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Mothers of Invention

Some of our very favorite baby products were invented by moms. Read on about the inspiring moms and their inspired baby product inventions we just can't live without!
Patemm Pad
Finally! A diaper changing pad that's actually as big as our babies! This miraculous circular pad created by San Francisco mom of three Grace Welch doesn't just give us enough room around the diaper, it also protects baby's head and the surrounding areas where little hands like to dart and grab! Nowhere are we more freaked out by germs than on public diaper changing stations, but the patemm pad covers them all! It's large enough and made of a durable, wipeable oilcloth that it works great on the ground as well. Convenient pockets around the perimeter allow for the storage of diapers and wipes, and amazingly, the whole pad folds up neat and compactly. We LOVE our patemm pad, and don't know how we ever got along without it!

Sold exclusively on the patemm website: www.patemm.com
Patemm Pad
Table Topper
Florida mom Beth Besner was as confused as we were. You spend the first six months of your baby's life sterilizing everything near them, then as soon as they can sit up, you feed them on a dirty restaurant table. But while the rest of us were unfolding napkins and then watching as they were flung, chomped or torn to bits by our little wonders, Beth was inventing a product that would revolutionize safe eating out. The Table Topper is a disposable plastic placemat with dual adhesive strips so it stays in place. So indispensable has this item become, many restaurants now offer it to their tiny patrons. To get the most for your money (and believe us, you'll use them all!), we recommend the pack of 50.

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  • Table Topper
    Tired of tipped over Cheerios? Plastic baggies aren't safe for babies and toddlers (inhalation hazard), so what's a mom-on-the-go to use for the best distraction of all: snack foods? Thanks to Michigan mom Christine Moss, you can use the SnackTrap - a colorful, tip-resistant plastic cup with handles for toddler to hold on their own with an ingenious plastic lid. The soft plastic lid has slits cut into it so little hands can easily go in and grab what they need, but contents won't spill out. (Of course, if you have boys like ours, you'll discover contents can be violently shaken out, but boys can Houdini the devil out of any product!) A must-have for any car, stroller or plane ride!

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  • SnackTrap
    Lil' Topper No-Spill Bottled Water Sipper Cap
    Toddler see, toddler do. And so it is with the water bottles we moms can't live without. However, the caps, even the sport-top ones, are big child choking hazards. Thankfully, California mom Cheryl Northup invented a universal cap that screws onto almost any water bottle, at 2 inches is safe for little ones, and best of all, is spill proof! If you drink from water bottles (which we know you do), you HAVE to get a Lil' Topper. Pediatricians recommend toddlers drink lots of water now, and we recommend you do it in a way that keeps your baby safe.
    NoThrow Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder
    Ready, set... not so fast! As we moms know, the least fun game on Earth (besides "Find the Source of That Smell") is Baby Throw, Mommy Fetch. We finally got pacifiers on a tether, but bottles and sippy cups were still fair game. Until Chicago twin sisters Karla and Karen decided they had enough of their babies' flights of fancy. They invented the NoThrow Bottle & Sippy Cup Holder, a simple ribbon and Velcro device that will change your life. Ok, maybe not change your life, but it will lead to a cleaner car, help eliminate all the germs wet nipples like to grab when they visit the ground, and even eliminate the total embarrassment when your precious tyke chucks their sippy cup at a perfect stranger's head. The NoThrow works almost anywhere: on strollers, carseats, restaurant boosters, high chairs, seat belts, baby carriers, you name it. NoThrows come in a variety of patterns like dinosaur for boy and butterfly for girl.
    NoThrow Bottle
    The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing
    Got a great idea of your own? Want to turn your dream into a reality? This great handbook, by mom inventor, founder of www.mominventors.com and former member of the Clinton White House staff Tamara Monosoff provides practical, step-by-step advice on how to go from inspiration to inventory. Topics include how to make a prototype, how to protect yourself and even how to sell your idea to a big company so you can stay at home, eat bon-bons and shop for shoes online (yeah, we know, no mom actually gets to do that, rich or not. But we can all dream…).

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  • The Mom Inventors Handbook

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