Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve Stroller

homead755 Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve Stroller

Congrats to the winner – 
Entry #4384 – Erin M. 

This week’s Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is with the phil&teds Verve! This isn’t a new stroller from phil&teds, but like the Vibe last week, it has had a few tweaks (such as a larger seat!) to make it even better this year.

The Verve is another classic phil&teds inline stroller. The Verve will have you pushing in style with its easy 4-wheel maneuverability.

verve Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve Stroller

The Verve seat is reversible and now is bigger to accommodate children up to 41″ or 6 years old. Have two kids? Just add the doubles kit for twice the fun with a rear seat and it even fold WITH the second seat attached! Have twins? The Verve does that too! Verve now fits two infant car seats (at the same time, of course!), allowing you to travel with twins in tow even before they are old enough to ride in the rear seat. As a matter of fact, the Verve has 23 riding options to give you the flexibility to take 2 newborns, or 2 toddlers and everything in between.

Verve stands when it’s folded WITH the double kit still attached. By simply pressing a lever it folds to literally half its size, your Verve will fit right into your Nissan Pathfinder or Honda Accord.

The on handle brake makes for peace of mind and safe travels when you need to slow down, stop and remain stopped. Simple to engage, fast and safe.

Verve stands when it’s folded WITH the double kit still attached. By simply pressing a lever it folds to literally half its size, your Verve will fit right into your Nissan Pathfinder or Honda Accord.

philvervegiveaway Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve Stroller

The Verve comes in 3 colors – black, cobalt (blue) and cherry (red)! And you know what? One lucky winner is getting one of these bad boys!! And not only will they win the Verve but they will win the DOUBLES KIT TOO!!

howtoenter Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve Stroller

What’s up for grabs:


(1) phil&teds Verve stroller AND doubles kit


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  1. Cherie Goyer says

    I’d love to win a Phil and Teds stroller! Baby #1 is on the way in a couple months, and we want a Phil and Teds stroller so bad! We love that it will grow with our family, and isn’t a double wide! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. MALIKA D. says

    I have been eyeing this stroller for a while now and can’t decide on a double for nothing! I would love to win this so i could give it a try, it seems like it might be the perfect solution to my big 3.5 yr old who LOVES the stroller and my new 4 month old! :) fingers crossed!

  3. Debra W says

    Getting prepared for being certified to Foster adopt and this would be a great stroller to get things started!

  4. Anuja C says

    Great stroller! I would love to win it for its high quality, and I’m loving the fact that it stands with double kit attached!

  5. Piper Chwalibog says

    My stroller came out of the car the other day, I set it down on the sidewalk and when I went to open it…the freaking wheels fell off of it! Baby #4 is only 10 weeks old! We have a lot more stroll wrong in our future and are in dire need of some new wheels. Literally! Lol

  6. alycia mundall says

    We are in much need of a double stroller…..After 4 kids we pretty much are staring over on big baby item’s and this would be an amazing gift to win!!!!

  7. Heidi J says

    I have 3 kiddos ages 3 and under… I need this stroller! I love the versatility, ease of use and style (of course :)

  8. Renee Smith says

    I would love to win this because it is the COOLEST stroller ever!!!! As a mom of 6, this would make my life so much easier.

  9. Lindsey Siltala says

    Would love to win this stroller!! It would be perfect to take along to the mall and it doesn’t look big and clunky.

  10. Michelle Hernandez says

    Would LOVE to have this stroller! So compact and especially love that you can make it a double!

  11. sheri anderson says

    It would be such a blessing to have this as we are grandparents and we have two very young grandsons, a one month old and a 2 year old and we don’t have a stroller, thanks!

  12. Yoana C. says

    I have a 1 month old baby girl and a 3 year old autistic boy. Winning this stroller would be awesome because my son has days when he refuses to walk and wants to sit in our current single stroller which forces the baby out of it.

  13. Jennifer says

    I absolutely love the versatility since we need a double stroller but these are WAY out of my budget!

  14. Cindy B says

    I would like to win so I’d have a stroller capable of holding two babes as I don’t have one yet and believe we’ll need one when our next arrives.

  15. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    I need it because we are expecting our 2nd baby in April. And I’ve never liked our current stroller.

  16. Melissa Easton says

    With a two year old and a newborn this would be an Awesome stroller – love all the options! :)

  17. Amy says

    I’d love this stroller. It seems so functional and easy to use. As a Mom who travels, who hopes to have another baby, this would make life so much easier!

  18. Bridget Warhurst says

    I am due with our second child April 9th. We love the out doors and need a stroller for both kids so we can be outside on the go easily.

  19. Jillian S says

    I would love to win this! I have 2 babies and lots of summer sports coming up for my 6 year old, so a good stroller will get lots of use

  20. Janelle says

    As a nanny of many children, I’d love to win this stroller to have the option of a great single stroller or a great double to accommodate the different ages of kids I care for!

  21. says

    With our three year old and our about to be 5 month old this would be sooo perfect for us. Our 3 year old gets tired and dosnt want to walk frequently and this would be great. Especially since we are in nyc and take public transportation a lot. Love that it can fold with the double seat. Very excited!!!

  22. Joy Person says

    I would like to win because we have been needing a new stroller but it’s just not in the budget

  23. Olivia Laine says

    I would like to win because I need an amazing stroller and have heard great reviews about this one.

  24. mekia earle says

    Our ohana really needs a new stroller…but can’t afford something new right now, this would be such a treat!

  25. Virginia R says

    You always have great stroller giveaways. I haven’t seen one yet that I wouldn’t want! I like how they are making the seats bigger. Would be great when going to WDW with a 4 or 5 year old.

  26. Crystal M. says

    I’m in desperate need of a great stroller and this one looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Cindy Kong says

    i love that it seats two.. great when i’m with my sister and her son.. we don’t have to bring two strollers.

  28. Kristen Birkbeck says

    Kiddo #2 just arrived & I could use this to get out of the house soon with both kids now that the weather will be reaching the 40’s! We need to take many strolls to break free from this house after this long winter!!

  29. jess k says

    I need a compact double, dd is 3, but still wants to be in the stroller sometimes, her baby brother took her seat.

  30. christy says

    I bought a sit and stand and its terrible. The back seat sludes back and forth and my poor 2 yr old is so uncomfortable. I would love this!

  31. Rebecca Jackson says

    I would love to win this stroller for my 2 baby boys, especially since I will have a baby girl to haul around too come June!

  32. Jen Kruletz says

    I have wanted a stroller from this line since I found out I was pregnant with my now 2yr, but couldn’t afford it. So now with baby #2 on the way, this would be perfect for us! It’s just the neatest design! I would LOVE to be lucky enough to win this! Thank you for the awesome giveaway/opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

  33. Natasha says

    I’ve been eyeing the phil and teds strollers for awhile! Especially since we are in need of a double stroller again, it would be so helpful! :)

  34. Amanda H says

    I would love to win this stroller. Our current stroller is almost 8 yrs old and has not held up well. My 1 yr old would really appreciate the upgrade.

  35. joanna garcia says

    love that it can be used up to 6 years and the compact fold and that you can add a double!

  36. Catherine Sampson says

    Absolutely love it. This would be perfect for my 18 month old and new baby on the way!

  37. Melissa Nichols says

    This would be perfect for my two youngest. I love it because it looks so easy to push and turn unlike another double stroller I have used!

  38. Kayla and John e says

    I just love Phil and teds strollers. We are crossing our fingers. Our 2 would love this stroller. It’s not easy finding one that is large and comfortable for our 2 year old who is in the 90 percentile for height and weight.

  39. Caitlin G says

    I love the compact fold, while still being a large stroller. Plus, all the configurations! We’re planning on adding to our family, the verve looks like it would last through it all

  40. Ashley Oakley says

    I would love this! I’ve been needing a new stroller for my toddler for a while and now we’re trying for number 2 so this would be perfect!

  41. Kristen Lepore says

    I love that the Verve can fold when you have both seats attached! I absolutely love the Cobalt color! And that it has a standing fold so you don’t have to lay if on the yucky ground!

  42. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    Phil and Ted’s are awesome strollers. We need a double that isn’t a double wide for our three kids.

  43. Teresa Honores says

    I would love to win this because i love that it folds even with a double seat and we need this with our growing family and love the colors too!

  44. melissa d says

    I would love for our vacation in april..i have a big huge jogger and it takes up alot of my son is my last child..when we are done we will pass it on..thanks for the chance.

  45. becky vilinsky says

    my husband and I are in search of a good stroller to use for our son and one that has an attachment for when we have another one. This stroller looks awesome and would love to win please.

  46. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    We’re expecting our first in a couple of months. I love that this stroller is so compact and light! I’m a petite woman and I think this would be so easy to manage even by myself with a baby in my arms! :)

  47. ilana s m says

    My two youngest kids are 17 months apart, so this would be the perfect stroller to get them around town

  48. Lori Nicholas says

    Why I would like to win: We have 3 daughters ages 5, 3 and 2. Last summer we moved to another state and I sold ALL of our baby things including our nice stroller. Well a few months ago we decided we were not in fact done, and now I am pregnant with our 4th child due in Aug. I need any baby thing I can get my hands on. It doesn’t hurt that I have always wanted a Phil&Teds stroller. Icing on the cake. :) Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  49. Caitlin says

    Just had a baby girl, with a toddler and 4 year old as well, I’d love to get a first double stroller like this!

  50. Stacy says

    I love everything about phil and ted strollers except for the fact that I do not own one. When I have another kid and have to buy a double I plan on going with phil ad teds.

  51. Jenn Kuhn says

    Would love to have his stroller for when precious baby #2 comes along in May. Versatility is a must for me and this has it!

  52. Jonathan Baker says

    I’d be great because we have two kiddos now. Love how smooth Phil & Teds strollers are!

  53. Jennifer babich says

    With brand new baby #3 here a new stroller would be amazing for her – especially one thisbawesome

  54. Whitney Lyn says

    It is AMAZING! !! It would be such a blessing to win this. We’re on one income right so this truly would be awesome! !!!

  55. Jen McCrea says

    I would LOVE to win this stroller because it would be perfect for my 3yr old and my newborn on the way!

  56. Leslie Angerer says

    I’d love to win because this looks like the perfect stroller to keep in the car for everyday adventures!

  57. Kathryn C says

    We just found out we are moving to Korea in July with the military. Since we plan to have baby #2 while there, we have been looking at single-double strollers. This has been on my list but the price has me frightened!

  58. Regina Wright says

    I’d really like to win this because I have a two year old and Hopefully soon, one on the way!

  59. Amy Herman Schroeder says

    I like the age range is newborn to 6….no need for another stroller if I win this one!

  60. Naomi w says

    Would use it for my son and then lass it on to my sis kn law who is due with her third later this year.

  61. Amanda Weinstein says

    I like the reversible seat! My little dude doesn’t do well without seeing mom or dad! There are so many great features on this stroller!

  62. Courtney Candlish says

    Thus seems so effiecient and flexible I would love to stroll around the neighborhiid and zoo with it! :)

  63. kate banks says

    I’d love to win to have a single stroller that has the option to be a double, unlike our side by side double that doesn’t have that option.

  64. Kathy Laird says

    I would love to win the Verve for my granddaughters! I love the height range goes up to 41 inches. They are both tall girls!

  65. Melissa Krintz says

    I would love to win this! I am currently expecting Baby #4 and the stroller we used for the last 3 has bit the dust!

  66. Shannon smith says

    This would be phenomenal because my daughter is due aweek from today my son doesn’t always want to ride in a stroller but it would be great to have that option without always having a giant double stroller to lug around all the time

  67. Nicole V-P says

    With baby number 3 on the way we are trying to find a good double stroller for our 2 year old and the new baby.

  68. Shayna Dimmick says

    I love the compact fold! We bought a smaller car for gas economy so we could go fun places with the kids more often, but it has seriously limited trunk space!

  69. katherine says

    I’d like to win because I’m 5 months pregnant and money is tight, probably won’t get a stroller with my funds.

  70. Zjaquiera R says

    With so many strollers on the market finding the perfect one has been quite hard. But I think my search is over! I’m in love.

  71. Hanna J says

    Would love to win this because i have an 18mo and baby#4 due in june
    The double kit will be perfect, love the style of this stroller

  72. Ani W says

    I would love something smaller for travel and quick trips. right now I only have a bulky jogger ( dont get me wrong, I love the jogger.. its just heavy and bulky for quick trips and travel)

  73. Adrianna Vandercook says

    Would love to win for my mother! She takes care of my son (6 mo) while I am work and the stroller we currently have is heavy and difficult for her to use. This stroller would help make her life a little easier and I would love to win it for her!

  74. Karen McAdams says

    Who wouldn’t like a new stroller? Would love a stroller with an easy fold and you don’t have to take the back seat off…

  75. Barbara Leidahl says

    I would love to win this beautiful, versatile stroller…It would be perfect for my two baby girls

  76. Stephanie Maginot Thillens says

    I had a Phil & Teds ages ago for my twins, and loved it, but sold it once they got too old to ride in a stroller. Not realizing that some five years later I would once again have two littles to push around in a stroller. Phil & Teds makes such great strollers, I recommend them to people all the time!

  77. Jennifer R. says

    I would love to win this for our growing family. Plus I love the look and how easy it is to fold up.

  78. Rob says

    Expecting our 4th baby this summer and need to have all new stuff since we thought we were done and sold everything. So, in order to not go broke with the birth of our 4th we really need some help and this would be perfect. Plus as the Daddy of the family, bread winner and sole family supporter I need some help with this.

  79. Heather H says

    Love the fact that you can FOLD the stroller with the doubles kit attached and yet it’s still somewhat compact!

  80. Tamar says

    I could use this when I have my next child. My daughter is almost 2 and still doesn’t walk yet so I don’t think she’ll be ready to walk unassisted when I give birth to the next one.

  81. Anneli McGlaun says

    The Verve is one of the sexiest stroller on the market today. A stroller that even dad will love, and THAT is a pretty darn awesome thing!!

  82. Lilia Kharabora says

    Verve is so attractive! All its features win me over! I mostly would like to win this stroller because it fits two infant car seats (at the same time, of course!) AMAZING

  83. Liberty Thompson says

    I love all of the options with this stroller and it would be so prefect for my job as a nanny. I would love to be able to push them to the park in this fabulous stroller and it would be perfect as my husband and I are planning to start a family in the near future.

  84. Heather Brougher says

    I’d love to win this stroller for my sister whose 2nd baby is on the way. Baby #1 is under 2 and having a double stroller that will fit in the trunk would be wonderful.

  85. Jes empfield says

    Love how this stroller is inline very convenient for tighter spaces! And keeping my 2 year olds hands to herself!

  86. Angie Almaguer says

    I would love to win because it is a great stroller and because we are having our first child very soon .

  87. Megan M says

    I love how lightweight it looks and easy to unfold and store! We need a stroller that has a seat (we just have a hand-me-down caddy stroller now).

  88. Jeannewolfish says

    Kids live in another state so this would stay in our house one less thing to pack with the merry group of three one just a few days old he’s our first grandson

  89. Tiffany Ellis says

    I love how compact it folds and how it can accommodate a larger child… I could use this for my upcoming trip to Florida!!!

  90. Adrienne Wachter says

    Baby number six is due in a week and a half. this will be our first (and last!) time of having two little ones so close together. a stroller with a second seat would be a lifesaver.

  91. Darina says

    I would LOVE a double stroller. Excited to have a second little one in September, and having a two year old with a little one in one stroller would be great!

  92. anita says

    I love how you can fold it with the 2nd seat attached! I definitely could use this for our upcoming trip to Disney!

  93. S.K. says

    I’m in dire need of a double stroller!!! …we have been putting my Special Needs 5 yr old in the City Mini which he has out grown, & put my 4mon old daughters car seat on top…ya, I know it’s a “no, no”…but Special Needs kids are expensive & so are double strollers that he will actually fit in (like the verve!)…and we of course ALWAYS have our hand on the car seat at all times. We get the “dirty” look from strangers, but if you don’t have $,you don’t have $…I should tell them to stop staring & donate some $ so I can buy a double stroller haha!

  94. Reyna Reyes says

    This would make a perfect gift for my cousin who is due in May with her first baby. Love this stroller – very stylish and sleek. Looks easy to maneuver.

  95. says

    i would love this stroller because my neighborhood is very hilly and the stroller I have now is not cut out for the steep hills. I need something better.

  96. Lisa Bingham says

    The stroller looks like it could handle all the hills in my neighborhood, and I love the colors!

  97. tzippy schreiber says

    i would love a new double!! my current double has been sitting, unused, in my garage for 3.5 years….

  98. Danielle Osero says

    I need this stroller when I take the kids to the zoo! I love the strollers that grow with kids, the multitude of riding options is amazing!

  99. Carmen says

    This stroller would be a dream come true with baby number 1 due in April and wanting to try for number two soon after!!!

  100. Kaitlynn Crowder says

    My son will be 20 months when baby #2 arrives in September. This stroller would be awesome!! & since I’ve been on the fence about what kind of double stroller to get, winning one would be icing on the cake!!

  101. Amanda Jacobs says

    This would be such a huge blessing for us. We have an umbrella stroller but our other stroller is falling apart. We didnt have much to spend when we bought it and I didnt do the proper research now we are stroller-less in a snow city with no car. We walk everywhere and it would be amazing to win this. Thank you for the chance!

  102. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’d love the Verve because it’d be perfect for my toddlers, I love that the seats are bigger and can hold more weight as well as all the different seat positions!

  103. Jessica H. says

    I would love to win this because my current stroller is annoying me, and I love how this one can fold up with the 2nd seat attached!

  104. stacey gealy-steinhardt says

    this would be a wonderful prize for my lil family my daughter and baby boy would love the comfort of a new Verve as we have worn down our hand-me-down hehehe we walk for around 2 hours a day for my older 3 kids school drop off/pick-up and if we want to go visiting or shopping its more walking. This would make my life so so much easier right about now :)

  105. Kaila Lauridsen-Moore says

    Saw this stroller in black at a sale yesterday, I put my LO in it and pushed her around and fell in love. She had a blast and we desp need a new one!

  106. Rachel says

    I’d like this stroller because it’d be perfect for my son now and I won’t have to buy a new stroller when my second arrives in July!

  107. Colleen Maurina says

    I would love to win the Verve Stroller so I can take my little grandchildren on walks when I take care of them during the work week.

  108. Amy Hall says

    I’d love to win b/c we have a baby due in May we don’t have a stroller for. I decided long ago that the cheap strollers weren’t worth buying, and now can’t really afford a nice one, so just planned to make do without. Also, we plan on more kids, so that second seat would come in very handy!

  109. Stephanie Shaire says

    I would love to win this because we travel a lot and my current double doesn’t travel well!

  110. Abby Cohen says

    I would love to win this. I have children close in age, and this is an amazing stroller. Some of my friends have it, and I LOVE BABY GIZMO!!!!

  111. says

    The Verve would be awesome because I have two girls who are both TALL for their ages. It makes finding a stroller that is comfy for them really difficult. Plus that doubles kit would make life so much easier! Crossing my fingers for this one!!

  112. Vivian Irizarry says

    I love to win so I can surprise my BFF on her birthday as a gift for her expectant baby boy :)

  113. Amanda Newton says

    I would LOVE to win this stroller for my 2 little ones!! It would definitely make life a million times easier! :))

  114. Terry Maigi says

    I love the style of this stroller! It looks like it would be really easy to maneuver unlike some of the other bulky double stroller styles

  115. william Mundall says

    Would love to win this for my wife…we have 4 kids and only have a little umbrella stroller! She would be so excited to win such an amazing stroller

  116. Andrea Nelson says

    I love how modern the Verve is! As well as the Double’s possibility and the click in car seat system. Fantastic!

  117. Emily H says

    I love the versatility of this stroller and would definitely make great use of it with my 2 little ones!

  118. Rachel R says

    This seems like an awesome stroller! I love that you’re including the doubles kit and that the stroller can stand when folded with the doubles kit attached!

  119. Mandi H. says

    I feel that our current stroller is a mini transport truck and I would love a lighter, agile one. Thanks!

  120. Karen says

    Youngest is about to turn 2 and we are adopting a little girl who is 1. With the cost of adoption a great stroller like this is not in the budget, so win it I must!

  121. Kristin says

    Would love to win it so I could use the doubles kit for those times when my older kiddo needs a ride!

  122. Melia Davis Small says

    I would love to win a new stroller. With an almost 2 year old and a surprise #5 on the way, this would be very useful.

  123. Brettney bradley says

    Baby #3 is on the way and will be closer in age than my first two. The sit n stand will not cut it with the toddler so I think this is such a great lightweight, not bulky option. What a magnificent stroller! I love that you have the option to make it a single or double.

  124. Amanda Aspling says

    I love how spacious it is and easily accessible. I have a toddler and infant so the double would be amazing!

  125. Shellie Givens says

    I downgraded from p&t to a lightweight stroller and miss it so much! With three young children I need a double again!

  126. Gina Hiskes says

    I have 2 who need a stroller! My 2 year old and my 4 month old. Thankfully my older 2 are good walkers, but we definitely need a double stroller.

  127. Michelle S says

    Please I hope we could win this! Looks awesome and love that it folds compact for a double! !!

  128. Mary Kinsey says

    I love that the stroller will accommodate a 6 year old! It would be great with our 3 year old with Down Syndrome. The bottom would be great for our 7 month old!! I….LOVE….IT!!!!!!

  129. Stephanie M says

    I’m 8 months pregnant and have an almost 2 year old and this would be perfect as double strollers are expensive!

  130. Ashley Nichole Letson says

    Winning this would be perfect! I’m due with #2 in August & my son is 6, so a new stroller is a MUST!

  131. Stephanie Hansen says

    I’d love to win the Verve because after two kids our strollers are a bit beat up. This would be perfect for my three year old and a new baby!

  132. Tracey Hall says

    Would love to win – 2 new grandbabies on the way and this grandma needs some transportation for them!! :-)

  133. Carissa Joslyn says

    I am a single mom with two little boys, I’d love to win because I only have two hands this would be awesome to have and very useful!

  134. Amber white says

    My first double was a Phil & Ted’s back in 2005 when they were just making a name for themselves in the US. My husband and I now have five kids and would love our last stroller to be a Phil & Ted’s as well. But we can’t afford that luxury right now. Fingers crossed!!

  135. ginger h says

    omg, this is so great that you can put two car seats in it at the same time. i love that! i’d love to win it so i could put my upcoming second child in it with its older sister.

  136. Amanda T says

    We are headed to Disney in November with our daughter who will be 20 months old at that time… we could definitely use a great stroller to travel with!

  137. Jessica Olson says

    I’m pregnant with my first child – I think this stroller would be just perfect for us!!

  138. Kristin says

    Have yet to get a double since my little one was born two months ago and this sure would save me hassle of looking around!

  139. Jessica says

    My three year old only rides in the stroller sometimes, but my youngest does all of the time. This versatility would be perfect for us.

  140. Jenn C says

    with baby 4 due in april ill have 2 in infant seats…we NEED a good double. i sold my P&T becuse it didnt take infant seats

  141. Jessica Dynice says

    I want to win a cool stroller! I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old so this stroller would be perfect for us! Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

  142. Ewelina Brzezinska says

    This would be perfect for our growing family. My toddler would have a stroller where his head doesn’t touch the hood, and my little girl would be comfy in the second seat.

  143. Kristina says

    Need need need this. New baby and old baby means mommy needs a good stroller like this. Love the doubles part

  144. Tosca N says

    Baby #2 just arrived and I am still looking for a double stroller to take both kids out. This would be a lovely stroller!

  145. Angela says

    I would love to win this! My current stroller is very uncomfortable for my son and it’s a fight to keep him in it.

  146. Kerri T. says

    My current double is huge, it would be nice to have a great stroller that can be used as a single or double that’s the size of a single!!

  147. lisa bell says

    Because! Verve is the word! Verve verve verve verve verve verve, verve is the word! Sing it with me now!

  148. terrin says

    Just had a baby and could totally use a double stroller for those long days when my preschooler is too tired to walk.

  149. precious o. says

    Would love to win this stroller ….seems like it would be a major aid during my daily activities :) l

  150. leshas says

    With my husband deployed, this stroller would be much easier to get down 3 flights of stairs with my 4, 2, and 1 year old than my big double!

  151. Lydia Zancai says

    The kids and I would have a great time with this super stroller, being able to get out for longer outdoor excursions even when they cant keep up. We want to try this one so much, and could really use it because our other stroller is outgrown and yet we still definitely need a stroller.

  152. marissa m says

    I love the look and feel of the stroller, and it would be amazing to win the doubles kit for when baby 2 comes around.

  153. Jessica Mandy says

    We really need a new stroller for baby #2….due in 7 weeks!! Our current stroller is heavy, only holds one child and has def seen better days! This stroller would be a perfect solution for us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. Dawn B. says

    I would love this with #2 on the way! It would make walks downtown more enjoyable when #1 gets tired of walking :)

  155. Leah Quinn says

    I would love to win because I’m going to be taking care of two babies this spring– my own baby and a friends. :) both babies will be under a year old and this would be a huge help!

  156. Julie M. says

    I would love to win this stroller because we have our third little one due in 7 short weeks and we travel a lot to visit family and go on little adventures; would be nice to have a streamlined double stroller to take with us!

  157. Nina C. says

    I have two babies. I think and inline stroller might be worth a try. My double wide is quite large and heavy.

  158. Adriana S says

    I been wanting one since I first discovered they look amazing and ive only heard great thing. So with baby #2 due in May it would be perfect! Wish me luck!

  159. nikki watson says

    I just found out that I am expecting and would love to have one for my baby. This is miracle baby! Due on Halloween 2014!

  160. Jennifer says

    Really need a dependable double stroller. I have a toddler and preemie , so I need something that can hold my tall girl and little son yet reliable, durable and sturdy. Not having any luck finding a double stroller that is compact and can small enough to fit in my Jeep. Going stir crazy not being able to get out of the house with both of my kids at the same time. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to win this wonderful stroller!

  161. Erin C says

    This would be awesome as we are planning for a second and I need to get a lightweight stroller. Not to mention, my daughter plays with a friend often and this would allow them to go for walks to the park!

  162. marissa hernandez says

    I have a 3 year old and an almost 2 year old. This stroller would be perfect for us, once the weather warms up and we can finally get out for walks and trips to the park.

  163. Jen Kruletz says

    With a 2yr old and #2 on the way, this would be perfect! I have a bad back and strollers have always been a must since I had my son, so this would be the perfect solution for taking out 2 little ones. What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this! :-D

  164. Britni Bradford says

    I’d love to win because we are due with #2 on May 1, and it would be great to have an awesome inline stroller like this for both kids.

  165. Kortney Picker says

    I really need this! I have a baby due on Thursday and we already have a 2 year old daughter, I have been looking into purchasing a double stroller!! I love that this stroller is so small and lightweight!

  166. TRACY C. says

    Love this AWESOME stroller… having baby #3 in June and this would be a lovely addition to our family of strollers… our double has seen better days.

  167. Julianne Johnson says

    I would love to win because we only have a massive/heavy double stroller that isn’t great for pushing in stores.

  168. says

    I have a newborn who is 6 weeks on Thursday and a two year old! I have not yet purchased a double stroller due to price and inability to really narrow it down. I love the way this stroller looks and would be so appreciative to win!

  169. Corey says

    My first child is due in August and finding the right stroller is crazy. This sounds like a great option, hope I get it.

  170. Audra-Lee says

    I could use a stroller that has lots of versatility like this one… especially seating for 2. This summer I’ll have a newborn to walk with in addition to my 1 and 3 year old boys, so it’s be way easier to be able to have two of them strapped in for walks rather than just one!

  171. Felicia says

    Keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway !! Would make traveling with my newborn and toddler so much easier. Definitely the most stylish double stroller I have seen. I love the reclining double seat

  172. says

    This seems to be a great stroller and I would surely love to have one for the little angel. Win? Sure, it would be something useful, practical, life-saving, and a great anecdote if won to share with the little ones and brag with the rest of the family and friends :D lol

  173. Apollo says

    I have been trying to test ride this stroller for weeks… why don’t you send it my way so the LO and I can take it for a ride ;)

  174. Kristi Philpot says

    I would like to win because I’ll never be able to afford this stroller otherwise and having two boys it would make trips out of the house so much easier!

  175. Erin Harris says

    I would LOVE an inline double stroller! I’m so sick of struggling with my giant side by side!

  176. jenn king says

    a umbrella stroller on a walking path taking my oldest son to school isnt exactally a smooth ride for my little guy we could really use on. and the second seat will come in handy for #3, and a lil one i watch occasionally.

  177. Kate davis says

    I would love to win this because I’m expecting my first and we want MANY more! What a wonderful looking stroller!!!

  178. Ewa Laskey says

    With baby # 2 on the way I mad currently shopping for a double stroller and this one would be an amazing win.

  179. Erika McCauley says

    The Verve looks amazing! We are completely dependent on a stroller and would love this great, in-line, double stroller by Phil & Ted’s!

  180. jennifer fleming says

    Two toddlers comfortably in such a compact style, doesn’t get much better than that! I would so love to have this for my two boys!

  181. Sarah Hayes says

    Id love to have this stroller for a friend due in 2 months. i know these are wonderful quality and I love how it folds up

  182. Michelle Zuniga says

    I would love to win this stroller. I have a 16 month old and a 3 year old. We love to go on walks at the park and love to shop. It’s so hard to find a good affordable double stroller that isn’t totally awkward to push. This would be perfect for my family!

  183. Nitasha E says

    I would love to win because my double stroller is starting to fall apart and I have 3 kids 3 and under so I need a good double stroller!

  184. Louise Selby says

    Could totally use this! Have two boys. One just turned 2 and the other is one month old. Thanks for the contest!

  185. Kamryn Popchak says

    With baby #3 on the way, a 3yo and 1.5yo this stroller could be my savor! I would love this! Thanks for the chance ;)

  186. Meghann tenorio says

    This stroller looks awesome. It would be a definite upgrade from the awkward old piece of junk I currently use!

  187. Abigail Marks says

    This stroller would be really great for our growing family. We travel often, so something this compact and versatile would be perfect!

  188. Angela Hendricks says

    I would like to win this because I have a little girl on the way due in June and don’t yet have a stroller. This would be wonderful to win for her. Thanks for the chance!

  189. Katy says

    I so need a new stroller, I love my Zooper but it’s not doing so well after just a year. I want longevity.

  190. Janna P says

    My cousin just found out she is pregnant and does not have a lot of the gear she needs. I would give this to her and then when Hubby and I have our baby we’ll trade it back :-)

  191. TawndaM says

    The value of a great stroller should never be overlooked… & with Grandbaby #1 due this summer… I’m looking for the BEST!

  192. Lana Novak says

    We are having our first baby in a little over a month… Having a baby is expensive!! Getting a stroller this way would be an amazing help! Thank you Baby Gizmo for amazing and spot on stroller reviews!

  193. Kristin says

    The compactness of the this stroller and ease of folding (even with the doubles kit attached) would make my life a little easier when quickly trying to round and load “independent” little ones.

  194. Kim Y. says

    I’d love this stroller because of how compact it is when folded, especially with the double seat attached.

  195. Linda Bruce says

    I would love to win this…..I have 2 grandchildren I am keeping and this sure would make things a little easier on me…Thank you for the chance and God Bless…

  196. Elizabeth Nguyen says

    What a cool stroller for my two little ones. It’d make any mom’s life easier. Good luck to everyone!

  197. Sam C says

    The Verve would be amazing to win and our family would benefit from having this greatly! We decided to donate our stroller yesterday actually to a foster mom who just took on another baby.. she now has two under 3 and our double stroller was needed more by her than by us. I have a wrap to babywear but with another little one who is 4, sometimes you have to be able to run and play. A stroller, especially this one!, would be so amazing for our family!

  198. gond says

    the wheels of my strollers have reached “worse than shopping cart” status. Now that I have a 3.5 yo and a toddler, I need a stroller that can handle them both

  199. Michele R. says

    I like the flexibility with all the riding options, including the ability to add the second child up to 6 yrs old. This would be perfect for both my boys and save me from my hand me down clunker of a stroller I currently use.

  200. Lauren DuBose says

    My stroller doesn’t have the option to reverse, and my baby gets very anxious when she can’t see me pushing her! Id love to have this so she could love her stroller!

  201. JessicA says

    I wish I had subscribed to your blog/fb BEFORE I had my first child. We were planning a second child soon after our first and I didn’t do my homework before investing in a stroller. Not even that I didn’t do my homework but as a first time mother I was sooooo unaware of my options and how quickly our needs would change as our famy grew. We invested in a travel system that worked well for one child but now with our second (15 months apart) it is more of a garage structure than a useable stroller. Being on a tight budget we searched out a double all terrain second hand stroller only to find out people still want a fortune for them. So as it stands we have two garage fixtures. I would love the chance to have a opportunity to win this stroller. So we can finally purge the garage of strollers that don’t make sense for our family!!

  202. says

    Would love to win this for my new grand baby. They don’t have a stroller yet and the new Mom is wanting to go for walks to get back in shape. This would be a wonderful gift to give her.

  203. Danielle H says

    This would be so great! Our 4th boy is on the way and this would really help! Thanks for another great give a way!

  204. Trisha says

    I’m a first time mom due on July 4th! Winning this stroller would be a great addition to get ready for the baby!

  205. Christina Skinner says

    I’d love one because it would be nice to have a more compact double stroller before #3 comes in a few months. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  206. Victoria schimming says

    I would love the verve for the double stroller option. We are expecting baby #2 and our first still loves the stroller on our walks every day. I love how compact it is for a double stroller. :)

  207. Sandy Kacsinta says

    I would love to win the verve stroller for my precious 4 month old little lady. My husband and I would love to expand our family and in the next year have another bundle of joy!! I love that we would be able to use the verve with our daughter now and have the option for the double stroller for our soon to be growing family. As a new mom, I have researched many products and have found Phil & Teds to be amazing!! We love the quality, chic, and innovative products!! We currently have the Phil & Teds high chair and love it!!! It is so versatile and great looking! Baby Esperanza would love the verve stroller to stroll around Sunny San Diego with Mommy & Daddy!!!!!!!

  208. Sari says

    This would be amazing to win. We are in desperate need of a new stroller now with 2 little ones and spring coming.

  209. Katrina says

    I would love to win because we’re still using the same stroller from my first baby (7 years ago) and it is definitely time for a replacement!

  210. Jessica Jurmu says

    I’ve always dreamt of having a phil&teds! Would be amazing for me but I’m sure my princess would love and enjoy it even more!

  211. saroja says

    love this stroller. I would like to win because I am expecting a baby and would to love to use this with him in it.

  212. andrea howard says

    i’d love to win because i’m having my first in October and would like to say i won the stroller lol

  213. Monica Schaper says

    I would love to have a Phil & Ted’s stroller. This would be perfect for my 4 year old and 9 mos. old. Thank you for all the wonderful giveaways! I love Baby Gizmo and look forward to all your posts on Facebook!

  214. Aqdas Ahmed says

    With money so tight, I haven’t been able to splurge on my baby girl (I’m a FTM). So, I would love to win this :)

  215. Jamie T. says

    Would love to win since we are now expecting baby #2 and could really use a stroller that has a second seat option.

  216. Andrea L says

    I would love to be able to give this to my cousin who is expecting babies 2 and 3 in a few months.

  217. courtney b says

    i’ve always wanted a phil and ted stroller and i have a new baby and a 2 year old. we don’t have a really cool double stroller for my son yet, so that’s a couple reasons why i want this!!!

  218. Heather Barnes says

    Ps. Sunday is the 23rd…. Friday is the 21st. Confused when it actually ends. Love the stroller.

  219. Isa says

    I would like to win because we need a nice stroller but definitely cannot buy one right now. I know whoever wins should be extremely pleased with this one. It looks great

  220. Amorette says

    Would love to have this stroller so i could wheel around both of my kids instead of having to carry the baby!

  221. rebecca says

    Love the flexibility of this stroller! Not only is the style modern and compact, but I love the option to have a 2nd seat if needed and control at your fingertips like with the handle brake button. Such a great giveaway!

  222. Leo Hernandez says

    Baby Gizmo is truly a great site to make it easy and fun to get the best information for your baby.

  223. Rebecca g says

    Winning this stiller would be the highlight of the year! We would live this for walking! Need a double stroller to hit tge pavement now!

  224. yali schupper says

    I’m a mom of 3 boys and would you believe at almost 8 months old, baby # 3 still doesnt even have a stroller! (my other two killed my old one) Yep, I still use my car seat and snap and go everywhere because I just couldnt find one I like or that I can afford. Would really mean everything to win this! Please, pretty please, pick me! :)

  225. Margo Davis says

    Tryin for baby #4 this spring. I have 3 boys ages 6 and down–you can only imagine the shape my current very well used strollers are in!

  226. Jenni Jones says

    I’d love to win the Verve, because Phil&Teds is awesome – with amazing customer service! I also need a handy dandy, compact, double inline stroller – so this would be perfect!

  227. Caron B says

    I like how it folds in half with a lever and I can add an addition seat so I can push both kids.

  228. Nicole Acuna says

    The stroller I have for my little girl is falling apart now, and it lacks the features of this stroller. Its everything ive been looking for and more for our long daily walks.

  229. Melissa Meltzer says

    Would love to win this amazing stroller that has a ton of configurations!! I love how compact it is as well.

  230. Rachele W. says

    With Spring around the corner, it would be awesome to have an amazing stroller to take walks with!

  231. becky vilinsky says

    With a growing family this stroller would be awesome. We are looking for a double stroller so it would be amazing to win.

  232. Pamela Eatherton says

    After two back surgeries and a neck surgery I need to be able to walk and excercise this would help immensely

  233. Renea Pike says

    Baby #3 is going to be here any day and I don’t have a tandem double stroller, only a side by side..this would be a dream!

  234. Boram says

    Little man is getting to the age where he loves to go outside and look around. We need a stroller STAT!

  235. Rachel Cole says

    I’m pretty sure my husband would kill me if I bought another stroller. But not if I won one! :)

  236. Abbey Hunter says

    Winning would be awesome!!! I’ve been eyeing Phil and teds products but have never been able to purchase.

    Aaaaaand baby gizmo is my go to for all products!!! Love her reviews!!!!

  237. Chechu says

    With baby #3 coming soon winning this beauty would be awesome. I absolutely hate my bulky Graco double stroller. Fingers crossed! !!!

  238. Caroline K says

    Would love to win it for my 6 months old baby boy and his big sister !! We don’t have a double stroller and this would make life easier !!

  239. vera says

    Would so love this stroller for my 2 boys! I know phil and ted do a great job with the quality of their products! fingers crossed!

  240. Liz ticona says

    I need this great stroller for my son. The one he has was more for infants and now that he’s almost 2 years old he needs something more practical , I’ll be crossing my fingers :) thanks

  241. Liz ticona says

    My son needs a new stroller and this would be perfect . Right now I can’t afford one and this would be a blessing !!! :) thanks . I’m crossing my fingers

  242. Christopher says

    Because we are expanding our family by 1 more next month and I can safely bring my toddler on walks while wearing the baby.

  243. Elena Giron says

    I would love to win the stroller. I have 3 kids under 4. I use my current double phil and ted that i scored at a swap meet for $60. It was in decent shape, a rips and stains. With some love I cleanes it up. It looks alright, helps get thins done. We our stroller everday to walk to school, doctors visits. I have been waiting for the day where I can get my own brand new stroller so my kids can ride in comfort.

  244. Karen says

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? It would be extra awesome for wheeling around our 2 once things thaw out a bit more!

  245. Stacey Rosenthal says

    I’m pretty obsessed with this stroller! I love that I would have 23 options for the kiddos

  246. Shannon Sell says

    I have my second baby on the way, due April. My kids will be 15 months apart, it would be awesome to have such an amazing stroller for outings. It seems easy to use too, hopefully it doesn’t weigh a million pounds though! My travel system stroller for my daughter is pretty heavy, especially being 8 months pregnant!

  247. Stefanie Felixo says

    I’m impressed with the fold of the Verve. I’d love to win; there aren’t many modular doubles that fold compactly and stand on their own.

  248. Rheagan Kindle says

    So disappointed with my current stroller! First time mom did not know what I wanted in a stroller. $$$ later :(

    This stroller has everything is wasn’t plus room to grow…babies!!!

  249. Maria Balanta Furman says

    I’m feeling like Goldie Locks. I bought one stroller that was way too much $$$$ and isn’t right. Bought another that maybe I didn’t spend enough $$ and u guess got what I paid for. I think winning this stroller would be just right!! Everything I’m looking for!

  250. Lindsay Hamilton says

    We don’t use our stroller much bc it’s so unwieldy and doesn’t fit in our cars well. It’d be great to have something this functional!

  251. Tova says

    Would really love to win this. My kids are 15 months apart and our double (mountain buggy) was stollen :( this looks like a great stroller and easy to fold and store!

  252. Bailey Dexter says

    I would love to be able to win this for my daughter, she is expecting her first in Aug! What a perfect gift!

  253. Kerri Angell says

    Love that it can be used for an infant and a toddler. Great as a life long stroller when toddler no longer wants to ride No new stroller needed for a single.

  254. Katherine Fletcher says

    After lugging my toddler and diaper bag around because my husband took the car that had the stroller in it I would love this as a second stroller!

  255. Danielle Hardy says

    I am a nanny for a special needs child and this is perfect for when i will have him and my next baby!!

  256. Emily Loibissio says

    Would love to win this stroller, as we recently added to our family and could use a new stroller

  257. Brianna Eskelsen says

    I just had my 2nd baby boy in December and would love this stroller to take my 2 boys different places.

  258. Jennifer B says

    I would LOVE to win! Having this stroller would be the biggest help for my 3 year old and baby due in May! :)

  259. Shannon Lucas says

    I love that this stroller has a doubles kit! We will be in the market soon for a double stroller and this one looks amazing!

  260. says

    I love the stroller! Really could use a new one-my grandson’s stroller was destroyed in their apartment fire this fall and we haven’t been able to purchase another one! Love the add on as well! I certainly appreciate the chance to enter the contest and really hope I am chosen to win! Thank you.

  261. Marco Becerra says

    My son could really use a new stroller as he is still using his big brother’s hand-me-down. Plus, I could start jogging again. Thank you Baby Gizmo!

  262. K. Dubel says

    I would love to win this stroller for my little one and my future little one. I love how many different options this gives you.

  263. Courtney says

    Love the fact that it’s inline and I won’t feel like I’m knocking people out of the way to pass.

  264. Christina Strapp says

    I really need a new stroller for my daughter and would love a stroller with a double seat for when we have our second baby.

  265. Melanie says

    Phil & Teds stroller was highly recommended by a friend. I’d love to have one to also help spread the word! But more importantly we are looking for a new stroller.

  266. Michael Lambert says

    It would be great to win a stroller especially since we will have baby #2. This would make my wife very happy!

  267. Jennifer C. says

    Baby #3 due in less than 1 month! Love that there are so many different configurations and allows for bigger kids too!

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