Whole30 Easy Meals


Are you on the Whole30 bandwagon this month? I am! Almost reluctantly though … I’m doing it with a friend (for accountability) and know it’s a good choice to cleanse my diet, I’m just questioning my willpower. Which, from my reading seems to be indicative of Day 6 sugar withdrawals. So, I guess it’s working!… Read More

Veggie Egg Scramble

scramble 360x200

I’ll start off by saying – THIS IS A WHOLE30 COMPLIANT RECIPE – yay! But, even if you’re not on the Whole30 bandwagon, this veggie egg scramble is delicious and has been a breakfast staple of mine for quite some time. It’s fresh and filling, and exactly what busy parents need to start their day… Read More

Have You Discovered Stitch Fix?

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Ten years ago, pre-children, in my spare time I would grab a coffee and roam the mall. I worked in an office and went on lots of date nights with my husband so I was always up for finding a new blouse, pair of heels or cute dress that could sway from days to nights.… Read More

Review: Counting Bears

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I confess, toy shopping really stresses me out. There is just a lot of pressure to spend wisely, find something sturdy and long-lasting, something with learning potential. In the toy buying game, I win some and I lose some. Maybe someday I’ll gather all my “losers” for a funny post. But, today I want to highlight… Read More

Moms Who Inspire V.5

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Yippee! It’s 2015 and I’ve got a bevy of mamas I can’t wait to introduce you to! These ladies are in my daily blogroll and I’m inspired by them often. From their style to their recipes, their faith and their parenting stories – they’ve got the goods! Ruthy from Discovery Street I’ll admit, I’ve met… Read More

Celery Paint Stamp Love

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In our home, art projects range in excitement. I get an “ok” if I propose a craft with crayons and a “yay!” if markers are brought to the table. But, if I say the word “paint” it’s like heaven on earth. Paint is the secret sauce for popular craft projects around here! We’ve appled our hearts… Read More

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

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It’s not a Happy Valentine’s Day without indulging our sweet tooth, now is it? These decadent chocolate cookies are sure to bring a smile to your sweetheart or your kid’s faces. There is just nothing quite like chocolate on chocolate with a dose of pretty sprinkles! Ingredients 1 cup butter, softened 2 cups sugar 2 eggs… Read More

A Heart Lunch For Your Kid’s On Valentine’s Day

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Once upon a time, on a chilly January day I busied myself in the kitchen for a special little lunch. Once it was delivered to the table, my 4 year old said, “What? A heart lunch? Is it Valentine’s Day already?!?” Stuttering a bit, I replied, “Um, well, kind of, we’re sharing a heart lunch… Read More

Valentine’s Day Dipped Pretzel Snacks

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You know how Chex Mix is addicting? And those chocolate Himalayan salt almonds from Target? Well, I’m here to tell you that these dipped pretzels are too! You’re going to love them! And so will everyone you gift them to for Valentine’s Day! With a few simple ingredients you and your kids can turn your kitchen… Read More

No Babysitter? No Problem! 4 Ideas For a Valentine’s Day In!

Valentine's Day In

Have you heard? Valentine’s Day is coming up! Right around the corner in fact … and on a Saturday this year! Woohoo! Get those heels dusted, mama, date night is on the horizon! Oh, wait … no family in the area to watch the kiddos? All the reliable babysitters are taken? Err, no budget for… Read More

Valentine’s Day Board Books For Your Baby

all kids of kisses

We have a pretty heavy rotation of favorite books around our house, but what I love most about the changing seasons is the opportunity to introduce NEW books! With Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s the perfect opportunity to amp up our reading on the topic of L-O-V-E. So, whether you’re heading to the library or… Read More

10 Cent, Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards

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My 4 year old and I homeschool for preschool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t incorporate the tradition of Valentine’s Day cards. Nope! We embrace them – big time – and like coming up with simple (but fun and cheap) ways to share our love with her little friends and our family. When all was said… Read More

Valentine’s Day is For Everyone

valentine's day is for everyone

As soon as the Christmas decor leaves the stores – POP! – it’s all Valentine’s Day. For all of January and into February every time we walk into Target it’s hearts and love, cupids and romance, red and pink and lace. Gushy valentines, sweet valentines and all sorts of romantic gifts for the one you… Read More

Don’t Give Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

don't give 360 w

Is it the incessant commercials that tie jewelry so tightly to Valentine’s Day? I don’t know about you, but fancy diamonds aren’t the only thing on my Valentine’s Day wish list. And truly, non-jewelry Valentine’s Day gifts are more likely to be in our budget this year … and many years to come. Something about parenting… Read More

The Books I Read and Loved Last Year

Books I Read

Every year I make a reading goal. I love reading, always have, but with a toddler glued to me (literally, I wish I could share a video of my little monkey!) and a preschooler who is constantly ready to engage in a project or activity it’s hard to find the time! Can I get an… Read More

We Asked, You Answered: Flying With Kids

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The last time I was on an airplane was in 2011 with my husband and our 12 month old daughter. We were headed to Texas to visit family and it seemed manageable to travel with 2 adults and 1 child. The ratio was in our favor and for most of our flights she was content… Read More

4 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Winter

Goodbye Winter Blues Diffuser Blend

Over the last few years essential oils have become such an integral part of our family’s routine. Whether it be for wellness or treating a specific illness, we’ve found many essential oils to be wonderful additions a great fit for our family. There are three ways you can use essential oils – aromatically (with a diffuser),… Read More

Clutter Free in 30 Days


Deep breath my mama friends … the New Year is upon us! Since the 1st I’ve felt really cliche setting my annual goals, making lists of projects I want to accomplish, and starting a new “diet.” Sometimes it feels like there is a lot of weight put on January – to start off strong and… Read More

Review: eeBoo Puzzles


For the last few years our house has been full of puzzles. Shortly before my daughter’s 2nd birthday she became enamored with them; her favorites were the wood puzzles with chunky shapes, mostly the Melissa and Doug ones. She mastered those before she turned 2 1/2 and I started looking for the next step up …… Read More

Review: Wild Friends Nut Butter

wild friends 360x200

Long before Wild Friends Nut Butters debuted on Shark Tank, I was a fan of their nut butters. Especially this one. Wild Friends began as Wild Squirrel, a simple peanut butter experiment between two college friends in Oregon that has boomed into a wonderful business. They’ve got talent, a delicious product and a business model that… Read More