How to Buy a Stroller – Part 3 – Full Size Strollers

How to buy a stroller 3

Welcome back to our Baby Gizmo series – “How to Buy a Stroller”. In today’s part 3 episode, we are diving into the biggest category of strollers: the full-size stroller. These are usually stocked with features and are one of the first buggies that parents think of when they start picking out gear for baby.… Read More

Exclusive Disney Big Hero 6 Directors’ Interview

Big Hero 6 DVD Release

In anticipation of the Disney smash hit Big Hero 6’s in-home release (DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand) on February 24, I had a chance to sit down with the directors of the movie during my whirlwind trip to Los Angeles last week. Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams shared how they were won over with the… Read More

McFarland USA Kevin Costner Interview

Kevin Costner

He was exactly what I expected. To be honest, I didn’t know what I expected but when he walked in the room, I immediately decided THAT is what I expected! Kevin came in the room in a long black jacket, sunglasses and oozing confidence. He sat down, said good morning and wanted to know what this… Read More

30 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives


I’ve hit the third trimester craziness. This includes: thoroughly stuffed to starving vibrantly happy to woefully sad bursts of energy to falling asleep on the couch periods of insane productivity to absolute laziness in minutes.   But never mind all that, there’s still plenty to do to prepare for Baby! And there are lots of… Read More

Fisher Price Newborn Auto Rock N Play Sleeper Review (VIDEO)

Fisher Price Rock n Play

Today’s video is a BIG deal. One of the most popular baby products of recent years is the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Parents everywhere rave about the inclined sleeper and play seat all-in-one.  It’s easy to clean, suitable for overnight sleep and has a great inclined seat that is good for babies with reflux.… Read More

Disney Channel Bad Hair Day Review

Bad Hair Day

Tonight a new family TV movie premieres on the Disney Channel that we think your kids are going to love. Leigh-Allyn Baker (the mom from Good Luck Charlie) and Laura Marano (Austin & Ally) star in this comedy about a high school tech-whiz whose perfectly planned prom day turns into a wild ride across town, thanks to… Read More

A Visit to the American Girl Bistro (VIDEO)

american girl bistro

A couple weeks ago we visited the new American Girl Store in Charlotte, NC to have a special birthday lunch at the Bistro. My daughter invited two of her best friends to join us and we all ended up having the best time. The last time we had lunch at American Girl was exactly three years… Read More

Disney Animators’ Collection Elsa Mini Doll Play Set Unboxing

Frozen Elsa Playset

Welcome to What’s in the Box? Wednesday! Today, video is a little bit different. It’s more of an “unboxing” because our Baby Gizmo tester already knew what it was. I picked up one of these adorable Disney Animators’ Collection Elsa Mini Doll Play Sets from the Disney Store on the Disney Studios Lot when I was… Read More

Disney Channel Bad Hair Day Interview with Leigh-Allyn Baker

leigh allyn baker

On my trip to LA this past weekend for a Disney press junket, I had the opportunity to rub elbows and hang out with one of my daughter’s favorite moms. Well, favorite mom besides me, of course, and this one just happens to be on TV. Yep, my daughter’s fav TV mom is Leigh-Allyn Baker… Read More

How to Buy a Stroller – Part 2 – Lightweight Strollers

How to Buy a Stroller

Welcome to Part 2 of our Baby Gizmo series “How to Buy a Stroller.” Today, we are diving into the category of lightweight strollers. We’ll show you all the features you need to consider, and give tips for picking out the perfect lightweight stroller for you. Don’t forget to join us next Tuesday, February 17,… Read More

Fisher Price UltraLite Day and Night Playard Review

Fisher Price Ultralite

Fisher-Price recently debuted a new, stocked-with-features, lightweight playard that is perfect for traveling, at home and putting on your baby registry. The Fisher-Price UltraLite Day and Night Playard easily transforms from roomy playard, giving baby a comfy place to nap and play during the day and sleep at night, to a compact, lightweight, travel-friendly package that… Read More

New ABC Series Fresh Off the Boat


ABC debuted a brand new sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, last week that we think you might enjoy.  I attended a press junket in Los Angeles for Disney and had the opportunity to preview tonight’s episodes. I found the cast lovable and the 1990s references great, but I do feel that this is a sitcom for adults.… Read More

The Machine We Forget to Clean


I am not a super mom by any stretch of the mind, but I do have a side kick. This trusty pal has been with me through many adventures, fighting off villainous scum and conquering evil. I could not imagine life without this buddy by my side, however, like most heroes, I’ve taken my sidekick… Read More

Urbini Emi Travel System Giveaway

Urbini Emi

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congrats to our winner – Amber Lopez The Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is back!! This week we are giving away the brand new Urbini Emi Travel System. The Urbini is a full-size stroller system that is convenient, versatile and comfy for your little rider. Paired with the Urbini Sonti infant car seat, the… Read More

Kid President and Baby Gizmo – How to Be More Awesome

kid president

This week, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Kid President to help show people how to be more awesome. Robby Novak (Kid President) is the inspiring young boy who’s popular videos on YouTube follow the philosophy that kids and adults can change the world. “It just takes all of us working together.” How can you… Read More

At Home with Baby Gizmo Episode 8 – Master Closet

Easy Closets

After a holiday hiatus, welcome back to “At Home with Baby Gizmo- Episode 8.” Today we are taking you inside our secondary master closet, otherwise known as my husband’s closet. Yes, we have “his” and “hers” closets. Guess which one is bigger? I can tell you that it definitely it not the “his” closet. To… Read More

What’s in the Box Wednesday – VTech Toy Unboxing

Wednesday Box

It’s Hump Day! Woop! Woop! Not only can we quote the Geico commercial about Hump Day but we can also play “What’s in the Box Wednesday?!” The Baby Gizmo Littles are at it again with a toy unboxing that takes a popular line of Vtech toys to the next level. Take a peek at our… Read More

How to Buy a Stroller (VIDEO)

stroller series

These days, one of the biggest decisions a mom has to make when she is having a baby isn’t necessarily cloth or disposable, what color the nursery will be, or breast or formula, but what she is going to push that adorable bundle of joy in for the next 3+ years. Soon after you see… Read More

Frozen Fever is Coming to a Theater Near You in March

frozen fever

If I wasn’t already ridiculously excited about the new Disney Cinderella film that is hitting theaters in March, but now with the addition of the 7-minute Frozen Fever short, I’m just plain giddy. Disney just released new images from the short “sequel” today and your Frozen fans are going to flip. The animated short, which… Read More

Burley Solstice Jogging Stroller Review (VIDEO)

burley solstice

Burley has been known as one of the leaders in bicycle trailers for the past 30 years. While their trailers can convert to jogging strollers, this is the first official “jogging stroller” that Burley is debuting and Baby Gizmo has the scoop! Meet the Burley Solstice. We are super impressed with the design, construction and… Read More