Bugaboo Launches their First Double Stroller – The Donkey


It’s what many, many parents have been waiting for!  A double Bugaboo stroller that they can use with two children!  That’s right!!!  Today Bugaboo has just announced their first double stroller – the Bugaboo Donkey!  While the jury is out on whether we like the name “Donkey” (not very classy, right?) – it doesn’t really… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: phil&teds Explorer


The explorer is a new upgraded version of the popular phil&teds sport buggy with additional fun and fabulous features for mom and baby.  As a matter of fact, the explorer is replacing the sport buggy.  The sport is out.  The explorer is in!  Phil&teds led the way with their introduction of their original inline stroller… Read More

Ella’s Kitchen – Yummy Organic Baby Food


Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food was created by a father, Paul Lindley, to offer a fun, tasty and cool healthy alternative to parent’s searching for the perfect baby food!  Ella’s Kitchen stage 1 baby foods only include organic fruits and vegetables – that’s all – no fillers, salt, sugar, or added water! The packaging will make any… Read More

Great New French Bull Everyday Trays to Make Mealtime Fun


Our kids (especially our toddlers!) love fun plates and bowls at mealtime.  How do you think we ever get them to sit down and eat their vegetables?  Throw them on a fun platter and we have a chance!  We just discovered a brand new platter to make mealtime even more fun.  The French Bull Playtime… Read More

Cute Custom Photo Invitations Starting at $0.99!


Time to celebrate! My child’s first birthday is fast approaching! Now most families hold a simple party or a small dinner in honor of a child’s 1st birthday, but not mine; we have a whole roasted pig coming for crying out loud! Aside from the fun ridiculousness that will be my child’s birthday, I knew… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Joovy Scooter


The Scooter is the newest addition to Joovy’s line of family-friendly strollers! It’s a lightweight-plus stroller weighing in at a reasonable 18 ½ lbs. It offers parents all the style and features they come to expect from Joovy but at a lower price. The seat is roomy at 14” wide with an 18” seatback and… Read More

New Fun Hooded Towels for Bathtime! (+ Giveaway!)


Want to make bathtime more fun?  Throw a fun, hooded towel into the mix!   Company Kids has just introduced new styles of their fun hooded towels for Fall 2010.    Bathtime gets a grand finale with a colorful, warm, 100% cotton hooded towel!  Plus with all the imaginative styles from turtles to planes to catepillars and aliens – kids… Read More

Let the Woogie Protect Your iPhone from Your Little Ones


My kids are drawn to my iPhone like bees to honey!  If I’m not using my phone (or even if I am!), my 3 and 5 year old are begging to play games and listen to music on it.  And we all know, that kids that age (especially the 3 year old!) are not the… Read More

Orbit Baby Introduces Stroller Sidekick Skateboard


The Orbit Baby G2 isn’t just for one child anymore!  With the introduction of the new Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board ($120), parents can now use their G2 with one, two or even three children!  This ride along stroller board is for ages 2 up to 50 lbs and is the first and only board… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Britax Marathon 70 Car Seat


Just when I thought Britax seats couldn’t get any better, they announce a full redesign and re-launch of its line of best-selling convertible car seats.  According to Ron Marsilio, vice president of engineering and new product development for Britax, “We are on a never-ending mission to engineer car seats to be as safe as they… Read More

Bilibo – The Cardboard Box of the 21st Century!


When I first laid eyes on the Bilibo, I thought “Wow, what is that?”  This egg-like shaped “creature” of a toy was different, very different!  So, what exactly is the Bilibo?  Well that’s actually the fabulous thing about this toy, it’s limited only by the creative imagination of your child! The Bilibo, designed by the… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair


The Chicco Caddy Hook-on high chair is perfect for travel but works so well you might start using it at home too.  Chicco designed a quick-grip table clamp that is so simple to use even the grandparents had it installed quickly and painlessly.  When the chair is in place you push on two red knobs… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Early Rider Balance Bike


I’m not sure who was more excited about putting the Early Rider together – my three year old son or my husband.  Caution:  Dads may act like a kid on Christmas putting together a cool looking bike for their child that features flames, a leather seat and fat boy tires!  “It’s like a motorcycle” they both… Read More

JJ Cole Introduces New Car Seat Cover and Canopy


JJ Cole has recently introduced a new, lightweight car seat canopy to keep your baby from the elements and a new car seat cover made of weather-resistant nylon and soft fleece to keep your baby warm.  The car seat canopy is made of 100% breathable cotton to protect baby from the elements and overheating. An elastic… Read More

Beginning by Maclaren: Organic Skincare for Mom & Baby


I recently had the opportunity to try out many of the products from the fabulous line of beginning by Maclaren.  THE Maclaren, you ask?  Yep, THE same British company that offers all the fabulous, lightweight buggies from their new Yellow Submarine Buggy to the lusted after Juicy Couture Buggy to our favorite Techno XT!  Maclaren worked… Read More

Versatile baby blanket from Rain or Shine Kids.


My favorite baby/toddler  blanket is hands down our fleece blanket from Rain or Shine Kids.  These adorable blankets are generously sized for babies at 29″ x 40″.  They have so many uses which is why they are our favorite blanket.  When your baby needs some extra warmth in their infant car seat carrier the blanket can… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: Fisher-Price EZ Bundle


Fisher-Price has recently introduced a great bundle of baby gear for parents looking to save a little space and save a little dough by getting 4 products for less money.  The new EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System offers an infant seat, infant swing, high chair and toddler chair.  The bundle utilizes a Snap Fit Technology… Read More

Zooper Tango Double Stroller Recall

Zooper Tango Double Stroller

CPSC in conjunction with Lan Enterprises has annouced a voluntary recall of 3,700 Zooper Tango Double Strollers manufactured between January 2007- August 2008. There have been reports that the frame unexpectedly collapses if the stroller hits an object due to a faulty latch in the front near the wheels. Owners are advised to stop using… Read More

Pumping Mamas: A Breakdown on How to Buy A Pump


When our first was born I registered for a manual pump to compliment breastfeeding which I was confident would be an easy task since its natural.  Not so easy it turns out.  I had a beautiful, healthy and even happy baby unless we were trying to feed him in which case he was a screaming… Read More

Spotlight Product Review: The First Years Indigo 50


The Indigo 50 is the newest addition to The First Years family.  This modular stroller has a couple standout features such as a reversible seat and large basket and is definitely budget friendly.  The Indigo has a wide seat at 14” to accommodate heftier kids but with a shorter 23” inch seatback to canopy measurement,… Read More