Don’t Give Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

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Is it the incessant commercials that tie jewelry so tightly to Valentine’s Day? I don’t know about you, but fancy diamonds aren’t the only thing on my Valentine’s Day wish list. And truly, non-jewelry Valentine’s Day gifts are more likely to be in our budget this year … and many years to come. Something about parenting… Read More

Top Holiday Gifts for New Dads


About the Author: Tom is the other half of “Lauren and Tom Tate” who together manage the blog, Little Old Home. While Tom isn’t managing projects at a software company, he loves playing guitar, reading, and spending time with Luca, their 18 month old son.   Giving a gift to a new dad can be… Read More

Cute Christmas Slippers For Kids


We showed you some great Christmas jammies for your littles, and today we’re focusing on Christmas slippers! That’s right, we’re going all out! Because what’s better than keeping cute little feet warm and snuggly this holiday season? So check out these festive and adorable slippers for your kids!     Elf on the Shelf- $7.20 Got a… Read More

The 2014 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: A Peasant’s Commentary


Warning: This article is part of “The Edge” series and may not appeal to those without a sense of humor or those who are completely opposed to any and all swear words. Nothing puts the Jesus Christ in Christmas quite like the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. My mom and I have a yearly ritual of… Read More

5 Great Gifts That Are NOT Toys!


A friend of mine and I were talking about Christmas gifts. Our kids are right around the same age, and she brought up non-toy options. Genius! I have no room for any more toys for my oldest baby and the younger one gets all the hand me downs. So I asked my mommy friends to… Read More

Gifts For Teachers

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Forget the apples (and apple themed gifts).  Put down the “#1 Teacher” ornament. Step away from the baked goods (store bought OR homemade).  Show your child’s teacher that you truly appreciate them with a thoughtful gift! Here’s a list of eight great gift ideas for that special teacher! A Holiday Centerpiece A beautifully created floral centerpiece… Read More

Gifts for New Siblings

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There comes a time in most kiddo’s lives where they earn the grand title of “big brother” or “big sister.” Sometimes they are babies themselves, sometimes they’re toddlers or preschoolers or even teenagers. No matter when the promotion arrives, it’s life changing for these new siblings. These kids tend to need a little extra loving during… Read More

Gifts for Grandparents


Am I the only person who has such a hard time coming up with gifts for grandparents? Don’t get me wrong, I love the adorable response, “Oh please, don’t get me anything. Having you all here is the best gift I could ask for.” But let’s be real here…I like getting gifts, and I have… Read More

Gifts For the Crunchy Mom


Sometimes the most important part of gift giving is understanding your recipient. Are they vegetarian? Do they enjoy fashion? Are their children young (and therefore, every gift must be washable)? Today I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to some gift ideas for those crunchy moms. The ones who read ingredient labels… Read More

Gift Guide: An American Girl for Your Special Little Lady

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It’s time for another great gift idea! If you have a little lady on your list between the ages of 5-12, it’s a good bet that she would probably LOVE an American Girl doll. Why not get her the 2014 Girl of the Year, Isabelle? Before you know it, she will be gone and they… Read More

10 Black Friday Deals

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When turkey day is done (or for those zealous shoppers: as soon as you wake from your turkey coma) Black Friday will be here! And Black Friday means deals!!! Of course, it means late nights, early mornings, long lines, and full shopping carts too, but really, the part that draws us all towards the stores… Read More

8 Unique Gifts for Dad

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Dads are so hard to buy for. They either don’t tell us what they want with the classic response, “I’d rather you not spend MY money on ME,” or we just have no clue where to begin when it comes to shopping for them. So, here are 8 out of the box Christmas gift ideas… Read More

Baby Gizmo Gift Guide for the Home

Home Gift Guide

Welcome to the Baby Gizmo Gift Guide for the Home! Have a friend, family member, neighbor or work associate on your holiday list? You can’t go wrong with gifting them something fabulous for their home. Here are some great ideas to get you started. ANYWare by Untangled Living We are big fans of planet-friendly products!… Read More

Gifts for Mamas

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In our home, I plan the majority of our Christmas gifts. My husband is nice and easy and lets me do all the Black Friday running around, Cyber Monday stalking, and gift research. He knows I love it and so it’s a good bargain to leave him home with the kids and head out to pretend… Read More

25 Days of Holiday Reading

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Our family is rolling through some big transitions this Christmas season and rather than feel grumpy/annoyed/depressed about how I imagined things would be and how they’re not, I’m taking these changes as the opportunity to start some new traditions! My little ones are two and four so Christmas is magical in every sense of the word. My… Read More

Review: Disney Girls’ “Frozen” Silver-Plated Anna and Elsa Pendant Necklace


If you’re looking for a simple gift for a little girl who is a big fan of Frozen this holiday season, consider this necklace from Disney. My 4 year old daughter recently received this and she absolutely loves it! I had to tell you about it because it’s not like your usual plastic Frozen necklace-… Read More

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom (Not Baby!)


Around 2004, when I got married, I rode the wave of endless bridal showers. Quiche, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, non-stick pans, silver ware, lingerie. Delicious food and fabulous friends all celebrating the bride-to-be. Gotta love a bridal shower. A few years later came the baby shower tsunami. Quiche, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, onesies, Diaper Genies, nursing bras.… Read More

The Top Ten Educational Toys for Toddlers


For young children, learning is done through play. That’s how they grow. And toys are the tools they use to build their future selves. Why do you think toddlers are so active? They want to discover things. And the more they discover, the more they develop their minds. Toys can act as catalysts for intellectual… Read More

Christmas in July! Great Gift Ideas For Mom


I love to browse other mamas’ wishlists, because they give me great inspiration about fabulous companies, products and of course, they are fuel for my birthday and Christmas list. So … welcome to Christmas in July! Here are some of my favorite things that are finding their way onto my wish list right now! Christmas… Read More

Favorites For Your Little Firefighter

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My daughter’s 4th birthday isn’t until this fall, but she’s already dreaming up her party theme and a list of gifts that she would like. Top of her list … a race car, play dough and a fire truck! I think her love of firefighters began in February when our homeschool group visited our local… Read More