Driving Sane – Tunes for the Whole Family

owl city

I love Raffi as much as the next mom. Cheery, seasonal, inducing preschooler laughter … it’s fun. But somedays, it’s annoying. Right? I mean, I’m not the only one who gets down on the “Wheels On the Bus”? To balance the rhyming and silly songs I’ve been sneakily encouraging my kids to like mama music.… Read More

Tips on Getting a Natural Laundry Routine Going!

laundry detergent

Slowly but surely, I’ve been greening my laundry routine. I almost typed “our” laundry routine, but let’s face it, around here, I’m the only one who regularly starts up washer and dryer, so … yeah. I used to grab the biggest bottle on the aisle with the the most promises – brighter whites! longer lasting… Read More

Perfect Party Presents For The Host Or Hostess


No-one wants to be person who arrives at the party without a gift for the hosts- who does that?! The next time you’re invited to a dinner party or event at a friend’s house, you’ll walk in with the most clever gift for the host or hostess because we’ve rounded up some of the coolest… Read More

5 Foods That Increase Milk Supply


Tomorrow is the start of Ramadan, a very special month where Muslims fast from both food and drink from sunrise to sunset, in order to focus on themselves and their spiritual journey. Most nursing mothers do not fast during this time, but for those who do feel comfortable breastfeeding and fasting, here are five food… Read More

Travel Review: Gambado in Chelsea, London


While visiting London, even in summer, you need to have an idea of what you will do when it rains. With two small children, we decided to make a trip to Gambado, an indoor play center in London. Fun is not enough to describe how great this place is! Seriously, the kids loved it! The… Read More

Handbags You Can Use As Diaper Bags


I’m in that transition stage right now where I really don’t need a diaper bag anymore but it would be nice if my handbags could double as one just in case I need to take a few of my son’s items with me. It’s hard to find those, though. That’s why today I’ve rounded up… Read More

If My Daughter Ever Wants To Go On the Bachelor or Bachelorette

red rose

Have you ever gagged on a sip of wine? I don’t often, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. I mean, for one, do you recall Juan Pablo? That’s the tip top Prince Charming America has to offer? And now, the saga just continues with Bachelorette Andi. It’s like… Read More

DIY 3D Glasses Parent Hack

3d glasses

  Tonight, we took the kids to see a stage show on the Carnival Freedom cruise that we are sailing on this week. When we walked into the theater, there were loads of 3D glasses that my kids jumped all over. What kid doesn’t love those blue and red, funny glasses? I didn’t know it… Read More

Our Favorite Books for Summer (or anytime!) Reading

Photo source: Keith School

  Summer vacation — a time for families to enjoy road trips, splashing in the pool, camping under the stars, and backyard barbeques. It’s also a great time to get lost between the covers of a book. Many public libraries host fun and inspiring summer reading programs. The only question is which books, out of… Read More

Patriotic and Delicious 4th of July Desserts!


Holidays mean treats for everyone! There are so many amazing dessert ideas that are festive and perfect for 4th of July and today we’re sharing some of our favorites. Some are easy enough that you can even get your little ones to help to get them in the happy spirit! Enjoy! Patriotic Hand Pies From A Picket Fence. … Read More

Parade Style for Mamas

4th outfit 3

What’s on your 4th of July agenda this year? Our normal tradition is a morning parade and evening fireworks; perhaps a barbeque in the middle. No matter what, the 4th is always full of family and wonderful fun. And, lots of red, white and blue! The last few years I’ve focused on patriotic outfits for… Read More

5 Things to Look For at Yard Sales


My favorite season is upon us! No … not summer. It’s yard sale season!!! If you’re heading out this weekend or next, or perhaps over 4th of July (my favorite weekend to hit the yard sales), here’s a few things to watch for … 1. Furniture You can find beautiful furniture pieces if you keep… Read More

Must Have Hair Products And Styling Tips


When I was in high school, I once used that horrible stuff called Sun In that turned my hair a lovely shade of light orange. I also went through a bleach-gone-wrong stage and a few other hair tragedies. Let’s just say that I learned my lesson. I now take very, very good care of my… Read More

Important British English/American English Words You Should Know


Americans speak English, Brits speak English,  so all the words should be the same, right? Wrong. Having moved to the USA 6 years ago, but still visiting London once a year, I’m getting used to people looking at me strangely when I say certain words. Saying “Can I have a jacket potato?” in America has most people wondering about my sanity, while… Read More

Foodie Instagramers You Should Follow

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Have you heard? Instagram is the new place to discover delicious recipes and be inspired by good food! Pause your Pinterest browsing and follow these chefs, mamas and culinary experts who have the pulse on all things yummy. And please, comment with your favorite foodie Instagramers! I’m always up for a feed that makes my… Read More

Upcoming Movies You And Your Family Won’t Want To Miss


My son is three now and he loves going to the movie theater! There have been a few times where he just isn’t into the movie and wants to leave, and that’s okay. But most of the time, if we plan ahead, read plots and reviews, we have great success and he loves it! There… Read More

Bugaboo Bee: A Huge Hit In London!


Working for a baby product company means you tend to notice strollers, baby carriers, gadgets etc more than a normal person would. And walking around London, all I see is….. Bugaboo. Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Cameleon, I even spotted the expensive Bugaboo Donkey in my first week! There are other strollers around, but I would say… Read More

Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Summertime Fun


Pamela Brill is a professional magazine editor and writer whose work has appeared in such national publications as Parents, Pregnancy & Newborn and Woman’s Day magazines. She’s also the mother of two girls, ages 10 and 6, and yes, her house is noisy. When Pam isn’t busy shuttling her kiddos around town or finding new… Read More

Snappy Summer Stripe Style For Boys!

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There’s something about summer that gets me itching for a few fresh pieces for my closet. Well, mine and my kids! The other week I shared some super sweet polka dots for girls and this week, it’s all about stripes for little dudes! Stripes are one of those timeless patterns that stretch through the season,… Read More

Every Mom Needs Birkenstocks


Wake up, mamas! It’s sandal season!!! Birkenstocks have always been a timeless choice, but this summer they’re definitely a popular choice. I considered a pair while it was still raining here in the Northwest, and, at first, baulked at the price. Birkenstocks are an investment. According my own mother though, they last forever, form beautifully… Read More