    We would do some strolling through airports and many states and maybe even a new country as we move every couple of years!

  189. Sara Plotitsa says

    I’m trying to get more healthy and this is just the kind of thing I could use to take my little one for walks!

  190. Diana Cote says

    For walks everywhere, around here in the villages there is lots of places to see right by our house. I would take her to the store in it so she doesn’t keep trying to run off and if we go anywhere I would take it as well, our stroller broke when she was an infant and so we have been out of one since. :/

  191. Melondy B says

    I would spend a lovely day at the zoo. I would stroll around the zoo and take in all of the beautiful sights.

  192. Simmie G says

    I’m constantly looking for the best compact stroller since we are always traveling all over the world with our now 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter. This would be perfect for our travels from Australia to the Middle East to America and everywhere in between! I hope we win :) For instance we just traveled to Florida for a week from New York…

  193. MKK says

    TOTALLY want this so bad — going on an international trip in a month and this looks like a must have.

  194. Samantha G says

    We are going to disney next year after husbands deployment and this would make life so much easier. Last time we went we had a stroller that weighted 35 lbs and one baby. This time we will have four babies and I do not have the energy for a huge stroller.

  195. Michelle W says

    It’s nice to see a stroller that is convenient. Small enough to handle, doesn’t take a lot of space, easy to use, and looks great too! So tired of having to struggle just to have the stroller that will last.

  196. Oksana K says

    My family is planing a Disney World trip in February and we would love to get this new Mountain Buggy Nano! My 16 month old baby boy is still not walking and he is reaching the 25 lbs mark. This small and compact stroller would be perfect for him!!! Thanx :)))

  197. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    I would take my lil guy to the wildlife reserve to look at wildlife, without fear that he’d run into a bayou and get eaten by a gator.

  198. Andrea says

    I would love this stroller to take neighborhood walk this August to get back in shape after baby arrives.

  199. Robyn says

    On all the walking trials in our area! This would also be great for day trips and longer vacations with my family!

  200. Rachele W. says

    The mall, museums, zoo’s…just about everywhere. The Nano seems perfect for on the go life!!!

  201. Savorn Y says

    Would be perfect to have this awesome lightweight stroller to take Baby everywhere, especially for our coming up trip to Universal Studios!

  202. Vanessa Tan says

    The Nano looks better than the BabyZen Yoyo cause of the bigger basket and longer leg support. I wanted to buy the Yoyo but now I think I will wait for the Nano! We are very excited to see this out in the market.

  203. Stephanie D says

    They have this awesome trail/hike near my house that I can loose baby weight in April when my little girl comes :D

  204. Amy Steinle says

    We would use this at the zoo and for walks around a nearby pond while the bigger kids ride their bikes! Looks awesome!

  205. Sarah Smart says

    I’d love to take my daughter for strolls around the park and on light hiking trails with this!

  206. Becky McMahon says

    My parents and in laws live on opposite coasts so this stroller would be awesome for all the traveling I have to do to visit family.

  207. Jordan Hovingh says

    We are getting ready to move to Europe and our stroller is just too big this would be wonderful!!

  208. Jamesie M says

    We would use the Nano for all our upcoming trips – Florida for Spring Break, Chicago for a weekend getaway and hopefully Germany for a European adventure. And of course, any other travels that come our way!

  209. Alexandra Winter says

    This would be the perfect stroller for running errands, bring it on my school bus when I do charters, travelling and the list goes on and on

  210. Courtnie says

    I love the versatility and of course, the price point of this stroller! Definitely looks like a great stroller for quick mall runs.

  211. Amy K says

    I would stroll everywhere – the mall, the airport, disney, and the playground – the nano looks like it can do it all!

  212. Kimberley says

    I would love this super convenient little baby for the little one’s doctor visits. Thanks for the opportunity!

  213. Tiffany Nicole Nketiah says

    I would love to win this stroller since my current stroller was just recalled *sigh*

  214. Jessica Ehrlich Mandy says

    This is the perfect lightweight stroller for taking my new peanut to the park with his sister this summer:) thank you!

  215. Courtney Gdowski says

    This would make our day-to-day so much quicker (and leave mom with less bruises from hauling the big stroller in and out of the trunk!)!

  216. Diana P says

    We need this stroller! It would make our day to day so much easier with my little ones! Would love to take this on some upcoming travel too!

  217. Jen D says

    Everywhere! We have Duet and love it, but travelling with it seems like a crazy nightmare. This looks MUCH easier!

  218. Stephanie says

    I’d use it to take our baby girl and stroll through our small town, all spring and summer. We’d also take it along to the UP, when we go to visit family, and we’d make sure to take plenty of strolls by the water!

  219. Angela W says

    I would take it to the park for morning strolls, and to Los Angeles where we travel 2 times a year

  220. says

    We have two trips coming up this summer…and on one of them, i’ll be by myself with my toddler. Thinking this would rock!!


  221. Mi Kwon says

    This would be perfect for our upcoming trip overseas in two months. Our current stroller is just way too bulky and heavy. This looks sleek and modern. I would definitely get good use out of it when running in and out for quick errands.

  222. Jen McCrea says

    I would take this stroller everywhere!! But most often we would be walking to the playground :)

  223. Tiffany A. says

    We will be going to the new aquarium here in town! Plus we are planning a trip to the Houston aquarium and children’s museum this summer! So many fun vacation plans for this stroller!

  224. SARI P. says

    I would love this stroller! I would use it for quick trips to the mall and for our trips to places like Disney because by the end of the night the boys are always tired!

  225. Whitney Lyn says

    We would take this awesome stroller on our favorite walking trails along the river. Oh, and it would be amazing for vacation! !

  226. Emily Sparks says

    We would walk big brother to the park as soon as the weather stops with the crazy freezes!

  227. Lori Melhuish says

    We have a double stroller which is a monstrosity . We have baby # 3 on the way and this would be great to have something a little more compact.

  228. RDO says

    This would be perfect because Baby is about to outgrow her bucket seat, and I will really miss the stroller frame. She goes to and from day care in a stroller every day.

  229. Melissa Giglio says

    I’m a weakling…I need a lightweight stroller! ;) Baby due in April….perfect timing!

  230. Lisa Nicole Paone says

    I’d stroll everywhere with it, the park, around the river not too far from our house and around my neighborhood as soon as the weather improves.

  231. says

    I would take it the one place I need a stroller and can’t take because of size and portability……DAYCARE! I have to baby wear my 6month old. So would be nice to get this.

  232. says

    I would stroll all over nyc this summer with my little guy. We love all the things to do in the city during spring and summer. And also when we leave the city and use public transit.

  233. Mary Kate Bransford says

    With home in Washington and one set of grandparents in Madrid, we need a stroller to natigate the city and travel with the little lady in style. And also, our stroller is hanging on by a thread, so this would be sweet!!

  234. Samantha Hunt says

    We really want to go to Europe, so a compact lightweight stroller would be a MUST! Not to mention this is awesome looking.

  235. Erica Baty says

    Would stroll everywhere in this awesome stroller!! To the park, the mall, around the neighborhood, the store! Everywhere :) p

  236. Brishauna Coneal says

    As a family, we travel A LOT! This would be perfect for both the family trips and practically anywhere!

  237. Denise N. says

    We’d stroll everywhere with this, can’t wait for warmer weather so we can hit the local greenways trails and festivals! Love the simple design of this stroller. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  238. Chris says

    This would be great for our ‘not enough room in the van’ vacations! and the mesh back in TX heat for this years vaca is an added bonus!

  239. Rebecca Sabag says

    I would take it around town on my million and one errands I squeeze into between being a full time teacher and mother of two. Owning a beautiful stroller is like owning a new pair of beautiful shoes. It makes you feel wonderful when you walk with them and I need some wonderful in my life these days!

  240. Nikki says

    This stroller is amazing! This is baby #2 after 10 years! Baby #1 is now a big boy and loves taking his little sister to the park. We’ll surely have some great times with a new stroller.

  241. Yvette says

    Awesome stroller! This would be perfect for our 11 hr car ride to South Dakota. It wont even take up much room!!

  242. Vanessa S says

    With baby #2 on the way and a 3 year old. I want a compact stroller I can easily stroll around the park, grocery store, doctors offices… Basically everywhere and anywhere. Crossing my fingers

  243. Maria E. says

    I would use this for everyday outings! This would be absolutely perfect for our vacation to the East Coast in April. We are also going to Canada for a couple of days…perfect traveling stroller!

  244. Julia Gardner says

    We already have eight flights booked for 2014!! A stroller that can fit in the overhead compartment would be a dream come true!!

  245. Elle Lay Jones says

    I’d stroll with the Mountain Buggy nano throughout my neighborhood. I live near the water, trains, and lots of shopping so this would be perfect. Thanks for this!

  246. jessica morgan says

    I would take it to baseball games, soccer games, football games, cheer meets. Also just walking the zoo and the mall we are always busy.

  247. Amy Dilts says

    Today was beautiful. It would would have been a great day to go for a stroll. I’m counting down the days till I can stroll with my new baby down to the park.

  248. Susan Harp says

    Well, if it ever warms up here in the frozen region known as Wisconsin, I would stroll my neighborhoods. But until then, I guess I’ll just have to hit the local mall. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!!

  249. Danielle says

    We travel a lot and which stroller will fit is ALWAYS an issue. Having a Nano would be awesome!

  250. Ashley B says

    We would stroll at the zoo, we would stroll when the sky is blue!

    We would walk to the park and leave before it got dark!

  251. arlene e says

    I’d be strolling to the zoo and park and all over Disney this summer and the beaches of so cal!

  252. Dillyw says

    I would love to take the stroller to my friend that is about to have her first grand baby! She would love it to share with the new parents and we could take the baby girl on lots of shopping trips!!

  253. Michelle G. says

    We travel a ton and even though I have 3 kids, it would be nice to have a stroller that is lightweight for the little one :) Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway!!

  254. Michelle Gill says

    Looking forward to having our first little one and bringing him/her around in a sturdy and rugged set of wheels like these.

  255. daycrafty says

    I’m so sad that I missed this giveaway I really like this stroller. I would love to test it with my 6 month daughter, 1st time mom and super excited about new mommy gear.

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