Britax B-Agile 2014 Review (VIDEO)

Britax2014giveaway Britax B Agile 2014 Review (VIDEO)

Congrats to our giveaway winner – 

Entry #852 – Leah M.

The 2014 Britax B-Agile has had a few minor changes (4 to be exact!) from last year’s model. Since we all want to know what is different on the newest strollers, we have done a quick video spotlight on the 2014 B-Agile. If you want to see the entire review of the stroller- just take a look at our B-Agile 2011 Video Review! It’s the same stroller with four minor changes.

Speaking of changes, you can see what they are in the video below:


We thought it would be very uneventful just to report on four minor changes so we had to throw in a GIVEAWAY to spice things up! That’s right, it’s Wednesday, so it’s time for a HUMP DAY GIVEAWAY!!

2014Bagilegiveaway Britax B Agile 2014 Review (VIDEO)

One lucky winner will receive a 2014 Britax B-Agile in the color of their choice!

howtoenter Britax B Agile 2014 Review (VIDEO)


What’s up for grabs:

(1) 2014 Britax B-Agile

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but Facebook has changed the game! Now, we can use Facebook “likes” as an entry method. So, you know what?!? It is going to be MANDATORY to “like” the giveaway post on Facebook to enter. (NOTE: You always have the option to just leave a comment on the blog for that entry and do nothing else. This is for those who don’t do Facebook.) Giveaway starts NOW and ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Sorry but this is US-Only!

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  1. Melissa N says

    I would like to win one because they look so easy to push! I have to have a stroller that only needs a one handed push so I can keep a hand on one of my other kids!

  2. LaToya says

    I would like to win the 2014 Britax stroller so I can have a stroller to leave with the grandmothers.

  3. Danielle D says

    I would love to win one because we do not have a stroller yet, and I would love to be able to have such a high quality stroller for our family! They just look so great!

  4. Regina Wright says

    I have a bipolar sister-n-law who has made me the godmother of her son born in late November of 2013. I don’t have any baby gear at all for him for when she needs me to look after him. This would really come in handy!

  5. La Tisha Troupe says

    I would love to have this stroller as we often taken in other children. Would be so nice to have something for them to push them in.

  6. Stephanie D says

    Because I am due April 30 and I love the Britax brand we bought her a convertible car seat from Britax and I bet the stroller is just as safe and amazing.

  7. Gina Hiskes says

    I lent our stroller to family members over Christmas and it was returned broken! We’re definitely going to need one once this Polar Vortex lifts and we’re able to take daily Spring walks.

  8. Mariah Togias says

    I LOVE the four changes to the Britax b-agile! We have the b-ready but are looking to downsize and this looks like our best option! Love Britax and all over there products. Thanks baby gizmo for your awesome review videos!

  9. tiffany f says

    I would like to win this stroller because my very tall 2 yr old has outgrown the one that came as part of her travel system. I am on a very limited budget and would help tremendously. Thanks for the chance!!

  10. Jaime Scott says

    We would absolutely love this!! We are doing a lot of traveling this summer and need a lighterweight stroller for the airport and in between. I was just researching last night and this is perfect

  11. Renee Smith says

    I’d love to win this because it looks perfect for traveling. We will be doing a lot of that once the weather gets nicer and the kids get out of school.

  12. carrie ivy says

    A triple stroller I have twin toddlers an baby on the way on top of being a single mom I really need this

  13. Jennifer Hetrick says

    I’d like to win because I think this stroller is amazing!!! I have the Britax Chaperone stroller, and I like it, but I’ve had a few issues with it. I’d love to have a new Britax stroller.

  14. Alycia says

    I would like to win this as Britax has such a great reputation and I’d love to try their strollers in addition to already using their carseats!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  15. David says

    I would like to win because it would be a dream item for my wife, and one that I think would be extremely helpful with how often we would be able to utilize a stroller.

  16. Tricia Martin says

    I’d love to win the 2014 Britax B-Agile so I could gift it to my sister in law who recently had a baby. =)

  17. Megan correa says

    I am on the market for a new stroller, but don’t really have the money for one with some many Dr appointments so I would love to win this one!

  18. Rachel Davis says

    Our current stroller is a hand me down that is big, heavy, and outdated, and the ride is anything but smooth. Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to maneuver! I would love to win the B-Agile, I really think it would solve all these problems and make getting out and about with my baby a much more pleasant experience!

  19. Anneli McGlaun says

    I would love to have this stroller for our upcoming trip to Disneyland! It looks truly amazing and would satisfy our every “must have” in a stroller.

  20. Virginia R says

    I would love to have a stroller that pushes and folds easily. I love the changes that were made to the 2014 B-Agile.

  21. says

    I would love to win this for my son, it would the perfect stroller that I need for jogging and walking. I can’t wait for the warm weather to get here so I can stroll my son out around the neighborhood.

  22. Jessica Olson says

    I would love to have this stroller!! It’s a brand I trust, and could really use it for my baby who’s coming this august!

  23. Adrienne Query-Fiss says

    We could really use this as Sir Chubby has outgrown the infant seat with snap n’ go. A great stroller by a great company. Finger’s crossed!

  24. says

    I would love to win this for my daughter because all we have is one of those “cheap” umbrella strollers with no firm back and she hates it!! I would love to have this sturdy, easy to use one!

  25. Sarah Hayes says

    Id love to have one of these bc I know the excellant quality of this company. I also love the style of this stroller and how easy it is to use

  26. Ashlee Baskin says

    I’d love to win this stroller because I love Britax and I could use a reliable, smaller stroller than what I have now.

  27. Laura Delvaille says

    I would love to win this. My friend just had a baby and this system is so nice and works great. Also is so stylish and easily goes with you!

  28. Cindy Kong says

    I need a new stroller because I hate the one I have now, its hard to use and folding part is broken. I love a britax.

  29. Christopher says

    It’s much nicer than our hand me down stroller and it would be nice to have available for the new baby.

  30. Stephanie says

    I’d love to win this stroller because its so streamlined and stylish and from a great company that is known for their many high quality products! Love this stroller! :)

  31. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler says

    I’d love a lightweight easy to maneuver stroller for my hubby’s vehicle. Anything to promote his taking one of our 3 boys out on an outing! :-)

  32. Ashley Frevert says

    I love my Britax car seat for DS! I know I would love their stroller for #2 due in September!!

  33. Yadira garibay says

    I would love to win this stroller because i love britax. We have two britax car seats already and looking to buy another. I love the safety and quality of britax.

  34. Cherie says

    Love the new changes! They are not too much different, but I am sure they make a difference. I would love tow in! Baby girl is due in a couple months!!!

  35. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’d love to win because the new footrest looks super sleek, and I love the automatic lock!

  36. Jessica O says

    I love Britax products (have 6 car seats so far) and would love a single stroller again for when only one little one is in tow.

  37. Jennifer says

    I love how versatile this is! And it has great reviews!!! We need a good stroller with a little one due in a couple weeks!

  38. Olivia Laine says

    I would love to win one. It would be compatible with my Britax b safe car seat. The stroller being easy to maneuver and a smooth ride would also be great to have.

  39. Jose Limpias says

    I really need this awesome stroller because my first child will born in April 16th. Thanks a lot.

  40. angela smith says

    This would be awesome for me as a busy mom and would help out sometimes Instead of carrying my son

  41. Steph W. says

    Thank you for being so awesome!!! I have LOVED having your videos to watch and learn about each stroller! It helps so much when we don’t have many options to see these in person to try out!!

  42. April Tru-Res says

    I would like to win this B-agile stroller for my 1 year old because it looks like a great stroller for him to travel in this summer.

  43. Nicole Printz says

    After the winter we had in NY this would be great for a stroll in Spring which we pray is around the corner

  44. Lydia Zancai says

    Would love to win this because the wheels on our stroller are really worn down, and don’t roll so well now that my bby’s bigger. The lightweight of this stroller definitely makes it appealing, I’m sure every other mom would agree with me about that!

  45. Estee levitansky says

    Would love the bagile for when going out with just the baby to take just the baby. Because our single stroller is very bulky now!

  46. Kristina Lee says

    With baby 2 arriving in October, this would be perfect woth managing a baby and a 3yo! Plus we love Britax and it will fit our Chaperone!

  47. Ewa L. says

    We love and trust Britax brand so winning the B-Agile would be perfect for when my baby girl is born in June and au would be able to stroll with her in her Chaperone car seat and B-Agile.

  48. Kayla says

    I love britax. They have amazing car seats which my children use. I would be blessed to win this. I recently bought a stroller off Craigslist and did not realize it was actually broken until returning home. :( (FYI inspect a used stroller extremely well before buying) My fingers and toes are crossed. :)

  49. Kimberly Smith says

    Love all things britax!!! This is the stroller I am dying to have for my 3rd baby on the way!!! Help a momma out! :)

  50. Britni Bradford says

    I would like to win because baby #2 is due in a couple months and this would be a great everyday stroller for us. Most of the time one of the kiddos will be walking or worn, so we really only need a single out and about.

  51. Britni Bradford says

    I would like to win because baby #2 is due in a couple months and this would be a great everyday stroller for us. Most of the time one of the kiddos will be walking or worn, so we really only need a single out and about.

  52. Becky says

    I love britax products and we are thinking about adding baby #3 to the family but only have one stroller.

  53. Allyson says

    We have been looking for a new stroller for my nearly 1 year old and this would be just perfect! Love!

  54. Nicole V-P says

    I would love to win this stroller for little man due in may we are going to Disney shortly after his birth and this would be great for him.

  55. melissa d says

    I would love to win for my son. He has a huge bulky jogger. The b-agile would be perfect to pack up and take on vacation to myrtle beach in april ..thanks for the chance

  56. Ewelina Brzezinska says

    This stroller looks so stylish and lightweight. I would love to have this; it would make navigating NYC trains and busses so much easier.

  57. Beth h says

    I would love this stroller because I alwYs dreamed of a brutal stroller. Would be a dream come true!

  58. Jessica Kirkpatrick says

    I would love the britax b-agile because I am looking for a lightweight stroller that is easy to handle. We travel a lot and would love a stroller that will help lug around all our baby stuff, not a stroller that I have to lug around!!

  59. Sara Ann says

    We are heading to Korea to visit my birth family in June and this would be the perfect stroller to bring along!!

  60. Patricia Angeles-Suarez says

    I love this company! I love my baby even more. . Which is why i would LOOOOVE to win this amazing stroller. I’m currently brewing my very first little one.. who is now 17 weeks. She would absolutely need and want this stroller. Britax is a great brand and I’m sure there’s many deserving parents out there…but who can say they are currently working on a CD of songs being sung and beatboxed for their baby from baby’s mommy and daddy? THIS GAL!

  61. Jessica Warren says

    I would love this for my little princess due in May… We don’t have a stroller yet, maybe this Britax will be the one for us!

  62. corey tess says

    This is one if the best strollers I’ve seen so far. I’m considering it for my baby due in August.

  63. Yolanda Flores says

    Expecting my first grandchild in June; so many things have changed since my kids were born. I love how the strollers are made these days; seem to ride smoother and be a lot more comfortable. This would be great to win for my grandson!

  64. Anna Steinmetz says

    I’d love a lightweight stroller for when I’m out with just one of my kiddos or when one wants to walk and I don’t want the bulk of a double! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Heidi Daily says

    I have the Britax B-ready myself and love it, and I have a cousin with a new baby who could use a good stroller.

  66. Kimberly Walker says

    My older two don’t need a stroller, and it feels silly pushing a double with just the newest little one in it :)

  67. Aqdas Ahmed says

    I’d like to win because it looks like it’s a great long lasting stroller that I can use for my first and other children when we decide to have more.

  68. Amanda H says

    I would love to win this stroller. Our current stroller is a total bear to load/unload and maneuver around. I can’t tell you how many times I run into things.

  69. kari meeker says

    eveytime i’m about and about and see a stroller i like – it’s always the B-Agile!!! so i’d love a chance to try one out with the new baby coming and see all the great features in person!

  70. Anne Rose says

    Got rid of the double stroller and really need a single! I have been thinking of buying this exact one for Disney World and would LOVE to win it!!!!

  71. yz says

    I would love to win this stroller to have as a stroller I can easily put in the trunk of my car & leave there so I always have a stroller handy.

  72. Tiffany Ellis says

    I would love to win this brutal stroller because I need a reliable, high-quality, lightweight stroller for my daughter!!!! I do not currently own any brutal items but would love to be a part of the “owners club”!!!!

  73. Rachel R says

    I would love to win this because this looks like an awesome stroller and I know Britax is a great company!

  74. Jen says

    We love all things Britax, and have an older model of this stroller that needs updating – we’d love to win this!

  75. Kristin says

    The one handed fold looks amazing! This would be a wonderful stroller for my new little addition this April :)

  76. joanna garcia says

    I love the Britax brand and would love to win one because we need one for the new addition of our family and have been wanting one!

  77. Melody Francis says

    I would like to win this stroller because it is a nice stroller and I’d use it all year long.

  78. Danielle says

    This is our dream stroller. We’re actually saving up for it now to replace our current behemoth.

  79. Kerri T. says

    I currently have a double but I think it’s time to switch to a single and this is one of the strollers I’ve been looking at!!

  80. rebecca says

    Would love to win this for our new little one on the way! I like that the stroller is lightweight (a big plus) and it has a modern design that packs a punch numerous thoughtful details like the one handed fold.

  81. Dawn Brosnan says

    I would love to win this stroller since the current one I have is over six years old and we have a new one on the way.

  82. Heidi says

    Due with number 4 whom was a pleasant surprise, but we got rid of all of out baby items! We would love to win this awesome stroller.

  83. sherry blamer says

    I could really use a new stroller. the britax stroller is exactly what I’m looking for in a new stroller.

  84. Fabienne Keller says

    I would love to win this stroller in Red. I love Britax and I have the convertible car seat. I would love to have this lite stroller for our son.

  85. Kristen Varner says

    I would love a new stroller as ours was pre loved and we’ve now owned it for almost 5 years. My youngest child hasn’t had anything new.

  86. Deborah Lipman Fox says

    Living in the city we stroll everywhere and would love a compact, reliable stroller like this

  87. Kelly Lorandos says

    I have always loved the Britax products. We have three of their car seats and own them for their ease of installing and safety. Mould love to add more of their products to our home!

  88. Kelly S says

    These look like great improvements…I like how he bottom front is exposed now so the material won’t get ruined! I <3 britax!

  89. Allison Davis says

    I love the look of Britax products! With baby #2 on the way we could use a stylish ride for him.

  90. casey says

    I’d love the b-agile stroller because we are expecting our 2nd child in a couple of months and I’ve begun to loathe the stroller we purchased for our first child. It’s big and bulky and takes up the entire trunk of my car!

  91. Rejoyce Milam says

    I would love this. We have a new baby and a preschooler and im still using the fixed wheel, used stroller i found at a yard sale for him. It doesn’t fit in my car, so i would love one that does.

  92. jess k says

    I could use a new single stroller, the one I have is pretty banged up. I was a hand me down four years ago.

  93. Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says

    I’d like to win the Britax stroller because our current stroller is in very bad shape. It’s so old and dirty. I’d love a nice, new clean stroller for the kids.

  94. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I am having a little boy in three weeks and this would be perfect; thanks for the chance!

  95. Storm Wilson says

    I love Britax. Such safe, durable products. I would love to win this for my friend who is going through a rough time financially. This would make things so much easier for her.

  96. Lisa P says

    I love Britax…we have their carseat & trust their products! The stroller would be a amazing addition for our family!

  97. Lena naef says

    I’d love to win this amazing stroller because we need one for our baby and Britax make safe and stylish products. It’d be a blessing to win one. Thanks for the chance!

  98. Natalie Spiking says

    I would love to win so we would have a great travel stroller option with lots of features

  99. Kelly Grell says

    We love our B-Agile…I was just telling a good friend who is expecting their first baby what a great stroller it is—this would make a great gift for her!

  100. Candy Stephenson-Otoya says

    We would like to win this because our daughter needs a new stroller and we LOVE Britax products!

  101. Hannah Kennedy says

    I would love to win this stroller because we love Britax and this stroller looks super easy to use and comfortable for the LO.

  102. Abi Marks says

    Love this stroller and the changes! Would be perfect for day to day use as well as trips away.

  103. Jenny Hutcherson says

    Oh this is faaancy. I’d have to convince the cat that this is actually for the baby, and I’m not hefting her fat-A around in it.

  104. Jennifer Garza says

    Would like to win this because I figured out my daughter is a stroller kind of baby, and we love britax quality.

  105. Amanda Marie Moffitt says

    With a nine month old and my old stroller about to bite the dust this would be a welcome addition to our family.

  106. Lilia Kharabora says

    I would like to win it for baby #3 :)
    Love the canopy and big pockets. Looks truly fab. Thank you for all you do!!

  107. Erin Vest says

    I want to win this because Baby #4 is 7 months old and the stroller we have is a bulky, heavy dinosaur. It was my nephew’s (born in 2002!!!) and it has been through two boys before my 4 girls. It’s hard to push, the recline is broken, DID I MENTION IT WAS HEAVY??, and I I’ve been eyeing the B-Agile and the City Mini and saving up for one. If I win this…. Oh joy! Please oh please!

  108. Laura C says

    I have no gear yet for my first baby due in April and would love to start with this awesome stroller!

  109. NikiZ says

    We love Britax and have the b-ready but need to downsize and have been looking at the b-agile. love the changes and it would be a much better stroller for us to have when traveling!

  110. says

    I would love to win this for my new grand baby. They don’t have a stroller yet and with the weather warming up soon, it’s the perfect time for strolls around the block, park and nature center.

  111. Jessica Padilla says

    I’d love to win the 2014 Britax B-Agile because I still don’t have a stroller for my son.

  112. Samantha Wills Crihfield says

    I would love to win one because I’m still using a travel system stroller that’s 5 years old, and my little one year old is not comfortable in it at all! I love britax and their amazingly comfortable strollers!

  113. Stephanie Jarrett says

    I want to win because our only single stroller just broke and if need a new one. This one looks fantastic!!

  114. Jennifer Mercado says

    I’d like to win this stroller because I am a huge fan of Britax. I also have baby number two on the way and a B Agile stroller would be great to have.

  115. Melissa says

    This would make an awesome gift. So many friends announcing their pregnancies this week. Kind of makes me have baby fever.

  116. Barbara says

    I love the quality of Britax products. Their customer service is amazing and they stand behind their products with a great warranty!

  117. Alyssa says

    Would love to win this stroller. Would be great to take with us on vacation and still be able to get everything in one car.

  118. EstheticsbyStephanie Singh says

    I have a Britax car seat and have not got a stroller when I get a chance no matter what (hope I can win one) it will be the Britax Agile love the red, the fold is great and love it automatically comes with the car seat adapter.

  119. Jessica H. says

    I’d love to win so I could take my 13 month old son walking around the neighborhood and the mall.

  120. Jennifer Klee says

    Britax is a great brand and we could really use a single stroller now that our older son no longer wants to ride in the double stroller. We need to downsize and this stroller is perfect for our youngest!

  121. Carly Brown says

    I am a fan of Britax and have heard great things about this stroller. I have a baby due in April and would love to win this!!

  122. Caly Redondo says

    Hi there! Well this might sound dumb but I really need a Stroller for the new member of this family. We are in this situation where everything is really expensive, and living as international students can’t make a lot of money. I really need this, I am in my 6th month and starting to become paranoid with all the things we have to buy, the basic things. Even though it is a really hard time for us, Love is always more important than anything else.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  123. Melissa Easton says

    This would make life so much easier with our new little one! With a two year old and a newborn I need simplicity! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  124. Becky vilinsky says

    Britax is the best!!, looks like an awesome stroller that would be able to fit in my truck.we are in need of a stroller!! Would be amazing to win!

  125. Vicki says

    Just learned we’ll be expecting another kid this November so an easy-to-open and light stroller will going out with 2 tots easier!

  126. Diana Cote says

    I would love to win because both of my cousins are due this year, one in may and the other at the end of the year and it would be nice to gift it to one of them. :)

  127. Heidi B Hadlock says

    Just had my sweet baby girl last week and we don’t have a stroller yet. Would love a britax!

  128. Sarah P. says

    I’d love to win one because now we have 2 children (under 3) and only 1 stroller! This one is definitely on my list of top 3 strollers I was considering!

  129. Erin C says

    My mom recently absconded with my umbrella stroller so I am left without a lightweight stroller. This would be fantastic to have as a replacement!

  130. Mike says

    I DON”T want to win this because B-Agile just recalled a ton of their strollers. It seems the one-touch button that folds the stroller in a blink of an eye has chopped off the ends of some folks’ fingers.

  131. Tracey Hall says

    I would love this stroller – and treat it like a member of our family!! I really would treasure it each day it went in and out of our car/house – it just looks so easy to use and functionally perfect!!

  132. Halley Parker says

    I would love this stroller because my daughter needs something simple yet easy to use, and I am obsessed with the 3 wheel design

  133. Heather Hall says

    I would love to have this stroller because we have a double (The Bumbleride Indie Twin… which we LOVE), but have a 3rd on the way, and need something that works for just one kiddo!

  134. says

    I would love to win this becasue I’m always forgetting to take our awesome B-Agile out of my van and move it to my husband’s car when we go somewhere in his car. Nothing is more frustrating that getting to your destination and realizing that you forgot the stroller….again!

  135. Thabal says

    Love the new changes. We are expecting our first and with B-ready more expensive, this is on my wish-list. Would love to win one.

  136. Katie says

    I would love to win this for my baby due in October! We are looking at car seat/stroller options and this is at the top of our list!

  137. says

    I would like to win this great stroller for my son. We had a similar stroller that was stolen, so this would be a perfect replacement.

    Amie Olson

  138. Somdad says

    I would like to win this stroller as it looks to be easy to use and folds up pretty small. Would be great for my baby due in April!

  139. Shoshana says

    My stroller (an uppababy vista that I LOVED!!!!) was stolen a week ago :( Looking at strollers to buy to replace it but it sure would be nice to win one.

  140. Amanda Holds says

    I’ve heard that these are insanely easy to push and I would welcome that opportunity! I feel like I’m pushing a transport sometimes!

  141. Crystal M. says

    SOoooo need this stroller my sons just isn’t right…. it’s got problems lol !!! Thanks for the chance!!

  142. Ally Conway says

    I would love to win this stroller as my first baby girl could be arriving anytime and I don’t have one yet! ;-)

  143. Danna says

    I would love to win this gorgeous stroller because, well let’s be honest, what mother with little ones wouldn’t want to win it! :)

  144. LISA says

    I am pregnant with my first child and I have been doing extensive research on strollers. This is the stroller I have been admiring and would love to push our new little one in it come early August.

  145. Teresa Honores says

    #1 the brand is awesome #2 the stroller is beautiful #3 it has so many cool features and we need this for the new baby!

  146. Jaileen says

    Just bought the Britax B-Safe car seat and would love the stroller to go along with it! Looks easy to use, stylish, and perfect for this first time mom!

  147. Stephanie H. says

    We could definitely use this for baby #3! Especially because my two other strollers are 4+ years old. I plan on buying the B-Safe carseat so this would make a perfect pair!

  148. Ke C says

    I have a very heavy stroller, hard to push, I have to use two hands and with my baby getting heavier, its getting harder….this would make going on walks with her much easier and enjoyable.

  149. Chani M says

    I just sold my B-Ready and I’m now in search of something more lightweight for traveling with, this would be perfect!

  150. william Mundall says

    Would love to win this for our son…he is baby number 4 and we could use a new stroller! This stroller looks so nice and I like the new look of the frame.

  151. Genevieve O. says

    First little one expected in May! This would be awesome! I love the reviews Britax strollers have gotten when I’ve been researching. – Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Love hearing the feature changes! ;-D Good luck to everyone!

  152. Adrienne Query-Fiss says

    With Sir Chubby having outgrown his snap n’ go, we could really use another stroller. And we LOVE our Britax car seats! I feel so safe with the company.

  153. Tracy D. says

    This would be nice to push around while out and about at places like the zoo, instead of pulling our bulky wagon around.

  154. Angelica Almaguer says

    I would love to win the new 2014 Britax B-Agile for our baby girl who is on their way (April 7). This would be perfect for her.

  155. Caitlin G says

    Love Britax products, already have the B-Safe & the B-Ready, but I would love something a little more streamlined and light!

  156. Tate says

    I have last years version and love it, would love to give this one as a gift to my pregnant friend!

  157. Felicia R says

    I would love to win because it looks a lot easier to use than the clunky travel system we have!

  158. Connie Williamson says

    I need to win this stroller because my son accidentally threw away 2 of the wheels along with the packaging of the stroller I bought him!!!!

  159. Davida Stadtmauer says

    This would be amazing to win for my daughter and son in law for my soon be grandchild!

  160. Izzie Steckler says

    WE are expecting our first child in a month and a half and this would really help us out a lot!

  161. Olivia Rubin says

    I would like to win this for my sister. She currently has the caddy to fit the keyfit30 and my niece will outgrow the seat soon and will then also need a car seat and stroller. It would be wonderful to provide this for them

  162. Sam C says

    I would really love a stroller of any kind but this one would be amazing! We don’t have a stroller yet but would love to have one before summer comes!

  163. Brettney Bradley says

    Who wouldn’t want to win this!? Britax is a great brand and this is such a nice stroller. Baby number 3 would be riding in style.

  164. Brettney Bradley says

    Who wouldn’t want to win this!? Britax is a great brand and this is such a nice stroller. Baby number 3 would be riding in style. I have a double stroller but would love to win this one.

  165. Ashley Y says

    I would love to win this amazing stroller to have for when I just take one of our kids with somewhere! Love the design of this one…:)

  166. Dejah M says

    I would love to win this for my sister in law. She is expecting in May, and could really use a nice new stroller. Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. Michelle BeVelle says

    I’ve been researching the B-Agile for awhile and reading all the reviews and they’ve sold me on it. I’d love to win this!!!!

  168. Jamie S says

    I would love to win this because of that amazing adjustable automatic lock!!! I love having a stroller with a lock, but my husband hates it and has almost busted the lock (along with grandparents) trying to open our McClaren umbrella, numerous times. He always forgets and then can’t spot it so just starts pulling on it….he has requested a new umbrella without the lock many times. Love that idea!!

  169. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I have my grandchildren 3-5 days a week and one is an infant. When I have the kids I can never go anywhere because I can not carry the baby for long. I have been wanting a stroller so that the kids and I could go walking at the park or even go to the mall.

  170. Aimee Tedoni says

    What a perfect way to promote babygizmo and all of the wonderful lessons and tips we get from Holly. If I win, just need to take my son who will be in May of 2014 out in this highly rated stroller and let the fun begin!!. Thanks for the opportunity.

  171. Jennifer R. says

    I currently have a cheapo stroller for an infant. I am really in need of a better stroller for my growing child :)

  172. Jac Que Lyn says

    This would be great for in the car, at grandma’s, or for our trip to the east coast this summer.

  173. Vanessa Soqui says

    I’d love to when this stroller for my new bean coming august 2014. Not only do I want my baby to be comfortable but I wanna stroll my baby around town knowing my baby is safe in this stroller.

  174. says

    I love the size of the canopy. I always worry about the sun and UV rays, I think this size is perfect to protect the little ones from this. Just loving it!

  175. Felicia says

    Beautiful stroller, and such a great company! New baby arriving next month and would love this beauty!

  176. Carrie H says

    For a friend who got rid of all her baby and gear and found out she is having a 4th! Or….maybe I would keep it for myself ;)

  177. Danielle says

    I would love to win this because after two children I have yet to find a stroller that meets my needs. I’ve test driven the previous model and I’m dying to have one to call mine!

  178. Amy says

    Loving the new Britax BAgile, it’s top of my list for the new baby, only 5 weeks left to go!

  179. Carol says

    I would love to win this top rated, great performance stroller. Having spent years using a crappy one this would be an awesome upgrade.

  180. Stacy Orvosh says

    Would love to win this-we already own the car seat and I love this stroller!

  181. Jeannewolfish says

    Children live out of town hard to transport all their stuff so if I win I’d keep this stroller at our house for them to use when they come for holidays the summer

  182. Sarah says

    It looks so light and easy to move! We have a Joovy double but my three year old usually ends up walking, so it’s a lot to push for just the baby.

  183. Shannon Jones says

    This would come in so handy with another baby in the way! Time to retire our old giant jogger!

  184. Kate says

    I love Britax, and have been eyeing this b-agile for a long time. We gave out first child’s stroller to a friend, and this would be perfect for our #2.

  185. Jennifer Melancon says

    The stroller would be a great upgrade! Not to mention much more compact and nicer for moving about our city than our current travel system.

  186. Lindi haight says

    I would love to win because it is a great stroller and so light and easy to fold.

  187. Chelsea LaMarche says

    I’d love to win a new stroller. With a new little one, this would come in handy!

  188. Maria E. says

    This stroller would be perfect for our upcoming trip to the East Coast. We need a reliable stroller to replace the one we had for our first son.

  189. Emily says

    We love our stroller and would like to have the updated version. My husband is still entertained every time he gets to picks it up.

  190. Michaela k says

    I desesperately need a stroller that can be made into a double stroller just like this B Agile. I’ve fell in love with this stroller but just can’t afford it at the moment. I have a 7 week old and a two year old, adding on the second seat would be perfect for us!

  191. Courtney Candlish says

    Would love to use this stroller for the zoo a.d around our neighborhood. Looks ferry efficienct and compact:)

  192. Kristin Wolke says

    I would love to win one as I really need a new stroller. My baby is outgrowing the snap and go graco and the jogging stroller we have is not really working well (not very good cushion and hot for Florida).

  193. April Montanye says

    Please I would so love this for my littlest luv. Thank you for the chance :-)

  194. April montanye says

    Please I so need this fabulous stroller for my littest love. :-) thank you for the chance to win!

  195. Jennifer D says

    Britax is well known as one og the safest child companies. I buy Britax just for that reason.

  196. Heather says

    I’d love to win this stroller because I love it and because my stroller that I have is a hand me down and about 10 years old

  197. Danielle Clifford says

    I would love to win because britax is our go to brand for safety for our children’s car seats & would love to try this awesome stroller!

  198. Ashley Kontos says

    I would like to win this stroller because we have a graco that was handed down by a friend but there is no basket underneath. We really need a new stroller.

  199. Julianne j says

    I only have a single jogging stroller that doesn’t fold up very small. This would be perfect!

  200. Jen says

    I have the b-nimble and I love it! but, this would be GREAT to have for longer trips when we need more baby gear!

  201. Donna Puckett says

    Would love to experience the use of this new stroller with my granddaughter. Strollers have improved so much since my children!

  202. Leslie angerer says

    I’d love to have this stroller to have a good, reliable stroller to leave in our car for errands and walks. :)

  203. Katrina S. says

    I would love to win because we are so ready for an upgrade and this looks so much easier to maneuver and I love the storage basket! Our current stroller makes it impossible to store anything underneath.

  204. Shannon M says

    I would love to win this stroller, I have been looking and researching and this stroller is amazing.

  205. Angela Hendricks says

    I am due in June and I still need a stroller. This would be an awesome thing to win!

  206. lindsey says

    I would be more inclined to venture into the city on the subway with this stroller (we have a large UppaVista which we love, but best for local strolling). Fingers crossed.

  207. Michelle E. says

    Been doing a lot of research on brands and love what I read about Britax! Baby number one on the way in July and this momma would love to win!

  208. Margaret Chauvin says

    I’m expecting my first and this would be a great stroller for my first angel :)

  209. melia Small says

    With surprise baby #5 coming soon, I really need a new stroller. It would be wonderful to win one.

  210. Kelley Berkeland says

    Great review. This would be terrific for my daughter whose baby boy is due in June!

  211. Jeanine Hall says

    I’ve been shopping these to death.. #2 is on the way and the Carseat will safely click in…better than an umbrella stroller and not much weight difference

  212. Sarah M. says

    I would love to win this stroller for our little one because it is a nice, sturdy stroller that isn’t too bulky!

  213. Nicole U says

    I would love to win because I don’t have a stroller and Britax makes great stuff. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  214. Baila says

    I would love a more lightweight stroller. The one I got when my son was born is so bulky! Back then I was just thinking about style. Now it’s all about being practical.

  215. Hannah N. says

    I recently saw someone in the airport with the stroller and it made life look so easy! I would love this stroller!

  216. Ashlie Fuller says

    Would love to win this stroller. Have the B-Safe infant car seat and would love to be able to use it as a travel system.

  217. Natalie S says

    I have this stroller and would love to win this all new upgraded features one! We LOVE our Britax B-Agile!

  218. Tiffany Paredes says

    Love to win because it’s such a cool stroller and we really need a new one!

  219. Laura says

    With #2 on the way, I’ve been tallying up the gear I’d like to have this time around that I didn’t have before…..this stroller looks far easier to use than my old one!

  220. Brooke Beck says

    It has an amazing canopy, not to mention a great fold! What more could I ask for?

  221. beth z says

    we’re getting outta the double stroller stage and having a single would be great! we’re a huge britax family too!

  222. may arias says

    I would like to win because it’s a nice looking stroller and I’m so in need of a new one

  223. Stacy D says

    Love this stroller. Would love to WIN it. I gave away all my baby things years ago and need to replace it all now. PICK ME PLEASE!

  224. Meredith says

    I would love to win this for my best friend who is due with her first this Summer.

  225. Asha says

    I’d like the Britax B-Agile because of all of the good reviews I’ve heard about it. I know that it is a top stroller and would be very reliable and fit my needs. I’m due in May, and I haven’t purchased a stroller yet, there’s so many out there. This would be wonderful to have!

  226. Kristi monney says

    I would love to win this for my 6 month old and three year old. I love to easy fold and the look of it

  227. Kortnie says

    I could use a nice and easy to push stroller and I think this would be just that!! And just in time for (hopefully) the weather getting nicer!

  228. Angela B. says

    This looks like an amazing stroller to have! We need a smaller more efficient stroller for our little one!

  229. Francisca Hernandz says

    This stroller would be absolutely perfect for our upcoming Disney World trip!!! Good luck to all!

  230. Andrea M says

    I love Britax! Have a Britax B-Ready, B-Safe Infant Car Seat and Marathon Convertible Car Seat. Would love to add the Britax B-Agile 2014 to our collection, especially for our new baby arriving in August!

  231. Sheila says

    We would love to win this as our current stroller became a victim of airplane travel. Somehow one of the wheels got bent. It’s still functional, but it squeaks like the dickens. If it’s not my kid screaming to alert others we are on the approach, it’s the squealing wheel. SQUEEEEEEEEEK!

  232. Andrea Johnson says

    I would LOVE to win this. I have wanted a new one for me developmentally delayed 3 1/2 year old. I think this would hold him but still be compact and easy to use. I have watched all the videos on this one and the City Mini. We have loved our Chicco Liteway, but the leg part folds up form the pressure of him in the seat. It’s just not very comfortable for him anymore. Buying a new one is not in the budget, winning one would be awesome!

  233. Tanya says

    I would love to win this stroller. I have never won anything before and hope this time I can. Love Britax products.

  234. Deidre says

    I am due in 2 weeks , it would really come useful as we have everything we need , except a stroller !

  235. MichelleS says

    Would love to win because I’m expecting baby #3 and an always hearing great things about this brand!

  236. Lora says

    We are currently in the market for a second stroller to leave in the car for outings. Would love this for my little girl!

  237. Elizabeth K says

    I would love to win the B-Agile for my ever-growing family to make things go a little smoother everyday.

  238. Noel Wells-Korte says

    I would LOVE to win the Britax B agile stroller! I absolutely love everything Britax and Baby gizmo is AMAZING!!

  239. Melissa K. says

    I’d love to win one for my little one due in 2 weeks! I love Britax products!

  240. Sarah Palisek says

    Would love to win! I was due yesterday with our first baby boy and this would be amazing! Pick me. Fingers crossed.

  241. Tamara says

    Such a nice looking stroller! Would be great to gave a second one to leave at grandmas!

  242. Marcia says

    I NEED this stroller for my new little one who is coming this July! We had a cheap stroller for my oldest (with the Britax car seat of course!) and I always wished I had this stroller!! having this stroller would be amazing as our family grows to 4 this summer!!

  243. Justin B says

    Just purchased one of these in a travel system! Love it! A second one for dad would be nice!

  244. April says

    Baby #2 just came early and we haven’t bought a stroller yet. This would be a great gift for him!

  245. Adrianna Vandercook says

    Would love to win this stroller! We love Britax products and I’m sure this stroller wouldn’t disappoint. We are in need of a lighter, more compact stroller and this looks perfect!

  246. Elizabeth Stewart says

    I would love to win this stroller, its stylish and not as big as the stroller that comes with the travel system.

  247. Laura says

    I would love to win this stroller because our family loves Britax products and could use a smaller stroller for when the B-Ready is too big – for trips to the park or store with little brother in the stroller while big brother walks by himself and things like that.

  248. Jessica Maxwell says

    We would love to win the Britax Stroller as we need a new stroller for our short trips to the Grocery store or neighbourhood parks. Love the big basket on the the bottom for carrying kid stuff and groceries.

  249. JGonz says

    I would like to the win the B-Agile 2014 because the one handed fold looks very convenient. I also like th streamlined look of the stroller. It would be perfect for my little girl!

  250. Heidi M. says

    I would love to win the B-Agile because it is very compact and has a one handed fold. Completely necessary for city living!

  251. Amelia Drew says

    I would love to win because I am expecting and need a stroller for our newest arrival!

  252. Joanna says

    I would love this stroller. Just found out I have a new little one on the way and this would be perfect.

  253. Jennifer says

    So my girl (who will be 1 in April) will have a great stroller to walk around with 4 & 5 year old siblings :)

  254. Krystal holder says

    Would love to win this as my current stroller is on its last leg and just ripped : (

  255. 1dad2kids says

    As a single dad to two little ones, I’ve done my research and this is the ONE to buy compared to all others! My 1+ year old is ready for a stroller and she deserves nothing but the best!

  256. Sherry Masucci says

    We only use Britax car seats and strollers. Safety, durability, convenience and reputation are state of the art. I have the infant carrier now for my 4 month old so this would be perfect for us!

  257. Meghan McDaniel says

    Would love to win this. Less bulky and more durable than the stroller I have now.

  258. Julie Ketter says

    I would love to win this, not only because this is a great looking stroller but because I made the mistake of trading my stroller for a newer one that was not in great shape. My mom arranged the trade and I got the short end of the stick. :( The new-to-me stroller’s wheels look like they are about to fall off and it’s harder to push and fold. I’m constantly worried my baby’s stroller is going to lose wheels any minute. A new stroller would be amazing.

  259. Angela carden says

    I would like to win because it looks like an easy on the go car stroller for my daughter.

  260. Andrea A says

    I would love this stroller for everyday use. I have a Quinny Freestyle XL and love it on trails and the dirt road we live on, but its so big to drag around for shopping etc.

  261. Ronnie West says

    I have never won one of these ever. Heres hoping i do because i could really use this stroller!

  262. Allison Lane says

    We have a stroller that we can snap our infant car seat into for ease. My daughter will soon be out of her carseat and it would be great to have a new stroller for her.

  263. Cali says

    I would love to win one for our youngest! He was a surprise after we had given away and donated all of our baby stuff! I bought a really cheap stroller and it has fallen apart and I come summer time we really need a durable easy to use option

  264. Malea says

    I’d like to win so that I could give the stroller to a friend about to have a baby whose husband just got laid off.

  265. Tracy Garcia says

    I would love to win this stroller. It is my dream stroller because it is so lightweight and folds with ONE hand.. How awesome is that?!

  266. Amanda Tan says

    I’d love to win this stroller to use during traveling and quick outings with my family because of its lightweight and easy portability!

  267. Elizabeth H says

    Ooo these are nice! Our Chicco is about to bite the dust, so this would be great to get us through the next couple of years!!

  268. Kelley Berkeland says

    Oh, wow, we would LOVE this for our daughter and grandbaby due in June!!!!

  269. Rachel A says

    I would love a better quality stroller for quick trips. My lightweight one isn’t cutting it.

  270. Kalli Skaggs says

    I’d like to win one because I have a 13mo old, and another on the way in July, and let’s face it I could use all the help I can get. Plus, I’ve wanted this stroller for ages!

  271. Janelle Dunn says

    I’d love it because after 6 babies, I’ve never had a nice stroller and it would be awesome to go out with a bang.

  272. Tiffany Orr says

    I see friends with this stroller and they love theirs and would love one for my little one.

  273. Rhiannon Neal says

    love to win looks great and easy to use. My almost 4 year old no longer likes the stroller so i’d like to go back to a single since I only have a double. We are on a tight budget and I always loved Britax as a brand!

  274. Lauren says

    I have heard awesome things about this stroller. I would love to try it out! : ) *fingers crossed*

  275. Jaime Nicholson says

    Would love a lightweight agile now that my older child does not need to ride as often.

  276. Nicole Acuna says

    Its perfect for long treks with my little girl and even just everyday walks, i love the features its just everything ive been looking for in a stroller.

  277. Christina Strapp says

    I have heard awesome things about this stroller! We really need a new stroller for my daughter especially when we have another baby.

  278. Samantha Stine Foltz says

    This stroller is awesome! I’d love to win one especially for my 2 under 2.

  279. Trish Gondelman says

    Hi, I’m wondering if the canopy on the 2014 b-agile is as large as it was in previous models now that it is a 2 panel instead of 3 panel design.


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