Chair Apron to the Rescue!

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The Chair Apron provides parents with stylish and functional chair seat covers. We recently tried out the Linen Chair Apron and, well, see for yourself… This is one of my dining room chairs before adding the Chair Apron This is the same dining room chair after adding the Chair Apron   The Chair Apron fits… Read More

Halloween Etsy Style for Boys


Of course we can’t leave out the boys! They can be stylish and festive too, right? Lucky for us… Etsy makes it so incredibly easy for us to find unique and adorable items for the little guys. And thank goodness cause I have 3 of them.  Halloween Neck Tie- Super cute and stylish. Must get… Read More

Halloween Etsy Style for Girls


Halloween is a perfect time to stock up on adorable accessories for your little girl. It’s also a great change to add to an existing dress-up collection or a reason to go above and beyond what you normally would do (like huge tutu’s… swoon). I love seeing what the talented people of Etsy come up… Read More

JibJab Jr. Interactive Books Now On Your iPad!


Oh thank you, thank you, thank you JibJab! Thank you for finally creating a children’s version! Not that the Christmas Elves dancing with my children’s heads wasn’t the funniest thing ever (even to my children). JibJab Jr. Books, the company’s first product release, turns children into the stars of the show in personalized children’s books… Read More

The Toddler Left Behind

Picnik collage2

Oh my poor baby toddler. He has a severe case of Third Child Syndrome. Never mind the fact that he can now climb out of the Pack N’ Play while I take a shower (oh, about 8 months earlier than his big brother did), or that he can eat more than his two older brothers… Read More

Creative DIY Costumes


Sometimes we just want to pass on spending money on a costume that will get worn once, maybe twice. There are creative ways to dress up your child for Halloween, plays, events or even just as a fun activity on a rainy day. Here are some we have made or seen that are worth passing… Read More

Does Baby Want Comfy But Cute Clothes For Fall/Winter?

LS Tee_RUBY_01

PaigeLauren Baby has officially launching their long-awaited fall/winter collection and I’m in love. I’m a sucker for cute but comfortable clothing for babies and children because I picture myself strapped in a car seat or curled up while napping and the last thing I want is the waistband of my jeans digging into my sides… Read More

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open With Teachers

Teacher and Student at Blackboard

We’re far enough into the new school year now; Back To School night has long passed (or is happening now depending on when your child started school) so you and your child have a pretty good feel of what is to come and what is expected this year. Each teacher is different so what worked… Read More

Fun Lunchbox and Snack Food Ideas


It’s week two of school and although I haven’t heard the words “mom… can I have (insert something unhealthy) in my lunch?” I know it’s coming. I’m already burnt out just making the same thing every day so I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. I’ve created new ways to present some of the… Read More

Missoni For Target Kids


Are you ready? Today is the day! Our beloved Target has gone fashion-forward once again and once again, just for the girls. Can someone please tell these designers that they need to incorporate some gender neutral or boyish baby prints and colors? I can totally see that same zigzag baby blanket being blue, brown, black… Read More

The Baby Gizmo Baby Proofing Guide


Baby Proofing is one of the most important things you can do for your child. Here are some Baby Proofing tips to get you started and to keep you staying current with some of the baby proofing essentials. Getting started: It’s best to baby proof your house before the baby is mobile or born! You… Read More

Hottest Halloween Costumes for 2011


It’s that time of year again… all the stores have displayed their Halloween decorations and have started putting out there costumes. Is it me or does it happen earlier and earlier each year? My kids have seen their fair share of family-friendly movies this year, and have formed some favorites, so it’s no surprise that… Read More

Is Your Child Being Bullied? And Some Tips On How To Prevent Bullying


Part of growing up is learning how to deal with conflicts, different personalities and different types of bonds between other people. But the act of learning those lessons is not always easy; bullies can be formed through this natural growing process or even influenced from outside sources (television, music, media, etc.) It is our job… Read More

Weaning Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Newborn baby

The word “wean” means a passage from one relationship to another -not a loss or detachment from a relationship. The weaning process begins the first time your baby takes food from a source other than your breast – whether it’s formula from a bottle or mashed banana from a spoon. Weaning is the gradual replacement… Read More

Birthday Party Invitation Etiquette

Photo Credit:  Tiny Prints

Do you ever wonder what the proper Birthday Party invitation etiquette is for your child’s party? I do. Here are some helpful tips that you can use while planning your child’s party (or any party for that matter).   Who to Invite If your children are old enough to offer their input, compose the guest… Read More

Holiday Card Check List

Photo Credit:  Tiny Prints

It’s that time! Its time to start planning and preparing the Holiday Cards. Here are some steps to get you organized and ready before the Holidays creep up on you and you’re caught scrambling.   To Do Now: 1. If you’re doing a photo card- schedule a photography session or take pictures of your kids/family… Read More

New From Radio Flyer


I’m already in Holiday mode… I’ve made a list of ideas (of what to get the kids) and have been scouting the latest and greatest toys to hit the market. I came across Radio Flyer’s site and just about died when I saw their new stuff. You can bet Santa will be bringing my kids… Read More

Gift Guide for The 8-11 Year Old Boy


Maybe you have a child, a boy, turning 9 this year (I do) or maybe your nephew, cousin, child’s older friend… has a birthday coming up? Or maybe you need ideas for the upcoming Holidays? Yes, I just said Holidays. It is almost September already and all the stores have brought out the Halloween stuff.… Read More

Bedtime Tips for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Little boy sleeping with teddy bear

Toddlerhood is a time full of changes and new things. Not only is your little one starting to better understand the people, places and things around him… he’s now experiencing happy dreams, night terrors, new emotions, understanding and forming fears, figuring out cause and effect… all things that can overwhelm a tiny little being; especially… Read More

Back To School Shoe Shopping


Summer has destroyed my children’s shoes! All the running, playing, camp adventures and just good ol’ kid wear and tear. I’m checking out which shoes to get for the kids and I’m actually jealous… I wish they made some of these in my size. Pediped Grip n Go Ellie Converse Chuck Taylor Sparkle Fleck Pediped… Read More