10 Best Super Bowl Appetizers


Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? If you are trying to come up with a menu that will please your hungry party-goers, look no further. Here are the 10 Best Super Bowl Appetizers, sure to score a touchdown with even the toughest crowd. Gluten-Free Honey Balsamic BBQ Meatballs from Iowa Girl Eats Stuffed Pizza Rolls… Read More

Best Dips for the Big Game!

best dips

  Super Bowl is right around the corner, and with the big game come big expecations for big flavors. Whether you are hosting a super bowl party of your own or just bringing a dish to participate in a potluck, these dips will not disappoint. I’m sure you’ll find a little something for everyone in… Read More

Football-Themed Snacks


Planning to host a playoff / Super Bowl party this year?  Looking for a fun snack to send your child to school with? Love a good theme party? Then these football- themed snacks are just the ticket (see what I did there?) Appetizers I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pizza- spice up a frozen… Read More

Review: Wild Friends Nut Butter

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Long before Wild Friends Nut Butters debuted on Shark Tank, I was a fan of their nut butters. Especially this one. Wild Friends began as Wild Squirrel, a simple peanut butter experiment between two college friends in Oregon that has boomed into a wonderful business. They’ve got talent, a delicious product and a business model that… Read More

Kid Friendly Dinners


Some kids will eat anything and some kids (like my son) are incredibly picky. So I’ve been looking around and picked out eight kid friendly dinners that I hope all children will enjoy. You can even get your little ones in the kitchen with you to make some of them!   Sloppy Joes From Six Sisters Stuff.… Read More

Four of the Best Hot Cocoa Recipes

Photo Source: Hershey's

There is a saying about Michigan’s seasons: “The four seasons are winter, still winter, almost winter, and construction.” And it is very true that the weather here is bipolar and we can experience winter, fall, summer, and spring all in one day. Before you ask, yes, I do in fact break out the flip flops… Read More

Cranberry Orange Rustic Bread

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I’m starting this post with a big, bold PSA … YOU NEED 18+ HOURS OF PREP AND RISING TIME TO CREATE THIS BREAD. DO NOT START THIS RECIPE ONE HOUR BEFORE DINNER. With that said, it’s totally worth it. And truly very, very easy. And the results are magnificent! There is just nothing like warm,… Read More

New Year’s Eve Finger Foods


It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an elaborate, very fancy party or staying home with your kids in your pajama pants all day. One thing’s for sure: you are going to eat this New Year’s Eve. So here are some delicious finger foods for you to munch on no matter how you’re celebrating!  … Read More

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies


Christmas equals cookies, right? Even though I fall into the category of cookie monster mama, I’ve hit my max on gingerbread and peppermint this holiday season. And so, I’m switching gears with my baking to salted caramel inspired treats. Salt caramel is that perfect blend of sweet and salty – just what I need after… Read More

New Year’s Eve Dessert Ideas


New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so we’ve picked some delicious and festive dessert ideas for you all! Whether you’re hosting a big party, need to bring something to an event, or just want to make something fun with the kids, you’re bound to find something special here!   Countdown Cheesecake From Spiced… Read More

Delicious Cookie Recipes!


It’s cold, it’s the holidays, no-one’s dieting for another week, so just grab your kids and loved ones, and let’s start baking! Because who doesn’t love cookies? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies- Joy Of Baking. Please tell me you’ve all tried some kind of version of these cookies before?! Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups pushed… Read More

Need To Bring An Appetizer?

Photo Source: Cherchies

We’ve all been there.  You receive an invitation to a dinner / party / fiesta and you eagerly respond yes.  The sitter’s all lined up, and you can’t wait for your night out! Out of courtesy, you ask the host if there’s anything you can bring (of course there’s not, she always has these sorts of… Read More

Molasses Cookies For Christmas

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Around here Christmas isn’t complete without a batch of molasses cookies. They’ve got that sharp, distinct flavor that pairs perfectly with a cup of eggnog and when pressed in sugar, they glisten a bit like snow regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing a real white Christmas. Although, don’t you always hope that you’ll wake… Read More

Christmas Prime Rib


Each year our family buys a share of a cow. Once delivered we have a variety of cuts and the one we all get most excited about is the rib eye roast that turns into prime rib. It stays tucked safely in the freezer until Christmas week and then becomes the star of our holiday… Read More

10 Christmas Activities to Do With Your Kids


1) Participate in a Polar Express inspired train ride or create your own at home <<< this is the greatest idea EVER. And free 2) Make ornaments! These are my favorite, of course, but Pinterest is booming with kid-friendly ornament ideas. Just search “DIY ornaments” and you’ll be feeling crafty for days. 3) Visit Santa … and… Read More