Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

bumblerideminiboard Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

Congrats to our giveaway winner – 

Entry #1245 – Christy S. 

A few months ago Bumbleride introduced their version of the stroller ride-on board called the Mini Board. This skateboard-style board is a perfect way to extend the life of your Bumbleride Indie or Indie Twin to accommodate those growing toddlers who just want to catch a ride from time to time. The Mini Board easily clamps to the frame of your Bumbleride stroller in seconds and features a slip-resistant deck for your toddler to stand on while they hold on to the handlebar.

We found that the two swivel wheels are very durable and gave it great maneuverability. Since the board is designed for the toddler to stand inside the handlebar, at 5’5, I was happy to find out that the board didn’t get in the way of my stride as I walked. If you are super tall, like with any ride-on boards, you will probably kick the back unless you walk to the side. That is pretty standard and unavoidable for our taller friends though.

You do have to remove the board from the stroller when folding, but the clamp system makes it super easy. Our only piece of advice is that you teach your toddler not to play or step down on the brake bar as they are riding. It is positioned right in front of their toes and screams to be played with. icon smile Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

bumblerideboard4 Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

To get an up close and personal look at the Mini Board, take a peek at our full video review below.


howtoenter Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

We are so excited about the new Bumbleride Mini Board that we are giving one away! Woot! Woot! But wait – you can’t have a Mini Board without a Bumbleride Indie, right?!?

Yep, we are giving away one of those too!! Winner gets both AND, CANADA, YOU ARE IN ON THIS ONE!!!



  • Bumbleride Mini Board AND Bumbleride Indie Stroller (color of winner’s choice!)



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* Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Friday, February 14, 2013. (US and Canada residents only on this one, folks!)

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  1. Tracy Christensen says

    I love that the foot rest on the Indie move up and down. I love the Aqua or the Seagrass one! So hard to choose!

  2. Dina Cook says

    Always searching for that perfect stroller which I’d like to compare to searching for that perfect guy! Is there such a thing?!? I am sure this stroller could be my perfect stroller!!

  3. Beeta says

    I LOVE the Bumbleride in Fog Grey! I think this stroller is awesome for many reasons! The material is high quality, I love that my son could lay flat and nap, and it rides so smooth!

  4. Lydia Clark says

    I really love how easily it folds up – and my all time favorite Bumbleride color is the Green Papyrus !

  5. Aneta Kulesza says

    i love the aquamarine color and the mini board great way to keep older kids when they get tired

  6. Amy L. says

    I went for a walk with a friend who had the Indie and it handled so smoothly compared to mine! I am hoping for an upgrade to use with our next couple of babies!

  7. Candice says

    I would love this in stroller in Lotus Pink. I have done a lot of strolller research and Bumbleride is by far the best for us :) thanks of course to Baby Gizmos opinion on them to make my decision.

  8. Jodi T says

    I love the aquamarine color! Would love a stroller that is so easy to maneuver and only weighs 20lbs.

  9. Charissa says

    Love this stroller! So easy to maneuver!! I would be so thrilled to win this…baby #3 coming this month!

  10. Lisa H says

    I am loving the large space under the stroller… those never seem to have enough room. And I think I am liking the fog grey color.

  11. Jessica Ehrlich Mandy says

    I love that the Indie is 20lbs and it folds up so easily! Also the cayenne and fog grey are killer!

  12. Keri says

    Oh I do love the fog grey and lotus blue! My favourite feature is that I could use it with my 3y/o or my 6month old, with just a few quick adjustments. but with a mini board? I could use it with both of them! :)

  13. sherry blamer says

    I love the big canopy and it has a spf of 45 keeping your child from getting too much sun while in it. I love the aquamarine color.

  14. JessieL. says

    I love the aquamarine color. Very unique! Plus the fact that it folds down so small, that is important to me! Thanks!

  15. Leslie Angerer says

    I love how light it is, the SPF in the cover, and the array of bright colors! Aquamarine is my favorite. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  16. Leah says

    I’m expecting number baby 2 in April and this would be perfect for carting him and my first around.

  17. Lisa L says

    My almost 3 year old is a great walker, but sometimes he needs some help. This would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Daria says

    I was just wondering if they had a mini board. Does it work with all strollers or just the most recent one? We have a 2012 or 2013 I believe.

  19. says

    I was literally shopping for a bumprider and indie YESTERDAY! I love the blue and the grey colors and though I have twins I was looking for a single and a board for more compact travel (our double city select takes up a lot of space. So I loved that this would be more compact!

  20. Stephen Rosenberg says

    This would be the perfect thing to go for long walks with both our 4 year old, and the 5 month old twins!

  21. Gina says

    Sturdy, easy fold, large canopy. I don’t think there’s a better stroller out there! And the color choices make it even better. My favorites are the Fog Grey and Green Papyrus, but I like them all! Thank you, Hollie, for the opportunity. I love your videos- I’d get a lot more done around the house, though, if I didn’t spend so much time watching them! :)

  22. Sarah says

    I can’t decide between fog grey and lotus blue. That being said, I love the smooth ride that a bumbleride indie delivers.

  23. Christina TUohey says

    The tires! I use to have this stroller and loved it but with two kids coming thought I needed something else. This mini board could be the answer! Also love that it is compatible with my infant seat. And the colors! And you can push it with one hand!

  24. Tina T says

    I have always been a fan of the “Lotus Pink”. This stroller has always been on my wish list! It’s truly a beauty and my husband thinks my admiration for strollers is completely insane! (I know you can vouch for me :) anyway, I love the Indie’s large, SPF 45 sun canopy extends to protect baby from harmful UV sun rays. In addition, the fold is great weighing only 20 pounds. I really love the mini board too! It would be great for my duo! Thanks for the chance!!!!

  25. Rebecca Jackson says

    I love everything about the indie! I love how big the canopy is and how you can adjust the footrest and I love how it can go on any surface! My favorite color is the green papyrus!

  26. Katie says

    I’ve had the Indie since 2009, and it’s the best stroller around. My 4 year old would love the mini board!

  27. SARI P. says

    I love the easy compact fold and how light it is. Now adding the mini board makes it perfect for my older son to catch a ride when he gets tired or we need to move faster. I like the Aquamarine because I have 2 boys and it would stand out when in places like Disney.

  28. Candice says

    Love how functional it is…and it looks good! My tall hubby can even use it wthout kicking the wheels!

  29. Jenn P says

    Love the green papyrus color and that it’s super lightweight for a jogging stroller. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. laura j says

    I like the lotus pink color. I also like that the foot rest adjusts up. that’s the main think I wish my City Mini GT did that it doesn’t

  31. Dave Bracha says

    Love the blue and red! And love how intense this stroller is- looks like some heavy duty strolling without the heavy duty weight.

  32. Heather Edwards says

    I love the fog grey and the option for the Mini board!! My four and a half year old would love it!! And then both my boys would have a ride!

  33. Michaela says

    Seems like we all love something or other about bumbleride. Great job bumbleride! Super great job baby gizmo!

  34. Stephanie Maginot Thillens says

    I love the air tires on the Indie, those would come in awfully handy in this non-stop Chicago snow. And in that fab Fog Gray, wow! I think I’m in love…

  35. Kimberly Reynolds says

    I love the size of it and that its lightweight. There were several colors that i like, but the jet black and fog gray are my favorites. I also LOVE the mini board. Such a great idea!

  36. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    Love the stroller boards! Also like how compact the stroller is and the lotus blue/turquoise are my faves.

  37. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love the bassinet like feature, great for walks during nap time, love the aquamarine color, but I think I’d choose black

  38. Nicky J says

    I like the fog grey colour best and love the fact that it has fully adjustable backrest, footrest and handle and air-inflated tires

  39. Cheryl Cole says

    I love the Aquamarine, its my favorite color! I love everything about this stroller but I love that it can fit in my little trunk and it weighs only 20 lbs. :)

  40. Rachel E says

    I love the aquamarine color and the fact that it can be an every day stroller as well as a jogging stroller with the front wheel locked is awesome!

  41. Alison Costantino says

    I love so many features it’s really hard to pick one. Its light weight, folds easy. I love the reclining back rest and footboard. I would have to say the aquamarine is my favorite colour!

  42. Jennifer Doyle says

    Love the fog grey and Lotus Pink. Also love the recycled fabric- way to go bumbleride!

  43. Rachele W. says

    Adjustable handle bar…seems simple, but there is 8″ between DH & I and what’s perfect for him is too tall for me and what’s perfect for me is too short for him! And Lotus Pink is to die for…what a unique color combo. Love it!

  44. Brittany S says

    I’m from Canada and LOVE that this giveaway includes us Northern neighbours!! This is a great stroller with an impressionable review. Thanks for the giveaway – would be perfect for our growing family – due with my second July :)

  45. Kelley Larsen says

    Love the fog grey and love that it has an adjustable height bar so mommy AND daddy can easily use! Such cool design on the stroller overall too !

  46. Jordan says

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this. It would be a dream come true. I love my bumbleride (which I bought second hand) but I sure could use the amazing stroller board for my 3.5 year old. My fingers and toes are crossed for this one!!

  47. ilana m says

    Love the easy fold and maneuverability! Can’t decide between the Louis pink and cayenne red! Would love to won this stroller!

  48. Carla Ladd says

    So much to love! I really love the adjustable handle and footrest. And Aquamarine is gorgeous!!

  49. Alison Hansen says

    This would be fabulous!!! I could definitely use this!!! I would love to win!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  50. Anu Unruh says

    It is difficult to pin point favorite feature..thats like asking which child is my favorite.
    But for practical reasons, I suppose it is the easy fold up nature due to my bad back. I do want to get in there that I love the basket size underneath and the all terrain nature. Like I said, difficult to narrow down. I like the neutral colors like the gray. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month old, so it would be handy for the 3 year and 3 month old. Even if I don’t win, I REALLY like this stroller.

  51. Beth k says

    Love love our bumbleride indie! Have this board on the baby registry! My 3 year old would love it when baby #2 comes!!! :-)

  52. Lena naef says

    I like the Fog Grey! The features of this stroller are great and I particularly like that the compact fold.

  53. lindsey says

    The blue and green are great – can’t decide. Love the 3 wheels – looks so easy to maneuver.

  54. Ashley says

    I love the oversized basket and that it is so compact when folded! My favorite color is fog grey!

  55. Katie Burns says

    This would be perfect for us! We are having our second in May and our son would love to ride on the back! The colours are beautiful– a favourite stroller!

  56. Aliza says

    I love the recline and the huge sunshade on the Bubmbleride Indie and so do my kids! My fav color is the aquamarine because its to bright and cheery.

  57. Jessica Dolata says

    Lightweight and compact are big in my books, I tend to love neutrals but the aquamarine is sharp!

  58. Kristi says

    I like how you can lock the front wheel. That’s pretty cool. And the aquamarine is so pretty! Perfect for a boy or a girl.

  59. Rachel Davis says

    Love the large canopy, roomy storage, adjustable footrest, and that it is so compact for a jogger. The mini board is so cool! And LOVE the aquamarine color!

  60. Chrissie W says

    L-O-V-E!!! this stroller. The Aquamarine is gorgeous! My favorite features, because I can’t pin it down to just one, are the way it folds down so compact, it’s lightweight, it’s sleek and stylish, I could go on and on =)

  61. Crystal Robinson says

    Love the aquamarine. I love all the adjustability and that it’s light weight. Happy they have their own board now too.

  62. meghan bruce says

    Fog grey is my favorite color, but I’d love one in any color. The best feature is the ease in which the stroller folds up. I hate struggling to fold up a stroller!

  63. Pauline says

    I love the blue one but think the black one is sweet, but for summer black is too hot so yea the blue!

  64. melissa d says

    Fog grey I love that 50% recycled pet exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric is how they are made.

  65. Jessica Padilla says

    My favorite feature is the standard universal car seat adapters that fit a variety of brands and the color fog grey of the Indie stroller. I would be great to win this.

  66. Krissy says

    I think I’m most drawn to the Green Papyrus, but aquamarine is a close second. Love that it has an adjustable handle bar and footrest. Hard to find on an all terrain stroller!

  67. Sandra R. says

    The green papyrus and the aquamarine, it looks super sturdy, fashionable and the canopy size.

  68. Michelle F says

    I’ve always wanted the Indie!! I love that it’s such a versatile stroller. All the colors are great so it’s hard to decide… the lotus blue and fog grey are lovely!

  69. Tim P says

    I like that I don’t kick the back of the stroller! Love the pink lotus colour – neutral enough for me but my wife likes the pink accent

  70. Shannon C says

    LOVE the green papyrus colour. So fun!
    Favourite feature – the bamboo fabric :-) Also, the huge sun canopy is awesome.

  71. Sarah Stroh Thornton says

    I just love that it is three wheels and trendy looking. Love the Aquamarine and the Green Papryus.
    Oh and the large canopy size.

  72. Tara says

    Expecting #2 in June and this stroller would be perfect. It’s the only one that works with my infant car seat (Maxi Cosi Mico). The board would be perfect for my 4 year old who walks with us….when he feels like it.

  73. Amelia L says

    I love everything red, but I am really liking the Green Papyrus and Aquamarine. Oh my gosh! I love everything about it! Sturdy, ease of use, and it’s pretty!

  74. Shannon smith says

    I love the large canopy, easy to fold, and hight adjustable because my husband have a bit of a difference there. I love the fog gray or the aquamarine I can’t decide!

  75. Anuja C says

    Love everything about this stroller especially style and the gigantic canopy! Lovely colors too
    Favorite is aquamarine or lotus blue.

  76. Hilary Carl says

    Love this stroller from the colors, my favorite is the grey and that you can use a board for bigger kids.

  77. Steph B says

    I love the green papyrus colour. And I absolutely love that you;re using recycled fabrics for the outers. My favourite functional feature is the compact fold and low weight. Perfect for a smaller vehicle or public transit.

  78. Jessica says

    I am super impressed by the ease of the safety straps. Ours always get twisted/tangled and takes way too long to get going. I also like that this stroller comes standard with accessories such as wrist strap and cup holder. Often you have to buy these separately. Overall I’d adore this stroller because of its functionality, both in the city (for us) and elsewhere on trips. We are eager to have baby # 2 and the foot board looks easy to use and super helpful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Bernice says

    i like lotus pink and i like how its compact and folds easily ,also the reclining backrest ,adjustable footrest

  80. Melissa Devroom says

    I like the colour grey and I love the board to use for older kids. Just an easy option for them to jump on the stroller

  81. Sharon Painter says

    Love the grey very versatile! the feature would be the easy fold up due to my health issues

  82. Tracy Gordon says

    I like the adjustable footrest and the large sun canopy. I love both the aquamarine or green papyrus!

  83. Ashlee Baskin says

    I love the lotus blue and papyrus green. All the colors are beautiful though and I’d be honored to win this stroller. It’s been on my wish list since our daughter was born, but not In Our budget. I love the large canopies!!

  84. Candy Stephenson-Otoya says

    We would love the jet black color. I like the stroller because it looks well made and I can use my SnugRide 32 I already own!

  85. Abby Ramsey says

    we ADORE our indie twin, but now that our kids are 4 (almost 5) and 2, we really don’t need it anymore, as both prefer to walk the majority of the time. the indie & a kickboard would be the perfect option for us!

  86. Heather H says

    Love the Lotus Pink and love the super large canopy, maneuverability and the recline of the seats!

  87. Ali O'Maley-Turner says

    I love the black and fog colors. I think the best features are that it can be adjusted for an infant AND you can also clip in a car seat.

  88. Julianna V says

    I would love to win this! Having two smaller ones and the oldest to big for a stroller but sometimes wants a break this would be FANTASTIC!!

  89. maggie says

    I love how far back it reclines, seems so comfy for baby. I am always partial to anything black so I love the jet black color.

  90. Nicole O'Hare says

    My favorite thing about the bumbleride indie is the lightweight and maneuverability! It’s like pushing nothing even with a 20lb baby and the basket filled with baby gear! It’s my go-to stroller!

  91. Ashley N says

    My favorite color is Cayenne Red and I love that the exterior fabric is made from 50% recycled PET.

  92. Stephanie H. says

    I would love to win the green papyrus indie! The color is gorgeous. I also love that the sun shade is spf 45 and that the carseat adapter bar is included! I hate when companies change an arm and leg just for the adapter.

  93. Bridget Warhurst says

    Green Papyrus or Fog Grey!!! I love that its so well made and gives options to add the mini board!!!!!!

  94. Rebecca Stivers says

    I love how this stroller allows for your little one to grow with it. Especially, with the mini board!!!!

  95. Jashlyn Canon Girard says

    Being in San Francisco you’d think I’ve had enough fog but I love the Fog Grey. The Indie has a huge canopy to protect baby from too much fog,too and would be wonderful for these rolling hills.

  96. Cheri P. says

    The Lotus Blue — that it folds really well. I’ve had issues with joggers folding for travel.

  97. Christi Gruchy says

    Love that it’s light and is made with Eco friendly fabrics! The Lotus Blue is so pretty.

  98. Kristin Fain says

    I love the indie’s versatility and beautiful design. I think the lotus blue is so pretty.

  99. Jessica O says

    I love that it folds up so compactly and only weighs 20lbs! My favorite color is the Aquamarine!

  100. Samantha says

    I love the aquamarine color and the fact that it has such big tires for jogging or for pushing over rough terrain. Would love to be able to jog with our little one!

  101. Courtney Candlish says

    I definatley need this for today’s Chicago weather!! Ugh! This snow! This stroller would b PERFECT!

  102. Jonnie Bryan says

    Would love this stroller! My 2.5 year old won’t ride in the stroller anymore but needs something! Baby #2 is almost here and this would be perfect for our new family of 4!

  103. Justine says

    I love these but I’ve never been able to afford them lol. So excited they made a board!! I will have look into these once again!!

  104. Nelly Rodriguez says

    I LOVE the big basket; We ALWAYS carry too much and need all the space we can get! Plus, it folds easily, it’s lightweight, is compatible with a car seat, and comes in such nice colors. We love Green Papyrus and Jet Black.

  105. Miqehl (Mell) Martensen says

    I wound love a new stroller! As an eco concious family, this-in aquamarine would make the loveliest addition to our gear line up!

  106. Jennifer says

    I have the indie twin and it’s amazing. The canopies and the storage are two of my favorite features. I would love an indie single for my lil one now that we don’t need a double but can’t decide between the fog grey or the aquamarine. Both are awesome.

  107. Dannielle Ward says

    Love the well thought out design of the Bumbleride Mini Board & the stroller & with so many great colors to chose from you won’t be disappointed. :)

  108. Paula Nagengast says

    I <3 the Bumbleride in Fog Grey! I love that material is high quality and that my baby could lay flat and nap, and that it rides so smooth!

  109. Jamie says

    I love the HUGE canopy to protect against our Florida Sun. The Lotus Blue is beautiful! Thanks for hosting!

  110. Jodi says

    I love the new board! :) I have the indie twin in ruby which I could never get rid of…and attaching the board on will be perfect for my soon to be 3 kids. However, I really really want an indie single in black for my new little guy coming in April.

  111. Cristy Doris says

    I think its great that the stroller is made of 50% recycled PET exterior facrib and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric. Also, the colour and the sturdiness of the stroller make it a must have!

  112. Melissa Marinho says

    I love all the features! The 5-point breakaway harness with shoulder pads is great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lotus pink color!!

  113. Kelley Berkeland says

    This would be awesome for my daughter to use for her youngest who will be just 20 months apart!!!!

  114. Michele R. says

    I love the huge canopy, the full recline, the fact it only weighs 20lbs AND that the front wheel locks making the stroller great for jogging! As for colors- too tough to decide between the green, the red, or the grey. But if I won, I’d probably go green for my boys.

  115. says

    I’d love to be the lucky winner. Never won anything before. Thanks for taking the time to share reviews and to do giveaways. I can only imagine how much fun your job is. :-)

  116. elizabeth says

    What an amazing stroller! I love the canopy. It would be perfect for the sun here in Arizona! All the colors are beautiful, but I especially love the lotus blue.

  117. Jes empfield says

    We have the indie and the indie twin and have been so happy with both. I’ve got a two year old who would really enjoy the board!

  118. Milena Virostek says

    I love how small it folds down, which is one reason we have been looking at purchasing a suburban since we had our 5th child just in January. We have ran out of storage space in our van and can’t use our stroller that came with our car seat that we purchased in 2012. I also like the fog gray!

  119. says

    We love our Indie Twin but would love to ditch the double. The board would be perfect for my four year old who tends to want to walk. I would love the Fog Grey. Swoon!!

  120. Jennifer Brazel says

    This stroller is dreamy and perfect for an active lifestyle! Love how it tackles any terrian and that fog grey is a great neutral although I do love the aqua! I would just scream if I won!

  121. Jessica says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been on the hunt for a stroller for my 3 month old and 3 year old, this would be perfect!

  122. Jennifer D says

    My children would love love this! I can keep my daughter from running around because she will have fun being by my side while my son is in the stroller. Best of both worlds!

  123. Wendy says

    I need this for my newborn and 2 1/2 year old so that I can train for a half marathon and spend quality time with them outdoors!

  124. Jennifer Kreisler says

    Fog Grey is my fav color Of the Indie stroller by Bumbleride. My fav feature is the amazing fabrics they are puting on them! So much thoughtfulness into each choice. There is something for everyone here!

  125. Shannon Barton says

    What isn’t there to like about the Bumbleride Indie? But I guess I’d say its versatility. I love that I can use it as a jogger, or to just get around town. My favorite color Green Papyrus!

  126. Hannah Sarat says

    Oops! Posted before I was done! Loooooove the fog grey and lotus pink and I really appreciate your amazing sun canopy

  127. Caitlin G says

    I love the fog grey color, and the full recline. Strollers that are newborn ready are the best!

  128. Renee Smith says

    The feature I like best is the universal car seat adapter. Love that! The color I like best is the Pink Lotus.

  129. MARISSA says

    I love the green papyrus and the car seat adaptor, the large canopy, the large storage basket…..I could go on and on!! I love it all!!!

  130. Timothy Wiszowaty says

    I love the aquamarine or fog grey! Love that it can fully recline and still has a nice sunshade.

  131. Tiffany Nichols says

    Winning one of these would be amazing! Especially with all the money we have spent trying to conceive, saving money on an amazing stoller would be a blessing! Being that we are unsure of the sex of our future blessing I would think the black or grey one in color would be perfect :0)

  132. Emily Neeley says

    I have an Indie Twin and absolutely love it. Now that 2 of my 3 boys are getting older and prefer riding bikes to sitting in a stroller I would love an Indie in Green Papyrus for my baby!!

  133. Liz says

    Obsessed with bumbleride. This would be perfect for my indie twin so my toddler can ride along with her twin siblings.

  134. DanVie says

    Awesome giveaway!!! I read that it was super breathable fabric :) just what I was looking for. Wishing everyone good luck <3

  135. chelse decamps says

    I would love this stroller looks awesome my boys would greatly benefit from it my son (2&1/2) has autism with some other delays and he needs a sturdy stroller and my older guy could ride on the back , well a momma can dream heres to hoping I win :)

  136. Sherry Wakelin says

    The new 12″ air tires and the spf canopy are a great feature to an already amazing stroller. I would choose Fog Grey. It is perfect with the hint of colour.

  137. Hattie says

    I would be over the moon to win. Gizmos reviews of bumbleride show just how superior they are in quality and style. This would’ve a dream come true and perfect ride for my kids!!

  138. Melissa P. says

    I love that you can use it as a jogging stroller and yet it’s still a compact urban stroller, I really like the fog grey color!

  139. Michelle M says

    Love the canopy and the mini board would be great for my 2 year old:) I really like the lotus pink and aquamarine

  140. Kelly says

    I love the green papyrus color and my favorite feature is that ride on board! My independent 3 year old would LOVE not being made to sit, and her baby brother could ride= perfection!

  141. Lindsey L says

    Love the swivel wheel and large canopy… A
    L of the colors are great, I think I would go with the fog grey or lotus blue!

  142. Brooke Tokanang says

    LOVE aquamarine color! Trying to win for my sis cause I the the indi twin and Love it. The fact I can push with one hand is AMAZING!

  143. Christina Villafuerte says

    Love the green papyrus!!! Looks like such an easy stroller to fold and love the all-terrain features!

  144. Christopher says

    Love the lotus pink colors and overall impressed with the versatility of use from carseat, infant recline, all the way to the jogging component.

  145. Christina H says

    I really dig the green papyrus color… so fun! I also like how lightweight this stroller is.

  146. Jennifer says

    I love how sturdy and versatile it is! fantastic for our rutty dirt roads i think! the lotus blue is beautiful!

  147. Angela Dreher says

    It’s hard to pick one…large canopy and maneuverability on different terrain are my top two and I like jet because it always looks clean!

  148. Allison B says

    I am in LOVE with the Aquamarine color!!! so beautiful! And the stroller is so streamlined looking! This is just what my family could use since currently we use 2 strollers to take the kids out!!

  149. Angela Dreher says

    It’s hard to pick one…large canopy and great maneuverability are my top two, and I like jet because it always looks clean!

  150. Ewelina Brzezinska says

    I love the fact that the fabrics are made with recycled PET and bamboo charcoal. Go Bumbleride for making the world less polluted!
    Cayenne Red is my favorite color! SPICY!

  151. Mindy B says

    I love the green papryus and the fold and size of it! I might actually be able to get something in my car other than the stroller!

  152. Melissa Lessard says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE to win this for my two daughters! Fingers crossed!

  153. Bailey Dexter says

    After reading the review on them I love that the Indie’s has a 5-point breakaway harness keeps baby safe and secure without tangling up their little arms. Aquamarine is a perfect color!

  154. Trisha says

    I love how compact it is! So many gorgeous color options, but I’m OBSESSED with the Lotus Blue!

  155. Jenny says

    I love the red. Awesome that is comes with the car seat adapter. If you have to purchase that separately with other strollers, it can get really expensive!!

  156. Alexa Logan says

    So hard to choose, but I’m thinking the fog grey. I love the added kick board feature. Perfect for an older child and a new babe.

  157. Molly Conetta says

    I love the aquamarine!! I have heard through friends that this is an awesome stroller. It’s hard to choose just one feature, but I especially love the safety features. Thank you!!

  158. jirika b. says

    Love the lotus blue and green papyrus. I love the style, canopy, and great accessories that are included

  159. Stephanie says

    I really love the use of the 50% bamboo charcoal on the interior fabric and I think the Fog Grey is my favorite color!

  160. Jen G says

    I would love to win this in the aquamarine color, so pretty! Love how easy it looks to fold, nice sized storage basket, looks like it has great maneuverability. thanks for the chance to win such a great product!

  161. Alexia says

    I am LOVING the Green Papyrus and my favorite feature is the standard universal car seat adapter! This is so great and VERY needed!

  162. Ashley Woods says

    The fog gray color is my favorite! I also love how far the seat can recline and that the foot rest is adjustable. My baby can never stay asleep long in his stroller since he can’t get comfy.

  163. Caly says

    With a new baby on his/her way for this next June we are trying to save a lot of money, however it is really hard for us! I will be more than happy and grateful if we win this set.

  164. Jenna Pannkuk says

    Love this! The board really takes care of older children/toddlers who don’t want to sit but get tired walking.

  165. Caly says

    I forgot to write the Color for us will be Fog gray since the gender is unknown! And what I like the most is how easy to carry it when is folded.

  166. Kristin Wolke says

    It looks so easy to open and close and maneuver. I love the sea grass or really any of the blue or green options!

  167. Tracy Sweatmon Dumpit says

    I love everything about the Bumbleride Indie! It’s on my registry. I think my favorite feature is that it reclines all the way back so it can be used with an infant. It is difficult to find this feature with other jogging strollers. As for color, I’m torn between the aquamarine and the green papyrus. They are both so beautiful! But if I had to choose…aquamarine. :) I absolutely love the Indie. Crossing my fingers!

  168. Brianna Laughman says

    I love how light weight it is. It also looks great even though it is an all terrain stroller. The colors are very pretty. I love the aquamarine, lotus blue and the green papyrus.

  169. Deborah B says

    I love that the front wheel can lock OUT with the new Indie! And I actually love all the current colors! :)

  170. Katie Davis says

    I would love to have this stroller in black if we win! My favorite features are how the seat adjusts and reclines and how light the stroller is! Hope we win!

  171. Linda Bruce says

    would love to win…I have a 2 1/2 yr old grandson and a 2month old granddaughter that I keep and this would be a blessing for me…Thank you for the chance and God Bless you….

  172. says

    I would love to win this stroller for my grandson! His family loss just about everything in September when their apartment caught on fire. Things are getting back on track for them but this would be a wonderful gift for my grandson. I would be using it almost everyday walking him around the town he lives in.

  173. Dean Dylan fazz says

    Beautiful in the aquamarine. The front is so roomy I am shocked! Amazing and would be a blessing to win

  174. Cassandra Eastman says

    My favorite feature of the indie in the adjustable handlebar, and my favorite color is probably the Fog Grey!

  175. Alycia Mundall says

    I love the big wheels on this stroller…I how easy it look to fold!! I would pick the Fog Gray!

  176. Celynn vant Erve says

    I love the lotus pink one. And the compact fold and the awesome canopy. Can’t wait to try out the mini board.

  177. jenna grewe says

    I love the blue also can be used as a girl or boy stroller ! I like how the storage area is opened more so it isnt difficult to get your diaper bag out ! This is a awesome stroller for a growing family :)

  178. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I love the Indie in Lotus Blue and I love that the recline and adjustable footrest makes it perfect for infants!

  179. Natalie S says

    I love the large sun canopy and the recline for baby! I think I would choose the Fog Grey color.

  180. Maria E. says

    Aquamarine is such a gorgeous color for this stroller!!! I just watched the fold video and love it…it has a strap to pick it up once it’s folded…I LOVE THAT!!!

  181. Felicia says

    I love the canopy and having my toddler able to stand on the mini board would be so convenient.

  182. Jacqueline says

    FOG is my favorite color. I own it. hehe.
    Would LOVE the board to add to my bumbleride collection. I’m obsessed!

  183. Renae Hansen says

    I love the jet black and the aquamarine!! The light weight, easy compact fold, and the recline are all awesome features!!

  184. Stephanie says

    I’ve been ooogling over the Bumblerides for a while now. I love the styling and the versatility of the stroller.

  185. Cindy Weghorst says

    I love the Aquamarine. The way it folds is a real plus but what really sold me was the 50% bamboo charcoal fabric the seat is made of.

  186. Somdad says

    The 5-point shoulder harness w/ padding looks very comfortable & love that it has universal carseat adapters. Would love the Lotus Pink color!

  187. Sarah says

    The hood on the Indie looks amazing – especially for the Australian summer. Looks like it has the ability to shade your baby from any angle keeping your precious cargo safe from the elements. Would love it in the lotus blue as it would hide the dirt and add a splash of colour that would sure to turn heads in the pram pushing crowd : )

  188. says

    i would love to win one! i have been searching for a stroller that is bright, cheery and practical. this is was tough until i came across the indie! now i am having trouble deciding which colour to choose.
    amazing product . please pick me so when `squirt` is born they can shine bright!

  189. Cherie says

    LOVE the Fog Grey! I like the storage on this and how it folds up and weighs only 20 lbs! So cool! I also love its compatible with my car seat too! Love it when a stroller has many color options!

  190. Angela Y says

    I love the bamboo blended fabric and the universal car seat option. Would choose either jet black or fog grey.

  191. says

    This would be an awesome gift for us because my daughter’s family loss everything in an apartment fire in September of 2013. I would enjoy pushing my grandson around town in this stroller. Here’s to hoping I’m one of the lucky ones! Thank you.

  192. Tiffany says

    I would love to win this. I have been looking for a stroller that would be great for my 2yr old and 1yr old.

  193. Tiffany Leblanc says

    This would be perfect for my 15 month old and baby 2 on the way. Plus I love that the new indie can also be rear-facing.

  194. Leslie says

    I love the Lotus Pink color. I also love that it’s compatible with so many infant carriers.

  195. Britni Bradford says

    My favorite feature of the Indie is definitely the fabric – it’s so luxurious. Durable exterior fabric made from 50% recycled PET and Soft interior fabric made from 50% bamboo charcoal. After that it’s the 12″ inflatable wheels, so smooth to push (in the store when I’ve tried it out at least). and the break is easy to maneuver too.

  196. Cindy Kong says

    I love the lotus blue and I love there’s so many accessories you can add to change up the stroller with the snack pack, mini board and turn it into infant car seat stroller too.. amazing.

  197. says

    My favorite features are the 5-point breakaway harness and the bamboo fabric to naturally absorb moisture. My favorite color is the Aquamarine. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  198. Stephanie M says

    my favorite color is the aquamarine and my favorite feature is Indie’s reclining backrest and adjustable footrest make it perfect for infant use.

  199. Andrea says

    I love my indie twin and have been wanting to get a mini board. So excited Bumbleride came out with one! The indie in papyrus or grey would be great when we only have the younger kids or are in a more crowded setting!

  200. Roberta Vergani says

    I love the Bumbleride in Cayenne Red for the color.. and my favorite feature is the bamboo fabric… and you can never go wrong with a big basket.

  201. Leslie B says

    I like that its made from bamboo and recycled materials. The jet black color is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity!

  202. Regina Vasquez-Link says

    I love the over sized cargo space underneath. Lotus Blue and Aquamarine are my favorite colors.

  203. Tannis W says

    I like that its only 20lbs, and the option to have the front wheel swivel or lock. I think I’d choose aquamarine or grey.

  204. Oana says

    Love the Lava and Aqua colors. One of my favorite feature that is not mentioned often is the fact that the basket can be accessed from the front by lifting the footrest…

  205. Carolyn O'Callaghan says

    I never win anything and getting this stroller would be a dream. I’m in dire need of a new one!

  206. Amy Herman Schroeder says

    I like how small it folds up…not taking up much room in a trunk.
    Jet Black is the best

  207. Cindy B says

    Favorite feature is that it can lay all the way back so available to be used for an infant and aquamarine is far and away my fav color. Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. Lilia Kharabora says

    The Indie folds easily and compactly, weighing only
    20 lbs. Thats pretty awesome!!
    Green Papyrus all the way! :P Thank you for all you do.

  209. Vanessa soqui says

    The weight is good, Folded down size and I love the toddler board. I would choose fog gray

  210. Lien says

    Love the oversize basket, huge canopy, and air inflated wheel weighing only 20 lbs. My favorite color is Lotus Blue.

  211. Melissa says

    WOW! What an awesome giveaway. I would love to win this, it would be perfect for my “surprise” on the way and my toddler!

  212. Janie M says

    Love the Indie and that it is versatile enough for my infant with a full recline, and that I can switch it up and jog with my toddler. Great colors but my favorite is Lotus Blue!

  213. Heather says

    I love the aquamarine color. I like that this is a true jogging stroller with a suspension system & I also like the big canopy.

  214. Jessica Fletcher says

    love the aquamarine!! And i love the SPF canopy, the light weight and the huge basket!!

  215. Chani M says

    I love the lotus blue! And I love that it’s such a fully functioning stroller without being super heavy :)

  216. Erin Harris says

    I bought an indie twin when my second son came along, now we’re on boy #3 and boy #1 would love to hitch a ride :)

  217. Amber says

    I love everything about Bumbleride. My favortie features are the compact fold and easy push. Also love all the accessories. Favorite color is the Jet Black.

  218. Christina p says

    Jet black and fog grey are my favorite colors and I love a lot of the features like the foot rest, compact fold and SPF canopy.

  219. Erin says

    20 weeks pregnant with our 6th baby! We could really use a new stroller and bonus area for our son to hop up on in the back! SOOOOO cool! I love that bumbleride has big rubber wheels that can go through anything especially the snow which we have had a lot of this winter! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  220. Rachel says

    I love the grey fog and the jet black.
    I like the way the stroller folds and the mini board my older child would LOVE that feature!

  221. Gina Laub says

    Awesome! What feature don’t I love?!!!!!! This stroller is amazing! The huge canopy,eco friendly fabrics,five point safety harness,universal carseat friendly,folds up small,adjustable foot rest and reclining seat to name a few! The board is icing on the cake! Thanks! This giveaway rocks! Thank you for the opportunity this would be perfect for our growing family!

  222. Gina Laub says

    Awesome! What feature don’t I love?!!!!!! This stroller is amazing! The huge canopy,eco friendly fabrics,five point safety harness,universal carseat friendly,folds up small,adjustable foot rest and reclining seat to name a few! The board is icing on the cake! Thanks! This giveaway rocks! Thank you for the opportunity this would be perfect for our growing family! Fog grey,aqamarine/turquoise

  223. Kimberly says

    I love that this could fit my Britax infant seat. My favorite color is a toss up between the Lotus Blue and Fog Grey.

  224. andrea v says

    I like the adjustable footrest.
    Aquamarine is mu favorite. I’m also pretty fond of the grey.

  225. Nancy says

    I love the indie!! We have the Fog Grey double for our twins- 18 mths, and we have a soon to be 3 yr old and a just turned 4 yr old. I love the new Lotus Blue color! And the new mini board would be fab for the boys to hop on and off!

  226. Brie Thomas says

    I love with this stroller! Is that possible? Love the Indie and it would be freaking fantastic if I won one!
    Thanks Bumbleride!

  227. Holly Guski says

    I would love to win this stroller with this stroller for our 2 and 4 year old boys! My four year old hates to ride in the stroller but his legs still get tired. So this away he can stand and ride while his legs can’t walk anymore! And the stroller is PERFECT FOR OUR 2 yr. old!
    We have four boys, and the easier it is to travel the better! This is the most compact, fun looking stroller ever. And I would love to win it!

  228. Holly Guski says

    I would Love to win this amazing stroller for our 2 year old and 4 year old who likes to walk. But his legs still get tired and he wants to ride sometimes! I love that it’s compact. And we can’t afford or haul a double stroller with our four boys every time we take a trip!

  229. Kayla Locke says

    OH MY! I am in LOVE with this stroller!! I’m loving the Aquamarine color! How perfect for all seasons of the year?! Aaaand it folds up so small weighing only 20lbs?! YES!!!!! I’ll for sure be saying a little prayer that I win!!!

  230. Terry Maigi says

    Lotus Blues is my favorite color! The features I love is that is folds easily and compactly, weighing only
    20 lbs is awesome!!

  231. Gina Hiskes says

    I love that it folds compactly! We don’t have a lot of trunk space, sometimes the stroller just has to be left behind. And I love the adjustable foot rest, because my kids have long legs. My favorite color is jet black!

  232. Laura C says

    I would love to win this stroller for our first baby due in April. It would be so fun to put nieces and nephews on the ride board and am sure would come in handy when we have another.

  233. Taisha says

    I love that this all terrain stroller weighs only 20lbs! And while I love all the colors this stroller comes in, I think Aquamarine is my favorite!

  234. Amelia says

    I love love love the Aquamarine, but am also tempted by the black. I really appreciate the fabrics bumbleride uses!

  235. Genevieve Oliver says

    I love the aquamarine color and the bamboo blended fabric for temp regulation. The summers are hot and the winters are cold here in St. Louis!

  236. Katie P says

    Love the aquamarine color and the fact that it’s so easy to fold up and fit in my compact car trunk!

  237. Erin W says

    I love the Indie in the Fog Grey! My favourite feature is the bumper bar. My stroller doesn’t have one and I really wish it did!

  238. Rachel says

    I really like the fog grey and I’m loving how compact it folds up–perfect for my tiny trunk!

  239. Jessica O says

    Love the aquamarine and maybe lotus blue, but would want to see that color in person first. I like the compact easy fold, 20 lb weight, and huge sun canopy.

  240. Kimberly Smith says

    Love the compact fold, easy push, sun canopy te fact you can lay a newborn flat and the great quality of fabric! I love the sea grass and fig grey :)

  241. rachel eckman says

    I love how it fits a newborn, without having to use the carry cot because it still lays flat. I love the grey fog or jet black colors. very sleek!

  242. Sonya Morris says

    I love the air filled tires! If I win, I have to have the Aquamarine, for some reason it has always been my favorite Bumbleride color!

  243. Elsa Barrientos says

    The aquamarina color is the best!! I saw this amaizing stroller in buybuy baby but it was to expensive to me I really, really want it!! And the travel system is amaizing!!

  244. Karla says

    I love that it has a carry handle when folded. My favorite colors are the aquamarine, lotus pink and fog grey

  245. Diana says

    I love the fog grey and how it folds so easy AND has a good basket underneath! My 2.5yo would love to ride along!!

  246. Amanda Jacobs says

    My favorite color is the fog grey and I love the storage space. It would be perfect for our fast pace lifestyle in the city!

  247. Melondy B says

    My favorite feature is the over-sized cargo basket that can store all of my essentials. The color I would choose is Lotus blue.

  248. Melissa says

    I have been stalking the Mini Board since your first video at the stroller trade show sneak peek last year. The board was not even available yet! We love our fleet of Bumblerides, and would love an Indie addition in any color!

  249. Karen says

    I love everything about the Indie…lightweight, manouverable, it has amazing add ons and the colors are so gorgeous it’s hard to pick just one! Today I’m loving the fog gray and the aquamarine :)

  250. Sherii says

    Baby #2 is due in two weeks, and the mini board is perfect for our 1st little explorer, who seems to change her mind on a dime. We love the classy look of the lotus blue, and the natural fabrics are a great way to support the environment. Congratulations to the winner, a prize like this is something to be thankful for!

  251. Mikelle P says

    I want please, the indie twin would be perfect for my twin girls!! & I love the green papyrus!!

  252. Aleia Chambers says

    I love the fabric and yhe mini board (we 3 girls ages 4 and under that would be a lifesaver! ) I like the aquamarine and the fog grey (although pink lotus is pretty awesome too!)

  253. Carrie H says

    fog grey! I love soooo many things about this stroller! My favorite is the wheels/push allowing you to run with it!

  254. Tian A. says

    My favorite feature of Indie is compact shape and smooth manuevering front wheel. I’d love to choose Green Papyrus color if I won, thank you for the chance.

  255. christine jessamine says


  256. Julie M. says

    I love that it is compatible with so many infant car seats! My favorite color is the ‘fog grey,’ but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  257. Jennifer H says

    I love the fog Grey color and everything else about this stroller and the standing spot for a toddler on the back is icing on the cake!

  258. Laura C says

    Love how sleek it is for the function of an all-terrain. And it comes in such pretty colors. I would love this in the fog gray!

  259. Ben C says

    It’s great that it can go through snow and all over the outdoors. The Lotus Blue color is pretty cool.

  260. erika h says

    Love the fog gray or lotus blue! And love that it would be perfect fir my 18 month old and 3.5 year old the ride on board! How perfect for m little man who usually likes to walk!

  261. Jessi Margo says

    I love jet black and the maneuverability of this stroller looks AMAZING. Hoping I get to try it out for myself.

  262. Amy C says

    I love that it has air fill tires, SPF 45 sun canopy and comes with an universal car seat adapter. I would love it in Green Papyrus if i was lucky enough to win!

  263. says

    I am so in love with Bumbleride– I lust over the Indie and the Flite all the time! And so cool that they’ve come out with a surfboard now too!

  264. Tessa Reid says

    I love how it’s lightweight but durable and the awesome fabric. All the colors are great but I love the fog grey.

  265. Ron Miller says

    Jet Black / Indie’s 5-point breakaway harness keeps baby safe and secure without tangling up their little arms

  266. Cindy S. says

    This would be Perfect for my 3 kiddos! My kids are 3, 2 and 3 months, and the 3 year old wants to ride the mini board so bad! I am in love! Perfect for my family!

  267. Adrienne Query-Fiss says

    I saw an Indie in the Fort Myers airport and thought it was beautiful. I had no idea what it even was, then, but I’d sure love one now! The easy-fold is great (my little guy is…big, for a little guy so an easy fold is a necessity) and I love the PET/bamboo fabrics!

  268. Samantha G says

    I love that it only weights 20 lbs and can hold 45 lbs. Aquamarine is the best color. But theCayenne red is awesome too.

  269. Stephanie j says

    Love that this can be a casual stroller or a jogger with the lockable front wheel! Love it in aquamarine :)

  270. Jen McCrea says

    I really like that this stroller is made from recycled materials, and I love that when it’s folded the front wheel doesn’t stick out awkwardly. I would love this stroller in aquamarine or black!

  271. Courtney Candlish says

    U guys rock! Definitely an awesome giveaway. I would take any color for my baby girl due in April:)

  272. Laura says

    I love the fog grey and aquamarine color!! My favorite feature if the large canopy… My kids hate son I there eyes :) I also love that the rider board looks like a real skateboard!! So fun

  273. Kelly Lorandos says

    Love the fog gray color. And love how easy the stroller folds up and size. Would love to win!

  274. Laura C. says

    I love the aqua color and the ride on board. Our toddler and our 7 month old would have so much fun in this!

  275. Brooke Beck says

    It’s a great second chance! I considered buying this when we looked a couple years ago but decided against it and bought the Flyer instead. I would have a hard time deciding between the aqua and the red!

  276. Adrienne says

    My first “fancy” stroller was a Bumbleride Flyer 8 years ago. I loved that thing. Three kids and many strollers later I would love to try the Indie with the mini board. It would perfect for my preschool aged and newborn son on trips to the library :-)

  277. Marissa Hernandez says

    As much as I love the green papyrus I would still have to choose the grey fog. I am pretty simple when it comes to color and I love the grey and red combo.

  278. Hanna J says

    I love that the Indie is 20lbs and it folds up so easily! Also the mini board my toddler son would love
    Love the aquamarine or fog color

  279. Danielle Osero says

    I love the spf protection in the canopy! Perfect for protecting little ones from the desert heat! Also, the lotus blue color is gorgeous!

  280. Christina Wilson says

    I love that this stroller can do it all —
    A quick trip to the store, an afternoon jog, or a day in the city! I adore the Fog gray color!
    My 19 month old son would be fascinated with the mini-board, while his new baby brother or sister to be would ride comfortably reclined in the main seat…
    This would be the best birthday gift ever! Thanks so much for the opportunity =)

  281. Lisa L says

    I have been drooling over this stroller for awhile. I love that it is only 20lbs. and still has a big basket and great maneuverability.

  282. Aura says

    I like the green papyrus and love that it comes with a carseat adapter and has an adjustable footrest for infants

  283. Barbara says

    I Love how light the Indie is! And how awesome are those colours! Would be so easy to spot amongst all the others, in a sea of black!!

  284. Megan Arce says

    Fog gray is amazingly beautiful! I have tried several wheelie boards and have yet to love any, so I would love to give this duo a whirl!

  285. Schayia says

    This stroller has so many features my husband and i wanted. But most of all the wheels he wants (12″ air-inflated tires) and the adjustable handle adjustable footrest. As for color I would want a “girly” color but I can see us using this for our next child so I would get jetblack.

  286. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I love how small it folds up and that its got the charcol bamboo. I also love the attachable mini board so that I can use this for my toddler and my baby.

    I’m torn between the Aquamarine and the Green Papyrus!

  287. Debra W says

    Since I’m starting the process of fostering to adopt I have no idea what sex my future child will be so I think I like the Cayenne Red. The feature I like the best is that with all the great features it does have it also works with most car seats, so once I decide which one I’m getting, if I win this it will work!

  288. Tamae says

    We desperately need a new stroller! The aquamarine looks great though I wonder if it will stain easily? Either way, love the stroller!

  289. Holly Neville says

    Love the fact that it has the 5 point breakaway harness and shoulder pads!!! it looks extremely comfortable for little ones!… My little peanut would look so cute in the Lotus pink one!

  290. Rivka P says

    I love that the stroller has all the luxury features (like the included car seat adapter) but it only weighs 20 lbs. I prefer the lotus blue color.

  291. Sara says

    I like the fog grey and the green! Best thing is the amazing canopy especially with the Cali sun. So excited about this!

  292. precious o says

    I love that it’s light weight and the added features for older siblings….would really love to take this for a spin with number 3….not sure of a color I would like at the moment. …

  293. Malika D. says

    I’ve only heard good things about the bumbleride strollers, I would love to be able to try one! & I think my oldest son would love that mini board!!

  294. Allie Tuck says

    The color choices, the large canopy and the practicality of a versatile stroller, for two kids, makes this a fantastic product!

  295. christine k says

    My favorite feature would be the materials! ( Durable exterior fabric made from 50% recycled PET
    & Soft interior fabric made from 50% bamboo charcoal ) …. I’d want lotus pink

  296. Rachel says

    The bumbleride is THE stroller to have for a busy mom on the go! Every feature especially the new mini board proves bumbleride GETS moms! I like the fog grey.

  297. says

    love the ruby color. won’t lose me in a crowd! Also love the versatility. From car to park to car to home to the mall. Easy as can be. Light weight too. And, the canopy ….so many features to love.

  298. Danielle B says

    I like it in grey and I like that it looks like it can go anywhere and the large canopy on it.

  299. Shakia Flashner says

    I would love to have this combo since my will be 3 year old hates sitting in her stroller but we’ll need a second seat for our new little one.

  300. Nina Cohen says

    This is my ultimate stroller. Love the lightweight all terrain and colors- especially aquamarine!

  301. Jenafer T says

    I LOVE the aquamarine color! We would absolutely love to win this it would be perfect for us!!!!

  302. becky v says

    This stroller looks awesome. I like the aquamarine and fog grey colors. The stroller looks sturdy and easy to maneuver. I like that there is a reclining backrest and the large canopy. I would love to win!

  303. shana ortiz says

    I love that my too independant for sitting in the stroller but still tired of walking little dude can hop on for a lift while the baby rides. Plus the aquamarine color is lovely.

  304. Elizabeth Nguyen says

    Always wanted one of these for my kids! Love the quality of the stroller. Would be perfect for my almost 3 year old and 1 year old

  305. Michal Backer says

    I love the lotus blue and fog gray! It’s great how light the stroller is compared to other joggers.

  306. Melissa in MIA says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! My 9 month old is GIGANTIC and outgrowing his JJ BROADWAY. This would be an AWESOME replacement!!!!

  307. Brettney says

    I love how it’s relatively compact when folded. I also like how easily and comfortably it accommodates infants and toddlers with the adjustable foot board. Black is my favorite color. Just sleek looking.

  308. Brittany larochelle says

    Fog Grey! Or the green :) I love the spf 45. The huge canopy. Te adjustable foot part. I love everything. Lol it sounds great.

  309. Anna Steinmetz says

    I’d be thrilled to have any but the Lotus Blue is my fav! And I like the large canopy and smooth maneuvering.

  310. Alexis Baxley says

    I LOVE this stroller! I reeeeally want this mini board! favorite colors are green papyrus and aquamarine!

  311. Tracy D. says

    I like that it has a car seat adaptor for most seats and has a 5-point harness. I like the aquamarine or lotus blue colors, so stylish!

  312. Thabal says

    Favorite features: Love that it has the ‘Universal Car Seat Adapter’, no need to spend additionally. Also, the ‘reclining backrest’ feature for infant use.
    Favorite color: Cayenne Red

  313. Marissa M says

    I love the the paded 5 point harness and bumper bar. I love the aquamarine color shown in the photos the best.

  314. Gwen L says

    I love the Green Papyrus (or Lotus Blue) colors, so fun! And I love that its sun canopy is so big!

  315. Susan Oakley says

    The mini-board is going to be a necessity for us very shortly! So happy that Bumbleride made one for the Indie (and Indie Twin!) and looks like they made it right, as expected! My favorite part is the no-slip surface :)

  316. Kristin Welch says

    I’m loving the Aquamarine color and that it has universal car seat adapters that fits a variety of brands! :)

  317. Vanessa says

    Love the aquamarine & love that it is light weight and compact. Also love the safety of the five point harness. Such an amazing stroller!

  318. Lauren Hall says

    Would love to win! I’m a 1st time mom and been looking high and dry for the perfect stroller. This would be perfect, cause me niece could ride on the back….

  319. AliciaFroke says

    I love the lotus blue color & my favorite features of the stroller are the easy maneuvering and the extended sun canopy!