Indoor Activity Ideas For Your Little Ones This Winter


It’s getting cold outside, winter will be here before we know it, and that means we need to start thinking of fun indoor activities for our kids! So I’ve put together a great list for you for the days that it’s just too cold to go to the playground. Check these out! -Set up a… Read More

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas


My family always does a special brunch on Christmas. My mom makes quiche and coffee cake, we have hot chocolate and open our stockings and just enjoy being together before we open our presents throughout the day. While Christmas dinner is the meal that gets all the hype and attention, I thought it would be… Read More

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken

Last year my sister-in-law gave me the easiest recipe ever for BBQ pulled chicken that you can make in the slow cooker. It’s so easy, in fact, that I hesitate to even call it a recipe. It also happens to be really delicious. I’ve made this chicken for many guests and it’s always a huge hit. It’s… Read More

Christmas Dinner Side Dishes

Photo Credit: Raptor Mama

I’m all about the side dishes for any big family meal. Be it Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, I’m a vegetarian and that means I never do the main course. Today I’ve rounded up some amazing Christmas side dishes that pair well with your main course and will be big hits with everyone at your Christmas… Read More

Christmas Biscotti

christmas biscotti 700w

For years I’ve dreamed of making my own biscotti around the holidays, but it always seemed like a step above my cooking abilities. Come to find out, it is much easier than I expected and this chocolate-y biscotti is now a family favorite! Next round we are going to nix the nuts and try a… Read More

Must Make Christmas Candies

Photo Source: Country Living

Have you ever thought about making your own Christmas candies instead of buying a box from the store? I’ve always wanted to try my hand at homemade candies and with Christmas soon approaching I thought it only fitting that I round up some must make Christmas candies! I hope you find a few that sound… Read More

A Week of Crockpot Breakfasts

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.34.14 PM

It has been pretty cold lately; single digits at night and teen degrees during the day. That means I wake up and can barely bring myself to leave my warm bed. But, with munchkins whispering about their hungry bellies, I must. So, I’ve turned to my trusty crockpot to provide a quick, warm meal to… Read More

Readers’ Favorite Holiday Traditions


The season of trimming trees, lighting menorahs, and singing Christmas carols is upon us. But it’s also a time when families come together to carry out their own unique traditions. We asked Baby Gizmo readers to share their favorite holiday traditions with us, and we are sharing some of our favorites with you! Perhaps they’ll… Read More

Christmas Dessert Ideas


Christmas is about trees, Santa, presents and desserts, right? For me it is! We’ve got to eat our fair share of sweets before we swear off desserts for our New Years Resolution! So I’ve rounded up some delicious Christmas dessert ideas that will be perfect to serve after your big Christmas dinner this year!  … Read More

Kid Crafts to Use As Gifts As Seen on Good Day Chicago

Kid Crafts

This morning I was on FOX Good Day Chicago doing a “Kid Crafts to Use as Gifts” segment. Since TV segments are short, we couldn’t do full tutorials on how to make each craft. If you’d like to make one of the featured crafts this holiday, all the crafts are listed below with  links to full, in-depth… Read More

Gift Idea: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe in a Jar

Cookies in a Jar

Everyone knows I love to bake. It might be a little obvious if you look at our food blog, SkinnyNotSkinny, and see how many dessert recipes there are compared to entree and salads. My baking obsession goes into full force during the holidays. I feel like I am literally baking all the time. And you… Read More

DIY Chalkboard Coasters


If your kids are like mine, they want to give gifts to EVERYONE during the holidays. I love their kindness, but my budget can’t handle that much gifting. To save money but still encourage the kids’ thoughtfulness, we try to make some presents each year. Depending on how much time we have, we do everything… Read More

8 Great Santa Trains Across the U.S.


All aboard! Each year, railroads across the U.S. roll out special holiday trains. They’re a fun and unique way for kids to meet Santa Claus, and they make a wonderful family holiday tradition! Here are 10 great options across the U.S. 1. Fillmore & Western Railway Company, Fillmore, CA: This railway has several holiday train options.… Read More

Creative Christmas Cupcake Ideas


Am I the only one who lives in their kitchen during the holiday season? As soon as December is here, I feel like I’m constantly baking. There’s parties, church events, family gatherings, and lots of baking to do for all my loved ones. One of my favorite things to bake are cupcakes! There are so… Read More

Cute Christmas Cookies


Tis the season for baking, cookies, and all things sweets! Whether you need to whip up a batch of cookies for friends and family, for a holiday party, or for your kid’s classroom, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most clever Christmas cookie ideas around that are sure to be enjoyed by all!… Read More

5 Great Websites for One-Stop Holiday Shopping


Extra busy this holiday season? Buying gifts online can be a huge time saver, and that especially holds true when you can get everything on one site. Amazon, of course, is a great place to find gifts for everyone on your list. But if you’re looking for presents that are a bit more unique, try… Read More

How to Cook a Turkey

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

There are loads of ways to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving! Some cooks are looking for a fancy turkey recipe and others are just looking for a traditional recipe for their first turkey attempt. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to cook the bird to make you the star cook of Thanksgiving! Roasted… Read More

12 Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers


By now I’m guessing we’ve all started our shopping lists for the big Thanksgiving meal … I’m whipping up some classic mac ‘n cheese as a side dish, as well as a dessert to take to our family gathering this year. I know, I know I have an easy holiday ahead of me! Even better,… Read More

Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas


Obviously Thanksgiving dinner is the biggest meal that day, but since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I’ve rounded up some fun Thanksgiving breakfast ideas for you to try this year! I’m sure many of us are guilty of skipping breakfast every Thanksgiving to save room for the big meal but what’s… Read More

Thanksgiving Treats


Thanksgiving is all about food, and if you missed it, we covered pumpkin dessert dishes yesterday treats. But there’s so much more! Today, we’re sharing delicious treats ideas, from cupcakes, to cookies, cake pops and more, here is a great selection of treats that you and your family will love making and eating!   Pumpkin… Read More